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Full text of "A List of Additions Made to the Collections, in the British Museum in the Year[s] 1831-[1835]"

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(i. WUODFALLi augcl coujit, sKiMNsa nnu^t, Lonoos. 












The Books with a # affixed have been received by virtue of the 
Copyright Act ; the Articles^ to which no note is appended, have been pur- 

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A Grammar and Vocabulary of the Tupi Language, partly collected, 
and partly translated from the Works of Anchietta and Figuera, 
noted Brazilian Missionaries, by John Luccock, 1818. Quarto. 

A Dictionary of the Tupi Language, as spoken in Brazil by the 
Aborigines, whfch pass under the general name of Tupinambas; 
collectedby John Luccock, 1818. Quarto. [9376.] 

Presented by J, Z). Luccock, Esq,, at the desire of his late father. 

A Facsimile Specimen of an ancient Anglo-Saxon Psalter in the Royal 
Library at Paris. The specimen contains the thirty-first Psalm. 
Folio. Several copies. [9382.] 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

A Catalogue of tlie Charters relative to England, contained in the 
" Archives du Royaume de France : Section Historiquc, Cartons K. 
1—90." Fr. Folio. [9383.] 

A Facsimile of part of a Manuscript, in the Bibliotheque de Bourgogne, 
at Brussels, containing a Poenitentiale, in Anglo-Saxon, composed 
chiefly of Excerpts from the Laws of Eadgar and from the PoDni- 
tentiale of Ecgbert, Archbishop of York. Quarto. [9384.] 

A Facsimile of two leaves of a Manuscript of Aldhelm de Virginitate, 
having partial glosses in Anglo-Saxon, preserved in the Bibliotheque 
de Bourgogne. Quarto. [9385.] 



A Facsimile of three leaves of a Manuscript, in the Bibliotheque de 
Bourgogne, containing the names of the Birds and Beasts mentioned 
in Scripture, in Latin and Anglo-Saxon. Quarto. [9386.] 

Presented by C, P. Cooper^ Esq, 

Memoir of George Stepney, Esq., British Minister in Germany, etc., 
from 1693 to 1706 ; with some account of his Correspondence, (pre- 
sented to the Museum in 1829,) by Jonathan Scott, Esq. Quarto. 


Presented hy G, R, Stokes, Esq, 

Five Letters to William Marsden, Esq., from Isaac Titsingh, between 
June, 1806, and June, 1811 ; — A Detail, or memoir, on the powder 
Dosia, and on Koboe Daysi, who discovered it, by Isaac Titsingh. 
Folio. [9390.] 

Chronology of the Japonese and Chinese, adapted to the European era, 
by Isaac Titsingh. Folio. [9391.] 

Remarks on the Chronology of the Chinese, according to the opinion of 
the Japonese, accompanied with some inquiries respecting the origin 
of the Japonese, and their fabulous chronology, forming the basis of 
the government of their first Dayri, Zin-moe-ben-O, followed by a 
regular Epact of the succession of the Chinese and Japonese mo- 
narchs; by Isaac Titsingh. Folio. [9392.] 

Chronology of tl)e Japonese and Chinese, by Isaac Titsingh. Folio. 

Bedenkingen over de Teidreekening der Chineezcn na hct gevoelen der 
Japanners ; beneevens eenige Aanmerkingen nopens de Oorspronk der 
Japanners, en eene gereegelde Jaartelling van de Opvolging der Chi- 
neesche en Japansche Vorsten tot het Jaar 1784; door Isaac Tit- 
singh. Folio. [9394.] 

NiPON-O-DAY-iTZE-RAN, or a short detail of the Dayris of Japan ; by 
Isaac Titsingh. Folio. [9395.] 

Annotations on the Dayris, or Sovereigns of Japon, composed in 1782 
by Isaac Titsingh. Folio. [9396.] 

Description of the wedding ceremonies among farmers, mechanics, 
and merchants, in Japon ; — Description of the funerals, and of the 
festivals in honour of the gods ; — Two descriptions of the island 
Jeso. By Isaac Titsingh. Folio. [9397.] 

Presented by William Marsden, Esq, 

General Press Catalogue of the Public Records in His Majesty's 
General RegiMer House at Edinburgh. By Thonuw Thomson, Esq., 
Deputy Clerk Register. Folio. [9779.] 


IiTDEX to twelve books of Exchequer Decrees and Orders, 1-8 James I., 
in the King*s Remembrancer's Office. Folio. [9780.] 

Calendahium Tractatuum Pacis et Treugarum inter Reges Anglise ct 
Scotiae, conventionum, literarum, placitorum, aliohimque instrument 
torum regnum Scotise tangentium, in ea parte Scaccarii, quae vocata est 
Domus Capitularis, infra Abbathiam Westmonasteriensem repositorum 
et in ordinem redactorum, a Gul. Illingworth, anno 1 806. Folio. [9778.] 

Calendar of the Inrolments of Orders and Decrees of the Court of Aug- 
mentations, from the Feast of St. George the Martyr, 28 Hen. VIII., 
to Hikry Term, 7 Edw. VI. Folio, two volumes. [9781, 9782.] 

Calendasiux Rotulorum Patentium de tempore Regis Johannis, in 
Turri Londinensi eacistentium. Folio. [9788.] 

Presented by the Cammissumers on the Public Records. 

Facsimile of a Mexican Manuscript, known as the Codex Tgervaryanus, 
preserved at Pesth in Hungary. Enclosed in a Quarto case. [9789.] 

Presented by Viscount Kingsborough. 

A Collection of State Papers and Letters, chiefly original, relative to 
the Public Affiurs in which Sir William Temple was engaged from 
1665 to 1680. They include many of the instructions given to him, 
as envoy abroad, and some of his own letters* ChronologicaUy ar- 
ranged in 5 Vols. Folio. [9796-9800.] 

Copies of Letters from Sir William Temple and Sir Leoline Jenkins, 
the English Ambassadors at Nimeguen, 1676, 1677. Folio. [9801.] 

Copies of Letters to the same, 1676, 1677. Folio. [9802.] 

Credentials of Sir William Temple, as Envoy to Christopher Bernard, 
Bishop of Munster, and the Princes of the Circle of Westphalia ; 
Dat. 9 April, 1660 ; — Credentials of the same, as Ambassador Extra- 
ordinary and Plenipotentiary to the Congress at Aix-la-Chapelle; 
Dat. 16 Mar. 1667. Enclosed in an Octavo case. [9803.] 

Memoirs of Sir William Temple, by himself; Part iii. In his own 
hand-writing. Folio. [9804.] 

Bequeathed by the Rev. John Longe, Vicar of Coddenham, 

A Collection of Poems in the Welsh Language. Quarto. [9817.] 

Presented by Mrs, Forster, 

EsTinATES of Repairs, etc., to be made at Durham Castle and Bishop's 
Auckland, for Bp.- Butler, 1751 ;— Prayers and various short Papers, 
in the hand-writing of Bp. Butler ;— The Original Will and Codicil 
of Bp. Butler, with papers and letters to Dr. Nathaniel Forster, hia 
ezeoutor. Folio. [9815.] 



Letters of various persons to Dr. Nathaniel Forster, between 1753 
and 1757. Quarto. [9816.] 

Presented by the Rev. Thomas Crompton. 

BiBLiA Sacra Veteris Testamenti, cum Masora magna et parva; omissis 
tamen Pentateucbo et libris Canticorum, Ruth, Ecclesiastis, ct La- 
mentationum. Hehraice. Codex membranaceus, sec. fortassis xiv., in 
folio majori. [9398.] 

Prophet.e praeter Jeremiam omnes ; quinquc Megilloth, et Hagiograpba, 
cum utraquc Masora. Hebraice, Codex membranaceus, sec. for- 
tassis XIV., in folio majori. [9399.] 

Pentateuciius, cum Targum R. Onkelos ; quinquc Megilloth et Flaph- 
taroth. Hebraice. Codex membranaceus, sec. fortasse xiv., in folio 
majori. [9400.] 

BiBLiA Sacra Veteris Testamenti, libris nonnullis omissis. Hebraice, 
Codex membranaceus, sec xiii., in duos tomos distinctus, in folio 
majori. [9401, 9402.] 

Pentateuciius, Haphtaroth cum Targum, quinque Megilloth, Psalmi, 
Provcrbia, et Liber Job. Hebraice. Codex membranaceus, sec. 
fortassis xii. . Folio. [9403.] 

Pentateuchus, cum Targum R. Onkelos, quinque Megilloth et Haph- 
taroth. Hebraice. Codex membranaceus, sec. fortassis xiii. Folio. 

Canticum Camticorum, Ruth, Ecclesiastes et Lamcntationes. Hebraice. 
Codex membranaceus, sec. xiv. ineuntis. Quarto. [9405.] 

Liber Job, Jeremias usque ad caput xxiii. 7, et ex Isaia capita xxxiv. 1 
-XXXV. 10. Hebraice. Codex membranaceus, sec. xiv. ineuntis. 
Quarto. [9406.] 

PENTATBUcmis, cum Notis Raschii, et Haphtaroth. Hebraice. Codex 
membranaceus, sec. fortassis xii. Quarto. [9407.] 

Letters written to Sir Robert Southwell, Bart, Secretary of State, 
when in attendance upon K. William HI., during the campaign in 
Ireland, June-Dec. 1690. Folio. 2 Vols. [9708, 9709.] 

Letters of Nicholas Price, written chiefly to Lady Elizabeth Cromwell, 
and to the Rt Hon. Edw. Southwell, her husband, 1689-1728. Folio. 

Letters of James Clarke to Sir Robert Southwell, June-Sept 1690; — 
Letters of D. W. Clarke to the Rt. Hon. Edward Southwell, 1723- 
1730. Folio. [9711.] 

Collection of Miscellaneous Letters and Papers relating to Sir Robert 
Southwell, and his son, the Rt Hon. Edw. Southwell, from 1664 to 
1711, with a few of a later date to Edw. Southwell, Esq., etc 2 Vols. 
FoUo. [9712, 9713.] 


Collection of Papers and Letters relative to the town of Kinsale, and 
to the connexion of the Southwell family with that place> as well as to 
the office of deputy vice-admiral of Munster, held hy Sir Robert 
Southwell, and his son, the Rt. Hon. Edw. Southwell; 1637-1778. 
FoHo. [9714.] 

Collection of Papers and Letters relative to the proceedings of the 
Irish Parliament, 1692-1719. Folio. [9715.] 

Despatches to and from the Lords Justices of Ireland, during the various 
absences of the Duke of Ormond, Lord-Lieutenant, 1692-1712. Folio. 
2 Vols. [9716, 9717.] 

Letters and Papers of Henri de Ruvigny, Earl of Galway, and papers 
relative to the troops under his command, 1692-1701. Folio. [9718.] 

CoBBESPONBENCE of William Blathwait, Esq., Secretary at War, and of 
George Stepney, Esq., minister at Berlin and Vienna ; with various 
State Papers, 1698-1708. FoHo. 3 Vols. [9719-9721.] 

Dbapts of Despatches, written by Mr. Secretary Blathwait, chiefly in 
his own hand, 1692-1708. Folio. [9722.] 

Correspondence and Papers of Mr. Secretary Blathwait, relative to the 
Army in the Netherlands, 1690-1704. Folio. 4 Vols. [9728-9726.] 

Correspondence and Papers of Mr. Secretary Blathwait, relative to the 
Army and Navy, 1688-1703. Folio. 2 Vols. [9727, 9728.] 

Letters to Mr. Secretary Blathwait, from the Commissioners of Trans- 
ports, 1698-1699. Folio. [9729.] 

Correspondence of Mr. Secretary Blathwait and Mr. Hill, 1692-1696 ; 
^-Letters to Mr. Blathwait from Charles Henri de Lorraine, Prince 
de Vaudemont, and Ferdinand Guillaume, Due de Wirtemberg, 1696. 
Quarto. [9780.] 

Letters to Mr. Secretary Blathwait from Sir Henry Belasyse, M. NorflT, 
and M. D'Auverquerque, 1692-1699. Quarto. [9781.] 

Letters to Mr. Secretary Blathwait from Mr. Geo. Clarke, of the War 
Office, 1692-1701. Quarto. [9782.] 

Letters to Mr. Secretary Blathwait from W. Hamel Briiynincx and 
H. de Bilderbecq, 1698-1698. Folio. [9788.] 

Miscellaneous Letters to Mr. Secretary Blathwait, 1691-1701. 
Quarto. [9784.] 

Letters to Mr. Secretary Blathwait from William Bentinck, afterwards 
Earl of Portland, and Sir John Reresby; — Correspondence with 
Lord Godolphin, Lord Ranelagh, and others;— and two Despatches 
from the Lords Justices to William III. Folio. [9785.] 

Letters to Mr. Secretary Blathwait from the Hon. Robert Sutton, after- 
wards Lord Lexington, minister at Vienna, 1 699, 1 700. Quarto. [9786.] 

Collection of Treaties of Peace and Conventions with foreign Powers, 
1689-1702. Folio. 3 Vols. [9787-9789.] 


Letters from Thomas Coxe, Envoy in Switzerland, 1 670-1692. Folio. 

Letters from M. D'Hervart, Envoy in Switzerland, to Mr. Secretary 
Blathwait, 1692-1701 ; — Letters from M. D'Arzeliers, at Geneva, 
1696-1700. Quarto. 2 Vols. [9741, 9742.] 

PoLmcAL Papers and Correspondence of Mr. Secretary Blathwait, re- 
lative to Italy and Switzerland, 1690-1701. Folio.. [9743.] 

Political Papers and Correspondence relative to Spain and Portugal, 
1690-1706. Folio. [9744.] 

Collection of Political Papers relative to Holstein, Denmark, Saxony, 
etc. 1696-1709. Folio. [9745.] 

Collection of Political Papers relative to different Courts, 1690, 1700, 
with various lists of troops. Folio. [9746.] 

Collection of Papers and Letters relative to the English dominions in 
America, 1698-1705. Folio. [9747.] 

Copies of, and Extracts from Political Letters, written chiefly from 
Brussels and Paris, some to Mr. Secretary Blathwait, some to Sir R. 
Southwell, 1673-1688. Folio, 2 Vols. [9748, 9749.] 

Miscellaneous Papers and Letters, chiefly political, relative to England 
and Ireland, 1668-1771. Folio. [9750.] 

Weekly Returns of the Exchequer Receipts and Payments, Apr.- 
Oct 1693. Folio. [9751.] 

Opficial Letters from the Lords of the Treasury to William Blath- 
wait, Secretary at War, 1690-1703. Folio, 3 Vols. [9752-9754.] 

Official Papers and Correspondence of Mr. Secretary Blathwait, rela- 
tive to the Army Accounts, 1692-1702. Folio. [9755.] 

Army Debentures, signed by the Earl of Ranelagh, Paymaster of the^ 
Forces, 1689-1703. Folio, 2 Vols. [9756, 9757.] 

Intercepted Letters from France to the French Officers in the service • 
of James IL ; seized in Dublin, 7th July, 1690. Quarto. [97/58.] 

Arut Lists, and various Official Papers of Mr. Secretary Blathwail^ . 
1609-1710. Folio, 3 Vols. [9759-9761.] 

Army Lists, and other Official Papers of Mr. Secretary Biathwak, rela^ 
tive to the Army in Ireland, 1686-1705. Folio. [9762*]: 

A List of King James's Army in Ireland, Horse, Foot, and Dragoons ; 
with the names of the officers, and the number ef' men in each re- 
giment, 1689. Folio. [9763.] 

Various Official Papers of Sir Robert Southwell, Mf. Secretary 
Blathwait, etc., relative to Shipping and Ttod^» li56*-l 702. Folio.. 

Ordinarius Ecclesise Divse Virginia Mari^.^ Ttijectensis. Codex^ 
membranaceus, sec. xiv. Folio. [9769»;i- 


LxTTER, under the sign manual of Edward IV.> to [Maximilian], Duke 
of Austria and Burgundy, [afterwards Emperor,] acknowledging his 
Letters, and referring him to the Ahbe de St. Bcrtin. Dat. Grene- 
wich, 12 May, 1481. Fr. In a Portfolio. [9818.] 

RscuEiL de la Guerre d'Espagne, ou Ton voit ce qui s'est passe pendant 
que M. le Marechal de Tesse y a commande, depuis le 10 Oct 1704, 
jusqu* a Juin, 1706. Folio, 4 Vob. [9773-9776.] 

Pbojet de Code des Monoyes, dresse chez Monsieur de Nointel, Con- 
seiUer d*£tat, par les Sieurs Hosdier> premier president de la Cour 
des Monoyes, Delafond et Segonjac, successivement procureurs gene- 
raux, Robton, avocat general, Mazeuil et Collin, conseillers, et Grassin, 
directeur general des Monoyes. Folio. [9777.] 

Vita di Messer Giannozo Manetti, cavaliere strenuo et clarissimo cit- 
tadino Fiorentino ; — Oratione di Messer Giannozo Manetti al S'. Sy- 
gismondo Pandolpho de Malatesti, quando i Fiorentini a Vada li 
dettono il bastone. Manuscript on vellum, written in 1506 by Ales- 
sandro Verazzo, with an epistle from him to Giannozo Manetti, the 
grandson. Octavo. [9770.] 

Leoend or ToNDALus. " Ci est contenu, quelles sont les paines et les 
tourmens d^enfer et la gloire de paradis, si comme Tondalus un homme 
le vit et le raconta, et la fist mettre en escrit pour le proufit de ciaus 
qui la liront et oront lire. Cest vcrites." Manuscript on vellum of 
the fourteenth century. Small Quarto. [9771.] 

New Yeab*s Gifts, 9 Eliz. Newe Yeris Guiftes gevon to the Queine, 
her Maiestie ; — Newe yeris guides gevon by the Queine, her Maiestie. 
The original roll on vellum, 11^ feet long ; under the sign manual of 
Elizabeth. [9772.] 

La Vrate Ystoire de Troye, ou tant de Roys et de Princes moururent 
en tant de douloureuses batailles pour si petit d'ocasion, comme dit est. 
Quarto. [9785.] 

Sir Henry Caltuorpe's Reports of Cases from Michaelmas Term, 16 
James I., to Trinity Term, 10 Charles I. [Forming a third volume to 
the Hargrave Mss. 385 and 386.] Quarto. [9787.] 

PROUAK9A hecha ante la Justicia de la villa de Puerto de Santona, en 
nombre de Pedro de Maedo, sobre su genealosia, nobleza, y limpieza 
de linages, y de las casas y solares cono^idos de donde desciende ; 
1587. FoHo. [9788.] 

Extracts of Bengal Revenue Consultations, from 11 April, 1783, to 8 
Dec 1786, containing the proceedings relative to the insurrection at 
Rungpore. Folio, 6 Vols. [9790-9795.] 

Map of Europe, the Mediterranean and the north-west coast of Africa ; 
drawn at Genoa, by Giacopo Vezchonte, of Maiolo, 10 Oct. 1562 ; 
/to/. On vellum, 3 feet 9 inches, by 2 feet 9 inches. [9810.] 


Map of the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, drawn at Naples, by Joanne 
Riezo, otherwise Oliva, son of Mastro Dominico, 7 Nov. 1587 ; Ital. 
On vellum, 3 feet by 1 foot 8 inches. [9811.] 

Map of the coasts extending from the south-east of Africa to the Bay 
of Bengal, with the Islands; drawn probably about 1600 ; Portugitese, 
On vellum, S feet 4 inches by 2 feet 3 inches. [9812.] 

Map of the coasts of the Mediterranean and Black Sea, and of the 
northern and western coasts of Europe, with the north-west of Africa; 
drawn probably about 1600; Ital. On vellum, 2 feet 8 inches, by 1 
foot 10 inches. [9813.] 

An Atlas, containing ten maps, drawn probably before the year 1600 ; 
Spanish. On vellum, 18 inches by 16 inches. Folio. [9814.] 

Official Letters and Despatches from Sir William D. Colt, Envoy in 
Germany in 1693 [to the Right Hon. Edward Southwell?]; and afler 
Sir William's death, on the 30th of August, from his Secretary, M. 
Schweinfurt; with some from Mr. Francis Stratford. Quarto, 3 Vols. 

Prefixed to the first volume is a letter from Sir William Colt to Sir 
Kobert Southwell, dated Hanover, 6 Aug. 1689. This letter wtu pre- 
sented by Thomas Bond, Esq, 

Bhaoatata Puranje pars, in dialectum Mahratticam\_?'] conversa. Folio. 

CoNSTiTUTioNES varisB Imperatorise ; Greece. Codex chartaceus, sec. 
XV. Folio. [Bibl. Eg. 265.'] 

MicHAELis Attaliata Opus dc Jure, sive Pragmatica ; Greece, Codex 
chartaceus, sec. xv. Folio. [Bibl. Eg. 266.] 

A collection of fragments of Ancient Manuscripts on vellum, taken 
from the bindings of books, and preserved in a folio volume. [Bibl. 
Eg. 267.] 

JuLii HoNORii Oratoris Cosmographise fragmentum. Codex membra- 
naceus, sec. x. Quarto. [Bibl. Eg. 268.] 

Leois Ripuariorum Fragmentum ; — Lex Saxonum, cum tabula capitulo* 
rum ; — Fragmentum capitulorum Legis Salicse de homicidiis clerico- 
rum; — Legis Salicac reformatss capp. vi-xxi. ; — Capitula alia non- 
nuUa ; — Fragmentum legis Alamannorum, cum tabula capitulorum ; — 
Fragmentum legis Burgundionum. Codex membranaceus, sec. x. 
Quarto. [Bibl. Eg. 269.] 

Lactantu Placidi Glossee, ex apographo bibliothecae Hamburgensis de- 
scriptss ab E. Spangenberg, anno 1827. Folio. [Bibl. Eg. 270.] 

PnociE Grammatici Ars de nomine et verbo. Codex membranaceus* 
sec. XV. Quarto. [Bibl. Eg. 271.] 


HisTORiA Evangelica; — Petri Manducatoris, sivc Comcstoris Scrmones; 
— Tractatus de Sacramentis ecclesiasticis. Menibranaccus, Sec. xiv. 
Quarto. [Bibl. Eg. 272.] 

Anonymi Summa moralis de virtutibus. Membranaceus, Sec. xrv. 
Quarto. [Bibl. Eg. 273.] 

Philippi de Greve, Cancellarii Parisiensis, Dicta, sive Carmina sacra 
notis musicis instructa ; — Early French Poetry of Colard le BoutilHer« 
Messire Raouls, Jehans de Nuefville, Messirc Gasses Brulez, and 
Messirc Reignaut, castellain de Couchy, with musical notes ; — Carmina 
alia Latina et Gallica. Membranaceus, Sec. xiv. 12". [Bibl. Eg. 

Gesta Pontificum Tungrensiuni, Trajectensium et Leodiensium, secun- 
dum diversos artifices per partes suis temporibus conscripta. Char- 
taceus, Sec. xv. Folio. [Bibl. Eg. 275.] 

GuLiELMi Gvmnasmata Grscca, Latino et plcrumque versibus 
translata. Chartaceus, Sec. xvii. Quarto. [Bibl. Eg. 27G.] 

TiTi Livii decadis primse liber tertius, carmine lieroico a Fr. Masono 
redditus. Chartaceus, Sec. xvii. Quarto. [Bibl. Eg. 277.] 

Relation de ce qui se passa aux estats generaulx de la Ligue tonus a 
Paris Tan 1593 ; — Pieces relatives aux Regences etablies en France 
et k la Majorite du Roy. Folio. [Bibl. Eg. 278.] 

AssEUBLEE dcs Notablcs tenue a Rouen en Tan 1596, soubz le Roy 
Henry IV.; — Estatz generaux tonus a Paris soubz le Roy Jean; — 
Procez verbal de TAssemblee des Notables tenue a Paris 1G26, 1627. 
Folio. [Bibl. Eg. 279.] 

Receuil van diverse orriginele Brieven, Rolasen, Ordros, Staats en 
andere Resolution, &'c., waar onder veole door Prins Mauritz eigon 
handig gctekend ; alio rakende de Militaire Zaken in de Nederlanden. 
Beginnende met ao. 1583 & eindigende met ao. 1672. Folio. [Bibl. 
Eg. 280.] 

Tkeaty of Navigation and Commerce between Great Britain and Spain, 
concluded at Madrid, 23 May 1667, and ratified and confirmed by 
the Treaty of Utrecht, 9 Dec. 1713. Portuguese. Folio. [Bibl. Eg. 

Collections relating to Durham College, Oxford, and to the Abbey of 
Abingdon. Folio. [Bibl. Eg. 282.] 

Journal of a Voyage from Bengal to Madras, 1688-1690, with Letters, 
etc., concerning Capt. Wm. Heath's Transactions in the East India 
Company's affairs. Folio. [Bibl. Eg. 283.] 

Grant by Q. Elizabeth of lands in Berwick, 156j;— Throe charters 
relative to lands in Southkolsoy, co. Lincoln, and Bury, co. Suff., 
temp. Eliz.-Jac. 1. [Add. Ch. 983-986.] 



Charter of Guerric, Abbot of Feversham, relating to lands in Misse* 
willa [anno circiter 1178-1183]; — Letters of proxy by Edward I. 
on the marriage of his daughter Elizabeth with Florence, Count of 
Holland, 1284; — Bond of John de Vere, Earl of Oxford, as surety 
in the treaty between England and Burgundy, 1 1 Hen. VII. [Add. 
Ch. 987-989.] 

Thirteen Charters relating to Cardington, co. Beds., and to the manors 
of Mogerhanger, Thornecote, Beston, and Charletone, in the parish of 
Blonham, in the same county, temp. Hen. V 1 1. -Charles I. ; — Deed 
relating to Halstow and Stoke, co. Kent, 38 Eliz. [Add. Ch. 990- 

Five Charters relating to lands in Wodetone and Ockeley, co. Sussex, 
from 1324 to 1481 ; — Rent Roll of the Manor of Leadbrook, in the 
parish of Northop, co. Flint, 1735. [Add. Ch. 1004-1009.] 

Four leaves of Papyrus, imperfect, the lower part having perished. 
They contain the greater part of the xxth chapter of the Gospel of 
St. John, in Sahidic. Page numbered a-fxa contains verse 2 to v. 5. 
cfxP : V. 6 to V. 8. cr/x7 : v. 10 to v. 13. <r^J: v. 14 to v. 15. cr^i : v. 17 
tov. 19. cr/xr: V. 19tov. 22. <r/iA^ : v. 23 to v. 25. <r^»j : v. 26 to v. 28. 

Two leaves of Papyrus, apparently part of a history of the Martyrdom 
X of St. Theodore of Antioch, in Sahidic. 

A LEAF of Papyrus, in a character slightly differing from tliat of the 
leaves described above. It appears to relate to the Virgin Mary ; in 

Four leaves of Papyi;us, two of them very imperfect, and the other two 

injured ; containing part of a Theological legend or tract, in Sahidic. 

j4ll presented by John Gardner Wilkinson, Esq. 

Egyptian Papyrus, 6| by 4^ inches, containing an inscription in six 
lines of hieroglyphics ; at the top is the boat of the Sun and Moon, 
in which are the soul of a deceased person kneeling before Osiris, 
the Kilometer, etc. 

Egyptian Papyrus, 6| by 4^ inches, containing an inscription in eight 
lines of hieroglyphics : at the top is a drawing similar to that in the 

Egyptian Papyrus, 16i-J by 2^ inches, containing two inscriptions in the 
hieratic character, each of eighteen lines. 

Egyptian Papyrus, 6 J by 3f inches, containing an inscription of five lines 
in the demotic character. 

Egyptian Papyrus, 9^ by 6f inches, containing an inscription of twenty- 
one lines in the hieratic character. 

Egyptian Papyrus, 7f by 3\ inches, containing an inscription of three 
lines in the hieratic character. 


Fragment of an Egyptian Papyrus, 5 by 2\ inches^ containing an in- 
scription of eight lines in the hieratic character ; on the back are 
vestiges of an inscription. A small seal containing hieroglyphics is 

Fragment of an Egyptian Papyrus, 13 by 3h inches, containing an in- 
scription of twenty lines in the hieratic character ; on the back are 
two other lines in the same character. A small seal with the im- 
pression of a head is attached. 

Fragment of an Egyptian Papyrus, 5] by 1^ inches, containing an in- 
scription of eleven lines in the hieratic character, and on the back one 
line. A very small oval seal with hieroglyphics is attached. 

Egyptian Papyrus, 12 by 8 inches, containing an inscription of fourteen 
lines in the hieratic character. 

Egyptian Papyrus, 12^ by 4f inches, containing two inscriptions, one of 
eight lines, the other of sixteen lines, in the hieratic character. A 
small seal with hieroglyphics is attached. 

Egyptian Papyrus, 12 by 6 inches, containing an inscription of fifleen 
lines in the hieratic character. 

Egyptian Papyrus, 17^ by 7 inches, containing two inscriptions, one of 
twenty-three lines, the other of twenty-two lines, in the hieratic cha- 
racter ; the first inscription is mutilated. 

Egyptian Papyrus, 2 feet 11^ inches by 12| inches, containing an in- 
scription of four long lines and a few words, in the hieratic cha- 
racter. At the back is an inscription of sixteen very short lines. 

Egyptian Papyrus, 2 feet 2 J inches by 11 inches, containing an in- 
scription of ten long lines in the hieratic character. At the back is an 
inscription of sixteen very short lines. 

Egyptian Papyrus, 5 feet 10 J inches by 15 inches, divided into two 
compartments : 

i. 3 feet 7i inches long ; comprising fifty- four columns of hierogly- 
phics, surmounted by a frieze 1 1 inches high, containing a scries of 
sitting figures of deities, beginning with Osiris, before whom a 
departed person is kneeling at an altar ; a line of hieroglyphics runs 
above this frieze. 

ii. 1 foot 9 inches long : represents the praetorium of Ament ; in the 
lower part are Sate introducing the soul of the departed, who is in 
the act of supplication ; Anubis weighing the actions of the departed, 
the cynocephalus on the balance ; Thoth ibiocephalus with his reed 
and tablet ; the hippopotamus on a pedestal ; a large lotus supporting 
the four genii of Ament ; and, lastly, Osiris on his throne, with his 
name in hieroglyphics. Above is a frieze with small sitting figures 
*of twenty-one of the infernal judges ; the architrave is surmounted 
by a row of uraci and feathers, three and three alternately. 
All presented by John Gardnor Wilkinson, Esq, 


Fragments of an Egyptian Inscription on linen cloth, occupying thirteen 
lines^ in the hieratic character, measuring 5 feet 9 inches by 6 J inches. 
Presented by John Gardnor IVtlkinson, Esq. 

Egyptian linen roll, 5 feet 2 inches by 4 inches, probably a fragment, 
containing fifteen columns of hieratic characters, with a few figures 
dispersed in various parts. 

A SIMILAR roll, 2 feet 4 inches by 4 inches, a fragment probably of the 
same roll with the preceding ; it contains four columns of hieratic cha- 
racters, with one or two figures at the commencement. 

A SIMILAR roll, probably another fragment of the same, containing nine 
columns of hieratic characters ; above the first seven runs a frieze con- 
taining figures. 

Egyptian linen roll, 2 feet 10 inches by 3 inches, containing an in- 
scription in hieratic characters, with figures ; much scorched. 

Egyptian linen roll, 17 by 7i inches, containing seven compartments 
of figures, with thirty columns of red and black hieroglyphics under- 

Egyptian linen roll, 15^ by 8 inches, containing twenty-seven co- 
lumns of red and black hieroglyphics, with a frieze of figures above. 

Egyptian linen roll, 15 by 9 inches, containing twenty-seven co- 
lumns of red and black hieroglyphics, with a frieze of figures over 
columns three to fifleen. 

Egyptian linen roll, 23 by 4 J inches, apparently a fragment, containing 
a series of figures, with an inscription in three lines in hieratic characters. 

A SIMILAR roll, 22 by 4 inches, apparently a part of the same with the 
preceding fragment. 

Egyptian linen roll, 22 by 5 J inches, containing a series of figures, 
with five lines of hieratic characters in two columns. 

Egyptian Papyrus, 19 inches square, containing two series of co- 
lumns of hieroglyphics, the upper consisting of thirty-one columns, the 
lower of thirty-eight columns. 

Egyptian Papyrus, 9,\j, by 10^ inches, divided vertically into three 
compartments ; the first containing six columns of hieroglyphics ; the 
second, sixteen columns in six compartments ; the third also in six 
compartments, containing four columns. 

Egyptian Papyrus, 2 feet 1 1 inches by 3^ inches, containing a series 
of coloured figures. 

Egyptian Papyrus, 16 J inches square, being apparently two frag- 
ments of the same papyrus joined together ; the upper one 8 A inches 
high, containing four coloured figures, with twenty columns of hiero- 
glyphics, the lower 8 inches, containing a figure with four columns of 


Papyrus roll, 8 J inches wide and several feet long, apparently in the 
hieroglyphic character, with figures ; not opened. 

Papyrus roll, 6 inches wide and several feet long, apparently in the 
hieroglyphic character, with coloured figures ; not opened. 

Papyrus roll, 8 inches wide and several feet long, apparently in the 
hieroglyphic character, with coloured figures ; not opened. 

Papyrus roll, 4 inches wide and several feet long, apparently in the 
hieratic character ; not opened. 

Papyrus roll, 9 inches wide and 3 or 4 feet long, in the hieratic cha- 
racter; not opened. 

Papyrus roll, 9 inches wide, apparently made up of fragments of Cop- 
tic Mss. glued together. 

Papyrus roll, 6 J inches wide, made up of fragments of Coptic Mss. 

Papyrus roll, 7 J inches wide, made up of fragments of Coptic Mss. 

Papyrus roll, 7^ inches wide, made up of fragments of Coptic Mss. 

Papyrus roll, 9^ inches wide, made up of fragments of Coptic Mss. 

Two considerable fragments of a Coptic book, consisting of from fifteen 
to twenty leaves each. 

Papyrus roll, 7 inches wide, made up of small fragments of Greek 

Papyrus roll, 8 inches wide, made up of fragments of Greek Mss. 

Papyrus roll, 10 inches wide and 3 or 4 feet long; not opened. 

Papyrus roll, 7 inches wide and 2 or 3 feet long ; not opened. 

Papyrus roll, 9 inches wide ; not opened. 

Papyrus roll, 3i inches wide ; not opened. 

Papyrus roll, 3^ inches wide, covered with linen ; not opened. 

Impressions in Sulphur of forty-four ancient seals, chiefly of Grammar 

Presented by W, C, Trcvelyanj Esq. 


Abadius (didacus josephus). De Deo, Deoque Homine Hcroica. 
2 Partes. S^ Ccesena, 1780. 

Abbati (bartolomeo). II Rapimento di Proserpina. Idilio. 8^ TVmi, 

Abbot (robert). A Defence of the reformed Catholicke of M. W. 
Perkins, against the bastard Counter-Catholicke of D. Bishop. [2 
Tom.] 4>^Lond. 1611-09. 

Abbott (jacob). Parental Duties in the Promotion of early Piety. 12" 
Land. 1 834. « 

- The Corner-Stone : or, a familiar illustration of the 

principles of Christian truth. With preface and notes by the Rev. 
R. Philip. 12« Land. 1834. « 

The Young Christian. 12<» Edinb. 1834. « 

Abjuration. The Case of an Oath of Abjuration considered: and the 
vote of the House of Commons vindicated. In a letter to a friend. 4" 
Land. 1693. 

. The Case of an Oath of Abjuration stated. 4° Lond. 


Abstemius (laurentius). Hecatomythium secundum. 8** Fani, per 
Hieronymum Soncinum, 1505. 

Abu Abdalla Dahabi. -Liber Classium Virorum qui Korani et tra- 
ditionum cognitione excelluerunt. In epitomen cocgit ct continuavit 
Anonymus. E Codice MS. Bibliothecae Due. Gothan. lapide exscri- 
bendum curavit Henricus Ferdinandus Wiistenfeld. Particula i. 4" 
GottingcBy 1833. 

— Particula 11. 4® Gottingce, 1834. 

Academies. Academia Groningana. Annales. 1822-25. 4^ Groning(e, 

■ Academia Lugduno-Batava. Annales a d. ix Feb. 1832 

ad d. viii. Feb. 1833. 4« Lugd. Bat. 1834. 

Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia. Journal. 

Vol. v, Pt. IT. Vol. VI, Pt. I, and Pt. ii, to No. xiii. 8" Phil/id. 


Academies. American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Memoirs. New 
Series. Vol. i. 4« Camhr. U. S\ 1833. 

■ I. e R. Accademia Economico-Agraria dei Georgofili di 
Firenze. Continuazione degli Atti. Vol. vin-xii, Trim, i-iii. 8" 
Firenze, 1830-4. 

Konigl. Akademie der Wissenschaflcn zu Berlin. Abhand- 

lungen. Aus dem Jahre 1832. Theil i. 4® BerL 1834. Presented 
by the Royal Academy of Sciences at Berlin^ 1834. 

Royal Academy. The conduct of the Royal Academicians, 

while members of the Incorporated Society of Artists of Great Britain. 
8*»Z(wrf. 1771. 

Exhibition. 1783. 4>^ Lond. 

The Royal Irish Academy. Transactions. Vol. xvii. 

Part I. 4^ « 

Account. A Monthly Account of all considerable Occurrences. No. 
i-x. 4® Lond. 1687, 8. 

Accusers. The False Accusers accused; or the undeceived English- 
man. 8^ Lond. 1741. 

AcKERLEY (cHARLEs HENRY ). A Plan for the better Security of Vessels 
navigating the River Thames. With appendices. 4*^ Lond. 1834. « 

AcQUA. Nuova Raccolta d*Autori Italiani che trattano del Moto dell* 
Acqua. Tom. vi. [p. 233 to the end.] 4^ 

Acton (henry). A Sermon on the Death of the Rev. James Manning. 
S^ Exeter, \SS\. « 

A Sermon preached before the Members of the Western 

Unitarian Society. 12" Bristol, 1831. « 

Adam (Alexander). Index to Phrases and Sentences in his " Roman 
Antiquities." 8" Cambr. 1832. « 

Roman Antiquities. With notes and indices by 

James Boyd, LL.D. 12® Lond. 1834. « 

Adam (rob.). The Religious World displayed; or, a view of the four 
grand systems of Religion, and of the various sects and parties in the 
Christian World. 2 Vol. 8*^ Lond. 1 823. 

Addison (JOSEPH). The late Tryal and Conviction of Count Tariff. 8" 
Lond. 1713. 

A Discourse on ancient and modern Learning. 4** 

Lond. 1739. [With MS. Notes by Richard Hurd, Bishop of 

Historical Essay on him. [By Thomas Tyers.] 8" 

Lond. 1783. 

Ader (ouillem). Lou Gentilome Gascoun. 8*^ Tolose, 1610. 


Administration. Remarks on a scurrilous Libel, entitled, ** A Persua- 
sive to impartiality and candor, in judging of the present Adminis- 
tration." 8° Lond. 

A Defence of the Measures of the present Administra- 

tion. S^ Lond, USl. 

Serious Considerations on the Measures of the present 

Administration. 4® Lond, 1763. 

Advice. Five Minutes* Advice to the People of Great Britain, on the 
present situation of public affairs. By a citizen of London. 8^ 
Lond. 1792. 

The Country Curate's Advice to his Parishioners. By H. C. 

8° Lond, 1693. 

Adults. Golden Rules for Adults. 8'^ Lond. « 

^aiNETA (PAULUs). Mcdical Works ; translated : with a commentary, 
by Francis Adams, Esq. Vol. i. 8° Lond. 1834. ♦ 

^LiANUs (cLAUDius). Dc Natura Animalium Libri septemdecim. Verba 
ad fidem Libb. MSS. constituit et annotationibus illustravit Fridericus 
Jacobs. Intextas sunt curse secundse postumse J. G. Schneideri Saxonis. 
Adjecti indices et interpretatio Latina Gesneri a Gronovio emendata. 
2 Vol. 8^ /eikP, 1832. 

jEhilius (antonius). Orationes. Accedunt non nulla Poematia. 12" 
Trajecti ad Rhenumf 1651. 

^scHYLUs. TragoodiaB. Recensuif, integram lectionis varietatem notas- 
queadjecit Augustus Wellauer; 2 Vol. S** Cantabr. 1827. 

Tragoediae ex recensione G. Dindorfii. 8° Oxon. 1832. 4t 

Appendix ad editionem ^schyli novissimam. Confecit 

Jacobus Scholeficld, A.M. S^ Cantabr. 1833. « 

Septem Thebana Tragoedia. Lat. a Q. Septimio Florentc 

Christiano. 4*^ Lutet. apud Fed, Morellum, 1585. 

Enchiridion iEschyleum : sive Notse in iEschyli Tragcedias e 

variis commentariis excerptae, atque ad Wellaueri textum accom- 
modatae. 8^ Cantabr, 1832. ♦ 

^sopus Phryx. Faulcs dc Isop, y de altres famosos Autors. 8^ 

Fabulae ^sopicae Graecae quae Maximo Planudi 

tribuuntur. Ex recensione I. M. Heusingeri. Cum indice et supple- 
mento. Cura G. H. Schaefer. 8" Lipsiaf 1818. 

Affairs. An Enquiry into the present State of our domes tick Affairs. 
S^ Lond. 

An Enquiry into the present State of Affairs. 4'' Lond. 



Affairs. Some short Remarks upon the present State of Affairs. 4° 
Lond. 1692. 

Considerations upon the present State of our Aflairs, at home 

and abroad. 4° Land, 1739. 

Aff5 (ireneo). Memorie degli Scrittori e Lettcrati Parmigiani ; continuate 
da Angelo Pezzana. Tom. vii. 4** Parnia, 1833. Presented by the 

Africa. De TAfrique, contenant la Description de ce Pays par Leon 
rAfricain. £t la Navigation des anciens Capitaines Portugais aux 
Indes orientales et occidentales. Traduction de Jean Temporal; 4 
Tom. 8" Par. 1 830. 

History of the Civilization and Christianization of South 

Africa. 12" Edinb. 1832. ♦ 

Agapetus D'laconus. Opusculum de Officio Regis : ad Justinianum 
Csesarem. Gr, Lat. S^ Venet. apud Zachariam Calliergem^ 1509. 

Agassiz (l.). a Journey to Switzerland. 8** Lond. 1833. « 

Recherches sur les Poissons Fossiles ; Tom. i. Livrais. 

I, II. 4° Neuchatel (Suisse), 1833. 

Planches. Livrais. i. obi. £oh Neuchatelj 1833. 

Agenda Rerum ecclesiasticarum : secundum consuetum usum Mindenl. 
diocesis. 4** [^Lipsia, ex qfficina Melchioris Lotteri, 1522.] 

Agrellius (carolus Magnus). Supplementa Syntaxeos Syriacae. Prae- 
fatus est Joan. Godofr. Ludov. Kosegarten. 8° Gryphisvald. 1834. 

Agricola (martinus). Musica Instrumentalis Deudsch. 8" Witteni' 
bergy 1545. 

Agricola (rodolphus). Epitome Commentariorum dialectae Inven- 
tionis. 8® Colon, Agripp. [Cum notis MSS.] 

Agriculture. [Plan of] Agricultural Employment Institution. [With 
an account of the establishment, progress, and present state of the 
Dutch Poor Colony of Frederick's-Oord.] fol. Lond. ♦ 

An impartial View of English Agriculture, from permitting 

the exportation of Corn in 1663, to the present time. 4° Lond. 

Premiums offered by the Board of Agriculture. 8® 


Agrippa (henr. corn.). De Nobilitate et Prsecellentia Foeminei Sexus. 
[Cum aliis ejusdem opusculis.] 8" 1532. 

Aguilar (gaspar). La famosa Comedia de la Gitana Melancolica. 


Aikin (edmund). Designs for Villas and other rural Buildings. With 
an introductory essay. 4° Lond. 1808. 




AiKiN (j.). Letters from a Father to his Son, on various topics 
relative to literature and the conduct of life; 2 Vol. 8^ LoncL 

AiNswoRTH (robert). The most natural and easy Way of Institution; 
by making a domestic Education less chargeable to Parents, and more 
easy and beneficial to Children. 8*^ Lond, 1736. 

Airy (o. b.). Gravitation : an elementary explanation of the principal 
perturbations in the solar system. 8** Lond, 1834. « 

Akerman (j. t.). a descriptive Catalogue of rare and unedited Roman 
Coins; 2 Vol. 8^ Lond. 1834. « * 

Alarcon (FRANCISCO de). Rclaciou de algunas Cosas que el Licenciado 
Francisco de Alarcon, Fiscal de la Real Hazienda ha hecho, con 
beneficio notable della. fol. 

Alarcon y Mendoza (juan). Quien engana mas h Quien. Comedia. 
40 FaUadolid. 

— El Texedor de Segovia. Comedia. 

Segunda Parte. 4" Pamplona^ 1778. 

Alava ( — ) General. Extracto de una Carta escrita en Lesaca el 2 de 
Agosto y dirigida a D. Diego Barco. fol. 

Alberoni Cardinal. A modest Apology for Parson Alberoni. 8** Lond. 

A second Part. S^ Lond. 1719. 

Alberti (lorenzo) della Pergola. La Rete di Vulcano. Idilio. 8® 
Temi, 1620. 

Albertus Magnus, Episc. Ratish. Opera. Studio et labore Petri 
lammy; 21 Tom. fol. Lugdum^ 1651. 

Albrecht (jo. wilh.). Tractatus physicus de Efiectibus Musices in^ 
Corpus animatum. 8° Lips. 1 734. 

Albufera. Catalogo y Descripcio d*els Pardals de PAlbufera de 
Valencia. 4^. 

Albums. The Album Wreath. Edited by John Francis, Esq. 4® 
Lond 1834. ♦ 

The College Album for 1832. By Students in the University 

of Glasgow. 12'» Glasg. 1832. ♦ 

The College Album for 1834. A literary miscellany, by 

Students of the University of Glasgow. 12^ Glasg. 1834. « 

AlcalA (j. de). A Grammar of the Spanish Language. 8** Lond. 
1833. ♦ 

. Alcala Yanez (oeronimo). Alonso M090 de muchos Amos. 8<* Bar- 

celonuy 1625. 
Segunda Parte. 8*» FalladoUd, 1626. 


Alckmar (ueinrich von). Reineke Vos. Nach der Liibecker Ausgabe 
vom Jahre 1498. Mit Einleitung, Glossar und Anmcrkungen von 
HofTmann von Fallersleben. 8° Breslau^ 1834. 

Reinhart Fuchs. Von Jacob Grimm. 8* 

Berlin, 1834. 

Alcocer (pedro) de. Hystoria, o descripcion dela Imperial cibddd de 
Toledo, fol. Toledo, 1554. 

Alcock (thohas). a Sennon on the late Earthquakes. 8^ Oxf. 

Alderson (m.a.)- An Essay on the Nature and Application of Steam. 
8<' Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Aldrete (Bernardo). Antiguedades de Espaiia, Africa, y otras Pro- 
vincias. ^^ Bruss, \7ZAi, 

Alexander VII. Papa, Carta para los Patriarchas, Ar9obi8pos, Obispos, 
Clero, Religiones, y para todos los Fides Christianos de la Iglesia 
Catholica. fol. Madr, 1655. 

Alexander (james). The Orthographic English Ladder; or, a sure 
guide to the rudiments of the English tongue ; 2 Vol. 8° [1790.] 

The witty Parson and the twelve Highwaymen : 

a Narrative. 8° Cork, 1811. 

An amusing Summer-companion to Glanmire, 

near Cork. 8*^ Cork, 1814. 

Alexander (samuel). A practical and logical Grammar of the English 
Language. 12® Lond. 1832. « 

Alexander (william), Earl of Sterline, Aurora; containing the 
first fancies of tlie Author's youth. 4° Lond, Richard Field, 1604. 

A Paraenesis to the Prince. 

4» Lond. Richard Field, 1 604. 

The Monarchicke Trage- 

dies. Newly enlarged. 4° Lond. 1607- 

Algiers. Copias de las tres ultimas Cartas de los Administradores de 
los Reales Hospitales de Argel, y Tunez. 4" [1756.] 

Algoritiimus. AlgorithmusIntegrorum,cumprobis annexis. 4" [Lit. Goth.] 

Alise. Souvenirs d'une Visite aux Ruines d*Alise et au Chateau de 
Bussy-Rabutin. 8" Troyes, 1833. 

Allan Breck [By G. R. Glcig]; 3 Vol. 12° Lond. 1834, « 

Allan (georgk). Life of Sir Walter Scott, Baronet; with critical 
notices of his writings. 8° Edinb. 1 834. 4t 

Allan (robert). A Manual of Mineralogy. S*^ Edinb. 1831. mt 


Alleoiance. The Case of the People of England in their present Cir- 
cumstances considered ; shewing, how far they are, or are not, obliged 
by the oath of Allegiance. 4*^ Land. 1689. 

Just Principles of complying with the new Oath of Alle- 
giance. 4>^ Lond. 1689. 

• The new Oath of Allegiance justified, from the original 

constitution of the English monarchy. 4° Lond. 1689. 

Reflections upon a late Book, entituled, " The Case of 

Allegiance considered." 4^ Lond, 1689. 

A full Answer to all the popular Objections for not taking 

the Oath of Allegiance to their present Majesties. 4^ Lond, 1689. 

Allen (samuel james). Lectures in Defence of the Church of England. 
8<» Lond. 1 834. « 

Allen (william). A Treatise on an original System of cultivating 
Cucumbers, Melons, and Sea Kale, forcing Broccoli, Potatoes, &c, 
&c. 8" Ipswich, 4t 

Allibond (john). a Ballad in Macaronic Latin, entitled Rustica 
Descriptio Visitationis Fanaticae. With preface and notes. 8° Oxf, 
1834. « 

Allom (samuel r.). a Memoir of Richard Hatch ; interspersed with 
select remains. 1 2^ Lond. 1 834. « 

Almanacks. 146 Volumes of English Almanacks, from 1696 to 1830. 

Almanach Royal et National pour 1834. S° Par, 1834. 

The British Almanack for 1834. 12« Lond. « 

The British Diamond Almanack for 1835. 16® Lond. ♦ 

= — The British Penny Almanack for 1835. 16° Lond, « 

The British Working-Man's Almanac for 1835. 16® 

Lond. « 

Cheshire, Lancashire, Shropshire, Staffordshire, and North 

Wales Almanack for 1834. fol. Lond. « 

A Companion to the Almanack for 1833. 8® Lond, « 

Companion to the American Almanac, or repository of 

useful knowledge for 1834. 8® Boston^ U. S., London, 

Cornwall, Devonshire, Somersetshire, and Dorsetshire 

Almanack for 1834. fol. Lond. « 

The Englishman's Almanack for 1 834. 12° Lond, « 

— The Gentleman's Diary, an Almanack for 1834. 12® 

Lond. 4t 

Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Mon- 

mouthshire, and South Wales Almanack for 1834. fol. Lond. « 
— Goldsmith's Almanack for 1834. 16® Lond. # 


Almanacks. The Ladies* Diary, or complete Almanack for 1834. 12** 
Lond. # 

The London Almanack for 1834. #. ih, # 

Merlinus Liberatus. An Almanack for 1 834. By John 

Partridge. 12^ Zonrf. « 

Middlesex, Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent, Surrey, and Sussex 

Almanack for 1834. fol. Lond. « 

Moore's Almanack improved for 1833. 12° Chiswick, « 

1834. 12^ Chiswick. 4^ 

Moore's Almanack for 1834. 12° Lond. « 

The Nautical Almanack for 1835. 8° Lond. 1833. « 

Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Isle of Ely, Hunting- 
donshire, and Bedfordshire Almanack for 1834. fol. Lond, % 

The People's Almanack for 1835. fol. Lond. « 

12° Zonrf. « 

Rider's British Merlin for 1834. 12° Lond. # 

Stationers' Almanack for 1 834. fol. Chiswick. « 

The Tradesman's and Mechanic's Almanack for 1834. 

12* Lond. « 

Warwickshire, Northamptonshire, Leicestershire, Rutland- 

shire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, and Derbyshire Almanack for 
1834. fol. Lond. « 

White's Ccelestial Atlas ; or, a new and improved Ephemeris 

for 1834. By Olinthus Gregory. 12" Lond. # 

Wills's complete Clerical Almanack for 1834. 12° 


Wiltshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Berkshire, and Buck- 

inghamshire Almanack for 1834. fol. Lond. 4t 
AnAlmanackfor 1834, by Vincent Wing. fol. Lond s. sh. Hf 

Yorkshire, Durham, Northumberland, Westmorland, and 

Cumberland Almanack for 1834. fol. Lond. « 

Almodovar ( — ) Conde de. A' los Mili tares del Octavo Distrito Militar. 
4° Valencia^ 9 de Julio, 1822. s. sh. 

Alnander (s. j.) et Kindahl (petrus). Historia Librorum prohibitorum 
in Svecia. Specimen i. 4° Upsal, 1764. 

Alphonsus a Spina. Fortalitium Fidei. fol. [Argent, circa 1473.] 

Alphonsus (petrus). Disciplina Clericalis. Lat. Gall. 2 Partes. 8" Par. 

Alvarez (francisco). Noticia del Establecimiento y Poblacion de las 
Colonias Inglesas en la America Septentrional. 4° Madr. 

Amadis di Gaula. I quattro Libri di Amadis di Gaula. 8° Fen. 1572. 


Amateur Musical Festival, Exeter Hall. 1834. Second performance. 
4<* Land. ♦ 

Third performance. 4P Lond, ♦ 

AyLBROSJVSf S.ArchiepiscopusMediolanensis. Opera. Studio ct labore Mo- 
nachorum Ordinis S. Bcnedicti. Hac novissima Veneta editione aucta ; 
8 Tom. 4« Ven. 1781, 2. 

Vita gloriose Virginis Agnetis ; 

(item) Passio Sanctorum Martyrum Vitalis et Agricole. 4° [Mediolanif 
C. Faldarfer, 1 474 ; ex edit, trium librorum de officiis D. Ambrosii ab 
eodem typographo impressa fragmentum.] 

America. A Discourse concerning the Currencies of the British Planta- 
tions in America, especially witli regard to their paper money. With 
a postscript. 8^ Boston, printed, 17^0, Land, reprinted, 1751, 

The present State of North America, &c. Part i. 4® Lond, 


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— — ^ Resp, J. W. S. Lemonon. Pars ii. 4® Franeq. 1 722. 

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detenido y preso en el palacio de Valencey en Francia por el enemigo 
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— ^-^— ^— — — — Constantinople et le Bosphore pendant 

let annees 1812, 13, 14, et 1826. 8"" Par. 1828. 
— — — Atlas, fol. 

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2 Vol. 4« Land. 1805. 

Roses : or, a monograph of the genus Rosa ; 2 Vol. 

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• Religious Tracts. 12* Lond. « 

Sunday Schools. 12° Lond. » 

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■ Eclogae. De Obitu Lydse. 

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De Miseria Principum Opus- 

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the Counties of Wicklow, Meath, Westmeath, Longford, and Cavan. 
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The Angler in Ireland ; or, an Englishman's ramble through 

Connaught and Munster, during the summer of 1834 ; 2 Vol. 12^ 
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St. Paul and her Majesty vindicated* 8® 

Lond. 1710. 

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Scarcity of Grain and other Provisions, 8® Lond. 1 800. 

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12^ Lond. « 

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• Picturesque Annual for 1834. 8® Lond. ^ 

Jenning's Landscape Annual for 1835. 8® Lond. ^ 

The Infant Annual for 1834. 8® Edinb. « 

The Juvenile Forget-me-not. 1834. Edited by Mrs. S. C. 

Hall. 8® Z/omf. 1834. 


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Land. 1834. » 

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Edited by WUliam Ball. 4<> Lond. « 

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mians, Familists, and Libertines that infected the Churches of New- 
England. 4° Lond. 1692. 

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doveva eseguirsi in Milano. fol. Milano. 

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4® Ven.^ Johannes de Colonic et Johannes Manthen de Gherretzhem^ 
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algunas cartas del mismo autor, i de otros eruditos. Publica estas 
obras Don Gregorio Magans i Siscar. fol. Valencia^ 17 4f2. 

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Accessiones aliquot. 4° Salmanticce. 

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Doctrina Haymonis, Episcopi Halberstadensis. Resp. Wilh. Erasmus 
Arnds. 4° Hala Magd. 1705. 

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Lard Lieutenant of Ireland. 

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Lond. 1834. « 

Antunez t Acevedo (rafael). Memorias historicas sobre la legislacion, 
y gobiemo del comercio de los Espaiioles con sus Colonias en las 
Indias Occidentals. 4*^ Madrid^ 1797. 

Antwerp. Ordonnantie vander wacht, tot versekerheyt vanden Ingese- 
tenen deser Stadt. 4® Antwerpen, 1578. 

■ Notice des Tableaux exposes au Musee d'Anvers. 1829. 

8® [Anvers.'] 

Description de la Ville d'Anvers. 8® Anversy 1 830. 

Anxius (franciscus). Kort verhaal van een Reyze gedaen door zeven 
Personen nae *t Land der Antipodes. 4^ Amsterdam^ 1676. 

Apel (august). Metrik; 2 Theil. 8® Leipz. 1834. 

Apocalypse. A short Explication of the Apocalypse of St. John, and 
Part of Daniel's Prophecy, on a new plan. 8^ Lond. 1757. 


Apocalyptica. Die Apokalyptiker der altera Zeit unter Juden und 
Christen in vollstandiger UebersetzUtig mit fortlaufendem Commentar, 
historisch, kritischer Einleitung und Excursen von Dr. A. G. Hoff- 
mann. Band i. Das Buch Henoch. Abtheil i. 8^ Jenay 1833. 

Apothecaries. The Calamities of all the English in Sickness, and the 
Sufferings of the Apothecaries from their unbounded Increase. 4° 
Land. 1707. 

Appeal. An earnest Appeal to passionate People. 8° Lond, 1748. 

An Appeal to Facts : in a letter to the Right Hon. Earl Temple. 

[By John Dalrymple, Esq.] 4P Lond. 1763. 

Apperlet (c. o.). Europe, a political Sketch ; and other poems. 8" 
Lond, 1833. « 

Appetites. An Enquiry into the Origin of the Human Appetites and 
Affections, shewing how each arises from association. 8° Lincoln^ 

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Orellius. 8« Turid, 1833. 

Aquepontanus (joannes). Concertatio Ecclesiac Catholics in Anglia 
adversus Calvinopapistas et Puritanos sub Elizabetha Regina quorun- 
dam hominum doctrina et sanctitate illustrium rcnovata. Nunc 
denuo aucta. 3 Partes. 4** Atigustts Trevirorunif 1589-94. 

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dal Francese; Tom. i, ii. 8° Fuligno^ 1833. 

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nata et B. M. De Rubeis in singula opera dissertationes ; 28 Tom. 
4^ Ven. 1775-88. 

Aquino (carolus de). Carmina; 3 Tom. 8° RonuB^ 1701-3. 

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costumbres escriptas del Reyno de Aragon. fol. farago^a, 1576. 

Arciibold (j. f.). Summary of the Law relative to Pleading and Evidence 
in Criminal Cases. Enlarged, by John Jervis. 12° Lond. 1834. « 

The Act for the Amendment of the Poor Laws, with 

introduction^ notes, and forms. 129 Lond. 1834. ♦ 

The Law and Practice of Bankruptcy. Enlarged, by 

JohnFlather. 12^ Lond. 1854. « 

Archeologia. Annali dell* Instituto di Corrispondenza Archeologica ; 
Vol. V. Fascic. ii. 8*^ Par. 1 833. 

Monumenti inediti per Fanno 1833. Fascic. ii. fol. 

Rom. e Par. 

Bulletino per Tanno 1833. Nos. xi, xii. 8® Roma^ 


Memorie. Fascic. ii. 8" Roma. 

Archery and Archness. By Robin Hood. 12° Lond. 1834. 


Arcuitecte. L*Architecte. Notions sur Fart de batir et de decorer les 
edifices ; Tom. i-iii, et Tom. iv, Livrais. xix-xxi. 8^ Par, 1832, 8. 

Architettura. Dissertazione esegetica intomo all' origine ed al sistema 
della sacra Architettura presso i Greci. fol. Nap. 1881. 

Arellano (juan Salvador baptista). Antiguedades, y excelencias de 
la Villa de Carmona. 12<^ SeviUa, 1628. 

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Arqyle. The Argyle Papers. 4* Edinh. 1834. 

Ariosto (lodovico). Orlando Furioso, translated by Sir John Harington. 
4®. [Title wanting.] 

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Tom. VI, Pt. I. 8<> Lips. 1830. 

The Birds. Gr. With notes. By H. P. Cookesley, 

B.A. 8° Lond. 1834. » 

Plutus. Gr. From the text of Dindorf. With remarks 

by H. P. Cookesley, B.A. 8« Lond. 1834. « 

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apud Junctas, 1547. [Cum indicibus MSS.] 

De Anima Libri tres. Recognovit et commentariis illus- 

travit Frider. Adolph. Trendelenburg. 8* JeruBt 1833. 

Arithmetic Ciphering made easy ; or, an attempt to render simple the 
first four rules of Arithmetic. 12° Lond. 1833. ' ♦ 

Key to Ciphering made easy. 12° Lond. 1833. « 

Armachia. Jus Primatiale Armacanum, in omnes Archiepiscopos, 
Episcopos, et universum Clerum, totius Regni Hibemiae; assertum 
per H. A. M. T. H. P. [Hugonem Armacanum Macmahon totius 
Hibemiae Primatem.] 4° 1728. 

Armeno. Quadro delle Opere di vari autori anticamente tradotte in 
Armeno. 8° Venezta^ 1825. Presented by the Rev. Dr. Alexander 

Arms. A Roll of Arms of the Reign of Richard the Second. Edited by 
Thomas Willement. 4° Lond. 1834. Presented by the Editor. 

Armstrong (john). Lectures on the morbid Anatomy, Nature, and 
Treatment of acute and chronic Diseases. Edited by Joseph Rix. 8° 
Lond. 1834. « 

Armstrong (r. a.). A Gaelic Dictionary ; to which is prefixed a Gaelic 
grammar. ^^ Lond. 1825. 

Army. The Army List. 1834. fol. Lond, Presented by the Right 
Hon, the Secretary at War. 

IZ^Lond. « 

A Discourse of standing Armies. 8° Lond. 1722. 

E i> 


Armt. Abstracts of the Number and yearly Pay of the Land-Forces of 
Horse, Foot, and Dragoons in Great Britain, for the Year 1718. 4® 

The late Prints for a standing Army, and in vindication of the 

Militia, considered. 4° Lond. 1698. 

Arnobius 4fer, Adversus Grentes Libri vii. Cum recensione viri cele- 
berrimi, et integris omnium commentariis ; [2 Vol.] 4" Lugd. BaL 
1 651 . [Cum notis MSS. Jo. Walker.] 

Arnold (gottfr.). Certain Queries, with their Answers ; by way of 
introduction to the Rev. Mr. Godfrey Arnold's *' Impartial History of 
the Church and Hereticks." Translated from the High-Dutch. 8^ 
Lond. 1744. 

Arnot (sanford), and Forbes (duncan). An Essay on the Origin and 
Structure of the Hindoostanee Tongue, &c. 8*^ Lond, 1 828. 

Arriaoa (rodericus de). Disputationes theologicae in primam partem 
D. Thomse. 2 Vol. fol. Ant. 1643. 

Artaria (epimaco e pasquale). Nuovissima Guida dei Viaggiatori in 
Italia. 4P Milano, 1834. 

Arteaga (felix de). Obras posthiunas, divinas> y humanas. 8^ Alcaloy 

Arthington (henry). Principal Points of holy Profession, touching these 
three Estates of Mankind. 1. Their creation. 2. Their subvertion. 
3. Their restoration. 4** Lond. Printed for Thos. Fauyer, 1607. 
[With MS. notes by Thomas Park.] 

Arthur, King of Britain. The Story of the most noble and worthy 
Kinge Arthur, and of his noble and valyaunt Knyghtes of the Round 
Table, fol. Imprinted by Copland^ 1537. [Lit. Goth.] [Imperf.] 

Arundell (f. v. j.). Discoveries in Asia Minor. % Vol. 8° Lond. 
1834. « 

Arze ab Otalora (joannes). De nobilitatis, et immunitatis Hispanise 
causis (quas hidalguia appellant) deque regalium tributorum (quos 
pechos dicunt) jure, ordine> judicio, et excusatione summa, seu tracta- 
tus. fol. Granat. 1553. 

AscANius ; or, the young adventurer. 8® [Title page wanting.] 

AsGiLL (john). An Argument proving, that according to the Covenant 
of eternal Life revealed in the Scriptures, Man may be translated from 
hence into that eternal Life, without passing through Death. 8° 1700. 

Mr. Asg — I's congratulatory Letter to the L — d 

B ^p of S m, upon the excellent " Modem Preface " just pub- 
lished by his L p. 8« Lond. 1713. 

AsuBURNER (john). On Dentition, and some coincident disorders. 12^ 
Lond. 1834. « 


Ashe (isaac), Jtm. An Ecclesiastical Catechism of the united Church 
of England and Ireland. \%^ Dubl. 1830. « 

Ashley (john). The Sugar Trade, with the Incumhrances thereon, 
laid open. 8^ Lond. 1734. 

AsHWELL (john). The Letters whyche Johan AshweU, Priour of Newn- 
ham Abbey besydes Bedforde, sente secretly to the Byshope of Lyn- 
colne, in the Yeare of our Lord MDXXvn. ; where in the sayde pry our 
accuseth George Joye of fower opinyons ; with the answere of the 
sayde George. 16® [Lit. Goth.] 

AspiNALL (jAMEs). Senuous, chiefly for particular Sundays and Occa- 
sions. S^ Lond. 1834. ♦ 

AsPLAND (robert). A Scrmou on the Death of the Rajah Rammohun 
Roy. 8^ Lond. 1833. ♦ 

Assembly. An historical Relation of the late General Assembly, held 
at Edinburgh, •i'' Lond. 1G91. 

AssHETON (william). Au Accouut of his Proposal (as improved and 
managed by the Company of Mercers) for the Benefit of Widows of 
Clergymen and others. 13° Lond. 1699. 

A full Account of the Rise, Progress, and Advan- 
tages of Dr. Assheton's Proposal, as now improved and managed by 
the Company of Mercers, for the Benefit of Widows of Clergymen, 
and others ; by settling jointures and annuities at the rate of thirty 
per cent. 8** Lond. 1711. Presented by C. P, Cooper, Esq. 

AssiGNY (m. d'). Seasonable Advice to the Protestant Non-Jurors. 4® 
Lond. 1702. 

AssocLATiON. British Association for the Advancement of Science. Li- 
thographed Signatures of the Members, who met at Cambridge, 1833. 
With a report of proceedings, and list of members. 4° Camhr, 
1833. ♦ 


at Cambridge in 1833. Report of third meeting. 8" Lond^ 1834. ♦ 

''Voluntary Church Association"; and their manifesto 

against Establishments considered. 12° Edinb. « 

Aster (g. l.), Prces. De Hypothesi dramatica S. Codici illata Exer- 

citatio philologica. Rcsp. J. G. Grosser. 4<* Wtttemb. 1729. 
AxHENiEUM. The Athenaeum. 4®Zoml. 1833. « 

AxHENiEUM. An alphabetical List of the Members, with the Rules and 

Regulations of the Athenaeum. 12** Lond. 1830. Presented by Sir 

Henry Ellis. 
The Rules and Regulations of the Athen»um; with an 

alphabetical list of the members. 12° Lond. 1832. Presented by Sir 

Henry Ellis. 
Athens. A Discourse of the Contests and Dissensions between the 

Nobles and the Commons in Athens and Rome. 4® Lond. 1701. 
Athlone. a Diary of the Siege of Athlonc. 4° Lotid. 1691. 


Atkinson (christopher), Whitehead (oboroe), Lancaster (james)^ 
and SiMONDs (thomas). Ishmael and his Mother cast out into the 
Wilderness. 8» Lond. 1655. 

Atkinson (christopher). Copies of Letters in the General Advertiser, 
that relate to the Transactions of the Commissioners of Victualling, and 
Christopher Atkinson, Esq., their Corn-factor. 8^ LoruL 1781. 

Atkinson (james). Medical Bibliography, A. and B. 4* Land. 1834. m 

Attersoll (e. and m.). The Curate of Marsden; or pastoral con- 
versations. 12° Lond. 1834. m 

Attorney. The Attorney's Practice epitomized. 4*^ Lond. 1759. 

Avant-Propos du Prince Emigre, ou le Roi des Barricades Devoile. Par 
la Contemporaine. 8° Londr. 1834. 4i 

AuBER (peter). China. An Outline of its' Government, Laws, and 
Policy ; and of the British and Foreign Embassies to, and intercourse 
with, that empire. 8° Lond. 1834. « 

AuBuissoN DE VoisiNS (j. F.). Traite d'Hydraulique, a Tusage des In- 
genieurs. 8® Par. 1834. 

AuDLET (henrt). The Court Convert. 8®. 

Audubon (john james). Ornithological Biography ; or, an account of the 
habits of the birds of the United States of America ; Vol. ii. 8® 
EiUnb. 1834. ♦ 

AvELLANEDA (francisco de). El Templo de Palas. Comedia famosa. 
4» Napoles, 1675. 

AuousTiNUS (d. aurelius). Enchiridion. 4^ [ColonuB^ apud Ulricum 

AuousTiNUs IL, Monasterii Einsidlensis Abbas. Theologia Scholastica; 
10 Tom. foL Einsid. 1687. 

Aunt Ellen, and her Pupils. 12^ Lond. 1833. 41 

AuRiviLLius (c). Recensio Codicum MSS. ab Henrico Benzelio, Ar- 
chiepiscopo Upsaliensi, in Oriente collectorum. 8^ UpsaL 1802. 

Australia. The new British Province of South Australia. 8^ Lond. 
1834. « 

Auto. El Tormento del Demonio. Auto al Nacimiento de Christo. 
4® Salamanca. 

Autobioorapht and Letters of Arthur Courtenay. 8® Lond. 1834. « 

AuxiMO (nicolaus de). Spiritualis Quadriga. 4° Esiif per Magistrum 
Phedericum de Comktibus de Verona, 1475. 

Atala (manuel JOSEF de). Indice del Diccionario de Gobiemo, y 
Legislacion de Indias, y EspaSia. fol. Madr. 1792. 

Atesha, the Maid of Kars ; 3 Vol. 12^ Lond. 1834. « 

Ay RE (john). Liturgia: a course of nine lectures on the Liturgy. 12*^ 
Lond. 1833. ♦ 


Ayre (john). The Duty of providing Places of Worship. A sermon. 
8^L(md.lSS4. « 

Ayres de Cazal (manoel). Corografia Brasilica, ou Rela^ao historico- 
geografica do Reino do Brazil ; 2 Tom. 4^ Rio de Janeiro, 1817. 

AzAis (h.). Systeme Universel. 8° Par. 1809. 

4 Parties. 8» Par. 1810-12. 

Des Compensations dans les Destinees humaines ; 2 Parties. 

S^Par. 1810. 

AzANZA (ifiouEL JOSEF de). [Noticias de lo ocurrido en Espafia]. fol. 
Madr. 2S de Agosto, 1809. 

AzEVEDo couTiNHO Y BERNAL (j. F. A. F. de). Table Genealogique de 
la Famille de Corten, avec quelques pieces y annexees touchans Terec- 
tion du Chapitre de I'Eglise Collegiale de Notre-Dame au dela de la 
Dyle ^ Malines, etc fol. Louvain, 1753. 

Table Genealogique de 

la Famille de Heyns, alias Smets, d'ou est issue Anne Heyns, alias 
Smets, epouse de Jaques Corten. fol. 

Table Genealogique de 

la Famille de Bayard d*ou est issue Marie-Jossine-Guilhelmine de 
Bayard, epouse de Rombaut Corten. fol. 

Table Genealogique de 

la Famille de Liebeeeke d'ou est issue Jeanne-Marie Van Liebeecke> 
m^re d' Anne-Marie Van Thuynen, epouse de Rombaut Corten. fol« 

AzEYEDo DE YAscoNCELLos (andr^), da SUva 6 Moura. Cisne de 
Marte. 4® Lishoa, 1751. 

Azur (juachin de). Carta al Fray Enrique Florez, exponiendo algunos 
reparos sobre el tomo septimo de la Espafia Sagrada. 4^ Madr. 1752. 

Babenstuber (ludovicus). Philosophia Thomistica Salisburgensis. fol. 
Augustce Vind, 1706. 

Baser (john). To the King, upon the Queen's being delivered of a 
Son, June 10, 1688. A poem. fol. Lond. 1688. 

To Poet BaYius, occasioned by his Satyr to the King, 

upon the Queen's being deliYer'd of a Son. 4® Lond. 1688. 

Babst (michaelis). Der sieben Planeten Lauff Ynnd Wirckung auff das 
menschliche Leben gerichtet 8*^ Leipzig^ 1694. 

Bache (franklin). ObserYations and Reflections on the Penitentiary 
System. A letter to Roberts Vaux. 8« Philad. 1829. Presented by 
the Rev, Thomas Hartrvell Home. 

Bachmannus (lud.). Examina solemnia Gymnasii Scholaeque Rosto- 
chiensis, diebus xxyiii, xxix, et xxx m. Martii, a. mdcccxxxiii. cele- 
branda indicit LudoYicus Bachmannus. Inest quaestio de Meletio 
Greece inedito ejusque Latino interprete Nic. Petreio. Accedit 
J. F. A. Mahnii Elementorum Artis Historicae Particula i. 4® 
RoHochii, 1883. 


Bacmeister (jean). Essai sur la Bibliotheque et le Cabinet de Curio- 
sites et d'Histoire Naturelle de TAcademie des Sciences de Saint 
Petersbourg. 8° 1776, 

Bacon (johannes), seu Baconthorpe. Opus super quatuor Sententianim 
Libris. Libri quatuor. [2 Vol.] fol. MecUolaniy Leonardos Vegius. 
1510. [Lit. Goth.] 

Baeza (andres de). Coroedia famosa. No se pierden las Finezas. 4^ 

Bagley (william). The Practice at the Chambers of the Judges, of 
the Courts of Common Law, in Civil Actions. 12^ Lond. 1834. # 

Bagot (honi-*- Richard), Bp. of Oxford. A Charge. 4^ Oxf 

Baoster (samuel), Jun. The Management of Bees. 8* Lond, 
1834. « 

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Observations and Facts to show the Prac- 
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The Probability of reaching the North 

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Observations on the Produce of the Income Tax, and on 

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The Heresy of Hymenetus and Philetus, concerning 

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A Letter to him, requiring farther Satisfaction in 

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The Non-Jurors Separation from the Public As- 

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of Christ's Ministers. A Sermon. 8° Zone?. 1834. « 

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Mechanism, and Necessity, in a Series of Letters to the Rev. Mr. 
Wesley. ISf^HuU. 

— ^— — — A scriptural Essay towards the Proof of an immortal 
Spirit in Man. U^ HulL 

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lation, both in Latin and English, of the Reverend Mr. Tutor Ben- 
tham's Letter to a young Gentleman at Oxford. 8° Lond. 1748. 

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A View of the Hard-Labour Bill. S^ Lond. 1778. 

Panopticon ; or, the Inspection-House : 2 Pts. 

8* DubL printed; Lond, repr, 1791. 


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Situation and Relief of the Poor. 8'» [1797]. 

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A Plea for the Constitution. 4° Land, 1803. 

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Edition of the Greek Testament ; together with his answer. 8® Lond, 

[Emendations on Paradise Lost.] 8" [Title 

wanting, and imperf. at the end.] 

Epistola critica ad H[enricum] B[land], 

S[chol8e] £[tonensis] I[nst.], in qua Bentleii in Phaedrum Notse ex- 
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BeroL 1834. 

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8^ Oxf. 1834. « 

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A second Letter to C. E. Long, 

Esq. 8'^Lofi<i. 1834. « 

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Par.j Didot. 



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Carta, fol. 

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Bodye and Bloude of Christe. 8^ Lond, Thomas Raynalde, 1549. 
[Lit. Goth.] 


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TAllemand. 8° Par. 1827. 

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el General Bessieres tuvo con el General Zayas el dia 20 de Mayo de 
1823. 4'» ilfarfr. 1828. 

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8» Cihinii, 1782. 

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S'^Lond. 1709. 

A Sermon concerning the 

Excellency and Usefulness of the Common Prayer. 12^ Lond. 1714. 
Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

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dependent Chapel, Scarborough. 8° Beverley, 1834. # 

Beyerwtck (johan yan). De Spaensche Xerxes, ofle BeschryYmge 
ende Vergelyckinge Yanden Scheep-strydt tusschen de groote Koningen 
Yan Persen ende Spaengjen tegen de Verbonde Griecken ende Neder- 
landers. 4^ Dordrecht, 1639. 

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Eroticum. Ad codd. MSS. fidem edidit, Latine Yertit, et commentariis 
instruxit Petrus a Bohlen. 4^ Berol. 1833. 

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From the original Hebrew only. By John Bellamy. 

No. ii-Y. 4'^ZrOiMi. 1825. ♦ 

8'' Oxf. 1833. 

In the common Version, with Amendments of the Lan- 

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With Notes by the Rcy. Henry Stebbing, M. A. ; 2 Vol. 

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With Notes. By the ReY. C. WellbeloYed ; No. yiii. 

4« York, 1834. « 



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lation and notes ; by William Greenfield. 8" Land. 1831. « 

■■ Job. Literally translated, with notes, and an intro- 
ductory dissertation, by John Mason Good. 8° Lond, 1812. 

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labie, A.M. 8^ Lond. 1834. m 

The Epistle to the Hebrews. A new translation, with 

Notes. [By Josiah Conder.] 8® Lond. 1834. « 

The well-spent Sou ; or. Bibles for the poor Negroes. Trans- 

lated from the French by Jacob Porter. 8® New-Haven^ 1830. Pre- 
sented by the Translator. 

Biblical Extracts. S^ Lond. 1831. « 

Vindicise Biblicse. Notices of passages in the Old and New 

Testament, which have been the subject of attack and misrepresent- 
ation. S^Lond.\SS3. « 

The Picture Bible. Containing sacred narratives^ in the words 

of the Scriptures. Genesis to Deuteronomy. 12^ Zone?. 1834. m 
A Commentary upon the Holy Bible, from Henry and Scott. 

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Ex interpretatione J. Drusii, cum notis ejusdem. Accessit disputatio 
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Lond. 1834. « 

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tores Raschi Raschbam, A ben Ezra Baal Turim> et Haphtorah ; 5 
Vol. 4«y^m5M764. 

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. Job. Job. Drusii Versio et Scholia in Jobum. 4° AmsteL 


Lat. Gr. Ruth. Historia Ruth, ex Ebrseo Latine conversa, et 

commentario explicata. Ejusdem historiae tralatio Grseca ad exem- 
plar Complutense, et notae in eandem. Additus est Tractatus, An 
Ruben mandragoras invenerit: opera J. Drusii. 4° Amsterd. 1632. 

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principis. 8° Tiguri, 1532. 

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tionnaire des Romanciers, tant anciens que modernes, tant nationaux 
qu' etrangers. 8^ Par. 1821. 

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Erfardice, 1826-33. 

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Dialogue the Tenth. 4<> Land. 1693. 

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Dresden ausfiihrlich beschrieben, und mit Anmerckungen erlautert ; 3 
Band. 4P Dresd. 1743-8. 

Bicci (marco ubalik)). Notizia della Famiglia Boccapaduli Patrizia 
Romana. 4<^ Roma, 1762. 

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and the Dead Man explained. 8" Land, 

BicKERSTETH (e.). A Harmony of the four Gospels. 8^ Lond. 1832. « 

Preparedness for the Day of Christ, urged. Being 

the substance of four sermons. 12° Lond. 1833. « 

Domestic Portraiture ; or, the successful application 

of religious principle exemplified in three of the children of the Rev. 
Legh Richmond. 8° Land. 1834. « 

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4° Mutince, per M, Dominicum Rocociolam, 1498. 

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Court of Common Pleas, and other Courts ; Vol. x. From Trinity 
Term, 3 WiUiam IV., 1833, to Easter Term, 4 William IV., 1834, in- 
clusive. 8° Lond. 1834. « 

Binnet (t.). An Address delivered on laying the first Stone of the 
new King's Weigh-House, a place of Worship. 16^ Lond, 1834. « 

: The ultimate Object of the Evangelical Dissenters avowed 

and advocated. 8® Lond. 1834. « 

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S^Par. 1833,4. 


BiooRAPHT. The annual Biography and Obituary ; Vol. xviii, xix. 
S^ Land. 1834, 5. « 

Christian Biography. Containing the Lives of Richard 

Baxter, Mrs. M. Baxter^ J. Howard^ Claudius Buchanan, Viscountess 
Glenorchy. 12" Lond. m 

Containing the Lives of A. FuUer^ 

Harriet Newell, G. Pattrick, A. Archibald, Colonel Blackader. 1^ 
Land. # 

The Library of American Biography. Conducted by Jared 

Sparks ; Vol. i, ii. 8^ Boston, U. S., and Lond. 1834. 

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du Physique et du Moral de THomme. Ouvrage posthume public 
par M. Cousin. 8® Par. 1834. 

Birch (samuel). Visitation Sermon. 8^ Lond. 1834. « 

BiRCHLEY (william). [A Discoursc of Conscience by an Independent.] 
8*. [Title wanting.] 

Bird (c. s.). A Funeral Sermon on Samuel Hunter, Esq. 8° Lond. 
1834. « 

Bird (henry merttins). Proposals for paying off the whole of the 
present national Debt, and for reducing Taxes immediately. 8° Lond. 

Birds. The Book of Birds. W Lond. 1834. « 

BiSBE Y ViDAL (fructuoso). Tratado de las Comedias en el qual se 
declara si son licitas. Va aiiadido im Sermon de las mascaras, y 
otros entretenimientos predicado por Diego Perez. 8^ Barcelona, 1618. 

BisH (thomas). a Plea for Ireland ; submitting the outline of a pro- 
position for holding the court and parliament, at occasional intervals, 
in Dublin. 8« Lond. [1834.] « 

Bishop. The Character of a primitive Bishop, in a Letter to a Non- 
Juror. By a Presbyter of the Church of England. 8° Lond. 1714. 

Bishops. An Address to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Bishops, 
on their late Petition. 8® Lond. 1688. 

An Answer to a Paper importing a Petition of the Arch- 
bishop of Canterbury, and six other Bishops, to his Majesty, touching 
their not publishing the late Declaration for Liberty of Conscience. 
4^ Lond. 1688. 

The Examination of the Bishops^ upon their Refusal of read- 

ing his Majesty's Declaration, and the Non-concurrence of the Church 
of England^ in Repeal of the Penal Laws and Test, ftilly debated. 
4fi Lond. less. 

— — A Breviate for the Bishops, in Vindication of the Proceedings 

of the House of Commons, for the settlement of the Throne. 4® Lond^ 



Bishops. The Report vindicated from Misreports ; being a defence of 
the bishops, as well as of the lower house of convocation. 8° Lond. 

The Translation of Bishops. 8® Zonrf. 1834. ♦ 

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Historica, per aliquot septennia digesta. [4 Tom.] 8° Ambergos^ 
1675, 6. 

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Libri VI. Continuatore Thoma Gomez, fol. Lugd, 1662. 

Blackall (offspring), Bp, of Exeter. A Sermon on her Majesty's 
Accession. 8° Land. 1709. 

A Letter to a Friend ; occa- 
sioned by the contest between the Bishop of Exeter, and Mr. Hoadly. 
8«Zonrf. 1709. 

Blackburn (e. l.). An Account of Crosby Place, London. 8^ Lond. 
1834. « 

Blacker (williah). An Essay on the Improvement to be made in the 
Cultivation of small Farms by the Introduction of green Crops and 
housefeeding the Stock thereon. 12^ DubL [1834.] « 

Black Hawk. Life of Ma-ka-tai-me-she-kia-kiak, or Black Hawk. 
Dictated by himself. — J. B. Patterson, Editor. 12° Boston, U.S., 1834. 

Black Watch. The Black Watch ; 3 Vol. 12» Lond. 1834. « 

Blagden (charles). Experiments and Observations in an heated 
Room. 4«Zonrf. 1775. 

— Some Observations on ancient Inks, with the 

Proposal of a new Method of recovering the legibility of decayed 
Writings. 4«[1787]. 

Blair (adah). History of the Waldenses ; 2 Vol. 8° Edinh. 1833. « 

Blaket (robert). An Essay towards an easy System of Logic. 12° 
Lond. 1834. « 

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erga bruta. 4° Jence, 1 740. 

Bleik, ( — ) Baron. Theorie des Vibrations et son application a divers 
Phenom^nes de Physique. 8° Par. 1 831 . % 

Blioh (richard). Bellum Agrarium. A foreview of the winter of 
1835 ; suggested by the poor law project. 8° Lond. 1834. % 

' New Reports of Cases heard in the House of Lords, 

on Appeals and Writs of Error ; and decided during the Session 1830 ; 
Vol. V. 8° Lond. 1834. « 

Blohefield (francis). The History of Thetford in the Counties of 
Norfolk and Suffolk. 4° Fersfield, 1739. [With MS. notes.] 



Blomfield (c. J.), Bp, of London, A Charge. 8^ Lend. 1834. ♦ 


The Uses of a standing Ministry, 

and an Established Church. Two sermons. 8°Zoml. 1834. % 

Blomfield (oeoroe becuer). An Ordination Sermon. 8° Chester, 
1834. ' ♦ 

Bloomsbury. Plan of the Parishes or Division of St. Giles in the 
Fields, and St. George, Bloomsbury. Lond, 1815. s, sh. Presented 
by Sir Henry Ellis, 

Bloxam (william). Illustrations of the surgical Anatomy of Inguinal 
and Femoral Hernia, fol. Lond, 1833. 

Bloxham (mark). Paradise Regained ; an unfinished poem. Minor 
poems. The Bard; a poem. 12^ Zoncf. 1834. 

Blume (friedrich). Iter Italicum ; 3 Band. 8*^ Berlin und Stettin- 
Halle, 1824-30. 

Blumenthal ( — ), Madame de. The Life of General de Zieten. 
Translated from the German, by the Rev. P. Beresford ; 2 Vol. 8® 
Berl. 1803. 

Blundell (james). The Principles and Practice of Obstetricy, as 
taught by him. With notes by Thomas Castle, M.D. 8^ Lond 
1834. ♦ 

Blunt (henry). Two Discourses upon the Trial of the Spirits. 12^ 
Lond. 1833. « 

An Ordination Sermon. 12* Lond 1834. 

' Lectures upon the History of our Lord and Saviour 

Jesus Christ; Pt. i. 12^ Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Blunt (leonard). Asse upon Asse : being a collection of several pam- 
phlets written for and against the author of the Asses Complaint 
against Balaam. 8^ Lond. 

Boardman (thomas). a Dictionary of the Veterinary Art. 4° Lond. 

BoASE (henry s.). a Treatise on Primary Geology. 8° Lond. 

1834. ♦ 

Boccaccio (GIOVANNI ). Opere Volgari ; Vol. i-xiv. 8** jFir. 1827-33. 

La Caccia di Diana, Poemetto ora per la prima 

volta pubblicato per cura di I. Moutier. 8** Firenze, 1832. 

BoccALiNi (trajano). Discursos politicos^ y Avisos del Pamaso. Tra- 
duxolos Fernando Peres de Sousa ; 2 Tom. 4*^ Madr. 1754. 

BoccHi (FRANCESCO QiROLAMo). Dissertazione sopra un antico Sigillo di 
Adria esis^nte nella citta di Veletri nel Museo Borgiano. 4P Adrid, 

BocK ( — de), Baron. Essai sur THistoire du Sabeisme. 12° Metz^ 


BocKH (august.). Uber die Versmasse des Pindaros. 8° Berlin^ 1809. 

BojANus (lud. hen.). Anitorae Testudinis Europeae. fol. Vilnce^ 

BoiLEAU (d.). a few Remtrks on Mr. Hayward's English Prose Trans- 
lation of Goethe's Faust. 8® Lond. 1 834. « 

BoisROBERT (FRANCOIS MBTEL de). Epftres en Vers et autres (Euvres 
poetiques. 8" Par. 1659. 

BoissAT (pierbe). Histoire des Chevaliers de TOrdre de S. Jean de 
Hierusalem. Augmentee par J. Baudoin. fol. Par. 1659. 

BoiviN (joAN.). Claudii Peleterii Regni Administri Vita, Petri Pithoei 
ejus Proavi Vitae adjuncta. 4° Par. 1716. 

BonriN ( — ), Madame, Veuve, and Duois (a.). A practical Treatise 
on the Diseases of the Uterus and its Appendages. Translated, 
with notes, by G. O. Heming. 8^ Lond. 1834. 

BoKE. A newe Boke. Cpnteyninge an exhortation to the sycke. 
The sycke man*s prayer. A prayer with thankes at the purification of 
women. A consolation at buriall. 8^ Ippysmiche, John Omen, 1548. 

BoLETN (anne). Lettre d*un Gentilhommc Portugais sur I'^xecution 
d*Anne Boleyn, Lord Rochford, Brereton, Norris, Smeton et Weston, 
publiee avec une Traduction Fran9aise, par Francisque Michel, accom- 
pagnee d*une Traduction Anglaise, par le Vicomte Strangford. 4® 
Par. 1832. 

Bolinobroke (hemrt). a Voyage to the Demerary, containing a sta- 
tistical account of the settlements there, and of those on the Esse- 
quebo, the Berbice, and other contiguous rivers . of Guyana. 4^ 

BoMBiNus (pAULUs). Vita et Martyrium Edraundi Carapiani. 8^ 
Mantua. [Deest titulus.] 

Bonaparte (charles lucien). American Cnmithology. fol. Philad. 

Bona VENTURA Sanctus. Regimen Conscientie, vel parvum bonum. 

[Epistola Sancti Methodii de regnis gentium. Tractatus de prepa- 

ratione ad missam Bonaventure.] 4" [^Colon* Typis Udahrici Zelt]. 
[Lit. Goth.] 

Forma Noviciorum. Hispan, fol. SevilL 

Meynardo ungut aleman, y StanisUw polono, 1497. 

Bond (c. r.). Truth's Triumph. A poem on the reformation. S* 
Lond. 1834. * 

Bond (thomas w.). Brief Memoirs of the Rev. John Saijant, late 
Missionary to the Mauritius^ with Extracts from his Journal. 12^ 
Lond. 1834. ♦ 

BoNicELLi (vincenzo). Discorso intorno il Calendaria S® Bergamo^ 



BoNiFAcius VIII., Papa. Liber sextus Decretalium dni Bonifacii Pape 
VIII. fbl. NurembergCt impensis Antonii KobergeTf 1486. 

BoNNiVARD (FRANCOIS de). Les Croniques de Geneve ; S Tom. 8^ 
Genh)€^ 1831. Presented by M. DunarU. 

Book. The Book of the UnTeiling : an exposition. With notes, l^ 
LoruL 1833. » 

Booth Cabraham). Works. With some account of his life and writings; 
3 Vol. 8» Land. 1813. 

Booth (dayid). The Art of Wine-making. With an appendix. 8^ 
Land. 1 834. ♦ 

Analytical Dictionary of the English Language ; Pt. v. 

4fi Land. 1834. ♦ 

Booth (robert), Archdeacon of Durham, Articles of Enquiry ; in his 
Visitation a.d. 171 [iic']. 4* Newcastle upon Tine. 

BooTHBY (charles). Addrcss on Confirmation. 16^ Lond. 1834. 

Boott (franci^). Memoir of the Life and medical Opini<His of 
John Armstrong, M.D. With an enquiry into the facts connected 
with those forms of fever attributed to malaria ; Vol. n. 8^ Lond. 
1834. » 

Bopp (fr.). Glossarium Sanscritum. 4° BeroL 1830. 

Bordeaux (cristofle de). Chambri^re a louer, k tout faire. 8® 
Rouen, Ahr, Cousturier. Rkimpr. Par, 1831. 

. Varlet a louer a tout faire. 8* Rouen, 

Ahr. Cousturier. Reimpr. Par. 1830. 

BoRDWiNE (joseph). Memoir of a proposed new System of permanent 
Fortification. 4» Zomi. 1834. « 

Borohini (raffaello). II Riposo; 3 Tom. 8'* Sienoy 1787. 

BoRGNis (j. A.). Traite Elenentaire de Construction appliquee k TAr- 
chitecture civile. 4» Par. 1823. 

Planches. 4*. 

Bos (lahbxrt). Grecian Antiquities translated ; with an appendix. By 
George Barber, B.A. 12^* Cambr. 1833. » 

Bobahquet (edwin). The Warnings and Examples of the past briefly 
considered in a Sermon. 8° Oxf. 1834. 

BosARTE (isiDORo). Dlsertaciou sobre los Monumentos antiguos perte- 
necientes a las nobles Artes de la Pintura^ Escultura, y Arquitectura, 
que se hallan en la ciudad de Barcelona. 8° Madr. 1786. 

BossuT (john). a general History of Mathematics. Translated by 
John Bonnycastle. 8^ Lond. 1803. 

Boston. Additional Observations to a short Narrative of the horrid 
Massacre in Boston, March 5th, 1770. 8® Boston, U.S. 1770. 


BO0WORTH (newton). The Accidents of human Life ; with hints for 
their prevention. 12* Zone/. 1834. 

Botany. Clavis Botanica. 16° Land. 1834. 

BoniA (antonio). £1 Defensor de los Reyes con la Pluma, y la Rason. 
Discurso politico. 4^ Madr, 1790. 

BdrrcHER (julius friedrich). Proben alttestamentlicher SchriRer- 
Uining nach wissenschafUicher Sprachforschung, mit kritischen Ver- 
suchen iiber bishen'ge Exegese und Beitragen zu Grammatik und 
Lexicon. 8° Leipz. ISSS. 

BoTURiNT Benaduci (lorenzo). Oratio ad Divinam Sapientiam, Aca- 
demise Valentinas Patronam. 4® Val. [1750.] 

BovERius (zACHAR.). Annalcs seu sacrae Historiss Ordinis Minorum 
S. Francisci qui Capucini nuncupantur; 2 Tom. fol. Lugd, 1632-9. 

BouiLLET (j. B.). Description historique et scientifique de la Haute- 
Anvergne (Departement du Cantal). 8° Par, 1834. 

Atlas. 8« Par. 1834. 

Bourse (thomas). A concise History of the Moors in Spain. 4° Land. 

Bourn (saicuel). An Answer to a Sermon preached by him. 8° Lond, 


■ A Letter to the Rev. Samuel Chandler, D.D.> con- 

cerning the Christian Doctrine of future Punishment. 8® Land. 1759. 

Bousmard ( de). Essai general de Fortification, et d'Attaque et 

Defense des Places; 4 Tom. 4° Par. an. xii. [1804.] 

Boussu (o. J. de). Histoire de la Ville d'Ath. 8® Mons, 1750. 

Bow. The Bow in the Cloud; or, the negro's memorial. 8® Lond. 
1834. ♦ 

Bowdler (thoicas). Sixteen Discourses on the liturgical Services of 
the Church of England. 12^^ Lond. 1834. * 

" Redeeming the Time ; " a Sermon. 8^ Lond. 

1834. ♦ 

Bower (Archibald). A faithful Account of Mr. A-ch-b-ld B-w-r*s 

Motives of leaving his Office of Secretary to the Court of Inquisition. 

Bowles (charles), and Hoare (sir richard colt). The History of 

modem Wiltshire. Hundred of Chalk, fol. Lond. 1833. Presented 

by Sir Richard CoU Hoare^ Bart. 

Bowles (w alter). A general History of Maidstone, in Kent 8^ Lond. 

Bowles (w. l.). A last and summary Answer to the Question, *^ Of 
what use have been, and are, the English Cathedral Establishments ? *' 
with a vindication of anthems and cathedral services ; in a letter to 
Lord Henley. 8'» Lond. 1833. ♦ 



BowRiNO (john). Minor Morals. 12** Lond. 1834. « 

BoTD (huoh stuart). The Fathers not Papists ; or, six discourses of 
fathers of the church ; with extracts from their writings. Translated 
from the Greek. S^ Lond, 1 834. « 

BoYDE (william), Earl of Kilmarnock, Account of his Apparition to 
the Rev. Mr. Foster. 8^ Lond, 1747. 

BoYL (cARLOs). Fives de Canesmas, olim de Arenos, El Marido Asi- 
gurado. Comedia famosa. 4". 

Boys (j. du). Schadelickheyt van de Cartesiaensche Philosophic; 4* 
Utrecht, 1656. 

Boys (t.). Helps to Hebrew. 8° Lond. * 

BoYSE (samuel). Deity; a poem. ^^ Lond. 1749. 

Brabamt. Die blijde Incomste, den Hertochdom van Brabant verleent; 
4* Cvel^en, 1566. 

Letteren van Verbande tusschen Brabant ende Vlaenderen 

int jaer 1339. 4P Delft, 1576. 

4° Ghendt, 1578. 

Bradbury (thomas). A Sermon preach'd Nov. 5, 1717. 8* Lond. 17l6. 

Braddock ( — ), Maj* Gen. The Expedition of Major General Brad- 
dock to Virginia. 8° Lond. 1755. 

Bradford (john). The Hurt of hearyng Masses. 16^ Lond. H. Kirk- 
ham, 1580. [Lit. Goth.] 

Bradford (samuel), Bp. of Rochester. A Letter to him, occasioned by 
his Sermon, entituled "The Nature of Christian Union, &c." 8^ 
Lond. 1718. 

Bradshaw (henry). The holy Lyfe and History of Sa3rnt Werburge. 
4". Richarde Pynson, 1521. [Lit. Goth.] [With a MS. note by 
Mr. Heber.] 

Brady (j. h.). A popular Dictionary of Parochial Law and Taxation. 
Revised by J. N. Mahon, Esq. 12^ Lond. 1834. « 

A Summary of the Stamp Duties. 12" Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Bragge (francis). Works; 5 Vol. 8^ Oxf IS3S. « 

Bramsen (john). a Guide to the German Language ; with an appendix. 
n^ Lond. 1834. « 

Branch (john). The Crisis of England ; her danger and remedy. 8** 
Eye, 1834. « 

Brand (william), Jun. An Essay on Moral Tuition. 8^ Lond. 
1834. • 

Brandy. A friendly Admonition to the Drinkers of Brandy, and other 
distilled spirituous Liquors. 8^ Lond. 1 734. 


Beannon (oeoroe). The Pleasure-Visitor's Companion in surveying 
the Isle of Wight 8« Wootton, hie of Wight, 1834. « 

Brathwayte ( Richard). Remains afler Death ; including by way of 
introduction divers memorable observances occasioned upon discourse 
of epitaphs and epy cedes. 8° Lond. John Beale, 1618. 

The Golden Fleece. Whereto be annexed 

two elegies^ entitled Narcissus Change, and ^sops Dotage. [And 
sonnets or madrigals.] 8° Lond, Printed by W. S. 1611. 

Beat ( — ), Mrs, Warleigh; or, the fatal oak. A legend of Devon; 
3 Vol. \^ Lmd, 1834. « 

Bread. A temperate Discussion of the Causes which have led to the 
present high Price of Bread. 8^^ Lond. 1800. 

Brebeuf (guillaume de). Entretiens solitaires ; ou pridres et medita- 
tions pieuses en vers Francois. 12° Par. 1670. 

Bredow (o. g.). Compendious View of universal History and Litera- 
ture, in a Series of Tables. With a table of painters, from the notes 
of Sir Matthew Van Bree. The whole translated, with alterations 
and additions, by Major James Bell. fol. Lond. 1833. « 

Brbithaupt (august.). Vollstandige Characteristik des Mineral-Sys- 
tem's. 8° Dresd. und Leipz. 1832. 

Breton (Nicholas). An olde Man's Lesson, and a young Man's Love. 
4^ Lond. Edward White, 1605. 

Sir Philip Sidney's Ourania^ that is, 

*' Endimions Song and Tragedie, 
Containing all Philosophie." 
4^ Lond. Ed.Allde, 1606. 

Brett (thomas). A Letter of Advice to him. 8® Lond. 1715. 

The divine Right of Episcopacy. 8* Lond. 1718, 

A Supplement to the Remarks on the Rev. Dr. 

Waterland's " Review of the Doctrine of the Eucharist" 8^ Lond. 

Breviarium Carmelitarum. 8^ Venet. Lucas Antonius de Gtunta, 1504. 
[Lit Goth.] 

Brewer (george). The Rights of the Poor considered ; with the causes 
and effects of monopoly, and a plan of remedy by means of a popular 
progressive excise. 8^ Lond, 1800. 

Brewster (james). Sermons on practical Subjects. 8® Edinb. 1833. ♦ 

Brewster (john). Reflections adapted to the holy Seasons of the 
Christian and Ecclesiastical Year. 12° Lond. 1834. « 


Beics (thomas). a compendious Register in Metre, conteining the 
names, and pacient suffiyngs of the membres of Jesus Christ, and the 
tormented^ and cruelly burned within Englande, since the death of our 
famous kyng, of immortall memory, Edwarde the Sixte. 16** Lond, 
Jhon Kyngstofif 1559. [Lit. Goth.] [A leaf wanting.] 

16» Lond. Simon Stafford, 1599. [Lit Goth.] 

Bridgens (r.). Sketches illustrative of the Manners and Costumes of 
France, Switzerland, and Italy. 4^ Lond. 1821. 

Bridges (charles). The Christian Ministry ; with an inquiry into the 
causes of its inefficiency ; with an especial reference to the ministry of 
the EsUblishment. 1 2^ Lond. 1830. ♦ 

Bristol. An Act for dividing the Parish of Saint Philip and Jacob, in 
the County of Gloucester, and in the City and County of Bristol, and 
for erecting a Church in the new-intended Parish. 1750-51. fol. 
Presented by the Rev. Thomas Crompton. 

Britain, Great. Abstracts of the Number and yearly Pay of the Land- 
forces of Horse, Foot, and Dragoons in Great Britain, for 1718. 4® 
! Lond. 1718. 

A Review of all that hath pass*d between the Courts 

of Great Britain and Spain, from 1721 to the present Convention. 8* 
Lond. 1739. 

■ Observations on the Conduct of Great Britain, in 

respect to Foreign Affairs. 8^ Lond. 1743. 

The Question, Whether Great Britain and Ireland can 

be otherwise than miserable under a popish King? considered. 8® 
Dubl. 1745. 

Case of Ghreat Britain and America. 8' Lond. 1769. 

Reflections on the domestic and foreign Policy of 

Great Britain since the War. By a British Merchant. 8® Lond. 
1833. « 

Britti (paolo). Gratiosissimo Dialogo fatto con Cate, e Checco. 8** 
Venetia, e Brescia. 

■ ■ Gratioso Dialogo fatto tra Betta, e Nane. 8® Venetia^ 

e Brescia, 1628. 

Nova Canzonetta nella qual s'intende come un povero 

forastiero fu trapolato da una Signora. 8^ Venetia, e Brescia, 1628. 

Canzonetta nuova, sopra il proverbio dimandato ma 

tardi. 8^ Venetia, e Brescia, 1628. 

Canzonetta nuova, nella qual s*intende una promissione 

fatta da un giovine di non voler mai piu innamorarsi in cortegiane. 8* 
Venetia, e Brescia, 1628. 


Bmim (pAOLo). Ridicoloso Dialogo £Ettto tra huomo et doniuu 8* 
Brescia, 1628. 

■ Le Allegrezze che fe le Cortesane per esser sonto el 

Carneval. 8® Venetia, e Brescia, 1628. 

Nuova Canzone tta fatta da un giovine innamorato in 

una Scaletera. 8* Fenetia, e Brescia, 1628. 

La nuova Canzonetta dove 8*intende un giovane inna- 

morato in una hortolana. 8° Brescia, 1628. 

— Romancina Canzonetta nuova. 8* Brescia^ 1628. 

Brixia. Statuta Merchancie Merchatorum Brixie et Districtos^ et 
cetera, fol. Brix. Thoma Ferrando auctore, 1473. 

Brocardo (giacopo). Upon the Revelation. 4^ [Lit Goth.] [Title 

Brochner (johannes). Idea Lexicographiae Novi Testament!. 8^ 
HaunuE, 1832. 

Brockedon (w.). Finden's Illustrations of the Life and Works of Lord 
Byron, with original information on the subjects of the engravings ; 
Vol. m. Af* Lond. 1834. « 

Brodie (b. c). Pathological and surgical Observations on the Diseases 
of the Joints. With alterations and additions. 8^ Lond. 1834. 

Brononiart (adolphe). Histoire des Vegetaux Fossiles ; Livrais. vm, ix. 
4^ Par. 1828. 

■ Tableau de la Distribution methodique des 

especes Minerales, suivie dans le Cours de Mineralogie fait au Museum 
d'Histoire Naturelle en 1833. 8° Par. 1833. 

Bronikowski (Alexander). The Court of Sigismnnd Augustus, or, 
Poland in the sixteenth century. Done into English by a Polish 
Refugee; 3 Vol. ISf" Land. ISS4. « 

Bronn (henr. oeoro.). De Formis Plantarum Leguminosarum primi- 
tivis et derivatis. 8» Heidelb. 1822. 

Brooke (charlotte). A Dialogue between a Lady and her Pupils, 
describing a Journey through England and Wales. Edited and en- 
larged by the Rev. John Evans, A.M. 12® Lond. 1812. 

Brooke (zachart). Defensio Miraculomm; quse in Ecclesia Christiana 
facta esse perhibentur post tempora Apostolorum. 4® Cantabr. 1748. 

Brosset ( — ), Jeune. Documens originaux sur les Relations diploma- 
tiques de la Georgie avec la France vers la fin du Regne de Louis XIV. 
S^ Paris, 1832. Presented by M. MomnerquS. 

Brothers. A modest and impartial Reply to a Pamphlet, entituled, ** A 
second Series of Facts and Arguments ; tending to prove that the 
abilities of the two B r a are not more extraordinary than theis 
virtues." S^ Lond. 1749. 


Brotons (francisco). a la Elevacion al Trono de Fernando Scptimo. 
Oda. 4» [1808.] 

BaouERius VAN NiDEK (mattheus). Het Zegenpralent Kennemerlant ; 
2 Deel. fol. Amst. 

Brougham (henrt), Lord Brougham and Faux. A Refutation of so 
much of the Calumniett against the Lord Chancellor (Lord Brougham) 
contained in the last Number of the Quarterly Review in an Article 
upon the Pamphlet entitled " The Reform Ministry and the Reformed 
Parliament," as relates to the Appointment of Mr. James Brougham 
to the Offices of Clerk of Patents and Registrar of Affidavits. [By 
C. P. Cooper, Esq.] 8® Lond. 1833. Presented anonymously. 

— ^— — ^— ^— 3d edition. Presented anonymously, 

8" Lond. 1834. Presented anonymously. 

Brougham (stephen). On Cholera. A treatise practical and theo- 
retical. 8® Lond. 1834. « 

Broughton ( — ). A Vindication of lawful Authority; wherein Dr. 
Broughton's grand Apostacy is considered. [By George Smith.] 8* 

Broughton (brian). Copse-Grove Hill ; with other poems. 4^ Lond. 

Brower (p. van limburg). Etat de la Civilisation morale et religieuse 
des Grecs. . Premiere partie contenant les si^cles heroiques ; Tom. i. 
S^ Groningen^ 1833. 

Brown (c. j.). Church Establishments defended, with special reference 
to the Church of Scotland, li^ Glasg. 1833. « 

Brown (j.). Mathematical Tables. Improved and enlarged by the 
Rev. J. Wallace. 8» Edinb., Lond. 1830. « 

Brown (john). A Sermon for the Hospital at Bath. 8® Lond. 1752. 

Brown (john). Letter to the Rev. Dr. Chalmers^ on the Extent 
of the Powers which ought to be vested in the People, in the Election 
of Ministers. 8<> Edinb. 1833. « 

Brown (j. l.). Ten Discourses on the present and future Condition of 
the Church, in connection with the appearing of bur Lord. 129 Lond. 
1834. « 

Brown (m. p.). Supplement to [Morison's] Dictionary of the Decisions 
of the Court of Session ; 5 Vol. 4^' Edinb. 1826. 

Brown (robert). Vermischte Botanische Schriflen. In Verbindung 
mit einigen Freunden ins Deutsche iibersetzt und mit Anmerkungen 
versehen von Dr. C. G. Nees von Esenbeck ; 5 Band. 8^ ScJvmaU 
kalden, Leipzig^ Nurnberg^ 1825-34. 

Brown (thomas), Captain, The Taxidermist's Manual ; or the art of 
preserving objects of Natural History. 12^ Glasg. 1833. % 

. , .The Conchologist's Text-book, 12** Glasg. 

1833. • 


Brown (thomas). The Zoologist's Text-book; 2 Vol. 12® Glasg. 

1833. « 

The Book of Butterflies, Sphinges, and Moths; 

Vol. III. 12° Lond. 1834. « 

Brown (william). The History of the Propagation of Christianity 
among the Heathen since the Reformation; 2 Vol. 8® Lond. 1814. 

Browne (j. h.), Archdeacon of Ely. A Charge. 8* Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Browne (tho. gunter). Hermes unmasked. With an answer to 
Dr. Vincent's hypothesis of the Greek verb. 12° Lond. 1795. 

Browning (g.). The Domestic and Financial Condition of Great Bri- 
tain ; preceded by a brief sketch of her foreign policy. 8® Lond. 

1834. « 

Brunet (jacq. oh.). Nouvelles Recherches Bibliographiques, pour 
servir de Supplement au Manuel du Libraire ; 3 Tom. 8** Pan$t 1834. 

Notice sur les differentes Editions des Heures 

Gothiques, omees de gravures, imprimees a Paris a la fin du quinzieme 
siecle et au commencement du seizieme. 8° Par. 1834. 

Brunetti (filippo). Codice Diplomatico Toscano; Tom. i. 2 Parti. 
4« Fit. 1806. 

Bruno S.y Episcopus Signensis. Commentarius in IV. Evangelia; 2 Tom. 
8° Ronue, 1775. 

Brutus (jacobus). Corona Aurea. 4° Ven. Per Joannem de TricUno, 
aUa$ Tacuinum, 1496. 

Bruxelles. Six Jours a Bruxelles. 16^ ^rux. 1834. Presented by Sir 
Henry ElUs. 

Bryan (jahes butler). A practical View of Ireland, from the Period 
of the Union, with plans for the relief of her poor and the improve- 
ment of her municipal organization. 12° Dubl. 183]. 

Brydoes (Sir samuel egerton). Imaginative Biography; 2 Vol. 12^ 
Lond. 1834. « 

The Autobiography, Times, Opinions, and 

Contemporaries of Sir Egerton Brydges, Bart., per legem terrse 
Baron Chandos of Sudeley, &c.; 2 Vol. S^ Lond. 1834. « 

Brydges (Sir habford jones). An Account of the Transactions of his 
Majesty's Mission to the Court of Persia, in the Years 1807-11. With 
a brief history of the Wahaubi ; 2 Vol. 8'' Lond. 1 834. « 

Brzozowski (marie). La Guerre de Pologne en 1831. 8° Leipzig, 1833. 

Bubbles from the Brunnens of Nassau, by an old man. 8^ Lond, 

Buciian (wilson). Every Family's domestic Medicine Book; edited, 
with addenda, by Felix Cline. 12° Lond. 1834. « 

Buchanan (oeoroe). Jephtes, ein christlich Tragoedia, aus dem Lat. 
iibers. durch Hermannum Nicephorum. 8" Braunschweig, 1 604. 



Buchanan (oeorge). A Detection of the Actions of Mary, Queen of 
Scots. Translated. 4'^ Lond. 1 689. 

Buck (oeo.). The great Plantagenet. 4° Lond. 1635. 

BucKSTONE (jouN BALDWIN). Married Life ; a comedy, in three acts. 

12^ Zoiuf. 1834. « 
Strangers Edition of his Dramas ; 

No. i-vi. 12° Zonrf. 1834. « 

BucoLicA. Bucoliche elegantissimamente composte da Bernardo Pulci 
Fiorentino, et da Francesco de Arsochi Senese et da Hieronymo Beni- 
vieni Fiorentino et da Jacopo Fiorino de Boninsegni Senese. 8° Fir, 
Antonio Mischomini^ 1494. 

BucQUOY (jean albert d'archambaud), Comte de. The Bait of Europe; 
or, the Duke of Anjou*s renunciation. Made English by Mr. Justice. 
^'^ Lond. 1713. 

BuDD (henry). Helps for the Nursery; or, baptismal education. 
[Pt. i-ix.] IS** Lond. 1832. ♦ 

BuDDENs (j. F.)> PrcBs. Disscrtatio historico-theologica de Anima Sede 
Peccati originali. Resp. J. G. Derling. 4° Jence, 1725. 

BuDDicoM (r. p.). Emmanuel on the Cross and in the Garden. A course 
of Sermons. 8^ Lond, 1833. « 

BuFFA (john). Travels through the Empire of Morocco. 8^ Lond. 

BuFFON (o. L. LE CLERc), Comtc de. Suites a Bufibn. [Ilistoire natu- 

relle des Crustaces. Par M. Milne Edwards; Tom. i.] 8° Par. 1834. 

. Planches ; Livrais. i. 8° Par, 

. Suites a Bufibn. [Histoire natu- 

relle des Insectes. Dipteres. Par M. Macquart. Tom. i.] 8** Par. 1834. 
• Planches ; Livrais. i. 8° Par. 

— — Suites a Buffon. [Introduction a 

TEntomologie, par M. Th. Lacordaire ; Tom. i.] 8° Par. 1834. 

__^- — _ Planches; Livrais. i. 8® Par, 

BuGO (francis). a Reply to a Book, entituled, " A Defence of an 
Apology for the Quakers." Pt. in. 8° [1699.] [Title wanting.] 

A brief Reply to George Whitehead's " Rambling 

Pilgrim." 8" Lond. 1 700. 

William Penn, the pretended Quaker, discovered to 

hold a Correspondence with the Jesuites at Rome. Witli a Winding- 
sheet for Ann Dockwra. 8° [1700.] 

News from new Rome. 8° Lond. 1701. 

A seasonable Caveat against the Prevalency of Qua- 

kerism. S"" Lond. 1701. 

Distinct Advice, on two different Heads, given to the 

People caird Quakers. 8« Lond. 1702. 


BuGo (francis). The Quaker*s Charm discover'd. 8" Lond, 1702. 

Quakerism deeply wounded, and now lies a bleeding 

in Sleeford and Colchester. 8° Lond. 1 702. 

Vox Populi : or, a cloud of witnesses, proving the 

leading Quakers great impostors. 8° Lond. 1702. 

A Narrative of the Conference at Sleeford in Lincoln- 

shire, between Francis Bugg and Henry Pickworth. 8® Lond, 1702. 

A brief Reply to the Quakers* Book, falsely call'd, 

" Vindiciffi Veritatis." 8« Lond. 1703. 

Quakerism drooping, and its Cause sinking. Also, a 

reply to the Quakers' apology, why they refused to meet Francis Bugg: 
by Ben. Loveling, M.A. 8° Lond. 1703. 

A Bomb thrown amongst the Quakers in Norwich. 8® 

Norwich, 1703. 

Quakerism farther expos*d. 8* Lond, 1713. 

A clean Sheet to preserve my " Picture of Quaker- 

ism, &c." 8" 1721. 

BuLFiNcii (s. oreenleaf). Contemplations of the Saviour. \ 2^ Lond. 
1833. « 

BuLLE GouDE. Goude Bulle door Keizer Karel IV, nevens een Kort 
Begrip van het hedendaagsche Duitsche Ryk. 4^ Rotterdam, 1711. 

Bulletin. Bulletins of State Intelligence, &c., 1833. 8^ Lond. Pre- 
sented by the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, 

Bullingerus (iieinr.). Utriusque in Christo Natursc tarn divinae quam 
humanse, Assertio orthodoxa. 8" Tiguri, 1534. 

. In Acta Apostolorum Commentariorum Libri vi. 

fol. Tiguri, 1583. 

Bullokar (john). a true Description of the Passion of our Saviour 
Jesus Christ; in English meetre. 16° Lond, 1622. 

Bulwer (e. l.). a Letter to a late Cabinet Minister on the present 
Crisis. 8''/.oiuf. 1834. « 

What have the Whigs done? or, an answer to Mr. 

E. L. Bulwer's letter on the " Present Crisis." 8° Lond. 1 834. « 

Tories, Whigs, and Radicals. Thoughts on the pre- 

sent state of affairs; in answer to a letter by E. L. Bulwer, Esq., M.P. 
S^ Lond. 1 834. « 

The last Days of Pompeii; 3 Vol. 8^ Lond. 

1834. « 

The Pilgrims of the Rhine. 8° Lo?id, 1834. « 

Bulwer (ii. l.). France, social, literary, political; 2 Vol. 12* Lond* 
1834. « 

I 2 


BiJKEMANNus (aug. rud. ies.), SetiioT, Schediasma de Sancto Sigevino, 
Coloniensium xlvi Archiepiscopo. 4° Hanov, 1750, 

BuNN (thomas). a Letter relative to the Affairs of the Poor of the 
Parish of Frome Selwood, in Somersetshire. With notes and an 
appendix. 8° FramCy 1834. ♦ 

BuRCHARDT (o. c). Oeschichte und Institutionen dcs Romischen Rechts. 
S^ Kiel, Altona, 1834. 

BuRCKHARD (jAcoBUs). De LingusB Latins in Gennania per xvii Saecula 
amplius Fatis. 8^ Hanov, 1713. 

BuRDER (samuel). Oriental Customs. Enlarged; 2 Vol. 8^ Land. 1822. 

BuREAUD RioFRET (a. m.). Essai sur la Leucorrhce, et les Causes di- 
verses qui la produisent. 12° Londr. 1834. Presented by the Autlior, 

Buret de Longchamps ( — ). Les Pastes Universels, ou, Tableaux 
historiques, chronologiques, et geographiques. obi. fol. Brux, 1822. 

BiJROER (gottfr. AUG.). Sammtliche Schriflen, herausgegeben von Karl 
Reinhard; Band i, ii und iii, Theil i. 8" Gotting. 1796, 7. 

Burgess (daniel). The Craflsmen ; a sermon, intended to be preached 
by Daniel Burgess, but prevented by the burning of his meeting-house. 
8« Lond. 1720. 

Burgess (thomas), Bp, of Salisbury. The Bible, and nothing but the 
Bible, the Religion of the Church of England. 8° Carmarthen, 1815. 

■ Christian Theocracy. In a 

second letter to Mrs. Joanna Baillie. 8° Salisb, 1 834. * 

Burgo (thomas de). Officia propria Sanctorum Hibernias. 12® Dubl, 

Burgos. Real Cedula de Confirmacion, y nuevas Ordenanzas del Con- 
sulado, Universidad, y Casa de Contratacion de la Ciudad de Burgos, 
Cabeza de Castilla, y Camara de S. M. fol. Madr, 1706. 

Burke (edmund), Right Hon, Works. With a biographical and criti- 
cal introduction ; 2 Vol. 8*^ Lond. 1834. « 

Burke (joun). The Portrait Gallery of distinguished Females. With 
memoirs ; Vol. ii. 4^ Lond'. 1833. ♦ 

— ^— ^-^— ^ A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Commoners 
of Great Britain and Ireland ; Vol. ii. 8" Lond. 1835. « 

BuRNES (ALEX.). Travcls into Bokhara ; also, narrative of a voyage 
on the Indus, in 1831-3 ; 3 Vol. 8° Lond, 1834. * 

Burnet (gilbert), Bp. of Salisbury. The Citation of Gilbert Burnet, 
D.D., to answer in Scotland for High Treason: with his answer. 
4'» 1687. 

The Case of Compulsion in mat- 
ters of religion stated. S** Lond, 1 688. 


Burnet (gilbert), Bp. of Salisbury, The good old Cause; or, lying 
in truth, being a second defence of the Bishop of Sarum, and also 
the dissection of a sermon it is said he preached. 4° LoruL 1710. 

• A Collection of Speeches, Pre- 
faces, Letters, &c., with a description of Geneva and Holland. 8* 
Lond. 1713. 

Conclusion of his History of his 

own Life and Times. 8° Lond. 1734. 

Burnet (gilbert). An Answer to Mr. Law's Letter to the Bishop of 
Bangor. S^ Lond. 1717. 

A Discourse on Hebrews, i. 6. S^ Lond. 1719. 

Burnet (james), Lord Afonboddo, Antient Metaphysics ; Vol. vi. 4* 
Edinb. 1799. 

Burnet (thoicas). A true Account of his Life and Writings. [By 
George Sewell ?] 8^ Lond. 1715. 

Burnett (g. t.). A Lecture. (Introductory to a botanical course.) 8^ 
Lond. 1832. Presented by the Author. 

A Lecture. (Introductory to the second course.) 8* 

Lond. 1832. Presented by the Author. 

Burnett (thohas). The Scripture Doctrine of the Redemption of the 
World by Christ intelligibly explained. 8° Lond. 1737. 

BuRNEY (ciiARLEs). Account of an infant Musician. 4® Lond. 1779. 

BuRNEY (ciiARLEs). An Account of the Musical Performances in West- 
minster Abbey and the Pantheon, in 1784, in commemoration of 
Handel ; with a notice of the forthcoming royal musical festival of 
1834. 8"^ Lond. 1834. « 

Burrow (james). An Essay on the Use of Pointing, and the facility of 
practising it. 4^ Lond. 1770. 

Burton (edward). Thoughts on the Separation of Church and State. 
8^ Lond. 1834. * 

Bury (Lady charlotte). The three great Sanctuaries of Tuscany, 
Valombrosa, Camaldoli, Laverna : a poem. fol. Lond, 1833. * 

Bury (jacob). Advice to the Commons within all his Majesties realms 
and dominions. 4° Lond. 1685. 

Burying. The Sanctuary undefiled : or, considerations on the indecent 
and dangerous custom of burying in churches and church-yards. By 
D. G. 8'' Lond, 1721. 

Bury St. Edmund's. A Guide to the Town, Abbey, and Antiquities of 
Bury St. Edmund's. 8« Ipswich, 1821. 

Busby (james). Journal of a recent Visit to the principal Vineyards of 
Spain and France. With observations relative to the introduction of 
the vine into New South Wales. 12<* Lond. 1834. * 


BuscATOLO ( — de), Marques. [Su Memorial.] fol. 

BuscHius (hermannus). De saluberrimo fructuosissimoque dive vir- 
ginis Marie Psalterio tn'plex Hecatosticon, cum quibusdam aliis Car- 
minibus. Divi Cipriani de ligno salutifcre crucis carmen heroicum. 
Claudiani invocatio ad Christum pro Theodosio Cesare Augusto. 4® 
[Lit. Goth.] 

BusHNAN (j. stevenson). The History of a Case in which Animals 
were found in Blood drawn from the Veins of a Boy, with re- 
marks. 8^ Lond. 1833. » 

Introduction to the Study of Nature ; illustra- 
tive of the attributes of the Almighty, as displayed in the creation. 
S^ Lond. 1834. « 

Busk (hans). The Lay of Life^ a poem. 8^ Zone/. 1834. # 

Bustard (john). The Favourite humbled and exalted. 24® Lond, 
1834. « 

Butler (jos.), Bp. of Durham, The principal Parts of his " Analogy of 
Religion " ; abridged by the Rev. Francis Wrangham. 8® 1 820. 

Butler (samuel), Archdeacon of Derby. A Charge. 4* Lond. 1834. « 

Buttmann (Augustus). De Dicsearcho, ej usque Operibus, quee inscri- 
buntur Btof '£XXa^o( et *Amy^a^rt *£XXa^o;. 4° Numburgi. 

Buttmann (philip). Mythologus oder gesammelte Abhandlungen iiber 
die Sagen des Alterthums; 2 Tom. 8® BerL 1828, 9. 

Btass (william). a Fast Sermon. 8" Lond. 1756. 

Btfield (richard). a short Treatise, describing the true Church of 
Christ ; and the evills of schisme, anabaptism, and libertinism. De- 
livered in two sermons. 4® Lond. 1653. 

Btles (j. b.). a practical Treatise of the Law of Bills of Exchange ; 
with an appendix. Enlarged. 12*^ Lond, 1834. « 

Btrom (john). His System of Short-Hand made easy, by Robert Rofie. 
16"^ Lond, \S33. « 

Btron (g. Gordon), Lord, Byroniana. With the parish clerk's Album 
kept at his burial place. 12^ Lond. 1834. # 

Bythewood (w. m.). a Selection of Precedents, from the best modem 
MS. Collections, and Drafts of actual Practice ; with general common 
forms and variations adapted to circumstances, forming a system of 
conveyancing ; continued by Thomas Jarman, Esq. ; Vol. ix. 8® Lond, 
1833. « 

Caballero y Gongora (antonio). Oracion Panegyrica, a la Dedicacion 
de la Iglesia en la ciudad de San Fernando. 4° Madr, 1750. 

Cabarrus ( — ), Conde de. Carta a los Diputados generales de la Pro- 
vincia de Guipuzcoa. fol. Vttoria^ 1 808. 


Cabassutius (joannes). Notitia Ecclesiastica Historiarum, Conciliorum 
et Canonum invicem collatorum, veterumquc juxta ac recentiorum 
Ecclesiae Rituum, secundum cuj usque saeculi seriem, digesta. fol. 
Lugduni, 1702. 

Cabinet. The Parents* Cabinet of Amusement and Instruction. 12^ 
Lond. 1833. « 

12" Lond. 

1834. « 

Cadogan (w.). An Essay upon Nursing. 8** Lond. 1752. 

CiESAR (c. J.). His Invasion of Great Britain ; from the Commentaries. 
With a literal translation and notes. 12" Lond. 1827. ♦ 

Calabria. [Carte e Vedute della Calabria ulteriore.] fol. 

Calbo (baltasar). Manifiesto de la Causa formada por el Sefior 
D. Joseph Maria Manescau, Alcalde del Crimen de la Real Audiencia 
de Valencia, por comision de la Junta Suprema de Gobierno, contro el 
Canonigo de S. Isidro Don Baltasar Calbo. 4" Valencia^ 1808. 

Calcaoni (m.). De' Re di Siracusa Finzia e Liparo non ricordati dalle 
stone riconosciuti ora con le monete ; 2 Tom. 4" Palermo^ 1808^ 9. 

Calcott (john wall). Grammar of Music. 12" Lond. # 

Caldera de Heredia (gaspar). Vista, Visita, y Reconocimiento del 
cuerpo del venerable Siervo de Dios, el Rey Don Fernando el Santo, 
fol. ISeviUa, 1668.] 

Calderon de la Barca (pedro). Mejor Esta que Estaba. Comedia. 
4" Semlh. 

— El Jardin de Falerina. Comedia. 4". 

Dicha, y Desdicha del Nombre. 

Comedia. 4". 

media. 4" Semlla. 

media famosa. 4". 

es cierto. 4". 

Vozes. 4". 

Amor y Fortuna. 4". 

De ima tausa dos Efectos. Co- 
Amar despues de la Muerte. Co- 
Comedia famosa. De nunca lo Peor 
Comedia famosa. Del Secreto a 
Comedia famosa. De los Lances de 
El Garrote mas bien dado. Co- 

media famosa. 4". 

— Comedia famosa. El Golfo dc laif 

^irenas. Egloga Piscatoria. 4". 



Calderon de la Baeca (pedro). £1 Impossible mas facil. Comediar 
famosa. 4^ 

-^^— — — La Critica del Amor. Coroedia 

famosa. 4®. 

famosa. 4". 

famosa. 4**. 

Otorga. 4^ 

mosa. 4°. 

Comedia famosa. 4'. 

La Desdicha de la Voz. Comedia 

La Dicha del Retraydo. Comedia 
La gran Comedia. Quien Calla 
L^ Vida es Sueno. Comedia fa- 
Tambien ay Duelo en las Damas. 

Venganzas. 4°. 

media. 4°. 

famosa. 4°. 

4** Barcelona, 1763. 

4» BarceL 1764. 

Comedia famosa. Un Castigo en tres 

No ay Burlas con el Amor. Co- 

Zelos no ofenden al Sol. Comedia 

Comedia famosa. La gran Cenobia. 

Comedia famosa. La Hija del Ayre ; 

Comedia famosa. Las Armas de 

Comedia famosa. Los Empefios de 

un Plumage, y Origen de los Guevaras. 4* Valencia, 1782. 

Calderon (rodrioo). Para que haya de executar la Sentencia de Mu- 
erte, a que esta condenado Don Rodrigo Calderon. fol. [Cum notis 


Memorial a su Magestad del Rey Felipe III. fol. 

Calendar. A perpetual Calendar. [A card.] # 

The Cambridge University Calendar for 1834. 8* Camb. « 

Companion to the Calendars for 1834. \Z^ Land. 1834. « 

The Oxford University Calendar for 1834. 8° Oxf. « 

2 Partes. 4<^ Barcelona, 1763. 

la Hermosura. 4® BarceL 1766. 

— The Calendar of Nature ; or, natural history of the year. 

IS^^ZonJ. 1834. « 

The St. David'g College Calendar for 1834. 12" Llando- 
very, 1834. 4^ 


Callcott (WILLIAM HUTCHiKs). A Vocal pronouncing Primer. 4* 
Land, # 

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il Guercino. 4P Bologna, 1808. 

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et prsefatus est A. Tholuck ; Vol. iii, iv. 8® BeroL 1833. 

Cambresier (r. h. j.). Dictionnaire Walon-Franfois. 8° Liege, 1787. 

Cambrian Hero, or, Llewelyn the Great : an historical tragedy. 4° 

Cambridge. An humble Representation of the State of Trinity College 
in Cambridge. 8° Lond, 

■ Supplement to a Collection of Cambridge Mathematical 

Papers; Pts. i, ii. 8^ Cambr. 1832, 3. « 

The Cambridge Petition examined; or, reasons against 

admitting the Dissenters to graduate in the Universities. 8® Lond, 
1834. « 

Cambridge (richard owen). The Intruder, in imitation of Horace, Sat 
B. I. 9. 4« Lond. 1754. 

Camerarius (joachimus). De vita Philippi Melanchthonis narratio; 
recensuit^ notas, documenta, bibliothecam librorum Melanchthonis 
aliaque addidit G. Theodor. Strobelius. 8" Hake, 1777. 

Cameron (c. h.). Two Reports on the Poor Laws^ by C. H. Cameron, 
John Wrottesley, and J. W. Cowell, Esquires. With a letter from 
Count Arrivabene, on the management of the poor in Belgium. 8^ 
Zone/. 1834. « 

Camoes (luis dx). Comedia dos Enfatrioes. 4® Lisboa, 1615. 

Campana (cesare). Vita di Filippo secondo d* Austria; 4 Parti. 4* 
Vicenza, 1605. 

Campbell (Alexander). A Chain of Philosophical Reasoning ; being 
an attempt to demonstrate the necessary existence of a Supreme Being, 
both from nature and reason. 8^ Lond, 1754. 

Campbell (a. b.). A Sermon in aid of the Society for the building and 
repairing of Churches and Chapels. 8^ Birmingham^ 1834. ♦ 

Campbell (charles). Conversations with a Ranter. 12? Swaffham^ 
1834. « 

Campbell (james t.). A Letter to John Bird Sumner, Bishop of 
Chester. 8« Lond, 1832. « 

Campbell (john). Journal of Travels in South Africa; among the 
Hottentot and other tribes; in 1812, 1813, and 1814. 12^ Lond. 
1834. « 

Campbell (thomas). Life of Mrs. Siddons ; 2 Vol. 8° Lond, 1834. « 



Camus (arm. gast.) et Dupin (a. m. j. j.). Profession d'Avocat. Recueil 
de Pieces concernant Texercice de cette profession, et Bibliotheque 
choisie des Livres de Droit; 2 Tom. 8^ Par. 1832. 

Cancer (geronimo). La Adultera Penitente. Comedia. De tres In- 
gcniosy Cancer, Moreto, y Matos. 4^ 

Obras varias. 4i^ Mad. 1651. 

Canina (luigi). L'Architettura antica descritta e dimostrata coi monu- 
menti. Sezione ii. Architettura Greca ; Fascic. 1-5. Sezione in. 
Architettura Romana ; Fascic. 1-8. fol. Roma^ 1831S-4. 

Canizares (JOSEPH de). El Sacrificio de Yfigenia. Tragedia. 4'' Bar- 

Yo me entiendo, y Dios me entiende. Comedia. 

4" Barcelona. 

Comedia nueva. El falso Nuncio de Portugal. 

4» Valencia, 1764. 

Canning (Elizabeth). A complete Answer to the Clergyman's Letter 

to the Earl of concerning the affair of Elizabeth Canning. By 

a wild Indian. 8° Lond. 1753. 

Canning's Magazine ; or, a review of the evi- 

dence for or against Elizabeth Canning and Mary Squires. 8^ Lond. 

Canning (georoe). An Appeal to the Publick, from the malicious 
misrepresentations of the anonymous fabricators of the Critical Re- 
view. 8» Lond, 1767. 

-* — A Letter to Wills, Earl of Hillsborough, on the 

Connection between Great Britain and her American Colonies. 8^ ^ 
Lond. 1768. 

Canones. A. T. Canones Apostolici, additis Scholiis Job. Baltasaris 
Bernholdi. 8^ Altorph. 1733. 

Cantatrice. La Cantatrice per Disgrazia, osia le Aventure della 
Marchese N. N. scritte da lei medesima [da Pietro Chiari] ; 2 Tom. 
8« Ven. 1762. 

Canterbury. The Canterbury Guide. W Canterb. [1833.] « 

Capello (daniel). La Canzone del No N6, con altre Ottave Ciciliane. 
Date alia stampa da Daniel Capello. 8^ Verona, e Brescia, 1627. 

Capilupus (ueuus). Cento Vergilianus, de Vita Monachorum. 8** Vi- 
temb. 1545. 

Capmartin Chaupy (bertrand). Decouverte de la Maison de Cam* 
pagne d'Horace ; 3 Tom. 8® Rome, 1767-9. 

Cappe (newcome). Discourses on the Providence and Government of 
God. 8° Lond. 1 795. 


Cappe (newcome). Critical Remarks on Passages of Scripture, with 
Dissertations on the Phraseology and Doctrine of the New Testament. 
With his Life, by Catharine Cappe ; 2 Vol. 8« York, 1802. 

— A connected History of the Life of Jesus Christ, 

with notes. With reflections by Catharine Cappe. 8° York, 1809. 

Discourses, chiefly on practical subjects. Edited 

by Catharine Cappe. 8^ York, 1815. 

Discourses, chiefly on devotional subjects. With 

memoirs of his life by Catharine Cappe ; and an appendix. 8** York, 

Capycius-Latro (josephus), Tarentinorum Pontifex. De Antiquitate 
et yaria Capyciorum Fortuna. 4^ Neap. 1830. 

Carabelloni (jo. AUG.). Dc Agiographia Primigenia et Translatitia 
adjectis ex Hebraeo Textu Divinis Testimoniis, ab Apostolis et Evan- 
gelistis e Veteri Testamento in Novum adscitis revocatisque ad Pontes 
nonnullis Coptico-sacris Fragmentis. 4® Rom. 1797. 

Caradoc of Llancarvan. The History of Wales, translated by Dr. 
Powell ; augmented by W. Wynne ; revised, with notes, by Richard 
Llwyd. 8® Shrewsbury, 1 832. « 

Carbutt (edward). Clinical Lectures. 8° Lond, 1 834. ♦ 

Card (h.). A Dissertation on the Antiquities of the Priory of Great 
Malvern in Worcestershire. 4;^ Lond, 18S4. « 

Carellius (framciscus). Nummorum Vcterum Italiae quos ipse collegit, 
et ordine geographico disposuit, Descriptio. fol. Neap, 1812. 

Careme (a.). The Royal Parisian Pastry-cook and Confectioner. Edited 
by John Porter. 12^ Lond. 1834. « . 

Caresme. Procez et amples Examinations sur la Vie de Caresme Pre- 
nant. Traduict de Tltalien en Francois. 8° 1609. Reimpr. Par, 


Caret (patrick). Trivial Poems, and Triolets. [Edited by Sir Walter 
Scott.] 4° Lond. 1820, 

Carle (w alter), Bp. of Wtnton, Articles to be enquired of by the 
Churchwardens at his Visitation. 4^ Lond. 1636. 

Carletti (Francesco). Ragionamenti sopra le cose da lui vedute ne* 
suoi viaggi si dell* Indie Occidental!, e Orientali come d*altri paesi. 
8°/ir. 1701. 

Carliell (robert). Britaines Glorie. 8^ Lond. G. Eld and M. Flesher, 

Carlisle {Sir a.). Lecture on Cholera, and other pestilential Diseases. 
S'' Lond. 1832. ♦ 

K 2 


Carmichael ( — ), Mrs. Domestic Manners and social Condition of tlie 
white, coloured, and negro population of the West Indies ; 2 Vol. 
12^ Lond. ISS3. « 

Carmichael (Andrew). A Memoir of the Life and Philosophy of 
Spurzheim. U^ Dubl. 1833. « 

Carmichael (henry). Hints relating to Emigrants and Emigration ; 
intended to display the advantages of New South Wales. 12° Lond. 
1834. • « 

Carne (john). Letters from Switzerland and Italy, during a late Tour. 
8^ Lond. 1834. « 

Carne (r. h.). Specimen of a Hebrew Grammar. 8° Lond. 1833. « 

Carolina. Party-Tyranny : or, an occasional bill in miniature, as now 
practised in Carolina. 4° Lond. 1 705. 

Carolus (joannes). De Rebus Casparis a Robles Billsei in Frisia gestis 
Commentariorum Libri iv. 4° Leovard. 1 750. 

Carov£ (f. w.). The Story without an End. From the German, by 
Sarah Austin. 12<^ Lond. 1834. « 

Carpenter (lant). A Review of the Labours, Opinions, and Charac- 
ter of Rajah Rammohun Roy, in a discourse on his death. 8® Lond., 
Bristol, 1833. « 

Brief Notes on the Rev. Dr. Arnold's " Principles 

of Church Reform.'* With an appendix. 8® Lond. 1833. « 

Carpenter (thohas). Devotional Reflections on the Psalms of David. 
129 Dubl. ] 834. « 

Carpenter (william). A Reply to William Howitt's Preface to the 
abridged History of Priestcraft. 8° Lond. 1834. « 

Carpovius (paul. theod.). Animadversiones philologico-critico-sacrae. 
Accedimt Don Isaaci Abarbanelis De creatione angclorum, et Saulis 
Levi Morterae, De setemo ac indissolubili legis Mosaicae cum gente 
Israelitica nexu, ex Hebraeo Latine factae dissertationes. 49 Lips. 1 740. 

Carpzovius (j. o.), PrcBs. Eleemosynse Judaeorum ex Antiquitatc Ju- 
daica delineatae. Resp. G. L. Asterus. 4® Lips. 1728. 

Carr (john). The ruinous Fal of Prodigalitie. 16° Lond. Wylliam 
How, 1573. [Lit. Goth.] 

Carrafa (vincentius). Epistola prima Patribus, ac Fratribus Societatis 
Jesu. [Cum epistola Francisci Piccolominei ad eosdem.J 8" Ronuje, 

Carrosses. Les Carrosses h cinq Sols, ou les omnibus du dix-septieme 
si^cle. 12® Paris, 1828. Presented by the editor, M. MonmerquS. 

Carta. Nova Carta que manda o Arco dos Pregos, com a resposta, que 
recebe do Arco dos Mentiras, traduzida de Grego, no idioma Portu- 
guez. 4'* Calahorra. 


Carta que sem toda a efficacia escreveo Apollo o Maneta do Terveiro 
do Pafo ao sad, e mocifo Hypolito do Rocio. 4". 

que o Doutor Cangao mandou a seu Compadre Joad Fernandes 

Ferram dandolhe noticia da Seje^ em que foy com sua mulher D. Ber- 
linda, ver os Touros ao terreiro do Pa^o no quarto dia dezoyto de 
Setembro. 4®. 

que o Cameyro, e Porco que estao sobre o portico do Afougue 

mandarao, aos Boys do Touril ; e a reposta que os Touros derao. 4® 
Calahorra, 1752. 

Carth (a. f. g.). De artificiosa Forma Orationis pro T. Annio Milone. 
8° Berol 1833. 

Carthagena. An Account of the Expedition to Carthagena, with notes. 
8» Lond. 1743. 

Authentic Papers relating to the Expedition against 

Carthagena. 8° Lond, 1744. 

A Journal of the Expedition to Carthagena, with notes. 

8» Lond. 1744. 

Original Papers relating to the Expedition to Carthagena. 

8» Lond. 1 744. 

Carwithen (j. b. s.). The History of the Church of England ; 3 Vol. 
8» Lond. 1829-33. « 

Cart (john). An Account of the Proceedings of the Corporation of 
Bristol, in execution of the Act of Parliament, For the better em- 
ploying and maintaining the Poor of that City. 129 DubL 1704. Pre- 
sented by C, P. Cooper, Esq. 

A Proposal for the paying off the publick Debts by 

erecting a national Credit. 8° Lond, 1719. 

Casas (barthol. de las). Spieghel der Spaenscher Tyrannye in West- 
Indien, uyt het Spaensch overgheset. 4® Amsterdam^ 1607. 

Casimir (albert), Archduke. Brief van hare Hoocheden (C. Albert, 
A. Isabella) aende Staten der Vereenichde Nederlanden, mitsgaders 
seeckere antwoorde aen hare Hoocheden. 4° 1607. 

Casimir (f. j. a), Canonica Philosophorum. Lat. Germ. 4" Rostock 
und Leipzig^ 1715. 

Cassanio (joan.). De Gigandbus, eorumque reliquiis. 8^ Spirct, 1587. 

Cassianus (joannes). Monasticarum Institutionum libri iiii. De capi- 
talibus vitiis libri viii. Collationes SS. Patrum xxiiii. De Verbi 
Incamatione libri vii ; studio Henrici Cuyckii. 8® Antv. Christoph. 
Plantinusj 1578. 

Castelli (pierfilippo). La Vita di Giovangiorgio Trissino. 4° Ven. 


Castilla (dieoo de). [Su Memorial.] fol. 

Castorean Tracts ; No. i, ii. 8^ Lond. 1832, 3. 4^ 

Castro (christoph. a). Commentariorum in Jeremise Prophetias, La- 
mentationes, et Baruch, Libri sex. fol. Par. 1609. 

Commentariorum in duodecim Prophetas Libri 

duodecim. fol. Litg(L 1615. 

Castro (ouillen de). Donde no esta su dueno esta su duelo. Comedia 
famosa. 4*^. 

EngaiiarBe enganando. Comedia famosa. 4^ 

Don Quixote de la Mancha. [^Comedia.] 4". 

Catalogue. A Catalogue of the Library of an eminent Counsellor 
lately deceased. 8^. 

p Cataloge vande Coningen, Princen, Graven ende andere 

Vorsten met den Keyser Ferdinandus IL, opentlyck houdende teghen 
de Unie der Calvinisten ende alle Protestanten ; 4® Antwerpen, 

II Catalogo de Libri, li quali nuovamente nel mese di 

Maggio nell* anno presente MDXLVIIII. sono stati condannati, e 
scomunicati per heretici, da M. Giovan^ della Casa, e d*alcuni frati. 
£ aggiunto sopra il medesimo catalogo un discorso del Vergerio. 4" 

A Chronologicall Catalogue of such Persons as ruled the 

Neighbour-States, and were contemporary to the severall Kings of 
England, since the Conqueror. Collected by C[hri8topher] W[yvill]. 
\29 Lond. 1647. 

CatalogusDissertationum theologico-exegetico-philologicarum 

necnon juridico-medico-historico-philosophicarum, itemque variorum 
tractatuum, schediasmatum, programmatum, &c., venalium apud 
Joan. Christian. Langenhemium. Anno 1732 ; 2 Partes. 8^ Lipsia, 

Catalogus Librorum Bibliothecse Tigurinae ; 6 Tom. 8* 

Tigurx, 1744-1809. 

Catalogue Hebdomadaire, ou Liste des Livres, Estampes, 

Cartes, Ordonnances, Edits, Declarations, Arrets, qui sont mis en 
vente chaque semainc, tant en France, qu'en Pays Strangers; 27 Vol. 
[en 11.] 8«Pflr. 1763-89. 

A Catalogue of Pictures collected by Robert Strange. 4® 


— — Katalog und Nachrichten von der ehemaligen aus lauter 
HiM^dschriften bestandenen Bibliothek in Fulda. 8^ Leipzig und 
Frankfurt a. M, 1812. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 


Catalogue. A Catalogue of the Library of George Hibbert, Esq. 
[With prices and names.] 8<* Land. 1829. 

Catalogue of Preparations, &c., in morbid, natural, and 

comparative Anatomy, contained in the Museum of the Army Medical 
Department, Fort Pitt, Chatham. 8^ Lond. 1883. Presented by Sir 
James Mac Gregor, 

Catechism. The Reformer's Catechism. 8^ Lond. 1832. « 

The Catechist*8 Assistant ; or, a; series of questions adapted 

to the Catechisms of the Wesleyan Methodists ; No. i. 12" Lond. 
1833. « 

— A Series of Questions and Answers ; No. i. 12^ Lond, 

1833. « 

Catechism on the Voluntary Church Association, by a 

member of the Church of Scotland. 12° Edinb. 1833. « 
Catechism us Romanus, ex Decreto Concilii Tridentini et 

Pii V. Pont. Max. jussu primus editus. 12* Mechlinice, 1831. 

Cater (philip). Memoirs of the Rev. John Paul Porter. 1 2* Bath, 
1834. « 

Catharine II., Empress of Russia. Verordnimgen zur Verwaltung 
der Gouvernements des Russischen Reichs. Aus dem Russischen 
iibersetzt von C. G. Amdt. 4® Leipzig und St. Petersh. 1777. 

Catholici. Ad Persecutores Anglos pro Catholicis, contra Libellum 
inscriptum, " Justida Britannica,*' Responsio. [Autore Gulielmo 
Alano, seu Alleno.] 8*. 

Cator (cHARLEs). A Visitation Sermou. S^ Lond. 183S. « 

Cavaliers. The Captive-Captain : or, the restrained Cavalier ; drawn 
to his full bodie. [By Richard Brathwayt.] 8« Lond. 1665. 

Cave (oliver). On the Principle of the Union between Church and 
State : a Sermon. S^ Lond. lS34e. « 

Caussin de Perceval (a. p.). Grammaire Arabe Vulgaire, pour les 
dialectes d'Orient et de Barbaric. 4° Paris, 1 833. 

Cay (h£NRY boult). An Abridgment of the Publick Statutes now in 
force from 11 Geo. II. to 1 Geo. III.; being a supplement to the 
abridgment of John Cay, Esq. fol. Lond. 1766. Presented by C.P. 
Cooper, Esq. 

Cay (john). An Abridgment of the public Statutes in force and use. 
From Magna Charta to 11 Geo. II. ; 2 Vol. fol. Lond. 1739. Pre- 
sented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

The Statutes at large, from Magna Charta to 30 Geo. II. ; 

6 Vol. fol. Lond. 1758. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq, 


Cay (john). An Abridgment of the publick Statutes now in force. 
From Magna Charta to 1 Geo. III. Continued from the 11th year of 
his late Majesty by Henry Boult Cay, Esq. ; 2 Vol. fol. Lond. 1762. 
Presented by C. P. Cooper^ Esq. 

Cean-Bermudez (juan agustin). Sumario de las Antiguedades Romanas 
que hay en Espana, en especial las pertenecientes a las Bellas Artes. 
^f"" Madrid, 1832. 

Cecchetti (j. c). Dissertationes, quibus Judasorum errores, falsaque 
de promisso sibi Messia praejudicia refelluntur. 4^ Vicet. 1750. 

Cecil Hyde. A Novel ; 2 Vol. 12" Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Cecil (richard). Works; with a memoir of his life. Arranged and re- 
vised, with a view of the author's character, by Josiah Pratt, B.D. ; 
4 Vol. 8»Z(WMf. 1811. 

Celada (didacus de). In Rutham Commentarii. [Cum Commentariis in 
Judith.] fol. Antv. 1652. 

Celestina. The delightful History of Celestina the Faire ; daughter to 
the King of Thessalie. Done out of French by William Barley. 4^ 
Lond. Printed by A. L 1596. [Lit. Goth.] 

Cellius (erhardus). Oratio de Vita et Morte Samuelis Heilandi. 4° 
TuhingcB, 1592. 

Cepari (viroilio). Res a B. Francisco Borgia gestae. LcU. ab And. 
Schotto. 12** Colon. 1626. 

Cerati (— ), VAhhe. Des Usurpations Sacerdotales, ou du clerge en op- 
position avec les principes actuels de la societe : precede du recit de 
la mission du P. Farina a Ajaccio. 8^ Par. 1828. 

Cermadas y Castro (dieoo antonio). Obras en prosa y verso ; 6 Tom. 
8*» Madr. 1778-80. 

Cervantes (miouel), de Saavedra. Dom Quixote^ traduit par Caesar 
Oudin ; 2 Tom. 8^ Rouen, 1646. 

. El ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha, 

comentado por Don Diego Clemencin ; Tom. i, ii, iii. 4^ Madr. 1833. 

Cervinus (c. c). Historische Schriften. 8* Frankfurt a. M. 1838. 

Cesare (o. c). II vero et pretioso Tesoro di Sanita. 8° Bologna, 1636. 

Cevallos (pedro). Exposicion de los Hechos y Maquinaciones que han 
preparado la usurpacion de la Corona de Espana, y los medios que el 
Emperador de los Franceses ha puesto en obra para realizarla. 4® 
Madr. 1808. 

Chalmers (thomas). The Christian and Civic Economy of large Towns ; 
2 Vol. 8® Glasgow, 1821-3. 

Sermons preached on public Occasions. 8* 

Glasgow, 1 823. 


Chalmers (thomas). On the Advantages of local Sabbath Schools. !«• 

Glasg. 1824. 
«__ The Evidence and Authority of the Christian 

Revelation.^ 8» Edinh, 1 824. 

Speeches and Tracts. 8" Glasgom, 1824. 

On the Use and Abuse of literary and ecclesi- 

astical Endowments. 8^ Glasg. 1827. 

On the Power, Wisdom, and Goodness of God, 

as manifested in the adaptation of external nature to the moral and 
intellectual constitution of man; 2 Vol. 8® Lond, 1833. « 

Chambrat ( — de). Prussia in 1833. Organization of the army of 
Prussia, and her civil institutions. 8® Lond. 1834. « 

Chamier (frederic). The young Muscovite; 3 Vol. 12^ Lond. 
1834. « 

Champlain (samuel) Sieur de. Voyages, ou Journal ^s Decouvertes de 
laNouvelle France; 2 Tom. 8" Par. 1830. 

Champollion (j. fr.). Lettres ecrites d*£gypte et de Nubie, en 
1828 et 1829. 8*» Par. 1833. 

Chancery. The Practice of the High Court of Chancery, as altered by 
the Orders of April 3d, 1828 ; Nov. 23d, 1831 ; the Chancery Regu- 
lation Act, 3 and 4 W. IV. c. 94 ; and the orders issued in pursuance 
thereof, Dec. 21st, 1833. With an appendix. By a Chancery Bar- 
rister. 12<*Zoykf. 1834. « 

Chandler (samuel). The Incurableness of Superstition : in two dis- 
courses. 8° Lond. 1749. 

A Sermon, on occasion of the two Shocks of an 

Earthquake. 8® Lond. 1750. 

A Fast Sermon. 8® Lond. 1759. 

Channino (w. e.). Discourses, Reviews, and Miscellanies ; 2 Vol. 4^ 
Lond. 1834. « 

Chanowsky (albertus). Vestigium Boemise pice. Illustratum et auctum 
a P. Joanne Tanner. 12® Pragce, 1659. 

Chapelle (l.). Histoire veritable des Temps fabuleux, confirmee par 
les Critiques qu*on en a faites. 8° Par. 1824. 

Chaplain. The Office of a Chaplain enquired into. [By Jeremy 
Collier.] 4« Cambr. 1688. 

Chapman (m. j.). Jephtha's Daughter. A dramatic poem. 8® Lond. 
1834. « 

Chapman (thomas). Third Addenda to his " King's Bench." 12** 
Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Characteristicks. Or, a specimen of the worth and integrity of some 
of the most favourite authors of the age ; No. i. 8^ Lond. 1734. 



Characters. The Character of a true English Protestant Souldier ; 
with that of a doublet-pinking bully-hec. 4® Land. 1689. 

The true Characters of a Petty-fogger, &c. 8" Lond, 


Chardel (c). Essai de Psychologie physiologique. 8® Par, 1831. 

Charity-school. Plan of the Ladies' Charity-school of St. Sepulchre, 
London. With a list of subscribers. 8^ Lond, 1805. 

Charles IL, King of Great Britain, An Appeal from the Country to 
the City, for the preservation of his Majesties person, liberty, pro- 
perty, and the protestant religion. 4® Lond, 1680. 

■ A just and modest Vindication 

of the Proceedings of the two last Parliaments of King Charles H. 
^^Lond, 1689. 

Charles IV., King of Spain, [Real Decreto a favor de su Hijo Fer- 
nando VII.] fol. Madr. 6 de Novierabre, 1807. 

[Decreto, en el que hace la renuncia de 

su Corona al Emperador de los Franceses.] fol. Madr, 1808. 

Reiteracion de la Pro testa por S. M. 

Carlos IV., contra su Abdicacion del Trono. 4" [1808.] 

Real Decreto [en que abdica la Corona 

a favor de Ferdinand© VIL] fol. Aranjuez, 18 de Marzo, 1808. 

Real Provision del Consejo, en que con 

motivo de la abdicacion que ha hecho de la Corona el Rey Don 
Carlos IV., en su muy amado Hijo Don Fernando, se encarga la buena 
y pronta administracion de justicia. fol. Madr,, 20 Marzo, 1808. 

Real Provision del Consejo, en que con 

motivo de un real decreto expedido por el Rey Don Carlos IV., nom- 
brando al Gran Duque de Berg por Lugar-Teniente General del 
Reyno, se encarga la buena y pronta administracion de justicia. fol. 
Madr,, 10 Mayo, 1808. 

Charles V. Emperor, Capittelen des verbonts ghemaect tusschen den 
Pans ende die Keyserlyckc Maiesteyt metten Venetsianen teghen 
dye Turcken. 4^ 

. Recueil oft verhael van soxnmige brieven ende 

geschriften raeckende de saken gebuert tusschen Carolo V. ende 
Franchois I. 4". 

Een nieu evaluacie boccaken gheordonneert van 

weghen des keysers. 4® 1526. 

■ — - Ordinancie ende Statuten raeckende de Luter- 

aensche ende andere Secten. 4° Bruessek, 1531. 

Oordinantien gepubliceert in der Stadt van 

Bruessel den 4den. Octobris, 1540. 4® Antwerpen, 1540. 


Charles V. Emperor, Placaet beroerende alle heresijen, Ketterijen 
ende verboden boucken. 4" Delft ^ 1540. 

Ordonnancic roerende die dootslaghcrs Cessio- 

nanten ende banckerocten. 4^ Del/if 1544. 

Ordinantie roerende van die verboedene 

Boucken. 4^ Leyden^ 1546. 

Ordinancien gheglieven inde stadt van Utrecht 

den 50 Januarii, 1546. 4^ Antwerpen. 

Ordinantie aengaende de coopluyden, scip- 

pers, vischers, ende bootzgesellen. 4° Loeven, 1549. 

Ordonnantie opt dragen ende vsaige 

zijde lakenen. 4** LoeveUy 1550. 

Ordonnancien opt stuck van der Policien van 

Antwerpen. 4® Antwerpen^ 1551. 

Ordinancie dat hem niemant en vervoorderc 

zyn beesten inde bosschen van den Prelaten ende Cloosteren van Bra- 
bant te stouwen enz. 4** 1554. 

Ordinantie op de Instructie van den thienden 

ende twintichsten Penninck. 4® Antwerpen, 1555. 

Reductie van alderhand graene ende zaede in 

dinstructie vanden thienden ende twintichsten penninc geruert enz. 4^ 
Antwerpen, 1555. 

Ordonnantie opt stuck van den Ambachtc van 

den Goudsmeden. 4^ Ghend, 1560. 

Het bescheet wtghegheven in den rycxdach 

van Reynsborch van den goeden rechte dat hy heeft tot Geldre ende 
Z utphen . 4" Antwerpen, 1561. 

Placcaete beroerende dat men gheen onroe- 

rende goeden en mach beswaren dann voor den Gherechte daer de- 
selve ghelegen zyn. 4** Bruessele, 1629. 

Charles IX., King of France. Synopsis Vitae Caroli IX., e Gallico in 
Latinum scrmonem translata. 4° Budissince Sorabiorum, 1578. 

Charles IX., King of Sweden. Placcaet waerby toeghelaten werdt te 
moghen varen op de Stadt Riga. 4® 1609. 

Charles Lewis, Elector of Bavaria, Protest teghen alle de hande- 
linghen gheplecht tot zyne ende zyner Broederen groot onghelijck. 
4» Leyden, 1637. 

Charta Magna. Magna Carta et cetera antiqua statuta. 8^ Lond., 
T. Marshe, 1556. [Lit. Goth.] Presented by C, P. Cooper, Esq. 

[Cum notis MSS.] Presented by C. P. 

Cooper, Esq. 

cum aliis antiquis statutis. 12° Lond., 

T. Berlhelet, 15SI. [Lit. Goth.] [Cum notis MSS.] Presented by 

C. P. Cooper, Esq. 



Cbarta Magna. Secunda Pars veterum Statutorum. 12° Lond., T, 
Berthelet, 1552. [Lit Goth.] [Cum notis MSS.] Presented by C. P. 
Cooper^ Esq. 

The Boke of Magna Carta, with divers other sta- 
tutes, translated into Englyshe, by George Ferrers. 8° Lond., R. Red- 
man, 1534. [Lit. Goth.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

Magna Carta in F., whereunto is added more statutis 

than ever was imprynted in any one boke. 8*^ Lond,, R. Redman, 1529. 
[In the Colophon^ 1539.] [Lit. Goth.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, 

The great Charter called in Latyn Magna Carta, 

with divers olde statutes. Translated by George Ferrers. 8° Lond., 
Elisabeth Redman [circ. 1541]. [Lit. Goth.] Presented by C. P. 
Cooper, Esq. 

8" Lond., T. Petyt, 1542. [Lit. Goth.] Presented by 

C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

Magna Charta cum statutis quee antiqua vocantur. 

Accesserunt nonnulla nunc primum typis edita. 8^ Lond,, R. Tottell, 
1556. [Lit. Goth.] [Cum notis MSS.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, 

[Another copy.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

Magna Charta, cum statutis, tum antiquis, turn re- 

centibus. 8° Lond,, imprinted by Richard Tottel, 1576. Presented by 
C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

—^ [Cum notulis MSS.] Presented by 

C. P. Cooper, Esq, 

Magna Charta, cum Statutis, tum antiquis, tum re- 

centibus. 8° Lond. Imprinted by Richarde Tottell, 1587. Presented 
by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

:: [Cum notulis MSS.] 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

Magna Charta, cum Statutis, tum antiquis, tum re- 

centibus. Cui adjecta sunt nonnulla statuta, nunc demum tipis aedita. 
8" Lond. 1602. [Cum notulis MSS.] Presented by C.'P. Cooper, Esq. 

S^ Lond. 1608. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

[Another copy.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

8" Lond. 1618. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

[Another copy.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

A Vindication of Magna Charta. 4° Lond. 1702. 

Charter. The People's Charter. 12^ Lond. IS32. « 

Charts. Metropolitan Boroughs. [A Map.] s. sh» Lond. Presented by 
Mr. Francis Whishaw. 


Chateaubriand (fb. a. de). Lectures des Memoires de M. de Cha- 
teaubriand, ou, recueil d'ardcles publics sur ces memoires, avec des 
fragmens originaux. 8" Par, 1834. 

Chemia. a popular Introduction to experimental Chemistry. 12® Land. 
18dd. ♦ 

Chemin (j. b.). Code religieux et moral des Theophilantropes, ou, 
adorateurs de Dieu et amis des hommes; contenant, 1^ le manuel; 
2®. le rituel ; d^ I'instruction elementaire de morale ; 4®. Fannee reli- 
gieuse. 12** Par, an. vi, vii. [1798, 9.] 

Chemnitius M artinus. Ein schone vnnd richtige Form zu Beichten. 
8® Braunschweig^ 1608. 

CiiENiER (louis). Recherches historiques sur les Maures, et Histoire 
de FEmpire de Maroc; 3 Tom. 8° Par. 1787. 

Chesapeake. Ninth general Report of the Directors of the Chesapeake 
and Delaware Canal Company. 8° 1828. Presented by the Rev, 
Thomas Hartrvell Home, 

Cheshire (john). A Letter to him occasion'd by his Dissertation 
upon a Rheumatism. 8° Lond, 1739. 

Chesnet (f. r.). Reports on the Navigation of the Euphrates, fol. 
Lond. 1833. Presented by the Author, 

Chester (harry). Spain and Portugal. Our relations with the Penin- 
sula considered. 8** Lond, 1834. « 

Chettle (henry). Englandes Mourning Garment ; worne here by 
plaine Shepheardes ; in memorie of their sacred mistresse, Elizabeth. 
With the shepheards spring-song, for entertainement of King James. 
4® Lond, Printed by V, S,for Thomas MilUngton, 

Chetwood (kniohtley). Archdeacon of York, Articles to be enquired 
of in his Visitation, in 1705. 4^ York, 

Chiaje (stefano delle). Memorie suUa storia e notomia degli animali 
senza vertebre del regno di Napoli ; Vol. iv. 4® Nap, 1 829. 

Figure 50— 69. fol. 

Hydrophytologiae regni Neapolitani icones. 

fol. Neap, 1829. 

Chidley (john). His Vindication of himself from the Slander cast upon 
him^ in '' Reflections upon the Constitution and Management of the 
Trade to Africa, &c." S^ Lond, 1709. 

Child {Sir josiah). A Method concerning the Relief and Employment 
of the Poor, taken out of Sir Josiah Child's ** Discourse about 
Trade." 8". 

Child (samuel). Every Man his own Brewer. 8'* Lond. 1798. 

Childe Roeliffe's Pilgrimage, and other Tales. By several American 
Authors; 3 Vol. 12<' Lond 1834. « 

Chillingworth (w.). Judgment of the Religion of Protestants. 8" 
Lond. 1717. 


Chiphan (Nathaniel). Principles of Goverament ; a treatise on free 
institutions. 4^ Burlington, I S3S. 

Chirino (juan). Sumario de las persecuciones que a tenido la yglesia 
desde su principio. 4^ Granada, 1593. 

Chirol (j. l.). The Mosaic Sabbath and the Christian Sabbath con- 
trasted and explained. 8^ Lond. « 

Chishull (edm.). The Orthodoxy of an English Clergyman. A visit- 
ation sermon. 8^ Lond. 1711. 

Chittt (joseph). The Practice of the Law in all its Departments; 
Vol. I, Pt. 2. Vol. II, Pts. 1,2. 8*^ Lond. 1838, 4. « 

A practical Treatise on Medical Jurisprudence; Pt. i. 

S^ Land. 1 884. ♦ 

C^TTY (joseph), Jun, A practical Treatise on the Law of Contracts, 
not under Seal. Enlarged. 8^ Lond. 1884. « 

A practical Treatise on Bills of Exchange, Pro- 
missory Notes, and Bankers' Checks; 2 Vol. 8^ Lond. 1834. « 

Chittt (thomas). Forms of practical Proceedings, in the Courts of 
King's Bench, Common Pleas, and Exchequer of Pleas. 12^ Lond. 
1834. « 

Chladenius (jo. martin.). Press. Dissertatio historico-theologica de 
vita et heeresi Roscelini. Resp. Jo. Theodorus Kunneth. 4® Erlang. 

Choice. The Choise of Change : containing the Triplicitie of Divinitic, 
Philosophic, and Poetrie. By S. R. [Samuel Rowlands ?] 4** Lond,, 
Thomas Este, 1598. [Lit. Goth.] 

Christ. The Example of Christ recommended to the Young. 12^ 
Lond, m 

Some plain and short Arguments proving the Lord Jesus Christ 

to be the Supreme God. 8^ Lond. 1720. 

— Christus sine Patre et Matre. Meditatio. 4® Jena, 1 732. 
Immanuel ; being the scripture testimony to the truth, as it is 

in Jesus Christ. 12^ Lond. 1833. « 

The Time of Christ's Coming identified with the Day of Judg- 

ment. S^ Paisley, I S3S. « 

Christian III., King of Denmark. Christians den Tredie Danmarkis 
Kofiges Recess offiiersect oc met ny Ar tickle forbcdrit. Paa Kold- 
inghuff, aear 1558. 4» Kiobenhaffn, 1590. Presented by C. P. 
Cooper, Esq. 

Christian IV., King of Sweden. Manifest raeckende den Oorlogh 
met Sweden. 4® 1644. 

Christian. The whole Duty of a Christian; by R. Y. b^ Lond. 1653. 


Christianity. The Human Origin of Christianity. 8® Land. 18dl. « 

Evidences of Christianity ; or, Uncle Philip's Conversa- 
tions. 12<>Zom/. 1834. « 

Christians. The Duty of Christians, with respect to human interpret- 
ations, and decisions, when proposed to be believed and submitted to, 
as necessary parts of the Christian religrion. [By Samuel Bolde.] 8® 
Lond. 1717. 

Christina, Queen of Sweden. Manifeste aen hare Rycx-Standen, over 
den Oorlogh teghens den Koning van Denemarcken. 4® Amsterdam^ 

Christopherson (john). An Exhortation to all Menne to take hede 
and beware of Rebellion. 8*^ Lond, John Cawood, 1554. [Lit. 

Chrysologus (pet.), Archiep, Ravenna^, Homilise. 8® Par, 1544. 

Chrysoloras (emmanuel). Erotemata. De formatione temporum ex 
libris Chalcondylse. Quartus Gazse de constructione. De anomalis 
verbis. De encliticis. Sententise monostichi ex variis poetis. 4® 
CompUiti, imprestum ah Amaldo Ouillelmo Brocario, 1514. 

Chukruburtee (tarachand). a Dictionary in BengsQee and English. 

S^ Calcutta, 1 827. 
Church. Concilium de Ecclesia emendanda. 8® Antv. 1539. 

Questions, calmly considered, concerning " the Church of the 

Living God." By Indagator. S"" Lond. 1834. « 

Church-faction. The Spirit of the Church-faction detected. 4" Land. 

Churchman. The true Character of a Churchman. 4" Lond. 1702. 

The Character of a true Churchman. 8® Lond. 1711. 

■ The Churchman's Manual ; or, questions and answers on 

the Church ; on Protestant and Romish dissenters ; and Socinians. 
12° Oxf. 1834. ♦ 

Church of England. Some Considerations about the New Test of the 
Church of England's Loyalty. 4®. 

An Apology for the Church of England, with 

relation to the spirit of persecution, for which she is now accused. 

The Danger of the Church enquired into. 8" 

Lond. 1710. 

The merciful Judgments of High-Church tri- 

umphant on offending Clergymen and odiers, in the reign of Charles 
I. S"" Lond. 1710. 

The Criterion ; or, touchstone by which to judge 

of the principles of High and Low-Church. S^ Lond. 1710. 


Church of England. An AbridgmeDt of the Controversy between the 
Church of England, and the new Pseudo-Primitives. By S. D. 8" 
Lmd. 1720. 

Free and impartial Considerations upon "The 

free and candid Disquisitions relating to the Church of England." By 
a Gentleman [— White]. 8® Lond. 1751. 

The King and the Church vindicated ; in an ad- 
dress to the House of Lords, and an appeal to the Archbishop of 
Canterbury. By a minister of the Church of Ireland. 8® Duhl. 
1888. « 

The Church of England its own Witness. By 

Britannicus. 8° Lond. 1884. 4^ 

Gift, to the Members of the Church of England, 

being extracts from theological writers, exemplifying the advantages 
of a Church Establishment. By a lay member of the Church of 
England. S^Lond. 1884. « 

— A Defence of the Church of England. By Tem- 

plum Laicus. 8® Lond, 1884. ^ 

An Appeal to all who can conscientiously declare 

themselves to be Friends and Supporters of the Church of England. 
S^ Land. 1884. « 

■ Reformation of the Church Revolution in Dis- 

guise. A second appeaL S^ Lond, ISS4. « 

Church of Rome. £en volcomen ontdeckinghe vande Roomsche Leere 
in saecken van Conspiratie ende Rebellye, met een naerder verda- 
ringhe van sommighe stucken in dit Boecxken. 4° Amsterdam^ 1606. 

Church of Scotland. Tracts in Defence of the Church of Scotland. 
No. i-v. 12« EcUnb. 1888. « 

Church-people. An affectionate Address to Church-people and Dis- 
senters. By a lay churchman. 8® Lond. 1884. « 

Church-rates. The, Law, Practice, and Principles of Church-rates. 
Being the report of the proceedings of a vestry meeting in Louth, 
Oct. 2, 1 834. S^ Lond. m 

Church* reform. A Country Clergyman's Appeal to the Lords and 
Commons. 8® Lond. 1888. « 

Churchill (charles). The Candidate. A poem. 4^ Lond. 1764. 

Churchill (john), Duke of Marlborough. A short Narrative of his 
Life and Actions. By an old officer in the army. 8° Lond. 1711. 

Churchtown. The Siege of Churchtown. By an eye-witness ; No. i, 
12° Lond. 1884. ♦ 


Churchyard (tuomas). A musicall Consort of heavenly Harmonic (com- 
pounded out of manie Parts of Musicke) called Churchyard's Charitie. 
[And A Praise of Poetrie.] 4" Lond, 1595. Reprinted at the Auchin- 
leek Press, 1817. 

CiAcoNius (alphons.). De Martyrio ducentorum M onachorum, S. Petri 
a Cardegna, Ordinis S. Benedict!, Commentarius. 12^ Atigustce, 
[1594]. , 

CiAMPiNus (joan.). Opera; 3 Tom. fol. Rom, 1747. 

CiBBER (colley). nA Rhapsody upon the Marvellous. 4** Lond, 1751. 

Cicero (m. t.). Epistolarum familiarium liber undecimus et duodeci- 
mus. 8® Colon. [Cum notis M SS.] 

De Officiis. De Senectute. De Amicitia. Paradoxa. 

4^ MedioL, Antonius Zarotus, 1474. 

Pro Lege Manilla Oratio. With an historical introduc- 

tion and notes. 12" Lond, 1829. « 

Select Orations from the Text of Jo. Casp. Orellius, 

with notes. By the Rev. Maurice M<Kay. 12^ Dubl. 1833, * 

Lselius sive de Amicitia Dialogus. Emendavit Rein- 

hold us Klotz. Accedunt annotationes criticae. 8^ Lipsia, 1833. 

Tusculanarum Disputationum Libri v. Recognovit 

Jo. Casp. Orellius. Accedunt Paradoxa. Cum notis variorum. 8° 
Oxon. 1834. m 

CiENFUEGOs (nicolas). Amor es oculta Fuerza. Comedia. 4^. 

CiPONTEs (dieoo ANTONIO de). Lo mas priva lo menos. Comedia fa- 
mosa. 4^. 

Cipriani (gio. battista). Monumenti di Fabbriche antiche estratti dai 
disegni dei piu celebri autori ; 2 Tom. 4® RomOf 1796-9. 

Anfiteatro Flavio detto il Colosseo. 4° Roma, 

CiRELLUs (i.). Ethica Aristotelica, ad sacrarum Literarum normam 

emendata. Ejusdem ethica Christiana. 4^ Selenohtirgi, 

CiRUELO (pEDRo). RcprovRcion de las Super sticiones y Hechizerias. 4^ 

Salamanca, 1556. 
Claramonte (andres de). El valiente Negro en Flandes. Comedia. 

4° Madrid, 1745. 

Claridge (john). The Shepherd of Banbury's Rules to judge of the 
Changes of the Weather. 8® Lond. 1744. 

Clark (h.). The Oilman's Guide. 12" Lond. 1831. m 

Clark (james). The Gradations of Sin. A sermon. 8** Northampton, 
1834. « 

Clark (j. heaviside). A practical Illustration of Gilpin's Day ; with 
instructions in painting in water-colours, fol. Lond. 1824. 



Clarke (adam). His Life and Labours. With an historical sketch 
of the controversy concerning the Sonship of Christ. 1!S® Loud. 
18d4. ♦ 

Claeks (charl£S cowden). Tales from Chaucer, in prose. IS'^ Lond. 
1888. « 

Adam the Gardener. 12^ Land. 1884. « 

Clarke (o. r.). The History and Description of the Town and Borough 
of Ipswich. 8<» Ipiwichy 1 880. 

Clarke (jobn). An Examination of the Notion of moral Good and 
Evil, advanced in a late book, entitled, '* The Religion of Nature de- 
lineated." 8« Lond. 1725. 

Clarke (saiiuel). The Parallel : or, a vindication of his 6r- 

A — b— p of C — t y, for his opposing the promotion of Dr. 

C k to a bishoprick. 8® Land. 1 735. 

■ The Powers daim'd by the Hierarchy examined. 

Occasioned by a pamphlet, entitled, " The Parallel," &c. 8® Lond, 

Clarke (william henry). Sermons. 8® Lond. 1884. ♦ 

Clarke (william nelson). Parochial Topography of the Hundred of 
Wanting, with other miscellaneous records relating to the County of 
Berks. 4<^ Oxf. 1824. 

Clarkson (thomas). Memoirs of the public and private Life of William 
Penn ; 2 Vol. 8^ Lond. 1818. 

Clavis Houiletica ; or, the Clergyman's Register of his Discourses. 
8^£on^. 1884. ♦ 

Clausbl (— ), Ccmte Bertrand, Decreto en el quartel general de Pam- 
plona a 81 de Mayo de 1818. fol. 

Cleland (james). Enumeration of the Inhabitants of the City of 
Glasgow and County of Lanark, for the government census of 1881. 
With population and statistical tables relative to England and Scot- 
land, fol. Glasg. 1882. « 

Clembni V. Papa. Constitutiones dementis pape quinti una cum appa- 
ratu dfii Johis andree. fol. Nuremberget impensa Antonii Koberger, 

Clemens XIV. Papa. Breve por el qual su Santidad suprime, deroga, 
y extingue el instituto y orden de los Clerigos Regulares, denominados 
de la Compania de Jesus, fol. Madr. 1778. 

Clergy. Acts of the general Assembly of the French Clergy in 1685, 
concerning religion. 4° Lond. 1685. 

The Objections of the Non-subscribing London Clergy, against 

the Address from the Bishop of London, and the Clergy of London. 
S^Lond. 1710. 


Clbeot. Miserere Cleri : or, the factions of the church. 8° Land. 

Suggestions relating to the professional Education of the 

Clergy. 8^ Land. 183d. ♦ 

Remarks upon the Presence of the Clergy in the Legislative 

Assembly, and the grounds upon which Bishops sit in the House of 
Lords. 8» Lond. 1834. • 

Clinton (u. f.). Fasti Hellenid. The civil and literary chronology of 
Greece from the earliest accounts to the 55th Olympiad ; Vol. i. 4* 
Oxf. 1834. . ♦ 

Clobbrt (chr.). Divine Glimpses of a Maiden Muse. 8® Land, 1659. 

Cloppbnburch (i. b.). Le Miroir de la cruelle et horrible Tyrannic 
Espagnole perpetree au Pays Bas par le Tyran Due de Albe, et 
aultres commandeurs de par le Roy Philippe II. 4® AmsU 1620. ^ 

Close (francis). Miscellaneous Sermons ; Vol. ii. S^Zoficf. 1834. ♦ 

Coats WORTH (david). Monthly Return of Farm. fol. Land, «. sh, « 

CoBBBTT (jambs P.). Practical Exercises to Cobbett's French Grammar. 
12^ Land. ISS^ ♦ 

CoBBETT (william). Prospcctus of the Porcupine, a daily paper. 8° 
Land. 1800. 

■'■ History of the Regency and Reign of King George 

the Fourth ; S Vol. W Land. 1830-4. ♦ 

The Life of Andrew Jackson, President of the 

United States of America. 12^ Land. 1834. « 

CoBDEN (william), of Hoslemere. * A true Account of his Will. 8*^ 1748. 

CocHLEUS (joH.). XXI. Articuli Anabaptistarum Monasteriensium con- 
futati. Appendix ex epistola Petri Plateani. 8® Lips, 1534. 

Cochrane {Hon. basil). An Inquiry into the Conduct of the Commis- 
sioners for Victualling his Majesty's Navy^ as it related to the exami- 
nation and final passing of accounts. 4^ Land. 1823. 

An historical Digest of the Reports of Commis- 
sioners appointed to enquire into abuses in the public Departments 
of Government between the years 1776 and 1812. fol. Land. 

CocKBURN (a. e.). Questions on Election Law, arising on the Reform 
Act. 12<^ Land. 1834. « 

CocKsoN (edw.). a Winding-sheet for Quakerism. 8^ Land. 1711. 

Code. The Civil Code. Book 1st of Persons. Translated from the 
French ; with an introduction and notes by Theobald Mackenna. 4® 
Land. 1833. m 

M 2 


CoELLO (antonio). Comedia faraosa. El Catalan Serrallonga, y Vandos 
de Barcelona. La primera Jornada de D. Antonio Coello : la segunda 
de D. Francisco de Roscas : y la tercera de Luis Velez de Guevara. 
4» Madr. 1 750. 

CoETLOGOK (DENNIS de). Reflections on the Conduct of the several 
Princes and States of Europe at this present Conjuncture. 8® Lond. 

Coffin (charles). S^. Germano, Antissiodorensi Episcopo, Hymni. 4^ 

Campania vindicata, sive Laus vini Remensis a 

Poeta Burgundo culpati. 8* Par, 1712. 

Coghlan (f.). The Steam-Packet and Coast Companion. 12** Lond, m 

CoHABiTACYON. A Treatise of the Cohabitacyon of the Faithfull with 
the UnfaithfuU. Whereunto is added, A Sermon made of the con- 
fessing of Christe and his Gospell, and of the denyinge of the same. 
8« 1555. [Lit. Goth.] 

Coin. Reflections on Coin in general ; on the coins of gold and silver 
in Great Britain in particular ; on those metals as merchandize ; and 
also on paper passing as money. 4^ Lond. 1762. 

CoKAiNE (francis). Diviuc Blossomes. 8^ 1656. [Title-page wanting.] 

Coke (Sir edward). A little Treatise of Bail and Main-prize. 8® 

CoLBURN (zerah). A Memoir of him, written by himself. 12" Spring- 
field, 1833. 

Cole (henry). Popular Geology subversive of Divine Revelation. A 
letter to the Rev. Adam Sedgwick. 4' Lond, 1834. « 

Cole (john). The History and Antiquities of Weston Favell, in the 
county of Northampton. ^^ Scarhoroughj l%27 , 

CoLERiDOE (hartley). Poems ; Vol. i. 8° Leeds^ 1833. ♦ 

_ Biographia Borealis; or lives of distinguished 

Northmen. 4<^ Lond. 1833. « 

Coleridge (j. d.). Practical Advice to the young Parish Priest. 8" 
Lond. 1834. « 

Coleridge (s. t.). Poetical Works; 3 Vol. 8** Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Coleridge (w. ii.), Bf. of Barbados. A Sermon preached for the 
Societies for promoting Christian Knowledge, and for the Propagation 
of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. 8^ Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Form of Consecration of the 

British Chapel and Burial Ground in the City of Caracas, by WiUiam 
Hart Coleridge, Bishop of Barbados and the Leeward Islands. 4^ 
Caracas y 1834. Presented by the Bishop of Barbados. 

CoLERUs (jo. cristoph.), Pross. Historia Joannis Dursei. Resp. Geo. 
Henr. Arnoldus. 4" Vitemb. 1716. 


CoLET (john), Dean of St. PauVs. A right fruitfull Admonition, con- 
cerning the order of a good Christian man's Life. 8^ Lond. Imprinted 
for Gabriell Catvood, 1577 • [Lit. Goth.] 

CoLETi (oiANDOMENico). Dizionario Storico-Geografico dell* America 
Meridionale; 2 Tom. 4° Fen, 1771. 

Coll A (aloysius). Herbarium Pedemontanum ; Vol. r, ii. 8° Augusta 
Taurtn. 1838, 4. 

Colle (jo. Francesco). Refugio over ammonitorio de Gentilhuomo. 8^ 

Collectanea Topographica et Genealogica; Vol. ii. S'^Lond. 1834. « 

CoLLECTEs. Les Collcctes, avec un formulaire de prieres ; tirees de la 
liturgie de TEglise Anglicane. 12^ Guemesey^ 1834. « 

Collectitia : or, pieces religious, moral and miscellaneous, adapted to 
the Society of Friends ; Vol. i. 8« York, 1824, 5. 

Colletta (pietro). Storia del Reame di Napoli dal 1734 al 1825 ; 4 
Tom. 8" Capolago, 1834. 

Collins (charles). Howell and Hoadly ; or the Church of England 
crucify 'd between two . 8° Lond. 1717. 

Collins (richard). The Cause of England's Misery ; or, a brief ac- 
count of the corrupt practice of the law. 4° Lond. 1698. 

Collins (williah). Odi descrittive ed allegoriche. Versione Italiana 
deir Avvocato G. B. Martelli. 4« Piacenza, 1814. 

CoLLOT (peter), a Journey in North America. 4® Paris, 1826. 

Atlas. 4« Paris, 1826. 

CoLOMBAT DE LlsERE (— ). Traite medico-chirurgical des Maladies des 
Organes de la Voix. 8® Par. 1834. 

Colon (dieoo). Por Don Diego Colon, y Larriategui : Con Don Pedro 
Colon de Portugal, posseedor del Estado de Veragua, y con el Mar- 
ques de Villamayor, y Dona Ana 4<'rancisca Colon, viuda de Don 
Diego de Cardenas, y Balda : sobre la propriedad del dicho estado de 
Veragua, que fundo Don Cbristoval Colon, primer Descubridor de 
las Indias, y los demas bienes a el pai'tenecientes. 4^ 

■■ 4® [Large paper.] 

Por Don Diego Colon de Larriategui, en respuesta de 

las informaciones de D. Pedro Colon de Portugal, posseedor del Es- 
tado de Veragua; y del Marques de Villamayor, y de D. Ana Fran- 
cisca Colon, viuda de D. Diego de Cardenas y Valda, y consortes ; en 
el pleyto sobre la propriedad de Veragua, y demsls rentas pertene- 
cientes al mayorazgo, que fundo Don Cbristoval Colon, primer Des- 
cubridor de las Indias. fol. 



Colon ^mariano). Informacion Juridica, en grado de segunda si^lica- 
cion : por Don Mariano Colon, de Toledo, y Larreategui ; en el Pleyto 
con Don Juan de la Cruz Velvis de M oncada y Colon ; y con Don 
Jacobo Fit-James, Stuard, Colon de Toledo, Duque de Werwick. 
fol. [1792.] 

Colon (pedro). Por D. Pedro Colon de Larreategui, con D. Jacobo 
Estuard Colon de Portugal, Duque de Bervick, sobre las incidencias, 
que ocurren en la Instancia de Kevista del Juicio petitorio pendiente 
en el Consejo i la succesion del Ducado, y Mayorazgo de Veragua. 
fol. [1768.] 

— [Another copy with some varia- 

CoLONNA (augustino da). Opera nuovamente compos ta del dispreza- 
mento del mondo in terza rima. Partita in capituli xxxii, ed uno 
temale della nostra dona della Seraphina : ed una ave Maria disposta. 
8« r«i. 1517. 

CoLTON (c). Tour of the American Lakes, and among the Indians of 
the North-west Territory, in 1880 ; ft Vol. 12<^ Land. 1888. « 

Church and State in America ; 2 Parts. 8" Lond. 1 884. ♦ 

CoLUcci (giuseppe). Cupra marittima antica Citta Picena illustrata. 
4» Macerata, 1779. 

—————— De' primi abitatori del Piceno Dissertazione. 4® 

Fermo, 1781. 

CoLviL (sAM.). Whigg's Supplication. A mock-poem in 2 Parts. 8^ 
Edinb. 1687. 

Columbus (christoph.). Compendio de lo que contiene el Memorial del 
hecho del pleyto sobre la sucesion en propriedad del Almirantazgo 
de las Indias, y Mayorazgo, que fundd Don Christoval Coldn, primer 
Descubridor, y Conquistador de eUas. fol. 

Combe (andrew). The Principles of Physiology applied to the 
preservation of Health, and to the improvement of physical and 
mental education. Enlarged and corrected. S^ EcUnb, ISS4, ♦ 

CoMBLEf ( — de). Etats de la France, ou les vrais Marquis, Comtes, 
Vicomtes, et Barons; 2 Parties. 8^ Par. 1788-5. 

Comedies. Comoedia Hibaldeha von einem Edelman welcher einem Abt 
drey Fragen auffgegeben. 8" Magdeburgk, 

Comedia famosa. A lo que obliga un Agravio. Por otro 

titulo : Las Hermanas Vandoleras. De dos Ingenios. 4® BarieL 

Las Auroras de SeviUa. Comedia famosa. De tres Inge- 

nios. 4^. 

Comedia famosa. Tambien tiene el Sol menguante. De 

tres Ingenios. 4to. 


Comedies. El Sitio de Olivenza. Comedia famosa. De un Ingenio de 

esta Corte. 4°. 
La mas Hidalga Hermosura. Comedia. De tres Ingenios. 4°. 

Mas 68 el Ruido que las Nueces, y el Relox toque su hora. 

Comedia famosa, de un Ingenio Sevillano. [Francisco Vances Can- 
damo.] 4^ 

Comedia famosa. La Luz del Sol de Oriente, San Ignacio 

en Paris. De un Ingenio de esta Corte. 4^. 

Comedia nueva. El Esclavo de su Amor, y el ofendido 

vengado. Compuesta por una Sefiora de esta Corte. 4". 

Comedia nueva. El Espa&ol de Oran. Escrita por un In- 

genio Militar. [Miguel de Barrios.] 4^ 

El Miralo Todo en CastiUa, en Napoles, y en Sicilia. Co- 

media nueva. Primera Parte. De un Ingenio SeviUano. 4^ 

La gran Comedia, El Monstruo de la Fortuna, Lavandera 

de Napoles, Felipa Catanea. De tres Ingenios. 4^ 

Las Quatro Estrellas de Roma : y £1 Martirio mas san- 

griente ; San Eustachio. Comedia. De un Ingenio de Talavera la 
Real. 4® Barcelona. 

Comedia famosa. El Diablo Predicador, y mayor contrario 

Amigo. De un Ingenio de esta Corte. 4° Barcelona. 

Comedia famosa. La Bandolera de Italia, y Enemiga de 

los Hombres. De un Ingenio de esta Corte. 4^ Barcelona. 

Comedia famosa. Vida, y Muerte del Cid, y noble Martin 

Pelaez. De un Ingenio de Corte. 4® Madr, 

—. Comedia famosa. Morir en la Cruz con Christo. De un 

Ingenio de esta Corte. 4*^ Salamanca. 

Comedia famosa. Cada qual con su cada qual. De un 

Ingenio Complutense. 4® Salamanca. 

Comedia famosa. A un tiempo Rey, y Vassallo. De tres 

Ingenios. 4° Salamanca. 

El Rey D. Alfonso el de la Mano Horadada. Comedia fa- 

mosa ; de un Ingenio de esta Corte. 4° Madr. 

El Hijo de los Leones. Comedia famosa, de un Ingenio 

de la Corte. 4» SeviUa. 

La Gran Comedia, Mas triunfa el Amor rendido. De 

tres Ingenios. 4® Sevilla. 

Travesuras son Valor. Comedia famosa, de tres Ingenios. 

4<> Sevilla. 

Reinar por obedecer. Comedia famosa^ de tres Ingenios. 

4<^ Sevilla. 

No hai Reino como el de Dios. Comedia nueva, de tres 

Ingenios. 4° Sevilla, 


Comedies. No ay contra el Amor Encantos. Comedia fainosa, de tres 
Ingenios. 4® Sevilla. 

Doncella, Viuda, y Casada. Comedia famosa, de un In- 

genio de esta Corte. 4^ Sevilla, 

La mejor Luna Africana. Comedia famosa de tres Ingenios. 

40 Sevilla. 

La Dama Muda. Comedia famosa, de un Ingenio de esta 

Corte. 4" Sevilla. 

Comedia famosa. El mas dichoso Prodigio. De un Ingenio 

de esta Corte. 4^ Sevilla. 

Comedia famosa. Las Visperas Sicilianas. De tres Inge- 

nios. 4^ Valladolid, 

Comedia famosa. Tambien Zaragoza es Cielo, y el Martyrio 

de S^' Engracia. De un Ingenio. 4^ Salamanca. 

Comcedia vetus (Dutch). 4°. 

Comedia famosa. Enfermar con el Remedio. De tres 

Ingenios. 4^ Valladolid. 

El meior de los mciores Libros que ban salido de Comedias 

nuevas. 15 Partes; 4® Madr. 1653-60. 

Comedia famosa. Don Juan de Espina en Milan. Segunda 

Parte. De un Ingenio de esta Corte. 4® Madr, 1730. 

Comedia famosa. Estrago de Odio, y Amor. Eneas, y 

Dido. De un Ingenio Cathalan. 4* Barcelona^ 1733. 

Indice general alfabetico de todos los titulos de Comedias, 

que se ban escrito por varios autores, antiguos, y modemos, y de los 
Autos Sacramentales, y alegoricos^ assi de Don Pedro Calderon de la 
Barca, come de otros autores clasicos. Af^Madr. 1735. 

Comedia nueva, intitulada: La Rosa de Alexandria Santa 

Eugenia. De un Ingenio de esta Corte. 4° Madr. 1735. 

Comedia famosa. Iris de Paz en la Europa, y Soledad en 

la Corte. De un Ingenio de Cadiz. 4® Madr. 1736. 

Tbe Universal Passion. [By James Miller.] 8®Zonrf. 1737. 

L'Oracle. Comedie en un acte. [Par Germain Francois 

Poullain de Saint-Foix.] 8« Par. 1740. 

Comedia nueva. Pluma, Purpura, y Espada, solo en Cis- 

neros se balla, y Restauracion de Oran^ De un Ingenio de esta Corte. 
4« Madr. 1740. 

Comedia nueva. El Valor nunca vcncido, y Hazanas de 

Juan de Arevalo. [De Francisco Escoti.] 4° Madr. 1743. 

Comedia famosa. Tambien ay Duelo en los Santos. [Dc 

Juan Salvo.] 4" Madr. 1744. 


Comedies. Comedia famosa. A scr Rey ensena un Angel. De un 
Ingenio de esta Corte. 4® Madr, 1746. 

: Comedia famosa. El Capucbino^ Espafiol. De un Ingenio 

de esta Corte. 4^ Madr. \7 4^7. 

Comedia nueva. La Charpa mas vengativa, y Guapo Bal- 

tasaret De un Ingenio Valenciano. 4® Madr. 1747. 

Comedia nueva. El Assombro de Xeres, Juana la Rabicor- 

tona. De un Ingenio de esta Corte. 4° Madr. 1748. 

Segunda Parte. De un Ingenio. 

4« FaUnda, 1769. 

Comedia nueva. Dos veces Madre de un Hijo, Santa 

Monica, y Conversion de San Agustin. De un Ingenio de esta Corte. 
40 Madr. 1748. 

Comedia famosa. La Prudencia en la Niiiez. De un 

Ingenio de esta Corte. 4^ Madr. 1749. 

Comedia nueva. El Alcides de la M ancha, y famoso Don 

Quixote. De un Ing^enio de esta Corte. 4* Madr. 1750. 

El buen Pagador es Dios. Comedia. De un Ingenio de 

esta Corte. 4* Madr. 1751. 

Lo que vale ser devotos de San Antonio de Padua. Comedia. 

De un Ingenio de esta Corte. 4^ Madr. 1751. 

Comedia famosa. Juez^ y Reo de su Causa. De un Ingenio 

de esta Corte. 4* Madr. 1751. 

Comedia famosa. A cada passo un peligro. De un Ingenio 

de esta Corte. [Los Figueroas.] 4" Madr. 1754. 

Comedia famosa. Hados, y Lados hacen dichosos, y desdi- 

chados. De un Ingenio de esta Corte. 4'* Madr. 1 755. 

Comedia famosa. El Negro del Cuerpo bianco, y el Etclavo 

de su Honra. De un Ingenio de esta Corte. 4^ Madr. 1756. 

— Cumplirle a Dios la palabra. Comedia. De un Ingenio 

de esta Corte. 4^ Barcelona, 1756. 

— Comedia famosa. El falso Nuncio de Portugal. De un 

Iilgenio de esta Corte. [Joseph Canizares.] 4^ Madr. 1759. 

Comedia famosa. La Muerta por el Honor. De un In- 

genio. 4^ Valencia f 1761. 

Comedia famosa. El Fenix de E^pafia, S. Francisco de 

Boija. De un Ingenio. 4° Valencia, 1762. 

Comedia famosa. La Condesa Perseguida, y el Capuchino 

Escoc^s. De un Ingenio. 4° Valencia, 1762. 

Comedia famosa. Conquista de Valencia, por el Rey D. 

Jaime. De un Ingenio Valenciano. 4" Valencia, 1762. 



Comedies. Comedia famosa. Duelos de Amor, y Desden, en Papel, 
Cinta, y Retrato. De un Ingenio Catalan. 4" Valencia, 1763. 

— Comedia nueva. El Anillo de Giges, y Maxico Rey de 

Lidia. Tercera Parte. De un Ingenio. 4^ Valencia, 1764. 

Comedia famosa. La Fuerza de la Sangre, y Amor hace 

hablar los Mudos. De ires Ingenios. 4** Valencia, 1 764. 

Comedia nueva. El Lucero de Madrid, y divino Labrador, 

San Isidro. De un Ingenio. 4^ Valencia, 1765. 

Comedia nueva. El Rey Enrique el Enfermo. De un In- 

genio. 4^ Valencia, 1768. 

Comedia famosa. Siempre hay que embidiar amando. [De 

Antonio de Zamora.] 4® Valencia, 1777. 

Comedia famosa. La Perla de Inglaterra^ y Peregrina de 

Ungria. De un Ingenio. 4^ Valencia, 1780. 

Comedia famosa. El Hijo Prodigo. De tres Ingenios. 

40 Madr. 1785. 

Comedie de Seigne Peyre et Seigne Joan. 8* Lyon, Benoist 

Rigaud, 1580. Reimpr. Par. 1832. 

Commandments. A Letter containing a Proposal for bringing in a Bill, 
to revise, amend, or repeal certain obsolete Statutes, commonly called 
the Ten Commandments. 8<> Lend. 1738. [4th Edit.] 

Commerce. Reflections upon the State of Commerce and public Credit ; 
with remarks upon the late conduct of the Bank of England. 8^ Land. 

Common Prayer. French, 12* Guemesey, 1833. # 

Commons, House of, A Defence of the Minority in the House of Com- 
mons, &c. 8". [Title wanting.] 

' — A Vindication of the Conduct of the late House of 

Commons, with respect to the great constitutional question agitated 
immediately before its dissolution, 1784. 12^, 

Two Lists ; shewing the alterations in the House 

of Commons, from the beginning of the reign of Henry VIII. to the 
end of that of James I., and in the House of Peers, from the ac- 
cession of James I. to this time. 4** Land. 1719. 

Arrangement of the Papers printed by Order of 

the House of Commons. (No. 1-767.) 43 Vol. fol. Lond. 1833. 
Presented by Order of the House of Commons. 

CoMOLET (j. A.). Porticus Aureliancnsis. Carmen. Liber primus. 4^ 
Par. 1717. 


Companion. The Kentish Companion ; or, gentleman's pocket memo- 
randum book, for 1884. 8" Canterbury, ♦ 

Company (joaquin), Arzohispo de Falencia. [Carta a sus Curas, Parro- 
cos y demas Diocesanos.] fol. Valencia^ 12 de Noviembre, 1807. 

CoMPTON (henry), Bp. of Londofi, Remarks upon the late Address 
of the Bishop of London and his Clergy, to the Queen. 8® Lond. 

CoMSTocK (j. L.). Outlines of Geology : with an examination of the 
question, Whether the days of the creation were indefinite periods. 
129 Hartford, 1834. 

CoNcoRDANTiiE. RepertoHum Biblicum, seu Concordantise S. Scripturae 
utriusque Testamenti ; 2 Pts. fol. August, VmdeL et Graciif 1751. 

. Concordantise Majores. fol. BasiL 1528. 

CoNDER (josiah). A Dictionary of Geography, ancient and modenu 
12<^ Zonif. 1884. m 

CoNDiYi (ascanio). Vita di Michelagnolo Buonarroti. 4^ Roma, 1558. 

Conference. A Conference betwixt a modem Atheist and his Friend. 
12^ Lond. 1698. 

CoNFEssio. Libellus de modo confitendiet penitendi, 4^ DaverUr. 1491. 
[Lit Goth.] 

Configliachi (pietro). Del Proteo Anguino di Laurenti Monografia 
pubblicata da Pietro Configliachi e da Mauro Rusconi. 4® Pavia, 

Conformist. An Answer to the City-Conformists Letter, from the 
country clergyman, about reading his Majesties Declaration. 4* 

Conformity. The Proceedings in Parliament in 1 702, 8, 4, upon the 
Bill to prevent Occasional Conformity. 8' Lond, 1710. 

Congregational Union. The primary Address of the annual Assembly 
of the Congregational Union of England and Wales, held in London, 
to the ministers and churches of the same faith. 8° Lond. 1884. ♦ 

Congress, American. Journals of the American Congress from 1774 to 
1788 ; 4 Vol. 8" Washington, 1828. 

Congress of United States. Secret Journals of the Acts and Proceed- 
ings of Congress from the first Meeting thereof to the Dissolution of 
the Confederation, by the adoption of the Constitution of the United 
States [1775-78] ; 4 Vol. 8» Boston, U. S., 1821. 

CoNOLLY (arthur). Joumcy to the North of India overland from 
England ; 2 Vol. 8° Loiuf. 1 884. ♦ 

Conrad (t. a.). New Fresh Water Shells of the United States. 12« 
Philad. 1884. 



CoKRADus (eusebius). De Dignitate Canonicorum Regularium deque 
ipsorum et monachorum differentia. 4° RonuB^ 1481. 

Conscience. Liberty of Conscience explicated and vindicated. 4^ Lend. 

Considerations. Serious Considerations^ addressed to British labour- 
ers and mechanics, at the present crisis. 8* Land, 1803. 

Consolation in Affliction. U'^ Dubl. 1833. « 


Constantinople. Thoughts on the Occurrences in the Year 1833 at 
Constantinople, between Russia and Turkey. 8° Land. 1834. ♦ 

CoNTARiNi (ambrosio). Itincrario di A. Contarini, mandado nel anno 1472 
ad Usuncassan Re di Persia. 4^ Hneg. F. Bindani et M. Pastni^ 1524. 

CoNTEMPORAiNES. Lcs Coutemporaines, ou avantures des plus jolies 
femmes de Page present. [Par N. £. Retif de la Bretonne.] 42 Vol. 
12« LUpmck, 1781-5. 

Contractus (joannes). Sermones de Tempore et Sanctis per totum 
annum, fol. Calon, Johannes Koelhoffde Luheck, 

Conventicles. A Letter from a Justice of Peace to a Counsellor at 
Law concerning Conventicles, with the reply. 4*. 

Convention. Seasonable Reflections on the late Convention, concluded 
the 3d of May last, between the courts of Vienna and Turin. 8^ Land. 


■ ■ Convencion entre el Rey N. S. y eJ Rey Christianissimo, 

sobre navegacion, comercio maritimo, y visitas de embarcaciones, 
ajustada y firmada en Madrid a 2 de Enero de 1768. 4° Madr. 

■ Convencion entre el Rey N. S. y el Rey de la Gran-Bre- 

tana, transigiendo varios puntos sobre pesca, navegacion y comercio 
en el Oceano Pacifico y los Mares del Sur, firmada en San Lorenzo 
el Real a 28 de Octubre de 1790. 4» Madr. 

Convenio entre el Rey N. S. e el Rey de la Gran Bretafia, 

firmado en Aranjuez a 25 de Mayo de 1 793 ; con motivo de las re- 
voluciones de Francia. 4° Madr. 1793. 

Conversations. Political and familiar. [By Thomas Tyers.] 8^ Land. 

■ of a Father with his Children; 2 Vol. 8° Land. 1834. « 

Conversations-Lexicon. Allgemeines deutsches Conversations-Lexi- 
con; Hefli-x. H^ Leipz. 1834. 

Contersations-Lexikon der neuesten Zeit und Literatur ; Hefl xx- 
XXX. 8»Zeip2. 1833, 4. 

, . , Neuestes Conversations-Lexikon fiir alle 

Stande. Von einer Gesellschafl deutscher Gelehrten bearbeitet; 
Lieferung ix. 4" Leipz. 


Conversation's-Lexikon. Militair Conversations-Lexikon, bearbeitet 
von mehreren deutschen Officieren. Redigert und herausgegeben 
von Hanns Eggert Willibald von der Liihe; Band ii und in, Heft i. 
8" Leipz. 18S3, 4. 

Conversion. A breefc Treatise exhorting Sinners to Repentance, com- 
monly called, The Conversion of a Sinner. 8^ Land, [Lit. Goth.] 

Convocation. Convocation-Craft : or a brief history of the intrigues, 
and insolence, of English Convocations under the Papacy, till re- 
strained by King Henry VHI. 8° Land. 1717. 

The Convocation ; or, the advantages of an ecclesiastical 

establishment discussed in an imaginary dialogue. S^Lond, 1834. ♦ 

Con YBBARE (w. D.). An elementary Course of Lectures, on the criticism, 
interpretation, and leading doctrines of the Bible. 8*^ Lond. 1834.* 

An Assize Sermon. 8° Ox/ 1834. « 

Cook (moses). The Manner of raising, ordering, and improving Forest 
Trees. 8» Zoitrf. 1717. 

Cook (s. s.). Sketches in Spain during the Years 1829, 30, 31, and 
32 ; 2 Vol. 8« Lond. 1834. « 

Cooke (edw.). Bartas Junior, or, the Worlds Epitome; Man. 8^ 
Lond. 1631. « 

Cooke (o. w.). Criminal Trials in England ; their defects and remedies. 
8® Land, 1 834. « 

Cooke (john henry). A Narrative of Events in the South of France, 
and of the Attack on New Orleans, in 1814 and 1815. 12^ Land. 
1835. ♦ 

Cooper (c. p.). Proceedings of his Majesty's Commissioners on the 
Public Records of the Kingdom. Edited by C. P. Cooper, Esq., Se- 
cretary to the Board; Vol. i. fol. L<md. 1833. Presented by the 
Commissioners on the Public Records. 

Substance of his Speech, as counsel for the Rev. Charles 

Wellbeloved, in the suit of the Attorney-General versus Shore, re- 
specting Lady Hewley's foundations, 2d July, 1834. 8" Land. 1834. 
Presented by the Author. 

[2d Edit.] 8« Lond. 1834. 

Cooper (j. f.). A Letter to his Countrymen. 8» New York, London, 

1834. ♦ 

Cooper (t.), Bp. of Lincoln. Certaine Sermons. 4» Lond., Ralphe New- 

bery, 1580. [Lit. Goth.] 
Cooper (t. h.). The Botany of the County of Sussex. 8« Lewes, 1834. 

Presented by the Author* 
Co-oPERATOB. The Lancashire and Yorkshire Co-operator. 8» Man- 

Chester. * 


Copland (Alexander). The Existence of other Worlds, peopled with 
living and intelligent Beings, deduced from the nature of the uni- 
verse. To which is added, Modem Discoveries contrasted with the 
Knowledge of the ancient Egyptians. 8" Zone?. 1834. m 

Copland (james). A Dictionary of practical Medicine; Pt. ii. 8^ 
Land. 1833. « 

Copley (esther). The Housekeeper's Guide. 8*^ Lond. 1834. m 

Coquette. The Coquette; 3 Vol. 12^ Lond. 1834. « 

CoQuiLLART (guillaume). (Euvres. 16° Par,, Galiot du Pre, 1532. 
[Cum notis MSS. quamplurimis.] 

Coras (jaCques de). Jonas, ou Ninive Penitente. Poeme sacre. 12^ 
Par. 1663. 

Cordara ( Julius). Collegii Germanici et Hungarici Historia Libris IV. 
comprehensa. 4° /Joiwo?, 1770. 

Cordova y la Cueva (luis de). Donde ay Agravio, ay Venganza. Co- 
media faraosa. 4°. 

Corn. One Cause of the present Scarcity of Com, pointed out. By a 
Physician. 8* Lond. 1795. 

Corn Laws. On the Com Laws. By an Essex Farmer. 8° Lond. 
1834. « 

CoRNAZZANO (antonio). Souetti e Canzone. 8° Milano, 1503. [Lit. 

Corporation and Test Acts. The Rights and Liberties of Subjects 
vindicated : in answer to the adjuster of the dispute about the proper 
time of applying for a repeal of the Corporation and Test Acts. 8^ 
Lond. 1732. 

An Answer to some Queries in a Paper intituled, " Rea- 
sons offered against pushing for the Repeal of the Corporation and 
Test Acts." 8» Jjond. 1732. 

CoRRESPONDANCE sccrete, politique et litteraire, ou memoires pour servir 
a Thistoire des cours, des societes et de la litterature en France, de- 
puis la mort de Louis XV. [Par Metra et autres.] 18 Tom. 12* 
Londr. 1787-90. 

CoRRT (john). The Life of George Washington. 12* Lond. 1800. 

The Life of Joseph Priestley, LL.D. 1 2* Birmingh. 1 804. 

Cossacks. Verhael hoe dat de Cosaggen wederom en Moravien gbe- 
vallen zijn. 4* Antwerpen, 1620. 

Verhael hoe de Kosagghen wederom in Moravien ende 

Slesien gevallen zijn. 4* Antwerpen, 1620. 

Verhael hoe dat de Cosagghen in Hungheren zijn ghevallen. 

4* Antwerpen, 1620. 


,CosTE ( — ). Recherches sur la Generation des Mammifercs, par M. 
Coste. Suivies de Recherches sur la Formation des Embryons, par 
MM. Delpech et Coste. 4" Par. [1834.] 

CoTTiNoiiAM (l. n.). Plans, Elevations, Sections, and Details of the In- 
terior of Henry Vllth's Chapel, Westminster ; Vol. ii. fol. LoncL 
1829. ' 

Couch (james). Observations on the Solid Channel. 8^ LoruL [1834.] ♦ 

CoucY (regnault), Chatelain de. Chansons, revues sur tous les Manu- 
scrits, par Francisque Michel ; suivies de Tancienne musique. 8° Par, 

Coventry (henry). Philemon to Hydaspes : or the history of false re- 
ligion in the earlier pagan world. 12** Glasg. 1761. 

Council of Trent. Decreten ende bevelen van het Vaghevier, Aenroe- 
pinghe, Eeringhe, ende reliquien der Heylighen, ghepubliceert van het 
generael Concilie van Trenten. 4" Antwerpen, 1564. 

Councils. Collectio Conciliorum Hispaniee diligentia Garsiae Loaisa 
elaborata. fol. Madr. 1593. 

Ad Sacrosancta Concilia a Philippo Labbeo et Gabriele 

Cossartio edita Apparatus alter, fol. Ven. 1728. 

Sacrosancta Concilia ad regiam editionem exacta, quae olim 

quarta parte prodiit auctior studio Labbei et Cossartii ; nunc vero 
locupletior, et emendatior exhibetur curante Nicolao Coleti ; 21 Tom. 
fol. Ven. 1728-33. 

: Apparatus primus, fol. Ven, 1733. 

Sanctorum Conciliorum et Decretorum Collectio nova, seu 

CoUectionis Conciliorum a Labbeo et Cossartio primum vulgatae, dein 
emendatioris, et amplioris opera Nicolai Coleti recusae Supplementum. 
CoUegit, digessit, et illustravit Joannes Domenicus Mansi ; 6 Tom. 
fol.Zficor, 1748-52. 

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de France ; Tom. xii. 4° Par, 1833. 

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8° Bologna. 

8«» Trevigi, 1689. 

Descrittione della Vita di Giulio Cesare Croce. Con dui 

indicia Funo dell* opere stampate, e Taltro di quelle che vi sono da 
stampare. 8^ Bologna. 

Otave morali essemplari, e ridicolose. 8* Bologna. 

Vanti di duoi Villani ciod Sandron, e Burtlin sopra le 

astutie tenute da essi nel vendere le castellate quest' anno. 8*^ Bo^ 

Intrichi^ rumori, chiacchiare, viluppi, e firacassi, che si 

fanno nella citteL di Bologna al tempo delle Vendemie. 8^ Bologna. 

Veglia Camevalesca. 8^ Bologna. 

Gianicco Caccia Mosche^ Ambasciator del Freddo, k 

tutti i Poveri mal vestiti, e pegio calciati. 8° Bologna. 

Lodi delle pullite, et leggiadre Caldirane. 8* Bologna* 

Canzone nuova, e ridicolosa sopra i Sughi, che s'usano 

di fare al tempo della Vendemia, in queste parti, 8® Bologna. 

Lamento di tutte le Arte del Mondo, et di tutte le CitteL 

e Terre d' Italia, per le poche &cende, che si fanno alia giomata. 8° 

— ^ II Lamento di Pontighino Ladro femoso. 8* Bologna. 

Secreti di Medicina mirabilissimi del poco Eccell. e tutto 

Ignorante M. Agresto de' Bruschi. 8^ Bologna. 

8° Bologna, 1635. 

Canzone di Madonna Disdegnosa sorella di Madonna 

Tenerina, e figliuola di Madonna Caccolina. 8® Bologna. 

II Parlamento de gl' Animali et altre cose insensibili, che 

parlano. 8*^ Bologna, 

La trionfante Vittoria della Quaresima contra il Camo- 

vale. 8° Bologna. 

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arcingordissimo Mangiatore, e Diluviatore del Mondo. 8^ Bologna. 


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Proposte e Risposte &tte fra huomini, e donne. 8° Bo- 

Scatola Historiata* 8" Bologna. 

Disputa fra Cola> e Arlichino. 8® Bologna. 

Dialogo piacevolissimo, fra 11 dua costumatissinii, e ben 

creati M. Asino, e M. Porco, sopra Pabondanza de Meloni. 8^ Bo- 

Rime compassionevoli, pietose e divote sopra la Passione, 

Morte, e Risurrettione del nostro Signor Giesu Cristo, ciod il primo 
Canto deir Ariosto tradotto in spirituale. 8* Fiterbo. 

. II Battibecco overo Cicalamento, et Chiacharamento che 

8*odono fare fra loro certe Donnette mentre stanno a lavare i panni a 
Reno. 8° Bologna, 

. 8« Bologna, 1639. 

— . La Discordia Confusa. Dialoghi tre. Per la pace fatta 

fra la Maesta Catholica, e il Re di Francia. 8*^ Ferrara, ristamp, 
Bologna, 1598. 

Comiato dato da i Beccari ai Pescatori nel fine di Qua- 

dragesima. Con la risposta di essi Pescatori. 8° Bologna, 1604. 

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S^ Bologna, 1611. 

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La Topeide. 8» Bologna, 1616. 

Mascherate piacevolissime. 8" ^o^^na, 1616. 

. Contrasto piacevole fra TEstate, e il Verno. 8* Bologna, 


Dialogo novo, e non piu sentito fra la Mantina, e Gior- 

getto suo amante. 8° Bologna, 1617- 

II Festino del Barba Bigo dalla Valle. 8» Bologna, 1617. 

Innamoramento di Giulio Cesare Croce, e da lui mede- 

simo composto in ottava rima. 8^ Bologna, 1617. 

I venti Humori overo Cervelli delle Donne appropriati a 

venti Genij, e Epitetti loro. 8° Bologna, 1617. 

Pronostico perpetuo et infallibile composto per Teccel- 

lente Astrologo, detto il Capriccioso, Matteroatico, Filosofo, Indovino, 
Architetto, e Academico. 8^ Bologna, 1617. 


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Bologna f 1617. 

Scaramuccia grandissima occorsa nuovamente nella Citta 

d*Ancona, fira due Ebrei, per un* Oca. 8* Bologna, e Ferrara, 1617. 

La solenne et trionfante Entrata dello squaquaratissimo, 

e slofieggiantissimo Signor Caraevale in questa Citta. 8^ Bologna, 


Abbattimento terribile, e tremendo, fatto fra il Si, e il 

No. 8^ Bologna, 1620. 

Comparationi gentilissime sopra reccellenza, grandezza, 

e nobilta del Pane, et del Sole. S^ Bologna, 1620. 

La Gravita et Generosita del Hue. 8® Padova, e Bo- 

logna, 1620. 

— La Nobilta e Trofei dell* Asino. 8*^ Padova, e Bologna, 


La Compagnia de' Macinati i quali si sono imbarcati a 

Patrasso per andare a Trabisonda. 8^ Bologna, 1621. 

Dialogo fra Mad. Pressia Maestra da Scuola, e la Com- 

moda sua Discepola. 8^ Bologna, 1622. 

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Frusto. 8» Bologna, 1623. 

La sollecita et studiosa Academia de* Golosi. 8* Bo- 

logna, 1623. 

Rime compassionevoli d*un Amante appassionato, il quale 

per il grande amore, ch'egli porta alia sua Signora, non puo mangiare, 
ne bere, quando non si trova haver di che. 8^ Bologna, 1624. 

Sbandimento, Esamine, e Processo del fraudolente, inso- 

lente, e prodigo Camevale. 8° Bologna, 1624. 

Bravate, Razzate, et Arcibulate del Arcibravo Smedola. 

8<^ Bologna, 1628. 

Selva di Esperienza, nella quale si sentono mille, e piu 

Proverbi. 8® Bologna, 1628. 

Chiacchiaramenti, Viluppi, Intrichi, Travagli, e Crida- 

lesmi, fatti nel sbagagliamento, overo mutare massaritie, che si fa in 
Bologna il mese di Maggio, il griorno di S. Michele, in lingua Bolognese. 
8<^ Bologna, 1629. 

Disgratie di Bartolino della Zena. 8** Bologna, 1630. 

Processo overo Esamine di Camevale. ^^ Bologna, 1630. 

Dialogo galante, fra una madre coropasionevole^ e una 

figlia inferma per amore. 8^ Bologna, 1631. 

— Le Nozze del Zane, in Lingua Bergamasca. 8^ Bologna, 




Cttocz (g. c). Sogno dd Zamba, m Ungu Bcrgmatea. 8* B§iogma, 

OTCTO Mocd giooosi aopim rappresentani 

TocU di fioriy frntd, erbe, firoodi, piantey animali, <vov gemBe, et 
oobili £aTori fra ^ AmantL 8* 7frrtjo, 1632. 

o sottennem Cooibiioiie, aopia la morte di 

Baisa, fiuDCMO Capitano de TurdiL 8* Boloi^aa; 1653. 

i sopra tutd i tzaffidii e negodi, cbe si 

iaoDo ogni giomo su la Piazza di Bologna. 8* BolognOf 1654. 

aDe Cordgiane, cbe hod possono andare in 

maiciiera in qnesto Carnerale. 8* Bologmoy 1654. 

I Freschi deUa Villa. 8* BoJo^rao, 1654. 

Lamento de' Villani fatto da loro I'anno, cbe andd il 

Bandoy die ai poitassero li sdiioppi alia Mcmitioiie. 8* Bolognoj 


- Canzone della Police ridicoloaa, e beDa. 8* Boiognaf 
Nel tempo die la Luna bnratava. Operetta beDisaima. 

B* Bologna, 1655. 

■- Indovinelli ; in Dialogo. 8* ^o/cgiia, 1656. 

Risa tremenda fira Mardochai, e BadanaL Con fl festino, 

colatione, e nnisica fatta da loro in segno di pace. 8* Bologna, 1656. 
Testamento di Marchion Petola nel partirsi da Bologna : 

dove laacia erede la sua Zoppa, d*ogni cosa del suo. Con la risposta 
della Zoppa. 8® Bologna, 1656. 

Avisi burleschi di piu Citta. 8» Bologna, 1657. 

II giocondo, e florido Convito fatto nelle sontuose Nozze 

del Raffanno, e della Rapa. 8^ Bologna, 1657. 

— ^— *— La Girandola de Cerveli. Barzeletta curiosissima. 8* 

Trevigi, 1637. 

— — — Terzetti overo Motti piacevoli. 8® Bologna, 1657. 

Tragedia in Comedia fra i bocconi da grasso, e quei da 

magro la sera di Camevale. 6^ Trevigi, 1657. 

Avisi burleschi, venuti da diverse parti del Mondo. 8® 

Bologna, 1658. 

Caso compassionevole e lacrimoso Lamento di due in- 

fclici Amanti, condanati alia Giustitia, in Bologna, alii 5 Genaro, 1587. 
S^ Bologna, 1658. 

Lacrime del Peccatore al Crocifisso. 8° Bologna, e Ma^ 

ccralOf 1658. 

— La Simona dalla Sambuca, la quale va cercando da filare 

in questa citt^. 8^ Bologna, 1659. 


Croce (o. c). Dialoghi curiosi. 8° Bologna, 1639. 

Mascherate bellissime da cantare il Carnevale. 8® Spo- 

letiy 1661. 

La Filippa da Calcara la qual va cercando da far bucate. 

8* Bologna, 1695. 

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■ From Michaelmas 

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El mejor Rey del Mundo, y Templo 

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On Consumption^ Coughs, Colds, Asthma, and 

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The real Question at issue between the Opponents 

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prevent some classes of his Majesty's subjects from resorting to the 
Universities of England, and proceeding to degrees therein." 8° Land. 
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[1834.] .♦ 


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Sumina Totalis, or, all in all, and the same for ever. 

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Children invited to Christ. A sermon. 12° Lond. 


The Vessels of Mercy, and the Vessels of Wratli, 

delineated. A sermon. 8^ Lond. 1758. 

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Edtnb. 1833. « 

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Lond. [1833.] « 

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hyB.A. 1621. 

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— Atlas. 4«Prtr. 

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rature ; 2 Vol. 8° Bury St. Edmund's, 1787. 

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moir of his life by the Rev. C. Davy; 3 Vol. 8° Exeter, 1827. 

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Sons of the Clergy. 4° Lond. 1833. « 

Davyth ap Gwilym. Translations into English Verse from his Poems. 
8''Z(m(^ 1834. « 

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synonymical dictionary of the English language ; Pt. i-v. 4^ 
Ipswich, 1806. 

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appendix. 8® Maidstone. [1784.] 


D^AL (j. N.). Nouveaux Principes de la Philosophic Naturelle, deduits 
d'observations et d'experiences de physique tr^s faciles a renouveler^ 
et appliques a la physiologic universelle, au magnetisine et a Telec- 
tricite ; a la theorie de la lumiere et des couleurs, ainsi qu'a la theorie 
de Faudition ; et servant a demontrer qu*il ne peut pas ne point y 
avoir de mouvement spontane dans la nature. 8® Par, 1 832. 

Deas (oeorge) and Anderson (james). Cases decided in the Court of 
Session ; Vol. i-v. 8<» Land. 1830-33. » 

Death. Punishment of Death. A series of short articles ; No. i-v. 
80Zoiirf. [1833.] » 

Death Bed Scenes. Strictures on the work entitled " Death Bed 
Scenes and Pastoral Conversations.*' 8*^ Lond, 1833. « 

Debauchery. A Specimen of a Declaration against Debauchery, ten- 
dered to the consideration of the Prince of Orange, and of the present 
convention of the nation. 4" Lond, 

A Vindication of a late Undertaking in order to the 

suppressing of Debauchery and Profaneness. 4" Lond, 1692. 

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Transylvania, locupletata, et concinnata a Frid. Adolpho Lampe. 4° 
Trajecii ad Rhenum, 1728. 

Debr£Tt*s Complete Peerage. Edited by William Courthope, Esq. 8'' 
Land, 1834. » 

Debt. Considerations on the Proposal for reducing the Interest on the 
National Debt. [By Sir John Barnard.] 8° Lond. 1750. 

Annotations on a late Pamphlet intituled, " Considerations on 

the Proposal for reducing the Interest on the National Debt." 8** 
Lond. 1750. 

The History of our National Debts and Taxes from 1688 to 

1751 ; 4 Pts. 8° Lond. 1753. 

The National Debt productive of national Prosperity. 8® War^ 

rington, 1787. 

The Englishman's Question: Whether imprisonment for debt 

and damages, be more advantagious, or prejudicial to the English 
nation? 4^ Lond. 1673. 

Debts. The Attempt : or an essay towards the retrieving lost liberty, 
reforming the corrupt laws of this nation, and rendering the recovery 
of debts easy and effectual. By a prisoner in the Poultry Compter. 
S"* Lond. 1751. 

Dechazelle (p. t.). Etudes sur I'Histoire des Arts, ou tableau du 
progres et de la decadence de la statuaire et de la peinture antiques 
au sein des revolutions qui ont agite la Grcce et I'ltalie ; 2 Tom. 8^ 
Par. 1834. 

p 2 


Decisiones anonymi J. C. [de injusta incarceratione Principta Eduardi 
Portugalliffi.] fol. 1646. 

Declaration. A Letter from a Clergyman in the Country, to the 
Clergyman in the City^ author of a late " Letter to his friend in the 
country," shewing the insufficiency of his reasons for not reading the 
Declaration. 4' Land. 1688. 

Dedekind (friedrich). Miles Christianus, der Christliche Ritter in 
ein heistlich Spiel oder Comoedien, augiret vnd agiret durch Johannem 
fiechmanum. 8° Braunschweig, 1604. 

Dedication. A Dedication to a great Man concerning Dedications. 8® 
Land. 1719. 

Dedon (fran^ois louis). Relation detaillee du Passage de la Limat, 
effectue le S Vendemiaire an 8 ; suivie de celle du passage du Rhin, du 
11 Floreal suivant. 8* Par. an ix. 1801. 

Deen (j.van). Disquisitio Physiologica de differentia et nexu inter 
nervos vitae animalis et vitae organicae. 8*^ Ltigd. Bat, 1 834. 

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de M. Le Comte Dejean ; Pt. iii. 8« Par. 1833. 

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in jest. 4° Lond.^ Printed by T. C. 

The Dead Tearme. Or, Westminsters complaint 

for long vacations and short termes. 4° Lond.y John Hodgets^ 1603. 
[Lit. Goth.] 

Dekker his Dreame. 4® Lond., Nicholas Okes, 1620. 

De la Beche (h. t.). Researches in Theoretical Geology. 8^ Lond. 
1834. » 

Delafaye (theodore). a Vindication of a Sermon, entitled '* Inocula- 
tion an indefensible practice.'* 8^ Lond, 1754. 

■ Apocalyptical History; or a fair state of the 

events, referred to in the book of Revelation; Pt. i. 8® Lond. 1759. 

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■ Tractatus de Mysterio SS. Trinitatis. 12* 

Dubl. 1822. 

Tractatus de Sacramento Poenitentiae. 12* 

Dubl. IS25. 

Tractatus de Sacramentis in genere. 12*^ 

Dubl. 1828. 

' Tractatus de ecclesia Christi. 12® Dubl. 

Db la Macy. a Tale of real Life ; 2 Vol. W Lond. 1834. 


Del AM E (w. F. A.). A Collection of Decisions in the Courts for revising 
the Lists of Electors for the Counties of Berks, Middlesex, the eastern 
Division of Kent, the northern Division of Staffordshire, and War- 
wickshire ; the Cities of London and Westminster, and the Boroughs 
of Abingdon, Bedford, Finsbury, Harwich, Lambeth, Leicester, Mar- 
low, Marylebone and Petersfield ; with some of the Resolutions of the 
House of Commons ; and the Reform and Botmdary Acts. 8' Lend. 
1884. « 

Delaune (henry), narpxoir Awpov. Or, a legacy to his sons. Being a 
miscellany of precepts. 8^ Land. 1657. 

Delaware ; or, the ruined &mily. A tale ; 3 Vol. 12*^ Edinb, 
1833. » 

Delestre (j. b.). Etudes des Passions appliquees aux Beaux-Arts. 8^ 
Par. 1833. 

Delfico (melchiorre). Memorie storiche della Repubblica di San Ma- 
rino. 4^ Milano, 1804. 

Delft. Droeve-Vreught op den Vorstelijcken Begraef-dagh tot Delf, 
op den 10 Mey 1647. 4« Delf, 1647. 

Delgado (antonio). Quintillas nuevas, en las que se habla del asunto 
de las guerras de los Espaiioles contra los Ingleses. 4^ Sevilla, 

Delille (c. j.). The Class Book : an introduction to the French lan-f 
guage. 12*^ Land., Paris, 1834. ^ 

Dellaouila (francisco Guillen). [Parecer acerca un Libello infame.] 
fol. [1640.] 

Della Valle (guglielmo). Vite dei Pittori antichi Greci e Latini. 4® 
Siena, 1795. 

Dellon (c). The History of the Inquisition, as it is exercised at 
Goa. Translated. 4^^ Lond. 1 6S8. 

Demian (j. a.). Tableau geographique et politique des Royaumes de 
Hongrie, d*Esclavonie, de Croatie et de la grande principaute de 
Transilvanie. Traduit de TAllemand. Public par MM. Roth et 
Raymond ; 2 Tom. 8^ Par. 1809. 

Demosthenes. Orationes Olynthiacse et De Corona. S^ Ronue, 1541, 
[Cum notis MSS. quamplurimis.] 

Oratio in Midiam cum annotatione critica et exegetica. 

Curavit Philippus Buttmannus Dr. Editio aucta. 8® Berol. 1833. 

Orationes selectae VII. Edidit Franc. Jos. Renter. 

Pars II. continens Orat. de Pace, Philipp. ii, iii. 8* Augusta Find. 

Orations, translated by the Rev. Mr. Francis, with notes ; 

2 Vol. 4^"* Land, 1757, 8. 
Denham (j. f.). a Spelling and Reading Book. 12^ Lond. 1834. « 


Denmark. Forordning oc Skick, huorledis her effler holdis skal, met 
Betler oc Staadere, ofFuer alt Danmarckis Rige udgifihit aar 1588. 
4<» Kiobenhaffn, 1590. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

Gaards Roetten, huorledis holdiss kal paa Kronens Slotte oc 

Gaarde, ofFuer alt Danmarckis oc Norgis Riger. 4^ Kiobenhaffn, 1590. 
Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

Dennis (j.). The Alliance of the Church and State neither sinful nor 
unscriptural. 8° Lond. 1 834. m 

Denovan (Alexander). Observations in opposition to Mr. Fleming 
of Neilston's '* Critique '* in favour of " Civil Establishments of 
Christianity," in two Discourses. 8® Glasg, 1834. » 

Deppino (o. b.). Histoire des Expeditions maritimes des Normands et de 
leur etablissement en France au dixieme siecle ; 2 Tom. 8® Par. 1826. 

Les Juifs dans le moyen age. Essai historique. 8* 

Par. 1834. 

Derlino (christian, oothofr.) Dissertatio historica de Hugone a S. 
Victore Comite Blankenburgensi. 4° Helmst. 1745. 

— Press. Dissertatio historica et critica 

de Miltiade perantiquo Ecclesiarum Jureconsulto. Resp. Jo. Frid. 
Jul. Mehlis. 4<> Helmst, 1746. 

— Commentarius historicus de Haymone 

Episcopo Halberstadiensi. 4® Helmst. 1747. 

Desertion. The Desertion discuss'd. By J. C. 8^. 

Deshayes (o. p.). Description de Coquilles fossiles des Environs de 
Paris ; Livrais. xxv-xxxvi, 4° Par. 

Detrosier (r.). An Address, on the necessity of moral and political 
instruction among the working classes. 1 2^ Lond. # 

Deventer. Verhael van de overgevinge der stadt Deventer. 4° Deventer, 

Devereux (robert), Earl of Essex. Apologie vanden Grave van Essex, 
uyt bet Engelsche overgheset by C. C. 4® Middelburgh, 1603. 

Deveze de Chabriol (j. s.) et Bouillet (j. b.). Essai Geologique et 
Mineralogique sur les Environs d'Issoire, Departement du Puy-de- 
Dome, et principalement sur la Montague de Boulade. fol. Clermont- 
Ferrand, 1827. 

Deville (a.). Essai historique et descriptif sur TEglise et TAbbaye de 
Saint-Georges-de-Bocherville, pr^s Rouen. 4* Rouen, 1827. 

^ Histoire du Chateau-Gaillard, et du siege qu'il soutint 

contre Philippe- Auguste en 1203 et 1204. 4° Rouen, 1829. 

TombeauK de la Cathedrale de Rouen. 8® Rouen, 1833. 

Devon. The Case of the County of Devon, with respect to the conse- 
quences of the new excise duty on cyder and perry. 4" Lond. 1 763. 


Dewez (l. d. j.). Histoire generale de la Belgique depuis la conqu^te 
de Cesar; 7 Tom. 8« Brux. 1805-7. 

Dewhurst (h. w.). a familiar Lecture illustrative of the Architecture 
of the Human Body. Enlarged. S^ Land. IS34. » 

A Grammar of Phrenology. S^ Land. IS34, » 

Deylingius (salomo), Pms. S. Cyrilli Hierosolymitani a corruptelis 
pontificiis Vindicatio. Resp. Friedr. Gottl. Cyriacus. 4*^ Lips, 1716. 

Dezeimeris (ollivier) et Raioe-Delorme ( — ). Dictionnaire His- 
torique de la Medecine ; Tom. ii. Pt** i. S** ParU, ei Bruxellesy 1834. 

D'HoziER (pierre). Genealogie de la maison des S" de Larbour diets 
de Combauld. 4° Par. 1628. 

DiAOO (francisco). Historia de la Provincia de Aragon de la Orden de 
Predicadores hasta el aiio 1600. fol. Barcelona, 1599. 

Dialogues. na^alo|of, quo Romani Pontificis Orator, una cum eo^ qui 
est eidem Pontifici a Confessionibus, colloquia miscentes, introdu- 
cuntur. 8®. 

— - Copye van een Discours tusschen een Hollander ende een 

Zeeuw. 4*. 

Schuyt-praetgens op de Vaert naer Amsterdam tusschen een 

Lantman, een Hovelinck, een Borger, ende Schipper. 4°. 

Samensprekinghe tusschen den Pans ende Coninck van 

Spangien belanghende den Pays met ons Lieden aen te gaene. 4*^. 

Disputatio inter Clericum et Militem super potestate pre- 

latis ecclesie atque principibus terrarum commissa sub forma dyalogi. 
[Item. Compendium de vita anticristi.] 4^ [CoUm, typis Adulrici 
ZelU circa 1470.] 

Dialogo de Mercurio y Caron : en que allende de muchas 

cosas graciosas se cuenta lo que ha acaescido en la guerra desdel ano 
1521 hasta los desafios delos Reyes de Francia y Ynglaterra hechos 
al Emperador en el aiio 1523. 8^ [Lit. Goth.] 

Dialogo : en que se tratan las cosas acaecidas en Roma : el 

alio 1527. 8» [Lit. Goth.] 

Discours van Pieter en Pauwels op de Handelinghe vanden 

Vreede anno 1608. 4®. 

Ghespraecke van Liefhebbers des ghemeynen Nuts. 4® 


De mot in't Vossevel of gemeene 't Zamenspraek tusschen 

Koenraed Stuurrecht en Hans Klopuit 4® Gravenhage, 1660. 

Leger-Praetje over den toestant van ons Ruyters en Sol- 

daten. 4® 1672. 

't Samen-spraeck over bet Verradelijck bedryf der En- 

gelsche aen de Smimaes en Spaensche Vloot. 4® 1672. 


Dialogues. A Dialogue at Oxford between a Tutor and a Gentleman, 
formerly his pupil, concerning government. 4^ Lond. 1681. 

— — — The Head of Nile ; or, the turnings and windings of the 
factious since sixty, in a dialogue between Whigg and Barnaby. 4^ 
L<md. 1681. 

An Answer to a Libel, entituled, a Dialogue between Dr. 

H. C. and a Country Gentleman. 4^ Lond. 1696. 

An Answer to the Dragon and Grasshopper, in a dialogue 

between an Old Monkey and a Young Weazel. 8® Lond, 1698. 

Jack out of Office ; in a dialogue between two disconsolate 

sneakers. 4^ 1705. 

The Rival Dutchess : or, court incendiary. In a dialogue 

between Madam Maintenon, and Madam M. 8^ Lond, 1708. 

A Dialogue between an Oak and an Orange Tree. 8® Lond, 


A Dialogue between a Whig and a Jacobite ; on the late 

rebeUion. 8« Lond, 1716. 

Dialogues on the Passions, Habits, and Affections, pe- 
culiar to Children. 8^* Lond, 1748. 

A philosophical Dialogue concerning Decency. [By Mr. 

Rolleston.] 4" Lond. 1751. 

Four new Dialogues of the Dead. 8** Lond, 1765. 

Dialogues, moral and scientific ; 2 Vol. 12® Lond, 

1884. » 

The Strike ; or, a dialogue between Andrew Plowman and 

John Treadle. 8*^ Lond. 1834. » 

Diamante (j. b.). Santa Juliana. Comedia. 4°. 

■ Passion vencida de Afecto. Comedia. 4®. 

Comedia famosa del Hercules de Ocana. 4°. 

Reynar por obedecer. Comedia famosa de tres In- 

genios. La primera Jornada de Diamante. La segunda de Villavici- 
osa. La tercera de D. Juan de Matos. 4°. 

■ La Magdalena de Roma, Cathalina la bella. Come- 
dia. 4« 3farfr. 1748. 

DiARio de los Literatos de Espafia ; 7 Tom. 8*^ Madr. 1737-42. 

. Espiritu de los mejores Diarios Literarios que se publican en 

Europa; No. cxli-iii. 4^ Madr. 1788. 

No. cLxx-ii. 4*^ Madr. 1789. 

de Madrid. 15 de Abril, 1808. Num. cvi. 4^ 

22 de Abril, 1808. Num. cxin. 4®. 

24 de Abril, 1808. Num. cxv. 4». 

PftlNTED BOOKS. 113 

DiAEio de Madrid. 9 de Mayo, 1808. Num. cxxx. 4^ 

24t de Mayo, 1808. fol. 

■ Suplemento. 17 de Junio, 1808. 4*. 

14 de Setiembre, 1808. Num. xxxvra. 4^ 

, 29 de Deciembre, 1808. Num. cxLin. 4^. 

.— . 7 de Enero, 1809. Num. vii. 4®. 

de la Capital. [Desde 21 hasta «4 de Mayo, 1828.] No. xui-v. 

4<» Madr. 

Nuevo Diario de Madrid. [Desde 1 basta 22 de Mayo, 1828.] 

No. cxxi, cxxm-cxxxu, cxxxiy-cxl, cxlh. 4°. 

de Valencia. 27 de Marzo, 1808. Num. lxxxvu. 4°. 

1 Suplemento. 4". 

28 de Abril, 1820. Num. m. 4^ 

Suplemento al Diario. 8 de Julio, 1822. 4®. 

Patriotico de la Ciudad de Valencia ; No. cxxnr. 10 de Julio, 

1822. 4». 

Suplemento. 12 de Julio, 1822. 4®. 

Diary. Extracts from the Diary of a Lover of Literature. [Tho. Green.] 
4'»/|ww. 1810. 

DiBDiN (t.). The last Lays of the last of the three Dibdins. 8** Land. 
1888. « 

Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, metrically condensed ; in 6 

cantos. 8^ Land. 1884. « 

Dick (john). Lectures on Theology ; 4 Vol. 8® Edinh, 1884. ♦ 

DiCKENSoNUs ( Joannes). Speculum Tragicum. 8° Del/phis Bat. 1602. 

Dictionaries. Table alphabetique des Dictionnaires, de toutes sortes 
de Langues et sur toutes sortes de Sciences et d'Arts. [Par le Presi- 
dent Durcy de Noinville.] 8^' Par. 1758. 

Dictionary. Dictionary of the Russian Academy; 5 Vol. 4*^ St. 
Petersburgh, 1789-1794. 

Dizionario della Lingua Italiana; 7 Tom. 4® Bologna^ 


DicTioNNAiRE abrege des Mythologies ; 2 Tom. 12® Par. 

Didacus ComphUensis. Vera Narratio Canonizationis Sancti Didaci 
Complutensis Ordinis S. Francisci de Observantia. 8® Lovan. 1588. 

Diderot (denis). Memoires, Gorrespondance et Ouvrages inedits, pub- 
lies d'apres les manuscrits confies> en mourant, par TAuteur a 
Grimm; 4 Tom. 8« Par. 1880, 1. 


D1ETELMAIERO8 (j. A.). Dissertatio Academica qua Antiquitas Codicb 
Alexandrini vindicatur et novo argumento comprobatur. As^ Hake 
Magd. 1739. 

— De Metropbane Critopulo, Patriarcha Alexan- 

drino, Dissertatio. 4« Altorf. 1769. 

DiETERicH (elias gottl.), PrtFs, Dissertatio Historica de Johanne Fero 
(Johann Wild) Monacho Moguntino. Resp, Joh. Hoefler. 4® Altorf. 

Digest. [1834.] An Analytical Digest oi all the Cases reported in the 
House of Lords, in the Courts of Law and Equity, in the Privy Coun- 
cil, and in the Ecclesiastical and Admiralty Courts, from Nov. 1, 1833, 
to Nov. 1, 1834. 8« Lond. ♦ 

Dilettanti. Les Antiquites Incdites de TAttique, contenant les restes 
d'architecture d'Eleusis, de Rhamnus, de Sunium et de Thoricus, par 
la Societe des Dilettanti. Ouvrage traduit de TAnglais, avec de notes^ 
par J. J. Hittorff. fol. Par. 1832. 

DiLuciDATOR. The Dilucidator ; or, reflections upon modem transac- 
tions; 7 Nos. 4^L(md. 1789. 

Diogenes Laeriius, Commentarii in Diogenem Laertium. Isaaci Ca- 
sauboni Notse atque ^gidii Menagii Observationes et Emendationes 
in Diogenem Laertium. Addita est historia mulierum philosopharum 
ab eodem Menagio scripta. Editionem curavit Henricus Gustavus 
Huebnerus. Post Huebneri mortem absolvit Carolus Jacobitz; 2 
Vol. 8« Lips. 1830-33. 

DioNYsius Thrax. Grammaire. Grac. Armen. Gall, Precedee de con- 
siderations generates sur la science glossologique chez les anciens ; 
et de quelques details sur Denis, par M. Cirbied. 8*^ Par. 1830. 

Directory. The Laity*s Directory to the Church Service, for 1835. 
12" Lond. » 

The Post-Office Annual Directory, for 1 833-34. 8*^ Edinh. 

.1833. » 

Discourse. A seasonable Discourse, wherein is examined what is lawful 
during the confusions and revolutions of government; especially in 
the case of a king deserting his kingdom. 4° Lond. 1689. 

Discourses. The Young Minister's Companion ; or, outlines of eighty- 
five original Discourses. 12^ Lond, [1834.] » 

Disinherited. The Disinherited and the Ensnared; 3 Vol. 12" Zoncf. 
.1834. » 

Disraeli (benj.). The Revolutionary Epick. 4" Lond. 1834. m 

Dissent. A Lay Churchman's Letter to his Neighbours upon Dissent 
from the Established Church. 12° Dereham, m 


Dissenter. The Foundations of Religious Liberty explained : or, plain 
reasons for being a Protestant Dissenter. By a Layman. 8° Lond. 

Dissenters. The Case of Protestant Dissenters, of late prosecuted, on 
old Statutes made against Papists. 4® Lond. 1680. 

' The Private Christian's Reasons for stated Communion 

with a Dissenting Congregation : considered, in a letter to the people 
ofS er. ByS.G. S^ Lond. 17 13. 

The Invalidity of the Dissenting Ministry. By a Presbyter 

of the Church of England. S^ Lond. 1717. 

The Lay-Man's Reasons for his joining in stated Com- 

munion with a Congregation of moderate Dissenters. 8° Lond. 1717. 

An Alarm to Dissenters and Methodists. 8" Lond. 1769. 

A Letter to the Members of Parliament, on the Dissent- 

ers' Petitions, and on Church Grievances. By a late Fellow of All 
Souls, Oxford. S^ Lond. 1834. m 

The Case of the Dissenters, in a letter addressed to the 

Lord Chancellor. 8° Lond. 1884. ♦ 
An Answer to a Letter addressed to the Lord Chancellor 

on the Case of the Dissenters. In a letter to the same. By a Cler- 
gyman. 8* Lond. 1834. « 

The Designs of the Dissenters. A letter to the King. 

By a Protestant Dissenter. S^ Lond. 18S4. « 

The Dissenter exposed to himself and the Church, with a 

view to Conformity. 8^ Lond. 1834. m 

An Address to serious Persons among the orthodox Pro- 

testant Dissenters of England and Wales. 8® Lond. 1834. m 

An Answer to the Representations of the Dissenters 

respecting the state of Religion in America. 8^ Lond. 1834. m 

Dissertations. Three philosophical Dissertations. 8®. [Title wanting.] 

■ ■ Three Dissertations; one on the characters of Au- 
gustus, Horace, and Agrippa, by the Abbe de Vertot; another on 
the Gallery of Verres, by the Abbe Fragnier ; a third on the use 
of masks, in theatrical representations among the ancients, by Mr. 
Boindin. [Translated by George Tumbull.] 4" Lond. 1739. 

Disssrtazione [sopra la Famiglia da Carrara.] fol. 

DoBRowsKY (j.). Slavin. Bothschafl aus Bohmen an alle Slawischen 
Volker. Verbesserte Auflage. Von Wenceslaw Hanka. 8** Prag, 

DoBSON (j. P.). The Old Paths. A sermon at the Rev. J. Burnett*s 
Meeting-house, Camberwell. 8® Lond. 1833. m 

Doctor. The Doctor, &c.; 2 vol. 12" Lond. 1834. mt 



DoDD (william). a Sennon on Luke xix. 2S. 8* Land. 1755. 

Doddridge (philip). A Sennon, occasioned by the heroick Death of 
the Hon. CoL James Gardiner. 8" Lond^ 1745. 

The Evidences of Christianity^ abridged from 

three of his Sermons, by the Rev. Francis Wrangham. 8* 1820. 
DoDSLEY (r.). The Triumph of Peace, a masque. 4^ Land, 1749. 

Cleone. A tragedy. 8« L<md. 1758. 

DoDWELL (edward). Views and Descriptions of Cydopian, or Pelasgic 
Remains, in Greece and Italy ; with constructions of a later period : 
from drawings by Edward Dodwell, Esq. ; intended as a supplement 
to his "Tour in Greece." fol. Land. 1834. « 

Dodwell (william). An Assize Sermon. 8® Oxf. 1750. 

A Sermon before the University of Oxford. 8* 

Oxf. 1752. 

Two Sermons on the Fast-day and the preceding 

Sunday. 8» Oxf. 1756. 

Dolby (thomas), and Roscoe (thomas). The Literary Cyclopaedia. 
Pt. i-m. 8<» Lond. 1884. » 

DoLET (estienne). Gencthliacum Claudii Doleti, Stephani Doleti filii. 
8» Lugd. 1539. [Reprint.'] 

Gall. W* Lyon, 1539. [ReprinU'] 

La Maniere de bien traduire d'une Langue en autre. 

Davantage de la punctuation de la langue Francoyse, plus des accents 
d'ycelle. 8® Lyon, 1540. [Reprint.'] 

• Le Second Enfer. 8*^ Lyon, 1544. 

Cantique d'Estienne Dolet, Prisonnier a la Con- 

ciergerie de Paris, sur sa desolation et sur sa consolation. 8® 1546. 

La Forme et Maniere de la Poinctuation, et Accents 

de la Langue Fran^oise. 16^ Par. 1556. 

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Lond. 1725. 

Second Charge. S^ Lond. 1726. 

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lunque moneta Greca tanto urbica che dei re e la loro rispettiva stima 
ridotto a specchio topografico ; 2 Tom. 4® Napoli, 1826, 7. 

DoMiNis (marc. ant. de), Arcfuepisc. Spalaten. Sui reditus ex Anglia 
consilium exponit. 4° DUingce, 1623. 

Don (georoe). A general System of Gardening and Botany ; Vol. m. 
4<) Land. 1834. « 


Donnelly (ross). The general Orders for regulating the Practice and 
Proceedings of the Court of Chancery. Issued April d, 1828; 
Nov. ftitlSSl ; Dec. 21, ISSS. 12^ Land. 1884. ♦ 

DooLiTTLE (thomas). A Complete body of practical Divinity, fol. 
Lond. 1723. 

Dordrecht, 't Magasyn van Bastard Spaensche moedt-wil ; trefiende 
de Ingesetenen der Stadt Dordrecht ; AP 1647. 

Dormer (dieoo josef). San Laurencio defendido en la ciudad de 
Huesca. Contra el incierto dictamen, con que le pretende de nuevo, 
por natural de la Valencia, el Doctor Don Juan Bautista Ballester. 4* 
Zarag. 1678. 

Carta en defensa de lo que le repara el 

M. Fr. Domingo la Ripa. 4®. 

Explicacion historica de las Inscripciones de 

los retratos de los Reyes de Sobrarbe^ Condes antiguos, y Reyes de 
Aragon, puestos en la sala real de la diputacion de la ciudad de Zara- 
go^a, y colocacion del Retrato del Rey Don Carlos Segundo. 4^ 
Zarag. 1680. 

Discursos varios de Historia; con muchas 

escrituras reales antiguas, y notas a algunas dellas. 4® Zarag, 1683. 

Discursos historicos-politicos^ sobre lo que se 

ofrece tratar en la Junta de los ilustrissimos quatro Brazos del Reyno 
de Aragon, que el Rey Don Carlos Segundo ha mandado congregar 
este ano de 1684 en la Ciudad de Zarag09a. 4^ [Zarag. 1684.] 

Dormer (w.). A Sermon on Exodus xviii. 21. 8^ [1722.] [Title 

DoRNAvius (cASP.). Homo Diabolus, hoc est autorum qui calumniae 
et naturam descripserunt et remedia adversus earn tradiderunt Syl- 
loge. 4*^ Franco/. 1618. 

DoRPATER Jahrbucher fur Litteratur, Statistik und Kunst, besonders 
Russlands; Band i und ii, Hefl i-iv. 8® Riga und Dorpat, 1833, 4. 

DosAouAS ( — ), Marques de. Papel de Reflexiones contra la filiacion 
del Marques de Dosaguas. fol. 

Douce (francis). The Dance of Death. With a dissertation on the 
representations of that subject, more particularly on those ascribed to 
Macaber and Hans Holbein. 8^ Lond. 1833. « 

Dove (john). The Life of Andrew Marvell, with extracts from his 
works. 12® Lond. 1832. « 

A biographical History of the Wesley Family. 12® 

Lond. 1833. « 

Douglas ( — ), Lord Mordington. A Letter to the Archbishop of York; 
occasioned by «< The Independent Whig." 8® Lond. 1721. 


DousA (jAKUs). Pro Satyrico Petronii Arbitri^ Praecidaneonim Libri 
tres. 8« Par. 1535. [1585.] 

DowLiNo (a. s.). Reports of Cases argiied and deteimined in the 
King's Bench Practice Court ; with the points of practice decided in 
the Courts of Common Pleas and Exchequer, from MiduTerm, 1830, 
to Hil. Term, 1833 ; Vol. i. 8<> Lond. 1833. « 

Xhe Practice of the superior Courts of Common 

Law, as altered by statute and rule during the present reign : with an 
appendix. 12* Lond. 1834. « 

Doyle (hahtik). The Flower Garden, or monthly calendar of direc-* 
dons for the culture of flowers. 12* Dubl. 1834. » 

Hints on Emigration to Upper Canada. 12* DuhL 

1834. » 

D'Oyly (george). Letter to Earl Grey on Church Rates. 8** Lond. 
1834. « 

Drake (s. o.). The Book of the Indians of North America. 8* Boston^ 
U.S. 1834. 

Dkama. Dramatic Beauties ; selected from the early and modem British 
dramatists. 8* Lond. 1834. « 

Drant (thomas). a Sermon preached the Twisday in Easter Weeke, 
1572, at S. Maries Spittle. 8* Lond. John Daye. 

Drawbridge (charles). A true Description of the Form and Materials 
of the King's State Chariot. 12° Newport Pagnel, 1833. m 

— No. II. An Account of his most gracious 

Majesty's Royal Stud. 129 Newport Pagnel, 1834. m 

No. III. A Sketch of the glorious Person of 

the Royal Charioteer. 12<* WelUngborough, 1834. « 

Drayton (michael). The Historic of the Life and Death of the Lord 
Cromwell, sometimes Earle of Essex, and Lord Chancellor of England. 
4<» Lond. FeUx Kyngston, 1609. 

Dream. Account of a Dream at Harwich. 8° Lond. 1708. 

■ Account of a second Dream at Harwich. 8*^ Lond, 1709. 

Dresser (matthaus). De Curriculo WtSB Joannis Cratonis a Craftheim 
Oratio. Item McXcni/Aora qusedam Joann. Crat. 4^ Lips. 1587. 

Drew (jacob halls). The Life, Character, and literary Labours of 
Samuel Drew, A.M. 4" Lond. 1834. « 

Drieberge (joamnes). De Praedestinatione et Gratia Liber. 4® AmsteL 

^« Libri duo, unus de bonis novi foederis et futuro 

hominum statu, alter de Baptismo et S. Coena. 4° AmsteL 1 746. 

Droz (josepu). The Art of being happy ; from the French, with 
comments ; by Timothy Flint. 12^ Lond. 1834. m 


Drummond (w.), of Hawthomden. PoeniB* 8^ Lend, 1659. 

Drummond (w. h.). a Sermon, containing a refutation of certain High- 
Church principles, delivered before the Presbyterian Synod of Munster^ 
in Clonmel. 8® Lond. 1881. » 

Original Sin, an irrational and unscriptural Fiction, 

dishonouring God and demoralizing Man^ An Essay. 8® Lond, 
1832. ♦ 

A Discourse occasioned by the death of the Rajah, 

Ram Mohun Roy. 8<* Lond. 1883. « 

The Paternal Character of God; and- Truth the 

Parent of Liberty. Two Discourses. 8® Lmd. 1833. « 


Drury (eliz.). The Anatomic of the World. Wherein, by occasion 
of the untimely death of Mistris Elizabeth Drury, the frailtie of this 
world is represented. The first Anniversarie. 16® Lond, 1625. 

The second Anniversarie. 16* Lond. 1625. 

Drusius (joh.). De Litteris Mosche Vechaleb Libri duo. 4® Franek. 

Alphabetum Ebraicum vetus. 4® Franek, 1609. 

'• Opuscula qu£e ad Grammaticam spectant omnia. 4* 

Franek. 1609. 

Annotationum in totum Jesu Christi Testamentum, 

sive praeteritorum libri de6em. 4® Franek. 1612. 

Henoch, sive de patriarcha Henoch. 4" Franek. 1615. 

Ad voces Ebraicas Novi Testamenti Commentarius 

duplex. Item annotationum in N. Testamentum pars altera. 4® 
Franekera Frisiorumf 1616. 

Ad loca difficiliora Pentateuchi Commentarius. 4® 

Franekem Frtsiomm^ 1617. 

Ad loca difficiliora Josuse, Judicum, et Samuelem Com- 

mentarius Liber. Additus est Sixtini Amama Commentariolus de 
decimis Mosaids. 4® Franekeras Frinorwn^ 1618. 

— De Sectis Judaicis Commentarii Trihaeresio et Miner- 

vali Nic. Serarii oppositi. Accessit Josephi Scaligeri Elenchus Tri- 
hmresii ejusdem. Edidit Sixtinus Amama. 4® Amhevm^ 1619. 

Veterum Interpretum Graeconmi in totmn vetus Testa- 

mentum Fragmenta collecta, versa et notis illastrata. [2 Tom.] 4® 
Amhemue^ 1622. 

Commentarius in Prophetas Minores xii. Sixtinus 

Amama edidit. [2 Tom.] 4* Amstel. 1627. 

— ^ Annotationes in Coheleth. 4® Amstel. 1635. 

Drusius (joh.), Jun. Lachrymae tribus carminum generibus expressae, 
in obitum Josephi Scaligeri. 4® Franek, 1609. 


Drtden (johm). The Reasons of Mr. Bays's [Dryden's] changing his 
Religion ; Pt. u. 4® Lond. 1690. 

— The Reasons of Mr. Joseph Hains Conversion and Re- 
conversion. Being the third and last part to the Dialogue of Mr. 
Bays. 4<^ Lond. 1690. 

Dublin. Observations on the Defects of the Port of Dublin. [By J. 
M.] 8* DubL 1804. Presented by Mr. Alder. 

Duchesne (jean). Musee de Peinture et Sculpture ; Livrais. cxrv-cxcv. 
12" Paris et Bruxelles, 1832-4. 

Voyage d'un Iconophile. Revue des principaux 

Cabinets d'Estampes, Biblioth^ques et Musees d'AUemagne, de 
Hollande et d' Angleterre. 8^ Par. 1 834. 

Dudley (robert), Earl of Leicester. Placcart soo op den cours vanden 
Gelde als op de policie ende discipline betrefFende d*exercitie vanden 
Munte ende Muntslach. 4" Amsterdam, 1586. 

I Placcaet waermede verboden wordt 

de toevoeringhe van alderhande Leeflochten, Ammunitien van Oor- 
loghe enz naeden Vyanden. 4** Utrecht, 1586. 

Beeldenaer ofte Figuefboeck die- 

nende op die nieuwe Ordonantie vande Munte by sijne Excellencie 
ghearresteert. 4^ Amsterdam, 1586. 

Placcaet vande Generael Staten 

der gheunieerde Nederlanden aengaende het Grouvemement den Grave 
van Leycester ghedefereert. 4® Delf, 1586. 

Copye van eenen Brief aen den 

Grave van Leycester, Stadthouder Generael van alle hare Majesteyts 
Cryghsvolck inde geunieerde Nederlanden. 4® MiddeUmrgh, 1587. 

Vertooch ende Remonstrantie by 

R. Grave van Leycester aende Staten der Vereenichde Nederlanden. 
4» Dordrecht, 1587. 

Brief aenden Hoofden ende Re- 

geerders vande steden der gheunieerde Nederlanden. 4® Dordrecht^ 

Placcaet vande Staten der Veree- 
nichde Nederlanden raeckende het Gouvemement van Robert Grave 
van Leycester. 4* Delf, 1588. 

Duelling. The History of Duelling. 8® Lond. 1770. 

DuENDE. £1 Duende de los Cafees, 12 de Febrero, 1814. Num. 
ccxcvL 4® Cadiz, 1814. 

DuLAURE (j. A.). Histoire physique, civile et morale des environs de 
Paris; 7 Tom. 8» Par. 1825-8. 


DuLAURE (j. A.). Hiatoire physique, civUe et morale de Paris ; 10 
Tom. 8° Par, 1829. 

Atlas. 4» Par. 1829. 

DuNANT (d.). Opuscules. 8® Geneve, 1835. Presented by the Author. 

Les Souvenirs Genevois. 12° Geneve, 1824. Presented 

by the Author. 

Coup d'GSil historique sur Tlndustrie Genevoise. 8® 

Geneve, 1828. Presented by the Author. 
■ ■ Appendice. 8* 1833. Presented by the Author. 

Dunbar (william). Poems. With notes, and a memoir of his life, by 
David Laing; 2 Vol. 8® Edinb. 1834. m 

DuNLOp (joHj!i). Memoirs of Spain during the Reigns of Philip IV. and 
Charles II. from 1621 to 1700 ; 2 Vol. 8<» Lond. 1834. .» 

DuNSTER (c). Discursory Considerations on the supposed Evidence of 
the early Fathers, that St. Matthew's Gospel was the first written. 
8^ Lond. 1806. 

Discursory Considerations on the Hypothesis of Dr. Mac- 

knight and others, that St Luke's Gospel was the first written. 8° 
Lond, 1808, 

Points at Issue, between the editor of Dr. Townson's 

works and the author of " Discursory Considerations on the hypothesis 
that St. Luke's Gospel was the first written," discursorily canvassed, 
in two letters to the Rev. Ralph Churton. 8° Lond, 1811. 

Tracts on St. Luke's Gospel. S^ Lond. 1812. 

DupiN (▲« H* J. J.)* Profession d'Avocat. Recueil de pieces concernant 
I'exercice de cette profession, 8° Bruxelles, 1834. 

Du Pont (Alexandre). Roman de Mahomet, en vers du xiii"^ si^cle. 
Et Livre de la Loi au Sarraxin, en prose du xiv™® si^cle^ par Raymond 
Lulle. Publics, et accompangnes de notes, par MM. Reinaud et 
Francisque Michel. 4° Par. 1831. 

DupoNT (john). a F93t Sermon. 8° Lond. 1757. 

DuppA (r.). Illustrations of the Lotus of the Ancients, and Tamara of 
India, fol. Lond, 1816. 

Durante pa guaux) (castor). II Tesoro della Sanita. 8® Ven. 1601. 

Durham in the Year 1831. 8* Lond. 1834. » 

Dy RozoiR (cH.). Relation historique, pittoresque et statistique du 
Voyage de Charles X. dans le Departeihent du Nord. fol. Par. 1 827. 

Dutch. A Letter to the Author of the Dutch Design, anatomiz'd. 4^ 

Dutch Tracts. 101 Volumes of Miscellaneous Dutch Tracts, chiefly 
on political subjects. 



Duties. Considerations on the Effects of protecting Duties. 8° Duhl, 

DwiGHT (theodore). History of the Hartford Convention : with a 
review of the policy of the United States Government, which led to 
the war of 1812. 8» New-York, 1833. 

D WIGHT (theodore), Jun, The Father's Book. 12^ Land, 1834. « 

Dter (robert). Nine Years of an Actor's Life. 8^ Londn 1833. # 

Dtmond's Catalogue of Chemicals and Apparatus. 16° Land. 1834. # 

Earbery (matthias). a serious Admonition to Dr. Keimet. Witli an 
appendix. 8* Lond, 

' The old English Constitution vindicated. With 

an appendix. 8° Lond, 1717. 

Earthquake. Vcrhael van de groote Aertbeuinghe biimen Mantua in 
Julio 1619. 4* Aniwerpen. 

Account of the late Earthquake in Jamaica. 4*^ Lond, 


A Philosophical Discourse of Earthquakes ; occasioned 

by the late earthquake, Sept. 8, 1692. By C. H. 4*" Lond. 1693. 

Reflections physical and moral upon the uncommon 

Phenomena, which have happened from the Earthquake at Lima, to the 
present time. 8° Lond, 1756. 

East Indians. The East Indians at Selwood ; or, the orphan's home. 
12<» Lond. 1834. « 

Eaton. The Eaton Chronicle; or, the salt-box. 8^ [1789.] 

Eaton (david). A Narrative of the Proceedings of the Society of 
Baptists in York^ on relinquishing the popular systems of religion. 
12'» Zonrf. 1823. 

Eaton (nathanael). De Fastis Anglicis, sive Calendarium Sacrum. 
The holy calendar. 8<' Lond. 1661. 

Eberhard (j. a.). Examen de la Doctrine touchant le Salut des Payens, 
ou nouvelle apologie pour Socrate. Traduit de TAUcmand. [Par Hil. 
Dumas.] 8° Amst. 1778. 

Ebert (friedrich adolph). Die Bildung des Bibliothekars ; Bandchen 
II. Zur Handschrifskunde ; Bandchen i. 8® Leipzig, 1825. Pre- 
sented by the Commissioners of his Majesty* s Records. 

Eble (BURKAkD). Dic Lchre von den Haaren in der gesammten orga- 
nischen Natur; 2 Band. 8" JVien, 1831. 

Ebn-Malfx. Alfiyga ou la Quintessence dc la Grammaire Arabe, 
ouvragc de Djemal-Eddin Mohammed, connu sous le nora d'Ebn 
Malec ; publie en original, avec un commentairc, par le B**" Silvestre 
de Sacy. S" Parts, and London, 1833. « 


EcKENBRECHER (c. o. de). De Jove Homeri Dissertatio. 8*^ Berotini, 

EcKHARDUs (tobias). Vita Albert! Studensis Abbatis Chronici Auctoris. 
4'* Gosiar. [1726.] 

Eden (rob.)> Lord Henley. A Plan for a new Arrangement and Increase 
in Number of the Dioceses of England and Wales. 8^ Land. 1 834. « 

Eden (thomas). Outlines of a new System of Philosophy, being a view 
of the system of sciential medicine. 12® Lond. 1834, # 

Edinburgh. Statements relative to the City of Edinburgh, shewing the 
necessity of the extension of the royalty, popular election of the town 
council, erection of additional churches and schools, the reduction 
of the annuity tax, and abolition of the poor's rate. 8*^ Edinb. 
1833. « 

Education. Thoughts on Education. 8° Lond. 1747. 

A Report of the Proceedings of the Meeting of the Friends 

of Scriptural Education and the whole Bible, held 10th Jan. 8** DubL 

1832. « 

Sketch of the System of Education, at the Schools of Bruce 

Castle> Tottenham, and Hazelwood, near Birmingham. 8® Lond. 

1833. « 

National Education. A system of instruction capable of 

effecting the reformation of all mankind. 8® Lond. 1834. « 

Outline of a System of National Education. 8® Lond. 

1834. « 

Edwards (b. b.). Memoir of the Rev«JEllias Cornelius. With a preface 
by William Innes. 8" Edinb. 1834. « 

Edwards (george). Effectual Means of providing against the Scarcity 
and high Prices of Food. 8" Lond. 1800. 

Edwards (john). Some brief Observations and Reflections on Mr. 
Whiston's late Writings, falsly entituFd " Primitive Christianity 
revived." 8° Zonrf. 1712. 

Edwards (r.b.). The Missionary Gazetteer. 8^ Boston, U.S. 1832. 

Edwards (thomas). A Supplement to Mr. Warburton's Edition of 
Shakespear. Being the canons of criticism, and glossary. 8° Lond. 

Egan (p.). Boxiana; or, sketches of ancient and modern pugilism, 
from the days of Broughton and Slack, to the championship of Crib i 
Vol. i-iii. 8° Lond. 1818-21. 

Eggs (georoius josephus ab). Purpura Docta, seu vitae S. R. E. Cardi- 
nalium ; 4 Libri. fol. Monac. 1714. 

K 2 


Egos (georgius jossphus ab). PdntiBdum doctum, ^u vttse Pontifi- 
cum Romanorum. fol. Colon, 1718. 

Egillus. Egils-Saga, sive Egilli Skallagrimii vita. Cum interp. Ladna 
et notis. 4P Havn. 1809. 

EiCHHOFP (f. g.)« J^tudes Orecques sitt VirgUe ; S Vol. 8^ Par. 1825. 

EicHORK (j. G.). A Chapter from Eichorn, in which the phrases, *• The 
Word *' and the " Holj Spirit," employed by John in his gospel, are 
shewn to be equivalent and convertible. 8® Lond. 18d4>. « 

EicHORNros (joACHonTs). Vita Nicolai de Saxo Anachoretae Under- 
valdii. 8^' ConHantia, 1631. 

EiCHSTAEDT (h. c. A.). Adumbratio Qusstionis de Oarminum Theo- 
criteorum ad genera sua revocatorym indole ac virtutibus. 4" Lips. 

Quaestionum Philologicarum Specimen. 4** Lips. 


— Qusestionum Philologicarum novum Specimen. 

4P Jence, 1804. 

EiKELENBERG (simon). Gcdaaute en Gesteldheid van Westvriesland 
voor 1300, en tefiens den ondergang van Vroone. 4^ Alkmaar^ 1714. 

EiNARi (halfdan.). Historia Literaria Islandise. 8^ Haun. ei Lips, 

Ekerman (petrus), Prtes. Dissertatio de Cardinali Cajetano, Lu- 
theranismum, in ipsa herba, oppressuro. Resp. Laurentius FrigelL 
4° Upsal. 1741. 

Dissertatio de Tertulliano primo Latinse 

Ecclesiae Patre. Resp. Laurentius L. Hydren. 4® Upsal. 1761. 

Disputatio de Johanne Tetzelio, Indul- 

gentiarum Papaearum Nundinatore. Resp. Ericus Suartz. 4* Upsal. 

Disputatio academica, prodigium illud eru* 

ditionis, Jo. Picum Miraadulam, levi penicillo delineatura. Resp. 
Olavus Eneroth. 4*^ Upsal. 1761. 

Dissertatio academica de Mercurino Gatti* 

nara^ doctrinae per Lutherum repurgandae faventissimo. Resp. Jacobus 
Forsslund. AP Upsal. 1761. 

Dissertatio academica de Hieronymo Sa- 

vanarola, peracri vitiorum papisticorum animadversore. Resp. Petrus 
Ljung. 4® Upsal. 1762. 

Ekholm (erick). Det ratta Stafningssattet i Svenskan. 8° Stockholm, 

— Det ratta Skrifsattct i vissa ord. 8^ Stockholm, 



Election. A Word against a new Election. 8' 1710. 

Electors. The Electors Right asserted. 4® Land, 1701. 

• A second Test offered to the Electors of Great Britain. 8® 

Land. 1710. 

Elizabeth, Queen of England. Edictum promulgatum Londini 29 
Novemb. anni 1591. Andrese Philopatri ad idem responsio. 8® 

Elizabeth, Princess of Hesse Homberg. A Series of Etchings^ repre- 
senting the Power and Progress of Genius, fol. Land. 1 806. 

Ellendt (fridericus). Lexicon Sophodeum ; Vol. i. Fasc 1. S^ Re- 
gimantii Pruss. 1884. 

Ellerby (t. s.). Memorials of Felix Neff^ the Alpine Pastor. 12^ 
Land. 1885. * « 

Elliot (richard). Encouragement for Sinners ; or, righteousness at- 
tainable without works. A sermon. 8° Land. 1759. 

A Letter to him ; relating to his sermon, entitled. 


Encouragement for Sinners." 8® Oxf. [1759.] 

— — — A Vindication of a Sermon, entitled, " Encourage- 
ment for Sinners '*, fix)m the objections raised against it in a letter to 
the author. 8*^ Land. [1759.] 

Elliott (edward). Pastoral Address on the Institution of a Prayer- 
Meeting, in Connexion with the Established Church, with rules and 
regulations. 8° Land. 1 834. « 

Ellis (o.). The Lamentation of the lost Sheepe. 4** Land. W. Jaggwrd^ 
1605. [Leaf e 3, wanting.] 

Ellis {Sir hbkry). A general Introduction to Domesday Book ; ac* 
companied by indexes : and an abstract of the population of England 
at the close of the reign of William the Conqueror. With notes and 
comments; %Vo\. S^ Land. 1833. Presented by the Commissioners 
of the Public Records. 

Ellison (seacqme). A Letter to Joseph John Gumey, Esq., Author of 
" Observations on the Religious Peculiarities of the Society of Friends." 
8<» Land. 1833. « 

Ellwood (thomas). Truth defended : and the friends thereof cleared 
from the false charges of George Keith. 8° Land. 1695. 

Eloquence. Pearls of Eloquence, or, the school of complements. 8® 
Land. 1658. 

Elyot (tho.). Eliotes Dictionarie, by Thomas Cooper, the third tyrae 
corrected, fol. Lond. T. Berihclet, 1559. 


]6m6ric-david (t. b.). Jupiter. Recherchcs sur ce Dieu, sur aon culte, 
et sur les monumens qui le representent. Precede d'un etsai sur 
Tesprit de la religion Grecque; 2 Tom. 8* Par. 1838. 

Emigrants. Counsel for Emigrants ; with letters from Canada and the 
United States. 12" Aberdeen, 1834. « 

Sequel to the " Counsel for Emigrants." 12® Aberdeen, 

1 834. « 

Emltn (thomas). a Funeral Sermon on his Wife, Esther Emlyn. 12® 
Land. 1750. 

Emma and the little Silk-makers. 8® Land, 1833. « 

Emperius (adolph.). Observationes in Dionem Chrysostomum. 8® 
Lips. 1830. 

Emy (a. r.). Du Mouvement des 0|^des et des Travaux hydrauliques. 
4® Par. 1831. 

' Atlas, obi. fol. 

Enciso (diego ximenez). La mayor Hazafia del Emperador Carlo 
Quinto. Comedia famosa. 4®. 

Encyclopjedia Britannica ; Vol. vui, ix. 4® Edinb, « 

Metropolitana ; Pt. xxxviii, xxxix. 4® Lond. m 

The Oxford Encyclopaedia ; 6 Vol. 4® Oxford, 1828. 

Endlicher (stephanus). Prodromus Florae Norfolkicae sive Catalogus 
Stirpium quae in insula Norfolk annis 1804 et 1805 a Ferdinando 
Bauer collectae et depictae nunc in Museo Caesareo Palatino Rerum 
Naturalium Vindobonae servantur. 8® Vindob. 1833. 

Engel (johamn christian von). Geschichte des Ungrischen Reichs und 
semer Nebenlander; 2 Theil. 4® Halle, 1797. 

England. A second Vindication of the Magistracy and Government of 
England. 4^ 

II felicissimo Ritorno del Regno dlnghilterra alia Catholica 

Unione, et alia obedientia della Sede Apostolica. 4*^. [1554.] 

Abrege des derniers Mouvemens d*Angleterre, avec un 

raisonnement succinct des droits tant du Roy, que du Parlement. 
12° Anvers, 1651. 

Trouloosheyt der Engelsche, van eenige jaren herwaerts 

aengewesen. 4® 1672. 

A Collection of Papers relating to the present Juncture of 

Affairs in England. 4P 1 688. 

A second Collection. 4*^ 1688, 

A third Collection. 4° Lond. 1688. 

A fifth Collection. 4« Lond, 1688. 


England. Reflections upon our late and present Proceedings in Eng- 
land. 4^ Land. 1689. 

A free Conference concerning the present Revolution of 

Affairs in England. 4° Lond, 1689. 

Reflections upon the Opinions of some modern Divines^ con- 

cerning the nature of government in general, and that of England in 
particular. With an appendix. 4*^ Lond* 1689. 

Some Remarks upon Government, and particularly upon 

the establishment of the English monarchy. In two letters. 4^ 1 689. 
Een zedigh Ondersoek na de Redenen van de tegenwoordige 

ongevallen in Engelant. 4i^ Rotterdam, 1690. 

T'samenspraeck raeckende de oorsaecken van de gewese 

gevaaren der tegenwoordige Regeering in Engelant. 4® 1692. 

The present State of England, a Vision. 4** Lond. 1692. 

Some Thoughts of the Interest of England. 8° Lond. 1697. 

England's Enemies exposed. 4*^1701. 

A Letter to a Person of Honour, concerning the present 

juncture of affairs in England. 8° Lond, 1702. 

Paradoxes of State^ relating to the present Juncture of 

Affairs in England and the rest of Europe. 4^ Lond. 1702. 

England's great Concern ; in the perpetual settlement of a 

commission of accounts. 4® Lond. 1702. 

Division our Destruction : or, a short history of the French 

faction in England. 4° Lond. 1702. 

England's, and North Britain's, Happiness provM to be 

greater in her present Majesties Reign, than in former Ages. 4^ Lond, 

The miserable Case of poor Old England fairly stated. 4" 

Amsterd. 1712. 

' French Influence upon English Counsels demonstrated from 

an Examination of our Measures for twenty Years past. 8° Lond. 

r- Voyage d'un Fran9ais en Angleterre pendant les annees 1810 

et 1811. [Par M. Simon.] 2 Tom. 8« Par. 1816. 
A History of England ; Vol. iv. 1 2<^ Lond. 1 834. 

English Scenes and English Civilization ; or sketches and traits in the 
nineteenth century; 3 Vol. 12^ Lond. 1834. « 

Englishmen. Peculiarities of Englishmen. 8". [Title wanting.] 

Enriquez (alberto). Resolucion varonil, o Viage que hi90 Dofia Maria 
Estuarda Condesa de Tirconel en trage de Varon, Historia entretenida 
y verdadera. 8® BrusseL 1627. 


Entt (john). The Innocence of Protestant Dissenters clear'd, in re- 
ference to the transactions of 41, and the death of K. Charles h In 
a sermon. 8° Lond. 1717. 

Ephem^ RIDES Universelles, ou tableau presentant, pour chaque jour de 
Tannee, un extrait des annales de toutes les nations et de tous les 
siecles, depuis les temps historiques jusqu*au 1*' Janvier 1828. Par 
MM. Aubert de Vitry, Boisseau, Bory de Saint- Vincent, Chatelain, 
Dulaure, A. Fee, Guizot, Jourdan, Keratry, De Norvins, Paul Du- 
port, Tenc6, Thory, P. P. Tissot, et autres ; publiee par M. Edouard 
Monnais; ISTom. 8» Par. 1828-33. 

Epiorammata. Epigrammatum Graecorum Libri VII. Annotationibus 
Joannis Brodaei illustrati. Cum indice. fol. Basil. Froben, 1549. 
[Cum notis MSS, Petri Burmanni et J, GareL'] 

Episcopacy. The Divine Right of Episcopacy asserted. With a preface 
by George Hickes, D.D. 8° Lmd, 1708. 

The exclusive Power of episcopally ordained Clergy to 

administer the Word and Sacraments, and consequently the divine au« 
thority of Episcopacy, discussed. 8*^ Cambr, 1 834. « 

Epistles. Aardige Duyvelary voorvallende in dese dagen, begrepen in 
een Brief. 4^ 

Epistola Ministri cujusdam Verbi, ad quendam Symnistam, 

de Ecclesia, Clavibus, Sacramentis, veraque Ministrorum Spiritus elec- 
tione. 8**. 

Clarorum virorum Epistolee, variis temporibus misses ad 

Joannem Reuchlin. 8® Tiguri, 1558. 

Copie van zekeren Brief aenden Abt van N. wesende tot 

Brussel ende vande cessie der Nederlanden aende Infante van Spaignen 
met de annotatien op dczclve. 4® 1599. 

BriefF aen de Standen des Coninckrijcx Bohemien. 4° Ant- 

werpen, 1620. 

Dresdani Prsedicantis Epistola ad N. Fr. Cofurtensem de 

Calvinistis Bello perscquendis. 4^ 1620. 

Brief by den Noncius vanden Paus van Roomen aen de Co- 

ninginne Moeder van den Coninck van Vranckrijck, midtsgaders 
seecker Schrijvens uyt Ceulen enz. 4® 1632. 

De afgesette Post of\e eenige Brieven, dewclcke gevonden 

syn op de groote wcg van Parys. 4^ 1688. 

Sapho to Phaon: an epistle from a lady of quality to a 

noble lord. 8° Lond. 1743. 

Epps (john). a Speech on bestowing a Charter, with Power to confer 
Degrees^ on the London University. 8^ Lond. 1834. « 

Horac Phrenological. 1 2° Zonef. 1 834. 


ERA8Mi/s (des.). An Epistle concerninge the Veryte of the Sacrament 
of Christcs Body and Bloude. 16°. Imprynted by Robert Wycr. 
[Lit. Goth.] . 

Epistolae duae ; in Pseudevangelicos et Graeculos. 8® 

Colon. 1530. 

Eri. Chronicles of Eri ; being the history of the Gaal Sciot Iber : or 
Irish people ; translated from the MSS. in the Phoenician dialect of 
the Scythian language. By O'Connor ; 2 Vol. S** Lond. 1822. 

Erichsen (jorn). Udsigt over den gamle Manuscript-Samling i det 
store Kongelige Bibliothek. 8° Kiobenhavn, 1786. Presented by the 
Commissioners of the Public Records. 

Ernesti (h. f. t. l.). De praeclara Christi in Apostolis instituendis 
Sapientia atque Prudentia. 4° Gotting. 1834. 

Ernesti (io. cuRisTOPH.). Disquisitio historico-ecclesiastica de Eusebio 
Pamphili, Episcopo Caesariensi. 4° Witteb. 1703. 

Ersch und Grijber. Encyclopadie ; Sect. i. Theil 24. (Gruber). Sect. u. 
Theil 10. (Hoffmann). Sect. iii. Theil 4. (Meier und Kamtz). 4'» 
Leipz. 1 833. Presented by the Royal Society of Gbttingen. 

EscHENBURO (j. JOH.). Manuel de Litterature Classique ancienne. 
Traduit, avec des additions^ par C. F. Cramer ; 2 Tom. 8*^ Par. an x. 


Escobar ( — ). Las quatro cientas respuestas a otras tantas preguntas, 
quel Ulustrissimo Sefior Don Fadrique Enrriquez, Almirante de Cas- 
tilla, y otras personas, embiaron a preguntar en diversas vezes al 
autor ; 2 Partes, fol. Valladolid, 1550-3. [Lit. Goth.] 

2 Vol. 1 2» Envers. 

Escobar t Mendoza (antonio de). Nueva Jerusalen Maria : Poema 
heroyco. 8'* Madr. 1761. 

EscuELA (oeronimo). Scrmon de la Passion. 4° Zarago^a, 1677. 

EsPAGNOL (jean l*). Histoirc notable de'la Conversion des Anglois, 
rapportee soubs la vie miraculeuse de Saincte Vaubourg. 8° Douay^ 

EspiNEL (vicente). Rclacioncs de la Vida del Escudero Marcos de 
Obregon. 4° Madr, 1618. 

EsQUissE de mes Travaux, de mes Voyages, et de mes Opinions ; dans 
une lettre a son ami.Agathomerus, par Mela Britannicus. 12^ Londr. 

Essay. Philosophical Essays. 4^. 

An Essay towards the Theory of the Intelligible World ; in- 
tuitively considered. Designed for forty-nine parts; Pt. iii. By 
Gabriel John. 12" Printed in the year one thousand seven hundred^ ^"c. 


Essay. Essay of Prouve op 't Publique Credijt, ult bet Engels ver- 
taald. 4® Rotterdam, 1710. 

■ An Essay on the Moral Constitution and History of Man. If^ 

Edinb. and Lond. 1854. # 

EssEN (o. H. von). Verzeichniss der Numismatischen Sammlung des 
verstorbenen Herm Gerbard Hinricb Von Essen, als zweite Abthei- 
lung seines Kunst-Nacblasses. 8^ AUona, 1834. Presented by 
C, P. Cooper, Esq, 

EsTE. Notizie biograficbe e letterarie degli Scrittori nello Stato Estense ; 
Tom. I. Fasc. 1—4. 4'^ Reggio, 1833. 

EsTius (guilielmus). Historiae Mart3nrum Gorcomiensium qui pro Fide 
Catbolica interfecti sunt a.d. 157£, X^ri quatuor. 8® Namurci, 1655. 

EsTOFF^ (antoine l*). Seutentien van den Krijgs-Rade der Vereenigbde 
Nederlanden jegens Antboine TEstoflfe over zyne scbandelijcke verra- 
derije op de stadt van Bergen opten Zoom. 4^ '< Gravenhaghe, 1628. 

Eton. Some Remarks on tbe Studies and Management of Eton Scbool. 
By a Parent. 8^ Lond. 1834. « 

A few Words in reply to "Some remarks upon tbe present 

system and management of Eton Scbool." By Etonensis. 8* Lond, 
1834. « 

— — Tbe Eton System of Education vindicated. 8*^ Lond, 1 834. « 

Evans (edward john). Nine Sermons on tbe Doctrine of tbe Trinity. 
80 2>u6/. 1833. « 

Evans (john). A Sermon on tbe Anniversary of bis Majesty's Coro- 
nation. 8^ Lond, 1 722, 

A Sermon on Genesis xxxix. 9. 8^ Lond, 1722. 

Eucharist. Tbe Perpetuity of tbe Faitb of tbe CatboHc Cburcb on tbe 
Eucbarist. Witb tbe refutation of tbe reply of a Calvinistic Minister. 
8'^ Dubl. 1834. « 

EucLiDEs. Rudimenta Musices. Gr. Lat, Joanne Pena interprete. 
4° Par, Andreas Wechelus, 1557. 

Tbe Elements of Euclid. By Robert Simson, M.D. Witb 

tbe Elements of Plane and Spberical Trigonometry, and a Treatise on 
tbe construction of tbe trigonometrical canon. Also a concise account 
of Logaritbms, by tbe Rev. A. Robertson, D.D. 8^ Lond, 1834. « 

— — ' Tbe first six and tbe eleventb and twelfVb Books of Euclid*s 

Elements ; witb notes and illustrations, and an appendix in five books. 
By James Iliomson, LL.D. S^ Edinb. 1834. « 

EvERARD (robebt). Au Epistlc to tbe several Congregations of Non« 
Conformiste. 8^^ 1664. 


EvLiTA EffENDi'. Narrative of Travels in Europe, Asia, and Africa, in 
the seventeenth century. Translated from the Turkish by the Ritter 
Joseph von Hammer. 4^ Lond. 1 834. « 

EuBiFiDEs. Tragoedise octodecim. His accessit Electra. [2 Vol.] 8^ 

Draraata. Illustravit Emestus Zimmermann; Vol. i-iii. 

IV, Pars Prior. S* Franco/, ad Mem. 1808-15. 

Tragoediae ex recensione G. Dindorfii ; 2 Tom. 8° Oxon^ 

18313, 3. « 

Metrical Analysis of the Hecuba, Orestes, Phoenissse, and 

Medea of Euripides, according to the text of Porson. 12® Dubl. 
1833. « 

Europe. Discourses upon the modem Affairs of Europe. 4® 1680. 

A View of Government in Europe, and civil policy : also of 

the antiquity, power, and decay of Parliaments. By T. R. Esq. 8® 
Lond. 1689. 

' A View of the Interest of the several States of Europe since 

the Accession of their present Majesties to the Crown of Great Britain. 
40£om^. 1689. 

The present State of Europe : or, the monthly Mercury ; Vol. 

II. Feb., July, Dec, 1691 ; Vol. in. July, 1692. 4® Lond. 1691, 2. 

Memoirs of the {uresent State of Europe. Done into English 

from the French. For Jan. 1693. 4P Lond. 1692. 

VoL u. for July, Aug., Sept, Dec, 1693. 4*^ Lond. 1693. 

Vol. IV. for April, July, 1693. 4<* Lond. 1693. 

The present State of Politicks in Europe. 8^ Lond. 1739. 

A Key to the Politics of the principal Powers of Europe. 

Translated. 8^ Lond. 1743. 

Eustace Conway. A novel; 3 Vol. 12^ ZonJ. 1834. « 

EuTROPius. Breviarium Romanse Historise. Specimen emendationum 
et indicem criticum adjecit J. D. v. Hoven. 8^ Amst. [1738.] [Cum 
notis MSS. quamplurimis.] 

Examination. Serious Examination, translated from the Spanish, by 
Jacob Porter. 8^ Northampton^ 1829. Presented by the Translator. 

ExAMiKXA. A Letter to Isaac Bickerstaff, Esq.; occasion'd by the 
letter to the Examiner. 8® Lond. 1710. 

The Christian Examiner for 1834. S"^ DubL « 

The Legal Examiner ; Vol. i-m. 8'^ Lond. 1832, 3. « 

The Legal Examiner, and Law Chronicle, for 1834. 8® 

Lond. « 

Excise. Englishmen's Eyes open'd ; being the Excise controversy set 
in a new light. 8^ Lond. 1733. 



Excise. A Letter from a Member of Parliament to a noble Lord, con- 
cerning tbe Excise-Bill. 8° Lond. 1733. 

ErcHiiAN DE Calve (jodocus). [Vocabularius Praedicantium.] 4»* 
[circiter 1480. Lit. Goth.] 

Eyes. Twenty Minutes* Advice on the Eyes. 8* Lond. 1834, # 

EzGUERRA (domingo). Arte de la Lengua Bisaya de la Provinciade 
Leyte. 4° Manila, 1747. 

Faber (salomo). Progymnasmata. 8^ Antv. 1563. [Cum notis MSS.] 

Fabricius (joh.), Montanus. An Oration wherby he teacheth that 
Christian men cannot resorte to the Councel of Trent, without com- 
mitting an hay nous offence. Englyshed by L. A. 8° Land. Humfrie 
Toye, 1562. [Lit. Goth.] 

Fabronius (ang.). De Vita et rebus gestis Clementis XIL, Pont. Max.^ 
Commentarius. 4® jRowkP, 1760. 

Francisci Petrarchae Vita. 8® Parma, 1 799. 

Fagel ( — ). Antwoord op den gesupposeerden Brief geschreeven door 
Fagel aan Jacob Stewart. 4^ 

. Consideratien over den Brief van Fagel, in antwoord van 

die van James Stewart. 4^. 

. Reflectien op den Heer Fagels Brief. 4®. 

Weerklank op de uitvlugtige Antwoord van een onbeken- 

den Auteur tegen den Brief van Fagel, geschreven aan D. Steward. 4^ 

Failoni (giovanni). Viaggio in Siria e nella Terra Santa. 8^ Ferona, 

Failures. Thoughts on the Causes of the present Failures. 8® Land. 

Fairford. An Account of the Parish of Fairford, in the County of 
Gloucester. 4° Land. 1791. 

Fairman (w.]. The Stocks examined and compared. 8° Land. 1798. 

'■ 8° Land. 1 802. 

Falkenstein (karl). Geschichte des Johanniter-Ordens ; 2 Band. 
12^ Dresd. 1833. 

Fallersleben (HOFFMANN von). Bartholomaus Ringwaldt und Benja- 
min Schmolk. Ein Beitrag zur deutschen Litteraturgeschichte des 
XVL und XVIII, Jahrhunderts. 8° Breslau, 1833. 

Fanaticism. Naked Truth ; or, phanaticism detected. 8^ Land. 1705. 

The Rise and Growth of Fanaticism. 8® Land. 1715. 

8« Land. 1 833. * 

Fancourt (w. l.). A Sermon for the Society for Promoting Chris- 
tian Knowledge, and for the Society for the Propagation of the Gos- 
pel in Foreign Parts. 8*^ Leicester, 1834. « 


Fanning (edmund). Voyages round the World; with sketches of 
voyages to the South Seas, North and South Pacific Oceans, China, 
&c. 8» New York, 1 833. 

Farces. Kecueil de Farces, Moralites, Sermons Joyeux, &c., tire d'un 
ancien Manuscrit. [36 Livraisons.] 8^ Par, 1831. 

Farley (henry). The Complaint of Paules, to all Christian Soules. 4® 
Printed by Cantrell Legge, 1616. 

Portland Stone in Paules-Church-Yard. Their birth, 

their mirth, their thankefuhiesse, their advertisement 16** Lond. 1622. 

Farley (robert). Kalendarium Humanae Vitee. The kalender of man's 
life. Lot. Angl, 8^ Lond. \ 638. 

Farmer. The Farmer restored : or the landed interest preserved. 4® 
Lond, 1739. 

The Farmer's six Letters to the Protestants of Ireland. 8® 

DuhL Lond. reprinted, 1746. 

Farmer Goodall and his Friend. 8® Lond, 1 834. # 

Fabrant (henry), a Letter to Archdeacon Tenison, detecting mis- 
representations in his pamphlets relating to dilapidations. 4^ 1717. 

Farren (geo.). An Essay on Shakespeare's Character of Shylock. 8^ 
Lond. 1833. « 

Hints, by way of Warning, on the legal, practical, and 

mercantile difficulties^ attending the foundation and management of 
Joint Stock Banks. 8<^ Lond. 1833. « 

The Mortalities of celebrated Musicians : with an appen- 

dix. 8^ Lond. 1834. « 

Fasli (mohammed). Gill u BiilbiU> das ist Rose und Nachtigall. Ein 
romantisches Gedicht, turkisch herausgegeben und deutsch iibersetzt 
durch Joseph von Hammer. 8^ Pest und Leipz. 1833. Presented by 
the Translator. 

Pastes [de napoleon]. Fasti [Neapolionei]. [Par L. Petit-Kadel.] 
4*> Par. Didot, an xni. 1804. 

Fasts. An Exhortation to the People of London, occasioned by the 
late proclamation for a Fast, &c. By a clergyman of Gloucestershire. 
8® Lond. 1756. 

Father. The Father's Present to his Son. 16® Lond. 1833. « 

Faults on both Sides. 8** Lond, 1710. 

Fauquier (francis). An Essay on Ways and Means for raising Money 
for the Support of the present War^ without increasing the public 
Debts. S'^Lond. 1756. 

Observations upon his " Essay on Ways and Means 

for raising Money to support the present War/' &c. By J. M. 8*^ 
Lond. 1756. 


Faure (o. 8.). Nouveau Flambeau de la Mer, ou description unitiqiie 
des cotes d'Angleterre, dlrlande, d'^cosse et de France, depuis Ca- 
lais jusqu'a Saint-Jean-de-Luz. 8° Paris et Havre^ 1822. 

Nouveau Flambeau de la Mer, ou description naudque 

des cotes d'Espagne et de Portugal, et de celles de la MediterraAee et 
Ues en dependant, Mer Noire, Mer d'AxoC &c. 8* Hanre^ 1824. 

Plans et Vues du 2«°^* Volume du Flambeau de la Mer. 

obi. fol. Par. 1824. 

Faussett (godfret). The Alliance of Church and State Tindicated 
in a Sermon. 8® Oxf. 1884. « 

Fauyeau ( — de), Mademoiselle* La Lampe de Saint Michel ; sujet tir6 
de rhistoire du Id* siede. fol. Par. Didat, 1832. PresaUed 6y the 
Comte de Portales-Gorgier. 

Fawcett (john). Reflections and admonitory Hints, of the Principal of 
a Seminary on retiring from his Station. 8® Lond. 1832. • 

Faxell (erlandus). Dissertatio gradualis. Veneres nonnullas Lingusft 
Suecanee leviter adumbrans. 8° Holrm^e, 1722. 

Fearnside (wm. gray). Tombleson's Thames. 4" Lond. « 

Febres (andres). Arte de la Lengua general del Reyno de Chile. 8^ 
Linuif 1765. 

Fedele (diacinta). Scelta di Vilanelle Napolitane beOissime. 8® H- 
cenza, 1628. 

Feithius (everhardus). Antiquitates Homericae. Gr. Et Angeli 
Mariae Quirini Primordia Corcyrse. Gr. 4^ MoscJu 1804. 

Felis (frakcisco). Verdadeiro Extrato, e nova Rela^ao^ em que se 
descreve a Festividade de Touros, que se andem fazer no Terreiro do 
Pa9o. 4*^. 

Feliz de Albinar (juan). Por Don Joaquin Cemesio, de la Zerda, 
Conde de Parsent. En el grado de segunda supUcacion. Con Don 
Luis Antonio Fernandez de Cordova, Duque de Medina-Coeli. Y Don 
Ventura Ossorio Fernandez de Cordova, Marques de Astorga. Sobre 
la succession del Mayorazgo de Villa-Toro. [Pleyto.] fol. Madr.\765. 

Fell (john), Bp. of Oxford. Articles of Enquiry in his Visitation. 
4" Oxf 1679. 

Ferdinand II., Emperor. Cort verhael vande Incompste vanden Keyser 
Ferdinandus binnen de stadt van Auspurg. 4*^ Antwerpen. 

■ Decreet van Cassatie teghens eenighe Agenten. 

4^ Antwerpen, 1620, 

Nieuwe Placcaten aen alle Rijckssteden die 

hun met de Boheemsche Rebellen deelachtich ghemaeckt hebben. 4<^ 
Antwerpen, 1620. 


Ferdinand II., Emperor. Monotorial Mandaten nopende de quitteringhe 
ende ruyminghe Tan Bohemen* 4® Antwerjpen^ 1620. 

Copya van diversche scliriftelijcke Commissien 

ende Placcaten by de Koomsche Keyaerlijcke Majesteyt. 4** Antwerperif 

Nieuwe Tijdinghe wt des Keysers Legher. 

4® Antwerpen, 1620. 

Coppyen van sonunighe Placcaten ende Brie- 

ven aen die staten van den Rijnstroom. 4® Antwerpen^ 1620. 

Keyserlijck schr^ven aen den Marquis Spi- 

nola pro bescherminghe voor de Ridderschap aenden Rijnstroom. 4^ 
Antwerpen, 1620. 

Verhael vande Solemniteyt gehouden tot Ma» 

drit int gheven vanden Cardinaels Hoedt aen Don Fernando. 4^ 
Antwerpenf 1620. 

Schrijven aende Hooftlieden, Raden, Com- 

missarissen der Ridderschap aenden Rijnstroom enz. 4® Antwerpen^ 

Cassatie ende Annullatie mette Protestatie 

teghens de Crooninge in Bohemen. 4' Antwerpen^ 1620. 

Verhael ende ordre vande Magnificentie 

geschieht op de Hnldinghe des Keysers. 4^ Antwerperif 1620. 

Ferdinand VII., King of Spam. Declaracion de la Gnerra al Empe- 
rador de Francia, Napoleon P. [Plan de la transmigracion de los 
Espafioles, por disposicion del gran Napoleon. Rispuesta dada por el 
Obispo de Orense a la Junta de Gobierno.] 4^ 1808. 

■ [Carta que escribio a su Padre, 

haciendo en su favor la renuncia de su Corona.] fol. Madr, 1808. 

Real Provision del Consejo^ por la 

que se concede facultad a los Pueblos donde debe celebrarse la Pro- 
clamacion de Fernando VII. fol. Madr. 1808. 

Auto [del Consejo, para declarar 

nulos los Decretos de Abdicadon y Cesion de la Corona de Espafia, 
firmados en Francia por Fernando VII. y Carlos IV.] fol. Madr. 
12 de Agosto, 1B08. 

Decreto. 18 de Marzo, 1812. 4® 


Ferouson (andrew). Account of all the Persons of note in Scotland, 
now engaged in the Service of the Chevalier. 8^ Lond. repr, 

Ferousson (adam). Practical Notes made during a second Visit to 
Canada in 1833* S^* Edinh. and Land. 1 834. « 


Fernandez de Arce y Guzman (alonso). Por D. Alonso Fernandez 
de Arce y Guzman, en virtud de poder de D. Manuel Fernandez su 
padre ; con los hijos, y herederos de D. Blasco Diaz de Contr^ras, y 
D. Juan de Pla9a, su tutor> y con Dona Maria de Aldana, su madre, 
y muger, que fue de D. Blasco, y al presente lo es de D. Sebastian de 
Urrea. Sobre la donacion hecha por el dicho D. Blasco, a favor de 
D. Manuel Fernandez, y sus hijos y herederos. [Pleyto.] fol. Madr. 

Ferne (henrt), Bp. of Chester, The Church of England-man's 
Reasons for his not making the Decisions of Ecclesiastical Synods the 
Rule of his Faith. 8« Land. 1717. 

Ferrario (giulio). Aggiunte e Rettificazioni all* opera " il Costume 
antico e moderno di tutti i Popoli;** Vol. ii. ; Fascipoli 4, 5. fol. Mi~ 
lano, 1834. 

Ferrarius (octavius). De Pantomimis et Mimis Dissertatio. Cum 
duabus epistolis, una Jacobi Facciolati, altera Jo. Phil. Slevogtii et 
Jo. Fabricii ad non neminis dubia de orthographia Latina respon- 
sionibus. 8*^ Wolfenh. 

Ferrer (michael). Sancta Trinitas unus Deus, sacerrimum Religionis 
Arcanum. 4** Palmce^ 1806. 

Ferrerius (vincentius). Opus Quadragesimale. fol. 1482. 

Ferrey (benj.) and Brayley (edw. wedlake). The Antiquities of the 
Priory of Christ-Church, Hants. 4P Land. 1834. « 

Fetiches. Du Culte des Dieux Fetiches. [Par Charles de Brasses.] 
12« 1760. 

Fetzer ( — ). Teutschland und Rom seit der Reformation Dr. Luthers. 
Eine Denkschrifl zur dritten Sekularfeier der Augsburgischen Con- 
fession ; 2 Band. 8°. Frankfurt am Main, 1830. 

Feuerbach (anselm von). Caspar Hauser. An account of an indi- 
vidual kept in a dungeon from early childhood. With a memoir of 
the author. S^ Land, 1834. « 

Feverlinus (j. w.), Prces. Dissertatio theologico-historica de Errore 
Augustini solos fideles esse legitimos possessores rerum. Re^, 
L. T. Kizov. 4» Getting. 1739. 

Specimen Concordiae Fidei et Rationis in 

Vindiciis Religionis Christianae, adversus Petrum Bselium fingentem 
rempublicam quae tota e veris Christianis est composita conservare se 
non posse. Resp, I. H. Willemerus. 4° Goetting. 1748. 

Fevre de la Boderie (guy). Les Hymnes Ecclesiastiques selon le 
cours de Tannec, avec autres Cantiques Spiritucls. 16^ Par, 15S2* 


FsusTKiNoius (j. H.)» Prosi. Disputatio theologico-exegetica de Cus- 
todia Mentis et Voluntatis, in Praxi assidue conjungenda, ex Phi- 
lipp. IV. 7. Resp, Frid. Gottl. Hertzog. 4" Wittemhergas^ 1711. 

FiDLER (isAAc). Observations on Professions^ Literature^ Manners, and 
Emigration in the United States and Canada, during a residence in 
1832. 12*» Zonrf. 1833. « 

FiERABRAs. Der Roman von Fierabras, Provenzalisch. Herausgegeben 
von Immanuel Bekker. 4*^ BerL 1829. 

Figaro in London; Vol. in., for 1834. 4® Lond, « 

FiGUEROA Y Cordova (dieoo, y Joseph). Famosa Comedia. Mentir, y 
mudarse a un tiempo. 4^. 

FiLANGiERi (oAETANo). La Science de la Legislation. Ouvrage traduit 
[par J. Ant Gallois] ; 7 Tom. 8" Par. 1786-91. 

FiLiPiNAS. Real Cedula para reducir el excesivo numero de subscrip- 
siones hechas en la Real Compania de Filipinas, a las 32 mil acciones 
sefialadas en su ereccion. fol. Madr, 1785. 

FiLippiNi (anton pietro). Istoria di Corsica; 5 Tom. 4^ Pua^ 

Finance. Concept van Finantie omme 's Lants inkomsten, sonder 
meerder belasting der Gemete, te vergrooten. 4® 1672. 

FiNLAY (john). The Office and Duty of Church- Warden and Parish 
Officer in Ireland. With a supplement. 8<* Duhl 1827. « 

A Treatise on the Law of Game and Inland Fisheries 

in Ireland. 8<> Duhl 1827. ♦ 

A Treatise on the Law of Tithes in Ireland. 8° Duhl. 

1828. « 

A Treatise on the Law of Renewals in respect to 

Leases for Lives renewable for ever in Ireland, with the cases and 
decisions thereon. 8^^ Duhl 1829. « 

A Digest and Index of all the Irish Reported Pases 

in Law and Equity, and of the Reported Cases in Ecclesiastical and 
Criminal Law, with a variety of original Cases. 8" Z)m6/. 1830. « 

FiNNssoN (hannes). Ovold vokurnar 1794 ; 2 Part. 8« Leird, 1796, 7. 

FiNSBURY. Copy of the Register of the Electors of the Borough of 

Finsbury, for the Year 1833-4. 8* Lond. Presented hy Sir Henry 

FioRAVANTE. Libro che tratta di bataglia: chiamata Fioravante. 4* 

Venet. Marchio Sessa, 1506. 
FioRiLLo (j. D.). Geschichte der zeichnenden Kiinste von ihrer Wieder- 

auflebung bis auf die neuesten zeiten ; 5 Band. 8^ Gotting. 1 798-1 808. 

FiRDAUsi.. Chrestomathia Schahnamiana. Edidit, annotationibus et 
glossario locupleti instruxit Joannes Augustus Vullers. 8** Bonna^ 



VntitzE. CoDezioiie dei Progecd d'Ardiicectim 

Concorti Triennali daD' Accademia di ficO* Arti in Finme ; Fmc 14^ 
fol. Ftr, 

Fischer (joh. berbt.). EntwarfTeiDer historischen Ardutectar. obL fill. 
Leipzig, 1725, 

FiscHERUs (jo. CHRI8TIA9.;, Pr(EM, DisieTtatio de HnbertiDo Cleria> 
CrcsceDtinate elegandorum littenuum instaaratore. Rttp. Jo. CaroL 
Fingerus. 4* JeruFf 1739. 

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sented by the students of Magdalen CoUedge in Oxford. 4* LomJ 
Printed by J. L.far Robert Allot, 1633. 

Fisher (iouv), Bp. of Rochester. De Causa MatrinKmii Serenissimi 
Regis Angliae liber. 4*. CompbUi. 

— A godly Treatise declaring the 

benefites, fruites, and great commodities of prayer, and also the true 
use thereof. Written in Latin fourtie yeares past. And lately translated 
into Englishe. 8* Land, Imprinted by H. B, for Gabrieli Cawood^ 
1577. [Lit. Goth.] 

Fisher*s Drawing Scrap Book, 1834. 4* Lend, 1833. # 

Fishes. The Book of Fishes. 12« Land. 1834. # 

FiSHiNO. Scenes and Recollections of Fly-Fishing, in Northumberland, 
Cumberland and Westmoreland. By Stephen Oliver, the Younger. 
8<> Zom^. 1834. # 

Fit John (john). A Diamonde most precious, worthy to be marked : 
instructing all Maysters and Servauntes, how they ought to leade their 
lyves. 4® Lend. Hugh Jackson, 1577. [Lit. Goth.] 

Fitzoerald (r). Farther Additions to a Treatise called " Salt-water 
sweetned." 12" Land. 1G85. 

FiTZ Simon (henricus). Britannomachia Ministrorum in plerisque et 
fidei fundamentis^ et fidei articuh's dissidentium. 4° Duaci, 1614. 

Flanders. Openinghe ghedaen den Staten van den landen van den 
Hertoghe Philips, byden drie leden slants van Vlaenderen int jaer 
1487. 4* 1576. 

Flandricismes, Wallonismes et Expressions impropres dans la Langue 
Franfaise. Par un ancien Professeur. 12^ Bmx. 1830. 

Fleet. Verhael van *t gepasseerde in de Zee-Slagh, tusschen de 
Vlootcn van Engelandt ende van de Vereenighde Nederlanden, opgestelt 
by de Witt, Vrybergen enz. 4° '* Gravenhage, 1666. 

Verhael van de Zee-Slach tusschen de Vlooten van Engelandt 

ende die van Hollandt, den 11 Junii^ 1666. 4^ 


Fleet. A Narrative of the Proceedings of his Majesty's Fleet in the 
Mediterranean, and the combined Fleets of France and Spain, from 
1741 to March 1744. By a Sea-Officer. S"" Lond. 1744. 

Fleming (caleb). A Survey of the Search after Souls, by Dr. Coward, 
Dr. S. Clarke, Mr. Baxter, Dr. Sykes, Dr. Law, Mr. Peckard, and 
others. S^ Lond. 1758. 

Fletcher (j.). A rational Vindication of the Catholic Faith : being the 
first part of a Vindication of Christ's Divinity. Left imperfect, and 
finished by Joseph Benson. 12^ Hull, 

Socinianism Unscriptural ; being a second part of a Vin- 
dication of Christ's Divinity. Wit*h a demonstration of the want of 
common sense in the New Testament writers, on the supposition of 
their believing the doctrine of Christ's mere humanity, by Joseph 
Benson. 12*^ Birmingham^ 1791. 

Six Letters. 1 2» Bath, 1 788. 

Fletcher (j.). The Prudent Christian. 12" Lond. 1834. « 

Flinspachius (cunmannus). Genealogise Christi et omnium populorum 
Tabulae, fol. BasiL 1567. 

Flint (— ). Francis Berrian ; or, the Mexican Patriot; 3 Vol. 12* 
Lond. 1834. # 

Flint (timothy). Indian Wars of the West. 12° Cincinnati^ 1833. 

Flinter (gborge d.). An Account of the present State of the Island 
of Puerto Rico. 8^ Lond. 1 834. # 

Floquet (a.). Histoire du Privilege de Saint Romain; 2 Tom. 8® 
Rouen, 1833. 

Flora. The Irish Flora; comprising the phsenogamous plants and 
ferns. WDubLl833. # 

Florez (henrique). Respuesta a la Carta publicada bajo el nombre de 
D° Juachin de Azur. 4» Madr. 1752. 

Florimond de Remond (j. c). Error popularis, sen Fabula Joanne 
quae Pontificis Romani sedem occupasse falso credita est 8® Colon. 

Florisello. La Historia de gli valorosi Cavallieri, Don Florisello di 
Nichea, et Anassarte, Figliuoli del gran Principe Amadis di Grecia ; 
3 Libri. 8^ Venet. 1593-82. 

Flowers. The Language of Flowers ; or, alphabet of floral emblems. 
WEdinb. m 

12« Lond. 1834. « 

The Moral of Flowers. S^ Lond. 1833. 

Floter (Sir John). Medicina Gerocomica ; or, the Galenic art of pre- 
serving old men's healths, explained. 8° Lond. 1724. 



Fob (daniel de). An Enquiry into the Case of Mr. Asgill's Oenend 
Translation. 8^ Lond. 1 704. 

FoNTENELLE (BERNARD LE BoviER de). Histoire des Oracles. 8® Par. 

— Reponse a THistoire des Oracles, 

par M'. de Fontenelle. [Par le P. Baltus.] 8® Strash. 1707. 

Foot (wm.). An Essay on Education. 8® Bristol, 

Forbes (andrew). Unrefuted Charges against the managing Directors 
of the London Missionary Society. 8° Lond, 1 8S4. « 

Forbes (james). Hortus Wobumensis. A descriptive catalogue of up- 
wards of 6000 ornamental Plants cultivated at Wobum Abbey. 4® 
Lond, 1833. « 

Forbes (john). Three Sermons on the Lord's Day. 12^ Glasg, 
1831. « 

Forbes (robert). Jacobite Memoirs of the Rebellion of 1745. Edited 
by Robert Chambers. 8° Edinb, 1834. # 

FoRCELLiNi (^oiD.). Totius Latinitatis Lexicon consilio et cura Jacob! 
Facciolati opera et studio ^gidii Forcellini lucubratum ; auctum et 
emendatum a Josepho Furlanetto ; 4 Tom. 4^ Patav, 1 827-30. 

FoRDYCE (jAMEs). The Folly^ Infamy, and Misery of unlawful Pleasure. 
A Sermon. 8® Edinb. 1760. 

FoRSTER (josiah). Somc Reflections on the Importance of a Religious 
Life. 12^ Lond. 1834. « 

FoRTEscuE {Sir john). De politica Administratione, et Legibus civi- 
libus florentissimi regni Anglie, commentarius. 12^ Lond, Edwardus 

Foster (joiin). Enarratio et Comparatio Doctrinarum moralium Epi- 
curi et Stoicorum. Dissertatio. 4° Lond, 1758. 

FoTHERGiLL (george). A Fast Sermon. 8® Oxf, 1756. 

FoTHEROiLL (thomas). A Thanksgiving Sermon. 8° Oxf, 1749. 

A Sermon, on January 30. 8" Oxf, 1753. 

A Fast Sermon. 8» Oxf 1757. 

Fox {Rt, Hon, c. j.). Substance of the Charge of Mismanagement in 
his Majesty's Naval Affairs in 1781, compared with Papers laid before 
the House, on Mr. Fox's Motion, Feb. 1, 1782. 8° Lond, 1782. 

Speech at the opening of Parliament^ Dec. 13, 

1792. 80Z(mrf. 1792. 

Speech in the House of Commons, Dec. 14, 1792. 

^'^ Lond, 

■ Speech on the Alien Bill, Jan. 4, 1798. 8<» Lfmd. 


Fox (Rt. Hon. c. j.). Speech on the Motion for an Enquiry into the 
State of the Nation, March 25, 1801. 8^ Land. 1801. 

Fox (douglas). The Signs, Disorders, and Management of Pregnancy ; 
and the management and disorders of children. 8^ Derby, 1834. « 

Fox (francis). Convivium Juvenile: or a colloquy between Martin 
and Erasmus, anent ecclesiastical establishments and voluntary church 
associations. With a preface and notes. 8® Edinb. 1833. # 

Fox (john). Historia von Thoma Cranmero dem Ertxbischoff zu 
Cantuaria inp Engelland aus dem Latein verdeutscht. 4^ Weisien- 
feU, 1561. 

The Benefit and Invention of Printing. Extracted out of 

his '* Acts and Monuments." 4® Land, 1704. 

Fox (samuel). The Catechumen's Instructor. \%^ Land. 1833. # 

Fox (w. J.). The Church Establishment inconsistent with the Spirit of 
Christianity and the well-being of the Community ; a discourse. 8* 
Land. 1834. « 

Fragment, A. 8° Land, [With MS. notes.] 

Fragments. Poetic Fragments for translation into Greek Verse. Dra- 
matic. 12° Cambr. 1833. « 

Latin Verse. Heroic 

and Elegiac. W Cambr. 1834. * 

Fran^aises. Les Fran^aises, ou xxxiv Exemples choisis dans les moeurs 
actuels. [Par N. E. Retif de la Bretonne.] 4 Vol. 19,'^ Neufchdtel, 

France. Vues des belles Maisons de France, obi. fol. 

Openinge der Geheymenissen inhoudende verscheyde voor- 

valTen en politique streken van de Duytse Vorsten en sommige 
Grooten omtrent Vrankrijk. 4® 1676. 

The Spirit of France, and the politick Maxims of Lewis XIV. 

laid open to the world. 4^ Land. 1689. 

A new Discovery of the private Methods of France, to frus- 

trate the glorious designes of the confederate princes. 4° Land. 

De Pretexten der Fransche Invasie geexamineerd. 4° Am- 

sterdam^ 1692. 

Brief wegens de Fransche Invasie. if^ Amsterdam, 1692. 

- A faithful Account of the renewed Persecution of the 

Churches of Lower Aquitaine in France, in the year 1692. 4*^ Land. 

A political Account of the Diminutions of the Revenues and 

Trade of France; deduced from the year 1660, to 1699. 4^"* Land. 


France. An Inquiry into the Revenue, Credit, and Commtrce of 
France. 8° Land, 1742. 

Remarks on '* An Inquiry into the Revenue, Credit, and Com- 
merce of France." 8® Lond. 1 742. 

Francfoet. Translaet vanden Brief gheschreven by de Borghemifts- 
teren ende Raedt der Stadt van Franckfort aende Borghermeestamn 
ende Schepenen van Antwerpen. 4® Antwerpen, 1620. 

Francheville (JOSEPH Du FRESNE db). Histoire generale et partien-' 
liere des Finances ; 2 Tom. 4«* Par. 1738-46. 

Histoire de la Compagnie dta 

Indes. 4« Par. 1746. 

Franchi Contestagoio (jeron. de). L*Union de Portugal a la Couronn« 
de Castille. Prise de Tltalien, par Th. Nardin. S^ Arras, 1600. 

Franciscus, Beatus, Speculum Vitae B. Francisci et Sociorum ejua. 
Opera et studio F. Guilielmi Spoelberch. 8^ Antverp, 1620. 

Franckel (david hirschel). a Thanksgiving Sermon ; preached at the 
synagogue of the Jews in Berlin. Translated from the German. 8® 
Lond. 1758. 

Francklin (thomas). Translation ; a poem. ^^ Lond. 1753. 

Frank (john). A Sermon on the Death of the Rev. Bennet Stevenson, 
D.D. 8"^ Lond. 1756. 

Franke (walter). The Epitome of Divinity^ poetically compos*d by 
way of dialogue. 8° Lond. 1655, 

Fraser (donald). The Life and Diary of the Rev. Ralph Erskine, 
A.M. 12^ Edinb. 1834. « 

Fraser (james b.). An historical and descriptive Account of Persia. 
12^ Edinburgh, 1834. # « 

Frassen (claudius). Disquisitiones Biblicae; 2 Vol. fol. LuoBf 1769, 70, 

Frederick II., King of Denmark. Konning Frederick den andens Hand* 
festning udgifiuen aar 1559. 4° Kibbenhaffhi 1590. Presented hy 
C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

Frederick II., King of Prussia. The Memorial of his Prussian Ma- 
jesty, exhibiting the conduct of the courts of Vienna and Dresden. 
With the original papers found in the cabinet of the king of Poland. 
8» Lond. 1756. 

Konning Frederichs den Andens Recess 

odgiffen vdi Kallundborg aar 1576. 4^ Kiobenkaffn, 1590. Pr0tenUd 
by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

Kongelige Majestatz Obne Brefi*, Lyden- 

dis om Hues Almindelige Mandater oc Forordning, Hans Maiestat 
paabiuder oc dog icke efflerkommis som det sig bor. Datum Kioben- 
hafih, den 19 Junij, aar 1582. 4° Kiobenhaffn. 1590. Presented by 
C, P, Cooper, Esq. 


Feederick II., King of Denmark. Den Danske Soroet, som Stormectigste 
Hoyborne Forste oc Herre Her Frederick den anden Danmarckis 
Norgis Wendis oc Gottis Konning, &c. Lod udgaa aar 1556. 4® 
Kidbtnhaffn^ 1590. Presented by C. P, Cooper j Esq, 

Frederic Henry, Prince of Nassam, Articulen by syne Princel. Excel- 
lence ende de Staten Generael der Vereenichde Nederlanden aen de 
Stadt van *s Hertoghenbosch. 4° Amsterdam, 

Articulen gheaccordeert aen die 

van de Gheestelickheydt ende Magistraet der Stadt Maestricht. 4^ 

Dancksegginghe over die Victoria 

des Prince Frederic Henric van Nassau op het Slaeck. 4° Rotterdam^ 

Lijste vande Officiers die gevangen 

zijn in *t Legher vanden Prince van Orangie. 4* ** Gravenhaghe^ 

Articles accordez au Gouverneur 

de Maestricht et Wijck et aux Capitaines et gens de Guerre estans en 
icelle. 4^ A la Haye, 1 632. 

Articulen geaccordeert aenden 

Gouverneur ende die vanden Garnisoene tot Rhijnbergh. 4° 's Graven' 
hage, 1633. 

Frederick St. Clair ; a tale. And Alphonso : a sketch. 1^ Derby ^ 
1833. « 

Free (john). A Sermon before the University of Oxford. With a pre- 
face and appendix. 8*^ Lond. 1758. 

Freeholdeiu The Freeholder's Alarm to his Brethren : or, the fate of 
Britain determin*d by the ensuing election. 8^ Lond. 1734. 

Freeman (joseph). Heaven unveiled. 12*^ Lond. 1834. « 

Free-thinkers. The humble Petition of the Free-Thinkers to the Rt« 

Hon. P p E ^1 of H k, L d H h C r of 

G 1 B n, setting forth their right of patronage, in a certain 

book, called the " Divine L n of M s ; demonstrated ;" &c 

[By Benjamin Newton, M.A.] 4** Lond. 1756. 

Freke (thomas). An Essay upon the Liberty of the Will, and humane 
Actions. 8® Lond. 1715. 

French (daniel). A Lecture in refutation of the Doctrines of Unita- 
rianism. 8° Lond. 1834. Presented by the Author. 

Frend (william). Principles of Taxation. 8^ Lond. 1799. 

Frere (james hatley). Three Letters on the Prophecies ; in conti- 
nuation of eight letters published in 1831. 8° Lond. 1833. # 

Frettaoius (o. w.). Lexicon Arabico-Latinum. Accedit Index Vocum 
Latinarum ; Tom. i, ii. iii. Sect 1. 4^ Hal. Sax. 1830-34. 


Fuxjri*. Tht IxJth&l Fneod : or, tvo eoDTensooBf en voridh* 
trjune JECii facEOi! T da::it%. With a giemair of t^ vrccr. d* 

FsJi-f ^zuAJi . STvtRsa MTooloeicmn, ssteu fi mgwum an!iDe&. 

Sjitcna OrbU Vegetabilis. Prims Linear 

strtKrtkAii, Pan i, PlantaEr HomoDemes. S* Lmmda^ 1 S25. 
Fi^i.tiXASSc» 'b.^ CoDcctanea cridca. 4* ^auf^t I7S6. 

fkivwxszi, Kf/rvb Aemnerckiiige dienende tot ecu Weder feggiugb e 
tweik MiMireD vande Staten ran Vrieslant ende Groeningen. rMckcnde 
^ idrahtU: ran alle ProTuidale Stadtboodera in den Raedt tib 
8taten« 4*. 

FaiKSLt /^cHaitTorBOKCs;. Drie Revsen naar Oost-Indien gedaen Tan 
ChriAtop^Kifut Frikjus, Elias He«se, Cbristophorus Schveitxer veder 
bTv>nder «an 167^ tot 1686, vertaeld door S. de Vries. 4* rrrrc4il, 

FaiTZftCHiuf ^CHKISTIAK. FRIO.). Narratio de Michaele Webero primo 
nuper llaierui Tbeologo. 4* //a/. Sax, 1834. 

FftOLiou. The Froh'cks of Puck ; $ VoL 12* Lamd, 1854. # 

FkOMA/^Eor (j. B.> In Venatum. Ode. 8^ Par. 

Fk'iMMAN'sct's ("ekh. axde.). De Lucifero Calaritano olim Prssule Epi- 
•tola. 4* Colmrgif 1767. 

FkON'DEf Cavvcm. [The Buke of ye Chess.] 4* Auchhdeck Frtss, 

FuENTES (alonso de). QtiareDta Cantos de diversas y peregrinas his- 

torias, declarados y moralizados. 4^ 1550. [Lit. Goth.] [Iniper£] 

FuLLAEToi'N Cjohk). The Turtle-Dove under the Absence and Presence 
of her only Choice, or desertion and deliverance revived. 8* Edinb, 

Fuller (thomas). David's Hainous Sinne, Heartie Repentance, Heavie 
Punishment. S'* Land. 1631. 

Fuller (wm.). A Discovery of the true Mother of the pretended 
Prince of Wales, known by the Name of Mary Grey. 8* Land. 1696. 

Fumaoall (gaspar). Nova Bosina. Dove mi provi col me discor, Che 
la polenta Tha un gran valor. 8*^ Parma. 

Furneaux (philip). a Fast Sermon. 8^ Land. 1758. 

FiissLi (i. R. and ii. ii.). Allgcmeines Kiinstlerlexicon, oder kurze 
Nachricht von dem Lcben und den Werken der Maler, Bild- 
haucr, Baumcister, Kupferstecher, Kunstgiesser, Stahlschneider, &c., 
&c., ncbst angehangten Verzeichnissen der Lehrmeister und Schiller, 
auch der Bildnisse der in diesem Lexicon enthaltenen Kiinstler ; 
Theil I . fol. Zurich, 1 8 1 0, 1 1 . 

Theil 11. fol. Zurich, 1806-20. 


Future State. The Scripture- Account of a future State considered. 
[By the Rev. Mr. Griffin.] S^ Lend. 1754. 

Gabell (henry). On the Expediency of amending the Regulations, 
recommended by Parliament for reducing the high Price of Com : 
and of extending the bounty on the importation of wheat to other 
articles of provision. 8® Land. 1796. 

Gadburt (john). Festum Festorum ; or a discourse touching the holy 
feast of Easter. S"" LotuL 1 687. 

Gadsden (c. b.). An Essay on the Life of Theodore Dehon, D.D., 
late Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal Church in South Carolina : 
with an appendix. 8® Charleston^ 1833. 

GAGNiEUs (joANNEs). In quatuor Evangelia, necnon in Actus Aposto-- 
lorum Scholia ; Joannis Benedicti cura emendata. fol. Par, 1552. 

Gaguinus (robertus). Epistole. Orationes. De conceptione virginis 
defensio. De eadem conceptione oratio. De arte metrificandi pre- 
cepta. Epigrammata. De Christi raorte atque resurrectione. Item 
de miseriis humane vite : et contra poesis detractores breves tracta- 
tuli. 4« Par. 1498. [Lit. Goth.] 

Gainza (FRANCISCO de). HistoHa de la Universidad de Irunuranzu. 
fol. Pamplona, 1738. 

Galbiati (gennaro). La Pelviotomia. Ragguaglio di una nuova opera- 
zione di chirurgia che puo con vantaggio sostituirsi alia Cesarea. 8° 
* Nap. 1882. Presented by the Author. 

Galbraith (oeorge). The Cotton Spinners* Companion ; No. i-iu. 8*^ 
Glasg. 1834. « 

Gale Middleton. A Story of the present day. [By Horace Smith.] 
3 Vol. W Land. 1833. # 

Gale (peter). An Inquiry into the ancient Corporate System of Ire- 
land^ and suggestions for its restoration. With an appendix. 8** 
Lond. 1834. « 

Gallaudet (t.h.). The History of Jonah. 12° Lond. 1833. « 

Gallery, NationaL Engravings from the Pictures ; No. iii. fol. Lond. 
1833. m 

Galletti (j. o. a.). Kennslu-B6k i Sagna-Fraedinni fyrir Vidvaninga^ 
a Islendsku utlogd af Joni Espolin. 12° Leird, 1804. 

Galli (c). Prose e Carmi. Libri sei. 12? Lond. 1832. Presented by 
the Author. 

Gallia. Commentarii de statu religionis et reipublicse in regno Gallise. 
[Auctore Joanne Serrano ; 5 Tom.] 8*^ Ltigd. Bat. 1675-80. 

Galpine (john). a Sermon before the Societies for Reformation. 8" 
Lond. 1703. 

Galt (john). Stories of the Study ; 3 Vol. 12*^ Lond. 1833. ♦ 



Galt (john). Literary Life, and Miscellanies; 3 Vol. 12P Edmh. and 
Land. 18S4. # 

Gamaoe (william). Linsi-Woolsie. Or two centuries of Epigrammes. 
8<» Oxf. 1613. 

Gamba (bartolommeo). Delle Novelle Italiane in prosa Bibliografia. 
8» Venezia, 1833. 

Gambelionibus (angelus de), de Aretio, Solennis et aurea super om- 
nibus Institutionum libris Lectura. fol. Impressa in insigni Spirensium 
urbefactore Petro Drach, 1480. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq, 

Gambold (johk). a Fast Sermon. S^ Lond. 1756. 

Games. Het herstelde Verkeer-Bert verbetert in een Lanterluy- 
Spel. 4". 

Gaols. Report from the Committee of Aldermen, appointed to visit 
several Gaols in England. 4® Lond. 1816. 

Garcia Colorado t Toledano (francisco). Oracion Panegyrica, que 
la Ciudad de Murcia tributa a el Mysterio de la Purissima Concepcion 
de nuestra Sefiora. 4® Murcia, 1752. 

Garcla (vicent.). La Armonia del Parnds. Poesias. 4^ Barcelona, 

Garden. The Garden. 12^ Lond. 1834. # 

Gardening. Conversations on Gardening. 8^ Lond. 1834. « 

Gardens. Hints on the Formation of Gardens and Pleasure Grounds, 
with designs in various styles of rural embellishment. 4*' Lond. 1812. 

Gardiner ( — ), Countess of Blessington. Conversations of Lord Byron. 
S^Lond.lS34. # 

Gardiner (richard). An Account of the Expedition to the West In- 
dies, against Martinico, Guadelupe, and other the Leeward Islands, 
subject to the French King. S° Lond. 1760. 

Gardiner (w. h.). An Address, delivered before tlie Phi Beta Kappa 
Society of Harvard University^ on Classical Learning and Eloquence. 
8» Cambridge, lU. S.] 1834. 

Garin (fran^oys). Complainte et Enseignements. 4° Par. 1832. 

Garland (r. t.). The Judgment Day : a sacred poem, 8° Watchet, 
1834. « 

Garmston (john). a Sermon, preachM to prisoners confin'd for debt. 
S^Lond. 1715. 

Gaschon (j. b.). Code Diplomatique des Aubains. 8* Par. 1818. 

Gascoyne (/ytr crisp). A Liveryman's Reply to Sir Crisp Gascoyne's 
Address. S^ Lond. 1754. 

. A Refutation of Sir Crisp Gascoyne's Account 

of his Conduct, in the cases of Elizabeth Canning and Mary Squires. 
8" Lond. 1 754. 


Gasparikus Pergamensis, Epistolarum liber, fol. [Lit Goth.] 

Gastrell (prancis), Bp, of Chester. A moral Proof of the Certainty of 
a future State. 8® Dubl. repr. 1737. 

Gaddin (j.). Flora Helvetica ; 7 Vol. 8« Ttirtci, 1828-33. 

Gautier (jos.). Refutations du Celse modeme, ou Objections contre 
le Christianisme, avec des reponses. 8° Lunetille^ et Par. 1765. 

Gat (john). Gay's Chair. Poems never before printed, with a sketch 
of his life from the MSS. of the Rev. Joseph Buller, his nephew. 
Edited by Henry Lee ; with two Tales, by the editor. 8^ Limd. 

Gazette. The London Medical Gazette ; 2 Vol. 8^ Lond. « 

Gazette Universele des Maents October 1620. 4® ArUwerpen^ 


Gazeta Extraordinaria de Madrid; 11 de Agosto, 1801; 

Num. LXXYU. 4® Madr, 

Lxxxvi. 4** Madr. 

Lxxxvui. 4<^ Madr. 





27 de Setiembre, 1807; Num. 

30 de Setiembre, 1 807 ; Num. 

31 deMarzo, 1808 ; Num. xxviii. 4° 

17 de Abril, 1808 ; Num. xxxvi. 4» 
22 de Abril, 1808 ; Num. xxxix. 4* 

Segunda, 22 de Abril, 1 808 ; Num. xl. 4« 


Num. Lviii. 14 de Junio de 1808. 

— — ' Num. Lxxxv. 13 de Julio de 1808. 4*. 

Segundo Suplemento, 23 de Agosto, 

1808. 4« Madr. 

6 de Setiembre, 1808; Num. cxx. 


The Literary Gazette. 4» Lond. 1 834. 

Gebhardi (l. a.), og Christiani (wilhelm ernst). Kongerigerne Dan- 
marks og Norges samt Hertugdommene Slesvigs og Holsteens His- 
torie, oversat paa Dansk ved Job. Ernst Heilmann; 10 Bind. 4* 
Odense, 1776-1784. 

Gebhardus (brandanus henr.), PrcBs. De Qualitate Regni Millenarii, 
ex Apoc. XX. 5. 6. contra Chiliastas. Resp. Joh. Rhode. 4^ Gryphis' 
walduej 1709. 

u 2 


Geddes (Alexander). Animadversions on his Critical Remarks on the 
Hebrew Scriptures. 8^ Land. 1803. 

Gelbke (c. h. von). Abbildungen und Beschreibung der Ritterorden 
und Ehrenzeichen saemmtlicher Souveraine und Regierungen ; Lie- 
fenmg iv, v. obi. fol. BerL 

Gellert (c. f.). Werke ; 10 Band. 8^ CarUruhe, 1818. 

Genesis. A critical Dissertation on Genesis, chap. ii. t?. 1. S^ Lond, 

Gentleman. The pretty Gentleman : or, sofhiess of manners vindicated 
from the false ridicule exhibited under the character of William 
Fribble, Esq. 8« L<md. 1757. 

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Verhael vanden slach in Duytslandt nu lest gheschiedt. 4" 

Antwerpeny 1620. 


Germany. Verhael van t' ghene nu in Duytslant ghepasseert is. 4® 
Antrverpen, 1620. 

Verhael van Duytslant ende Bohemen. 4° Aniwerperif 



Verhael vande Leghers in Duytslandt. 4" Antwerpen, 1620. 
Werachtighe nieuwe Tijdinge van Duytslandt. 4f^ Antwerpenj 

Verhael vande Leghers in Duytslandt ende innemen der 

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Tijdinghe van Duytslandt 4* Antwerpen, 1620. 

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Beschryvinghe van het ghene dat vertoocht wierdt ter in- 

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— A Sermon on occasion of the Declaration of War 

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' Examination of the Scheme of 

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Answer to the " Examination of the 

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IZ'' Lond. \^U. 

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Engineer. 4® Lond, 1744. 

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if.D.LXxiii — M.D.LXXXI. 4° 1834. Presented by Mr. John Smith, Ygst. 
of Glasgow, 

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from many Fields. 12® Lond. 1834. # 

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With a postscript. [3rd Edit.] 8® Lmd. 

1 834. Presented by the Author, 

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—————— ^——^— Bando [acerca de sus bienes]. 

4^^ Madr. Marzo 19, 1808. 

— Edicto [para confiscar sus Bienes]. 

fol. Madr, 20 Marzo, 1808. 


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into English verse, 

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y Archipielago de Chiloe. 4® 1791. 

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Congregacion de Esclavos del Dulcissimo Nombre de Maria, fol. 
Madr. 1744. 

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GooDE (william). The modern Claims to the Possession of the extra- 
ordinary Gifls of the Spirit, stated and examined. With additions and 
an appendix. S^ Lond. 1834. » 

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GooDLAKE (thomas). Continuation of the Courser's Manual, or Stud 
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Aggravation of Sinne : and sinning against know- 
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Encouragements to Faith. 4® Lond. 1650. 

The Vanitie of Thoughts discovered. 4° Lond. 


Certaine select Cases resolved. 4® Lond. 1651, 50. 

Christ set forth. 4<» Lond. 1651. 

Christ the Universall Peace-Maker. 4® Lond. 


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interior Communication. Improved and enlarged. 8® Lond. 1834. « 

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the Earl of Derwentwater, Viscount Kenmure> Col. Oxburgh, R. Gas- 
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nuestra Senora historiadas. Con la forma dela institucion del psalterio. 
4^ Sevilla, por Meijnardo ungut aleman y Lan^alao polono, 1495. 

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1834. » 

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Thomae Aquinatis accommodata ; 3 Tom. fol. Fen. 1750. 


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contra Jacobi Picenini Apologiam pro Refortnatoribus. Opus Latinis 
Uteris consignatum a Vincentio Thoma Covi. fol. Fen. 1750, 

GoTTiNGEN. Gottingiscbe gelebrte Anzeigen unter der Aufsicbt der 
Konigl. Gesellscbaft der Wissenscbaften, 1833. [Stuck 105-156.] W 
Gotitng, Presented by the Royal Society at Gottingen, 

GouBAU DE RospouL (f.). La Hollande et la Conference. 8** Londr. 
1833. » 

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de St. Jean a Gouda. 12° Gouda^ 1813. Presented by C P. Cooper, 

Government. A Letter to a Lord, in answer to a Pampblet, entituled, 
" The Causes of the present Fears and Dangers of the Government." 
Af' Lmd, 1692. 

The Mercy of the Government vindicated. 8** Loud, 


The Conduct of the Government with regard to Peace 

and War, stated. 8° Lond, 1748. 

Thoughts on the Origin and Nature of Government. 

[By Allan Ramsay.] 8'* Lmd, 1769. 

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1834. » 

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1834. » 

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1834. » 

A Monograph of the Family of Ramphastidae, Toucans ; 

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English, the Castle Combat, performed by James Fencer and William 
Wrastler. ^"^ Lond. 1635. 

GowRiNG (j. w.). The Doctrines of free and sovereign Grace, being 
the substance of two sermons on the 17th Article. 8** Northwich, 
1 834. » 

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van de waere vinding der Lengte van Oost en West. 4" Leeuwarden, 

Graah (w. a.). Reise til Gronland, 1828-31. 4<* Kiobenh, 1832. 

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pero di Marocco. 8° Genova, 1834. 

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the country post-bag, from the man to the monster. S^ Dubi 1816. 


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Ecclesis Bambergensis collecta. Ab editore Henrico Joachimo Jaeck 
ex pluribus MSS. aucta. fol. Bamberg, 1833. 

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[1834.] « 

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1834. » 

Graham (richard)^ Viscount Preston. Omstandigh Verhael van alle 't 
gene in de Processen van Mylord Preston en Johan Ashton voorge- 
vallen is, nopens den hoogh Verraet tegen den Koningh William 
en de Koninginne Maria. 4® 's Gratoenhage, 1691. 

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Graham (t. j.). On the Diseases peculiar to Females. 8** Lond. 
1834. « 

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and particularly in Great Britain. 8*^ Lond. 1834. % 

A Letter to the Traders and Carriers on the Naviga- 
tions connecting Liverpool and Manchester. 4® Glasg. 1834. « 

Grammar. A Series of elementary Instruction for Children, in verse. 
Grammar. 8^ Lond. » 

A short Latin Grammar. 12® Lond. 1827. m 

The London Greek Grammar. 12® Lond. 1832. ♦ 

Progressive Exercises ; or easy steps to the knowledge of 

grammar. 12® Lond. 1834. # 

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sobre la prohibicion de los Coches. fol. 

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versation. 12®Zo;i^. 1832. » 

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Lond. 1833-35. « 

Grant (j. f.). The Principles of the New Testament, and of original 
Methodism, vindicated ; against the decisions of the Rev. V. Ward. 
12® Lonrf. 1834. » 

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personagien vande Malcontenten. 4® Antwerpen, 1580. 

Granville (a. b.). Graphic Illustrations of Abortion and the Diseases 
of Menstruation, with preliminary observations, explanations of the 
figures, and remarks. VLond,lS33. iK 



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4 Vol. 8° Torino, 1833. 

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Edinb. 1832. « 

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Necessity contrasted with the established Principles of philosophical 
Enquiry. In two act sermons. 8^ Dubl. 1829. 

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sidered. In a sermon. 8*^ Oxf. 1834. » 

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1833. » 

Greek verb. The irregular Greek Verb. 12* Lond. 1834. » 

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Lond. s. sh> 

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and Reasons of the Christian Religion " : shewing that Christianity is 
supported by facts well attested. 8° Lond. 1726. 

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Medical Reform. 8<* Lond. 1834. « 

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tions upon the four first Chapters of Mr. Green*s "Principles of 
Natural PhUosophy. " 8° Lond. 1712. 

Green (t. l.). A Correspondence between the Protestant Rector of 
Tixall> and the Catholic Chaplain of Sir Clifford Constable, Bart. ; 
with an appeal to the Bishop of Lichfield and Coventry, on the mar- 
riages and funerals of Catholics and Dissenters. With notes, 8:c. 8** 
Stafford, 1834. ♦ 

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Greenhithe. a new Steam-boat Companion, in an excursion to 
Greenhithe, Northfleet, Gravesend, &c. 8*^ Lond. ♦ 

Greenland. Nauwkeurige Beschrijvingh van Groenland nevens *t 
kort begrijp der reysen gedaen om Oud-Groenland in de jaeren 1577, 
1601, 1605, 1606 en 1636, vertaeld door S. de V[ries]. 4° Amsterdam, 

Greenouoh (g. b.). Address at the Anniversary of the Geological 
Society of London, Feb. 21, 1834. 8® Lond. 1834. Presented by the 

Greenshields ( — ). A Letter, concerning the Affair of Mr. Green- 
shields. 8^ 

— His case stated and discussed. 4" Lond. 1711. 


Greenwood (john). A Commencement Sermon. 8^ Lond. 1834. » 

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gieuses. Corrigee et augmentee; Tom. i~v. 8° Par, 1828, 9. 

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■ Heylige Bulle voor alle de ghene die volcommen 

Afflaet begheeren. 4® Middelhurgh, 1588. 

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Ratio gubernandi confirmantur. 8^ Romce^ 1591. 

Facultas Noritios admittendi, et cum illegitimis 

dispensandi, Societati restituitur. 8^ Ronug, 1591. 

Diversarum Gratiarum et Facultatum Societati 

in utraque India ad tempus hactenus concessarum Prorogatio ad xx. 
annos. S^ Romce, 1591, 

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linear translation, by J. W. Underwood ; 2 Vol. 12® Lond. 1833. » 

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Grellier (j. J.). The Terms of all the Loans for the last Fifty Years; 
with an account of the principal loans prior to that period^ and ob- 
servations on the rate of interest. 8® Lond. 1799. 

8° Lond. 

Grenan (benigne). Vinum Burgundum. Ode. 8". 

Ad Guidonem Crescentium Fagon, Archiatrorum 

Comitem, ut suam Burgundo Vino praestantiam adversus Campanum 
Vinum asserat. Hendecasyllabi. 8°. 

Eloges des Vins de Bourgogne et de Champagne. 

Par Benigne Grenan et Charles Coffin. Lat. Avec la traduction en 
vers Fran9ois. 4° Par. 1712. 

Paraphrasis Lamentationum Jeremiae, carminibus 

cxpressa. 4° Lut. Par. 1715. 

.• — Epistola consolatoria in Obitum Patris Mabillonis. 

4° 1717. 

Epistola ad Amicum. 8<^ Par. 1717. 

8° 1717. 

G RENVILLE {Right lion. George). A Letter to him. [By John Almon]. 
V' Lond. 1763. 


Grenville (Right Hon. george). A Reply to a Letter addressed to 
him. 4"Zonrf. 1763. 

■ A Letter to him upon the Conduct 

of the late Opposition. 8® Lond. 1764. 

Greswell (edward). Supplementary Dissertations upon the Principles 
and Arrangement of a Harmony of the Gospels. 8® Oxf. 1834. « 

An Exposition of the Parahles and other Parts 

of the Gospels ; 5 Vol. S^ Lond. 1834, 5. » 

Greswell (william). A popular View of the Correspondency between 
the Mosaic Ritual and the Facts and Doctrines of the Christian Re- 
ligion. In nine discourses. 8® Oxford, 1834. « 

Grew (nehemiah). New Experiments concerning Sea-water made 
fresh. 120 i^^^ 1535. 

Grey {Lad^ jane). Fragmens litteraires de Lady Jeanne Grey, Reine 
d' Angleterre ; traduits en Fran9ais, et precedes d*une notice sur la vie 
et les ecrits de cette femme celebre, par Edouard Fr^re. 8^ Rouen, 

Gribble (charles b.). a Statement shewing the Claims of the maritime 
Officers of the East India Company for Compensation. 8^ Lond. 
1834. » 

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Griffin ( — ). The Scripture Account of a future State consider'd. 8" 

Griffin-Stonestreet (o. s.). Letters to a Man of Rank upon the im- 
politic Tendency of a Motion by Col. Williams, M.P., to repeal the 
royal Marriage Act 8" Lond. 1834. Presented hy the Author, 

Griffith ( JOHN). Some Prison-Meditations and Experiences. 8*^1663. 

Grigo (j.). a Sermon preached with a view to the apprehended In- 
vasion. 8*^ Lond. 1756. 

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16<» Brux. 1834. 

Grioor (alex.). a Treatise on the Game Laws of Scotland ; with an 
appendix. 8<> £dtn6. 1834. » 

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del gran patriarcho Sant Benoist. %^ Toulouso, 1659. 

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and Duties of the Christian Reh'gion. 8* Philadelphia^ 1830. 

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Eddalaeren. 8^ Kiobenhavn, 1808. 

Nordens Mythologi eller Sindbilled- 

Sprog historisk-poetisk udviklet og oplyst. 8^ Kiobenhavn, 1882. 

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Entwickelung und in ihrem Zusammenhange mit der Wolkspoesie. 8® 
BerUn, 1834. 

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1833. » 

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la festlTidad de S, Lorenzo. 4^ Madr. 1744. 

Guardian. The Importance of the Guardian considered. 8° Lond. 

The Poor Man's Guardian for 1 833, 4. 4® Lond. » 

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tare. 8^ Milam, 1803. 

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rima; con alcuni altri componimenti. 8** Pavia, 1583. 

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if" Rama, 1806. 

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B^Landr. 1813. 

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I'edition originale du xv* si^cle, et sur tous les manuscrits, avec une 
notice bibliographique et des notes, par M. Fr. Michel. 12® Par, 

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preliminar y algunas notas de Don Antonio Ponz. 8® Madr, 1788. 

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M 4<» Hoom, 1676. 


Guinea. Considerations upon the Trade to Guinea. S^ LtnuL 1 708. 

GuiPuzcoA. Cartas de la Provincia de Guipuzcoa, sobre los bullicios 
acaecidos en ella por algunos de la plebe. 4* [1766]. 

GuNiLDE. Notice historique et critique au sujet d*une inscription gravee 
sur une plaque de plomb trouvee dans le tombeau de Gunilde, 
Princesse Anglo-Saxonne. 8« Gand. 1833. Presented by C. P. 
Cooper, Esq. 

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A Report of the Cause in the Court of King's Bench ; on the claim 
of the heads of colleges to nominate to the professorship of Miner- 
alogy. 8° Cambr. 1824. 

Gunning (peter), Bp. of Ely. An Extract out of his " Paschal or 
Lent-Fast apostolical and perpetual." 12^ Lond. 16f J. 

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primum. 4® Magdeh* 1 800. 

Specimen secundum. 4** Magdeh. 1801. 

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considered as a preparation for heaven. 12^ Lond. 1834. « 

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GusTAvus Adolphus, King of Sweden. Brief aen Camerarius. 4® 
'« Gravenhage, 1631. 

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for the Extraction of a Cataract from the Human Eye may be per- 
formed. With Remarks by Captain Kater on certain spots discover- 
able in the human eye. 8** Lond. 1834. » 

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China, in 1831 and 1832 : with notices of Siam, Corea, and the Loo- 
Choo Islands. 8^ New York, 1833. 

Journal of three Voyages along the Coast of China 

in 1831, 2, 3. With an introductory Essay by the Rev. W. Ellis. 12® 
Lond. 1834. » 

A Sketch of Chinese History, ancient and modem ; 

2 Vol. 8» Lond. 1834. » 

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Hernandez de Guzman >su Hijo, y Alonso de Carrion. Con el SeSior 
Fiscal. Sobre el oficio de Escrivano publico y del Cabildo de la Ciudad 
de los Reyes. [Pleyto.] fol. 


Ctllenboroh ( van) Graaf. Brieven van het gepasseerde tusschen 

den Grave van Gyllenborgh, de Barons Gorts, Sparre en andere, 
betreffende het dessein tot onderneminge van een Rebellie. 4® 
'* Gravenhaghe, 1717- 

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et Hafnict — Lipme, 1820-27. 

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those of a chronological character. 8® Land. 1834. » 

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8® Land. 1833. » 

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bizio; cum Praefatione Jacobi Guilielmi Feverlini. 4° Gotting, 1740. 

, Prtes. Dissertatio historica sistens vitam, itinera et 

scripta Fr. Felicis Fabri. Resp. Erhard. Riedlin. 4" Goetting. 

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trobe. B^ Lond. 1812. 

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2 Tom. 8« Leipz. 1775. 

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Deutschland, der Schweiz und Italien; 4 Band. 12° Breslau, 1818-21. 
Presented by the Commissioners of his Majesty* s Records. 

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A.D. 1465. 

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Mother Haggy. 8" Lond. 1712. 

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of the healing Art ;" a new system of Physic. Translated by Charles 
H. Devrient, Esq. With notes by Samuel Stratten, M.D. 8** Dubl. 
1833. » 

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scribed in sundry poems. 4® Lond. John fVindet, 1604. 

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particularly with reference to the opinions of the Anabaptists. 12* 
Lond. 1834. » 

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the Good Steward ;" by J. P. 8<> Lond. 



Hale (william hale). Some Remarks on the probable Consequences 
of establishing a general Registry of Births, and legalizing the regis- 
tration of Dissenters* Baptisms. 8® Lond* 1834. # 

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8^ Lond. 1 834. » 

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U^ Lond. 1832. » 

3d Series ; 3 Vol. 12« Lond. 1833. » 

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and the principal Festivals ; 2 Vol. 8® Lond. 1832. « 

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bility. 12«Zow/. 1833. » 

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Calculus. S^ Camhr. 1834. » 

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brevi commentatione illuBtrata. 8° Stockholm, 1802. 

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letter to the Rev. James Yates, M.A. 8° Lond. 1834. » 

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mannahofn, 1770. 

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et novo Ecclesiae usu ; 3 Partes, fol. Rom. 1739, 40. 

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flava gente Budinorum dissertatio. 8° Berol. 1834. 

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8° Duaci, 1615. 

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Lond. 1834. » 

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at Edinburgh, Nov. 1706, on the Union. 8** Lond. 1719. 

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Attorney. 8® Lond. 1751. 

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Lond. 1834. » 

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Unitarians, not entitled to the Christian name. Being a reply to a 
sermon by Joseph Hutton, LL.D. 8° Lond. 1831. « 


Hamilton (richard winter). Animadversions upon the Rev. Dr. Hut- 
ton's Pamphlet, entitled ** Unitarian Christianity Vindicated." 8** 
Lond. 1 832. « 

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Renfrew. With notes and appendices. 4° Glasg, 1831. 

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1834. ♦ 

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8" Pe*M 827-33. 

Hampden (renn dickson). Observations on Religious Dissent. 8^ Ox/I 
1834. » 

Hampden (richard). A Speech made at the second reading of the ** Bill 
for enlarging the time for continuance of Parliaments, &c." 4*^ Lond* 

Hampole (richard). Explanationes notabiles super lectiones illas 
beati Job, quae solent in exequiis defunctorum legi. Sermo beati 
Augustini de misericordia et pia oratione pro defunctis. 8^ Par, per 
Bertholdum Rembolt, 1510. [Lit Goth.] 

Hancock (john). Observations and Experiments upon the Kusia 
or Koosia of the Indians, — the Bitter Cucumber, M omordica opercu- 
lata of Linnaeus. 8^ Presented by the Author. 

Hane (p. f.), PrcBs. Dissertatio inauguralis de Sacrorum Christianorum 
in Cimbria Primordiis. Resp. Christianus Kortholtus. 4^ Kilon. 

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Good Wife, together with an exquisite discourse of epitaphs ; by R. B. 
Gent. 8« Lond. Richard Redmer, 1618, 9. 

Hanover. Great Britain's Union, and the Security of the Hanover 
Succession, considered. 4° Lond. 1705. 

Reasons against the . Succession of the House of Hanover. 

[By Daniel De Foe.] 8^ Lond. 1713. 

Parliamentary Right maintain*d, or the Hanover succession 

justify 'd. 8M714. 

The Advantages of the Hanover Succession, and English 

Ingratitude, considered. S^ Lond. 1744. 

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1834. » 

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8<' Lond. 1833, 4. ^ 

■ General Index from 1803 to 

1830. Edited by Sir John Philippart; Pts. i, ii. 8^ Lond. 1834. « 



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Salisbury, 18S4. * 

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System of Botany. 4* Derby, 1 8^. » 

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l^ained. IbL LofuL 1834. » 

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ciliora quaedam loca Pentateuchi ad Hebraicorum fontium tenorem 
explicata. 4* Helmut. 1703. 

Hakduikus (joakkes). Antirrheticus de Nummis antiquis Colonlarum 
et Munidpiorom ad Joann. Foy-Vaillant. 4® Paru, 1689. [Cum 
nods quamplnrimis MSS. a Domino PeUerin.] 

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4« Lond. 1825. 

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Clergyman, for his Visitation Sermon. 8* Land. 1719. 

■ Church Authority vindicated, in a visit- 

ation sermon. With a postscript. 8® Lond. 1720. 

Haroreates (james). Essays and Letters on important theological 
Subjecto. 8^ Lond. 1833. # 

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1633. [Imperf.] [With MS. notes.] 

Harlem. Accoordt besloten op het overleveren vander Stadt Haerlem 
tusschen den Prince van Oraingien met de Staten van Hollant, ende 
Godefridus van Mirle mitsgaders Sebastiaen Craenhals ens. den 22 
Januarii, 1577. 4P Delft. 

' Haerlemmer-Meer-Boeck. 4^ Amsterdam, 1641. 

Harley (robert), Earl of Oxford. Articles of Impeachment against 
him ; with his answer. 4° Land. 1727. 

— A further Report from the Com- 
mittee of Secrecy appointed to enquire into his Conduct 8® Lond. 

Harlinghek. Nieuwe Tijdingen van t'ghene onlanghs tot Harlingfaen, 
s'Gravenhaghe, Leyden, Hoorn, Briel en Campen is gheschiedt. 4^ 
Antwerpen, 1620. 

Harmelino (peter henricksz). Copije van sekere Brieven door 
eenighe Soldaten opghenomen ende aen het Hoff van Gelderlandt 
overghelevert. 4* Arnhem, 1587. 

Harne58 (william). The Support of Government essential to the Pre- 
servation and Purity of Religion: a sermon. 8° Lond. 1834. » 


Hari>er (joun). a List of select proprietary Medicines. 16* Be* 
mersley. 4t 

Harpocration (Valerius). Harpocration et McBris ex recensione Im* 
manuelis fiekkeri. 8" Berolini, 1 833. 

Harris (w.). A thanksgiving Sermon. 8^ Lond, 1716. 

Harris (wm.) An historical and critical Account of the Lives and 
Writings of James L and Charles I., and of the Lives of Oliver 
Cromwell and Charles IL With a life of the Author, index, &c. ; 5 
Vol, 8° Land. 1814. 

Harrison (oeoroe). The Freighters' Guide. 12^ Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 
1834. » 

Harrison (s. b.). An analytical Digest of all the reported Cases in the 
House of Lords, Courts of Common Law, and Court of Bankruptcy ; 
and also the Crown Cases reserved, from Michaelmas Term, 1756, to 
Michaelmas Term, 1834 : together with a selection of Equity Cases ; 
S Vol. S** Lond. 1835. » 

Hart (john). An Address to the Public, on the starch and hair-powder 
manufactories. 8® Lond. 

Hartley (thomas). (xod*s Controversy with the Nations. 8® Lond. 

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von G. F. Benecke und K. Lachmann. S9 Berl. 1 %%T. 

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mani. Resp. Jo. Jac. Neuber. 4® Marh. 1738. 

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Sprache ; Theil ii. 8<' Erlangen, 1 833. 

Harvey (daniel whittle). His Case. foL Lond. 1833. Presented by 
Mr. Alder. 

His Petition [to the Judges], fol. Lond. 

1833. Presented hy Mr. Alder. 

Report of the Proceedings on the Investi- 

gation before the Benchers of the Inner Temple, upon the application 
of D. W. Harvey, Esq., M.P., to be called to the Bar. 8« Chelmsford, 
1834. Presented hy Mr. Alder. 

Harvye (john). The Histories of Balaam, Jonas, John the Baptist ; 
new moulded into verse, with notes : worthy the observation. 8" Lond. 

Harwich. Charters granted to the Borough of Harwich, by King James 
I. and King Charles II. Translated from the Latin. 4® Lond. 1798. 

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County of Kent ; 1 2 Vol. 8° Canterbury, 1 797-1 801 . 


Hastings (charles). Illustrations of the Natural History of Worcester- 
shire. 8" Lond. 1834. » 

Hastings (francis), Marquis, Substance of a Speech on the third 
Reading of the Bank Loan Bill. 8<> Lond. 1 791 . 

Hauchin (jan). Clare Belijdinghe des Christen Gheloofts. 4® Loven, 

Havelok. Lai d*Havelok le Danois. [Public par Francisque Michel.] 
4° Par. 1833. 

Hautepierre (j. c). Grammatyka Francuska i Polska. 8® Wroclama^ 

Hauterive (a. m. b,), Comie d*, et De Cusst (f.), le Chev. Recueil des 
Traites de Commerce et de navigation de la France, depuis la paix 
de Westphalie, en 1648. T. i. P. i, ii. 8« Par. 1834, 

Hawes (joel). Lectures to young Men, on the formation of Cha- 
racter. With a preface by the Rev. Ralph Wardlaw, D.D. 12^ Glasg. 
1834. » 

Hawke (edward). An Account of the late Expedition to the Coast of 
France, under Admirals Hawke, Knowles> and Broderick, General 
Mordaunt, &c. 8° Lond. 1757. [Imperf.] 

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monsters of the ancient earth, fol. Lond. 1834. 

Hawkins (william). The Statutes at large, from Magna Charta to 
7 Geo. II.; 6 Vol. fol. Lond. 1735-34. Presented hy C. P. Cooper^ 

Hayes (william). A short Introduction to Conveyancing, li^ Lond. 
1834. » 

Hatward (john). The Columbian Traveller, and Statistical Register. 
Principally relating to the United States, fol. Boston, New York, ^c. 

Hayward (Joseph). An Inquiry into the Causes of the Fruitfulness 
and Barrenness of Plants and Trees. S^ Lond, lSS4f. # 

Haz ELAND (william). A Vicw of the Manner in which Trade and civil 
Liberty support each other. 4° Lond. 1756. 

Head. A Treatise of Diseases of the Head, Brain, and Nerves. 8® 
Lond. 1719. 

Head (w. G.). The new Game of social Chess. 8° Zoiuf. 1834. « 

Headley (henry). Fugitive Pieces. B^ Lond. 17 S5. [Imperf.] [With 
many MS. notes.] 

. Poems and other Pieces. 8® Lond. 1786. [With 

MS. notes.] 

Healing Attempt. The healing Attempt examined and submitted to 
the Parliament and Convocation. 4*^ Lond. 1689. 



Heaton (j.). Memoir of Mr. John Dungett. 12^ Zoni. 1833. « 

Heaven. The Layman's Letter to his Friend in the Country, concern- 
ing the doctrine advanced in a book, entitled, ** Heaven open to all 
Men, &c." S^Lond. 

Heeren (a. h. l,). a Manual of the History of the political System of 
Europe and its Colonies, from its Formation at the close of the fif- 
teenth Century, to its Re-establishment upon the fall of Napoleon. 
Translated; 2 Vol. 8° Oxf. 1834. « 

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minalrechts mit Rucksicht auf die nicht exclusiven Landesrechte. 8® 
HalU, 1833. 

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J, Schulze> Ed. Gans, Lp. v. Henning, H. Hotho, K. Michelet, P. Fors- 
ter ; Band in, iv. — Wissenschaf^ der Logik herausgegeben von Leopold 
von Henning; Theil i. Abtheil. i, ii. S^ Berl. IS33, 4. 

■ Band xiv. — Vorlesungen iiber die Ge- 

schichte der Philosophic, herausgegeben von Karl Ludwig Michelet; 
Band ii. S^ Berl. 1833. 

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translated oute of Laten by Henry Reigenalde. 16° Ippiswich, Jhan 
Oswen, 1548. 

Heoo (robert). The Legend of Saint Cuthbert, or the histories of his 
churches at Lindisfame, Cunecascestre, and Dunholm. 4° Darlington^ 

Heiress. The Heiress. A novel ; 3 Vol. 12° Lond. 1833. « 

Heliand. Poema Saxonicum seculi noni. Accurate expressum ad 
exemplar Monacense insertis e Cottoniano Londinensi supplementis 
nee non adjecta lection um varietate nunc primum edidit J. Andreas 
Schmeller. 4** Monachi't, Stutgartice et Tuhtngce, 1830. 

Hell, with the everlasting torments thereof asserted. By N. C, M,A. 

Helwino (ernst). Geschichte der preussischen Staats. Band i. Ges- 
chichte des brandenburgischen Staats von der Entstehung desselben 
bis zum Anfange des dreissigjahrigen Krieges. 2 Abtheil. 8° Lemgo, 
1833, 4. 

Hemans (felicia). Hymns on the Works of Nature. 12° Lond, 
1833. « 

Scenes and Hymns of Life, with other religious 

poems. 8° Edinh. and Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Hemino (s.). The Scholar's Guide to Mental Arithmetic. 12° 
Lond, J^ 


Muousa (McmJty Tables, diewing the anioaDt of O iwiiimi, finon par 
to 10 per cent, prenumii. 12* ZoadL 1795. 

HcvDEmflos ^K.). A Charge at the Ordinatioa of the Rer. SanRiel 
Dafis, at Xeedham Market, April 18, 1834. 8* 1m2. 1854. # 

HcYDKBsov ("j.). A Letter to him, containing remarks on his ** Strie- 
tores on rolantary Church Anociations, and their Manifrsto gainst 
Establisfamenu considered." Widi a postscript. By a Galashiels 
Operative. 12* Edinb. 1835. # 

HcsLET (/.). The primitiTe Liturgy : for the use of the oratory. 12* 
1om2.1726. [Lit. Goth.] 

Oratory Transactions ; No. i. 8* Lomd. 1728. 

HcnEBEET (i.B. FE.). Histoire generale de la Province d'Artois; 5 
Tom. 8* Zt^, 1786-9. 

HEnmous (m.). Memorise Philosophomm, Oratomm, Poetamm, His- 
toricorum, et Phflologorum nostri secnli clarisnmomm renovatae ; 9 
Decades. [2 Tom.] 8* Prancof. 1677-9. 

Hevei ; tradnit literalement de I'Ai^Uus. 12* Lcmdr. 1854. m 

Heveiov (e. a.). Annuaire Biograpbique; annees 1850-54 ; Tom. i, n. 
8* Par. 1854. 

Hexeipolis. Beachrijvinghe van der Stadt Henripolis, dewelcke alder- 
naest by Nieuwenburgh in Switserland gfaebout wort ens. 4* Amn 
fUrdam^ 1626. 

Hexet II., Emperor. Legends sanctorum Henrid Imperatoris et Kune- 
gundis imperatricis virginum et conjugum. 8* BruxellU, 1484. [Lit. 

Heket III., King of Prance. Instnictie byden Coninck van Vranck- 
rijck opt stuck vande doodt vanden Hertogbe van Guyse. 4* Del/, 1589. 

Heket IV., King of Prance. Vertooch op de moort begaen in den 
persoon des Conincks Hendrick de Groote. 4* 1610. 

Henet (philip). Skeletons of Sermons. With a memoir of the author's 
life. 12* Land. 1854. ^ 

Hewtio (john William). The Baltic Merchant's Guide. 4* Land. 
1854. # 

Heealdet. The Art of Heraldry. 12* Zonif. 1854. # 

Heeaud (JOHN A.). The Judgment of the Flood. 4^ Land. 1854. # 

Heebert (WILLI am). The History of the Twelve great Livery Com- 
panies of London. [Vol. i.] 8* Land. 1854. # 

Herder (j. g.). The Spirit of Hebrew Poetry. Translated by James 
Marsh ; 2 Vol. 12^ BurUngton, 1855. 

HIricaet de Thurt (l. e. f.), le Vicomte. Considerations geologiques et 
physiques sur la cause du jaillissement des eaux des puits fores ou 
fontaines artificielles. 8® Par. 1 829. 


Hermippus, Smyrrueus. Fragmenta coUecta^ disposita, et iUustrata. 
Edidit Adalbertus Lozynski. 8® Bonme, 1832. 

Herodotus. Opera ; et Ctesis fragments. Recensuit August. Christ. 
Borfaeck; S Tom. S^ Lemgov. 1808-10. 

, Gr. From the text of Schweighaeuser ; 2 Vol. 8° Lond, 
1830-3. « 

Herodote Historien du Peuple Hebreu, sans le savoir. 8* 

Par. 1 824. 

Hertogenboscu. Placaet van Retorsie teghen de pretensien vanden 
Koningh van Spaignen op het Quarder ende Meyerije van 's Hertogen- 
Bosch. 4^^ Gravenhaghe, 1636. 

Hervey (frederic). The Naval History of Great Britain ; 5 Vol. 8* 
Land. 1779. 

Herybt (james). Remarks on Lord Bolingbroke's Letters on the Study 
and Use of History. 8® Lond. 1752. 

Hervey (t. k.). Illustrations of Modern Sculpture. With descriptive 
prose, and illustrative poetry; Vol. i. fol. Lond. 1832. « 

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English Presbyterians, to partake in the Benefit of English Presby- 
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to queries with reference to the suit then pending, concerning Lady 
Hewley 's charities. 8® Lond. 1834. * « 

■ The Unitarians defeated. Substance of the judg- 

ment delivered Dec. 23, 1833, by Sir Lancelot Shadwell, Vice-chan- 
cellor of England, in the case of the Attorney-general v. Shore, as to 
the construction of the trust-deeds of Dame Sarah Hewley, deceased. 
S^Lond.lSS^. # 

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pleasaunt humours of the Cripple of Fanchurch. Very delectable, 
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————— Philocotbonista, or the Drunkard, opened, dis- 
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Hints on human Conduct in various Relations. 8^ Edinb. 1884. # 


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des Penana« des Turc8» dea Russiensy &c, pour servir de suite k 
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■ ■ Plates, obi. fol. 

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B— p of B concerning his " Preservative against the Prin- 

ciples and Practices of the Nonjurors," &c. 8° Land. 

——-——--—---—————— The great Jesuit swallows the less : 

or, a defence of Tom o' Bedlam's first letter to Mons. Francis de la 
PiUoniere, a Jesuit now living with the Bishop of Bangor. 8® Land. 

The Pulpit-Lunaticks ; or, a mad 

answer to the mad report made against Benjamin, Bishop of Bangor. 

' The best Answer ever was made. 

In answer to Mr. Hoadly's bill of complaint against the Bishop of 
Exeter. S^ Land. 1709. 

' Bess o* Bedlam's Love to her Bro- 
ther Tom : with a word in behalf of poor Brother Ben Hoadly. 8® 
Land. 1709. 

■ Some Arguments in the Bishop of 

Bangor's " Preservative against the Principles and Practices of the 
Nonjurors", consider'd. S^ Lend. 1716. 

Some Arguments made use of in 

the Bishop of Bangor's <* Preservative," &c., briefly consider'd. By 
a layman. 8° Land. 1716. 

- The Layman's second Letter to 

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■ — — • A modest Inquiry into ihp^ Bishop 

of Bangor's "Preservative against the Nonjurors." S^ Land. 1717. 



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Lower House of Convocation, concerning several dangerous positions 
and doctrines in the Bishop of Bangor's *' Preservative " and his 
"Sermon " preach'd March 31, 1717. 8° Lond. 1717. 

— The Layman's Vindication of the 

"^ Convocation's Charge against the Bishop of Bangor. 8® Lond. 1717. 

The Nature of the Kingdom or 

Church of Christ. A sermon. [12th edition.] 8" Lond. 1717. 

A complete Collection of all the 

Papers which have pass'd between the Bishop of Bangor, Dr. Snape, 
and the Bishop of Carlisle, from June 28 to July 5. With a catalogue 
of all the pamphlets occasioned by his " Preservative " and " Sermon." 
B'^Lond. 1717. 

— ^— — ^— ^— — — — — All the Advertisements and Letters 

by the Bishop of Bangor, Dr. Snape, Bishop of Carlisle* Dr. Kenneth 
&c. 8« Land. 1717. 

A Declaration of Truth to Ben- 

jamin Hoadly. 8* Lond. 1717. 

An Answer to Dr. Snape*s Letter 

to the Bishop of Bangor. 8° Lond. 1717. 

Mr. Benjamin Hoadly against the 

Right Reverend Father in God, Benjamin, Lord Bishop of Bangor. 8® 
Lond. 1717. 

The Clergy vindicated ; or, an 

argument shewing that the Convocation, by their enquiry into the 
doctrines published by the Bishop of Bangor, have discharg'd their 
duty. 8° Lond. 1717. 

The Convocation anatomized. 

Being an examination of the proceedings against the Bishop of 
Bangor's writings. 8*^ Lond. 1717. 

The Rehearsal ; or^ a brief reca- 

pitulation of the arguments for and against the Bishop of Bangor's 
" Sermon ", preach'd March 31, 1717. 8° Lond. 1717. 

The uninterrupted Succession of 

the Apostolical Mission asserted; and the appeal (in the "Pre- 
servative," &c.) to the consciences of the laity, discuss'd. 8° Land. 

A Letter from Tom o' Bedlam to 

the B of B r's Jesuit. 8» Lond. 1717. 

A Rod for cold Doctrine. Or, 

Bangor bang'd : by a layman. 8^ Lond. 1718. 

How will the B p get off now ? 

S^ Lond. 1718. 


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ationfl upon the use of beacons. In a letter from Dublin to the 
B ^p of B r. By J. S. 8^ Lond. 1718. 

^ The Prolocutor*s [George Stan- 

hope's] Answer to a Letter, entitled, " The Report vindicated from 
Misreports." S^ Lond. 1718. 

— A friendly Rebuke to one Parson 

Benjamin. 8^^ Lond. 1719. 
Benjamin. 8° Land. 1719. 

A sincere Apology for Mountebank 

Merry Andrew's Epistle to his old 
Master, Benjamin, a Mountebank at Bangor Bridge. 8° Lond. 1719. 

A Muster-RoU of the B. of 

B-ng-r's Seconds. By a curate of Middlesex. 8® Lond. 1720. 

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sition of the Thirty-nine Articles", with notes. 129 Dubl. 1832. # 

An Analysis of Bishop Butler's " Analogy of Re- 
ligion"; with notes. 8® Dubl. 1834. # 

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Festivals. 8^^ Lond. 1834. # 

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dressed to the Congregation of Christ Church, Birmingham. 8^ Lond. 
and Birmingh. IBS2. # 

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Great Britain, on the present Scarcity and high Price of Provisions. 
With an appendix. 8'' Lond. 1795. 

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Will; 3 Vol. 12«Ioii(£. 1834. » 


HooBNDOBP (c. 8. w.), U ComU de. Coup d*(£il sur Tlsle de Java et 
lea autres Posseaaiona Neerlandaisea dana FArchipel dea Indea. 8® 
BruxeUeSy 1880. 

HoHBNLOE (pHiLipp), CowU of. Verantwoordinge tegfaena zekere Ver- 
tooch ende Remonstrancie by den Grave van Leycester ghedaen aenden 
Staten generael der vereenididen Provincien. 4° Leyden^ 1587. 

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Holland. Corte verthoninghe van het Recht byden Ridderacfaap 
Eedelen ende Steden van Hollandt ende Westvriealant van alien ouden 
tijden gebruyckt. 4" RoUerdaiau 

. I Project van de Staten van Hollandt, in wat voegen de selve 

van meeninge zijn hare Regeeringe te formeren, welck Project^ na dat 
het by de Vroetachappen gedpprobeert wort, in Policye sal alsoo ver- 
blyven. 4". 

Propositie van Syn Hoocheyt gedaen inde Steden van Hol- 

landt. 4®. 

— — - Copie roerende den Impoat in Hollandt. 4* Delfts 1548. 

Ordinantie gemaect by den Hove van Hollandt raeckende 

de peste ende haeatighe siecte. 4" Leyden^ 1557, 

Placcaet verworven byden Staten van Hollandt raeckende de 

Borgen die gherespondeert hebben voor eenighe achulde. 4® Delfts 

Resolutie vanden Staeten van Hollandt, op seeckere Vertooch 

aen hem-luyden ghedaen, van weghen den Dienaers des Goddelijcken 
Woordta vande Kercken van Hollandt. 4° Delf, 1587. 

Antwoorde vande Ridderschap, Eedelen ende Steden van 

Hollandt ende Westvrieslandt op de Remonstrantie van syne Excel- 
lentie aende Staten Generael. 4fi Delf, 1587. 

Naerder Verclaringhe vande Staten van Hollandt raeckende 

de Poincten by henluyden aen zijne Excellencie binnen Dordrecht 
veraocht. 4® Delf, 1587. 

Remonstrantie byde Ridderschap, Eedelen ende Steden van 

Hollandt ende Westvrieslandt, aen syne Excellende binnen der Stadt 
Dordrecht. 4<> Delf, 1587. 

Beantwoordinge van den Staten van Hollandt aende Raden 

der Stadt Utrecht op zeeckere Missive op heurluyder naem ghemaeckt 
ende aenden Staten voornoemt ghesonden. 4° Haerlem^ 1587. 

Resolutie vanden Staeten van Hollandt op seeckere Vertooch 

van weghen den Dienaers des Goddelijcken Woordts van Kercken van 
HoUandt 4« Z>e(/; 1587. 

i. Placcaet van de Staten van Hollandt ende Weatvrieslandt 

inhoudende verbot van te drucken eenighe aeditieuse Boucken. 4^ 
Delff, 1589. 


Holland. Placcaet verbiedende dat niemant ter see ofte opte stroomen 
ende rivieren van Hollandt ende Westvrieslandt Paspoorten ofle Sauve- 
garden sal moghen ghebruycken sonder consent. 4* h^f^ 1589. 

Penninck-boeck inhoudende alle Figuren van Silvere ende 

Goade Penningen, gheslaeghen byde Graeven van Hollandt. 4* 
Leyden^ 1597. 

Verbodt van wegben de Staten van HoUant ende West- 

vrieslandt vande Kleyne Munte buyten de zelve Provintien gheslagen. 
4" Gravenhaghe^ 1601. 

■ Placcaet vande Staten van Hollant ende Westvrieslant so 

opten conn vanden Gelde als, opte Politie ende Discipline betreffende 
d'exercitie vander Munte ende Muntilach. 4® Gravenhaghe^ 1603. 

Placcaet op den cours vanden Gelde : gheemaneert by de 

Staten van Hollandt ende Westvrieslandt. 4* Gravenhaghe^ 1621. 

Placcaet by de Staten van Hollandt ende Westvrieslandt, 

gheemaneert teghen den uyt-voer vande Materialen op Munten buyten 
d'selve Landen ghelegen, ende 'topwisselen van alle specien. 4* Gro' 
venhaghe, 1621. 

Nootwendige Aennierkinge op een fameus Libel ghenaemt 

de Bickerse Beroerte ofle den Hollantsen Eclipsis. 4** Aniwerpen^ 

Het Recht der Sowerainiteyt van Hollandt. 4® 1650. 

- Oogen-salve voor de blinde Hollanders. 4® 1650. 

Raport vande Gedeputeerden vande Staten Generael 

raeckende de besendinge inde respective Steden van Holland den 
27 JuniL 4'' Dordrecht, 1650. 

De heldere Dageraet verschenen over de Provintie van 

Hollant. 4M650. 

Waerschouwinge vanden Hove van Hollandt raeckende het 

Boucxken gfaeintituleert d'Ontstelden Amsterdammer. fol. Gra-- 
venhagef 1650. 

Brief van d*een vrient aen d'ander in Hollant over het nieuw 

Formulier door de Staten van die Provintie opgerecht den 23 Maert, 
1663. 4^ 

Den oprechten Hollandsen Bootsgesel vertoond in een 

t'zamenspraak. 4° Rotterdam^ 1666. 

Beklagh over Hollants verkeerde wegen. 4^ 1672. 

Concept om Hollandt by gelegentheyt onwinbaar te Konnen 

maken. 4<^ 1673. 

The Deputies of the Republick of Amsterdam to the States 

of HoUand convicted of High Treason. 4"* Land. 1684. 


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nobleman of Holland. S^ Land. 1 742. 

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and descriptive, during a Visit to Austin's Colony, in 1881. With an 
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12»Zon(f. 1834. « 

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gether with some forms of devotion. [By Abraham Woodhead.] 4® 
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Droste. 4» Rotterd. 1721. 


— ^— The first six Books of the Biad, with English notes and 
prose transktion. By a graduate of Cambridge. 12* Cam6r. 1833. « 

The first Book of the Iliad, with a literal translation and 

notes. 12° Lond. 1831. « 

First Book of the Iliad. Battle of the Frogs and Mice. 

Hymn to the Delian Apollo. Bacchus ; or the rovers. Second Book 
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1828. # 

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li Surece ; de Nunziante Pagano. 8* Napole, 1747. 


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the day-star. First published in 1 654 ; but now revised. 8^ Lond^ 
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tael van Comelis de Hooghe. 4° 1608. 

Hook (w. f.). An Epistle, congratulatory, commendatory, and admo- 
nitory to him, occasioned by his Sermon for the Society for promoting 
Christian Knowledge. 8^ Lond, 1 830. % 

The Church and the Establishment : two sermons. 12" 

Lond. 1834. m 

Questions and Answers on Confirmation. 12° Lond. 

1834. m 

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Botanical Miscellany; Vol. i. S^ Lond. 1834. « 

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blust door den Schilt des Geloofs. 4° Middelburgh, 1669. 

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the elements of M. Andral. 8° Lond. 1834. « 

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the Bank at Amsterdam. 8° Lond. 1784. 

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maundementes, collected out of the scrypture canonycall. 16** Lond. 
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— — — ^-^— — — Opera. Curante Joanne Petro MiUero. 8® 

Berol. 1761. 

Opera. 12<» Edinb. 1833. 

A A 


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S^ Harlemi, ISS4,. 

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atque notis criticis et ssstheticis illustravit, lectionis varietate e duobus 
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Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures. Corrected and enlarged ; 4 Vol. 
8<> Lond. 1834. « 


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Hornet, waer in klaer wordt gedemonstreert hoe het sigh heeft toeged- 
ragen in het belegh van de Stadt Veume. 4^ Gravenhage, 1693. 

HoROLOonjM. Gr. S^ 1535. 

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Subscription, *' Isaaci Newtoni Opera quae extant omnia." 4° 1 776. 

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repr. 1748. 

With additions. 8* 

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explicatio quaedam confcssionis in synodo Petricoviensi a patribus 
provinciarum Gnesnensis et Leopoliensis in regno Polotiiac factas, 
A.D. 1551. fol. Fiennce in Austr.^ 1560. 

Hospital. An Abstract or State of the Case before the general Court 
of St. Bartholomew's Hospital. 4". 

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Continuation de J. de Muller, traduite par L. VuUiemin ; 2 Tom. 8® 
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YoL Presented by — Howard, Esq., of Corby Castle. 

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Wiat and others. 8® Lond. 1717. [With MS. notes by T. Park and 
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in the Home Circuit. Taken from a publication by John Howard, 
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Day. A Sermon. S^ Cambr. 1833. « 

The abiding Obligation of the Moral Laws of 

Moses, stated in four Sermons. S^ Cambr. 1833. # 

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poem ; Pt. i. 12^ Lond. 1834. # 

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Lond. 1677. 

a^^ 2 


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taked down when preached, by William Prior Moore. 129 DubL 
1838. « 

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Sketches of Natural History. 8° ZoTui. 1834. « 

HowiTT (william). a popular History of Priestcraft in all ages and 
nations. 8° Lond, 1834. « 

A popular History of Priestcraft; abridged from 

his work. 8^ Lond. [1834.] « 

HowLETT (j.). Enquiry into the Influence which Enclosures have had 
upon the Population of this Kingdom. With an appendix. 8^ Lond. 

HowsHip (john). Some Account of two Cases of Inflammatory Tu- 
mour, produced by the deposit of the Larva of a large Fly (CBstrus 
Humanus) beneath the Cutis, in the Human Subject. 8® Lond. 1833. 
Presented by the Author. 

HiJBLER (dan. gotth. JOS.). Synchronistische Tabellen der Volkerge- 
schichte hauptsachlich nach Herrh Hofirath Gatterer's Versuch einer 
allgemeinen Weltgeschichte. 3 Lieferung. fol. Freyherg^ 1799. 

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College, from the accusations of Dr. Huddesford. 8® Lond. 1754. 
[With MS. notes.] 

Hue and Cry. A Hue and Cry after part of a Pack of Hounds, which 
broke out of their kennel in Westminster. With modem characters, 
by another hand. 8^ Lond. 1739. 

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Comeet, die geopenbaert is int jaer 1577. 4*^ Colin. 

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virorum celebrium Exercitationes Mathematics et Philosophies. Ex 
MSS. in Bibliotheca Academise Lugduno-Batavs servatis edidit Pe- 
trus Joannes Uylenbrock; 2 Fascic. 4® Hagce Com. 1833. Presented 
by the Curators of the University of Ley den. 


Hughes (henry). Lectures on the Gospel. 1£° Land. 1834. # 

■ The Annual Pastoral Letter, addressed to the in- 

habitants of Great-Linford, Bucks. 8® Land. 1834. m 

HuLDENREicH (christian). S. Joannis Truner oder Valet Zeche eines 
busfertigen Teutscfaen Trunckenboldes. 8** Hildesheim, 1603. 

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Bat. 1746. 

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Christianity : with a view to some objections of the Dissenters. 8® 
Lond. 1834. « 

Pt. II. 8<' L<md. 1834. 

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1834. « 

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and Philosophy of his friend, David Hume, Esq. [By George Home, 
Bishop of Norwich.] 8° Oxf. 1 777. 

History of England, by Hume and Smollett, with a 

continuation by the Rev. T. S. Hughes, B.D.; Vol. i-x. S^ Lond. 
1834. # 

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Lond. 1833. « 

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ver. 29, explained ; translated from the Biblioth^que Raisonnee. 8® 
Lond. 1749. 

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1834. ♦ 

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the city of London. 4° Lond. 

Hunter (joseph). The Attorney-General versus Shore. An historical 
Defence of the Trustees of Lady Hewley's Foundations, and of the 
claims upon them by the Presbyterian Ministry of England. 8® Lond. 
1834. ♦ 

An Introduction to the Valor Ecclesiasticus of King 

Henry VIII. 8® Lond. 1834. Presented by the Commissioners of the 
Public Records. 

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Celle. Praemittitur : De usu atque natura infinitivi historici apud La- 
tinos commentatio grammatica. Scripsit H. L. O. Mueller. 4® Celle, 


HtiRDis (jAMEs). Lectures shewing the several Sources of that Pleasure 
which the human Mind receives from Poetry. 4^ Bishapstonet 1797. 

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seiner Zeitgenossen ; Band i. 8*^ Hamburgh 18di. 

Hutcheson (arch.). Letters to the late Earl of Sunderland. 8® Land. 

--—————— Speech in the House of Commons, April 24, 1716, 

against the Bill for the Repeal of the Triennial Act. With a list of 
the members who voted for and against the bill. 8® Lond, 1722. 

Hutcheson (mann). An Introduction to the Charter of Wisbech. 4^ 
Wisbech, 1791. 

Hutchinson (b.). A Calendar of the Weather, for 1781. 8*^ Land. 1782. 

Hutchinson (john). A Visitation Sermon. 8° Land. 1834. # 

HuTTON (henrt). Follie's Anatomic : or, satyres and satyricall epigrams. 
With a compendious history of Ixion's Wheele. 8^ Land. 1619. 

HuTTON (w. p.). The Duty of Rulers, as involved in th^ir spiritual 
relation to the people. A sermon. 8® Bradford, 1834. ♦ 

Hthnolooia Tamulica> sive in Tamulicum idioma translatorum ducen- 
torum et nonaginta Hymnorum Fasciculus, quos collegerunt Missio- 
narii Danici. 8^ Trangambaria, 1733. 

Htmns. S^ Land. 1834. « 

Hymns for young Persons. 12® Land. 1834. « 

*- Hymns for Infants' Schools, with a selection of poems. 12® 

Land. 1835. ♦ 

Jablonski (paul. ERNEST.), PrcBs. Disscrtatio historico-theologica, ex- 
hibens genuinam Pauli Samosateni, Episcopi Antiocheni, doctrinam. 
Resp. Carolus Collins. 4® Franco/, ad Viadrum, 1736. 

Jack Ketch. The Autobiography of Jack Ketch. 8^ Land. 1835. ♦ 

Jackson (jahes orby). An Account of Timbuctoo and Housa, by 
£1 Hage and Salam Shabeeny. With travels through West and South 
Barbary, and across the mountains of Adas. 8® Land. 1820. 

Jaci^son (jeremiah). Three Discourses on the Faith and Conduct of a 
Christian. S^ Land. 1834. « 

Jackson (john). Remarks on Dr. Middleton's " Free Enquiry into the 
miraculous Powers supposed to have subsisted in the Christian Church 
from the earliest Ages." S^ Land. 1749. 

— ^^-^— ^ A Letter to him, occasioned by his Remarks on Dr. 
Middleton's " Free Enquiry." 8° Land. 1749. 

Jackson (thomas). The Church and the Methodists. Being the sub- 
stance of a speech addressed to the Wesleyan Conference. 8^ Land, 
1834. « 


Jacob (oerard), le ChevaUer. Recherches historiques sur les Croisades eC 
les Templiers, rOrigine de la Noblesse et de rancienne Chevalerie ; 
les cours d'amour ; les tournois ; les duels ; les tribunaux secrets ; 
suivies de la description de I'ancien Musee> ou depot central de I'ar- 
dllerie de France a Paris. 8<^ Paris^ 1828. 

Jacob Faithful ; 3 Vol. 12® Lond. 1834. « 

Jacobacci (yincenzo). In Morte del Cavaliere Giambattista Bodoni 
sommo Tipografo. Orazione fiinebre. 4® Parma^ la Fedava Bodoni^ 

Jacobitism. The present State of Jacobitism considered, in two Querys. 
[By Daniel Defoe.] 4<> Lond. 1701. 

Jacquehont (victor). Letters from India ; describing a journey in the 
British dominions of India, Tibet, Lahore, and Cashmere, during the 
years 1828-31 ; 2 Vol. 8® Land. 1834. « 

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Leadsece, Anglo-Britan. Vita, Visinnibus ac Doctrina. 4!^ Tubing. 1712. 

JiENicKE (JOSEPH D.). Mcmoirs of him. 12® Z^onct. 1833. • 

Jahn (j.). Dissertations on the best Method of studying the Bible, by 
Jahn and others ; translated, with notes, by M. Stuart. 8® Andover^ 

Jahrbucher. Neue Jahrbiicher fiir Philologie und Paedagogik. He- 
rausgegeben von Dr. Gottfried Seebode, M. J. C. Jahn und Prof. 
](teinhold Klotz. Jahrgang iv. Band x. Hefl i-iv. [Jan — Jun.] 
8® Leipz. 1834. 

Jamaica. Journals of the Assembly of Jamaica ; Vol. i-xiv. fol. /a- 
fnaica^ 1811-29. 

— ^-^ Votes of the Honourable House of Assembly of Jamaica. 
[12 Vol.] fol. Jamaica, 1819-30. 

James I., King of England, Articulen van het Contract tusschen Ja- 
cobus I. van Enghelandt ende Philips III. van Spaengnien gemaect 
den 18 Aug. 1604. 4^ 

Vox Regis : or, the difference between a 

king and a tyrant. In two speeches of King James ; and in his " Ba- 
silicon Doron." 4<^ Lond. 1681. 

James II., King of England. The Case put concerning the Succession 
of the Duke of York. 4^ Lond. 1679. 

England's Concern in the Case of his 

R. H. 4"^ Lond. 1680. 

The State and Interest of the Nation 

with respect to the Duke of York ; discoursed at large. 4^ Lond. 


James II., King of England. The Minister's Reasons for his not read- 
ing the King's "Declaration"^ friendly debated. By a dissenter. 4^ 

Prins van Walles. 4<' 1688. 

Bewys over de Wettigheydt van den 

Reflections on a Paper, intituled, "His 

Majesty's Reasons for withdrawing himself from Rochester." 4° Lond. 

Reflections upon his " Declaration ", lately 

dispersed by the Jacobites. 4*^ Lond. 1692, 

Vertoogh dat d'afsettingh van Koningh 

Jacobus is volgens de constitutie van Engelant. 4^ Graveniuige, 

The History of King James's Ecclesiasti- 

cal Commission. 8® Lond, 1711. 

Crimineel Proces in cas van Hoogver- 

raad voor de Vierschaar van een vry en wettig Parlement tusschen 
de Ingezetenen van Engeland> Schotland en lerland en Jacobus II. 
4» Utrecht, 1744. 

Attempt of James the Second to force a 

Dissenter upon Magdalen College, Oxford. 8° Oxf. 1834. ^ 

Attempt of James the Second to force a 

Dissenter upon the University of Cambridge. 8® Oxf. 1834. • 

James (charles). A Collection of the Charges, Opinions, and Sentences 
of general Courts Martial, from the year 1795. With an index. 8^ 
Land. 1820. 

James (g. p. r.). The Life and Adventures of John Marston Hall ; 
8 Vol. 12P Lond. ISS4. ♦ 

James (h. w.). Verites amusantes et interessantes. Amusing and in- 
teresting truths : extracts chiefly from French writers. 12® Lond. 
1833. ♦ 

James (john angell). The anxious Enquirer afler Salvation directed 
and encouraged. 16° Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Jameson (a.), Mrs, Visits and Sketches at home and abroad ; 4 Vol. 
12^ Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Fantasien. Fancies ; a series of subjects in out- 
line, designed and etched by Moritz Retzsch. With remarks and 
descriptions. 4® Lond, 1834. # 

Jamoats (j,). Annus in Cunis. 4® Par, 1716. 

Janoctus (jo an. dan. andr.). Janociana sive clarorum atque illustrium 
Polonice Auctorum Mscenatumque Memoriae Miscellae ; 2 Vol. 8*^ 
Farsavia et Ltpstce^ 1776-9. 


Jardins {Sir william), and Selby (p. j.). Illustrations of Ornithology ; 
Pt IX. 4^' EcUnh. • 

Ibanez (ionacio). Coete volatil ; un nuevo instrumento de guerra. 
4^ s. sh. 

Iceland. Islandische Litteratur und Geschichte; Theil i. 8*^ Got- 
tingen u. Goiha, 1773. 

Ideas of my Own ; or, industrious moments of " an idle man." 12® Land, 
1834. « 

Jebb (joiin), Bp, of Limerick. Thirty Years' Correspondence between 
John Jebb, Bishop of Limerick, and Alexander Knox, Esq. Edited 
by the Rev. Charles Forster, B.D. ; 2 Vol. S'* Lond. 1834. « 

Jeffe&ies (oeorge). Lord Chancellor. The Second and la^t Collection 
of the dying Speeches, &c., of those Protestants who suffered under 
his cruel Sentence. 4*^ Lond* 1689. 

Jefferson (joiin). A Companion for the Closet. 12* Lond, 1834. ♦ 

Jenichen (oottlob august.). De Patrinis eorumque origine, numero et 
sexu, item de S. Pancratio, Prolusiones academical. 4® Lips. 

Jen kin (pathericke). Amorca ; the Lost Lover. Or, the idea of love 
and misfortune. Being poems, sonets, songs, odes, pastoral, elegies, 
lyrick poems, and epigrams. 8^ Lond. 1661. 

Jenkyns (henry), a Lecture on the Advantages of Classical Studies. 
8<' Z)tir/iam, 1834. ♦ 

Jennings (david). An Introduction to the Knowledge of Medals. 8** 
Birmingham^ 1775. 

Jens (petrus). Ondcrsoek der Bewyscn van F. Ilalma, wcgcns het 
geschil der Nieuwe Eeuw. 4° Gravenhagc, 1700. 

Jerrard (b.). Mathematical Researches; Pt. i. 8° Bristol, 1832. # 

Jervis (h.). Narrative of a Journey to the Falls of the Cavery ; witli 
an account of the Neilgherry hills. 8® Lond. 1834. • 

Jesse (edward). Gleanings in Natural History ; 2d Series. With ex- 
tracts from MSS. of the late Mr. White, of Selborne. 8^ Lond 
1834. ♦ 

Jesse E (jean de la). Premieres CEuvres ; 4 Tom. [en 2]. 4® Anvers, 

Jesuits. Constitutiones Societatis Jesu: anno 1558. 8" Romce, 1558. 

Primum ac generale Examcn iis omnibus, qui in Societatcni 

Jesu admitti potent, proponendum. 8" Roma, 1558. 

Declarationcs et Annotationcs in Constitutiones Societatis 

Jesu. &^ Roma, 1559. 

Regula* Socictatib Jesu. 8" Roma\ 1580. 

Ji u 


Jesuits. Annuae Litterse Societatis Jesu annorum 1588, 4, ad Patres 
et Fratres ejusdem Societatis. 8® Ramas^ 1585, 6. 

. Index Constitutionuni, Examinis, Decretorum, Canonum, et 

Litterarum Apostolicarum Societatis Jesu usque ad v. diem Januarii, 
A.D. 1586. S\ 

Litterae Apostolicae, quibus Institutio, Confirmatio, et varia 

Privilegia continentur Societatis Jesu. 8** Romw^ 1587. 

Ordinationes Prsepositorum generalium communes toti So- 

cietati. 8® R(muB^ 1595. 

Compendium Privilegiorum et Gratiarum Societatis Jesu. 

8<» R(m(B, 1615. 

Decretum Congrcgationum generalium Societatis Jesu. 8^ 

Romce, 1615. 

Canones Congrcgationum generalium Societatis Jesu. Cum 

formulis omnium congrcgationum. 8*^ Romas, 1616. 

Ratio atque Institutio Studiorum Societatis Jesu. 8® Ranue, 


An Abstract of all the Penal-Laws now in force against 

Jesuites, Priests, and Popish Recusants. 4° Lond. 1679. 

Real Cedula, para que se continuen en los Tribunales Ordi- 

narios y Superiores de fuera de la Corte los pleytos pendientes en 
ellos, antes del Bstrafiamiento de los Regulares de la Compafiia, to- 
cantes a las temporalidades de sus Colegios, Casas, y Residencias. 
fol. Madr. 1767. 

Coleccion del Real Deere to de 27 de Febrero de 1767, para 

la egecucion del Estraiiamiento de los Regulares de la Compafiia ; de 
las instrucciones y ordenes dadas en el cumplimiento ; y de la Real 
Pragmatica Sancion de 27 de Marzo, en fuerza de Ley, para su ob- 
servancia. fol. Madr, 2 Ahril, 1767. 

Pragmatica Sancion de su Magestad en fuerza de ley para el 

estraiiamiento de estos reynos a los Regiilares de la Compafiia, ocu- 
pacion de sus Temporalidades, y prohibicion de su restablecimiento en 
tiempo alguno. fol. Madr, 2 Ahril^ 1767. 

[Real Provision acerca la Compafiia.] fol. Madr* 7 Ahril^ 


[Real Provision acerca los Jesuitas estrafiados.] fol. Madr. 

11 Ahril, 1767. 

[Real Provision acerca los libros y papeles existentes en las 

Casas de los Regulares de la Compaiiia.] fol Madr, 23 Ahril^ 1767. 
[Real Provision acerca la ocupacion de Temporalidades de 

la Compaiiia.] fol. Madr. Mayo 2, 1767. 


Jesuits. [Carta acerca la ocupacion de Temporalidades de los Regu- 
lares de la Compafiia.] fol. Madr, Agosto 6, 1 767. 

' Instrumentos autenticos^ que prueban la obstinacion de los 

Regulares expulsos y sus sequaces, fingendo supuestos milagros para 
commovery y mantener el fanatismo sobre su regreso. 4° Madr. 1768. 

Real Cedilla de su Magestad, en que declara devuelto a su 

disposicioDy como Rey y Suprema Cabeza del Estado, el dominio de 
los bienes ocupados a los Regulares de la Compafiia estraiiados de 
estos Reynos, los de Indias, c Islas adjacentes. fol. Madr. 1768. 

Real Provision, por la qual se mandan recoger los Exem- 

plares de un Breve, que suena expedido en docc de Julio de este uno 
a favor de los Regulares de la Compania, y empieza Coclestium. foK 
Madr. 1769. 

Real Cedula, por la qual se declaran libres de Alcabalas y 

Cientos las Ventas que se estan haciendo de los Bienes raices ocupados 
a los Regulares de la Compafiia, a consecucncia dc las Reales Cedulas 
de 27 de Marzo, y 8 de Noviembre del aSio pasado. fol. Madr. 1770. 

Jews. Afbeeldinge ende corte beschrijvinghe vanden dolenden Jode. 
4** Aniwerpen, 1620. 

An historical Treatise concerning Jews and Judaism in England. 

8«Z<mJ. 1720. 

An Answer to a Pamphlet, entitled, " Considerations on the Bill 

to permit Persons professing the Jewish Religion to be naturalized.*' 
S^ Lond. 1753. 

A Guide to Jewish History, ancient and modern. 12° Yannoulh^ 

1834. ♦ 
An Appeal to the Public in behalf of the Jews. 8° Lond. 

1 834. ♦ 

Ignacio de s. BERNARDINO. Funebre Parentacion en las excquias de 
Placido Bayles y Padilla, Obispo de Huesca^ y Plasencia. 4° 1 748. 

Ihre (joh.), Pras, Dissertatio historico-litteraria de Caussis Raritatis 
Librorum. /^cjp. Joh. Lexelius. Pars prior. 4° /fo/m. 1741. 

Pars posterior. 4*^ Holm. 1 743. 

Specimen Academicum de Stephano, primo Hel- 

singorum Apostolo. Resp, Ericus Brunnelius. 4P Upsal. 1748. 

Illgen (christian friedricii). Zeitschrifl fur die historische Thcologic ; 
Band iii. Stiick 2. 8^ Leipz. 1833. 

Illustrator. The graphic and historical Illustrator. Edited by 
Edw. W. Brayley. 4*» Land. 1834. « 

Imagines. lUustrium Imagines. 12". 

Impeachment or no Impeachment. S^^ Land. 1714. 

B fi 2 


Imrie ( — ), Lieut. -CoL A Catalogue of Specimens, illustrative of the 
Geology of Greece^ and part of Macedonia. 4® 1817. 

Income. Observations, &c., upon the amended Act for taxing Income. 
S^ Land. 

Report from the select Committee, to the House of Commons^ 

relating to the public Income and Expenditure. 8° Lond. 1786. 

8»Z(mrf. 1791. 

An Act (passed 21st March, 1799) for extending the Time for 

returning Statements under the Income Act. 8° Lond. 1799. 
Three Essays on Taxation of Income. 8® Lond. 1 799. 

Independents. Letters to a Dissenting Minister, of the Congregational 
Independent Denomination^ containing the Author's Reasons for leav- 
ing that Sect. By L. S. E. S^ Lond, 18d4. « 

Index Librorum expurgatorum, Gasparis Quiroga, Cardinalis, jussu 
editus. 4^ Madr. 1584. 

India. Discours op de handelinghe vande Indien. 4^ 

Memorie vande ghewichtighe redenen die de Staten Generael 

behooren te beweghen, om gheensins te wijcken vande handelinghe 
van Indien. 4^ 

An Appeal to his Majesty's Government and the Hon. East 

India Company for justice to the claims of the E. I. Company's mari- 
time service, to Compensation, under Clause 7 of the new India Act. 
By an Officer of the Service. 8° Lond. 1834. « 

— Memorial of the Committee of the East India Company's Mari- 

time Service, presented to the Honourable the Court of Directors, July 
30th, 1834. 80 Lond. 1834. » 

The East-India Company and the Maritime Service, 8*^ Lond. 

1834. » 

Indies, West. [Papel sobre el Patronato de las Iglesias, y los Diezmos 
de las Indias.] 4*^. 

Arancel de los Derechos, que han de percibir, y llevar 

los Contadores del Real y Supremo Consejo de Indias, assi por lo per- 
tencciente a lo Eclesiastico, como a lo secular, fol. Madr. 1749. 

Real Cedula en que se inserta la Real Ordenanza de 

Corso, con las Declaraciones convenientes para su observancia en los 
Dominios de Indias. fol. Madr. 1 779. 

[Real Resolucion, declarando que todas las Apelaciones 

de las Causas de Comiso sobre Comercio fraudulento, deben venir a la 
Real Persona de V. M., 6 al Consejo, a excepcion solo de las de Con- 
travando de Estrangeros, que deben fenecerse en Indias.] fol. [6 
Octubre.] 1783. 


Indies, West. [Real Cedula, para que se cumpla lo resuclto en favor 
del ramo de Penas de Camara del Consejo de Indias, exccutandosc en 
aquellos dominios la distribucion, y repartimiento dc Comisos con ar- 
reglo a la Pauta, que se acomp^ia.] fol. [^Aladr, 21 Febrero,'] 1786. 

[Real Cedula, para que en los Reynos de las Indias, e 

Islas Filipinas se cumple y observe lo resuelto, en quanto a que los 
riesgos de los contratos de canibios maritimos sean> y se entiendan de 
orilla a orilla en la forma que se expresa.] fol. [^Madr.'] 1787. 

[Real Cedula para establecer las reglas que se ban de 

observar en las vacantes de Virreynatos, Presidencias de las Audicneias 
, Reales, y Gobiemos militares y politicos de Indias.] fol. Madr, 
2 Agosto, 1789. 

[Real Orden para dar al Comercio de Indias toda la 

extension posible.] fol. 28 Febrero^ 1789. 

[Real Provision, para evitar a los Provistos para Indias 

los graves peijuicios que padecen con las detenciones, por no encon- 
trar quien los habilite con lo necessario para equiparse.] fol. Madr. 
IS Febrero, 1790. 

- [Real Cedula, a los Jucces de arribadas de los Puertos 

habilitados dc Espana para el Comercio dc Indias, sobre que no se 
embarque dinero en cabcza de Extrangeros.] fol. [^Madr.'] 1 790. 

[Real Resolucion, para que se reconozca en los Domi- 

nios de Indias, e Islas Filipinas por Director general de las Tem|)ora- 
lidadcs al Conde de la Canada, Gobernador del Consejo de Castilla.] 
fol. IMadr. 15 Julio,'] 1792. 

[Real Dcspacho declarando lo que debc observarse en 

los Reynos de Indias, accrca de la admision 6 renuncia de los Titulos 
de Castilla, que recayeren en los menores de Edad.] fol. 4 Febrero^ 

— [Instruccion formada por Contadores Directores gene- 

rales de Indias del metodo y reglas con que ha de proccdcrse a la 
exaccion dc los Reales derechos.] fol. [A/aJr. 16 Julio,] 1802. 

The West India Sketch Book; 2 Vol. W Lond. 

1834. « 

Infantaoo ( — ) Duque del. Continuacion al Manifiesto del Duquc del 
Infantado dc Encro dc 1821. 4<^ Madr. 1821. 

Ingiiirahi (francesco). Pitture di Vasi Fittili; Fasc. xiii — xvi. 4® 
Poligr. Ficsolana, 1834. 

Inglis (h. d.). The Channel Islands ; Jersey, Guernsey, Aldemey, &c. ; 
2 Vol. 8*» Zonrf. 1834. « 

Inglis (iStr R. H.). The Universities and the Dissenters. Substance of 
a S[>eech in the House of Commons. 8° Lond. 1834. « 


Ingram (james). Memorials of Oxford; No. xiv-xxxii. 4'' Ox/l 
1884. m 

Initia Latina. 12® Lond. 1884. m 

Inman (james). Appendix to Nautical Astronomy. 4® Portsea^ 
1888. • 

Innes (william). Instruction for young Inquirers. 12® Edinh, 
1828. m 

Inquisition. Drie Artiickelen aengaende de Inquisitie tegens Engelants 
onderdanen in Spanien. 4° Leyden^ 1609. 

Instructor. Edinburgh Christian Instructor for 1884. New Series ; 
Vol. III. 8® Edinb. • 

Insurance. A scheme for erecting a Friendly Society for insuring 
Lives. 4®. 

Intelligencer. The moderate Intelligencer: impartially communi- 
cating martiall affaires to the kingdome of England ; No. i^-cc. * 4** 
Lond. 1645-9. 

Interest. Reasons for the Abatement of Interest to four in the hun- 
dred. By E. H. 12® Land. 1692. 

• Considerations occasioned by a Proposal to reduce Interest 

to three per cent. 8® Lond. 1787. 

A dispassionate Remonstrance of the nature and tendency 

of the Laws now in force for the Reduction of Interest. 8® Lond, 1751. 

Intestate. A Treatise on the Law of the descent of an Intestate's Real 
Estate. By a Solicitor. 8® Lond. 1 884. • 

Intrationes. Intrationum Liber, fol. Lond., R. Pynson, 1510. [Cum 
notis MSS.] 

Invasion. The Dutch Design anatomized, br a discovery of the wicked- 
ness and unjustice of the intended invasion. 4® Lond. 1688. 

■ A second Letter to a Friend, concerning a French invasion, 
to restore the late King to his throne. 4® Lond. 1692. 

A second Letter concerning the French invasion. 4® Lond. 


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[Title wanting.] 

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Rela9am viridica de toda a magnificencia 

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c c 


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cc 2 


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• O Na*sladowaniu Chrystusa Pana. 12" Wtlnie^ 


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Ad Angelum Mariam Quirinum Epis- 
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Ratisbonensi teste et confessore. 4^ Jerue, 1749. 

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S'^Lond. 1757. 

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S^ Mainz, 1833. 

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12« Lond. 1832. « 

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natural order of the Proteeae. 4" Land. 1809. 

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anecdotes, and exploits in Holland ; at Waterloo ; and in the expe*> 
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upon the means of rendering the soil of the British Islands capable of 
supporting twice the amount of their present population. 8° Lond. 
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injuriis tam veterum quam recentiorum scriptorum liberatio. « Resp. 
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— Dissertatio altera. jRcjp. 

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De Origine Domus Saxonicae e 

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4» rttemh. 17S5. 

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^ Praecedit filii de patre defuncto narratio. 12" Lips. 1834. 

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Commentatio historico- theologica. 8° HiUmrghusce, 1833. 

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studium apud Dorpatenses adjuverint, pracmisit Carolus Morgenster- 
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of the Chlorides of Soda and Lime. Translated by Jacob Porter- 
8® New-Haven, 1831. Presented by the Translator. 

Method of using the Chloride of Soda, either for 

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Places, and of disinfecting animal Substances. Translated by Jaoob 
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Par. 1834. 

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Rapport par MM. Lacroix^ Silvestre, et Girard, sur un Memoire, in- 
titule, Essai sur la Statistique Morale de la France, par A. M. Guerry. 
4° Par. 1 833. Presented by Mons. A. M. Guerry. 

Lact (john). Warnings of the Eternal Spirit, by the Mouth of his 
Servant John, simam'd Lacy. 3d and last part. 8° Lond. 1707. 

Laennec (r. t. h.). a Treatise on the Diseases of the Chest and 
on Mediate Auscultation. Translated, with notes> by John Forbes, 
M.D. 8<' L<md. 1834. « 

Lafitte ( — ). Description de TArc de Triomphe de Tl^toile. 4" Par. 

Laguna (juan buiz). Compendio historial de los Progressos de la Ciu- 
dad de Placencia en Lombardia. 4® Madr. 1637. 

Lairesse (oeb. de). a Treatise on the Art of Paintings revised by 
W. M. Craig ; 2 Vol. 4» Lond. 1817. 

Lake (john). Criticism and Taste. A satire. 8° Lond. 1834. « 

La Llave (paullus de). Novorum Vegetabilium Descriptiones; Fasc. 
I, II. 8^ Mexici, 1824, 5. 

Lamarck (j. b.). His Genera of Shells, with a Catalogue of Species. 
Translated from the French, by Augustus A. Gould, M.D. 8® Boston, 
U. S., 1833. 

Lambton. The Worme of Lambton. 4*1830. Presented by Sir Cuth- 
bert Sharp, 

Lamont ( — ), Mrs. The Teacher's Treasure and Dunce's Delight. 12* 
Lond. 1834. « 

Lamothb (c. o.). Two Discourses concerning the Divinity of our 
Saviour. Translated out of French* 4° Lond. 1693, 

Lamotte (charles). a Sermon preached at a Meeting of Gentlemen 
FlorisU and Gardeners. 8° Stamford, 1740. 

D D 


Lanci (michslanoblo). La Sacra Scrittura illustrata con Monumenti 
Fenico-Assirj ed Egiziani. 4® Rama, 1827. Presented by Viacount 

Land. Reasons against a Registry for Lands, &c. 4® Land, 1678. 

The Landed Interest considered. By a Yeoman of Kent 4° 

Lond. 1738. 

Speculation^ on the Establishment of an uniform Tenure of 

Land, and an Equalisation of the territorial Taxes ; with hints to- 
wards a plan for the reduction of the national debt. 8® Lond. 1795. 

A Proposal for liquidating 66,666,666| of the three per cents., 

by converting the land tax into a permanent annuity. 8" Lond. 

Redemption and Sale of the Land Tax. Thoughts on that 

subject. S^ Lond. 1799. 
Lakder (s. j.). a Chronology of the Bible. 129 Bristol^ 1884. • 

Lander (william). David and Goliath ; or, an attempt to prove that 
the Newtonian system of astronomy is opposed to the Scriptures, and 
contrary to reason and fact. 8® Mere, 1888. m 

Landon (wHiTTiNGTON H.). Ten Sermons. 8^ Lond. 1885. « 

Landseer (johk). a descriptive, explanatory, and critical Catalogue of 
fifty of the earliest Pictures contained in the National Gallery of 
Great Britain. 8^ Lond. 1884. • 

Lang (john dunmore). View of the Origin and Migrations of the 
Polynesian Nation. 12<* Lond. 1834. • 

An historical and statistical Account of New South 

Wales; 2 Vol. 12^ Lond. 1834. « 

Lange (jacob). Deutschlettisches und Lettischdeutsches Lexicon nach 
den Hauptdialecten in Lief- und Curland. 4° Mitau, 1777. 

Langius (joh. MICH.). PhilologisB Barbaro-Graecce Pars prior. 4* 
Norther gas et AUdorf. 1708. 

Pars altera, if^ AUdorf. 1707. 

Langlois (e. h.). Memoire sur des Tombeaux Gallo-Romains de- 
couverts a Rouen. 8® Rouen, 1829. 

— Essai historique et descriptif sur la Peinture sur 

Verre ancienne et modeme. 8® Rouen, 1832. 

' ■ Esaai historique et descriptif de TAbbaye de Fon- 

tenelle ou de Saint* WandriUe. 8^ Rouen, 1834. 

Langust (jean JOSEPH). Tratado de la Confianaa en la Mis^cordia do 
Dios. Traducido por el P. Andrte de Honrubia. B9 Madrid, 177 B. 

Lapland and its Rein-deer ; with some account of its inhabitants* 12^ 
Lond. 1835. ♦ 


Lafpenbbbo (j. m.). An die Alterthmnforscher Deutachlands und des 
nordlichen Europas. 8^ Hamb. 1833. Presented hy C. P. Cooper^ 

Geschichte von England ; Band i. S^Hamb, 1834. 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

Lara (david cohen de). miins nnD '^o sive Lexicon Thalmudico- 
Rabbinicum; K~f. fol. tyjns Gearg, Rebenlinif 1668. [Imperfect*] 

La&dner's Cabinet Cyclopaedia ; Vol. xlvi-lxi. [Biography. Crowe's 
eminent foreign Statesmen, Vol. i. Southey's Lives of British Admi- 
rals, Vol. u. History. Arts, &c., of Greeks and Romans, VoL i. 
History of Rome, Vol. i. Europe during the Middle Ages, Vol. u-rv. 
Stebbing*s History of the Christian Church, Vol. u. Sismondi's Fall 
of the Roman Empire, 2 Vol. Southey's Naval History of England, 
Vol. u. Dunham's Germanic Empire, Vol. i. Useful Arts. Manu- 
fikotures in Metal, Vol. m. Natural Philosophy. Powell's History 
of Natural Philosophy, 1 Vol. Lardner*s Treatise on Arithmetic, 
1 Vol. Natural History. Swainson's Discourse on the Study of 
Natural History, 1 Vol.] Ift^ LomL 1834. 

Latassa t Ortin (felix de). Biblid^ca antigua de los Escritoret 
Aragoneses que florecieron desde la venida de Christo, hasta el ano 
1500 ; 2 Tom. 4« Zaragoza, 1796. 

' Biblioteca nueva de los Escritores 

Aragoneses que florecieron desde el aiio de 16Q0 hasta 1680 ; 3 Tom. 
4<^ Pamplona, 1798, 9. 

Latham (charles). A perpetual Almanack. 12^ Lond, [A card.] m 

Lattre (ph. albert). Campagnes des Fran^ais a Saint Domingue, et 
refutations des reproches faits au Capitaine^eneral Rochambeau. 
8<^ Par. an xiii-1 805. 

Lavarde ( — de). In Bibliothecam Gallicam Claudii Petri Goujet. 
Phalsedum. 4". 

Lavinoton (georoe), Bp. of Exeter • A Fast Sermon. 8° Exon, 1756. 

Lausnitz. Tijdinghe van den Hertoch van Saxen^ hoe dat hy de Lau- 
snitz gebrocht heeft onder de Keyserlijcke Majesteyt. 4° Antwerpen, 

Lauth (thomas). Vita Joannis Hermann. 8^ Argentor, x. (1801.) 

Law. a plain Argument to shew, from the theory and practice of the 
laws of England, that there is really no law at all subsisting among 
Britons, for the security of their properties. By a clergyman of the 
Church of England. 8'' Lond. 1761 . 

An Address to the People of England : being the protest of a 

private person against every suspension of law that is liable to en- 
danger personal security. 8® Lond. 1778. 



Law. Clarke's new Law List. 8^ Lond. 1834. « 

Law (william). A second Letter to the Bishop of Bangor. 8° Lond. 

Lawrence (^Sir james). On the Nobility of the British Gentry, or the 
political ranks and dignities of the British Empire, compared with 
those on the continent. 12" Par, 1828. Presented by the Author. 

Lawrence (john). The Clergy-Man's Recreation : shewing the pleasure 
and profit of the art of gardening. 8" Lond, 1726. 

Lawson (charles). a Sermon preached at the Foundling Hospital. 
With notes. S^ Lond, 1 833. « 

Lawson (oeorge). Discourses on the History of David ; and on the 
introduction of Christianity into Britain. With a memoir* of the 
author, by Henry Belfrage, D.D. 8<^ Berwick^ 1833. « 

Layno (henrt). a Sermon preached for the Infirmary at Northamp- 
ton. With an appendix. 8° Northampton^ 1 746. 

Lea (isaac). Contributions to Geology. 8° Philadelphia^ 1833. 

Leach (w. b.). The young Christian's Remembrancer, in a series of 
pastoral letters. 12° Lofid, « 

Leases. Reasons for Law, to oblige spiritual persons and bodies poli- 
tick, to renew their Leases for customary and reasonable fines. In 
three papers. 8° Lond, 

Le Bas (c. w.). Sermons on various occasions ; Vol. iii. 8" Lond, 
1834. « 

Lebrixa (antonius de). Tratado de grammatica sobre la lengua cas- 
tellana. 4if* Salamanca, \4i92, [Counterfeit edition.] 

Lechnerus (jo. jac). Catalogus Dissertationum cum veterum, turn 
recentiorum, varii argumenti, secundum literarum ordinem conscrip- 
tus ; Tom. i. 4" Norimb, 1826. 

Le Clay (a.). Catalogue descriptif et raisonne des Manuscrits de la 
Bibliotheque de Cambrai. 8® Cambrai, 1831. Presented by the Com- 
missioners of the Public Records, 

Lecoq (h.), et BouiLLET (j. B.). Vues ct Coupes des principales For- 
mations geologiques du Departement du Puy-de-Dome. 8° Par. 

Atlas. 4<» Par. 1830- 

' Itineraire du Departement du Puy-de- 

Dome. 8° Par. 1831. 

Lectiones. Parvulse Lectiones Latinse ; with an interlinear translation 
and parsing exercises ; Vol. i. Pt. i. 12^ Gloucester, * 

Lectures. The Spruce Street Lectures. With a lecture on the im- 
porunce of creeds, by Samuel Miller, D.D. 4^PAfW. 1833. 


Lee (alex.). Chemical Diagrams. 12^ Zone/. 1833. « 

Lee (h.) The Life of the Emperor Napoleon : with an appendix ; 
Vol. I. 8° Lond. Par. 1834. « 

Lee (henry). A Sermon on Amos iv. 12. 8^ Land, 1756. 

Lee (samuel). The Duty of observing the Christian Sabbath, enforced 
in a Sermon. With additional notes. 8*^ Lond. 1 834. « 

Lxechman (wM.). The Temper, Character, and Duty of a Minister of the 
Gospel. A Sermon. 8*^ Glasgow, 1744. 

■ The Nature, Reasonableness, and Advantages of Prayer. 
A Sermon. 8^ Glasgow, 1745. 

Leem Knud. Lappisk Grammatica. 8® Kwhenhavn, 1748. 

Lees (edwin). The Affinities of Plants with Man and Animals. A 
lecture. 8<> Zone/. 1834. « 

Lefebvre-Durufl^ (n.). Ports de Cdtes de France de Dunkerque au 
Havre. 4® Par. 1833. 

Lefroy (CHRISTOPHER edward). Letter to Sir Thomas Baring, Bart., on 
Allotments of Land to the Poor, containing his experience of that 
system for four years> at West Ham, near Basingstoke. 8^ Londn 
1834. • 

Leoames (oabriel de). [Memorial.] fol. 

Legname (antonio). Astolfo Innamorato, nel qual tratta d'Arme, e 
d'Amore. 8<» Ven. 1616. 

Le Harfvel (f.). Classifications of all the French Verbs, into four 
Conjugations, without any irregularity, fol. Lond. s. sh. Presented 
by the Author. 

Leibnitz (oodefridus guilielmus). Codex Juris Gentium diploma- 
ticus. fol. Guelferhyti, 1 747. Presented by the Commissioners of the 
Public Records, 

Leicestershire. A true State of the Proceedings at the Leicestershire 
Election, begun Feb. 1, 1714. 4®. 

Leigh's new Picture of London. 13^ Lond, 1834. « 

Leighton (john m.). Select Views of the Lakes of Scotland ; with de- 
scriptive and historical illustrations, fol. Glasg, 1830. « 

Leighton (r.), Abp. of Glasgow. Works. With a preface by Philip 
Doddridge, D.D. And corrections, additional letters, and the life of 
the author by the Rev. Erasmus Middleton; 4 Vol. 8° Lond, 1819. 

Leitam (l. l.). Nova Rela^am de hum Moleyro por nome Crespim da 
Lapa. 4*^ 

■ Rela9am da Disputa que tiveram trez Cavalleiros sobre 

a regra de Tourear na Pra^a do terreiro do Pa^o. 4^. 


Leitam (l. l.). Nova Rela9am do pritneiro dia de Touros. 4* Lisb. 

■ Rela9am da Disputa, ou pendencia, que teve hum palan- 

queiro, chamado Braz Godinho, com hum taberneiro por nome Jorge 
Mendes Salgado. 4^ Lisb. \75fi. 

Rela^am verdadeira, que fes hum curioso noticiando 

toda a festividade que houve na devirtida tarde do segundo dia de 
Touros a 4 de Settembro de 1752. 4° Lisboa, 1752. 

Re]a9am terceira, que fez hum curioso noticiando toda 

a festividade que houve na devirtida tarde do terceiro dia de Touros 
a 11 de Settembro de 1752. 4"" Lisboa, 1752. 

Quarta Rela^ao de todo o sucedido na tarde de 18 de 

Settembro. 4® Lisb. 1752. 

Quinta Rela9ad de todo o sucedido na tarde de 26 de 

Settembro. 4° Lisb. 1 752. 

Nova Rela9am do segundo dia de Touros, em 26 de 

Settembro 1752. 4» Lisb. 1752. 

Nova Rela9am do terceiro dia de Touros, e segunda 

festividade, em que o Supremo Senado renova o festejo, e dft principio 
cm 2 de Outubro 1752. 4« Lisb. 1752. 

Leith {Sir jAHEs). Memoirs of Lieut.-General Leith, with a pr69is of 
some of the most remarkable events of the Peninsular War. By a 
British Officer. S^ Land. 1818. 

Leland (john). Reflections on the late Lord Bolingbroke's Letters on 
the Study and Use of History. 8" Land. 1 7^9. 

Serious Reflections on the present State of Things in 

these Nations ; being the continuation of Dr. Leland's View of the 
Deisdcal Writers. 8° Dubl. 1758. 

— 8*Z(md. 1758. 

Reasons of the Christian's Hope ; abridged from his 

'* View of the principal Deistical Writers of England ;" by the Rev. 
Francis Wrangham. %^ 1820. 

Lemaire (n. e.). Bibliotheque Classique Latine : Livrais. lxix-lxxu^ 
8« Par. 1832. 

Lenards (carel). Sententien uytgesproken ter Puye deser Stede Am- 
stelredam over Dr. Carel Lenards : mitsgaders over de andere Gevan- 
gens binnens Cammers. 4° Leyden^ 1629. 

Levoerke (ciESAR A.). Commcntatio critica de duplice Psalmi duode- 
vigesimi exemplo. 4° Regionumtii Prussorum^ 1833. 

Lenglet (pierre). Psalmi Davidici cxiv. Paraphrasis. 8®. 

■■ Psalmi Davidici cxxxvi. Paraphrasis. 8* 

■ Ludovico Magno Natales Musae supplicant 8* 


LsKOLBT (pusbre). Ludovici Magni Pietas ad aumraum Pontificem In- 
nocentium. 8^ 

Lenonich (ootfr.). Historia Polona a Lecho ad August! II. mortem. 
8» Lips. 1740. 

Lbmtzen (JOHANNES HEiNRicus). De PelagiaROTum Doctrinae Principiis 
Dissertatio historico-critica. 8° CoUmae ad Rhun, 1833. 

Leon (manuel ds), y Calleja (disoo). Comedia famosa. Las dos 
Estrellas de Francia. 4® Salamanca. 

Leon, t Arevalo (joan). Concion Panegyrica de Nuestra Sefiora del 
Pilar. 4M695. 

Leonard (peter). Records of a Voyage to the Western Coast of Africa^ 
and of the Service on that Station for the suppression of die Slave 
Trade, in 1830, 1, 2. 12® Edinh. 1833. • 

Leopold I., Emperor of Austria. The Emperor's Answer to the French 
King's Manifesto. Translated from the Latin. 4® Lond. 1688. 

•—-------------——---———— Manifesto: plainly setting forth the 

right of the House of Austria to the Crown of Spain. Done from the 
original. 4® Lond. 1701. 

Lepage (a. p.). L'l^cho de Paria : a selection of familiar phrases in 
French. WLond.lSS4,. m 

Lbpsius (carolus richardus). De Tabulia Eugubinia ; Particula 1"*. 
S'^BeroUni, 1833. 

Lesley (john), Bp, of Ross. The History of Scotland, from the Death 
of King James I. in 1436 to 1^61. 4'' Edirdt. 1830. 

Less (o.). The Authenticity, uncorrupted Preservation, and Credibility 
of the New Testament. Translated by Roger Kingdon. 8® Lond. 

Lessius (lbonarous). De Providentia Numinis et Animi Immortalitate 
Libri duo adversus Atheos et PoUticos. 8** Antverp. 1613- Pretented 
by the Commissioners of the Public Records. 

— — ^— — — ^— Disputatio de Statu Vitae deligendo et Religionia 
Ingresaib 8° Antverp. 1613. Presented by the Commissioners of the 
Public Records^ 

Hygiasticon seu vera ratio valetudims bonae et 

vitae ad extremam senectutem conservandae. 8® Antoerp* 1613. PrC" 
sented by the Commissioners qfthe Public Records. 

Lesson (r. p.)» Histoire naturelle des Giseaux de Paradis, des Sericulea 
et des £pimaques ; Livrais. i-rv. 8" Par. 

> ■ ■ Illustrations de Zoologie ; Livrais. xn-xv. 8® Par. 
——«——« Les Trodiilidles ; Livrais. xiv. 8® Par. 


Lestock (richard). An Account of the late Expedition to Bretagne, 
conducted by Richard Lestock, Esq., Admiral of the Blue, and Lt.- 
Gen. St. Clair. S^ Lond. 1747. 

Litters. Remarks upon a popular Letter. 8** [Title wanting.] 

The secret Letters of * Amour between the Dutchess and 

Mynheer. 12" 1692. 

Letters to Parliament-Men, in reference to some Proceed- 

ings in the House of Commons, during the last Session. 4^ Lond. 1 701. 

A Letter from a Commoner of England to a Member of the 

Honourable H of C . 4<» Lond. 1705. 

The Copy of a Letter to Sir Rowland G n, which mis- 
carried. 4» 170|. 

A Letter to Mr. B , a North- Wiltshire " Clergyman, re- 

lating to an Address from that Archdeaconry to the Queen. 8^ Lond, 

A Letter to Sir J B , concerning the late Minehead 

Doctrine. 8** Lond. 1711. 

Letter from a Layman, in Communion with the Church of 

England, though dissenting in some points^ to the Bishop of • 

4° Lond. 1714. 

A true Copy of a Letter to a Gentleman at Stourbridge, oc- 

casioned by '< the Birmingham Dialogue." 8° 1739. 

An expostulatory Letter to a certain right honourable Person 

[the Earl of Chesterfield] upon his late Promotion. 8^ Lond. 1747. 

A Collection of genuine Letters, from various Persons, occa- 

sioned by the Queries in the Daily Advertiser ; relating to the most 
important doctrines of Christianity. 8° Lond. 1749. 

A Letter from a Clergyman at London to the Inhabitants of 

Lisbon. Occasioned by the late dreadful earthquake. S*' Lond. 1755. 
A Letter to the Rt. Hon. H y F-x [Henry Fox], Esq. 

8* Lond. 1757. 

A Letter to the Rev, Mr. B n, an eminent Dissenting 

Minister in Norwich ; occasioned by two volumes of his discourses. 
8° Lond. 1760. 

A Letter from the anonymous Author of " the Letters Ver- 

sified " to the anonymous Writer of " the Monitor." 4*' Lond. 1761. 
Letter to the P s D-w-g-r of W— on the approach- 

ing Peace. S^ Lond. 1762. 

- A Letter from the Cocoa-Tree to the Country-Gentlemen. 

4/^ Lond, 1763. 


Letters. Letters from a Fanner in Pennsylvania, to the Inhabitants of 
the British Colonies. 8^ Land, 1768. 

Letters and Essays^ in Prose and Verse. [By Richard 

Sharp.] 8^ Land. 1884. « 

Letters to a Member of Parliament on the piresent State of 

Things ; in reference to Scripture truth. 8* Land, 1884. « 
A Letter to an Invalid about to visit Madeira. 8® Land. 

1884. « 

A Letter to a Tory Peer, on one point of the present State 

of Affairs. S^ Lend. 1884. « 

Lettre de Comiflerie. Imprime nouvellement. 1 6^ Par, [Lit Goth.] 
RSimpr. Par, 

Lever (Christopher). A Crucifixe ; or, a meditation upon repentance 
and the holie passion. 4® Lond. Prinied by F. S, 1607. 

Levesque (fierre CHARLES). Histoirc critique de la Republique Ro- 
maine ; 3 Tom. 8« Par. 1807. 

Levy (Mauritius marcus). De Balneis Russicis, dissertatio historico- 
physiologica. S^ Hauni4e, ISSS. 

LswiN (Sir GREGORY A.). A Report of Cases determined on the Crown 
Side on the Northern Circuit, from the Summer Circuit of 1822 ta 
that of 1888. l^^' Lond. 1884. « 

Lewis (james). The Christian Duty of the Electors of Magistrates, 
and of the Elected. 8® E(Unh. 1888. « 

Lewis (m. o.). Journal of a West India Proprietor^ during a Residence 
in the Island of Jamaica. 8* Lond. 1884. « 

Lewu (t^omas). The Nature of Hell, the Reality of Hell-fire, and 
the Eternity of Hell-torments. 8® Lend, 1720. 

Lexicon Rhetoricum Cantabrigiense, e Margine MS. Harpocrationis, 
Bibl. Publ. Cantab., Dd 4. 68. Exscripsit P. P. Dobree, A.M. 8* 
Cantabr. 1884. « 

Lex vera. I. Shewing the power of kings. II. Discussing the au- 
thority of parliaments. III. Proving the right of dominion to be in 
the people. 4^ Lend. 1702. 

Leyden. Jusdficatie des Magistraets tot Leyden. 4® 1579. 

Vermaninge ende waerschouwinge van die vande Gerechte 

der Stadt Leyden aende Burgeren ende Innewoonderen der zelver 
Stede. 4^ Leyden^ 1587. 

Letsbrus (polycarpus). Dissertatio de primis Theologiae Doctoribus e 
Saxonum gente, Hugone [a S. Victore], Comite Blankenburgensi, 
Hermamio de Schildis, Thomay Duce Brunsvicensi. 4® HelnuU 

1 s 


Libels. A Letter concerning Libels^ Warrants, and the Seizure of 
Papers ; with a view to some late proceedings, and the defence of 
them by the majority. 8® Land. 1764. 

Postscript. 8« Lond. 1765. 

[«d Edit] 8» Lond. 1765. 

Additions to the 2d Edit. 8*. 

• to the 3d Edit. 8^ 

Libraries. Plans for Libraries, by a friend of education. 4® Andover^ 
U.S., 1838. 

Library. The Compleat Library, March, 1694. 4<> Lond. 1694. 

Library of Ecclesiastical Knowledge. [Critical series ; Vol. 

I.] 12« Lond. 1834. ♦ 

[Historical Series; Vol. 

I.] W Lond. 1831. « 

[Miscellaneous Series. 

Essays on Church Polity ; Vol. nr.] 12<> Lond. 1834. « 

Library of Entertaining Knowledge for 1833, 4. [The 

Hindoos ; Vol. i. The domestic habits of Birds ; 1 Vol. History 
of British Costume ; 1 Vol.] li^ Lond. « 

Family Classical Library ; No. xlix-lii. [Livy> by Baker, 

Vol. iv-vii.] 12® Lofirf. 1834. « 

The Family Library ; Vol. xli-xlvii. [Lord Woodhpuselee's 

Universal History, 6 Vol. Fairy Legends and Traditions of the 
South of Ireland; 1 Vol.] W Lond. 1834. « 

The Friends' Library ; Vol. v, vi. [Sewel's History of the 

Society of Friends.] 12* Lond. 1833, 4. « 

The Instructive Library. By a friend of the author of " a 

Tale of a Tub." 8M710. 

The Naturalist's Library ; Vol. i-iv. [Jardine's Mammalia, 

Vol. T, II. Ornithology, Vol. in, iv.] S^ Edinh. 1833, 4. « 

The Polymicrian Library. Vol. i. [Biographical Dictionary. 

By F. C. Meadows, M.A.] 16^ Lond. 1834. « 

The Reformer's Library ; No. iv. [The Rights of Nations.] 

S^ Lond. 1832. 

Library of Romance. Edited by Leitch Ritchie ; Vol. ix-xiii. 

[The Dark Lady of Doona. The Baronet. The Sea-Wolf. The Jesuit. 
The Siege of Vienna.] S^ Lond. 1 834. « 

The Sunday Library for Young Persons, edited by the Rev. 

. Henty Ware, Jun. [Vol. i. The Life of the Saviour ; Vol. ii. Life of 
Howard.] W Lond, 1833, 4. « 


Library. The Theologieal Library; Vol. vi-x. [Le Bas* Lives of 
British Divines ; Vol. i. Smedley's History of the Reformed Reli- 
gion in France ; Vol. ii, ui. Russell's History of the Church in Scot- 
land; Vol. I, II.] S^ Lond. 1834. « 

of Useful Knowledge. [The Art of Brewing. By David 

Booth ; 4 Pts. Cattle ; 1 Vol. British Husbandry ; Vol. i. Natural 
Philosophy; Vol. ui.] 8» Lond. 1882-34. 

LiEBER (francis). A Constitution and Plan of Education for Girard 
College for Orphans, with an introductory report, laid before the 
board of trustees. 8° Philadelphia, 1834. 

Liechtenberger (joh.). Prognosticatio. 8^ Colon,, Petrus Quentel, 

Prognosticque. 4® 1620. 

LioNiANO (JOHANNES de). Tractatus de Pluralitate Beneficiorum Eccle-* 
siasticorum. [Item responsio ac decisio questionis quodlibetice : Utrum 
emere redditus vitales aut perpetuos sit contractus illicitus et usura- 
rius; autore Guilhelmo Bont.] fol. [^Fmpressum Lovanii a Joh. de 
Westphalia.'] [Lit. Goth.] 

LiouoRi (alfonso). The Glories of Mary, Mother of God. Translated. 
160Z>t«6;. 1833. « 

A short Treatise on Prayer. Translated. 12* Dubl. 

1834. « 

LiJNDRAEYER (jAN piETERSz.). Sentcutien by Schepenen der Stadt 
Leyden ghearresteert jeghens Jan Pietersz. Lindraeyer over de con- 
spiratie jegens den Prince van Orangien. 4^ Leyden, ] 623. 

LiLLiNosTON (cHARLEs). An ExtrRct froiD his Speech at Coleshill^ in 
Warwickshire. [And part of his speech at Warwick.] 8" Birmingh. 
[1834]. « 

The Causes of the present Agricultural Distress 

clearly proved. 8" Warmek, 1 834. « 

LiMBURG Brouwer (p. van). Histoirc de la Civilisation morale et reli- 
gieuse des Grecs; Partie 1^^. contenant les siecles herofques; Tom. i. 
8<* Groningue, 1833. 

Limerick. A Diary of the Siege and Surrender of Limerick ; with the 
articles, civil and military. 4** Lond. 1692. 

Lincoln. Rules for die Government of the County-Gaol and Castle of 
Lincoln. 4» Lond. 1827. 

LiNDLEY (john). Ladics' Botauy. S^ Lond. 1834:. « 

and HuTTON (wm.). The Fossil Flora of Great Britain ; 

Vol. I, II, Pt. I. 8'* Lond. 1831. « 

Link (h. f.). Die Urwelt und das Alterthumi crlautert dorch die Na- 
turkunde; 2 Theil. 8'' Berl. 1821, 2. 

EE 2 


Link (h. f.) und Otto (f.). Ueber die Gattungen Melocactus und 
Echinocactus, nebst Beschreibung der im Konigl. botanischen Garten 
bei Berlin befindlicben Arten. 4<* BerL 1827. 

und Otto (f.). Ueber eine neue Cactus- Art, Echino- 

cactus oxygonus Link, nebst beschreibung, cultur-methode und einigen 
andem bemerkungen. 4° BerL 1880. 

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Curtio Sprengel ; 4 Vol. 8* Gottinga^ \^ZS-7. 

Tentamen Supplement!, auctore Antonio Sprengel. 

8® Gotting<E, 1828. 

Lipsius (frid.), Prces. Discursus historicus, praesentans Marci Antonii 
de Dominis, Archi-Episcopi Spalatensis, in religionis negotio arundi- 
neam mutationem, et tragicam in cineres per ignem redactionem. 
Resp. Johan. Christoph. Rengerus. 4® Rotenb. 1671. 

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Latijn over-gheset. 4® Duysseldorp, 1 608. 

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Doctrine of the Church of England. A discourse. 8*^ Land. 1741. 

Liquors. Distilled Spirituous Liquors the Bane of the Nation. With 
an appendix. 8^ Lond, 1786. 

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terati del Friuli; 2 Tom. 4» Fen. 1760-2. 

Lisbon. An Address to the Inhabitants of Great Britain, occasioned by 
the late Earthquake at Lisbon. 8* Lond. 1755. 

A Letter from a Clergyman at London to the remaining dis- 
consolate Inhabitants of Lisbon. With an account of Mr. Archibald 
B — w — r*s motives for quitting his office of secretary to the Inqui- 
sition. 8® Lond 1756. 

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Craufurd] ; 2 Tom. 4M803. 

Treatise on the Progress of Literature, and its Effects on 

Society. 8' Lond. 1884. # 

LiTUGOw (william). Scotland's Welcome to her native Sonne, and so- 
veraigne Lord, King Charles. 4° Edinb, 

The gushing Teares of godly Sorrow. 4° Edinb, 


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Liturgy. [The Liturgy of the Church of England ; translated into the 
Chinese language. Published by the Prayer-Book and Homily So- 
ciety.] 8* Presented by the Society. 

■■ Liturgia Succanac Ecclesiae catholicec et orthodoxse conformis. 

4« Stockholm, 1576. 


LiTUROY. Reasons for restoring some Prayers and Directions, as they 
stand in the Communion-Service of the first English Reformed Li- 
turgy. S^ LofuLl7l7. 

The Expediency and Necessity of revising and improving the 

public Liturgy, humbly represented. With a specimen of a new 
Liturgy. 8<> Lond. 1749. 

A Letter to the Author of " the Expediency of revising the 

Liturgy." [By Richard Moseley.] 8® Lond, 1750. 

Cursory Animadversions upon free and candid Disquisitions, 

&c., tending to explain the necessity of a review of the Liturgy. [By 
Richard Moseley.] 8® Land, 1758. 

Hints toward forming a correct Opinion on the Question of 

altering the Liturgy. 8^ Lond. 1884. # 

Livingston (edward). A System of Penal Law for the State of Louisiana. 
80 Philadelphia, [1888.] 

Llewellin (martin). Men-Miracles. With other Poems. 8® Lond. 

Llorbnte (juan antonio). Memoria historica sobre qual ha sido la 
Opinion nacional de Espaiia acerca del Tribunal de la Inquisicion. 8® 
Madr. 1812. 

Lloyd ( — ), General. Histoire de la Guerre d'Allemagne, pendant les 
annees 1756 et suivantes, entrele Roi de Prusse et I'lmperatrice et ses 
allies. Traduite par le C. Roux Fazillac ; 2 Tom. 8** Par, an xi. 

Lloyo (h. £.). Architectural Beauties of Continental Europe, in a 
series of Views of ancient Edifices, in France, the Low Countries, 
Oermany, and Italy. With descriptive and historical illustrations. 
fol Lond. 1831, m 

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Nov. 5th last, by the self'CaWd Honourable Robert • Lumley Loyd. 
df'Lond. 1710. 

Lloyd (willlam), Bp, of Worcester, A Discourse of God*s Ways of 
disposing of Kingdoms ; Pt. i. 4^ Lond. 1691. 

Loan. An Essay on the Nature of a Loan. 8® York, 178^. 

LoBERA Y Mendieta (joseph de). Lr Mugcr mas penitente, y Espanto 
de Charidad, la venerable Hermana Mariana de Jesus. Comedia. 
Primera Parte. 4*. 

Segunda Parte. 4^ 

Sin el oro, pierde Amor imperio. 

lustre^ y valor. Comedia de dos joumadas. 4^ Madrid, 1760. 


LocUER (jacobus). Theologica Emphasis, sive, dialogus super eminentia 
quatuor doctorum ecclesise, Gregorii, Hieronymi, Augustini, Atn- 
brosii : cum sex centum versibus. 4° [^BasiL'] Johnnnes Bergman de 
Olpe, 1496. 

Locke (john). An Account of Mr. Lock's Religion, out of his own 
writings. 8® Lond. 1700. 

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of the Fortifications to the City of York. fol. Lavid. 1834. m 

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1612. [Lit. Goth.] 

Loescherus (valent. ERNEST.), Pras. De Th. Munieri doctrina et 
factis contra G. Amoldum. Resp. Geo. Nicol. Kiesslingius. 4* Vit^ 
temb. 1708. 

LoooTETA (oiuseppe). Riccrche critico-antiquarie sur TAnfiteatro di 
Siracusa. 4® Siracusa, 1789. 

LoLME (j. L. de). The Constitution of England ; or, an account of the 
English government. With preface, supplemental notes, and index, 
by William Hughes Hughes, Esq. S^ Lond. 1884. « 

LoMBARDiA. Delle Antichita Longobardico-Milanesi, illustrate con dis- 
sertazioni dai Monaci della Congregazione Cisterciese di Lombardia ; 
4 Vol. 4» MiUrno, 1792, 3. 

London. The Lamentacyon of a Christen against the Citye of London, 
for some certaine greate vyces used therin. 16* 1548. [Lit Goth.] 

A Word of Advice to the Citizens of London, concerning the 

choice of Members of Parliament at the ensuing election. 4® Lond, 

A List of the Poll for Members of Parliament for the city of 

London, Oct'. 1713. 4«. 

The Metropolitan Ecclesiastical Directory. 12® Lond.lBSS, m 

London Company. N®. 3. Accounts from the London Company, laid 
before Parliament, April 1, 1803. 8^ 

Londonderry. [Ordnance Survey of Ireland.] fol. [1833.] Presented 
by his Excellency the Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, 

Long (nicolas le). Histoire Ecd^siastique et Civile du Diocese de 
Laon, et de tout le pays contenu entre TOise et la Meuse, TAisne et la 
Sarabre. 4» Chdlons, 1783. 

LoNOFiELD (mountifort). Four Lectures on Poor Laws. S° Dtd)l, 
1834. « 

Lectures on Political Economy. 8" Dubl, 

1834. « 

LoNGHi (oiuseppe). La Calcografia ; Vol. i. concernente le teorica dell' 
arte. 8" Milan, 1830.. 


Longitude. Appendix. A Method to find the true Longitude, from a 
single Altitude of the Moon, independent of lunars and chronometers. 

8". « 

LoNGMiRE ( J AMES Fox). Remains. With a memoir of his life hy Daniel 
Longmire. 8* Lond. 1884. « 

Lord's Supper. A Defence of the plain Account of the Sacrament of 
the Lord's Supper. 8° Lond. 1748. 

. An Invitation to the Lord's Supper. 8° Land. 1883. • 

Lords. The Lords' Protest, Nov. 18, 1740. Also of Dec. 8 and 9; 
Jan. 28 ; Feb. S, 18, and 26 ; and March 9. 8» Lond. 1741. 

*— — The Lords' Protest on a Motion to address his Majesty for 
the keeping our forces at home, till the Dutch has declared war against 
France. 8« Lond. 1746. 

Lords, House of. Legion's humble Address to the Lords, answer'd. 4^. 

Papers printed by order of the House of Lords ; 40 

Vol. fol. 1829-32. Presented by order of the House of Lords. 

Lorimer (charles). Letters to a young Master-Mariner, on some sub- 
jects connected with his calling. 8*^ Lond. 1834. « 

LoRiNus (jOANMEs). In Acta Apostolorum Commentaria. fol. Lugd. 

. Commentaria in librum Psalmorum ; 3 Tom. foL 

Lugd. 1611-16. 

Lossius (lucas). Annotationum in Novum Testamentum Tomus iii. 

fol. Francof 1 558. 
LoTicHius (j. p.). Bibliotheca Poetica; 8 Partes. 8® Francof 1625, 6. 

Presented hy C, P. Cooper, Esq. 

. Holofernes ; sive, historiaHolofernis et Judithse heroico 

carmine conscripta. 8° Francof 1625. Presented by C. P. Cooper^ 

Loudon (j. c). Illustrations of Landscape-Gardening and Garden 

Architecture. Edited by J. C. Loudon. Engl. Fr. Germ. Pts. i, ii. 

fol. Lond. 1830. « 

. First additional Supplement to Loudon's Encydopasdia 

of Agriculture. 8® Zoiw^. 1834. « 
An Encyclopaedia of Gardening. 8^ Lond. 1835. « 

Lover (samuel). Legends and Stories of Ireland ; Second Series. 8* 
Lond. 1834. « 

Louis XIV., King of France. Machiavellus Gallicus, dat is, een verander- 
inge ofte versettinge van de ZSiele van Machiavel, in Louis XIV. 4* 

^ . The French King's Memorial to the Em- 
peror of Germany. Fr. Engl 4* tond. 1688. 


Locis, XVI., Kmg oJFramte, Dncano eon que dio pHndpio ei Rey de 
Fnndm m la AjtemUea de Notables tenida en 22 de Febrero de 1787, 
e d que pfonandd en sa nombre M' De Calonne. Tradnddo por 
D.S.R.T. ^•Madr. 

Locn WUL, Kmg of Frmmet, 3Ieniobes de Look XVUI. Par M. Le 
Dnc de D • • • • ; 12 Tom. «• Pmr. 1832, S 

Locis DE Barccs. Re^erdies snr Loab de Bribes* Seignenr de la 
Gmdiiijie; sniTies de la nodee des mannsrrits qui loi oot appmenns. 
[Par Joseph Van Praet.] 8*P«r. 1881. 

LocTH. Noddc Lod«; or, nockes of Loath. S* Lomik, 1884. ♦ 

Low. Den Rctte Judske Lowbog nn njl^ offbeneet oonrigerit oc 
danksken Ibrbednt. 4* Kiobemk^n, 1590. Presenitd hy C. P. 

CcoptTf £90m 

Low (datid). Elements of Practical Agrknltnre. 8* Ediub. 1884. m 

LowTH (sobebt), Bp, ofLomdotu A Letter to die Bishop of O d. 

Containing some Animadrersions npon a Character giren of the late 
Th. Bentlej. [Bj Ridiard Cmnberland.] 8* Lomd. 1767. 

■ Sermons, and other Remains. With 

a memoir by the Rer. Peter HaD, M.A. 8* Lomd. 1884. # 

LoTOLA (icvATirs). EzeTcitia Spiritnalia. 8* Bamtt, 1606. 

D i fcc to fimn in Ezerdtia Spiritnalia Ignafii. 8* 

JtosMT, 1606. 

LozAxo MoxTxsnio (oaspae). Herodes Ascalonita, y la beiuiu sa Ma* 
liana. Comedia. 4* Barcelama^ 1757. 

LcBT (j.). The Elements of Geometry, in general lenns, with notes, 
&c.,&c. 8*/)sM. [1888.] # 

LccAjnrs (m. ajtv.). Pharsalia ; Englished by Thomas May. 8* Ixmd. 

XociAirrs. A Selection from his Dialogues, with a translation and notes. 
12* ZondL 1829. m 

Charon, Vitanun Anctio, Piscator. Recensnit et illttstraTit 

Carolos Jaedbitz. 8* Liptutf 1884. 

LccT AsHBOirEVE ; a tale founded on fiict. 12* ZVr6y, 1888. • 

LunoLPHTs, Saxo, Vita Christi Cartuxano interpretado de Latin en 
romance por fray Ambrosio Montesino ; 4 Vol. fol. Aleala de He-- 
noref, 1502, 8. 

Lugo (joakk. ns). Disputationes sdiolasdcae et morales, de Virtnte, 
et Sacramento Poenitentiae. Item de suflBragiis, et indulgentiis. fol. 
2;«^dL 1644. 

IfinsiAHA. Real Cedula, conoediendo nuevas gradas para ibmento del 
eomerdo de la Lutsiana. fol. Madr. 1782. 


LuPANUs (viNCENTius). PtochotTophe Urbis Carnutensis^ id est, alen- 
dorum pauperum ratio. 8^ Zul. Rob. Stephantu^ 1557. 

LupSETE (thomas). A compendious and a very fruteful Treatyse, teach- 
ynge the Waye of dycnge well. 8<> Lond. ex edibus Thonue Bertheleti, 
1541. [Lit Goth.] 

Luther (martin). De Constituendis Scholis Liber donatus Latinitate. 
8^ Haganoce* 

— -^— ^-^— Qeist aus Luther's Schriften ; Vol. ii, Pt i. Vol. in. 
8* Damutadty 1828, 9. 

LuTCK. Verklaringhe vande Staten van Luyck, over de Brieven van 
Graeff Heyndrick vanden Berghe. 4^ Luyck, 1632. 

LuTNES ( — \ le Due de^ et Debacq (f. j.). Metaponte. fol. Par. 1833. 

LuzAN (lONAcio de). La Poetica, o Reglas de la Poesia en general, y 
de sus principales especies ; 2 Tom. 8^ Madr. 1789. 

Lynch (willlam). A Letter addressed to [Charles Purton Cooper^ Esq.] 
the Secretary to the Commissioners of Public Records, on the subject 
of certain Works published by Authority of the Commissioners. 8^ 
LofuLlSSZ. Presented anonymously* 

Lyons ( — ). The Infallibility, Dignity, and Excellency of Humane 
Judgment. 8<* Lond. 1719. 

Lyte (h. f.). Poems, chiefly religious. 8® Lond. 1838. m 

Macalister (norm an). Historical Memoir relative to Prince of Wales 
Island. 4^ Lond. 1803. 

Mac Allester (oliver). A Series of Letters, discovering the Scheme 
projected by France in 1759, for an Invasion upon England; 2 Vol. 
4» Lond. 1767. 

Macarius (wenceslaus Andreas), Christus Jesus Rex Dolorum con- 
suetis passim ritibus inauguratus. 12** Pragte. 

Vita et Mors Joannis Nepomuceni. 

12« Pragce, 1684. 

' Imago Amoris, penicillo Doloris 

effigiata. Oratio. 12^ Prague, 1685. 

Macaulay (Alexander). A Dictionary of Medicine. 8® Edmb. 
1832. « 

Macaulay (j. s.). A Treatise on Field Fortification, and other Sub- 
jects connected with the Duties of the Field Engineer. 12° Lond. 
1834. « 

Plates, obi. fol. Lond. 1834. « 

MKDarmick (william). a farther Account of the Actions of the Innis- 
killing-men. 4f^ Lond. 1691. 

M^arthy (charles). Mercantile Tables. 8° Cork, 1834* ♦ 

F F 


MKDaul (alex.). The divine Cominission of the Christian Ministry, 
and the Principle of Church Establishments. Three sermons. 12^ 
Lond. 1834. « 

M*^Cay (john). Letter to Lieut.-Gen. Sir Herbert Taylor, respecting 
George Wren and Harrington, under Sentence of Death. 8° Lond. 

[1834.] ♦ 

M^Clintock (lowry). The Divinity Student's Assistant. 12® DuhL 
1834. « 

M^Creery (joiin). The Press, a poem; 2 Pts. 4® Liverpool^ 1803-27. 

MK^ULLocH (j. M.). A Manual of English Grammar. 12® Edinb. 
1834. ♦ 

M*CuLLOCH (j. R.). Dictionary of Commerce and Commercial Navi- 
gation. Corrected and enlarged. 8® Lond. 1 834. it 

Supplement to the second edition of his Com- 
mercial Dictionary. 8® Lond. 1834. 4t 

M^Dermott (william). The Criminal Code of Ireland, as amended by 
the late Enactments. 8® Dubl. 1829. « 

M^DiARMiD (john). Picture of Dumfries and its Environs. 4® Edinb. 
1832. ♦ 

Macdonald (aneas). His Trial. 8® Lond. 

Macerone (francis). a few Facts concerning elementary Locomotion. 
S^ Lond. IS34. m 

M^Gavin (james). a copious Index of the various Subjects in the 
Book of Psalms. With notes on every psalm. 12® Paisletf, 1832. 4t 

M^Giiee (rob.). On the proposed System of Non-Scriptural Education 
of the Poor of Ireland. Being letters to the Archbishop of Dublin, 
by the Rev. R. M^Ghee, A.B., and to the Right Hon. E. G. Stanley, 
by the Rev. Robert Daly. 8® Dubl. 1831. « 

M^Ghee (r. j.). Repeal of the Union. Extinction of Church Esta- 
blishment. No Faith to be kept with Heretics. A letter to Daniel 
0*Connell, Esq., M.P. 8® DubL 1834. « 

Macoillivray (w.). Lives of eminent Zoologists, from Aristotle to 
Linnaeus. S^ Edinb. 1834. tt 

Macoowan (john). Works; 2 Vol. 8® Lond. 1825. 

M*<jREGOR (JOHN jAMEs). Truc Storics from the History of Ireland. 
Third series. 12® Dubl. 1833. « 

Macilwain (george). Clinical Observations on the constitutional 
Origin of the various Forms of Porrigo; commonly known by the 
names of Scald-Head, Tinea, Ring- Worm, &c. 8® Lond. 1 833. « 

An introductory Lecture. Delivered at the 

Finsbury Dispensary. S® Lond. 1834. « 


Mackay (ciiARLBs). Soiigs and Poems. H^ Land. IS34. m 

Mackenzie (henry). Works ; 8 Vol. 8^ Edinh. 1808. 

Mackintosh {Sir james). History of the Revolution in England in 
1688. With a notice of the life, writings, and speeches of Sir James 
Mackintosh. 4® Lond. 1834. « 

Mackreel (Dirck). Waememingen aengaende de Staert-starre, of Vuur- 
balck, soo sich t^zedert eenige tijdt herwaert aen den Hemel heefl 
vertoont. 4^. 

Maclaurin (john). Works. With an introductory essay, by the Rev. 
John Brown. 12° Glasgow^ 1824. 

M^Neile (huou). Letters to a Friend, who has felt it his Duty to secede 
from the Church of England. 8^ Land. 1834. « 

Macneill (john). Tables for calculating the cubic Quantity of Earth- 
Work in the Cuttings and Embankments of Canals, Railways, and 
Turnpike-roads. 8" Lond. 1833. « 

M^NicoL (donald). Remarks on Dr. Samuel Johnson's " Journey to 
the Hebrides." 8« Land. 1779. 

Mactzner (eduardus). De Jove Homeri. 8° Berol. 1834. 

Macvicar (john g.). Inquiries concerning the Medium of Light and 
the Form of its Molecules. 8° Edinb., Landon^ 1833. ♦ 

Madan (martin). Five Letters to Dr. Rees. 8'* Land. 1783. 

Madden (Sir Frederick). Illuminated Ornaments, selected from Ma- 
nuscripts and early printed Books from the sixth to the seventeenth 
Centuries, drawn and engraved by Henry Shaw ; with descriptions, 
fol. Land. 1833. « 

Madox (john). Excursions in the Holy Land, Egypt, Nubia, Syria^ 
&c. ; 2 Vol. 8'> Land. 1834. ♦ 


Memorial del Real Colegio de Boticarios de la Villa de 

[Representacion de la Villa de Madrid a Felipe V.] fol. 

[Madr. 1731.] 

Real Provision de los Senores del Consejo, en que a instancia 

de la Nobleza, Villa, y Gremios de Madrid, se desaprueban las pre- 
tensiones introducidas sin legitima personalidad en los bullicios pasa- 
dos. fol. Madr. 23 de Junto, 1776. 

El Consejo al Publico di Madrid. 4*» Madr. 20 de Marzo, 


Gazeta de Madrid ; No. i-lix. V de Enero.—2S de Fe- 

hrero, 1 809. 4" Madr. 

F F 2 



Madrid. Noticias de las ultimas ocurrencias de Madrid. 2 de Julio 
1822, 4" Valencia, 1822. 

Maestricht. Articulen gheaccordeert by den Prince van Oraignen aen 

du vande Gheestelickheydt ende Magistraet der Stadt Maestricht. 

4« 1632. 
Maffeius (jo. petr.). De Vita et Moribus Ignatii Loiolae ; Libri iiu 

8® Duaci, 1585. 
Magazine. The Architectural Magazine. Conducted by J. C. Loudon ; 

Vol.1. 8«Zanrf. 1834. ♦ 
Arnold's Magazine of the Fine Arts. New Series ; Vol. ii. 

8» Lond. 1834. * 
The Bath and Bristol Magazine ; Vol. i-iii. 1832-4. 8" 

Bath. * 

Bell's Weekly Magazine ; No. i-xxviii. 4° Lond. 

1834. ♦ 

The Baptist Magazine for 1834. S^ Lond. « 

The Beau Monde for 1834. 4* Lond. ♦ 

Blackwood's Magazine for 1834. 8® Edinb. « 

The Boys' and Girls' Penny Magazine ; Nos. ix, xvii, xviii. 

4<» Lond. 1832. « 

The British Magazine ; Vol. iv, v. 8* Lond. 1833, 4. « 

The British Farmer's Magazine for 1834. 8^ Lond. « 

The Catholic Magazine, and Review ; Vol. iv. 8® Birming, 

1833. ♦ 

Christian Guardian and Church of England Magazine for 

1833, 4. 8^' Lond. 1833, 4. « 

The Christian's Penny Magazine; Vol. iii. 4*^ Lond. 

1834. ♦ 

The Christian Reformer; or, Unitarian magazine and 

review; Vol. i. 8® Lond. 1834. « 

The City Magazine ; Nos. i, ii. 8" Lond. 1833. • 

' Cobbett's Magazine ; No. i-v, ix-xv. 8^^ Lond. 1833, 4.« 

The Comic Magazine for 1834. IS9 Lond. « 

The Congregational Magazine; Vol. xi. S^ Lond. 1834.« 

The Court Magazine for 1834. 8^ Lond. « 

Curtis's Botanical Magazine ; Vol. i, ii. New Series. 8** 

Zonc^. 1827, 8. 

Vol. iii-vii. New Scries. 

8" Zow(/. 1829-33. ♦ 


Magazine. The Doctor. A medical penny magazine ; No. lxxxvi- 
cxxv. 4^^ Land. ISSS, 4. « 

The Druids' Magazine for 1884. 8* Lmd. « 

The Dublin University Magazine for 1834. 8* DubL 

1834. « 

East India Magazine for 1834. 8^ Zoni. 1834. « 

The Entomological Magazine ; No. ii to end of Vol. iv. 

8'' Land. 1834. « 

The Evangelical Magazine for 1834. 99 Land. « 

The Family Magazine. Conducted by the Rev. Joseph 

Belcher; Vol. i. 8" Land. 1834. ♦ 
The Farmer's Magazine; No. lxxxiu-xcv. 4® Land. 

1834. « 
Eraser's Magazine for 1834. 8° Land. « 

The Gentleman's Magazine for 1834. 8^ Land. « 

The Gentleman's Magazine of Fashion for 1834. 8** 

Land. « 
The Gospel Magazine for 1834. 8* Land. « 

The Home Missionary Magazine for 1834. 8*^ Land. « 

Johnstone's Edinburgh Magazine; Vol. i. 8*^ Edinb. 

1834. « 

The Imperial Magazine for 1834. 8® Land, m 

The Instructive Magazine, conducted by Mr. Charles 

Taylor; No. i-iv. 4® Land. 1832. « 

The Ladies' Pocket Magazine for 1834. 12^ Land. « 

The Law Magazine for 1834. 8» Land. 1834. « 

The London Magazine; for August, 1734, April, 1736. 

S^ Land. 

The London and Edinburgh Philosophical Magazine aiid 

Journal of Science ; Vol. ui, iv. 1833, 4. 8® Land. « 

The Maids', Wives', and Widows' Magazine ; Vol. i. Oct 

27, 1832— July 27, 1833. 4» Land. « 

The Magazine of Botany and Gardening. Edited by 

James Rennie, M.A.; Vol. i. 4<» Land. 1833. « 

The Magazine of Natural History. Conducted by J. C. 

Loudon. 8® Land. 1834. « 
_ The Mariners' Church Sailors' Magazine ; Vol. ii. 8" 

Land. 1833. « 


Magazine. The Mariners' Church Soldiers- Magazine ; Vol. ii. 8^ 
Lond. 1834. . « 

- The Mechanics' Magazine for 1884. 8® Lond. 4t 

The Metropolitan Magazine for 1834. S^ Land. « 

The Monthly Magazine for 1834. 8° Land. « 

The Nautical Magazine for 1834. 8« Land. 1834. « 

The New Monthly Belle Assemblee ; Vol. i. 1834. 8» 

Land. « 

The New Monthly Magazine for 1834. 8*» Land. « 

The New Sporting Magazine for 1834. 8® Land. « 

The Penny Magazine, fol. Land, 1834. « 

The Pocket Magazine. 12® Land, 1834. « 

The Protestant Dissenters* Juvenile Magazine ; Vol. i, ii. 

le^'Loiic^. 1833, 4. « 

The Royal Ladies' Magazine for 1834. 8^ Land. « 

The Saturday Magazine ; Vol. ii. 4® Land. 1 834. « 

The Shilling Magazine ; No. i. 8*^ Land. 1834. • 

The Spiritual Magazine for 1834. 8» Land. « 

The Sporting Magazine for 1834. 8° Land. « 

Stephens's Methodist Magazine; Vol. i. 8** Land. 

1834. « 

The Sunday School Teachers' Magazine; Vol.iv. 1833. 

S^ Land. « 

Tait's Edinburgh Magazine for 1833. 8^ Edinb. 1884. « 

The Unitarian Magazine and Chronicle for 1834. [Edited 

by Edw<^. Chapman.] Vol. i. 8*^ Land. 1834. « 

The Wesleyan-Methodist Magazine for 1834. 8^ Land, m 

The Zoological Magazine; No. i-vi. 8° Land, 1833. « 

Magendie (f.). Precis Elementaire de Physiologic ; 2 Tom. 8® Par. 

Magino (antonio). Prognosticate op't Jaer 1637. 4®. 

Magratu (t. w.). Authentic Letters from Upper Canada. Edited by 
the Rev. T. Radcliff. 12? Dubl. 1833. « 

Main (james). Illustrations of Vegetable Physiology, practically ap- 
plied. 8^ Land. 1833. « 

Major (jouannes), Pras. Dissertatio theologica de Dictorum Vetcris 
Testamenti in Novo Allegatione. Resp, Andreas Keslerus. 4® Jena^ 


M AiTLAND (jAMEs), Eofl of Lauderdalc. Plan for altering the Manner 
of collecting a large Part of the Public Revenue. 8^ 

Maitland (s. r.). a Letter to the Rev. Hugh James Rose, B.D., with 
Strictures on Milner's Church History. S^ Lond, 1834. « 

The Twelve Hundred and Sixty Days; in reply to 

the Strictures of William Cuninghame, Esq. 8^ Lond, 1884. « 

Maittaire (m.). a short Essay or Dissertation upon the Doxology of 
the Church of England. 8"* Lond. 1718. 

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o o 


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Marriages, Births, Burials ; and upon Batchelors and Widowers ; and 
also upon Houses. S^ Lond, 1700. 

> A Letter from a Bystander, containing Objections to the 
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4« iJ/arfr. 1757. 

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o G 2 


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4» Valencia, 1762. 

Con Amor no hay Amistad. Comedia. 4* 


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De Don Juan de Matos Fragoso, D. Agustin Moreto^ y D. Gero- 
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De Don Juan de Matos Fragoso, y Don Sebastian de Villaviciosa. 
4'» Valencia, 1764. 

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The Little Gazetteer ; or, geographical dictionary 

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Copie van het Placcaet ende Ordonnantie 

van wegen zijne Excellencie van Nassau over het Accoort ende veree- 
ninghe der Stadt Medenblick. 4® Haerlem^ 1588. 

Placcaet teghen de ghene die goederen 

wtvoeren omme t'recht der Convoyen ende Licenten daer door te 
defrauderen. 4» Delff, 1589. 

Placcaet ende Ordonnantie op de ver- 

zeeckerheyt vande scheepvaert tusschen Holland ende Zeelandt. 4^ 
Delff, 1589. 

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A sermon. 8" Lond. 1729. 

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Beyeren de Stadt Budna in Ghenade ontfanghen met het innemen 
der Stadt Bautzen. 4^ Antwerpen^ 1620. 

Brief aende Staten ende Ondersaten 

van Bohemen. 4" AntwerpeUj 1620. 

Insinuatic aenden Ceurvorst Pfaltz 

Grave belangbende de Keyserlijcke Commissic aende Staten van Bo- 
hemen. i^ Ant werpen, 1020. 


Maximilian, Duke of Bamr'uL De Resolutie aende drije polliticque 
Standen in Oostenrijck ende d'Landt op der Ens op haere ont- 
schuldinghe. 4^ Antwerpen^ 1620. 

Verhael hoe den Hertoch van Beyeren 

in Oostenrijck met zijnen Legher ghevallen is ende de Stadt Lints tot 
ghehoorsaemheyt ghebrocht heeft. 4" Antwerpen, 1620. 

Verhael hoe den Hertoch van Beyeren 

met zijnen Legher opghetrocken is, naer dat hy met de Stadt Uhn is 
veraccordeert. 4* Antwerpen, 1620. 

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Abraham's example. A sermon. 8*^ Lond. 1712. 

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sanity. 8^ Lond, 1834. « 

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de Navio, otras mayores de alta mar, y otros Barcos Canoneros, de 
que esta provista la Armada del Rey, surta en la Bahia de Cadiz, al 
mando de D. Josef de Mazarredo ; con expresion de las que estuvieron 
en los dias 3 y 5 de Julio, quando se rechazo el bombardeo de los 
enemigos. fol. s. sh, 

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viembre, 1809. 

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Code of PennsylTania, with suggestions for their improvement. 8^ 
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established in the Metropolis, in 1797. By a Magistrate. 8<* Lond. 

Meat-soup. The Economy of an Institution, established in Spitalfields, 
for supplying the Poor with a good Meat-Soup at one penny per 
quart S^ Lond. 1799. 

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Pocket-Book. 12^ Lond. 1833. « 

Thoughts on Medical Reform. By a retired Practitioner. 

S'^ Lond. 1833. » 

The Validity of the <* Thoughts on Medical Reform, by a 

retired Practitioner ; " considered and elucidated by an exercent 
Practitioner. 8^ Lond. 1833. 

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XI, Heft Mil. 8« Berlin, 1834. 

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sportsmen; 2 Vol. 8° Lond. 1834. « 

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ment, stated in reply to the Rev. H. T. Bume. 12^ Land. 1833. « 

Reasons for Attachment and Conformity to the Church of 

England. Ift^ Lond. 1834. « 

The Church of England a faithful witness against the errors 

and corruptions of the Church of Rome. 8® Lond. 1834. « 

Meeren (dierick van der). Waerschouwing van wegen Fredericx 
Perrenot, Capitain van Antwerpen ende van weghen Schoutet, Borghe- 
meesteren ende Schepenen der selver stadt, opten 15 Octobris 1574* 
4^ s. sh. 

—————— —^ — Waerschouwinge opten 10 Januarii, 

1564. 4^ jlntwerpen, \575. 


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Laogues Teuto-Gothiques. 8" Franc/ort s. M, 1 833. 

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der gothisch-teutonischen Mundarten. 4^ Frank/urt-ani' Main, 1833. 

Die deutschen Volkstamme. S^ Frankfurt-am^ 

Main, 1833. 

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ventre vaticinatas astutiae potius suorum antistitum quam jactato dae- 
monis afflatui sua debuisse oracula, evincitur. Resp, N. D. T. Aspern. 
4^ Helmstad. 1727. 

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glandulisque femoralibus. 4^ Basilece, 1832. 

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Resp. Jo. Geo. Hauptmannus. 4^ Viiemh. 1718. 

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Job. Weinberg. 4f^ Hamburg. 1692. , 

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8« Par. 1543. 

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de Ligne.] 28 Tom. 8* A mon rifuge sur U Leopoldberg prhs de 
Vienne, 1795-1805. 

Melchizedek. 12° Lond. 1834. ♦ 

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Morbus per ordine di sua Santita, Papa Gregorio XVI. 8° Roma, 
1833. Presented by the Author. 

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4<> Lond. 1834. « 

Memoir. A brief Memoir of Lieut. J • • • E *•*•**, of the Bengal 
Army. 12° Glasg. 1833. « 

Memoirs of Missionary Priests, and of other Catholics, that have suffered 
death in England on religious accounts, firom 1577 to 1684 ; 2 Pts. 
8° 1741, 2. 

Memorials of two Sisters. 8° Lond. 1833. « 

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Corrige et augmente par A. F. Jault ; 2 Tom. fol. Par. 1750. 

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Saxoniae et uno Proelectore, qui Academiam Witebergensem condi- 
derunt. 8° Witehergas, 1611. 

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Patris et Filii, Bibliotheci^ virorum militia aeque ac scriptis illustrium. 
8° Lips. 1734. 

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«1834. « 


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Lisb. 1751. 

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man. 4<> Lond. 1689. 

■ An exact Diary of the Siege of the City of Ments. 4*^ Lond. 


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sium Patroni, observationibus illustrata. Resp. Job. Petrus Stute. 4^ 
Lips, 1712. 

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Poetes Fran^ais des xii*, xiii®, xiv« et xv« Siecles ; 2 Tom. S^ Par, 

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Medicale et de Therapeutique Generale ; Tom. vi. 8° Par, 1 834. 

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Clergy. 4^ Lond. 1834. » 

' Merlet (p. p.). a Key to the Exercises in his French Grammar. 12* 
Lond. 1834. « 

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Secular, y Regular, y a los demas Fieles de su Obispado. fol. Madr. 

Messalina. The Amours of Messalina, late Queen of Albion; Pt. 
ii-iv. 12" Lond. 1689. 

Messiah. A Present for Protestants, Romanists, and Jews; being a 
free enquiry after the church or kingdom of the Messiah. By a cos- 
mopolite. 8" Lond, 1753. 

Two Disputations concerning the Messiah. 8*^ Lond. 1754. 

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Exeter. 8^^ Zoni. 1834. « 

Methodists. Minutes of Conversations between the Methodist Preach- 
ers at their nineteenth annual Conference. 12^ LoncL 1833. « 

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Capitaine Dupaix, ordonnees en 1805, 6, 7, pour la recherche des 
antiquites du pays; Tom. i. Livrais. i-v. fol. Par, 1834. 

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ihrer Geschopfe. 8" Frankfurt am Main^ 1832. 



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Remarks on his '* Examination of the Bishop 

of London's Discourses concerning the Use and Intent of Prophecy." 
In a letter from a country clergyman. 8" Lond. 1750. 

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1832. « 

Miguel da Annuncia^ao, Bisho de Coimbra. Collec^ao das Leys pro- 
mulgadas, e senten9as proferidas nos casos da infame pastoral do 
Bisbo de Coimbra D. Miguel da Annuncia^ao, das seitas dos Jacobeos, 
e Sigillistas, que por occasiao della se descubriram neste reino de 
Portugal : e de alguns editaes concernentes as mesmas materias. 4^ 
Lisboa, 1769. 

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de la pamonzia Milanese. S^ Milano, 1750. 

Efiemeridi Astronomiche di Milano per Tanno 1834. 8" 

Milanoy 1833. 


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The Laws and Policy of England, rebting to 

trade. 4^ Land. 1765. 

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vile.] 4*. [1762.] 

Tracts, concerning the ancient and only true legal Means of 

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Two Discourses on the Fast. 8" Land. 1756. 

8^ Land. 1757. 

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sation. 8° Land, 1834. Presented by the Authar. 

Chart. Presented by the Author. 

11 H 2 


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The American Mines; shewing their importance: with the 

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G.H. 8°Zon(/. 1834. ♦ 

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who sign'd the first Article of the Church of England, and the An- 
swers to the fifth and sixth Questions in the Assemblies Shorter 
Catechism, March 3, 1719. 8^ Lond. 

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a Minister in the City, concerning Ministers intermeddling with State- 
Affairs in their Sermons and Discourses. 4" Lond. 1689. 

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In answers to ** An Enquiry into the Conduct of our domestick 
Affairs, &c." S** Lond, 1734. 

— — — Seventeen Hundred Forty-two. Being a review of the con- 
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A View of the Management of the late Scotch Ministry, 

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^—- Missale Illyricum. 4° Ven. Francesco bidoni et mafeo pasyni, 

Missae propriac Sanctorum trium Ordinum Fratrum Minorum 

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de Decembre Ian mil cinq cens quarante. 4^ Par. 1541. RSimpr. 
Par. 1830. 

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Dordrecht, 1656. 

Fr. 8»Pflr. 1830. 

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8^ Zonrf. 1710. 

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Moliere. ^'^ Madr. 1815. 

Molina (manuel de). Por Don Manuel de Molina Nieto ; con Dona 
Antonia Montenegro, y Don Manuel Munoz su Marido. Sobre la 
paga de diferentes cantidades de Maravedises, procedidos de alimentos, 
y alquileres de casa. [Pleyto.] fol. 

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Historicorum. Cura Friderici Roth-Scholtzii. 4® North, et AUdorf. 
1726. [Imperf.] 

Dissertatio de Typographia. Cura Friderici Roth- 
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1830. Presented by the Commissioners of the PuhUc Records. 

Monet. Instrucion, en orden a la mejor execucion de la Real Cedula de 
Noviembre 11, de 1651. que trata del crecimiento del vellon, trueques 
de la plata, conduciones, precios de mercadurias, y otras cosas, que 
constan de su tenor, fol. 

Real Cedula de S. M. de 15. de Julio de 1784, por la que se 

sirve mandar que se observen y cumplan en todas las Costas de Mar, 
y Fronteras de Tierra del Reyno, las reglas que se prescriben para 
impedir la extraccion de moneda de Oro y Plata a Dominios extranos. 
fol. Madr, 

Placcaet provisioneel opden generalen Stilstant, van alien het 

Muntwerck inde Gheu-unieerde Provincien. 4^ Gravenhaghc, 1594. 

Provisioneel. Manuael naer t' welcke de Wisselaers sich te 

reguleren sullen hebben tot naerder Ordonnantie. 4^ MiddeUmrgh, 

Prematica en que su Magestad manda, que por el tiempo que 

fuere su voluntad, el premio de la reduccion de la moneda de veUon 
a la de oro, d plata, no pueda passar de diez por ciento. fol. Madr* 

. Cedula de su Magestad en que declara el premio que se ha de 

llevar por los truecos de plata y oro, segun la prematica de 27 de 
Mar^o deste ano. fol. Madr. 1627. 

Prematica que su Magestad mando publicar con la forma y 

niedios de la reducion de la moneda de vellon a su justo valor, fol. 
Madr. 1627. 

Prematica en que su Magestad reduze toda la Moneda de 

veUon que en estos Reynos huviere, a la mitad de los precios que 
aora corre. 4^ Madr. 1628. 

[Real Provision sobre la formacion de Junta de Moneda, y otras 

providencias.] fol. [Oviedo^ 1631.] 

Placaet by 't welck alle goude Spetien gereduceert ende wede- 

rom gestelt worden. 4^ Gravenhaghe, 1633. 

Kort verhaal en aen-teeckeningh van het Op-klimmen en ver- 

loop vande Gelden ofte Munt, tsedert Koninck Maximiliaen tot op 
huyden. 4® Amsterdam, 1645. 

[Real Carta acerca de la Moneda de Vellon.] fol. Madr. 14 

Noviembre^ 1652. 


Money. Prematica en que su Magestad manda, que la Moneda de 
Vellon ligada se baxe k la mitad del valor que hasta aora ha tenido, 
y prohibe el uso de la moneda de vellon gruesso, y calderilla. fol. 
Madr. 1664. 

Pragmatica en que su Magestad manda prohibir el uso de la 

Moneda de vellon de Molinos, que en estos Reynos corria con el 
valor de dos maravedis. fol. Madr. 1680. 

Pragmatica en que su Magestad manda, que los reales de k 

ocho de la fabrica, y cuno que al presente corren, valgan diez reales 
de plata, con el nombre de escudos ; y los que nuevamente se fabri- 
caren con nuevo cuiio^ valgan ocho reales de plata. Y los Doblones 
de a dos, que al presente tienen de valor treinta reales de plata, le 
tengan de treinta y ocho reales de plata. fol. Madr, 1686. 

Pragmatica Sancion de S. M. por la qual se manda extinguir 

la actual Moneda de Plata, y Oro de todas clases, y que se selle ^ 
expensas de el Real Erario otra de mayor perfeccion. fol. Madr. 

Pragmatica Sancion de S. M. por la qual se extinguen todas 

las monedas antiguas de plata y vellon, que como peculiares ban cor- 
rido hasta ahora en las Islas Canarias, y se manda que en adelante 
solo se usen y corran en ellas, las de oro, plata, y vellon, que se 
labran en las casas de moneda en estos Reynos, y las nacionales de 
oro y plata de los de Indias. fol. Madr. 1776. 

Pragmatica Sancion por la qual se manda suprimir la moneda 

de oro llamada escudito 6 veinten, que corre con el quebrado de un 
real y quartillo de vellon. fol. Madr. 1786. 

Real Cedula de S. M. por la qual se prorroga por un ano el 

termino prefinido para que se admitan en las Reales Casas de Moneda 
y Tesorerias de Exercito y Provincia los vientenes de oro que corren 
por veinte y un reales y quartiUo. 4° Madr. 1788. 

A Method of increasing the Quantity of Circulating- Money : 

upon a new and solid principle ; 2 Letters* [By Ambrose Weston.] 
8°Zoim/. 1798, 9. 

[A Letter on the same Subject. By the same.] 8° Lond. 


Real Orden para fixar las relaciones fie moneda Espanola y 

Francesa. fol. Madr. 1808. 

MoNicKENDAM. Discours van een ouden Schipper van Monickendam. 


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betique. Annees 1832, d. fol. Par. 1833, 4. 

Monitor. The Christian Monitor. 12" Zonrf. 1688. 



Monopoly. The Cutting Butchers* Appeal to the Legislature, upon the 
high Price of Meat. 8« Lond. 1795. 

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Francisco. Comedia famosa. 4°. 

Mudanzas de la Fort una, y Firmezas del 

Amor. Comedia famosa. 4^ 

Las Mocedades del Duque de Ossuna. 

Comedia famosa. 4**. 

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Lond. 1691. 

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cided by the Lord Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor. And a digest of 
the contemporary cases relating to bankruptcy in the other courts ; 
Vol.1. S^ Lond. 1830. « 

and Ayrton (scrope). Reports of Cases in Bank- 
ruptcy, decided by the Lord Chancellor Brougham, the Court of 
Review, and Subdivision Courts. With a digest of the cases reported 
in this volume, and of the contemporary cases relating to bankruptcy 
decided in all the other courts ; Vol. i. 8° Lond, 1 834. « 

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for the Diocese of Norwich at his first Visitation, 1638. 4° Cambr. 
[Lit. Goth.] 

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Giuseppe Grassi ; 2 Vol. 8« Torino, 1821. 

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Lord Eglinton and Mungo Campbell. With the trial of Mungo 
Campbell for killing the Earl of Eglinton. 8° Lond. 1770. 

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12« Oxf. 1834. « 

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La Pieta Figliale. Frammento inedito. 8" Milano, 


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tiennes et spirituelles. 16^ Rouen, [1587]. 

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Moor (john). A calm Defence of the Deity of Jesus Christ. 8" Lond. 

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illustrative of Highland scenery and character. 12® Glasg. 1833. « 


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River Settlement. Edited by Mr. Martin Doyle. 8° Lond, 1834.« 

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in the Courts of Common Pleas and Exchequer Chamber, and in the 
House of Lords ; from Hilary Term> 1 833, to Michaelmas Term, 
1833 ; Vol. II, III. 8« Lond. 1834. « 

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2 Vol. S^ Lond. 1834. » 

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MooRHousE ( william). Arminianism and Calvinism compared. 8^ Lond. 
1834. m 

Morales (ambrosio de). Viage a los reynos de Leon, y Galicia, y 
principado de Asturias : para reconocer la« reliquias de santos, sepul- 
cros reales, y libros manuscritos de las cathedrales y monasterios. 
Dale a luz con notas, y con la vida del autor, Henrique Florez. fol. 
Madr. 1765. 

MoRALiTi. Discours facetieux des hommes qui font sailer leurs femmes. 
Le quel se ioue a cinq personnages. 8^ Rouen, Abraham Cotuturier^ 
riimpr. Par. 1830. 

— • des Blasphemateurs de Dieu> a dix-sept personnages. fol. 

Par. 1831. 

du mauvais riche et du ladre, a douze personnages. 8^ 

Reimpr. Par, 1833. 

nouyelle tres-fiructueuse de Fenfant de perdition, qui pendit 

son pere, et tua sa mere : et comment il se desespera, a sept person- 
nages. 8® Lyon, Pierre Rigaud^ 1608, reimpr. Par. 1833. 

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ings. S^ Lond. 1834. » 

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des Sciences physiques, sous la direction de M. Bory de Saint- Vin- 
cent; Livrais. i-xxxi. 4^ Par. 1833. 

■ Atlas, fol. 

« __. Architecture, &c., par Abel Blouet ; Vol. ii. 

Livrais. i-v. fol. Par. 1834. 

MoREVi (domenico). Delle tre sontuose Cappelle Medicee situate nell' 
Imp. Basilica di S. Lorenzo Descrizione istorico-critica. 8® Fir. 

1 1 


MoRETo (aoustin). Nuestra Senora del Aurora. Comedia. 4* ^e^ 

El Eneas de Dios. Comedia. 4*. 

' Los Jueces de Castilla. Comedia. 4'. 

El Desden con el Desden. Comedia burlesca. 


MoRFY (guillermo). Respuesta, que da un Soldado de la Almiranta 
de la Real Armada de Barlovento, al Manifiesto que ha publicado el 
seiior Don Guillermo Morfy, su Almirante. fol. [1697.] 

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With a memoir of Lewis Majendie, Esq. 8° Land. 1834. ♦ 

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tecture; Vol. IV. No. XIII. 8° Lond. 1832. ♦ 

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Falstaff. 80 Zon^f. 1820. 

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mina Morhofiano honori consecrata. 4^. 

MoRiN (arthur). Nouvelles Experiences sur le Frottement, faites k 
Metz en 1831. 4« Paris, 1832. 

MoRisoN (john). a Tribute to the Memory of a beloved Father ; or, 
memoirs of the late Mr. John Morison. 12^ Lond^ 1833. ♦ 

Counsels to the Aged. 16° Lond. 1834. « 

The Day-Star of the World's Freedom. W Lond. 

1834. « 

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Session, contained in all the original collections, and in Mr. Morison's 
Dictionary of Decisions. 4° Edinb. 1823. 

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* cose notabili diquella. 8" Verona, 1611. 

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Forestalling. With an appendix. 8° Lond. 1796. 

— A short Enquiry into the Nature of Monopoly and 

Forestalling. S^ Lond. 1800. 

Mortimer (thomas). A general Dictionary of Conmierce^ Trade, and 
Manufactures. S^ Lond* 1810. 

Morton (thomas). Queries addressed to the Rev. Dr. Law, relative 
to what he has advanced on the Soul of Man, and a seperate State. 
B^ Lincoln, 1757. 


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lecii. 4^ Racov. 1617. 

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Stetlm, 1780. 

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LaU a Joanne Isaac 8** Colon, 1555. 

MosHEMius (jo. LAURENT.), Pross, Dissertatio historico-theologica de 
Johanne Duraeo. Resp. Car. Jesper Benzelius. 4° Helmstad, 

Mothers. A Gift for Mothers. 8** Lond. 1833. « 

MoTscHMANN (jusT. CHRISTOPH.). Erfofdia literata oder gelehrtes Erf- 
furth ; 6 Sammlung. 8* Erfurth, 1 729-32. 

MoTTLEY (edward). Observations on Spring Tides, and their Causes, 
with some Remarks on Eclipses. 8*^ Land, 1833. m 

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history of the Eucharist. By the Rev. Robert Shanks, A.M. 12^ 
Edlnh. 1833. « 

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A Defence of the Established Church of England ; 

a sermon. 8** Lond, 1 834. m 

The Christian Duty of healing the Sick. 8' Bed- 

fordy 1834. « 

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12«Zowrf. 1834. « 

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8^ Lipnce, 1 833. 

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sitionibus sive Confessionibus Doctrinse, Disquisitio. Resp, Magnus 
Crusius. 4"liri7. 1717. 

MuiR (martha). Letters ; with a Memoir by the Rev. D. Macfarlan. 
8® Glasg. 1833. « 

Muis (siM^oN de). Opera. Edidit Claudius D*Auvergne; 2 Tom. 
fol. Tar. 1650, 49. 

MuLEY SoLiMAN, Empcror of Morocco. [Prohibicion de un papel titulado 
" Manifesto de S. M. el Emperador de Marrucos Muley Soliman, &c."] 
fol. Madr. 1793. 

MuLHAUSEN. Copia des Briefs vande Keurvorsten ende Vorsten tot Mul- 
hansen vergadert. 4° Antwerpen, 1620. 

' — Verhael van den Rijcx-dagh ghehouden tot Mulhausen 

tusschen de Catholijcke Cheurvorsten ende de Lutersche. 4® Ant-^ 
werpen, 1620. 

II 2 


MiJLLER (p. £.). Ueber die Aechtheit der Asalehre und den Werth der 
Snorroischen Edda ; aus d. Dan. iibers. von L. C. Sander. 8" Kopen- 
hagen, 1811. 

Ueber den Ursprung und Verfall der islandischen His- 

toriographie, nebst einem Anhange iiber die Nationalitat der altnor- 
dischen Gedichte, aus d. Dan. iibers. von L. C. Sander. 8° Kopen- 
hageUf 1813. 

MiJLLERUs (JOANNES GEO.). De uatura media Poeseos inter Philoso- 
phiam et Historiani Exercitatio. Accedunt quaedara carmina. 8^ 
JefUPf 1707. 

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resolves all our questions in religion. 12° Lond, 168f. 

MuNDELL (ALEXANDER). The Philosophy of Legislation ; an essay. 8^ 
Lond. 1834. « 

MuNSTER. Articulen en Conditien van den Vrede geslooten tusschen 
den Koninck van Hispaignen ende de Vereenigde Nederlanden den 
30 Januarii 1648 tot Munster. 4° Rotterdam, 1648. 

Tractaet van Vrede gesloten tusschen Christoffel Bemarts 

Bisschop tot Munster, ter eender, ende Borgemeester deser stadt, ter 
ander zyde. 4® Gravenhage, 1657. 

MuRAT (joachim), Duc de Berg, Proclamation. Fr. Esp, fol. Madr. 
le 2 Mai, 1808. 

[Publicacion de un Decreto y una Pro- 

clama del Emperador de los Franceses.] fol. Madr. SI de Mayo, 

[Su Nombramiento de Lugar-Teniente 

General de Espafia.] fol. Madr. 1 808. 

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[Real Provision para mejorar la suerte de los Negros Esclavos.] 

fol. 4 de Noviembre, 1784. 

Real Cedula concediendo libertad para el Comercio de Negros. 

con las Islas de Cuba^ Santo Domingo, Puerto Rico, y Provincia 
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fol. Madr. 1789. 

Real Cedula concediendo Libertad para el Comercio de Negros 

con los Virreynatos de Santa Fe, Buenos- Ayres, Capitania General 
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Netherlands. Artyckelen van het Bestandt ghesloten tusschen den 
Coninck van Spagnien ende de Staten der Vereenichde Nederlanden. 
4* Antwerpen, 

Discours over desen aen-staenden Vrede-handel tusschen 

Spangien ende de Vereenichde Nederlanden. 4". 

Verhael vande occasie ende oorsaeck waer door de Ne- 

derlanden gecomen zijn aenden Vreede handel. 4^. 

Artyckelen vanden Payse besloten tusschen de Pro- 

vintien vanden Nederlanden^ den Prince van Orangien ende de Staten 
van Holland ende Zeelandt. 4^ Delg, 1576. 

Tractaet vanden Peys, gesloten tusschen de Staten van 

dese Nederlanden ende den Prince van Orangien, Staten van HoUandt 
ende Zeelandt, mit heure geassocieerde. 4*^ Bruessele^ 1576. 

Artyckelen vanden Payse ende Verbontenisse gemaeckt 

tusschen de Staten representerende de Provintien vanden Nederlanden 
ende den Prince van Orangien, opten 8 Novembris, 1576. 4° Delff, 

Discours sommier des justes Causes qui ont contrainct 

les Estats Generaulx des Pais Bas de pourveoir a leur defience contre 
Don Jehan d'Austrice. 4® Anvers, 1577. 

Verhael vande oorsaecken, die de Generale Staten der 

Nederlanden ghedwonghen hebben, hen te versiene tot hunder bescher- 
menisse teghen Don Jehan van Oostenrijck. 4® Antwerpetif 1577. 


Nbthbrlamda. Supplicatie aen sijn Hoocheyt overgegeven door de in- 
woonders deser Nederlanden. 4*^ 1578. 

Extract uyt het Placaet van de Staten der Geunieerde 

Nederlanden, by den welken men verklaert den Koning van Spanien 
vervallen van de Overheyt van dese Nederlanden. 4^ 1581. 

Placcaert vande Staten Generael vande Gheunieerde 

Nederlanden, byden welcken men verklaert den Coninck van Spaen- 
gien vervallen van de Overheyt van dese Nederlanden. 4^ Leytien, 

Placcaet vande Generate Staten daer by alien toevoer 

van leeftochten naerde steden ende landen vanden vyandt woordt ver- 
boden. 4<> Del/, 1584. 

Een goedt Advijs opt stuck vande Vrede ende Oorloghe 

in dese Nederlanden. 4® 1584. 

Placcaet ende Ordonnantie vande generale Staten der 

ghemiieerde Nederlanden raeckende de partije vanden Coninck van 
Spaignien. 4^ Delff, 1584. 

Sent-brief van de Staten der gemiieerde Nederlandtsche 

Provincien aen den Prince von Chimay. 4® Leyden^ 1584. 

Het alghemeyn eynde ende voomemen des Spaengniaerts 

mitsgaders hunne resolutie over dese Nederlanden. 4® Delft, 1586. 
— Verroaninghe aende Nederlantsche Provintien. 4* 


Consideratien die alle Liefhebbers des Vaderlants be- 

hooren te overwegen opten voorgeslagen Tractate van Peys met den 
Spaengiaerden. 4® 1587. 

Cort Discours op de ghelegentheyt vanden ieghenwoor- 

dighen Nederlantschen Crijch. 4® 1587< 

Copie van sekere antwoorde aende Staten op t* versoeck 

van meerder secours ghegeven wt Groenwits. 4" Londen, Thomas 
Barcker, 1588. 

Placcaet van de Staten der Vereenichde Nederlanden 

op de Infractie der Saulvegarden ende Licenten. 4*' Del/, 1588. 

Nootelijcke Consideratien die alle Liefhebbers des 

Vaderlandts behooren rijpelijck te overweghen opten voorgeslaghen 
Tractate van Peys met den Spaengiaerden. 4^ 1588. 

Placcaet oh verbodt opte Saulvegarden ende verdinghen 

metten vyandt mitsgaders opt breken vanden quartiere. 4^ Deijff 

Placcaet op het wtloopen ende disordren vanden Crijchs* 

voleke. 4<» Z)^^, 1589. 

K K 


Netherlands. Placcaet aengaende de Soldaten die verloopen van d'een 
Compaignye in d' andere. 4" Delff^ 1589. 

Placcaet van de Staten Generael der Vereenichde Ne- 

derlanden opt stuck vande Monsteringhe. 4^ Delfft 1589. 

Placcaet van de Staten der Vereenichde Nederlanden, 

raeckende de Rebellen van Gheertniydenberghe. 4® Delff^ \ 589. 
Placcaet vande Staten der Vereenichde Nederlanden 

raeckende het overleveren van Geertniydenberghe aenden Hertoch van 
Parma. 4'' Delff, 1589. 

[Another edition.] 

Placcaet opt stuck vander Munte. 4* Delff, 1589. 

Placcaet raeckende die schaden ende excessen hyden 

volcke van Oorloghe ghedaen. 4*^ I^elff^ 1590. 

Articule-brieff ofte Ordonnantic op de Discipline Mill- 

taire. 4<» Delff, 1590. 

Placcaet vande Staten der Vereenichde Nederlanden, 

gheen toevoer uuytte Vereenichde Nederlanden te doen van salpeter 
enz. 4^ Graven/iaghe, 1591. 

Placcaet vande Staten der Vereenichde Nederlanden 

op het uuytloopen vande Soldaten. 4^ Gravenhaghe, 1591. 
Placcaet van de Staten der Vereenichde Nederlanden 

op de Saulvegaerden ende Passepoorten. 4" Gravenhaghe^ 1591. 

Ordonnantie dienende tot versekeringhe vande Schepen 

uyt dese Landen nae Oosten ende Noorweghen varende. 4" Amstelre- 
dam, 1596. 

Copye van seeckeren Brief aen den Abt van N. tot 

Bruyssel ende vande cessie der Nederlanden. 4^ 1599. 

Trouhertighe vermaninghe aen het Vereenichde Neder- 

landt, om niet te luysteren na eenige Vreed-Articulen nu onlangs 
wtghegaen. 4° 1605. 

Beeldenaer ofle Figuer-boeck dienende op de nieuwe 

Ordonnantie vander Munte, gearresteert by de Staten der Vereenichde 
Nederlanden. 4° Gravenhaghe, 1606. 

4* Gravenhaget 1610. 

40 Gravenhaghe, 1615. 

Placcaet waer nae alle goude ende silvere penninghen 

voorts aen in de Vereenichde Nederlanden sullen werden ontfanghen 
ende uytghegeven. 4° Gravenhaghe, 1 606. 

Copye vande Brieven der Staten vande Gheunieerde 

Provincien aende Staten van Hollandt ende West-Vrieslandt, inhou- 
dende de Limiten hoe verre den Stil-standt van Wapenen is streckende. 
4« Delf, 1607. 


Nbtrbrlands. Ditcours by Forme van Remonstrantie vervatende de 
Noodsaeckelickheyd vande Oostindische Navigatie van de Neder- 
landen. 4<^ 1608. 

Oratie van bet Recbt der Nederlandscbe Oorloge tegen 

Philippum Coning van Spaengien. 4° Amstelredam^ 1G08. 

Verdedinghe voor die Staten vande gheunieerde Pro- 

vintien teghens de bisteringhe der ghener diese beschuldigben van 
onrecbtveerdighe besittingbe des Rijcx. 4** 1609. 

Verdedinghe voor de Staten vande Gheunieerde Pro- 

vintien. 4<» 1609. 

Publicatie by de Raden van State der Gheunieerde 

Nederlanden, op den 22 May, 1610. 4" Utrecht, 1610. 
op den 1 Junii, 1610. 4« Utrecht, 1610. 

Morghen-wecker der vrye Nederlantsche Provintien 

ofte een cort verhael van de bloedighe vervolginghen door de Spaen- 
jaerden inde Nederlanden. 4® Danswick, 1610. 

Placcaet van de Staten Geiierael der Vereenichde Ne- 

derlanden op den cours vanden ghelde. 4^ Gravenhaghe, 1610. 
Placcaet van den Staten Generael der Vereenichde Ne- 

derlanden soo opten Cours van t* Gelt als opte Politie ende discipline 
betrefTende d'exercitie vande Munte. 4*^ Gravenhaghe, 1610. 

Manuael inboudende die weerde vanden Marck, Once, 

Engelsche ende Aes van alle ghevalueerde ende onghevalueerde Munte 
dienende den Wissel-bancken deser Vereenichde Provintien. 4*^ Gra- 
venhaghe, 1610. 

Placcaet vande Staten Generael der Vereenichde Ne- 

derlanden raeckende de Jesuijten. 4** Gravenhaghe, 1612. 

Placcaet van de Staten Generael der Vereenighde Ne- 

derlanden op den Cours vanden Ghelde. 4" Gravenhaghe, 1615. 
Provisioned Placcaet vande Staten Generael der 

Vereenichde Nederlanden op den Cours vanden Ghelde. 4° Graven- 
haghe, 1619. 

4* Gravenhaghe, 1621. 

40 Gravenhaghe, 1622. 

Beeldenaer ofte Figuer-boeck dienende op de nieuwe 

Ordonnantie vander Munte, gearresteert vande Staten Generael der 
Vereenighde Nederlanden. 4* Gravenhaghe, 1622. 

Octroy by de Staten Generael verleent aende West-In- 

dische Compagnie den 3 Junii 1621. 4** Gravenhaghe, 1623. 

Verklaringen vande Staten Generael de Vereenighde 

Nederlanden aende Provintien, staende onder den Koningh van 
Spagnien. 4" Gravenhaghe, 1632. 

K K 2 


l^ETHERLANDs. Placaet vande Staten Generael der Vereenighde Neder- 
landen, tegens *t ontfangben ende uytgeven vande Poolsche ende 
Brandenburchsche Oorden van Rijczdaelers. 4® Gravenhaghe^ 1632. 

De Valuatien ende Ordinatien vanden Ghelde, ghe- 

niaeckt van den Staten van den Nederlanden. 4° Gravenhagke, 

Placaet ende provisionele reductie ofte tollerantie vande 

Staten Generael der Verecnigbde Nederlanden op den Cours vanden 
Gelde. 4^ Gravenhagke, 1638. 

4» Gravenhagke, 1652. 

Trouwhartige Aenspraeck aen alle goede Patriotten 

van descn Staet. 4" Leyden, 1 650, 

De Na-Ween vande Vrede ofte ontdeckinge vande 

gbelentheydt onscs Vaderlants. 4° 1650. 

Justiiicatie voor de Vereenichdc Nederlantse Provin- 

tien. 4** Gravenkage, 1653. 

Antwoort van de Staten Generael der Vereenighde 

Nederlanden aen den Koningh van Oroot Brittanjen, op des selfs 
Missive. 4° Rotterdam, 1666. 

Hannibal noch in onse Landen, ofte Consideratien over 

d'onmogelijckheyt des Vredes. 4° Ceulen, 1675. 

Manifest ende Redenen van Declaratie van Oorloge 

tegens den Koningh van Sweeden. 4^ Gravenkage, 1675. 

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New Cobwebs to catch little Flies. 12^ Lond, 1833. « 

Newfoundland. The Newfoundland Fishermen. A true story. By 
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Newman (emily m.). Analysis of Sounds ; or, a new method of ac- 
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Newman (john henry). Parochial Sermons. 8*^ Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Newman (selig). An English and Hebrew Lexicon. 4^ Lond. 1 832. m 
A Hebrew and English Lexicon. 4* Lond. 1 834. ♦ 

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with their corresponding Antae, elucidated. 4^ Lond. 1834. • 

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The Carpenter and Builder's complete M^&surer. 

Intended as a sequel to the '' Carpenter's Guide.'* 4^ Lond. 1825. 

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estos reynos, sugetos scientificos que trabajen y ensenen la Chimica.] 
fol. Madr. 1686. 

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— Memoire sur rintegrabilitc mediate des equations 

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Nieuwenaer Muers teghens dautheurs ende wtgbeuers van zekere 
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[Lit. Goth.] 

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The Bas Blues Scrap Sheet, or La Ninon improved. Conducted 

by Mrs. Cornwell Baron-Wilson ; No. i. 4** Lond. 1833. « 

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needs no broker. 4^ Land,, Henry Gosson, and William Houlmes, 

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Temps du 10 Decembre.) S" Paris, 1833. Presented by M. Fran- 
cisque Michel. 

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8^ Lond, 1814. Presented by the Prayer Book and Homily Society, 

Nominal Husband ; or, distress'd innocence. 12® Lond, 1750, 

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others, who refused to take the oaths to his late Majesty King George. 
S'^ Lond. 1745. 

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according to the Greeks and Romans ; and modern architects. Trans- 
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au Museum de Londres, et nouveaux Details sur Guillaume le Con- 
querant ; terminee par les Amours d*Arleitte, extraits d'un poeme du 
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Norwich, 1 834. Presented by Hudson Gumey, Esq. 

L L 


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1833. • 

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Scotia or Acadie. 8" Lond, 1756. 

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da un codice Palatino. 8° Fir, 1834. 

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Maxwell ; xxxvi. J. F. Cooper's Water Witch ; xxxvii. Mothers 
and Daughters ; xxxviii. J. F. Cooper's Bravo ; xxxix. Grattan's 
Heiress of Bruges ; xl. J. F. Cooper's Red Rover ; xli. Beckford's 
Vathek, Walpole's Castle of Otranto, and Lewis's Bravo of Venice ; 
xlii. The Country Curate ; xliii. A. Manzoni's Betrothed ;] 12^ LofuL 

1834. • 

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of an Invasion. 8® Lond, 1756. 

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opusculum *' Del Principe " inscriptum. 8^ Trajecti ad Rhenum^ 

NuMisMATiQUE. Tresor de Numismatique et de Glyptique, ou Recueil 
general de Medailles, Monnaies^ Pierres Gravees, Bas-Reliefs^ 8rc.« 
tant anciens que modemes, les plus interessans sous le rapport de I'art 
et de Vhistoire ; Livrais. i-xxxvi. fol. Par, 1 834. 

NuMM us. Historise Rei Nummariae vcteris Scriptores aliquot insigniores. 
Cum bibliotheca nummaria, et prsefatione Adami Rechenbergii. 4® 
AmsteL 1692. 

Nun. The Nun. 8'* Lond. 1833. « 

Nunez Alva (dieoo). Dialogos de la Vida del Soldado, en que se 
quenta la Conjuracion, y Pacificacion de Alemana con todas las Ba- 
tallas que en ella acontecieron en los anos 1546, 7. 8^ Citenca, 1589. 

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of true Churchmen: a sermon. 12^ Birmingham, 1834. # 

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Niimberg, 1764. 

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the new Oaths. 4° Land. 1689. 

Oaths. A Discourse concerning the Nature and Obligation of Oaths. 
[By Richard Russell, A.M.] 8<' Land. 1716. 


O'Bbirnb (jambs). New Views of the Process of Defecation, and their 
Application to the Pathology and Treatment of Diseases of the Sto- 
machy Bowels, and other Organs ; with an analytical correction of 
Sir Charles Bell's views respecting the nerves of the face. 8" DubL 
1833. « 

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Syriaco-Latino ; 2 Partes. 8® Vtennne, 1826^ 7. 

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Orbis antiqui Monumentis suis illustrati primas 

Linese. S^ Argentor. 1776. 

Rituum Romanorum Tabulae. S" Argentor. \7S4. 

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enlarged. 8° Land. 1 834. « 

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DubL 1809. 

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Legal Observer for 1834. 8® LoruL 1834. « 

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Calderon, que fue degollado a 21 de Otubre, 1621. fol. Madr. 1621. 

Occasional Paper. The Occasional Paper; Vol. ii. Numb. ix. Of 
Societies for Reformation of Manners. 8^ Lond. 1717. 

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Writers. 12» DubL m 

O'Flanaoan (pheum). The ensanguined Strand of Merrion : or, a 
stuffing for the pillow of those who could have prevented the recent 
calamity in the bay of Dublin. 8^ DubL 1808. Presented by D. 
Aldett Esq. 

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1788 jusqu' a la fin de 18111 ; 4 Tom. 8*^ Par. 1826, 7. 

OiSY (enguerrand d'). Roman du Meunier d'Arleux, en vers^ du xiii* 
si^cle, public par Francisque Michel. 8^ Paris, 1 833. Presented by 
the Editor. 

O'Keefe (john). His Legacy to his Daughter; being his poetical 
works. 12^^ Land. 1834. « 

Old Maiden's Talisman, and other strange Tales; 3 Vol. 12* Land. 
1834. « 

Olden-Barneveldt (johan van). Verhael hoe Johan van Olden-Bar- 
oeveldt is onthalst gheworden. 4® Antwerpen, 1619. 

Olbenbarnevelt (retnier van). Sententien by den Hove van Hollant 
jegens Reynier van Oldenbarnevelt over zijne Conspiratie jegens den 
Prince van Orangien. 4® Gravenhaghe, 1625. 

L L 2 


Oldiko (john). a Sermon preached at the Ordination of the Rev. 
Richard Winter. With an introductory discourse, by Thomas Hall. 
Mr. Winter's confession of faith. A discourse upon imposition of 
hands, by Thomas Bradbury. And the exhortation, by John Conder. 
8° Land. 1759. 

Oldoinus (augustinus). Athenseuni Ligusticum ; seu, Syllabus Scrip- 
torum Ligurum necnon Sarzanenslum ac Cyrnensium Reipublicae Gc- 
nuensis subditorum. 4** Perusice, 1680. 

Olio (giambatista dall'). I Pregi del Regio Palazzo di Modena de- 
8cr itti . 4" Modena, 1811. 

OnALiirs D* Hallot (j. j. d'). Memoires pour servir a la Description 
geologique des Pays-Bas de la France et de quclques contrces voisines. 
S^Naviur, 1828. 

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No. i-xvi. fol. Lond. 1883. « 

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Opie (amelia). Lays for the Dead. 12^^ Lond. 1834>. « 

Oppenheim. Articulen ende Conditien ghesloten int overgheven van de 
stadt van Oppenheym. 4*^ Antwerpen, 1G20. 

Opposition. The Conduct of the Opposition, and the Tendency of mo- 
dern Patriotism, examined. 8° Lond, 1734. 

Orationes. Fasciculus sacrarum Orationum et Litaniarum, ex Sanctis 
Scripturis et Patribus collectus. 8^ Monachti, 1G12. 

Ordinarium de ministratione sacramentorum secundum consuetudines 
alme metropolitane sedis Valeii. 4^ Valen. Johannes Joffre, 1514. 
[Lit. Goth.] 

Ordination. The Case of Ordination considered. By a Catholick. 8^ 
Lond. 1712. 

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tuti Litterarum studiosae Kalendis Maiis m.dccc.xxxiii. aperiundam 
indicit Jo. Casp. Orellius. Inest Ciceronis Oratio de Provinciis Con- 
sularibus Oratio e codd. emendata. 4° Turici, 1833. 

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2 Tom. Z' Par. 1831. 

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the Kingdom of Christ. 16" Derby. % 

Orpen (c. e. h.). Errors of the Irish Bible. 8" 1834. % 

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Auctarium Dissertation is de Babrio. 8" Lond. 1781. [Cum notis 
MSS. Gilberti Wakefield.] 


Orsi (oius£ppe aoostino). Istoria Ecclesiastica ; 21 Tom. 4^ Roma^ 

' proseguita da Filippo 

Angelico Becchetti ; 10 Tom. 4® Roma, 1770-8. 

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de la Hermosura, sobre cl mysterio de la purissima concepcion de 
Maria Santissima. fol. Madi^. 1728. 

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in publica Salmanticensis Academise Bibliotheca adservantur ; 3 Vol. 
4** Salmantiae, 1777. 

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Espana; 7 Tom. 8° Madr. 1796-1803. 

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A Fast Sermon. 8** Salop, 1756. 

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Aimotationum Liber unus. fol. Basil. 1537. 

OsiANDER (jOH. ADAM.). ' Deus in lumiue naturae reprsesentatus. 4* 
Tubings, 1665. 

— — — — — Exercitationes de Nominibus diVinis revisae 

etaucts. 4^ TubingcB, 1665. 

Typus Legis Moralis ex occasione Dicti Ja- 

cobsei Cap. iv. exhibitus. 4® TubingcB, 1671. 

Dissertationes Academicae de Asylis Hebrae- 

orum, Gentilium> Chris tianorum. 12^ Tubinga, 1673. 

Dispositiones in Catechismum Wiirtenbergicum, 

''- cum annexis quatuor in Historiam Passionis Dominicse. 4® Tubinga, 

Explanatio Jacobi ad Filios in Oraculis ultimis 

reprsesentata. 4® Tubingce, 1690. 

Synopticae Disputationes in Augustanam Con- 

fessionem, consensum Ecclesiarum ostendentes. 4* Tubingce, 1690. 
■ ■ Animadversiones Orthodoxae in tres Libros 

Francisci Turretini Theologiae Elenchticae. 4® Tubingce, 1693. 

Obtermeierus (joach. hek.), PrcBs. Dissertatio historica de Dionysio 
Alexandrino, Episcopo. Resp. Car. Nicol. Brunnemannus. 4° Rostock. 

0*SuLLivAN (Mortimer). A Guide to an Irish Gentleman in his Search 
for a Religion. S^* Dubl. 1833. , « 


Oswald (john). An Etymological Dictionary of the English Language. 
12? Edinb. 1834. • 

Ottley (w. c). a Treatise on Differential Equations, with a collection 
of examples. S^ Cambr. 1832. • 

Otto (jacob Augustus). Treatise on the Construction, Preservation, 
Repair, and Improvement of the Violin. Translated from the German, 
with notes and additions, by Thomas Fardely. 8^ Lond. 1833, # 

OuDiN (franc). Ludovici Magni Equus Triumphalis seneus. [Cum 
versione Gallica R. L. Cellier.] 4^ Divione, 1725. 

Ludovici Henrici Ducis Borbonii filio, Principi Condseo, 

Genethliacon. [Cum versione Gallica P. L. Joly.] 4° Divione^ 1737. 

OviDius (p.), Naso. Certaine of his Elegies. By C. Marlow. 12* 

— Nux Ovidiana, cum Desiderii Erasmi commen- 

tario. Ejusdem Erasmi Commentarius in duos hymnos Prudentii. 8** 
Litgd. 1546. 

Heroicall Epistles. Englished by Wye Saltonstall. 

S^ Lond. 1637. 

Heroical Epistles, Englished by John Sherburne. 

S^Lond. 1639. 

Art of Love. Translated, with annotations. By 

Francis Wolferston. S^ Lond. 1661. 

Translated by several eminent 

hands. S^ Lond. 1709. 

12« Lond. 1735. 

■ De Tristibus. Translated into English verse by 

Zachary Catlin. 8^ Lond, 1639. 

Eclogffi Ovidianae, being the fiflh part of the 

Lateinisches Elementarbuch by Professors Jacobs and Doering. With 
English notes. 12^ Lond. 1834. • 

Fastorum Libri VI. With notes^ by Charles 

Stuart Stanford, A.M. 1 2^ Dubl. 1 834. « 

■ The First Book of the Metamorphoses, with a 

b'teral translation and notes. 12° Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Our Town ; or, rough sketches of character, manners, 8rc. By Pere- 
grine Reepden ; 2 Vol. 12° Lond. 1834. « 

Owen (cua&les). Plain-Dealing: or, separation without schism. 8° 
Lond. 1715. 

*— I The Church of England vindicated : in answer to Mr. 

Owen'; '< Plain Dealing." 8° Lond. 1716. 


Owen (david). Allwedd y Cyssegr, neu Eglurliad Byr ar yr Ysgry- 
thyrau Sanctaidd, yn cynnwys Casgliad Detholedig o sylvrEulau Tho- 
mas Hartwell Home, M.A., Francis Roberts, D.D.« Stackhouaei 
Burder, Gleig, ac ErailL 8® Llanymddyfr^ 1834. « 

Owen (jer.). A Sermon, on the Festival of St. David. 8® Lond. 1717. 

OwEK (Robert). The Crisis ; Vol. ui, and rv, No. i-zx. 4® Land. 
1833, 4. • 

Owen (robert dale). Moral Physiology ; or, a Treatise on the Popu- 
lation Question. 8^ Land. 1833. • 

Oxford. Reflections on the dangerous Tendency of Card-Playing ; es- 
pecially of the game of All-Fours, as it hath been publicly play'd at 
Oxford, this present year, 1754. In a letter from Gyles Smith to 
Abraham Nixon, Esq. 8^ Lond. 

Petition to his Majesty. With his answer. 4*^ Oxf. 164£. 

The humble Advice of Parliament to his Majesty, why part 

of the Terme ought not to be removed to Oxford. With his answer. 
4» Lond. 1643. 

The Foundation of the Universitie of Oxford, with a catalogue 

of the principaU founders. 4® Ltmd, 1651. 

Academise Oxoniensis Notitia. [By William Fulman.] 4* 

Oxtm. 1665. 

Decreti Oxoniensis Vindicatio in tribus ad modestum ejusdem 

Examinatorem modesdoribns Epistolis, a theologo transmarino. 4* 

A Letter from a Student in Oxford, to his Friend in the 

Country, containing a short account of the late proceedings of Trinity- 
College. 8<> Lond. 1 709. 

An Explanation of the Design of the Oxford Almanack for 

1711. S^Zonrf. 1711. 

A full and impartial Account of the Oxford-Riots. 8® Zoiu/. 


An Account of the late Election for the University of Oxford. 

By a master of arts. 8® L<md, 1 722. 

Pocket Companion for Oxford. 8^ Lond, 1747. 

Reasons of the present Judgment of the University of Oxford, 

concerning the Solemn League and Covenant : the Negative Oath : the 
Ordinances concerning discipline and worship. 8^ Lond. 1 749. 

Well- Wishers to the University of Oxford, and the Answers. 

[By Richard Newton.] S^" Land. 1750. [With MS. notes.] 

Informations and other Papers relating to the treasonable 

Verses found at Oxford, July 17, 1754. 8» Oxf. 1755. 

A proper Explanation of the Oxford Almanack for this pre- 

sent year 1755. 8* Lend. 


Oxford. Academical Abuses disclosed by some of the initiated. 8** Lond. 
1832. « 

Oxfordshire. Fifty Queries concerning the present Oxfordshire con- 
test. 8° Oxf. 1754. [With MS. notes.] 

An Address to the Freeholders of the County of 

Oxford, on the election. 8° Lond. 1753. 

Pacca (bartolomeo), CardinaL Memoires sur la captivite du Pape 
Pie VII., et fe concordat de 1813, pour servir a Thistoire du r^gne 
de Napoleon ; traduits de Tltalien, et augmentes des pieces authen- 
tiques. Par L. Bellaguet ; 2 Tom. 8" Par. 1833. 

Packe (edmund). An historical Record of the Royal Regiment of 
Horse Guards, or Oxford Blues. S^ Lond. 1 834. « 

Pjedo-Baptism not only a Stumbling-block to the Jews, but incom- 
patible with the Nature and Genius of Christianity. By Theophilus. 
S^ Lond. 183^. « 

Paets (cornelius). An humble Apology for St Paul, and the otlier 
Apostles; or, a vindication of them and their doxologies from the 
charge of heresy. 8° Lond. 1719. 

Paoanelli (bart.). Opus grammatices. 4^ Modena, 1496. 

Paoano (nunziante), detto Abuzio Arsura. Le Bbinte Rotola de la 
Valanzone, azzoe Commiento neopp' a le bbinte Nnorme de la Chiazza 
de lo Campejone. 8® Nnapole, 1746. 

Page (john). Notes on the more prominent Difficulties in the four 
Gospels. 12° Lond. 1834. • 

Paige (a. r. le). Dictionnaire topographique, historique, genealogique 
et bibliographique de la province et du diocese du Maine ; 2 Tom. 
S"^ Mans, Paris, 1777. 

Palafox et Mendoza (joannes de). Decretum Oxomen. Beatifica^ 
tionis, et Canonizationis ven. servi Dei Joannis Palafox et Mendoza 
Episcopi prius Angelopolitani et postea Oxomen. fol. Matr. 1767. 

Palatinate. Tijdinge wt Pfaltz-graven Landt 4** Antwerpen, 1620. 

• Lamentatie des Pfaltz Graeff over syn Gepretendeerde 

Croon van Bohemen. 4" Antwerpen, 1620. 

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the Public Records. 


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tary Summons together with the Records and Muniments relating to 
the Suit and Service due and performed to the King's High Court of 
Parliament and the Councils of the Realm, as affording Evidence of 
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tencia de vista de los Senores de la dicha Real Junta de Represalias 
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the Italian. With an introduction and a supplement, exhibiting the 
state of the English Catholic Church. By the Rev. Jos. Berington. 
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de TEurope, depuis le Commencement de la Revolution Fran^aise 
jusqu'au Congres de Vienne ; 4 Tom. 8° Par. 1817. 

Paper. Preparations for a Paper-Tax, and for Prevention of Fraud and 
Forgery in Deeds. 4**. 

An Abstract of the Act for several Duties upon Vellum, Parch- 
ment, and Paper, for four Years. 8*^ Lond. 1694. 

M M 


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di Luigi XVI. lino al ristabilimcnto dc' Borboni ; 6 Vol. ^ Lucca, 
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the Reformation in the enacting and executing Penal Laws against 
Papists and Protestant Dissenters. 8" Lond. 1748. 

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devoto Garth usiensi. fol. Col, Agripp. per Amoldum Thcrhuemen, 

Paraguay. Coleccion general de documentos, tocantes a la Persecucion, 
que los Regulares de la Compania suscitaron y siguieron desde 1 644 
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de S. Franciso, Obispo del Paraguay; Tom. i, ii. 4'* Madrid, 1768. 

^ tocantes a la segunda 

epoca de las commociones de los Regulares de la Compania en el Pa- 
raguay. 4'> Madrid, 1769. 

— tocantes a la tercera epoca 

de las commociones. 4* Madrid, 1770. 

Paravey (c. u. de). Essai sur quelques Zodiaques apportes des Indes. 
Extrait des Annales de Philosophic Chretienne. 8® Par. 1 834. Pre- 
scntcd by the AutJior, 

■ Etudes sur TArcheologie : et sur un monument 

Biblique, retrouve a Thebes en Egypte. (Extrait de TUnivers Reli- 
gieux.) 8' Par. 1834. Presented by the Avihor, 

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Trouveres, et choix de leurs chansons. 8* Par, 1833. 

Parishioner. *^ The Pious Parishioner instructed," &c. : the doctrines 
in this tract, considered. 12^ Lond, 1834. « 

Parisiennes. Les Parisiennes, ou XL Caracteres gencraux pris dans 
les moeurs actuels. [Par N. E. Retif de la Bretonne.] 4 Vol. 12® 
Neufchdtel, 1787. 

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or, the rape of Pliilomela. Newly written in English verse. 8^ Lond, 
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Parker (samuel). Christian Preaching, or, ministerial service ; a fare- 
well discourse. With an appendix. 12^ Lond, 1834. « 


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Jun. 8<* Land. 1834. « 

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sermon. 8" LomL 1 834. « 

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C. f . Cooper^ Esq. 

Acts of Parliament [in 1 649, 50. From page 569 to page 

1323. With MS. notes.] fol. Land. Presented by C, P. Cooper, 

The Mirror of Parliament for 1834. Edited by J. H. 

Barrow, Esq. ; No. i-XLix. fol. Lond. « 

Traytors deciphered in an answeare to a shamelesse 

Pamphlet, entituled *' A Declaration of the Parliament of England.** 


A Letter from a Member of the House of Commons to 

his Constituents, on the great constitutional questions lately agitated in 
Parliament. 8^ 

Sententie oft Arrest van t' Hoff van t* Parlement tegens 

het Reglement vande vergaderinghe te Lodun, overgesedt wt het 
Fransoys. 4" Jntwerpen, 1620. 

A brief Narrative of the late treacherous and horrid 

Designe lately discovered : and for which publike thanksgiving is by 
order of both Houses of Parliament appointed on the 15 of June, 
1643. 4<>£onrf. 1643. 

A Collection of all the publicke Orders, Ordinances and 

Declarations of both Houses of Parliament from March 9, 1642, 
untill December, 1646. With severall of his Majesties Proclamations, 
fol. Lond. 1646. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

An Act for approbation and admission of Ministers of 

the Gospel to Benefices and Publick Lectures, fol. Lond. 1659. 
Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

A Letter from a Student at Oxford, concerning the ap- 

proaching Parliament. 4^ Lond. 1681. 

The Loyalty of the last long Parliament : by T. B. 4' 

Lond. 1681. 

The Free-Holders Plea against Stock-Jobbing Elections 

of Parliament Men. 4« Lond. 1701. 

Some Cautions to those who arc to chusc Members of the 

next Parliament. 4" Lond. 1701. 

Directions to the Electors of the ensuin<r Parliament, t" 


M M 2 


Parliament. Observations, recommended to every honest Englishman ; 
especially electors of Parliament-Members. 4® 1705. 

Advice to all that have a right to send Representatives to 

Parliament in South-Britain. 8M710. 

A compleat List of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, 

with a List of the Commons of Great Britain, both of the late Parlia- 
ment dissolved Sept. 23, 1710, and that summoned to meet Nov. 25, 
1710. 8"Zowrf. 1711. 

Report from the Select Committee relating to the public 

Income and Expenditure. 8^ Lond. 1791. 

The Debates of both Houses of Parliament, Dec. IS, 14, 

15, 1792, on the King*s Speech. 8<' L<md. 1792. 

The Parliamentary Pocket Companion. 16® Land, 

1833. • 

A Collection of the local and personal Acts, declared 

public, and to be judicially noticed, passed in the third and fourth 
year of his Majesty King William the Fourth ; [3 Vol.] fol. Lond. 
1833. Presented by the Secretary of State for the Hofne Department, 

Remarks on the second Session of the Reformed Parlia- 

ment. 8® Lond. 1 834. « 

A Collection of the public general Statutes, passed in the 

fourth and fiAh year of the reign of his Majesty King William the 
Fourth, fol. Lond. 1834. Presented by the Hon, the Home of 

Parnassus. A Pacquet from Parnassus; Vol. i. No.i. 4^ Lond, 1702. 

Parnell {Sir uenrt). Observations upon the State of Currency in Ire- 
land, and upon the course of exchange between Dublin and London. 
8«Z)mW. 1804. 

Parnther (john). a Fast Sermon. 8° For A:, 1756. 

Parra (JOANNES ADAMUs DE la). Pro Cautionc Christiana in supremis 
Senatibus sanctsB Inquisitionis, et Ordinum, Ecclesia Toletana, et 
coetibus scholarium observata : adversus Christianorum Proselytos, et 
sabbatizantes, nomine et specie Christianorum ; Declamado. fol. 
Matr, 1630. 

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Parry (richard). The Case between Gerizim and Ebal fairly stated. 
8" Lond, 1 764. 

Parry (thomas). Tlie Apostleship and Priesthood of Christ ; being an 
exposition of St. Paul's Epistle to the Hebrews. With an appendix. 
12<>Zon(2. 1834. « 

Paul, Philemon, and Oncsimus^ or Christian Brother- 
hood; a Discourse. With an appendix. 12" Lond, 1834. « 


Parsons (laurence), Earl ofRosse, An Argument to prove the Truth 
of the Christian Revelation. 8<* Lond. 1 834. « 

Parsons (robert). A funeral Sermon on John, Earl of Rochester. 8*^ 
Lond. 1723. 

Parsons (william). Fidelity, or, love at first sight A Tale. With 
other Poems. 4* Lond, 1798. 

Partington (c. f.). The British Cyclopaedia of Arts and Sciences. 
Literature, Geography, and History ; Vol. i. ^^ Lond, 1834. # 

National History and Views of London and its 

Environs. 8" Lond, 1 834. « 

Partridge (john). A Reply to that treasonous and blasphemous Al- 
manack, for 1687, printed in Holland, by [whom ? but] Jo. Partridge. 
S"" Lond, 1687. 

Party. A Dissuasive from Party and religious Animosities. 8^* Lond. 

Paschal (john). An Answer to his Letter to his Friend in the Countrey, 
stating the case of Mr. Parkhurst and himself, &c. 4® Land, 1702. 

Paschius (johan.), Pras, Conflictus historicus de B. Georgio Martyre, 
adversus Christophorum Christophori Sandium. Resp, Johannes Bal- 
derus. 4<> Wiitenh. 1685. 

Pasquin. De droomende Pasquinus of Staatkundige betrachtingen 
over de jegenwoordige toestant der Wereld; 2 Verschyningen. 4® 
Vryburgh, 1697. 

Passeroni (giancarlo). Rime; 10 Tom. 19^ MilanOf 1775-1802. 

Passt (a.). Description geologique du D^partement de la Seine-in- 
ferieure. 4<^ Rouen, 1832. 

Patten (robert). The History of the Rebellion in 1715. 8® Lond, 

Paul IIL, Pope. Bulle inhoudende de vercondinghe van theylich gene- 
rael Concilie. 4^« 

■ Bulle inhoudende de vercondinghe van 't generael Con- 

cilie. 4^ Antwerpen. 

Paul, St, The History and Character of St. Paul examined ; in a 
letter to Theophilus. 8^ Lond, 

The Thirteenth Chapter to the Romans, vindicated from 

the abusive senses put upon iu By a Curate of Salop. 8® Lond. 

8^ Lond, 1711. 

Questions on St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans. 12® Lond. 

1832. « 


Paulinus a S. Bartholomjeo. Centum Adagia Malabarica cum versiouc 
Latina. 4^ Ronuet 1791. 

Examen historico-criticum Codicum Indi- 

corum Bibliothecae Sacrae Congregationis de Propaganda Fide. 4® 

De antiquitate et a£Bnitate Linguae Zen- 

dicae, Samscrdaroicae, et Germanicae Dissertatio. 4" Patav, 1798. 

Paullus (julius). Receptarum Sententiarum ad Filium Libri quinque, 
cum Interpretatione Visigothorum. Recognovity annotatione indicibus- 
que instruxit Ludovicus Arndts. Adjecit scripturas varietatem ex 
codd. MSS. Gust. Haenelius. 12^^ Bonwe, 1833. 

Paxarilla, y Mota (balthasar). Sermon panegyrico historico en 24 
de Enero, 1734, dia de la Festividad de la Dedicacion de la Santa 
Iglesia de Cartagena. 4® Murcia. 

Paxton (j. d.)- Letters on Slavery ; addressed to the Cumberland con- 
gregation, Virginia. 12^ Lexington^ 1833. Presented by the Author, 

Payne (j. h.). The Apiarian's Guide. 12*^ Lond. 1833. « 

Pays-Bas. Essai sur la Necessite du Retablisscment du Royaume des 
Pays-Bas, sous le rapport du Syst^me politique, connu sous le Nom 
de Systeme de la Barri^re. 8^ La Haye, 1833. Presented by Mr, 
J, Frank J the publisher, 

Payson (edward). Sermons for Christian FamiHes. 12^ Glasg, 
1833. « 

Peace. Grondich Discours over desen aen-staenden Vrede-handel. 4^ 

Discours op den swermenden Treves. 4*^ MiddeUmrch, 1609. 

Verscheyde Stucken raeckende de Vrede-handelinghe door A, P. 

4® Amsterdam, 1647. 

Tractaet van Vrede, beslooten 1648 binnen de Stadt van Mun- 

ster tusschen Phillips IV., Coninck van Hispanien, ende de Staten 
Generael vande Geunieerde Nederlanden. 4^ Gravenhage, 1 648. 

Articulen van Vrede ende Verbondt tusschen Karel II. Coningh 

van Groot Britannien ende de Vereenighde Nederlanden. 4*^ Graven^ 
hage, 1667. 

4fi Gravenhage, 1674. 

■ ■ The Negociations for a Treaty of Peace, in 1709, considered. 

in a third Letter to a Tory Member ; Pt. i. 8® Lond, 1711. 

The Negociations for a Treatise of Peace, in 1709, considered; 

2 Pts. S^Zonrf. 1711. 


Peace. The Voice of Peace ; or, considerations upon the invitation of 
the Kings of Great Britain and Prussia for holding a congress. By 
the secretary to the Spanish embassy at the Hague. 8" Lond, 1760. 

A Letter addressed to two great Men, on the Prospect of 

Peace. [By John Douglas, Bp. of Salisbury.] 8* Lond. 1760. 

Tratado de Paz entre esta Corona, y la de Francia. fol. Madr. 


Tratado de Paz, ajustado entre las Coronas de Espana, y de 

Inglaterra, en Utrech. Ano 1713. 4" Madr, 

Tratado de Paz, ajustado entre la Corona de Espana, y log 

Estados Generales de las Provincias unidas de los Payses Baxos en 
Utrech. Ano de 1 7 1 4. 4« Madr. 

Acto de Accession del Rey N. S. al Tratado de Paz entre el 

Emperador, y el Imperio, y el Rey de Francia, ajustado en Viena el 
dia 18 de Noviembre de 1738. ¥" Madr. 1739. 

[Another edition.] 

Tratado definitivo de Paz concluido entre SS. MM. Christia- 

nissima, y Britanica, y los Estados Generales de las Provincias Unidas, 
en Aix la Chapelle a 18 de Octubre de 1748, a que accedio el Rey 
Nuestro Senor en 20 del mismo mes. Con los articulos preliminares 
del mismo Tratado. 4" Afadr, 1 749. 

Tratado definitivo de Paz concluido entre el Rey N. S. y S. M. 

Cliristianissima por una parte, y S. M. Britanica por otra, en Paris 
a 10 de Febrero de 1763, con sus Articulos Preliminares. 4^ Madr, 

Traitc de Paix entre sa Majestc Tlmperatrice, et sa Majeste le 

Roi de Prussc, fait a Teschen le 13 Mai 1779. 4<» Ftenne. 

Tratado definitivo de Paz concluido entre el Rey nuestro Senor, 

y el Rey de la Gran Bretana, firmado en Versailles a 3 de Setiembre 
de 1 783, con sus Articulos Preliminares. 4^ Madr. 

Convencion para explicar, ampliar, y hacer efectivo lo estipu- 

lado en el Articulo sexto del Tratado definitivo de Paz del ano de 
1783; concluida entre el Rey N. S. y el Rey de la Gran Bretaiia, 
firmada en Londres a 14 de Julio de 1786. 4** Afadr. 

Tratado de Paz, Amistad, y Comercio ; ajustado entre el Rey 

nuestro Senor, y el Rey e la Regencia de Tunez ; aceptado y firmado 
por S. M. en 19 de Julio de 1791. 4° Madr. 1791. 

Real Ceduta, por la qual se manda observar, guardar y cumplir 

el Tratado definitivo de Paz, concluido entre el Rey nuestro Senor, y 
la Republica Francesa. fol. Madr, 1795. 

Real Cedula en que se prohibe la venta de los Tratados de la 

Paz ajustada con la Francia. fol. Madr, 1795. 


Peace. The Herald of Peace, for 1831. New series. S^ Land. « 

Peacock (d. m.). A System of Conic Sections, adapted to the Study of 
Natural Philosophy. 8" Land. 1817. 

Peacock (john). Practical Hints on the Treatment of several Diseases. 
8" ZoimI. 1834. ♦ 

Pearson ( — ), Archdeacon of Suffolk. Articles to be enquired of in his 
Visitation. 4>^ Land. 1639. 

Pearson (geo.). The Danger of abrogating the religious Tests required 
from Persons proceeding to Degrees in the Universities. 8^ Camhr. 
1834. « 

Pearson (hugh), Dean of SaUsbury. A Charge. 8® Land. 1834. ♦ 

— — A Visitation Sermon. 8" Land. 

1834. « 

Memoirs of the Life and Cor- 

respondence of the Rev. Christian Frederick Swartz. With a sketch 
of the history of Christianity in India ; 2 Vol. S^ Land. 1834. « 

Pearson (john), Bp. of Chester. Expositio Symboli Apostolici, trans- 
lata cum nova Praefatione Paul. Ernest. Jablonski. 4® Francof. ad 
rtadr. 1741. 

Pecis ( — de). Observations sur la Campagne de Jules Cesar en Espagne 
contre les Lieutenans de Pompee. 8*^ Milan, 1 782. 

Pbckard (peter), a Dissertation on Revelations, Chap. xi. ver. 13. 
8» Land. 1756. 

Farther Observations on the Doctrine of an Inter- 

mediate State, in Answer to the Rev. Dr. Morton's Queries. 8® 
Lond. 1757* 

Pecquet (antoine). Loix Forestieres de France; 2 Tom. 4° Par. 

____ Supplement ; par M. Poncelin de la 

Roche-Tilhac. 4» Par. 1782. 

Pedro, Duke ofBraganza. Manifeste. 4® Londres, 1832. 

Peel (edmund). Judge not ; a poem, on Christian charity. 8^ Lond. 
1834. « 

Peel (^Right Hon. Sir Robert). Speech on the Repeal of the Union, 
d^" Lond. 1834. « 

Peerage. A Letter relating to the Bill of Peerage lately brought into 
the House of Lords. 4® Lond. 1719. 

Peeresses. A Letter to the Peeresses of Great Britain. By an English- 
woman. 8^ Lond. 1 834. « 


Peignot (oabriel). Essai historique et archeologique sur la Reliurc des 
Livres, et sur TEtat de la Librairie chez les anciens. 8" Dijon, Par, 

Peirce (benjamin), a History of Harvard University, from its Found- 
ation, in 1686, to the American Revolution. 8° Cambridge^ U. S. 1888. 

Peirce (jAMEs). An Ordination Sermon. S^ Land, 1716. 

The Curse causeless. A sermon. S'* Lond, 1717. 

The Case of the Ministers ejected at Exon. 8® Lond. 


Paraph rasis et Notas in Epistolam ad Hebrseos. Latine 

vertit et suas observationes addidit J. D. Michaelis. 4° Hal. Magd, 

Peletier de Saint-Fargeau (am. le). Monographia Tenthredinetarum 
Synonimia extricata. 8® Par. 1828. 

Pellicer (juan antonio). Discurso sobre varias Antiguedades de Ma- 
drid : y origen de sus parroquias especialmente de la de San Miguel. 
S"^ Madrid, 1791. 

Pellico (silvio.). The Duties of Men. Translated by Thomas Roscoe. 
8^ Lond, 1884. « 

Pellino (edward). The Apostate Protestant. Occasioned by a Jesuites 
book, about succession to the crown of England, pretended to have 
been written by R. Doleman. 4^ Lond. 1685. 

Penalties. The Book of Penalties ; or, summary of the pecuniary pe- 
nalties inflicted by the laws of England, on the commercial, manu- 
facturing, trading, and professional classes. 8** Lond. 1884. * 

Penington (edward). Some brief Observations upon George Keith's 
earnest expostulation. 8" Lond. 1696. 

A modest Detection of George Keith's (mis- 
called) '< Just Vindication of his earnest Expostulation." S^ Lond. 

Penington (john). Keith against Keith : or some more of George 
Keith's contradictions and absurdities. 8" Lond. 1696. 

Penitents. Directions to Penitents and Believers for renewing their 
covenant with God. 16° Lond. 1884. 4^ 

Pennsylvania. A brief State of the Province of Pennsylvania. 8' Lond. 
1756. [8rd Edit.] 

Pensance. The Charter of the Corporation of Pensance, translated by 
J. Beard, fol. Pensance, 1825. 

Perceval (//on. a. p.). Observations on the proposed Alterations, and 
present System, of the Society for promoting Christian Knowledge, 
with suggestions for its improvement. 12" Lond. 1834. « 

N N 


Perceval {Hon. a. p.)^ The Necessity of Episcopal Ordinatioii in order 
to a valid Administration of the Word and Sacrament, shewn to be 
the Doctrine of the Church of England. 8® bond. 1834. • 

Percival (Raymond). A Voice from the Counting House. 12* IxmdL 

[1834.] « 

. The Tradesman's complete Book-keeper. 12* 

Lond. 1834. « 

Percivall (william). Hippopathology : a treatise on the disorders and 
lameness of the horse. 8® Lond. 1834. ♦ 

PliRES. Les Vies des Saints P^res des Deserts, et de quelques Saintes, 
ecrites par des Peres de TEglise et autres anciens auteurs Ecclesias- 
tiques. Traduites en Fran9ois par M. Amauld D*Andilly ; 3 Tom. 8* 
Par. 1736. 

Pereszlenyi (PAUL.). Grammatica Linguae Ungarics. 8° TymavicCy 

Perez de Montalvan (juan). Amor es Naturaleza. Comedia. 4^ 

Comedia famosa, del segundo Seneca 

de Espana, y Principe Don Carlos. 4^. 

Como Amante, y como Honrada. Co- 

media famosa. 4®. 
media. 4° fa^ncia, 1781. 

Despreciar lo que se quiere. Comedia 

famosa. 4®. 

El gran Seneca de Espana Felipe Se- 

gundo. Comedia famosa ; 2 Partes. 4®. 

. El Privilegio de las Mugeres. Come- 

dia famosa. 4^. 

famosa. 4*. 

media famosa. 4®. 

mosa. 4^. 

famosa. 4^. 


El Rigor en la Inocencia. Comedia 
El Senor Don Juan de Austria. Co- 
La Centinela de Honor. Comedia fa- 
La mas Constante Muger. Comedia 
La Monja Alferez. Comedia famosa. 
La Toquera Vizcayna. Comedia fa- 

mosa. 4^. 

famosa. 4*. 

dia famosa. 


1 — — 
famosa. 4®. 

famosa. 4®. 


dia famosa. 



Perez dk Montalvan (juan). La Ventura en el Engano. Comedia 
famosa. 4®. 

Lo que son Juicios del Cielo. Comedia 
Los Empenos que se ofrecen. C^me- 
Lucha de Amor, y Amistad. Comedia 
No Vida como la Honra. Comedia 
Palmerin de Oliva. Comedia famosa. 
Remedio, Industria, y Valor. Come- 

Comedia famosa. Pedro de Urdima- 
las. 4» Madr. 1750. 

Perik (ren^). Vie militaire de J. Lannes, Due de Montebello. 8® "Par. 

Perkins (e. e.). The Lady's Shopping Manual and Mercery Album. 
12« Land. 1834. * 

Perottus (nicolaus). Rudimenta Grammatices. fol. Rom, Sweynheym 
et Panartz, 1473. 

Persius ('Aulus), FUiccus. Satirarum Liber. Ex editione Merici Casau- 
boni, typis repetendum curavit et recentiorum interpretum observa- 
tionibus selectis auxit Fridericus Duebner. * 8^ Lipsice, 1833. 

Satira prima ad xxx editiones antiquissimaa 

edita et castigata a Ferdinando Hauthal. Prodromus 1™^ historic 
criticce et recensionis Persii. 8^ Ztpnie, 1833. 

Peru. De wonderlijcke ende warachtige Historie van Coninckrijck van 
Peru. 4* Antwerpen, 1573. 

Peter (john). A Relation or Diary of the Siege of Vienna. 4^ Land, 

Peter, Saint. An Essay towards ascertaining the Sense of the much- 
controverted Passage, in St. Peter's second Epistle, from v. 16 to the 
end of the first Chapter. By a late fellow-commoner of St. John's 
CoUege, Cambridge. S^ Land. 1751. 

Peter the Great, Emperor of Russia- Statutum Canonicum sive £c- 
desiasticum Petri Magni ; ex Rossica lingua in Latinam transfusura. 

4» Petrop. 1785. 


Peters (john wm.). A Letter to Members of the Church of Christ, in 
Langford, in the county of Berks. S^ Cirencester, 1834. ♦ 

K K ft 


Peters, Fathert Antwoord van Vader Peters Bicgtvader van den 
Koning van Engeland aan Pater la Chaise Biegtvader van den Koning 
van Vrankrijk. 4° 1688. 

Petersburg. Plan de la Ville de St. Peter sbourg avec ses principales 
Viies, dcssinc et pjrave sous la direction de TAcademie Imperiale des 
Sciences et des Arts. Runs. Fr. fol. St, Pctersb, 1753. 

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Copye van de Procuratien ghegheven van 

den Coning van Spagnien ende de Staten Generael vande Vereenichde 
Nederlanden. 4° Antwerpen, 

Het Secreet des Conings van Spangien, 

Philippus II. achter-ghelaten aen zijnen Soone, in*t licht ghebracht 
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[Another Edition.] 

Ordinancie raeckende de collectatie vanden 

thienden penninck inde graefschap van Holland. 4*^ Leyden^ 1558. 

Placcaet vanden thienden penninck in Hol- 

lant. 4^ Haerlem,15e\. 

Placaet vanden Slachturfuen in Hollant 

4'' Haerlem, 1561. 

Placcaet ghemaect opt stuck vande brandt- 

•tichters, moordenaers, verraders, kerckroovers, dieuen ende andere 
dierghelijcke quaetdoenders. 4° Antwerpen, 1562. 

Placcaet ende ordonnancie beroerende de 

Vagabonden, Ledichgangers, enz. 4^ Deljl, 1563, 


Placcaet tot extirpatie der secten in zijnen 

erfnederlanden. 4'' Delft, 1563. 

■ Placcaet beroerende de Navigatie. 4* Delfts 


Placcaet beroerende vant Cooren ende 

andere greynen. 4^ Deljl, 1565. 

Verbot ende interdictie opt* stuck vander 

Jacht in Brabant. 4<^ 1568. 

. Placcaet beroerende die Goeden vande 

gevangenen wit sake vanden voorleden Perverten ende Seditien. 4^ 
Delji, 1568. 

Ordinantie op tstuck vander collectatie van- 

den hondersten penninc vande ruerende ende onruerende goeden by 
de Staten vande landen van herwertsovere geaccordeert. . 4* Bruesiel^ 

Ordinancie aengaende de Printers, Boeck- 

vercoopers ende Schoelmeesters. 4® BruesseUt 1570. 




Philip II., King of Spain, Ordinancie op tstuck vande criminele Jus- 
ticie inde Nedcrlanden. 8^ Antwerpen, 1570. 

Ordinancie aengaende den ityl generaeU 

diemen voirtaen sal onderhouden inde procedueren vande criiumele 
zaken inde Nederlanden. 4® 1570. 

Ordinancie op tstuck van de CoUectatie van 

den thienden ende twintichsten penninck vande vercoopinge van alle 
ruerende ende onruerende goeden. 4" Antwerpen, 1571. 

Placcaet op tstuck vander opheve vanden 

thienden ende twintichsten penninck van de vercoopinge van alle rue- 
rende ende onruerende goeden. 4^ Bruessele^ 1571. 

Ordonnance sur le fait de Creation des 

Rentes en Grains et semblables Contracts. 4° Anvers, 1571. 

Placcaert et Ordonnance, par lequel il eat 

defendu de converser, traicter, ou negotier avecq aulcuns Rebelles. 
4* Bruxelles, 1572. 

Placcaet ende Ordinantie tegens die Cri- 

jechsluyden, die hen vuyten leger ende crijechdienst absenteren. 4^ 
Antwerpen^ 1572. 

Placcaet aengaende de Annotatie, opscrij- 

vinge, saisissement, toeslach ende denunciatie vande ruerende ende 
onruerende goeden enz. 4** Bntessele, 1572. 

Placcaet ende Ordinancie op tstuck ende 

verbot van tvuytvueren van tCooren ende graen buyten de landen 
van herwertsovere. 4*^ Bruessele, 1573. 

Exemplaire des Lettres Patentes par les- 

quelles sa Majeste donne pardon general a cause des Troubles adve- 
nues dans les Pays-Bas. 4^ Bnucelles, 1574. 

Placcaet ende Ordonnantie opt feyt vande 

Reductie vande Renten gehypoteceert op de Stadt van Antwerpen. 4*^ 
Antwerpen, 1575. 

Placcaet ende Ordinantie opt stuck vander 

CoUectatie van eenen hondersten penninck vande roerende ende on- 

roerende goeden, geaccordeert byde Staten van herwertsovere. 4^ 
Bruesseley 1576. 

Placcaet op de guijtscheldinge van een 

zes tended vanden hondersten penninck. 4® Bruessele^ 1576. 
Ordonnancie aen de cainere van den Rade 

in Hollandt, raeckende de munten. 4^ Delft^ 1576. 

Placcaet aengaende d'opscrijven ende aen- 

veerden vanden goeden van den ghenen die aenhanghen Don Johan 
van Oistenrijck. 4" Bruessele, 1577. 


Philip II., King of Spain. Placcaet des Conincx op t' verhoogen Tande 
goude ende silvere Munte loop hebbende inde landen van herwa»t- 
sovere. 4^ Antmerpen^ 1577. 

4® Antwerpeny 1579. 

Ordinantie op de onderhoudenisse vande 

Pacificatie van Ghendt enz. 4® Antwerpenj 1578. 

Ordonnancie op t' feyt vander Munte loop 

hebbende inde landen van herwaertsover. 4® Antwerpen, 1579. 
■ 4" Antwerpen, 1585. 

Ban vuytgegaen by den Coninck tegens 

Wilhelm van Nassau Prince van Oraignyen. 4^ Hertoghenbosch, 1580. 

— _— — — Placcaet vanden thienden ende twintichsten 

Penninck. 4® Brussels 1581. 

: Placcaet gemaect opte Quij tscheldinghe ende 

Moderatie vanden Pachten^ Renten, Commeren enz. 4® Antwerpen^ 

Ordinantie om te verhoeden ende beletten 

alle abuysen ende monopolien opt stuck vanden granen. 4® Ant- 
werpen, 1586. 

Ordinantie teghens de ghene die sonder 

wettighe redene verwecken, vueren ende sustineren onghefondeerde 
processen. 4" Antwerpen^ 1586. 

— Verclaringhe des Conincx voorde executie 

van zijn Placcaet roerende de vereeningbe van syne Ondersaten mette 
Catholijcke Kercke. 4° Delff, 1587. 

, Fr. 4» Delff, 1587. 

Ordinantie opt stuck vande Testamenten. 

4* Antwerpen^ 1587. 

Placaet des Conincx op het Vereenighen 

zijner Ondersaten tot de Catholijcke Kercke. 4® Delf, 1588. 

Extract van tghene den Conine van Spang- 

nien heefl doen voughen byde publicatie vande leste Jubilee. 4® Delf, 

■ Edict aengaende het houden vande Caba- 

retten. 4® Antwerpen, 1589. 

Placcaert provisioneel opt feyct ende loop 

vander Munten. 4" Antwerpen, 1590, 

Placcaet raeckende het visiteren ende segelen 

vande Ingelsche Lakenen, Cariseyen> Baeyen ende Stametten. 4* 
Antwerpen, 1592. 


Philip III., King of Spain. Placcaet belanghende de openinghe ende 
restauratie vanden Traffijck ende Coopmanshandel van Spangien 
mette Landen van herwaerts-over. 4" Bruesself 1 603. 

Placcaet des Conincx van Spaengien teg- 
hens de Ingheboorne Nederlanders residcrende in Portugael ende 
anderc Zee-steden vanden Coningh. 4® 160j. 

Placcaet wtgegheven in Valladolid, den 1 1 

Decembris 1604 (aengaende de Traficquc vande Nederlanden). 4* 

Placcaet tegbens de Ingheboorne Neder- 

landers residerende in Portugael. 4° 1605. 

Vorclaringhe van wcglien bet handelen der 

Hoochduytscher Coopmanscbappen comende in Spangien. 4" 1606. 

Verclaringe aen de Cooplieden ende Nego- 

tianten in Spaengnien ende Portugael. 4^ Middelhurgh^ 1607. 
Missive ofte Placcaet aenden Hertoch van 

Lerma aengaende bet bannen ende verjaghen vande Moriscos, wt den 
Spaenschen overghesct door J. H. Van Linscboten. 4° 1609. 

Auto do Juramento que et Rey Dom Phe- 

lippe, scgundo dcste nome, fez aos trcs Estados deste Reyno. 4* 
LisboGf 1619. 

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Redemption ; or, the new song in heaven, the test 

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Observations on a Pamphlet en- 
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to his Clorg^-, concerning Tithes, Church Reform, Unitarianism, &rc." 
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• The Rt. Hon. Annuitant vindicated. 

S^ Lond. 1761. 

_ The Case of the late Resignation 

[by him] set in a true light. 4^ Lond. 1761. 


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^ A Continuation of the Plain Reasoner. 8* Lond. 

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35 de fevrier mil trois cent trente trois, entre Nicolas Grand-Jean et 
Gifillemette Ventrue. Ensuite le Festin dudict Mariage apreste a la 
pleine de Long-Boyau, le 3 mars ensuivant, avec Tlnventaire des biens 
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_^_ Florilegium 

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Reply to a Letter from the Rev. A. Brandram^ M.A. 

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No Protestant Plot ; or, the present pretended conspiracy of 

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Quedlinburgi et Lrpsice, 1833. 

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Christo Nascenti. 4^ 

Divo Petro, Ecclesise Parochialis Beatae Mariee a Bono 

Nuntio. Ode. [Auctore Carolo Hugone Le Fevre.] 4^ 

_^ — Illustrissirao viro Nicolao de Lamoignon de Basville, Ode. 4^. 

. In Fontem Polycrenen^ Bavillaeo in agro pemobilem. Hende- 

cassyllabi. [Auctore R. S. I.] 8**. 

In Scenicum Artificium. Ode. 8°. 

Tragi-ComcBdia Oxoniensis. 4^ 

Victori Condffio, ex Belgio reduci. [Odse tres, auctore 

L.F.S.J.] 8». 

Affection's Gift. Flowers of sacred and moral poesy. Fourth 

series. 16** Lond. ♦ 


Poetry. Epigrames and Elegies. By J[ohn] D[avis] and C[hristopher] 
M[arlow]. 12^ Middleborugh, 

The Garland of Good- Will : divided into three parts. 8" 


The Gathering of the Unions. The American Flag ; and other 

poems. 12^ Lond, 4^ 

Liberty deposed, or the western election ; a satirical poem : in 

three books. 8^ Lond, 

On the Plum Pudding Stone. By H. P. 4' Scarborough. 

Robin Hood's Garland. Containing his merry exploits, and 

the several fights which he, Little John, and Will Scarlet had, upon 
several occasions. 8^ [Lit. Goth.] 

A Treatyse of a Galaunt. 4^ Lond. fVynkyn de Worde. [Lit. 

Goth.] [Imperf.] 

Leggenda di S. Elena Imperadrice Madre di Costantino Impe- 

ratore. 12^ Venezia, e Bassano, 

Le Miserie ct Struscie de gli sventurati Litiganti. Et insieme li 

Peccatigli de gli Awocati. 8*^ Ven, 

Romance, que declara el naval aparato de la Expedicion> que 

zarpo del Puerto de Cadiz, el 21 de Julio, para la conquista de Puerto- 
^iahon. 4® Malaga. 

Banquete das Dan^as que para a sua das Regateiras, fravicou 

a Mestra Brazia Martins : com huma Rela9ao curiosa dos milagres de 
sua vida. Romance. 4^. 

Carta a hum Amigo, descrevendo a velhice de huma sege tal 

como esta. Romance. 4^ 

Desgarre da Fran9a e Reposta que deu ao Casquilho. 4°. 

Dialogo em que fallam o Boy Mono, Porco Orelhudo, e Car- 

neiro Peludo que estao sobre o portal do A9ougue, descutindo as suas 
prozapias. 4^. 

Embargos para que as Cozinheiras nam vam ver os Touros. 4^. 

A Festividade que o Cenado da Camera de Lisboa faz, na 

Pra9a do Terreiro do Pa9o, em louvor do Senhor S^. Antonio. Ro- 
mance hiroico. 4'. 

Jocoscria, e nova Rela9ao dos successos, e movimentos acon- 

tecidos em 1 1 de Setembro de 1 752, terceiro dia de Touros. 4^ 

Letras para minuete compostas por duas Fran9as, que por fatta 

de dinheiro nao vao ver os Touros. 4^. 

■ Mappa Curiozo das vistozas entradas, e dan9as, que hao de 

preceder aos combates de Touros, que no terreiro do Pa90 se had de 
combater nos primeiros trez dias. 4^. 


Poetry. Noticia verdadeira dos sentidos lamentos, com que o raarido 
que vendeu a saya, e o manto da mulher, se queixa, porque esta Ihe 
fugio de casa. 4®. 

Nova Rela9ain com aplauzos ao Senado. 4*. 

Nova Rela^am da disputa que teve Caspar Mendes, Aprendis 

de ^apateiro, com seu Mestre Godinho Henriques, e sua mulher Jo- 
anna Sigurelha, sobre o ir ver os Touros. 4* Catalumna, 

Segunda Parte. 4®. 

Nova RelaQam da Festa de Touros, Pre^os dos Palanques, dis- 

crip9ao dos Garros, e ordcm das entradas. 4^. 

Nova Rela9am da segunda parte das PetiQoens, que fizerao as 

muleheres aos maridos, filhas aos pays^ criadas as amas, pretas as 
senhoras, para as deixarem ir ver os segundos tres dias de Touros. 4*. 

Nova RelaQam das Queixas, que faz com justa razao, o Apollo 

do Terreiro do Pa90, contra todos os Casquilhos, Fandangos, Jarretas, 
etc. 4^ Catalumna. 

Nova Rela9am de hum grande caso oculto, que succedeo em o 

Terreiro do Pa90, em o primeiro dia da festividade dos Touros. 4® 

Nova Rela9am de huma disputa que teve huma Couveira, com 

huma Cozinheira na tarde dos touros. 4®. 

Nova Rela9am de huma Resposta, que mandou o Apollo do 

Rocio a Nectumo Maneta do Terreiro do Pa90. 4^ 
— — Nova Rela9am, Desengano do Povo. 4^ 

Nova Rela9am, do Espalhafato Terreste que houve, andando 

o Diabo em caza do Alfacinha com D. Ignez d'Orta do Campo, ja 
velha por ser antiga. Romance. 4^ 

Nova Rela9am em que se queixam as Fran9as dos seus 

Amantes. 4°. 

Nova Rela9am intitulada Modos com que os caixeiros furtam 

aos seus amos, e os filhos a seus Pays, e os estudantes enganaS as 
Mays e dos officiaes que hao dem entrar a ver os touros, com alguns 
aplauzos as Fran9as que os forem ver. 4^ 

Nova Rela9am. Segunda Parte do minuete. 4^ 

Nova'Rela9ao verdadeira Noticia^ que hum curioso da Cidade 

de Lisboa mandou a outro de Sevilha em que Ihe da conta das Festas 
de Touros. 4*^ Catalumna. 

Novas Alegrias do Povo de Lisboa ; contentamcnto universal 

da quarta tarde de Touros, Coral poetico, e historico. 4^ 

Novas Decimas feitas a grande Bulha que tuve Joao Fradique 

Mestre Borrador de Rotulas, e ensigne em fazer Carassas com sua 
mulher D. Fufia da Costa, por esta querer hir ver os Touros. 4®. 

Peti9am que fazem as Lavandeiras ao Congresso das Dan9as 

para serem admettidas nellas* 4*^. 


Poetry. Queixas de hum Casquilho contra as Fra9a8 que mijando no 
camarote, Ihe deitarao a perder hum Xapeo de Pelusa, e hum veatido 
de Melania. Romance. 4^ 

Queixas do Povo contra os Ratos pelo sacrOego attrevimento, 

com que roerao os Garros Triunfantes. Romance. 4^. 

Razoens formadas no Escriptorio da razam, contra a semrazam 

dos Embargos ; que escreve Estevam Pereyra. 4*^ Lisb. 

Rela^am curioza em que conta das Dan9as e Garros Triun- 

fantes, e mais aprestes, que hao de assistir ds devertidas tardea de 
Touros, que se hao de correr no Terreiro do Pa^o. 4®. 

Relafam da Festa de Touros para dezemfado do Povo, ex- 

tremos da Goriozidade^ Proguntas^ e Repostas acerca dos effeitos. 4®. 
Rela^am da grande Bulha que o Brafo-Forte e o Rompe-Terra 

Fragatinhas do Soccorro, tiverao na fun^ao dos Touros, levando com- 
sigo a Micaela Engeitada. 4® Calahorra, 

Rela^am das Perguntas, que fez hum pdteta Saloyo as tres 

figuras, que estam em sima da porta do A^ougue ReaU que sao, hum 
Garneiro, hum Boy, e hum Porco. 4^ 

Rela9am de huma Franfa, que fugio com hum Palanqueiro na 

fun9ao dos Touros. 4^. 

Relafam do Gontentamento que teve o Povo com os primorosos 

Touros que se correrao no sugundo dia: e os agradecimentos que 
Apollo da ao supremo Senado. 4®. 

Rela9am do Despique, que tiverao, hum Gasquilho, huma 

Fran9a, e huma Griada, em certo Palanque no terceiro dia dos touros> 
Seg. feira 11 de Setembro. 4®. 

Rela9am Jocoseria de que succedeo a terceira tarde de Touros 

do Terreiro do Pa^o na dan9a das Gouveiras. 4^ 

Rela9am verdadeira da grande e magnifica Festividade com 

que no segundo dia de touros, que se contavao 4 do mez de Setembro, 
celebrou o Supremo Senado^ a feliz Aclama9ao do Rey Dom Joze 
ol. 4». 

Rela9ao contra todas as Rela9oens, que tem sahido impressas. 

depois que se fez publica a festividade de touros. E Elogios enco- 
miasticos a todos os sens Authores. 4®. 

Rela9ao de huma Mo9a de servir que furtou hum Tratante na 

quarta tarde de Touros. 4®. 

Segunda Reposta, que na segunda tarde de Touros, mandou a 

Fran9a ao Gasquilho. 4^. 

Sentimentos Publicos de todas as Fran9as na considera9ao de 

que estao acabadas as Festas de Touros. Gonsola9am Poetica. 4®. 

Terceira Rela9am da magnifica, e sumptuosa festa de Touros 

celebrada no terreiro do Pa9o, em o dia 11 do mez de Seteiiibro. 4*^. 

^88 P R I N T E D B O O K S. 

Poetry. Tragica Rela9am do Alvoroso, e miscellanea das Pessoas que 
concorrerao a ver a festa dos Touros no Terreiro do Pa^o. Dedicada 
a D. Quixote de la Mancha^ por seu Criado, Sancho-Pansa. 4*^. 

Vozes do Pranto com que liuma mulher se queixa do marido, 

porque Ihe vendeu o manto, e a saya^ para hir com a sua amiga ver os 
Touros. 4^ 

Segunda Parte. 4®. 

Colletanio di Cose nove spirituale, nel quale contiensi Sonetti, 

Laude, Capitoli, e Stantie, composte da diversi & prcclarissimi Pocti. 
8° Ven. 1557. 

Rime in lode della bellissima, & honestissima giovane, Mad. 

Girolama Palmuccia de gli Ozzerii da Macerata. 8*^ Vinegia, 1562. 

The Song of Mary, the Mother of Christ. The teares of 

Christ in the garden : with the description of heavenly Jerusalem. 
4'> ZoTirf., E. Allde, 1601. 

An Answere to a Romish Rime lately printed, and entituled. 

A proper new Ballad^ wherein are contayned Cadiolike Questions to 
the Protestant. By that Protestant Catholike, J. R. [John Rhodes.] 
4° Zonrf. 1602. 

Zwey schone geistliche Licder. 8® Braunschweig^ 1603. 

Drey schone geistliche Lieder. 8° Erffurdt, 1604. 

Les Rossignols spirituels. 12^ ValencienneSf 1610, 

The Passion of a discontented Mind. 4' Lond. 1622. 

Gropetto Amoroso, con un Sonetto, sopra le stravaganze delle 

Stagioni. Racolto da Giacomo Tallivino. 8° Brescia, 1628. 

Scielta di varie sorti d*Ottave amorose, in lingua Ccciliana, 8c 

Madrigali. Raccolte per il Chersino. 8° Brescia, 1628. 

Praelium Woeringanum. [Edidit E. Puteanus.] fol. Brux. 


Soliloquies theologicall. By J. S. Gent. 8° Lond. 1641. 

Chartae Scriptae : or, a new game at cards, calPd Play by the 

Booke. [By Edmund Gay ton.] 4® 1645. 

Well met Gossip : or, *tis merry when gossips meet. 4^ Lond, 

1656. [Lit. Goth.] 

Poems upon divers Occasions. With a character of a London 

Scrivener. [By Jeremiah Wells.] 8° Lond, 1667. 

Chaucer's Ghoast ; or, a piece of antiquity. Containing twelve 

pleasant fables of Ovid penn'd after the ancient manner of writing in 
England. Witli the history of Prince Corniger. By a lover of an- 
tiquity. S^ Lond. 1672. 


Poetry. The Day of Doom : or, a description of tlie great and last 
judgment. With a short discourse about eternity. 8° Lond. 1673. 

Odae in Guillehni Lamonii Obitum. 8® Par. 1678. 

Old Mr. Dod's Sayings, composed in verse ; by T. S. 12" 

Lond. 1678. 

War with the Devil : or, the young man's conflict with the 

powers of darkness. [In two parts.] By B. K[each.] 8" Lond. 1683. 

Catella ^grotans. Fabula. [Auctore Johanne Commire.] 

8" Par. 1689. 

Buds and Blossoms of Piety, with some Fruit'of the Spirit of 

Love. By B[enjamin] A[ntrobus.] 8'> Lond. 1691. [With a MS. 
note by Richard Heber.] 

Metrica Panegyrica Descripcion de las Fiestas, que se cele- 

braron en la Ciudad de Mexico, al Casamiento de Carlos II., con la 
Seiiora Maria-Ana Palatina del Rhin. 4*^ Mexico, 1691. 

Fortuna ad Montem-Melianum fulminans. [Auctore I. C. S. J.] 

8<> Par. 1692. 

The Miracles performed by Money ; a poem. 4° Lond. 1692. 

Bibliotheca Poetica, qua continetur primo, Ferdinandi Pos- 

thii Musa Palatina et Brandenburgica ; deinde Johan. Petri Lotichii 
Bibliotheca poetica duplex. 8° Berol. 1700. 

The Pulpit-Fool. A satyr. [By John Dunton.] 4*^ Lond. 


An Epistle from Sempronia to Cethegus. To which is added, 

Cethegus's Reply. [By George SeweU ?] 8*» Lond. 1713. 

Epigrammata a Convictoribus Collegii Dormano-Bellovaci ob- 

lata L. Antonio NoaiUes, Cardinali, et J. Antonio de Mesmes. 4*^ 

The Oxford Sermon versified. Dedicated to the Rev. Joseph 

Betty, M.A., by Jacob Gingle, Esq. 8*^ Lond. 1730. 

loirpo'j^eipoupyoij.a'xia.. Carmen, authoribus Rhetorices alumnis 

in regia Navarra. 4® 1 744. 

Hendecasyllabi. [Auctore — Collet.] 4** 1744. 

In Serenissimi Delphini Nuptias Carmina. 4" Par. 1745. 

Carmen rhythmicum, monachicum^ Momo dicatum, a rusticante 

Oxoniensi in honorem literatissimi ♦•♦•♦♦♦♦ conscriptum. 8** 
Lond. 1749. 

Carta que escreveo huma Cosinheira ao seu amante. 4" Cala- 

horra, 1752. 

p v 


Poetry. Co]c90cns dos Versos que no scgundo triduo da Festividade de 
Touros, lan90u o Carro a que chamavao Olinipo. Primeira Cole9aTn. 
Por Joam Chrisostomo de Faria Cordeiro de Vasconcellos de Sa. 4* 
Lisb. 1752. 

— Curiosa Rela9am das Gra9as, e Dcsgra9as que dao as mulheres 

aos maridos, filhas aos pays, criadas as amas pela merce de as deix- 
arem ir ver os Touros. 4*^ Madr, 1 752. 

Jubilos de Portugal na Eleva9ao ao Tlirono de Jose I. 4* 

Madr. 1752. 

Jubilos dc Portugal na Festividade de Touros com que ap- 

plaudio o Seaado a £leva9ao ao Trono de Jose I. 4" Madr. 1752. 

Letras cncomiasticas, que tratao da Festividade dc Touros, em 

que huma prudente Portugueza refcrc a outra mana sua alguas cousas 
dignas de toda a mayor atten9ao. 4° Calahorra, 1752. 

Nova Rela9am das Supplicas que ao Supremo Senado faz o 

P® Juliam per boca das Frialeiras, come voz da quelle Povo. 4^ Ca- 
talumna^ 1752. 

Nova Rela9am dos Lustres que teve Jose Roquete das tardea 

que toureou no Terreiro do Pa90. 4° Lish. 1752. 

Nova Rela9ao das entradas das festas dc Touros que se liao de 

fazer na Cidade de Lisboa. 4" Catalumna, 1 752. 

Queixas do Marido contra sua mullier, e filhos pelo perse- 

guirem para ir ver a fun9ao dos Touros, nao tendo elle com que os 
sustentar. 4° Lisb, 1752. 

Rela9am, ou Embargos do desaggravo de todos os authores 

contra a Silva das Silvas, composta pelo ccleberrimo, e presumido 
Doutor Estevam Pereira. 4*^ Lisb, 1752. 

Resposta em despique de Apolo com muitas merces, que faz a 

Neptuno do Rocio, por satisfa9ao da Carta de pezames, que este Ibe 
mandou em 5 de Setcmbro de 1752. 4". 

A Satire upon Physicians. Or an English paraphrase, of Dr. 

King's most memorable oration. 8" Land. 1755. 

A Letter from a Rt. Hon. Person, and the Answer to it, trans- 

lated into verse. With notes. [By Arthur Murphy?] 4° Lond. 

The Conciliad : or, the triumph of patriotism. A poem ; trans- 

lated from the Latin of Tertius Quartus Quintus. 4** Lond. 1762. 

Verses addressed to no Minister. 4" Lond. 1763. 

Cam. An elegy. [By Burnaby Greene.] 4° Lond. 1 764. 

Poetarum Polonorum Carmina pastoralia ex Bibliotheca Za- 

lusciana iterum edita. 8** AUcnb, 1779. 


Poetry. Aplausos que declaran la magnanimidad de nuestras Catolicas 

Armas en dar fuego, j destruyr a los enemigos Britanicos en el cerco 

de Gibraltar. 4" Cordoba, 1781. 


Relacion que declara el feliz vencimiento que han tenido las 

Armas de Carlo III. en la restauracion de la Piaza de Panzacola, la 
Florida, y otras diferentes que va restaurando la Corona de Espana a 
el Key Britanico. 4'* Sevilla, 1781. 

Beirs Edition. The poets of Great Britain from Chaucer to 

Churchill ; 108 Vol. W Edinb. 1782-76-79. 

Choice of the best poetical Pieces of tlie most eminent English 

Poets, published by Joseph Retzer ; 4 Vol. 8" Vienna^ 1783-6. 

Carmina Linguis [xxxvii] exoticis in Honorem Dei Pueri a 

tribus Magis adorati recitata. fol. [Roma,'] 1793. 

Ode to the Rural Nymphs, written at Comb-Bank. 4** Lond. 


Trifles in Verse. 8^^ Lond. 1803. 

Composicion Poetica sobre lo ocurrido en Madrid el dia 2 de 

Mayo de 1808. P. D. M. C. B. 4« Madr. 1808. 

Portugal. A poem. In two parts. [By George Grenville, 

Lord Nugent.] 4° Lond. 1812. 

The Suffolk Garland : or, a collection of poems relative to that 

county. 8° Ipswich, 1818. 

The Fisher's Garland. [11 Pts.] 8** Newcastle, 1821-31. 

Ane Bannatyne Garlande. 8** Dunedin, 1826. 

L*Ordre des Bannerets de Bretagne et leur origine, translate 

sur le Latin, et depuis mis en rimes Fran9oises. [Public par G. Du- 
plessis.] 4° Caen, 1827. 

Anciennes Poesies Fran9aises. La complainte douleureuse du 

nouveau marie. 8® Par., Didot, 1830. 

Le Debat des Lavendieres de Paris avec leur caquet. 8® 

Rouen, Abrah. Cousturier. Reimpr. Par. 1830. 

Les ditz et ventes damours. 8*. Reimpr. Par. 1830. 

Pieces of Poetry : with two dramas. Privately printed. By 

G. W. T. ; 2 Vol. 8° Chiswick, 1830. 

Poesies des xv. et xvi. siecles, publiees d'aprds des editions 

Gothiques et des manuscrits. 8^ Par. 1830-32. 

Les Presomptions des Femmes. 8° Rouen, Abr. Cousturier. 

Reimpr. Par. 1 830. 

F p 2 


Poetry. Les Commandemens de Dieu et dii Dyable avec la Remem- 
brance de la Mort. 8<» Chartres, 1851. 

Discours joyeux des Friponniers et Friponnieres. S^ Rouen. 

Reimpr. Par. 1831. 

Roman du Comte de Poitiers, publie par Francisque Michel. 

8" Par. 1831. 

La vie et trepassement de caillette. 8^ Reimpr. Par. 1831. 

Village Rhymes. 8" ZonJ. 1831. « 

The Pilgrim of Erin and other Poems. 12" Lond. 1832. » 

Le Dialogue du Fol et du Sage. S'* Par. Simon Caluarin. 

Reimpr. Par. 1833. 

Israel : a poem. In three parts. 12° Lond, 1833. « 

Le laz damour divin a viii personages. 8^^ Rouen, Thomas 

Laisne. Reimpr. Par. IS33. 

Napoleon Poeme en dix Chants. Fr. Ital. ; 2 Tom. 8" Lond. 

1833. * 
De rOustillement au Villain, (xiii® siecle.) [Publie par L. J. N. 

Monmerque.] 8° Par. 1833. 

Pauline; a fragment of a confession. 12° Zone/. 1833. « 

Rhymed Plea for Tolerance. In two dialogues. With a pre- 

fatory dialogue. [By John Kenyon.] 8° Lond. 1833. « 

The Wandering Bard, and other poems. 8° Edinh. 1833. « 

Tiptree Races : a comic punning poem. 8° Maldon, 1833. » 

Zara : or, the black death. A poem of the sea. 8° Lond. 

1833. ♦ 

Zophiel ; or, the bride of seven. By Maria del Occidente. 8° 

Lond. 1833. « 

Autumnal Leaves. By Henrietta . 8° Lond 1834. « 

Black Gowns and Red Coats, or Oxford in 1834. A satire ; 

6 Pts. 8" Lond. 1834. « 
The Bud; a collection of poems. By R. R. 12° Lond. 

1834. « 

• Captive Vigils. A poem in six cantos or vigils. 8° Lond. 

1834. « 

A Castigation for the Sectarians. The Vision of Heresies ; 

and other poems : by a Catholic Priest. 12° Lond. 1834. « 

Enigmas historical and geographical. 8° Zond. 1834. « 

Li Fablel dou Dieu d' Amours. Publie par Achille Jubinal. 

8° Par. 1834. 


Poetry. Fleurs de Poesie Moderne. Tirees des oeuvres de A. Dela- 
raartine : Victor Hugo : De Beranger : C. Delavigne. 8" Land. 

1834. « 

Ina; and other Fragments, in verse. 8° Glasg, 1834. # 

India : a poem, in three cantos. By a young Civilian of Ben- 
gal. 8'^Zojirf. 1834. » 

Miscliief. Second section. 8^ Land, ISS'i. « 

Modern Church Reform : a poem. 8** Zowrf. 1 834. « 

O Fluminense, a poem, suggested by scenes in the Brazils. 8** 

Land. 1834. « 

The Pirate's Bride, a story of tlie Levant ; and the Lament. 

8'^ Land, 1 834. « 

Poems for Children. By a lady. 12^» Land. 1834. « 

The Reformed Ministry, and the Reformed Parh'ament. Done 

into verse by Nahum Whistlecraft, Parliamentary Poet Laureat. 8® 
Land. 1 834. « 

The Rival Sisters; with other poems. 8** Land. 1834. » 

The sacred Harp. Second series. 16" 2)t<&/. 1834. « 

Sacred Songs^ with other poems. By a layman. 12^* Land. 

1834. « 

Solitude^ a poem. 8® Zonc^. 1834. « 

Songs of the Loire and other poems. 8° Land., Paris, 

1 834. « 
The Wonders of Chaos and the Creation exemplified, a poem, 

in eight cantos. — Canto i, ii. 8*^ Land. 1834. « 

Pointer (john). A rational Account of the Weather. 8° Land. 1738. 

Poland. Letters on the Subject of the Concert of Princes, and the 
Dismemberment of Poland and France. [By Benjamin Vaughan.] 
S^'Lond. 1793. 

Memoires officielles sur la Pologne. Precis des Negociations 

entre le Marechal Paskiewitch et le Comandant en Chef de I'Armee 
Polonaise apres TEvacuation de Varsovie ; par un Temoin oculaire. 
8° Leipzig, 1 832. 

The Polish Exile, being an historical, statistical, political, and 

literary account of Poland. First quarter edited by N. F. Zaba and 
P. Zaleski ; second and third by N. F. Zaba. 8^ Edinburgh, 1833. « 

PoLi (j. X.). Testacea utriusque Siciliae. Cum additamentis et adno- 
tationibus Staph. Delle Chiaje ; Tom. iii. fol. Parm, 1 826, 7. 

Politicks. Elements of Policy, civil and ecclesiastical, in a mathematical 
method. By M. E. [Matthias Earbery ?] 8'' Land. 1716. 


Politicks. A Series of Wisdom and Policy. Being an answer to 
politicks on both sides, &c. 8^ Lond, 1735. 

PoLiTz (k. h. l.). Die Europaischen Verfassungen seit dem Jahre 1789 
bis auf die neueste zeit ; Band iii. 8** Leipzig, 1 883. 

PoLLiNius (gyrus). Flora Veronensis ; 3 Tom. 8" VcrorujBy 1822-4. 

PoLLOK (robert). Tales of the Covenanters. 12" Edinb, 1833. ♦ 

Polynesia. Progress of the Gospel in Polynesia (Southern Group). 
W Edinb. IS31. * 

Ponce (manuel). Oracion funebre, en la Muerte de Don Rodrigo 
Calderon, que fue degoUado a 21 de Otubre de 1621. fol. 

PoNSONBY {Hon. Richard), Bp. of Derry, A Sermon preached in 
Aid of the Royal Dispensary for Diseases of the Ear. 12** Lond. 
1834. « 

PoNTincii. Argumentura generale, contra Pontificios, quo probatur 
solara scripturam sacram, rejectis traditionibus non scriptis, esse prin- 
cipium cognoscendi veritates divinas, eruditorum examini submissum 
a Simone Zelote. 4^ 

Poor. The Form of a Petition, submitted to those who desire to sub- 
scribe what Sums shall be necessary for relieving the Poor. 8° Lond. 

Considerations on several Proposals, lately made for the better 

Maintenance of the Poor. [By Charles Gray.] 4" Lond. 1 75 1 . 

General Report of the Committee of Subscribers for the Relief 

of the Poor in London. With Appendix. 8° Lond. 1800. 

Observations on the Morals of the Poor. 12° Lond. 1834. » 

Poor Laws. The Act for the Amendment and better Administration 
of the Laws relating to the Poor, in England and Wales, with Notes 
and Index; by John Tidd Pratt. 12** Lond. [1834.] « 

The Nature and Design of the New Poor Laws explained, 

in an Address to the Labouring Classes. By a Norfolk Clergyman. 
[Samuel Hobson.] 12° Norwich, 1834. « 

A Letter to Lord Althorp, on the Bill for amending the 

Poor Laws. 8° Lond. 1834. « 

Hints on the Mal-administration of the Poor Laws : with 

a plan for bringing the collection and appropriation of the Poor Rates 
under the control of government. 8° Lond. 1834. % 

Observations on the Poor Laws. By a County Magis- 
trate. 8^ Lond. 1834. « 

Remarks on the Report of the Poor Law Commissioners. 

8° Zone?. 1834. « 


Poor Laws. Report from His Majesty's Commissioners for inquiring 
into the Administration and practical Operation of the Poor Laws. 
4'' Lond. 1 834. « 

Poor Rates. A Letter to Sir T. C. Bunbury, Bart., on the Poor Rates, 
and high Price of Provisions. By a Suffolk gentleman. 8" Ipswich, 

Pope. The new Pope : or, the Ceremonies in the Conclave at Rome, 
upon the Pope's death. 8® Lond. 1689. 

The Pope's Claim to universal Supremacy negatived. 8*^ Lond. 

IS33. « 

Pope (charlbs). The Merchant, Ship-Owner, and Ship-Master's Import 
and Export Guide. 8" Lond. [1834.] « 

Pope (simeon). Considerations, political, financial, and commercial, on 
the public Funds. 8** Lond. 1802. 

Interesting Suggestions to Proprietors and Trusteeti of 

Estates, respecting the Land-Tax Sale and Redemption Act. 8® Lond, 

Popery. Sixty Volumes of Tracts on Popery. 
A Comparison of Popery and Paganism. 12". 

A short and sure Method for the Extirpation of Popery, in 

the space of a few years. 8" Lond. 1716. 

A modest Plea for Popery. 8° Lond. 1735. 

The Artifices of the Romish Priests in making Converts to 

Popery. S'' Lond. 1746. 

A Letter from a Protestant Dissenting Minister to the Clergy 

of the Church of England, occasioned by the alarming Growth of 
Popery in this Kingdom. 8** Lond. ] 768. 

Popish Treaties not to be rely'd on. 4*^. 

Population. Abstract of the Answers and Returns made pursuant to 
an Act, passed in the eleventh Year of the Reign of Geo. IV. intituled 
" An Act for taking an Account of the Population of Great Britain, 
and of the Increase or Diminution thereof." 3 Vol. fol. 1833. Pre- 
sented by order of the House of Commons. 

PoRLAK (porareksson). Nockur Lioodmaele, af Psalmum, andlegum 
Vijsum og Kvaedum samannstandande. 12" Hoolum, 1780. 

Porta (antonius de) De Ebolo. Legenda Sancti Antonini Abatis Civi- 
tatis Surmenti. 4° Neap., per Joannem Antontum de Caneto, 1535. 

Porter (ebenezer). Lectures on Homiletics and Preaching, and on 
Public Prayer ; with sermons and letters. 8^^ Andover, U. S., 1834. 


Porter (hierome). The Flowers of the Lives of the most renowned 
Saincts of the three Kingdoms, England, Scotland, and Ireland, written 
and collected out of the best Authours and Manuscripts of our Na- 
tion, and distributed according to their Feasts in the Calendar. 4** 
Doway, 1632. 

Porter (j. scott). A Sermon occasioned by the Death of the Rajah 
Rammohun Roy. S^ Belfast, 1833. « 

The Creed of the many and the Faith of the few. 

A sermon. 8° Belfast, 1833. « 

Authentic Report of the Discussion of the Unitarian 

Controversy between the Rev. John Scott Porter and the Rev. Daniel 
Bagot, M.A. S"^ Belfast, ISS4. « 

PoRTES (p.). Cantiques pour les principales Festes de TAnnee. Lat. 
8° Par. 1685, 

Portico. The Portico ; No. i-viii. 4° Zoncf. 1834. « 

Portraits. The Gallery of Portraits ; with memoirs ; Vol. in. 4" Lond. 
1834. « 

National Portrait Gallery of the 19th Century; with me- 
moirs ; Vol. V. 4° Lond, 1 834. « 

Portugal. Instrumentos e Escrituras dos Autos seguintes. Auto do 
Levantamento & juramento d'el Rey. Auto das Cortes de Tomar. 
Auto do juramento do Principe Dom Diogo. Auto do juramento do 
Principe Dom Philipe. fol. 1584. 

Manifest van Portugael waerom de Inwoonders sich hebben 

getrocken uyt de gehoorsaemheyt des Konings van Castilien. 4^ Am^ 
sterdam, 1641. 

Collec9a6 das Leys, Decretos, e Alvaras [desde o anno de 

1750 ate o de 1800]; 6 Tom. fol. Lish. 1771-1800. 

PoRVALDSsoN (oissuR jarl). Rimur. 12® Leira, 1800. 

PossEviNus (antonius). Judicium de Nuae militis Galli, Joannis Bo- 
dini, Philippi Mornaei, Nicolai Machiavelli et AntiraachiaveUi quibus- 
dam scriptis. Item Defensio veritatis ad versus assertiones CatholicaB 
fidei repugnantes ejusdem Nuse libris aspersas, auctore Petro Correto. 
8« Lugd, 1594. 

PoTENZA (ciECHo Di). Scielta di Ottave Siciliane. 8® Verona S^ Brescia, 

PoTocKi (jean), Comte, Principes de Chronologie, pour les temps an- 
terieurs aux Olympiades. 4° St, Peter sh, 1810. 

Potter (francis). A Fast Sermon. 8° Lond, 1757. 

Powell (baden). A Letter to the Editor of the British Critic, and 
Quarterly Theological Review. 8» Oxf, 1834. « 


P0WNA.LL (thohas). Considerations on the Scarcity and high Prices of 
Bread-Corn and Bread, suggesting the Remedies. 8** Cambr, 1795. 

Pozzo (ferdinando), Conte dal, DeUa Felicita che gl* Italiani possono 
e debbono dal Govemo Austriaco procacciarsi, col piano di un' asso- 
ciazione per tutta Italia, avente per oggetto la diffusione deUa pura 
lingua Italiana. 8^ Parigi, 1838. 

PozzoBON (giovanni), dctto Schieson. Opere ; 4 Vol. 8* Padova, 

Prades (jayme). Historia de la adoracion y uso de las santas imagenes, 
y de la imagen de la fuente de la salud. 8® Valencia^ 1597. 

Pradicatio. Ratio brevis et docta, piaque, sacrarum tractandarum 

Concionum, vulgo Modus Praedicandi adpellata, a quodara docto et 

pio Concionatore, Philippi Melanchtonis familiari congesta. Con- 

juncta est Phil. Melanchto. de Officio Concionatoris dissertatio. 8® 

Ulmasy 1585. 

Praohatica. Nova Rela9am da Pragmatica da Secia contra todas as 
Fran9a8, e Casquilhos sobre as parvoices das modas^ excesso dos 
enfeites. 4^ 

pRAOtJE. Epinicium ad duces Csesarianos recuperata Praga. 4® Ant- 
verpuBf 1620. 

Gazette van Blyschap wt Prage, Brussels Parijs ende andere 

plaetsen. 4® Antwerpen^ 1620. 

Relaes vande groote Victorie ende het innemen van Praghe 

ende andere plaetsen. 4® Antwerpen^ 1620. 

Tijdinghe wt Praghe. 4® Antwerpen, 1620. 

Tydinghen op den dagh van den slagh ontrent Praghe. 4^ 

Antfverpen, 1620. 

Verhael vanden bloedigen slach voor Praghe. 4® Anttverpen, 


Verhael van Praghe. 4' Antwerpen^ 1620. 

Waerachtighe Tijdinghe nopende de Hooftstadt Praghe. 4® 

Aniwerpen, 1620. 

An Account of all that passed at Prague from the French 

Army's Flight thither down to the raising of the Siege. By an engi- 
neer in the French army. 8* Lond. 1743. 

Praschius (jo. ludov.). Poematum Libellus. Accedit Pervigilium Ve- 
neris emendatum et notis auctum. 12° Norib. 1666. 

Prater (henry). An Essay upon the Law respecting Husband and 
Wife. 8» Lond. 1834. « 

Pratt (joseph s.). Short and plain Sermons^ for reading in Families. 
W Lond. 1834. « 



Pray (georoius). Historia Controversiarum de Ritibus Sinicis ab earum 
origine ad finem compendio dcducta. 8® Pestini, Buda, ac Cassooice^ 

Prayer. A Form of Prayer, composed on occasion of tbe late earth- 
quakes. By a Divine of the Church of England. 8** Lond. 1756. 

A Manual of intercessory Prayer. 8*^ Ipswich, 18i8. « 

Prayer, an infallible Test of the Truth of God's Word. 12* 

Ed'mb, 1833. ♦ 

■ Prayers and Hymns for every Day in the Week. 1 6® Lond, 

1833. ♦ 
• Lessons on the Lord's Prayer. W^ith prayers for every day in 

the week. 8° Lond. 1833. « 

The Pocket Prayer Book, with a scripture meditation and 

hymns to each day, for six weeks. 1 G" Lond, 1 834. « 

Two plain Letters to the People of England, exhorting them 

to the Use of the Prayers of our Church. 12® Norwich, 1834. « 

Preacher. The Preacher ; Vol. vi. 8° Lond, 1 834. m 

— Select Discourses from the American Preacher ; 2 Vol. 

Edinb. 1796-1801. 

Predestination. Verhael van ecnen Gepredestinecrden Cappuyn. 4" 
Antwerpen, 1619. 

Pre-existence. The Pre-existing State proved: and the consistency 
of the Trinity exhibited upon a new principle. By a Layman. 12* 
Lond. 1834. « 

Prepetit de Grammont (alex. de). Ad Ludovicum Hectorem de 
Villars, Franciae Parem, [Carmina.] Lat. Gall. 4" Par. 1714. 

Presbyterians. Histoire des nouveaus Presbyteriens Anglois et Es- 
cossois. Par M. F. 8" 1660. 

Presbyterian Loyalty, in two letters. 4° Lond. 1705. 

• Presbyterian Loyalty in 1648. In a letter from the 

Presbyterian Ministers within the province of London. 8^* Land* 

The History, Opinions, and present legal Position of 

the English Presbyterians. 8** Lond. 1834. ^ 

Presbyters. A View and Censure of the Mistakes propagated for the 
ordaining Power of Presbyters, in a book entituled, " An Enquiry 
into the Constitution, Discipline, Unity and Worship of the Primitive 
Church." 80 [Title wanting.] 

Prescience. An Essay concerning Divine Prescience, with a Disserta- 
tion on the Eternity of God. 8® Lond. 1 750. 

Prestel (m. a. f.). Anleitung zur pcrspectivischen Entwcrfung der 
Krystallformen. 8" Gottingcn, 1833. 


Pretender. A Letter to Mr. Secretary V n, in relation to the 

French King's proclaiming the Prince of Wales King of England. 4" 
Lon<L 1702. 

Hannibal not at our Gates : or, an enquiry into the grounds 

of our present fears of popery and the Pre — der. 8" Lond. 1714. 

Preti (oirolamo). La Salmace. Idilio. 8° TVnti, 1619. 

Price (george). Notes of Points in Practice ruled in the Exchequer of 
Pleas, and the Cases at Law and in Revenue argued and determined 
in the Court of Exchequer and the Courts of Error and Appeal. 
Trinity Term and Vacation, 1 Wm. IV. and part of Michaelmas Term 
2Wm. IV.; Pt. i. 8*» Lowrf. 1831. « 

Price (john). Considerations offered to the House of Commons, for 
building a Stone-bridge over the River Thames, from Westminster to 
Lambeth. 8® Lond. 1735. 

Price (richard). A Thanksgiving Sermon. 8^ Land. 1759. 
Price (samuel). A Thanksgiving Sermon. 8® Lond. 1 724. 

Price (thomas). A Sermon, in two parts, for the Sunday-School at 
Stourport. 8" Stourpartf 1814. Presented hy T. E. Pricey Esq, 

Prideaux (Humphrey). A Letter to a Friend, on the Convocation of 
1689, recommending a Revision of the Liturgy. And a discourse on 
the Ecclesiastical Commission of the same year^ as the best mode of 
preparing for a revision, by Thomas Tenison, Archbishop of Canter- 
bury. With a preface and notes, by the Rev. C. N. Wodehousc. 8** 
Xarwich, Lond. 1834. # 

Priest. The Plausible Arguments of a Romish Priest answered by an 
English Protestant. 8*^ Lond. 1686. 

The Jacobitism, Perjury, and Popery of High-Church Priests. 

S'^Lond. 1710. 

Priest Policy. 8° Lowrf. 1717. 

Priestianity : or, a view of the disparity between the Apostles 

and the modem inferior clergy. 8" Lond. 1 720. 

Priestley (joseph). An Essay on the first Principles of Government. 
8" Lond. 1768. 

Prilusius (jacobus). Leges seu Statuta ac Privilegia Regni Polonise. 
fol. Cracov. 1553. 

Primogeniture. Jus Primogeniti : or, the right of the first-born. In 
a letter ; by B. J., Esq. 4^ Lond. 1699. 

Prinole (thomas). African Sketches. 8*» Lond. 1834. » 

Printing. Plantificacion de la Imprenta de el Rezo Sagrado, que su 
Magestad se ha servido mandar que se establezca en Espana. fol. 
Valencia^ 1732. 

The Printing Machine; Vol. i-iii. 4* Land. 1834. « 



Prior (w. h.). A Key to Keith's Treatise on the Use of the Globes. 
12<> Lmd. 1834. « 

Prisoners. Abstract from the Acts of the 14th and 24th Geo. III., for 
preserving the Health of Prisoners in GaoL 8®. 

Pritchard (andrew). The Natural History of Animalcules : contain- 
ing descriptions of all the known species of Infusoria. 8® LoruL 
1834. m 

Privy Council. Proceedings and Ordinances of the Privy Council of 
England. Edited by Sir Harris Nicolas ; Vol. i-iii. 8® LoncL 1834. 
Presented by the Commissioners of the Public Records. 

Property. On Church Property. 8* Lond, 1834. ^ 

Prophecies. Nieuwe Voorseggingen wegens het besluyt van de Staeten 
en Rijcken van de Werelt. 4" 1688. 

Prosody. On the Prosodies of the Greek and Latin Languages. [By 
Samuel Horsley, Bishop of St. David's.] 8° Lond, 1796. 

Prosper {S,\ Aquitanicus. Carmina. . 4® Ven,y per Jacohwm Rvheum^ 

Protestants. Memorie van de Engelsche Protestanten aan den Prince 
en Princesse van Orangie. 4". 

Verhael hoe dat den Protestanten Legher van Franckfbrt 

op ghebroken is. 4® 1620. 

Verhael hoe dat der Protestanten Legher opghebroken is. 

ende hebben by Franckfort thien Dorpen geplundert ende eenich in 
brant ghesteken. 4^^ Antwerpen^ 1620. 

Verhael van der Protestanten Legher ende op breken 

der selver. 4** Antrverpen^ 1620. 

A Letter of Advice to a young Lady, to establish her in 

the Protestant Religion. 8<^ Lond. 1688. 

An humble Request to Protestants, to promote Religion 

and Trade. 4° Lond. 1688. 

A Representation of the Dangers impending over Pro- 
testants in Great Britain, before the coming of the Prince of Orange^ 
4» 1689. 

An historical Memorial of the most remarkable Pro^ 

ceedings against the Protestants in France, from 1744 to 1751 ; trans- 
lated from the French. 8" Lond. 1752. 

Proverbs. Cross of Proverbs. The second parts. By B. N. Gent. 
160 Lond. John Wright, 1616. 

^ ■ ■ Dictionnaire des Proverbes Francois. Par G[eorge] D[e] 

B[acker]. 8° Brusselles^ 1710. 


Providence. A Discourse on Providence. 8° Lond. 1747. 

Thoughts on the Providence of God. 8® Lond. 1834. « 

Provisions. An Enquiry into the causes of the present high Price of 
Provisions. S^ Land. 1767. 

— An Investigation of the Cause of the present high Price of 

Provisions. S^ Lond. 1800. 

Prout (william). Chemistry, Meteorology and the Function of Di- 
gestion considered with reference to Natural Theology. 8® Lond. 
1834. « 

Prussia. Beknopte Elucidatien, over het Recht van Sjrn Konincklijcke 
Majesteyt van Pruyssen tot de successie van de fidei-commissaire 
goederen van den Huyse Nassau-Orangien. 4® Gravenhage^ 1702. 

Prynne (willem). De oodtmoedighe Requesten van Willem Prynne 
enz. 4<* 1641. 

Psalms. The Book of Psalms. Hehr. with selections from the various 
readings of Kennicott and De Rossi, and from the ancient versions. 
By J. Rogers, M.A. ; 2 Vol. IS** Oxford, 1833, 4. « 

Postilla super totum Psalterium: [Opus Alexandri de Ales, 

aut Hugonis de S. Charo ?] fol. Ven. Johannes et Gregorius de Gre- 
goriis frcUreSf 1496. [Lit. Goth.] 

Psalmi LXX V priores Davidis Regis quos Georgius Heserus ar- 

gumentis, commentariis, sanctorum patrum symbolis et variis annota- 
tionibus instruxit. fol. Monach. 1673. 

Psalmi LXXV posteriores Davidis Regis quos Georgius Hese- 

rus argumentis, commentariis, sanctorum patrum symbolis et variis 
annotationibus instruxit. fol. Monach. 1675. 

■ Ein lijtil Psalma-og Visna-Book, af H. E. S. 12^ Hoolum^ 


A new Version of the Psalms of David. By James Usher ; 

Pt. I. 120 Xofirf. 1827. ♦ 

A Collection of Psalms and Hymns for the Use of St. Mary's, 

St. Giles's and Trinity Churches, Reading. 12^ Reading, 1830. « 
Christian Psalmody, arranged [by J. E. Franks]. 12® Lond. 

1834. « 

Ptolomjeus (claudius), Alexandrinus. Germania e cod. MS. qui Lu- 
tetise Parisiorum in Bibliotheca regia asservatur descripta ; lectionis 
varietate adjecta. Edidit F. C. L. Sickler. 4^ Castellum Cattorum. 

Pugilists. Observations on the training of Pugilists, Wrestlers, Jockies, 
and others^ who give themselves up to athletic exercises. 8®. 

PuoiN (Augustus). Gothic Ornaments selected from various Buildings 
in England and France. 4^ Lond. 1831. 


Pulpit. The British Pulpit ; Vol. i. 8® Lond. » 

An Essay on the Action proper for the Pulpit. 8® Lond. 


■ The Pulpit ; Vol. xxii-xxiv. 8<* Lond. 1834. » 

PuLTENET {Sir WM.). Substance of a Speech, on his motion for shorten* 
ing the time durihg which the Bank of England should be restrained 
from issuing cash. 8° Lond. 1797* 

Pulton (ferdinando). A Kalender of Statutes, fol. Lond. 1608. 
Presented by C. P, Cooper ^ Esq. 

fol. Lond. 1612. 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

fol. Lond. 1617.. 

Presented by C. P. Cooper , Esq. 

A Collection of sundrie Statutes frequent in 

use. fol. Lond. 1618. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

fol. Lond. 1622. 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

. fol. Lond. 1640. 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

fol. Lond. 1661. 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

Purser (charles). The Prospects of the Nation in regard to the Na- 
tional Gallery. 8® Lond. 1833. » 

PuTEANUS (erricus). Modulata Pallas^ sive Septem Discrimina Vocum 
ad harmonicas lectionis usum aptata. 8*^ Mediolani, 1599. 

PiJTTMANNUs (j. L. E.). Mcmoria Gottfridi Mascovii. Accedunt Jo. 
Barbeyrack, C. G. Schwarzii, J. D. Kocleri, N. H. Gimdlingii, 
J. G. Heineccii, G. Mascovii, et J. G. Boehmii Epistolee ; necnon 
Specimen Manuscripti Graeci Eclogam Legum continentis. 8*^ Lips. 

Pyle (tu.). a Letter to him on his Exceptions against Mr. Law's first 
Letter to the Bishop of Bangor. 8° Lond. 1718. 

_ An Answer to Mr. Stebbing^s " Miscellaneous Observa- 
tions." 8« Lond. 1719. 

Pym (john). Twee Oratien d*eene gedaen door den Grave van Hol- 
lant ende d* ander door Mr. Johan Pym, getranslateert uyt Engels. 
4* Amstelredam. 

Quakerism. A new Frame for the Picture of Quakerism, in eight Parts; 
Pt. I. [By Francis Bugg.] 8° Lond. 1719. 

Quakers. The Case of the People called Quakers, relating to Oathes 
and Swearing. 16® 1673. 


Quakers. Tyranny and Hypocrisy detected: or, a further discovery 
of the tyrannical-govemnMnt, popish-principles, and vile practices of 
the now-leading Quakers. 8* Lond, 1675. 

To the King and Parliament ; the case of the people called 

Quakers stated. 4*^ 1680. 

Some few of the Quakers' many Blasphemies* Heresies, and 

treasonable Practices. 4° Lond, 1699, 

Some Remarks on the Quakers' Address to his Majesty* 

dated 8. 10 Mon. 1701. {s. sh.) 

An Account of some Prosecutions against the People called 

Quakers for non-payment of Tythes. 4° Lond. 1706. 

The Christianity of the People commonly called Quakers, 

asserted by them. 8° Lond. 1706. 

The Tory Quaker ; or, Aminadab's new Vision. 8* Lond. 


Rules of Discipline of the Religious Society of Friends, with 

Advices. 4° Lond. 1834. » 

QuARLEs (fran.). Divinc Fancies, digested into Epigrams, Meditations, 
and Observations. 8° Lond, 1675. 

QuARLEs (joun). Fous Lachrymarum ; or^ a Fountain of Tears ; from 
whence doth flow England's Complaint. 8® Lond. 1648. 

God*s Love and Man's Un worthiness : with a dis- 
course between the Soul and Satan. 8^ Lond. 1651. 

Divine Meditations upon several subjects. 8® Lond. 


■ Triumphant Chastity : or, Joseph's Self-Conflict. A 

divine Poem. S^ Lond. 1684. 

QuELEN (AUGUSTUS van). Verhacl vanden staet van Fernanbuc. 4^ Ant" 
sterdanif 1640. 

Queries. Quseries : or^ a dish of pickled herring shread, cut and pre- 
pared according to the Dutch fashion ; for the squeamish consciences 
of English Phanaticks. 4*^ Amst, reprinted Lond. 1665. 

A Resolution of certain Queries concerning submission to 

the present government. 4^ Lond. 1689. 

1 — Queries to the new Hereditary Right-men. 8° Lond. 1710. 

Question. The great Question : or, how religion, property and liberty 
are to be best secured. 4® Lond. 1690. 

Questions. Four Questions debated. 1. Whether the exercise of the 
government be subverted ? 2. Whether the power of settling it is in 
the people ? S. Whether it is best to settle it in the next by lineal 

- descent, if James H. was dead ? 4. Whether 'tis consistent with the 
Prince's honour to accept of the government ? 4^ Lond. 1689. 


Questions. Four grand Questions proposed, and briefly answered. 4^ 
Lond. 1689. 

The two great Questions consider'd. 1. What the French 

King will do, with respect to the Spanish Monarchy? 2. What 
measures the English ought to take? 4*^ Lond, 1700. 

QuETELET (a.). Recherchcs sur la population, les naissances, les deces, 
les prisons, les depots de mendicitc, etc., dans le royaume des Pays- 
Bas. %^ Bruxelles, \%Z7 . 

et Smits (ad.). Recherches sur la Reproduction et la 

Mortalitc de THomme aux differens Ages, et sur la population de la 
Belgique. 8° Bruxelles, 1832. 

QuEVEDo ViLLEGAS (francisco). Obras ; 11 Vol. 8* -Warfrirf, 1791—4. 

QuicQUER (o.). Dictionaire et Colloques Fran9ois Breton. 8° Quimper^ 

QuiN (f. f.). Pharmacopoeia Homocopathica. 1834. 8^ Lond. » 

QuiN (m. J.). An Examination of the grounds upon which the Ecclesi- 
astical and Real Property Commissioners and a Committee of the 
House of Commons have proposed the abolition of the Local Courts 
of Testamentary Jurisdiction. 8° ZoncL 1834. » 

Quintilianus (m. fabius). Lexicon Quintilianum. [Editionis Spal- 
dingianse Vol. vi.] Curavit Eduardus BonneUus. 8° Lips. 1834. 

QuiRiNi (sEBASTiANo). La bcUa Pescatrice. Idilio. 8^ 2Vmt, 1619. 

QuiRos (francisco BERNARDO de). Obras. 4^ Madr. 1656. 

QuisTORPius (bernh. frider.). De Atheismo Benedicti de Spinoza 
Dissertatio. 4^ Rostock. 

Rabus (gulielmus). Carminum liber primus. S^ Roterod. 1707 > 

Radcliffe (e.). Two Sermons, preached Feb. 17, 1758. [A Fa8t«Day.] 
8'> Lond. 1758. 

. A Discourse occasioned by the Victory gained by Prince 

Ferdinand of Brunswic. 8^ Lond. 1759. 

Rae (john). Statement of some new Principles on the subject of Poli- 
tical Economy, exposing the fallacies of the system of Free Trade. 
8» Boston, 1834. 

Rago (thomas). The Deity, a Poem, in twelve books. With an intro- 
ductory Essay by Isaac Taylor. 12^ Lond. 1834. ♦ 

The Martyr of Verulam, and other poems. 8® Lond. 

1834. ♦ 

Raine (james). Catterick Church, in the county of York. A copy of 
the contract for its building, dated in 141^, with remarks and notes. 
4<' Lond. 1834. # 


Raleiob (Sir Walter). Verclaringe ende verhael hoe Wouter Raleighe, 
Ridder, hem gbedreghen heeft soo wel in sijne Voyaghe, als in ende 
sedert sijne wedercomste. 4® Gravenhage, 1619. 

Ram (james). The Science of Legal Judgment. A Treatise. 8^ Lond. 
18S4. « 

Ramadob (f. h.). Consumption curable. 4° Lond. 1834. » 

Rammohun Rot, RajtUk. The Precepts of Jesus the Guide to Peace and 
Happiness. With the first Appeal to the Christian PuWic in reply to 
the observations of Dr. Marshman. 8® Lond. 1833. » 

Second Appeal. S^ Land. ISSii, » 

Final Appeal to the Christian Public, in de- 
fence of " The Precepts of Jesus." 8^ Lond. 1 834. » 

Ramos (antonio). Descripcion Genealogica de la Casa de Aguayo, y 
lineas que se derivan de ella desde que se conquisto Andalucia por el 
Santo Rey D. Fernando III. hasta el presente. fol. Malaga^ 1781. 

Ram Raz. Essay on the Architecture of the Hindus. 4^ Lond. 
1834. » 

Ramsay (david). The Life of George Washington. 8** Lond. 1807. 

Randolph (john). Letters to a Young Relative. 8° Philadelphia, 1834. 

Raoul (maximilien). Histoire pittoresque du Mont-Saint-Michel, et 
de Tombelene. 8» Par. 1833. 

Rapin (rem£}. Christus Patiens. Carmen heroiQum. 8** Par. 1674. 

•» Epistola ad CI. Pelterium summum Regii ^rarii Prae- 

fectum. S^ Par. 1684. 

Rapun (NICOLAS Joseph). Reglamento para el Gobiemo de los Hospi- 
tales Reales, erigidos en la Isla de Cuba, con destino a la curacion de 
las Tropas, Forzados, y Negros Esclavos de S. M. fol. Madr. 1776. 

Rask (rasmus). Raesonneret Lappisk Sproglasre efler den Sprogart, 
som Bruges af Fjseldlapperne i Porsangerfjorden i Finmarken. 8" 
Kobenh. 1832. 

Rasfail (f. v.). a new System of Organic Chemistry. With notes 
and additions, by William Henderson, M.D. 8° Lond. 1834. » 

Rastal (william). a Colleccion of all the Statutes (from the begyn- 
ning of Magna Carta unto the yere 1557) which were before that 
yere imprinted. 4° Zowrf., R. TottylU 1557. [Lit. Goth.] [Wanting 
title and other leaves.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq* 

—— 4<> Lond., R. Tottell, 1559. 

[Lit. Goth.] Presented by C. P* Cooper, Esq. 

— Whereunto be added the 

collection of the Statutes, made in the fourth and fifth yeares of the 

rcignes of King Philip and Queene Marye. And the Statutes made in 

the first and fifth yeare of Queene Elizabeth, fol. Lond., Richard 

Tottel, 1565. [Lit. Goth.] [With MS. notes.] Presented by C. P. 

Cooper, Esq. 

K R 


Rastal (william). a Collection of aU the Statutes, from the begin- 
ning of Magna Charta unto this present yeare 1579. fol. Land,, 
Imprinted by Christopher Barker, 1579. Presented by C, P. Cooper, 

— — A Collection in English^ of the Statutes now in 

force, from the beginning of Magna Charta untill the ende of the 
Session of Parliament holden 28 Eliz. fol. Land. Imprinted by the De^ 
puties of Christopher Barker , 1588. Presented by C. P, Cooper y Esq, 

[A Collection in English of Statutes now in force 

from the beginning of Magna Charta. fol. Zone?. 1591 ?] [Title-page 
and part of Index wanting.] Presented by C, P, Cooper, Esq, 

A Collection, in English, of the Statutes now in 

force, continued from the beginning of Magna Charta until the end of 
the Parliament holden 35 Eliz. Whereunto are added, the statutes 
made in the Parliament holden 39 Eliz., 1598. fol. Lond, Imprinted 
by Thomas JVight and Bonham Norton, 1598. Presented by C. P. 
Cooper, Esq. 

A Collection, in English, of the Statutes now in 

force, from the beginning of Magna Charta untill the end of the Par- 
liament holden 40 Eliz. fol. Lond. 1 603. Presented by C. P. Cooper, 

A Collection, in English, of the Statutes now in 

force, continued from the beginning of Magna Charta untill the end 
of the Parliament holden 7 James, fol. Lond, 1615. Presented by 
C, P. Cooper, Esq, 

fol. Lond. 1 621 . 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq, 

Ratherius ( — ), Episcopus Veronensis, Opera. Curantibus P. et H. 
Balleriniis. fol. Veron, 1765. 

Rathke (heinrich). Anatomisch-Philosophische Untersuchungen iiber 
den Kiemenappart und das Zungenbein der Wirbeltbiere. 4*^ Big^ 
und Dorpat, 1832. 

Ratti (carlo Giuseppe). Notizie'Storiche sincere intorno la Vita e le 
Opere del celebre Pittore Antonio AUegri da Correggio. S** Finale, 

Ray (t.). a Vindication of Our Saviour's Miracles, in Answer to Mr. 
Thomas Woolston. 8*^ Lond, 1729. 

Woolston's Five last Discourses. 8® Lond, 1730. 

in Answer to Mr. 

Raymond (robert). Lord, Reports of Cases argued and adjudged in 
the Courts of King's Bench and Common Pleas, in the reigns of 
William, Anne, George I. and II. With notes by John Bayley, Esq. 
By Charles James Gale ; Vol. i. 8^ Lond, 1832. « 


Ratner (b. l.). Life of Thomas Jefferson, with Selections from his 
Private Correspondence. 8** Boston, U.S., 1834. 

Raynouard (f. j. m.). Histoire du Droit Municipal en France, sous la 
Domination Romaine et sous les trois Dynasties ; 2 Tom. 8** Par, 

Observations philologiques et grammaticales sur 

le Roman de Rou, et sur quelques Regies de la Langue des Trouveres 
au douzieme siecle. 8^ Rouen, 1829. 

Des Formes Primitives de la Versification des 

Trouveres dans leurs Epopees Romanesques. 8® Paris, 1833. Pre- 
sented hy the Author, 

Real Del Monte Mining Concerns unmasked, and a few Facts on Stock- 
Jobbing Schemes. 8° Lond, 1833. » 

Reaumur (r. a.). The Art of hatching and bringing up domestic 
Fowls by artificial Heat. Translated by Mr. Trembley. 8*^ Lond, 
1750. [Imperf.] 

Rebbe (nicolaus de). Tractatus de Utilitate Lecturae Theologicse. 4** 
Duaci, 1611. 

Tractatus Theologicus de Residentia Benefici- 

atorum quorumlibet. 4® Duaci, 1612. 

— Opus de Dignitatibus et Officiis Ecclesiasticis. 4® 

Duaci, 1612. 

Rebellion. An Enquiry into the Causes of the late Rebellion. 8^ 
Lond, 1746. 

Rebello Leite (bras josb). Ecco glorioso^ e festivo^ que aos Reaes pes 
dos Augustos Monarcas Joze I. e Dona Marianna Victoria repercute 
do universal jubilo. 4^ List, 1752. 

Recess. The Recess, or, autumnal relaxation in the Highlands and 
Lowlands ; a serio-comic tour to the Hebrides. By Frederick Fag, 
Esq. S^ Lond, 1834. » 

Rechteren (adolph henrik. Grave van). Memorie over al bet geen 
zich heefl toegedragen op bet subject van eenige verschillen tusschen 
de Lakeyen van bovengemelden Graeve, en tusschen die van de Heer 
Menager. 4® Gravenhage, 1712. 

Recitationes. Sex Recitationes. I. De dignitate religionis universe. 
II. De spiritu doctrinae ac religionis Jesu. III. De necessitate sacra 
et ccclesiam reformandi. IV. Considerationes de reformatione sa- 
crorum et ecclesiae. V. Historica Augustanae confessionis adum- 
bratio. VI. De principiis et spiritu Protestantismi ac R. Papismi. 8^ 
Lips, 1834. 

R R 2 


Record Commission. Questions circulated under the Authority of His 
Majesty's Commissioners on the' Public Records of the Kingdom, witli 
the view of procuring information respecting Records, Manuscripts, 
&c., in the possession of corporations and individuals, illustrative of 
the history and antiquities of England and Ireland, the Isle of Man, 
and the Norman Isles. [By C. P. Cooper, Esq., Secretary to the 
Board.] £o\. Land, ISS3. Presented anonymously, 

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Lond. 1833. » 

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down the Redeemables is demonstrated. 4° Lond. 1731. 

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and Principles of Human Magnetism ; translated, with notes, by 
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8»Z(mrf. 1758. 

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Parliamentary Grant, to poor Dissenting Ministers of England and 
Wales. With an appendix. 8^ Lond. 1 834. » 

Reflections occasioned by the Resignation of a certain great Man, 
[William Pitt, Earl of Chatham.] 8^ Lond. 1761. 

Reform. The legitimate Consequences of Reform, and an Exposure of 
the Abuses in Church and State, with an Account of the chief Acts of 
the Grey Administration. 8° Edinh. 1 834. 4f 

Reformation. Een verhael van de Voortgang der Reformatie van de 
Zeeden, in Engeland, Schotland, en Yerland, en in andere Deelen van 
Europa en America; uit het Engels vertaald. 4° Rotterdam, 1705. 

— The Coup de Grace : Mr. Bayle's prophesy fulfilled, 

in Luther junior his last stroke to compleat the Reformation. 8* 
Lond. 1745. [Imperf] 

A Blow at the Root : or, an attempt to prove, that no 

time ever was so proper as the present, for introducing a further Re- 
formation into our national church, universities, and schools. 8^ 
Lond. 1749. 

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ghilterra, libri due. 12^ Milano, 1675. 


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fidiee cum Mahumetana collatio. 8*^ Colon, Agripp, 1603. 

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The Annual Register for 1 834. 8° Lond. » 

The Cabinet Annual Register for 1833. 12® Lond. » 

The East India Register for 1834. 8° Lond. » 

■ The Evangelical Register for 1834. New series. 8" 

Lond. * 

The Horticultural Register for 1834. S^ Lond. » 

The Missionary Register for 1834. 8*» Lond. » 

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Reguart (ant. sanez). Diccionario historico de los artes de la Pesca 
nacional; 5 Tom. 4** Madr. 1791-5. 

Rehakosht (p.). An Account of a most horrid Plague begun at Rowel, 
alias Rothwell, in Northamptonshire. 4® Lond, 1692. 

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dem Drei Briidcrschachte bei Freiberg. 8® Freiberg^ 1832. 

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elaborata. fol. Lips. 1820. 

Reicuenbach (karl). Geologische Mittheilungen aus Mahren. Geog- 
nostiche Darstellung der Umgegenden von Blansko. 8° Wien, 1834. 

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Popular Treatise on Chemistry. 1. Chemistry of Na- 
ture. \2^ Glasg, \%S^, » 

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land; Vol. I. 8° Edinh, 1834. » 

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1834. » 

Religion. Een clare beantwoordinghe op dese vraghe : Oil een Christe- 
licke Onder-overheyt, haerder Hoogher-overheyt, dewelcke om der 
oefieninghe der warer Religie, over haer Ondersaten tyranniseert, 
met vrijer conscientie wederstaen mach. 4P Middelburgh, 1588. 

. Humble motives for Association to maintaine Religion es- 
tablished. [By Thomas Digges.] 16M601. 

■ The Trial and Determination of Truth : in answer to " The 

best Choice for Religion and Government." 4® Lond. 1697. 

Serious and free Thoughts on the present State of the 

Churchy and of Religion. By a Christian. 8® Lond. 1755. 


Religion. Reformation in Religion, to a degenerate People ; the great 
Means of National Prosperity. With a friendly epistle to the bishops 
and ministers of the Church of England; by Tho. Grantham. 8® 
Lond. 1756. 

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Wien, 1789. 

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Corner of Italy ; 2 Vol. 12^ LoruL 1834. ♦ 

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Lond. 1691. 

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Bibliotheque du Roi des XI IP, XI V« et XV* siecles; par M, D. M. 
Meon ; 4 Tom. 8» Par. 1 826. ♦ 

Renaut. Lai d'Ignaures, en vers^ du XIP siecle. Par Renaut 3uivi 
des Lais de Melion et du Trot, en vers, dil XIIP siecle. Publies par 
L. J. N. Monmerque et Francisque Michel. 4° Par. 1832. 

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posees dans les horreurs de la Bastille de Paris. 12^ La Haye, 

Rennie (james). a new Supplement to the Pharmacopoeias of London, 
Edinburgh, Dublin, and Paris. Revised and enlarged. 8® Lond. 
1833. ♦ 

Alphabet of scientific Angling. S^ Lond, ISSS. ♦ 

■ scientific Gardening. 8** Lond. 1833. # 

Physics. 8® Lond. 1833. » 

— Zoology. 8^ Lond. 1833. » 

Natural Theology. S^ Lond. 1834. ♦ 

'■ Medical Botany. 8** Lond. 1884. » 

. scientific Chemistry. 8° Lond, 1834. » 

The Hand-book of Gardening. W Lond. 1834. » 

Repertory. The Repertory of Patent Inventions. New series ; Vol. 
I, II. 8^ Lond. 1834. » 

Reply. The Reply of a Member of Parliament to the Mayor of his 
Corporation. 8° Lond. 1733. 

Repository. The general Baptist Repository. New series, for 1834. 
8^^ Lond. 

The Monthly Repository for 1834. 8° Lond. ♦ 


Representation. An Act (2 Will. IV. chap. 45.) to amend the Repre- 
sentation of the People, in England and Wales. Expurgated of su- 
perfluous phraseology. 16° Lond, 1832. « 

The old and new Representation of the United King- 

dom contrasted. 12° Lond, 1833. » 

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Resignation. An Apology for a late Resignation. 8® Land. 

The Resignation discussed. 8° Lomd. 1748. 

Reuben Maddison : a true story. 12° Birmingh. 

Revelation examined with Candour. [By Patrick Delany.] 3 Vol. 8^ 
Lmd. 1733-63. 

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Lond, « 

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nard Woods, Jun. ; No. i, ii. 8° New York, 1834. 

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The North American Review for 1834. 8° Boston, U.S. 

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Lond, * 
The Presbyterian Review for 1833. 8° Edinb, » 

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1830, 1. 

The Quarterly Review for 1834. S^ Lond. • 

Revue de Caen; Vol. i, Livrais. i. 8° Caen, 1832. Presented 

by M. Jules Barhey, 

The Westminster Review for 1 834. 8° Lond.^ 

Revivalist. Devoted to the revival of evangelical Religion. Conducted « 
by the Rev. Joseph Belcher. 12° Lond. 1833, 4. » 

Revolutions. Important Questions of State, Law, Justice, and Pru- 
dence, upon the late Revolutions^ and present State of these Nations. 
By Socrates Christianus. 4° Lond. 1689. 

Rey (cLAUDius). The Weaver's true Case. 8° Lond, 1719. 


Ret (fermin del). Funcion en dos Actos de dos diversas acciones. 
La Modesta Labradora ; Comedia ; por Fermin del Rey. £1 Tirano 
Gesler : por Don Luciano Francisco Cornelia. 4® Madr. 1790. 

Rethann (j. f.). An Introduction to the Study of the German Lan- 
guage. 8° Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Rezabal t Uoarte (josef de). Biblioteca de los Escritores que han 
sido individuos de los seis Colegios mayores : de San Ddefonso de la 
Universidad de Alcala, de Santa Cruz de la de Valladolid, de San 
Bartolome, de Cuenca, San Salvador de Oviedo^ y del Arzobispo de 
la de Salamanca. 4^ Madr, 1805. 

Rhetores Gr£ci. Ex codicibus Florentinis^ Mediolanensibus, Mona- 
censibus, Neapolitanis^ Parisiensibus, Romanis, Venetis, Taurinensibus 
et Vindobonensibus emendatiores edidit, suis aliorumque annotation 
nibus instruxit Christ. Walz ; Vol, iv, v. 8® Stuttg. et Tubing. 1833. 

Rhine. A July up the Rhine. 8^' Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Rhodes (huoh). The Boke of Nurture, or, schoole of good maners ; 
for men, servants, and children, with Stans puer ad mensam. 8*^ Land, 
H. Jackson^ 1577. [Lit. Goth.] 

Rhymes. Chronological Rhymes on English History. 8*^ Land. 1 833. ♦ 

Simple Rhymes on Birds and Beasts. S^Lond. 1833. ♦ 

RiccARDi (antonio). lutroduzioue agli Studj Ecdesiastici. ^^ Bergamo^ 

RicARDi (francesco) fu Carlo. Compimento e Traduzione della parte 
Greca e geroglifica della Pietra di Rosetta, col catalogo di tutti i 
geroglifici spiegati in Italiano. 8^ Genova, 1833. Presented by the 

Rice (john holt and benjamin holt). Memoir of James Brainerd 
Taylor. 12^ Lond. 1834. » 

Richards (nathanael). The Celestiall Publican. A sacred poem. 8** 
Lond. 1630. 

Richards (t.). A Fast Sermon. 8* 1756. 

8« 1757. 

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[Samuel Richardson]. 8® Lond, 1 749. 

Richardson (w.). The Utility of Fiorin Grass. A prize Essay. 8® 
Lond. 1811. 

RicHiNos (b.). a Narrative of the Sufferings and Martyrdom of Mr. 
Robert Glover and Mrs. Lewes, in 1555 and 1557. With some ac- 
count of Augustine Bernher. 8" Lond. 1 833. » 

RiDDERUs (franciscus). Reys-Discours op het verschynen van de 
Comet-Sterre in 't jaer 1677. 8° Amsterdam, 1677. 


Ridley (olocester). Four Sermons on the Lord's Supper. 8*^ LoiuL 

Three Sermons, on occasion of the Rebellion. 8** 

Lond. 1746. 

God's Threatnings against sinful Nations exempli- 

fied. A sermon. 8° LondL 1750. 

RiEPENiiAUSEN (f. etV.). Pcinturcs de Polygnote a Delphes dessinees 
et gravees d'apr^s la description de Pausanias. obi. fol. Rome^ 

RiGBY (n.). The real Doctrine of the Catholic Church on the Scripture. 
With an account of the conversion of the Duke of Brunswick, and of 
the Hon. and Rev. George Spencer. 12** York, ♦ 

RiNCK (guil. frid.). Lucubratio critica in Acta Apostolorum, Epistolas 
Catholicas et Paulinas. 8^ Basilew, 1830. 

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libros Institutionum astronomicarum praefatio. 8® /Intv. 1541. [Cum 
notis MSS.] 

RiNOELTAUBE (sYLvius wiLHELii). Nachricht von Polnischen Bibeln. 
8^ Dantzig, 17 U. 

Ritchie (william). Principles of Geometry familiarly illustrated. 12® 
Lond. 1833. ♦ 

RiTMEiER (t. g.), Pr^s, Dissertatio historico-philosophica de variis 
veterum Grsecise Sapientum Modis tradendi sublimiorem scientiam. 
Resp. H. C. Weddcrkamp. 4<» Helmwstad. 1728. 

RiTsoN (josEFii). An Essay on Abstinence from Animal Food, as a 
moral duty. S** Lo7id, 1802. 

RiTTER (karl). Die Erkunde im Verhaltniss zur Natur und zur Ge- 
schichte des Menschen ; Theil ii. Buch 2. Asien. Band i. 8^ Berl. 

RoBBERDs (j. w.), Jun» Scenery of the Rivers of Norfolk, from Pictures 
by James Stark, with historical and geological descriptions, fol. 
Norwich, 1834. ♦ 

RoBERsoN (hammond). Spcechcs, &c. on delivering a Bible, Prayer 
Book, and Homilies to the Rev. Hammond Roberson, A.M. 8^ Lond. 
1834. » 

Robert d'Artois ; or, the Heron Vow. A Romance; 3 Vol. 12" 
Lond. 1835. » 

Roberts (jane). Two Years at Sea : being the narrative of a voyage 
to the Swan River and Van Dieman*s Land, during the years 
1829, 30, 31. 8« Lond. 1834. « 

Roberts (mary). The Conchologist's Companion. 8° Lond. 1834. « 

Roberts (samuel). A Fast Sermon. 8® Lond. 1748. 

s s 


Roberts (william). Utrum diversarum Gentium Mores et Instituta a 
di verso earum situ explicari possint ? Dissertatio. 4° Cantabr. 1758. 

Roberts (william). Memoirs of the Life and Correspondence of Mrs. 
Hannah More ; 4 Vol. 12« Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Robertson (david). Discourses on the Apocal3rpse ; 3 Vol. 12* Glasg. 
1833. » 

Robillion ( — ). Descricao verdadeira das Figuras e Insignias, e Forma 
dos Garros, que Monsieur de Robillion, tern feito, y ediado para as 
entradas dos Touros, que em obzequio das Augustas Majestades, Ihe 
oferece a Camera desta Cidade. 4^. 

Robinson (disney). The Law and the Gospel. A course of sermons 
on the Ten Commandments. 8** Lond, 1833. ♦ 

Robinson (edward). The Harmony of the Gospels in Greek, with 
Newcome's notes. 8° ^ndoceVf U, S., 1 834. 

Robinson (p. f.). Rural Architecture. 4° Land. 1826. 

' Designs for Lodges and Park Entrances. 4® Lond. 

1833. ♦ 

Vitruvius Britannicus. History of Hatfield House. 

fol. Lond. 1833. ♦ 

History of Wobum Abbey. 

fol. Lond. 1833. « 

Robinson (richard). A Golden Mirrour. Conteining certaine pithie 
and figurative Visions prognosticating good~ fortune to England. 
Whereto be adjoyned certaine pretie Poemes written on the names of 
sundrie both noble and worshipfull. 4** Lond. Roger Wardy 1589. 
[Lit. Goth.] 

Robinson (thom as). Works; 8 Vol. 8'* Zowrf. 1814. 

RoBsoN (william). London Directory : for 1 834. 8*^ Lond. » 

Rochefoucauld (f. a. p.), Due de Liancourt. Voyage dans les Etats- 
Unis d'Amerique, fait en 1795, 1796, et 1797; 8 Tom. 8* Par. Van 
VII. [1799.] 

RocKSTROH (heinrich). Die Glasblasekunst im kleinen oder mittelst 
der Docht-oder der Strahlflamme. Nebst einer Anweisung, wie 
Mikroskope, Barometer, Thermometer und Araometer, Mikrometer 
und nach manche andere Gegenstandc, bei welchen Glas das vomehm- 
liche Material ist, verfertigt oder bewerkstelliget werden. 8° Lissa und 
Leipz. 1833. 

RoDERo (oaspar), Procurador General de larCompania de Jesus. Heches 
de la Verdad, contra los artificios de la Calumnia, representados al 
Supremo Real Consejo de las Indias, en defensa de las Missiones del 
Paraguay, contra las calumnias divulgadas en un Libelo infamatorio 
dc un annonymo est range ro. fol. 


RoDOLPH I., Emperor, Codex Epistolaris Rudolphi I. commentario 
illustratus. Praemittuntur Fasti Rudolphini. Accedunt Auctaria 
Diplomatum cum Indice ; opera Martini Gerberti. fol. Typis San^ 
Bl^zsianis, 1772. 

RoDOLPH II., Emperor. Brief aende Staten vande Gheunieerde Provin- 
tien op't stuck vande Nederlantsche Vredehandeling. 4^ 1608. 

Rodriguez (josef). Biblioteca Valentina. Juntasc la Continuacion hecha 
por Ignacio Savalls. fol. Valencia^ 1 747. [Cum notis MSS. quam- 
plurimis a Francisco Pascatio.Chiva.] 

Rodriguez (manuel). Summa de Casos de Consciencia. 4** Salamanca^ 

RoDWELL (mary martha). The Geography of the British Isles ; 2 Vol. 
IS^'Zom/. 1834. « 

RoELL (herm. ALEX.). Explicatio Catecheseos Heidelbergensis. 4^ 
Traj.adRhen. 1728. 

RoENicKius (joAN. TOBiAs). Dc Gunthero Eremita Reformationis Sa« 
crorum summe necessarisk jam saeculo a. C. N. undecimo, teste ac 
suasore tacito, Commentatio. 4® Gotting. 1759. 

Rogers (j.). The scriptural Character of the Doctrines and Services of 
the Church of England. A sermon. 8° Zoncf. 1834. » 

Rogers (neiiemiah). The true Convert: or, an exposition upon the 
XV. chapter of St. Luke's Gospell. 8" Lond. 1632. 

Roget (p. m.). Animal and Vegetable Physiology considered with re- 
ference to Natural Theology ; 2 Vol. 8° Lond. 1834. ♦ 

RoGNiAT (joseph), Barott. Considerations sur TArt de la Guerre. 8* 
Par. 1816. 

RoiG (jaume). Lo Libro de los Dones, y de concells donats a son nebot 
En Balthasar Bou. 4"^ Valencia, 1735. 

RoMAONosi (giovan domenico). Opere ; Vol. iv, 8° Fir. 1834. 

RoMAiNE (william). A Discourse occasioned by the late Earthquakes. 
8<»Zonrf. 1755. 

Romance. The Romance of Ancient History ; 2 Vol. 12*^ Lond. 
- 1834. « 

RoBiANS des Douze Pairs dc France. No. ii. Li Romans de Garin le 
Loherain. Precede de Texamen du systeme de M. Fauricl sur les 
Romans Carlovingiens. Par M. P. Paris ; Tom. i. 8*^ Par. 1833. 

RoMUALDO Agramonte (juan). Scrmou Funcbrc a las Honras del 
P. Fr. Juan de Soto, Ministro General de todo el Seraphico Orden. 
4" Alcala, 1736. 

ss 2 


RoNDELET (jean). Traite de TArt de Batir ; 5 Tom. 4» Par. 1830-2. 

Planches, fol. Par. 1832. 

Rook WOOD. A Romance; 3 Vol. 12° Zone?. 1834. « 

RooY (antonius de). Spicilegia Critica. 8° Dardr, 1771. 

Roquefort (b. de). Dictionnaire Etymologique de la Langue Fran^oise. 
Precede d'une dissertation sur TEtymologie, par J. J. Champollion- 
Figeac ; 2 Tom. 8" Par. 1829. 

RoBCOE (henrt). a Digest of the Law of Evidence on the Trial of 
Actions at Nisi Prius. With additions. 12° Lond. 1834. » 

RoscoE (w. s.). Poems. 8*' LontL 1834. # 

Rose {Rt. Hon. oeoroe). A brief Examination into the Increase of the 
Revenue, Commerce, and Manufactures, of Great Britain, from 1792 
to 1799. 8^ Lond 1799. 

_«^ Considerations on the Debt on the Civil List. 

8" Lond. 1802. 

Rose (oust a v). Elemente der Krystallographie, nebst einer tabella- 
rischen Uebersicht der Mineralien nach den Krystallformen. 8® 
Berlin, 1833. 

_ Kupfertafehi. 8°. 

Rose (h. j.).. An Apology for the Study of Divinity. 8° Lond. 

1834. ♦ 
— An Answer to "The Case of the Dissenters." 8® 

Lond. 1834. « 

A Visitation Sermon. 8° Lond, 1834. « 

The Duty of maintaining the Truth. A sermon. 8° 

Cambr. 1834. » 
The Study of Church History recommended.- 8° Lond. 

1834. » 

RosELLiNi (iFPOLiTo). I Mouumcnti dell* Egitto e della Nubia, distri- 
buiti in ordine di materie, interpretati ed illustrati, Parte Prima. 
Monumenti Storici ; Tom. ii. 8° Pisa, 1833. 

Monumenti Civili ; Tom. i. 8°Pwa, 1834. 

— (Atlas) ; Fascic. iv-xii. fol. 

RosENKRANz (karl). Haudbuch einer allgemeinen Geschichte der 
Poesie ; Theil ii, iii. 8° Halle, 1833. 

RosENBiiJLLER (e. f. c). SchoHa in Vetus Testamentum ; Pars xi. [Pars i. 
Josuam continens.] 8° Lips. 1 833. 

RosENOw (joACH.). Oratio panegyrica memoriae D. Alberti Wakenitzen. 
4° Gryphisw. 1652. 

RosETE (pedro). EUo es Hecho. Comedia famosa. 4°. 

La Torre del Orbe. Comedia famosa. 4". 

Todo sucede al Reves. Comedia famosa. 4°. 


RosiNi (oiovANNi). Luisa Strozzi, Storia del Secolo XVI. ; S Tom. 8® 
Pisay 1833, 32. 

Ross (Sir JOHN). Narrative of his Second Voyage to the Arctic 
Regions, in 1829-33. From the evidence before tlie Committee of the 
House of Commons. 12° Lond. 1834. « 

RossE (Alexander). Three Decads of Divine Meditations. With a 
commendation of the private countrey life. 4** Lond. Printed by 

^ M^l Heliconium : or, poeticall honey, gathered 

out of the weeds of Parnassus. 8*^ Lond. 1 644. 

RossETTi (domenico de'). Catalogo della Raccolta che per la Bibliografia 
del Petrarca e di Pio II., e gia posseduta e si va continuando dall' 
Avvocato de* Rossetti. 8° Trieste, 1834. 

Rossetti (oabriele). Iddio e Tuomo. Salterio. 12® Londra, 1833. m 

Disquisitions on the Antipapal Spirit which pro- 
duced the Reformation. Translated by Miss Caroline Ward ; 2 Vol. 
12'' Lond. 1834. « 

Rossi (domenico). La Pace. Dramma in un atto^ a due voci. ItaL 
Spagn. S^Madr.1795. 

Rossi (oiov. viTTORio). Pinacotheca tertia Imaginum Virorum illustrium. 
8» Col. Uhiorumy 1648. 

Rossi (p.). Traite de Droit Penal ; 3 Tom. 8« Paris, Geneve, 1829. 

RosTANo> the Brigand of the Rhone ; or, the brothers of Sion : a drama 
in three acts. 8° London, and Bath, 1834. « 

RoTHERAM (john). The Force of the Argument for the Truth of 
Christianity drawn from a collective View of Prophecy, in three 
Parts. 8« Oxf. 1653. [1753.] 

RoTULUs. Rotuli selecti ad Res Anglicas et Hibernicas spectantes, ex 
Archivis in Domo Capitulari West-Monasteriensi deprompti. Cura 
Josephi Hunter. 8^ Lond. 1834. Presented by the Commissioners of 
the Public Records. 

Rotulus Cancellarii, vel, antigraphum magni rotuli Pipae, de 

tertio anno regni Regis Johannis. 8® Lond. 1833. Presented by the 
Commissioners of the Public Records. 

. Rotuli Litterarum Clausarum in Turri Londinensi asservati. 

Accurante Thoma Duffus Hardy ; Vol. i. Ab anno mcciv ad annum 
Mccxxiv. fol. Lond. 1833. Presented by the Commissioners of the 
Public Records. 

Magnum Rotulum Scaccarii, vel, magnum rotulum Pipse, de 

anno trigesimo-primo regni Henrici Primi, (ut videtur,) quem plurimi 
hactenus laudarunt pro rotulo quinti anni Scephani Regis; nunc primum 
edidit Josephus Hunter. 8° Lond. 1833. Presented by the Commis' 
sioners of the Public Records. 


RouARD (e.). Notice sur la Biblioth^ue d'Aix, dite de Mejanes. 8*^ 
Par. DidoU 1831. 

RouERB (john). Mr. Rouere's Sincerity in his Confession and Recant- 
ation, shewn. 8^ Lond. 1718. 

RouiLLiARD (Sebastian). Li-Huns en Sang-Ters, ou, discours de Tan- 
tiquite, privileges, et prerogatives, du Monastere de Li-Huns, vul- 
gairement Li-Hons, en Sang-Ters, titue pres Roye, en Picardie. 4® 
Par. 1627. 

RouLEz (jos. IMM. oisL.). Specimen Literarium ]naugurale> exhibens 
Observationes criticas in Themistii Orationes. 8* Lovanii^ 1828. 

Rous (THOMAS bates). Observations on the Commutation Project. With 
a supplement. 8® Lond. 1786. 

Rowlands (samuel). Humors Ordinarie, Where a man maj be verie 
merie, and exceeding well used for his sixe-pence. 8° Lond. William 

■ Diogenes' Lanthome. 4° Lond. Printed for T. P. 

[Lit. Goth.] 

The Letting of Humours Blood in the Head- 

Vaine. With a new Morissco, daunced by seaven satyres, upon the 
bottom of Diogenes* tubbe. 16^ Lond. W. White, 1600. 

RoxAs (FRANCISCO de). Casarsc por vengarse. Comedia famosa. 4®. 

El Amo criado. Comedia famosa. 4°. 

El Desafio de Carlos Quinto. Comedia famosa. 





famosa. 4^. 

El Prodigio de Arabia. Comedia famosa. 4^ 
Esto es hecho. Comedia famosa. 4® [Im- 

La Confusion de Fortuna. Comedia famosa. 

La Esmeralda del Amor. Comedia famosa. 4®. 
Lo que mienten los Indicios. Comedia famosa. 

Mas pesa el Rey que el Sangre. Comedia 

No ay Dicha, ni Desdicha, hasta la Muerte* 

Comedia famosa. 4^ 

No ay Duelo entre dos Amigos. Comedia 

famosa. 4®. 

No ay ser Padre siendo Rey. Comedia famosa. 


Obligados, y ofendidos. Comedia famosa. 4®. 


Rox AS (FRANCISCO de). Peligrar en los Remedios. Comedia famosa. 

Primero es la Honra que el Gusto* Comedia 

famosa. 4**. 

Los Carboneros de Francia, y Reyna Sevilla. 

Comedia. 4^ Barcelona^ 1757. 

■ El Cain de Cataluna. * Comedia. 4° Faleneiat 


Roxburgh (william). Flora Indica ; or, descriptions of Indian plants ; 
3 Vol. 8° Serampare, 1832. 

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Prise de Constantinople, en 1453 ; 4 Tom. 8° Par. an xii.-1803. 

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r^glise desJesuites d'Anvers peints par P.P. Rubens, fol. Amst. 1751. 

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varios papeles impresos,] fol. Madr. 1789. 

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8<> Lond. 1833. « 

The French Pronouncing Book. 12^ Land. 

1835. « 

Rue (c. de la). Nummi aurei a Ferdinando Episcopo Paderbornensi, 
Barone de Furstenberg, &c., dono missi. Pyxis. S\ 

RuiiLL (joannes). Grammatica, of Singaleesche Taal-Kunst. 4® Am- 
sterd. 1708. 

RuELLE ( — DE LA.) Tragcdische Historie aengaende den moordt van den 
Burgemeester de la Ruelle ende het attentaet teghens d'Abt van 
Mousson ende andere. 4^ Amsterdam, 1637. 

RuFFHEAD (owen). The Statutes at large^ from 21 Geo. II. to 10 Geo. III. ; 
Vol. VII, VIII, [being a continuation of Cay's statutes], fol. Land. 
1769-71. Presented by C. P. Caaper, Esq. 

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Ampliata da Giuseppe Bouchard ; 4 Vol. 4® Fir, 1755. 

RiJHs (friedrich). Unterhaltungen fur Freunde altdeutscher und alt- 
nordischer Geschichte und Literatur. 8° Berlin, 1803. 

• Finnland und seine Bewohner. 8** Leipzig, 1809. 

Run dell (samuel). Observations on the Redemption of Man, on Di- 
vine Worship, and on the partaking of the Flesh and Blood of Jesus 
Christ. 8^ Lond. 1834. » 


RuscoNi (mauro). DescTizione anatomica degli organi della circolazione 
delle larve delle Salamandre Acquatiche. 4^ Pavia, 1817. 

Amours des Salamandres Aquatiques et developpe- 

ment du tetard de ces Salamandres depuis Toeuf jusqu'a ranimal par- 
fait 4"" Milan, IS21. 

Developpement de la Grenouille Commune depuis le 

moment de sa naissance jusque a son ^tat parfait. Partie i^. 4® 
Milany 1826. 

Rush (james). The Philosophy of the Human Voice. 8^ Philad. 1833. 

RussEL (wiluam). Lard* The Magistracy and Groyemment of England 
vihdicated ; or a justification of the English method of proceeding 
against criminals ; by way of answer to the defence of the late Lord 
Russel's Innocence, &c. 4° Lond. 1689. 

Russell (john). Concio ad Clerum. 4*^ Lond. 1 893. « 

Russia. Russisch-Kaiserliche Polizeyordnung. Aus dem russischen 
iibersetzt von C. G. Arndt ; 2 Theil. 4° St. Petersb. 1782-4. 

Stadt-Ordnung. Aus deip russischen iibersetzt von C. G. 

Arndt. 4° St. Petersb. 1785. 

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Christianae Vindice, Commentationis historico-theologicae 2 Parti- 
culae. 4^ ErlangicBj Parisiis, 1833. 

RuTHERFORTH (t.). A Defence of the Bishop of London's Discourses 
concerning the Use and Intent of Prophecy ; in a letter to Dr. Mid- 
dleton. S^ Lond. 1750. 

Rtan (richard). a Digest of the Irish Church Temporalities Act. 
With notes and an appendix. 12^ DubL 1833. « 

Ryland (WILLIAM deane). A Defence of the Honours and Dignities of 
the Church of England. With an Appendix. 8*^ Lond. 1834. « 

Saabye (hans eoede). Greenland : being Extracts from a Journal kept 
in that country in the years 1770 to 1776. With an introduction by 
G. Fries. . Translated from the German by H. E. Lloyd. 8° Land. 

Sabourn (reay). A perfect View of the Gin Act. S^ Lond. 1738. 

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Pavia, 1818-20. 

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4P Palermo, 1799, 1800. 

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mannum, 1532. 

Sacheverell (henry), a Letter to him, occasioned by his Assize Ser- 
mon. 4® 1704. 


Sacheverell (henry), a Letter to the Author of ** The Managers 
Pro and Con/' in answer to what is said at Child's and Tom's in the 
case of Dr. Sacheverell. 8^ Land. 1710. 

The Ballance of the Sanctuary : or, Sacheverell 

weigh'd, and found light 8<* 1710. 

A Letter to the Duke of Beaufort relating to 

the tryal of Dr. H. Sacheverell. 8® Lond. 1711. 

Sackville (Lord oeorge). A consolatory Letter to a noble Lord [Lord 
George Sackville]. 8° Lond. 1760. 

Saconay (oabriel de). Genealogie et la fin des Huguenaux, et des- 
couverte du Calvinisme. 8° Lyon, 1573. 

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covered. 8" Lond. 1759. 

Sadler (m. t.). The Law of Population : a Treatise, in six books ; 
Vol. I, II. 8® Lond. 1830. 

Saffery (maria grace). Poems on sacred Subjects. 8^ Lond. 
1834. « 

Saga. Pess Svenska Gustavs og pess Engelska Bertholds Sogur ur 
Donsku wtlagdar af Porsteine Ketels S3me. 8** Hoolum, 1756. 

— — Sagan om Ingwar Widtfarne och Hans Son Swen fran gamla 
Islandskan ofwersatt och utgifwet af Nils Reinhold Brocman. 4® 
Stockholm, 1762. 

iEfisaga og ^ttartala Ama Porarinssonar. 8® Leird, 1800. 

Sagan af Gaungu-Hrolfi samantekin af Haldori Jacobssyni. 12® 

Leird, 1804. 

— »- Vatnsdsela Saga ok Saga af Finnboga hinum Rama, bekostede 
af Jacob Aal, udgivne af E. C. Werlauff. 4® Kidbenhavn, 

St. Clair (rosalia). The Pauper Boy. A Novel ; 3 Vol. 12® Lond. 
1834. « 

St. Clair (t. s.). A Residence in the West Indies and America^ with 
a Narrative of the Expedition to the island of Walcheren ; 2 Vol. 8® 
Lond. 1834. « 

Saint-John (henry), Viscount Bolingbroke. Some Remarks on his Letters 
on the Study and Use of History. 8^ Lond. 1752. 

^ ■ Reflections concerning innate 

Moral Principles. Fr. Engl. 8® Lond. 1 752. 

St. John (j. a.). Egypt, and Mohammed Ali ; or, travels in the Valley 
of the Nile ; 2 Vol. 8^ Lond. 1834. « 

T T 


Saint-Pon8 ( — de). Genealogie de la Maison Du Hamel, dressee sur 
titres originaux et monuments historiques par M. de Saint-Pons ; 
achevee et redigee par M. Laine. 8° Par. 18S4. Presented by M. 
Du Hamel. 

Saint-Real (c£sar vichard de). Histoire de la Conjuration des £s- 
pagnols contre la Republique de Venise. fol. Par. 1795. 

Saints. Remarks on the four Volumes of the Lives of Saints publish'd 

in 1729. By Theophilus Eupistinus. 4^ Lond. 1732. 


Sajnovics (joannes). Demonstratio idioma Ungarorum et Lapponum 
idem esse. 4»» Tumav. 1770. 

Salazar (joannes tamayo). Martyrologium Hispanum ; 6 Tom. fol. 
Lugd. 1651-9. 

Salazar de Mendoza (pedro). Compendio de lo mas substancial que 
escrive el Doctor Salazar de Mendoza, en los cinco libros de la 
Monarchia de Espana. 4^. 

Salazar y Torres (agustin) y Vera Tassis y Villaroel (juan de). 
Mas triunfa el Amor Rendido. Comedia. 4^ Valencia, 1763. 

Salford. a Report of Addresses delivered at the Ninth Anni- 
versary of the Opening of the Salford Unitarian Chapel. 12^ Lond. 
1834. « 

Sallustius (c. c). De Catiline conjuratione. De Bello Jugurthe. 
Ciceronis Invectivse in Catilinam. 4° [^Parisiis, per Magutrum UdaU 
ricum, cognomento Gering.^ 

'■ Works; translated by Arthur Murphy, Esq. 8* 

Lond. 1807. 

Salvador, the Guerilla ; 3 Vol. 12° Lond. 1834. « 

Salvolini (franc). Des prinqpales Expressions qui servent ft la nota- 
tion des Dates sur les Monumens de I'ancienne Egypte^ d'apres I'in- 
scription de Rosette. 8° Par. 1832. 

Samouelle (oeoroe). The Entomological Cabinet ; Vol. ii. 12^ Lond. 
1834. « 

Samuel, Israelita. Epistola ad Rabbi Isaac translata de Arabico in 
Latinum per Alphonsum boni hominis. [Sequitur Opusculum de 
sacerdotio domini nostri Ihesu Christi.] 4® Bononie per Ugonem de 
nigeriis, 1496. [Lit. Goth.] 

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Hispaniarum Reginae. 8® Par. 1707. 

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Idraulica ; 2 Vol. 4° Mantova, 1831. 


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origine et antiquitate Ordixiis Carmelitarum, adversus P. Danielem 
Papebrochium cxhibitus. 4^ Franco/, 

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tarius. 4<^ Brixice, 1767. 

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Accesserunt de clave David, seu de regno Christi, Libri sex. fol. 
Wirceburgii 1592. 

De origine et progressu Schismatis Anglicani. 

Addita Appendice Petri Ribadeneirae. 8** CoL Agripp. 1610. 

Sandier (francisco). Por el Veintiquatro Francisco Sandier, y con- 
sortes, duenos, h interessados en la plata, y oro, y demas hazienda 
que registro en la mar el Almirante Moxica; con el seiior Fiscal. 
Sobre que se les mande entregar la dicha su hazienda. [Pleyto.] fol. 
Madr. 1634. 

Sandoval (prudencio de). Historia de los Reyes de Castilla y de 
Leon Don Fernando el Magno I. Don Sancho que murio sobre 9&* 
mora; Don Alonso VI, Dona Urraka. Don Alonso VII. fol. 
Pamplona, 1615. 

. Historias de Idacio Obispo, que escrivio 

poco antes que Espaiia se perdiese : de Isidoro Obispo de Badajoz ; 
de Sebastiano, Obispo de Salamanca ; de Sampiro Obispo de Astorga ; 
de Pelagio Obispo de Oviedo. fol. Pamplona^ 1634. i 

Sandys (georoe). A Paraphrase upon the Divine Poems. 8® Lond. 

A Paraphrase upon the Psalms of David. Revised 

by John Play ford. 8« Lond. 1676. 

Sanftl (colomannus). Disscrtatio in aureum, ac pervetustum SS. Evan- 
geliorum Codicem MS. Monasterii S. Emmerami Ratisbonse. 4° 

Sanoermano ( — ). A Description of the Burmese Empire, compiled 
chiefly from native documents by the Rev. Father Sangermano, 
and translated from his MS. by William Tandy, D.D. 4° Rome^ 
1833. « 

San Miguel (evaristo). Memoria sucinta sobre lo acaecido en la Co- 
lumna Movil de las Tropas Nacionalcs al mando del Comandante 
General de la primera division Don Rafael del Riego, desde su salida 
de la ciudad de San Fernando el 27 de Enero de 1820, hasta su total 
disolucion en Bienvenida el 1 1 de Marzo del mismo ano. 4° Madr. 

San Nicolas (pablo de). Antiguedades Eclesiasticas de Espana, en los 
quatro primeros siglos de la Iglesia. fol. Madr. 1725. 

T T 2 


Sanquirico (aless.). Raccolta di varie decorazioni sceniche inventate e 
dipinte da Alessandro Sanquirico per V I. R. Teatro della Scala in 
Milano. obi. fol. 

Santeul (jean de). Traduction en vers Francois des Hymnes [par 
FAbbe Saurin]. 8° Par. 1691. 

H3nnQnes traduites en vers Fran9ois par J, P. C. P. D. 

[J. Poupin.] 8° Par. 1760. 

Santo Dominoo. Real Cedula, por la qual se conceden varias gracias, 
y prerogativas en beneficio de todos los vecinos de la Isla Espanola 
de Santo Domingo, para el fomento de su agricultura, industria, y 
conoercio. fol. Madr. 17 B6. 

Sanxis (climent). Lo sagramcntal arroman^at ab ses alleguacions en 
lati. fol. LeydOf Henrich Botell^ 1495. 

Sarah and her Cousins. 12° Lond. 1833. * 

Sarhiento (teresa). Por la Duquesa de Bejar, y de Mandas dona 
Teresa Sarmiento ; con el Duque de Hijar De layme Fernandez su 
hermano ; y con la Condesa de Balfagona dona Ana de Pinos FenoUet, 
como herederos de la Duquesa de Hijar D. Francisca de Pinos. Sobre 

* el legado que dexo dicha Seiiora Duquesa dona Francisca a la seiiora 
Duquesa doiia Teresa su nieta en el codicilo. [Pleyto.] fol. 

Sarrans (b.)> Jeune. Lafayette, et la revolution de 1830; 2 Tom. 8® 
Par. 1832. 

Sathanas. Tractatus judiciorum. Processus sathane contra genus hu- 
manum. 8° Par. Jehan Petit. [Lit. Goth.] 

Savage (samuel). A funeral Sermon on Anthony Walburge> Esq. 8® 
Lond. 1749. 

Savage (w. h.). The Vulgarisms and Improprieties of the English Lan- 
guage. 12^ Lond. 1833. « 

Saul and Samuel; or the common interest of our king and country. 4® 
Lond. 1702. 

Saulnier de Vauhello ( — le). Memoires sur les Atterages des 
Cotes Occideptales de France, et Precis des Operations hydrogra- 
phiques et astronomiques faits en 1828 et 1829, sur les Brichs, La 
Badine et L'Alsacienne. Par M. Le Saulnier de Vauhello> assiste de 
MM. Wissocq, Cazeaux, Darondeau et A. Jehenne. 4^ Par. 1833. 

Sauharez (richard). a Dissertation on the Universe in general, and 
on the Procession of the Elements in particular. 8^ Lond* 1795. 

A new System of Physiology ; 2 VoL 8® L<md. 


Saunders (e.). Five Minutes' Advice on the Care of the Teeth. 8* 
Lond. 1833. « 

Saussay (andr. du). Panoplia Episcopalis. fol. LtU. Par, 1646. 


Saxony. Cronecken der Sassen [von Conrad Botho]. fol. Ments^ Peter 
Schoffer von Gemsheitn, 1492. 

Sayer (francis). a visitation Sermon. 4^ Lond, 1705. 

Sayer (joseph). a Vindication of the Power of Society to annull the 
Marriages of Minors. 8® Lond. 1755. 

Sayings and Doings in America; 2 Vol. 12® Lond. 1834. « 

ScADECK. Verhael van de Schermutseringhe geschiedt int wt trecken 
wt de Vrijheyt van Scadeck. 4® 1620. 

Scarcity. Inquiry into the Causes and Remedies of the late and pre- 
sent Scarcity. In a letter to Earl Spencer. 8® Lond, 1800. 

ScATCHERD (norrisson). The History of Morley in the Parish of 
Batley, Yorkshire. 8^^ Leeds^ 1830. 

Schedule. The Case of the Schedule stated. By a Member of the 
Lower House of Convocation. 4® Lond. 1702. 

ScHEFFERUS (jOANNEs). Dc uRtura et constitutione Philosophise Italicae 
seu Pythagoricse Liber singularis. Cui accedunt Pythagorse aurea 
carmina cum prsefatione C. S. Schurzfleischii. 8° Vttemh. 1701. 

ScHEKALiM. Hoc cst : tractatus Talmudicus de modo, annuaque con- 
suetudine siclun) mense adar offerendi, de nummulariorum officio^ 
coUybo, serarii sacri reditibus, expensis aliisque^ quae un^ tractantur, 
Latinitate donatus, et perpetuo commentario e Rabbinorum scriptis 
illustratus a Jo. Wiilfero. 4<» AUd. Noric. 1680. 

ScHELHORNius (jo. GEO.). Apologia pro Petro Paulo Vergerio Episcopo 
Justinopolitano adversus Joan^em Casam Archiepiscopum Beneven- 
tanum. 4^ Ulm, et Memmng, 1754. 

ScHELLENBERG (j. R.). Cimicum iu Helvetiffi aquis et terris degentium 
Genus in familias redactum, observationibus illustratum. 4^ Turici^ 
1800. I 

Genres des Moucbes Dipt^res representes en 

xLii. planches projettees et dessinees par M'. J. R. Schellenberg, et 
expliquces par deux amateurs de Tentomologie. Fr. Germ. 8® 
Zttftc, 1803. 

Schiller (fr.). Histoire de la Guerre de trente ans. Traduit ; 2 Tom. 
8° Berne, 1794. 

ScHiNZ (h. r.). Beschreibung und Abbildung der kiinstlichen Nester 
und Eyer der Vogel, welche in der Schweiz, in Deutschland und den 
angrenzenden Landern briiten. 4® Zurich, 1830. 

■■ Naturgeschichte der Saugethiere. fol. Zetpz. 1831. 

■ Abbildungen von C. J. Brodtmann. fol. Zurtci, 


Schism. A brief Enquiry into the true Nature of Schism. By M[atthew] 
H[enry]. 12<^ Lond. 1690. 


ScHLEOEL (a. G.). Le^ons sur THistoire et la Th^rie des Beaux Arts« 
Suivies des Articles du Conversations-Lexicon concemant rarchi- 
tecture, la sculpture, et la peinture ; traduites par A. F. Couturier de 
Vienne. 8^ Paris, 1830. 

ScHLEUSNER (joH. FRIED.). Novus ThesauHis philologico-criticus ; sive, 
Lexicon in v^x. et reliquos interpretes Grsecos, ac scriptores apocry- 
pbos Veteris Testamenti. Editio recensita et locupletata ; 3 VoL 8^ 
Glasg. 1822. 

ScHMiDius (andreas)> Ptcbs. Disscrtatio historico-theologica de modo 
propagandi religionem per carmina. Resp, L. G. Gelhud. 4fi 1728. 

Schmidt (j. a. e.). Russisch-deutscbes und deutsch-russischea Hand- 
worterbuch. 8" Leipz. 

Schmidt (jo. andreas), Prces. Adami Halberstadiensis in die cinerum 
ex ecclesia ejecti Historia et Origo. Resp. Jo. Cbristopborus Olearius. 
4*> Helmest. 1702. 

ScHNEEOAss (jusTiNUs). Commentatio de praeclaris JEness Sylvii seu 
Pii IL Pontificis in Romanas litteras mentis. 4° Jetue, 1757* 

Schneider (johann oottlob). Kritiscbes Griecbiscb-Deutches Worter- 
bucb ; 2 Band. 4^ Jena und Leipzig, 1805, 6. 

Schoell (fr£d.). Tableau des Peuples qui babitent FEurope, et des 
religions qu'ils professent 8^ Par. 1812. 

• Recueil de Pieces OfficieUes destinees k dtoomper 

les Francois sur les evenemens qui se sont passes depuis quelques 
annees; 4 Tom. 8' Par. 1814. 

Schoettoenius (christian). Commentatiuncula de Nicolao, Episcopo 
Constantianensi, Dresdse sepulto. 4*^ Dresd, 1741. 

School. A concise Account of tbe Mode of instruc^ng in Needle- Work, 
as practised in tbe Female Model Scbool, Kildare Place, Dublin. 8® 
Dublin^ 1833. « 

Schoolcraft (henry r.). Narrative of an Expedition through the 
Upper Mississippi to Itasca Lake. 8° New York, 1834. 

Schools, NationaL Tbe practical Manual of tbe Madras, or National 
System of Education as practised at tbe Society's central Schools, 
London. 12® Lond. 1833. « 

ScHOTT (andr.). Vitse comparatse Aristotelis ac Demostbenis. 4' -^tig. 
Find. 1603. 

ScHOTT (henricus AUGUSTUS) et WiNZER (juLius FRiDERicus). Commen- 
tarii in Epistolas Novi Testamenti ; VoL i. 8® Lips. 1834. 

Schottelius (j. o.). Opus de Lingua Germanica. 4® Braunschw, 1663. 

ScHRADER (henricus adolphus). Mouograpbia Generis Verbasci; 2 
Sect. 4<» GottingcB, 1813-23. 

■ De Asperifoliis Linnei Commentatio. 

4<» Gottingce^ 1820. 


Schramm (jo. valentin.)> Prass. De Vita et Scriptis Jo. Meursii Patris 
Dissertatio. Resp. lo. Frideric. Reinhold. 4® Lips. 1715. 

ScHRAssERT (jOANNEs). Commentatio ad Refonnationem Velavis. 4^ 
Harderviciy 1719. 

ScHREOER (b. o.). De Bursis Mucosis subcutaneis. fol. Erlangas, 


ScHRocKius (lucas). Memoila Welschiana, sive Historia Vitse Georgii 
Hieronymi Welschii. 4* Augustas Find. 1678. 

Schroder (j. h.). Historiola Bibliothecffi regii Gymnasii Arosiensia. 
Particula i. 4® Upsal. 1816. 

> Pars VI. A J. H. Schroder 

et G. E. Lodin. 4» Upsal. 1816. 

Schubert (f. t.). Traite d'Astronomie Theorique ; 3 Tom. 4° Ham" 
bourg, 1834. 

ScHULTEs (henrt). Ad Inquiry into the Elective Franchise of the 
Citizens of London, and the general rights of the Livery. 8® Land. 

ScHULTz (c. L. F.). Grundlcgung zu einer geschichtlichen Staatswissen- 
schafl der Romer. 8° Koln am Rhehiy 1833. 

ScHULTZE (f. a. s.). Dc Obclisco Thebano Narratio. 4^ Lignit. 1833. 

ScHURZFLEiscHius (c. 8.). NotitiR ScriptonuD Librorumque varii argu- 
menti ; 3 Partes. 8° Vittemb. 1737. 

ScHUTZE (j. F.). Holsteinisches Idiotikon, ein Beitrag zur Volksitten- 
geschichte. S^ Hamb. 1800-2. 

ScHWARTZENBERO (oTHO HETNRicK Gravc Van). Antwoordc van de 
Staten vande Nederlanden op de propositie die henlieden is ghedaen 
by Ottho Heynrick Grave van Swartzenberg. 4® Antmerpen^ 1578. 

ScHWARTZius (a. g.). Historia Finium ii^rincipatus Rugise. 4^ Gryphisw. 
et Lips. 1734. 

ScHWARz (Ignatius), Prass. Effigies Historise Bavarse radone methodica 
adumbratse. Resp. Franc. Xav. L. B. de Lerchenfeld. fol. Ingolst. 

ScHWARzius (c. o.), PrcBs. Primaria qusedam Documenta de Origine 
Typographiae ; Pars 1°". Resp. B. G. Munch. 4'* AUorf. 1740. 

I Pars 2^. Resp. J. O. 

Schaubert. 4« Altorf. 1740. 

Pars 3***. Resp. G. P. 

Negelem. 4» Altorf. 1740. 

ScHWEioGER (Salomon). Reyssbeschreibung nach Constantinopel und 
Jerusalem. 4® Numbergy 1608. 

SciAORAPHicoN ; No. II, III. ibl. Land. m 

Science. The Book of Science ; a familiar introduction to the princi- 
ples of natural philosophy. 8^ Lond. 1833. • 


SciEXZE. II Progresso delle Scienze, delle Lettere e dellerArti. Opera 
periodica corapilata per cura di O. R. ; Vol. i, Fasc. u— Vol. vii, Fasc. 
XIV. S^Nap. 1882-4. 

ScoppA (l. j.). Grammatices Institutiones et in calce epitome cum me- 
trorum arte. S^ [Neap. 1508.] 

Scotland. Sekere Nieumaren van de won^erlicke reductie ende verlos- 
singhe inde saken der Kercke Godts ende der Policie in Schotlandt, 
4« Delff, 1586. 

Afkomst, Regeeringe, Leven en Sterven van alle de Ko- 

ningen van Schotlant. 4® Amstelredam^ 1649. 

The Laws and Acts of Parliament made by James I, II, III, 

IV, V, Mary, James VI, Charles I, II, Kings and Queen of Scotland. 
Collected by Sir Thomas Murray, fol. Edinb. 1681. Presented hy 
C P. Cooper^ Esq, 

[With MS. notes.] 

Presented hy C. P. Cooper^ Esq. 

by James VII. Collected 

by George, Viscount of Tarbat. fol. Edinb. 1686. Presented by 
C. P. Coopery Esq. 

Reasons why the Parliament of Scotland cannot comply 

with the late K. James's Proclamation. 4° Land. 1689. 

■ Plain Dealing : being a review of the Scots prelatical clergies 
proceedings in the latter reign. 4° Land. 1689. 

The late Proceedings and Votes of the Parliament of Scot- 

land ; contained in an address to the King, stated and vindicated. 4' 
Land. 1689. 

A Memorial to the Prince of Orange, in relation to the 

affairs of Scotland. 4<^ Land. 1 689. 

— ^— An Address by the Members of Parliament of Scotland, 
delivered to his Majesty, Oct 15, 1689. 

The Acts and Orders of the Estates of the Kingdom of 

Scotland, fol. Edinb. 1690. • Presented by C. P. Caaper, Esq. 
The Laws and Acts made in the first Parliament of William 

and Mary holden at Edinburgh, fol. Edinb. 1690. Presented by 
C. P. Caaper, Esq. 

= in the second Session of the first 

Parliament, fol. Edinb, 1690. Presented by C. P. Caaper^ Esq. 

■ in the third Session, fol. Edinb. 

1690. Presented by C. P. Caaper ^ Esq. 

■ in the fourth Session, fol. Edinb. 

1693. Presented by C. P. Caaper ^ Esq. 


Scotland. The Laws and Acts made in the fiflh Session of the first 
Parliament of William and Mary. fo\, Edinh. 1695. Presented bf^ 
C, P, Cooper, Esq. 

'■ in the sixth Session, fol. Edinb. 

1696. Presented by C. P. Cooper^ Esq. 

in the seventh Session, fol. Edinb. 

1698. Presented by C. P. Cooper^ Esq. 

in the eighth and ninth Sessions. 

fol. Edinb. ^ 1701. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

The Laws and Acts of Parliament of Queen Anne, holden at 

Edinburgh, June 9, 1702. fol. Edinb. 1702. Presented by C. P. 
Cooper, Esq. 

- May 6, 1703. fol. Edinb. 1703. 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

— in the second Session of the first 

Parliament, fol. Edinb. 1 704. Presented by C. P, Cooper, Esq. 
in the third Session, fol. Edinb. 

1705. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

[in the fourth Session.] fol. 

Edinb. 1707. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

An exact List of the Peers of Scotland at the time of the 

Union, fol. Lond. 1719. 

The new Statistical Account of Scotland; No. i-iy. 8® 

Edinb. and Lond. 1834. • 

Illustrations of Scottish History, fifom the twelflh to the 

sixteenth century ; selected from Unpublished manuscripts in the 
Briti^ Museum, and the Tower of London. 4° Glasgow, 1834. 
Presented by Moses Steven, Esq. 

Scott (james). Every Man the Architect of his own Fortune : or the 
art of rising in the Church. A satyre. 4® Lond. 1763. 

^— — How far a State of Dependence and a Sense of Grati- 
tude should influence our Conduct. A sermon. 4® Cambr. 1764. 

ScoTT (jAMEs). The Companion to the Lavement Pump. 12® Lond. 
1834. • 

Scott (james). Recollections of a Naval Life; 3 Vol. 12® Lond. 1834. • « 

ScoTT (joun). Luther and the Lutheran Reformation ; 2 Vol. 8® Lond. 
1832. • 

-i The Character of the late William Wilberforce. A 

discourse. 8® Lond. 1833. • 

— — ■^— — Calvin and the Swbs Reformation. 8® Lond. 1833. ♦ 
— — — — Cases of Tic Douloureux and other Forms of Neuralgia. 

8® Zond. 1834. « 

u u 


Scott (john). A Vindication of the Rev. Joseph Milner, M.A., and 
his History of the Church of Christ against the Judgment pronounced 
upon them by the Rev. Hugh James Rose, B.D. 8^ Lond, 1834. « 

Scott (thomas). A Discourse on the Fast. 8^ Ipswich, 1757. 

Theological Works; 5 Vol. 8* Buckingham, 1805-8. 

Scott (<St> Walter). Saggio sul Romanzo di CavaUeria tradotto da 
Giov. Vegezzi. 8vo. Presented by the Translator. 

• Poetical Works; 10 Vol. S^ Edinb. 1S21. 

Scripture. The Scripture Testimonies of the Divinity of Jesus Christ. 
In a letter to Gilbert West, Esq. Occasioned by ** Critical Notes on 
some Passages of Scripture." 8" Lond. 1747. 

■ A brief Sketch of Attempts which have been made to 

diffuse a Knowledge of the Holy Scriptures through the Medium of the 
Irish Language. 8° DubL 1818. 

Notes on Scripture. S^ Edinb. 1832, « 

The Protestant Principle of appealing to the Holy Scriptures, 

subversive of Protestant Doctrine^ and confirmatory of the Roman 
Catholic Faith. 12<^ Lond, 1834. « 

Seabra da Sylva (jozefh). Deduc9ao chronologica, e analytica, na qual 
se manifesto, os horrorosos estragos, que a Companhia denominada de 
Jesus fez em Portugal, e todos seus Dominios ; ft Part. 4® Lisboa, 


Collec9ao das Provas citadas na Dednc^ao. 

4*Ztjr6oa, 1768. 

Search (john). Considerations on the Law of Libel, as relating to Pub- 
lications on the Subject of Religion. 8^ Land. 1833. « 

' A Reply to John Search's " Considerations on the Law 

of Libel, as relating to Publications on the Subject of Religion." By 
S. N. S'^ DubL 1834. x « 

Searle (thomas). The Sick Visitor's Assistant. 12® Land. 1834. « 

— Esther, a Sacred Drama, with miscellaneous pieces. 

12^ Land. ISSi. m 

Sea-Service. The Sea-Service : or sketches of ship-building, naviga- 
tion, and naval warfare. 8° Land. 1834. • 

Seaton (thomas). The Divinity of our Saviour proved. 8® Land. 

SfecKER (thomas), Abp. of Canterbury. A Charge. 8° Land. 1739. 

Seckerson (a. b.). The three Sisters ; or, memoirs of Miss Mary, Jane, 
and Eliza Seckerson. 12° Land. 1834. « 

Skcond coming. The Second Coming of our Lord the True Hope of 
Believers. 12° Dubl 1833. « 

Secret. The great Secret disclosed. 8° Land. 


Sectarianism. The Spirit of Sectarianisra ; with observations on the 
duty and means of destroying prejudice^ and restoring the primitive 
unity of the Church. 8** Lond. 1 833. • 

Sedgwick (james). Remarks on the Commentaries of Sir William 
Blackstone. 4® Lond. 1800. 

A Letter to the Rate-Payers of Great Britain, on 

the Repeal of the Poor-Laws : with the outline of a plan for the aboli- 
tion of the poor-rates at the end of three years. 8^ Lond, 1833. • 

Seelen (jo. henr. a). Memoria Stadeniana, sive de vita, scriptis ac 
mentis Diederici a Stade Commentarius. 8** Hamburg. 1725, 

De Poetis, eorundemque dictis in Novo Testa- 

mento citatis, ad illustranda Act xvii. 28, 1 Cor. xv. 33, Tit. i. 12, 
selectse Observationes. 4^^ Luhec. 17 2S. 

Seoneri (paolo). La Pratique des Devoirs des Cures; traduite par 
FAbbe Delvincourt. 12° Par. 1781. 

Seoura (jacikto). Apologia contro los Diarios de los Literatos de 
Espaiia, sobre los Articulos xii, xni, y xiv del Tomo ii. y i. del Tomo 
III. 4» Valencia, 1738. 

— — ^— — Admonitiones in Volumina i, ii, et iii Bibliographis 
Critics Matriti edita anno 1740. Quas publici juris facit Thadsus 
Blay. 8° Valentias, 1742. 

Seguy (joseph). Nouvel Essai de Poesies sacr^es. 12° Meaux [1756]. 

Selby (w.). An attempted Examination of a Sermon, entitled *' A 
Minister's Advice to his Flock, against the Errors of a Sect calling 
themselves Unitarians." 8° Lynriy 1834. • 

Seligmann (r.). Ueber drey hochst seltene Persische Handschriflen. 
Ein Beytrag zur Litteratur der orientalischen Arzneymittellehre. 8° 

Selwyn (william). a Visitation Sermon. 8° Cambr. 1834. • 

Extracts from the College Examinations in Divi- 
nity for the last four Years. With a letter to the examiners. 8® 
Cambr. 1834. ♦ 

Semaine Sainte. L'Office de la Semaine Sainte, a Tusage de la maison 
duRoy. 8<> Par. 1727. 

selon le nouveau Bre- 

viaire de Paris. 8". 

Semper (joun). The Infant Scholar*s Guide to Knowledge. 12° Land. 
1834. • 

The Infant Scholar's Spelling Book. 12° Chelsea, 

1834. • 

Semp^r^ {M.). Considerations sur les Causes de la Grandeur et de la . 
Decadence de la Monarchic Espagnole ; 2 Tom. 1 2° Par. 1 826. 

u u 2 


Senator. The Senator or Parliamentary Chronicle ; 28 Vol. 8* Lend. 

Seneca (l. a.). Workes, both morrall and naturall, translated by Tho. 
Lodge, fol. Lond, 1614. 

Septennial Act. A List of the Members who voted for and against the 
Bill for repealing the Septennial Act. With the speeches of the two 
gentlemen who moved and seconded the question. 4® Lond. 1734. 

Septuaoint. A Vindication of the History of the Septuagint from the 
Misrepresentations of Scaliger, Dupin, Dr. Hody, Dr. Prideaux, and 
others. [By Charles Hayes.] 8® Lond. 1736. 

Sequentie et Hymni per totum Annum. [Per Hermannum Torren- 
tinum.] 4® Colonies Martinus de werdena, 1505. 

Serarius (nicolaus). Josue, ab utero usque ad tumulum, libris quinque 
explanatus. fol. Mogunt. 1609. 

Serma5. Sermao da Ressurrei^ao de Bacho. 4^ 

Sermons. A Sermon on Psal. xxxix, 6. 8° [Title wanting.] 

A Funeral Sermon. 8® [Title wanting]. 

Predicatie ghepredickt tot Edingburgh by een Predikant uyt 

Hitlandt: over hetonder-teyckenen van*tKerckelijckeVerbondtte^ens 
de Papistische Ceremonien. 4^ Leyden^ 1642. 

Dives and Lazarus. Or, rather devilish Dives. Delivered in 

a sermon by R. J. 16° Lond. 1677. [Lit. Goth.] 

' A monthly-Fast Sermon. 4° Zomf. 1691. 

A Funeral Sermon, preach*d at Burwash in Sussex. 8^ Lond. 


Four Sermons upon most important Topicks ; or, catechistical 

lectures. 8<^ Lond. 1715. 

A Farewel Sermon [by Richard Russell, A.M.]. 8° Lond. 


A Fast Sermon, Feb. 6, 1756. 8» Lond. 1756. 

A Fast Sermon on 1 Cor. vi. 20. 8* Lond. 1757. 

Conjugal Love and Duty : a discourse upon Hebrews xiii. 4. 

S^'Lhibl. 1757. 

8® DubLy Lond. 

reprintedf 1758. 

A Sermon preached on the Anniversary of the Founder's 

Commemoration, at All-Souls, Oxford. 8° Lond. 1759. 

A few Remarks on " a Sermon preached on the Anniversary 

of the Founder*s Commemoration, at All-Souls, Oxford." 8° Lond. 

A plain Sermon in Ember Week, with Notes on the Prae- 

munire. 12'' Lond. 1834. « 


Sermons. A Series of lay Sennons on good Principles and good 
Breeding. By the Ettrick Shepherd. 12^ Lond. 1834. « 

— Fourteen Sermons on the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper, 

and on other Subjects. By a late Fellow of a College in Oxford. 
129 Oxf. 1834. ♦ 

Original Family Sennons ; Pts. vm, xv-xxiv. 8* ^Kmd. 

1833, 4. ♦ 

Sennons contributed by Clergymen of the Church of 

England; 2 Vol. 8® Lond. 1834. « 

Servants. A Proposal for the Amendment and Encouragement of Ser- 
vants. 8® Lond. 1752. 

Servius (honoratus). Libellus de Ultimis Syllabis : [et Centimetnun.] 
8* Viterbiiy 1488. 

Settimana Santa. Uffizio della Settimana Santa. Con osservazioni 
di Alessandro Mazzinelli. 4^ Roma^ 1758. 

Sevilla (feliciano de). Primera Parte de Romances Espirituales y 
Canciones Devotas. 8® Sevilla, 1705. 

Sevillamo (micasius). Primatus Hispaniaruro vindicatus, sive, defensio 
Primatus Ecclesise Toletanse adversus Memoriale Ecclesise Hispa- 
lensis. Ex Hispanico Latine reddita a Cajetano Cenni. fol. Romte^ 

Sewell (georoe). His first Letter to the Bishop of Salisbury. 8^ 

A second Letter to the Bishop of Salisbury. 8® 

— — — — An Introduction to the Life and Writings of G 1, 

Bishop of Sarum. Being a third letter to his Lordship. 8® Lond. 

More News from Salisbury. 8* Land. 1714. 

The Reasons for writing against the Bishop of Salis- 
bury. 8® Lond. 1714. 

Remarks upon a Pamphlet, entitul'd ** Observations 

Lond. 1713. 

upon the State of the Nation in Jan. 174^." 8^ Lond. 1714. 

Schism destructive of the Government,' both in 

Church and State. 8^ Lond. 1714. 

Sewbll (w.). Thoughts on Subscription, in a letter to a Member of 
Convocation. 8^ Oxf. 1834. • 

Thoughts on the Admission of Dissenters to the Uni- 
versity of Oxford; and on the establishment of a state religion; in a 
letter to a dissenter. 8^ Oxf. 1834. « 


Sewell (w.)* a second Letter to a Dissenter on the Opposition of the 
University of Oxford to the Charter of the London College. 8° Oxf. 
and Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Setffarth (gustav). Beitraege zur Kenntniss der Literature Kunst, 
Mythologie und Geschichte des alten Aegypten ; Heft ii-v. 4® Leipz. 

Sgambatus (scifio). Archivorum veteris Testamenti lihri tres. foL 
Neap. 1703. 

Shakspeare (william). Plays and Poems : edited by A. J. Valpy ; 
Vol. XV. 12° Lond. 1834. • 

A compendious Examination 'of certayne or- 
dinary Complaints of divers of our Countrymen in these our Dayes. 
[Attributed to Shaskpeare, but written by Wm. Stafford.] 8® Land. 

8° Fir. 1814. 

8«Fir. 1814. 

Leoni. 8® Fir. 1814. 

Amleto ; in versi Italiani da Michele Leoni. 

Otello ; in versi Italian! da Michele Leoni. 

Romeo e Giulietta ; in versi Italiani da Michele 

La Morte di Giulio Cesare ; in versi Italiani 

da Michele Leoni. 8^ Pisa, 1815. 

La Tempesta; in versi Italiani da Michele 

Leoni. 8° Pisa, 1815. 

Riccardo III.; in versi Italiani da Michele 

Leoni. 8° Fir. 1815. 

Citation and Examination of William Shak- 

speare, Euseby Treen» Joseph Carnaby> and Silas Gough Clerk, before . 
the worshipful Sir Thomas Lucy, Knight, touching deer-stealing. 
With a conference of Master Edmund Spenser with the Earl of Essex. 
12^ Lond. 1834. « 

Shapter (thomas). Medica Sacra ; or short expositions of the more 
important diseases mentioned in the sacred writings. 8° Lond. 1834. • 

Sharp (Sir cuthbert). A List of the Knights and Burgesses who have 
represented the county and city of Durham in Parliament. 4^ Sun^ 
derland, 1831. Presented by the Author. 

Sharpe (j.). a Vindication of the Consecration of Archbishop Cran- 
mer ; as also of Archbishop Parker's Consecration. 8° Lond. 1721. 

Sharpe (johm). Peerage of the British Empire^ 1834. 8® Lond. « 

Shatford (w.). An English Grammar. W Lond. 1834. « 


Shaw (ferdinando). The Judgment of the Church of England in the 
point of Ordination, argued. 8* LaruL 1715. 

. • — The Judgment of the Church of England in the 

point of Ordination, truly argued. In answer to Mr. Ferdinando 
Shaw in his late Pamphlet. S^ Land. 1715. 

SiiAW (john). Engravings illustrative of a Work on the Nature and 
.Treatment of the Distortions to which the Spine and the Bones of the 
Chest are subject, fol. Land. 1824. 

Shawe (john). Memoir's of his Life> written by Himself. With notes 
by John Broadley. S^ Hull, 1824. 

Sheffield (john), Duke of Buckingham. An Answer to his Paper con- 
cerning Religion, Toleration, and Liberty of Conscience. 4° Lond. 

Shelford (Leonard). The Real Property Statutes of the 2 and 8, and 
3 and 4 William IV. With notes and an appendix. 12° Land. 1884. • 

Shepey. History and Survey of the Island of Shepey. 12® Chatham, 

Shefpard (samuel). The Loves of Amandus and Sophronia, histori- 
cally narrated. 8® Lond. 1650. 

Epigrams theologicall, philosophical, and 'roman- 

tick. Six books. With the Socratick Session, and other select poems. 
8* Lond. 1651. 

Sheriff. A Letter to the Lord Mayor [Sir John Bernard] on his nomi- 
nation of five Persons, disqualified by Act of Parliament, to serve the 
office of Sheriffs. [By Samuel Chandler.]* S^ Lond. 1788. 

Sherlock (thomas), Bishop of London. A Sermon on Nov. 5, 1712. 8^ 
Land. 1717. 

■■ ' ' ■ Letter to him on his Sermon on 

Nov. 5, 1712. 8» ZonJ. 1717. 

The Bishop of Bangor's Defence 

of his Assertion, viz. that the example of our Lord is much more fit to 
be urged to slaves than to subjects, consider'd. 8*^ Lond. 1718. 

Lond. 1718. 

A Letter to him, by H. B. 4<» 

■ The Condition and Example of 

our Blessed Saviour vindicated : in answer to the Bishop of Bangor's 
charge of calumny against the Dean of Chichester. 8^* Lond. 1718. 

Letter to the Clergy and People 

of London and Westminster ; on occasion of the late earthquakes. 8^ 
Lond. 1750. 


Sherlock {thom as), Bishop of London. A serious Expostulation with 
him on his Letter to the Clergy and People of London and Westmin- 
ster. 8^ Lond. 1750. 

An impartial Examination of 

the Bishop of London's late Appendix to a " Dissertation on the sense 
of the Ancients before Christ upon the circumstances and consequences 
of the Fall." 8° Lond. 1 750. 

Remarks on the two Volumes of 

Dbcourses lately published by him. 8" Lond. 1755. 

Natural and revealed Religion 

at Variance : a curious controversy between the Bishop of London 
and Dr. Thomas Sherlock. 8'^ Lond. 1758. 

Sherlock (william). A Vindication of the Unitarians, against a late 
Reverend Author [William Sherlock] on the Trinity. 4". 

Sherwood, {Mrs. — ). The Latter Days. 8" Lond. 1833. m 

Ship-builders. An Apology for English Ship-Builders. 8* Lond^ 

1833. • 

SmppEN (Dr.). The Spiritual Intruder unmask'd: in a letter from the 
orthodox in White-chappel, to Dr. Shippen. 8® Lond. 1 716. 

Shipton. Moeder Schiptons Prophecyen van Engelandt. 4^ Graven- 
hage, 1667. 

Shires (william). Arithmetical Compendium. 12^ Lond. 1834. m 

Shirrefs (Andrew). Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. 8° EdinK 

Showell's Housekeeper's Account Book. 4® Birmingham^ 1832. m 

Shower (john). Practical Reflections on the Earthquakes that have 
happened in Europe and America, but chiefly in the Islands of Jamaica, 
England, Sicily, Malta, etc. S^ Lond. 1750. 

Shropshire. A Selection of Antiquities in the County of Salop. With 
topographical accounts. 4® Lond. 1824. 

Shuttleworth (p. n.). Sermons on the leading Principles and Practical 
Duties of Christianity; Vol. ii. S^ Lond. 1834. » 

Sicily. Voyage Pittoresque en Sicile [par M. de la Salle] ; 2 Tom. fol. 
Paris, Didot, 1822-B. 

Sicily and its Monuments ; No. i, ii. 4® Lond. 1825. 

Sidney (Algernon). His Self-Conviction: or, his dying paper con- 
demned to live. 4<^ Lond. 1684. 

Sidney (edwin). The Life of the Rev. Rowland Hill^ A.M. 8^ Lond^ 

1834. « 


SiESTRENCEWicz DE BoHUsz (stanislave), Archcvequc de Mohitew, Re- 
cherches historiques sur I'origine des Sarmates, des Esclavons et des 
Slaves, et sur les epoques de la conversion de ces peuples au Christian- 
i8me;4Tom. S^ St. Peter sb. 1612, 

SiGouRNEY (lydia II.). Letters to Young Ladies. With an introductory 
essay by the Rev. Joseph Belcher. 16^ Lond. 1834. • 

Evening Readings in History. 12* Lond. 

1834. • « 

SiHLER (w.). Die symbolik des antlitzes. S^ BerL I S29. 

Silk. Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, transmitting the in- 
formation required by a Resolution of the House of Representatives, in 
relation to the growth and manufacture of Silk, adapted to the different 
parts of the Union. 8' Woihington^ 1828. Presented by the Rev. 
Thomas Hartwell Home. 

SiLLERY (c. D.). A Discourse on the Sufferings of our Saviour. 8" Edinh. 
1833. « 

The Royal Mariner, etc. etc. 8<» Zonrf. 1834. m 

SiLVA Lisboa (jos^ ba). Estudos do Ben-Commum e Economia Politica. 
4® Rio de Janeiro^ 1819. Presented by C. P. Cooper y Esq, 

SiLVERSTOLPE (a. g.). Forsok till en enkel, grundriktig, och derigenom 
ofbranderlig Bokstafverings-Teori for Svenska Spraket. 8° Stocks 
holmy 1811. 

Silvester (tipping). A Sermon before the Corporation of Oxford. 4* 
Oxf. 1732. 

Silvestre de Sacy (ant. is.). Principles of general Grammar ; trans- 
lated by D. Fosdick, Jun. 8° Andover, U. S., 1834. 

SiMMS (FREDERICK w.). A Treatise on the principal mathematical In- 
struments employed in surveying, levelHng, and astronomy. 8** 
Lond. 1834. • 

Simon (joh.). Vorlcsungcn iiber die Christlichen Alterthtimer nach 
Anleitung S. J. Baumgartens Breviar. Antiq. Christianarum : mit An- 
merkungen von Samuel Mursinna. 8^ Halle, 1769. 

Simon (ricuard). Critique de la Bibliotheque des Auteurs Ecclesias- 
tiques et des Prolegomenes de la Bible, publiez par M. Elies Du-Pin; 
4 Tom. 8'» Par. 1730. 

SiMONiNUs (stephanus). SilvsB Urbanianse^ seu, gesta Urbani VIIL 
^I'^.Antv., ex officina Planttniana, 1637. 

Simpson (david). Sacred Literature ; 4 Vol. 8^ J^imiin^A. 1788. 

Simpson (georoe). The Anatomy of the Muscles. 4° Lond. 1834. % 

Simpson (james). Necessity of popular Education, as a national Object; 
with hints on the treatment of criminals, and observations on homi- 
cidal insanity. 8<^ Edmb. 1834. « 

X X 


Sinclair (Sir john). Letters to the Governors and Directors of the 
Bank of England, on the pecuniary distresses of the country, and 
the means of preventing them. 8° Land. 1797. 

SiRR (JOSEPH d*arcy). The first Resurrection considered in a Series of 
Letters: occasioned by a treatise of the late Rev. H. Gipps. 12^ 
Dubl. 1833. m 

SisMONDi (j. c. L. siMONDE be). Histoirc des Fran9ais; Tom. xiii-xix. 
8" Par. 1830-34. 

The Battles of Cressy and Poictiers ; 

from his ** Histoire des Fran^ais *', witli a literal translation and notes. 
WLond.\S3l. » 

Six Weeks on the Loire, with a Peep into La Vendee. 8® Lond. 
1833. » 

Skene (john). The Lawes and Actes of Parliament maid be King James 
the First and his Successours Kings of Scotland : visied, collected, 
and extracted furth of the Register, fol. Edinb. 1597. [With MS. 
notes.] Presented by C, P. Cooper^ Esq. 

Sketches from a youthful Circle. 12^ Lond. 1834. » 

Skinner (thomas h.), and Becher (edward). Hints designed to aid 
Christians in their Efforts to convert Men to God. 129 Glasg. 

Sladden (dilnot). The Northmen, a poem, in four cantos. 12® Can-- 
terbury, 1834. ^ 

Slater (samuel). Poems, in two Parts. 8** Land. 1679. 

Slatius (henricus). Sententien by den Hove van Hollant jegens Hen- 
ricus Slatius over zyne Conspiratie jegens den Prince van Orangien. 
4^ Gravenhagkef 1623. 

Slave Trade. Tratado entre S. M. el Rey de Espaiia, y S. M. el Rey 
del Reino Unido de la Gran Bretaiia e Irlanda, para la Abolicion del 
Trafico de Negros, concluido y firmado en Madrid en 23 de Setiembre 
de 1817. 4»3larfr. 1817. 

Sleigh (william). A practical Dictionary. 12*^ Lond. 1834. « 

Family Readings. 12° Lond. 1834. « 

Slestat (JOHANNES HUGo). Quadruvium Ecclesie. Quatuor Prelatorum 
Officium. Quibus omnis status tum secularis tum vero ecclesiasticus 
subjicitur. fol. In urbe Argentina per Joannem gruninger, 1504. 

Sluiterus (jan. otto). Lectiones Andocidese. Interjectse sunt Lud. 
Casp. Valckcnaerii ineditae et lo. Luzacii in Andocidem animadver- 
siones : item nonnulla ex codd. MSS. excerpta. Cum annotationibus 
edidit Carolus Schiller. 8<» Lips. 1834. 

Smalcius (valentinus). Responsio ad librum Martini Smiglecii^ cui 
titulum fecit, <<Nova Monstra Arianismi." 4° Racov. 1613. 


Smaixius (valbntimus). Responsio ad scriptum Hermanni Ravensper- 
geri, cui titulum fecit : " Par unum Sophismatum Socinianonim, ad 
amusaim veritatis examinatorum.** Cui addita est refutatio Jacobi ad 
Portum et Georgii Rostii. 4* Racov. 1614. 

— — — Examinatio centum Errorum, quos Martinus 

Smiglecius ex duabus Libri nostri, nuper adversus Monstra ipsius 
editi, partibus collegit. 4® Racov, 1615. 

Homilise decern, supra initium Cap. I. Evan- 

gelii D. Joannis. 4^ Racov. 1615. 

Refutatio Thesium Alberti Graweri, quibus 

Incamationem iBtemi Dei Filii vindicare voluit. 4° Racov. 1615. 

■ Refutatio Orationum Johannis Vogelii et Jo- 
achimi Peuschelii, quibus Photinismum se retractasse gloriantur. 4^ 
Racov. 1617. 

Smeaton (john). Experimental Enquiry concerning the Natural Powers 
of Wind and Water to turn Mills and other Machines depending on a 
circular Motion, and an Examination of the Quantity and Proportion 
of mechanic Power necessary to be employed in giving different De- 
grees of Velocity to heavy Bodies fVom a state of Rest. 8^ Lond. 

Smiglecius (martinus). Notae in ejus Libellum^ quem Refutationem 
vanse Dissolutionis Nodi sui Gordii appellat [a Valentino Smalcio]. 
4>^ Racov. 1614. 

Smirke {Sir robert). Specimens of Continental Architecture, fol. 
Lond. 1806. 

SiORKE (sybnet). Suggestions on the architectural Improvement of the 
West of London. S^ Lond. 18S4. • 

Smith (baker peter). A Journal of an Excursion round the South- 
eastern Coast of England. 8^ Lond. 1834. • 

Smith (charles). The Truths hidden by the false Witness of Convo- 
cation. An essay* 8* Lond. 1834. • 

Smith (eli)^ and Dwight (h. o. o.). Missionary Researches in Armenia. 
8® Lond. 1834. « 

Smith (oeorge). Essay on the Construction of Cottages suited for the 
dwellings of the labouring Classes. 8^ Glasg. 1834. « 

Smith (james). Common Scenes improved. 12® Lond. m 

Smith (Sir james edward). English Botany; Vol. i. 8" Lond. 
[1832.] • 

— — — ■ An Introduction to the Study of Bo- 
tany. Corrected by W. Jackson Hooker, LL.D. 8® Lond. 1833. • 

X X 2 


Smith (john). A designed End to the Socinian Controversy. 8* lAmJL 

Smith (john). A Catalogue Raisonne of the Works of Dutch^ Flemiifay 
and French Painters ; Vol. v. %^ Land, 1 834. m 

Smith (john pye). A Sermon on the Death of the Rev. Robert Winter, 
D.D. With an address at the grave, by John Clayton^ Jun. 8* Land. 
' 1833. m 

A Sermon on the Death of Ebenezer Maitland, Efq. 

8° Lond, 1834. 

The Necessity of Religion to the Well-being of a 

Nation. A sermon. With an appendix. S^ Land. 1834. 

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■ Lessons for the Instruction of Adults. 12° Bath^ 

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"— A Letter to him ; occasion'd by a passage in his ser- 
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■ Die Edda nebst einer Einleitmig iiber nordische 

Poesie und Mythologie wid einem Anhang uber die historische Lite- 
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— — — Astronomical. Memoirs ; Vol. vi, vii. 4* Lond. 1835-4. « 

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■ Northumberlandj Durham^ and Newcastle mpom Tymc NaiMrmI 

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Address delivered at the anniversary Meeting, 

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- List of the Fellows. 4<^ Lond. 1855. Presented by 

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Society for promoting Christian Knowledge. Standing Or- 

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Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq, 

■ A Letter to 

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%^ Lond. « 

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Soldiers. A true Method, 1. For raising of Souldiers. 2. For bring- 
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deEnerOy 1786. 

Real Carta al Marques de Sonora. fol. 18 

Mayo, 1786. 

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— — ^— Trachinise. Recognovit et adversariis enarravit Joannes 
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— — — ^^— La Peste, Poema ; with an English Version, by Miss 
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cially by means of soup establishments, &c. 8° Lond. 1800. 

SousA (antonio caetano de). Historia genealogica da Casa Real Por- 
tuguesa; 12 Tom. 4^ Lisboa, 1735-48. 

' Provas da Historia genealogica; 6 Tom. 

4^ Lisboa, 1739-48. 

• Indice geral. 4* Lishoa^ 1749. 

South Carolina. A new and accurate Account of the Provinces of 
South Carolina and Georgia. 8° Lond. 1733. 

SouTH-SEA Company. A Detection of the whole Management of the 
South-Sea Company. 8<^ Lond. 1721. 

SouTHWARK Sentinel, and General Advertiser, a journal of literature 
and science. First quarterly Part. March-July, 1832. 4° South" 
mark. « 

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9>^ Lond. 1759. 

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Lond. 1831-4. « 

Spain. La Espaiia invencible por la union, fidelidad y obediencia. 
[Por Manuel, Carmelita Descalzo.] 4®. 

Reflexiones historicas sobre las Relaciones entre Espana y 

Francia. 4'» [Cum nota MS.] 

Real Cedula de 9 de Abril de 1808, aprobando las providencias 

' que se indican relativas a la correcion de las Ordenanzas gremiales, 
permitiendo a los fabricantes de texidos la libertad de inventarlos, 
imitarlos, y variarlos libremente por ahora baxo las precauciones que 
se expresan. fol. Madr. 


Spain. Libro Manual de la Real Caxa 6 Tesoreria. fol. 

— — ^ Libro Mayor de la Real Caxa 6 Tesoreria. fol. 

Libro de Caxa de la Real Caxa 6 Tesoreria. fol. 

Een pack Spaensche Leughenen, overgheset wt de Enghelsche 

Uele. 4*' 1589. 

• Prematica en que se prohibe el arrendarse los oficios de Escri- 

vanos de Camara, y Procuradorias, Recetorias, y Escrivanias del Nu- 
mero. Y que a los tales oficios no sean admitidos al uso dellos, sino 
constare tener de propia hazienda y patrimonio la tercia parte del 
valor dellos. fol. Madr, 1590. 

Prematica, en que se declara y amplia, la en que se prohibio 

arrendar los oficios de Escrivanias, Receptorias, y Procuradorias. fol. 
Madr, 1590. 

Capitulos generales de las Cortes celebradas en la Villa de 

Madrid, en los anos de seiscientos y siete, onze, y quinze. Prematicas, 
y Cedulas Reales, publicadas en la dicha villa a veinte y dos dias del 
mes de Agosto de mil y seiscientos y diez y nueve anos. fol. Madr. 

Tijdinghe vande Spaensche Vlote. 4* Antnerpen^ 1620. 

Prematica en que se reducen a razon de a veinte los censos, y 

juros, impuestos a mas bajos precios. foL Madr. 1621. 

Prematica que su Magestad mando publicar sobre la Reforma- 

cion de las Causas de la Carestia general en estos Reynos, y Modera- 
cion en los precios de las Mercaderias, y Mantenimientos, Salarios, y 
Jomales. fol. Madr. 1627. [Cum notis MSS.] 

Tassa de los precios a que se ban de vender las Mercaderias y 

otras cosas de que no se hizo mencion en la primera Tassa ; y refor- 
macion en algunos precios que se pusieron en ella. fol. Madr, 1628. 

La Disposicion, y Forma que han tenido las Armas de su Ma- 

gestad Catolica, para entrar por la Provincia de Guipuzcoa, en la de 
Labort de Francia, los lugares que ocupan en ella, y el Manifiesto que 
8u Magestad mando intimar k los Franceses. foL Madr. 1636. 

Destrucde van de Spaensche Vloot anno 1639. 4* Leyden, 


■ Media^Annata de Mercedes. Reglas generales para su Admi- 

nistracion, Beneficio, y Cobranza : formadas en virtud de ordenes, y 
resoluciones de su Magestad, y expressadas en una su Real Cedula 
de 3 de Julio de 1664. fol. 

Ley y Pragmatica, en que su Magestad proibe el Comercio con 

Francia y con todos los Dominios de aquella Corona, fol. 1674. 

Y Y 


Spain. Para el Establecimiento de Imprentas de Libros Sagrados en 
Espaiia : explicacion clara, a equivocaciones confusas, de " Carta Res- 
puesta h un Cavallero de esta Corte, sobre la Materia, que ella misma 
dice.*' fol. Alcala deHenares^ 1733. 

The grand Question, whether War or no War with Spain, im- 
partially considered. 8** Lond, 1739. 

Observations on the present Convention with Spain. 8° Lond. 


A Series of Wisdom and Policy ; being a justification of all our 

measures since 1721 : especially of our Convention with Spain. 8* 
Lond. 1739. 

Titulo III. del Tratado x. de las Ordenanzas Generales de la 
Real Armada. 4M751. 

Ordenanzas de la Comunidad de Mercaderes, y Enquadema- 

dores de Libros en estaCorte. fol. Madr, 1762. 

Auto-Acordado de los Senores del Consejo, consultado con au 

Magestad, por el qual se anulan las Bajas de Abastos hechas 6 que se 
hicieren en los diferentes pueblos del Reyno por asonada, 6 alboroto. 
fol. Madr. 1766. 

[Auto del Consejo contra la composicion de Pasquines, Satiras, 

Versos, Manifiestos> y otros Papeles sediciosos.] fol. Madr. 14 lie 
AhriU 1766. 

[Orden del Consejo acerca de los ecclesiasticos.] fol. Madr. 

Mayo 5, 1766. 

Vando. Marzo 26, 1776. fol. Madr. 

Noticia de los Sucesos de la Armada Combinada de Espaiia y 
Francia apostada h. esperar a la de Inglaterra, y de los varios encuentros 
hasta la funcion que empezd a travarse al anochecer del ^ dia 20 de 
Octubre de 1782. fol. 

[Another Edition]. 

[Confirmacion de la Real Cedula de 14 de Diciembre de 1784, 

acerca de los fabricantes de lino.] fol. Madr. 9 Enero^ 1789. 

Real Cedula de S. M. en que conforme a las expedidas prohibi- 

endo la introduccion en estos Reynos del de Francia, de papeles sedi- 
ciosos y contrarios k la tranquilidad publica, se prescribe el metodo de 
examinarse los libros y papeles que lleguen a las Aduanas. fol. Madr. 

[Real Orden que no se impriman ningun Libro 6 Papel, que 

traten de las cosas pertenecientes al Reyno de Francia.] fol. Madr. 

Real Cedula por la qual se manda observar el Real Decreto in- 

serto, en que se extingue la contribucion del Servicio ordinario y ex- 
traordinario, y su quince al miliar, fol. Madr. 1795. 


Spain. Noviiima Recopilacion de las Leyes de Espaiia : dividida en xii. 
libros; 6 Tom. 4<^ Mocfr. 1805-29. 

[Real Decreto]. SI de Octubre, 1807. fol. Madr. 

Manificsto de los procedimientos del Consejo Real de los gravi- 

simos sucesos ocurrldos desde Octubre del ano prdximo pasado. 4** 
Madr. 1808. 

Proyecto de Decreto [por Josef Napoleon : acerca de la venta de 

los bienes nacionales]. 4^ [1808]. 

Real Decreto relativo a la mejor dotacion de los Curas Parrocos 

y mayor esplendor del culto sagrado. fol. Burgos, 1808. 

Decreto [por el credito e la seguridadde los Vales Reales]. fol. 

Madr. 1808. 
-r— [Real Decreto. 18 de Marzo, 1808.] fol. Valencia. 

[Real Decreto para exonerar a D. Manuel Godoy, Principe de 

la Paz, de sus empleos.] fol. Madr. 18 de Marzo, 1808. 

[Publicacion de los Reales Ordenes.] fol. Madr. 2J Marzo, 

1808. s. sh. 

[Ordrcs de TArmee en Espagne ; 19 Mars; 8 Avril, 1808.] fol. 

Madr. 1808. 

[Real Orden, en la Ciudad de Vitoria, 18 de Abril, 1808.] fol. 

Madr. 21 de Abril, 1808. s. sh. 

Auto [por la Junta]. 4° 4 Mayo, 1808. 

[ A los] Fidelissimos Espaiiolcs. [Orden del Consejo.] fol. 

Madr. 8 Mayo, 1 808. [Cum notis MSS.] 

Manifiesto imparcial y exacto de los mas importante ocurrido 

en Aranjuez, Madrid y Bayona desde 17 de Marzo hasta 15 de Mayo 
de 1808. 4« Madr. 1808. 

Consulta de la Junta, Decreto del Gran Duque de Berg, y Pro- 

clama. fol. Madr. 4 de Junto, 1808. 

Dos Reales Decretos ; 10 de Junio de 1808. fol. Madr. 1808. 

Orden del Consejo, Bayona, 13 de Junio de 1808. fol. Madr. 

Ude Junio, 1808. 

Sesion Primera de la Junta Espanola. Real Orden y Decreto ; y 

Discurso del Presidente. fol. Bayona, 15 de Junio, 1808. 

Sesion Segunda de la Junta Espanola. Discurso del Presidente. 

fol. Bayona, IS de Junio, 1808. 

Sesion Tercerade la Junta Espanola. [Discurso del Presidente.] 

fol. Bayona, 20 de Junio, 1808. 

Real Orden de 20 de Junio, 1808. fol. Madr. 24 de Junto, 1808. 

Y y2 


Spain. Ordcn del Consejo. Madr. 24 de Junto, fol. Madr. 1808. 

— [Orden del Consejo.] fol. Madr. ft5 de Junior 1808. 

[Declaracion del Consejo a favor de Fernando VII.] fol. Meuir. 

12 Agosto, 1808. 

Real Decreto facerca de las fincas destinadas al ramo de Conso- 

lidacion]. fol. Miranda^ 15 Setiembre, 1808. 

Manifiesto de los procedimientos del Consejo Real en los gravi- 

simos sucesos ocurridos desde Octubre del ano proximo pasado. foL 

Madr. 1808. 

— — Proclamacion. 14 de Noviembre, 1808. fol. Burgos, s. sh, 

[Boletin del Duque del Infantado.] fol. Madr,^ 2 Diciembre, 


— Aviso al Publico [por la Junta.] fol. Madr. S Diciembre, 1 808. t. sh. 

Aviso al Publico [por la Junta.] fol. Madr, 3 Diciembre, 1808. 

[Cum nota MS.] s, sh. 

— — - Real Orden. fol. Madr. 4 Diciembre^ 1808. s. sh. 

[Real Decreto acerca de la liquidacion de la deuda publica.] 

fol. Madr. Junto, 1809. 

Real Decreto [para asegurar el pago de la deuda publica]. fol. 

Madr. Junto, 1809. 

Exposicion hecha k su Magestad sobre la deuda publica de la 

Nacion, por su Ministro de Hacienda. 4° Madr, 1809. 

Madrid, Ordre du Jour du 9 Aout, 1809, Fr, Span. fol. *. sh. 

10 Aout, 1809, Fr. Span. fol. *. sh. 

: 11 Aout, 1809, Fr. Span. fol. *. sh. 

25 Janvier, 1810, Fr. Span. fol. *. sh. 

31 Janvier, 1810, Fr. Span, £o\ 

Extracto de las Minutas de la Secretaria de Estado ; 27 de Set- 

tiembre, 1809. fol. Madr, 1809. 

Real Decreto [acerca de la venta de las Casas agregadas d los 

bienes nacionales.] fol. Madr, 30 Setiembre, 1809. 

[acerca de la Cera en los Conventos suprimidos.] 

fol. Madr. 9 Octubre, 1809. 

Extractos de las Minutas de la Secretaria de Estado, 16 de No- 

vicmbre, 1809. [Para facilitar la venta de los bienes nacionales.] 
[6 Articulos.] 4« Madr. 

' ' — — — [3 Articulos.] 4** Madr. 

Decreto. Extracto de las Minutas de la Secretaria de Estado, 

29 de Diciembre, 1809. 4^^ Madr. 1810. 


Spain. Real Decreto de 16 de Octubre de 1810^ por el que se senalan 
fincas para hipoteca especial de los creditos del servicio corriente, 
contraidos desde 6 de Julio de 1808 hasta 30 de Setiembre ultimo, 
fol. Madr. 1810. 

* " Resumen del Ingreso y Salida de Caudales en la Caxa de la 

Tesoreria mayor desde V hasta SO de Abril de 1810. fol. $. sh. 

■■ Decreto. Extracto de las Minutas de la Secretaria de Estado, 

2S de Julio, 1811. 4« Madr. 1811. 

Instruccion para la pronta Execucion del Real Decreto de este 

dia 23 de Julio, 1811. 4^ Madr. 1811. 

Extracto de las Minutas de la Secretaria de Estado, 4 de Marzo, 

1812. fol. Madr. 

Constitucion Politica de la Monarquia Espanola. Promulgada 

en Cddiz 6 19 de Marzo de 1812. fol. Cadiz, 1812. 

■^— Insinuacion patriotica sobre los perjuicios que acarrearia al Es- 
tado el restablecimiento de los Frailes, 6 per mejor decir, sobre lo util 
y ventajosa que seria su total extincion. 4° Madr. 1812. 

— • Minuta del Mensage de las Cortes extraordinarias al Rey, apro- 
bada en sesion de 18 de Diciembre de 1821. 4° 1821. 

Spain yesterday and to-day. 8° Lond. 1834. « 

Spanner (andreas). Polyanthea Sacra ; 2 Vol. fol. August^e Vindel. 
et Dilingce, 1739. 

Speaker. Considerations upon the Choice of a Speaker of the House 
of Commons in the approaching Session. 4^ 1698. 

Spectator. The quarterly Christian Spectator ; Vol. vi, No. i, ii, iii, 
S^ NerV'Haven, IS34!, 

Speeches. An Answer to two Papers, called, ** A Lord's Speech with- 
out-doors, and a Commoner's Speech." 4^ Lond. 1689. 

■ The Speech of an antient Britain in Parliament, against an 

exorbitant Grant. With four speeches, spoke in the Treasury. 8° 
Lond. 1708. 

A most learned and eloquent Speech, spoken in a most lesgned 

House of Commons at Westminster : by a most learned lawyer, on a 
most learned subject. 8° Lond. 1722. 

A Speech by an Indian Chief, in reply to a Sermon preached 

by a Swedish Missionary. 8^ Lond. 1753. 

Speeches of the Rev. Joseph Coltman, M.A., the Rev. John 

Scott, M.A., and the Rev. John King, M.A., at a meeting of the clergy 
at Beverley, Jan. 16, 1834. 8° Lond. 1834. « 

Speght (racuel). Mortalities Memorandum, with a dream prefixed, 
imaginarie in manner, reall in matter. 4^ Land*, Edward Griffin^ 1621. 


Spelberoh (joris van). Copye van een Brief tracterende van*t vero- 
veren der Spaensche Annade. 4^ [1607]. 

Spelling. The Anti- Spelling Book ; a new system of teaching children 
to read without spelling. 12^ Lond. lS34f, m 

Spelman (edward). Two Tracts : I. Additional Observations on the 
Greek Accents, by Edward Spelman, Esq. II. The Voyage of JEaeaB 
from Troy to Italy, by the Rev. Mr. Lemon. 8^ Lond. 1773. 

Spelman (Sir henrt). Tithes too hot to be touched. Certain treatises, 
wherein is shewen that tithes are due by the law of nature, Scripture, 
nations. By Sir Henry Spelman and others. 4® Lond. 

Spenser (edmund). The Faerie Queene, with notes by Ralph Church, 
M.A. ; 4 Vol. S** Lond. 1 758, 9. 

Spicer (wm. henry). The last Evening of Catanie ; with other poems. 
8^ Lond. 1834. « 

Spiko (pietro). Storia della Vita, e Fatti di Bartolomeo CoUeoni. 4* 
Bergamo, 1732. 

Spinola (ambrosio), Marquis de. Tijdinghe wt Leger van den Mar- 
quis Spinola. 4" Antwerpen, 1620. 

Schryven aende HoofUieden, Raden, 

Commissarissen, Ridderschap aenden Rijnstroom ende Wetterau. 4^ 
Antwerpen f 1620. 

Verhael hoe dat de Marquis Spinola 

met den gheheelen Legher naer de stadt Worms ghetrocken is. 4^ 
Antwerpen^ 1620. 

Tijdinghe wt den Legher van den Mar- 

quis Spinola. 4^ Antwerpen^ 1620. 

Seyndt-Brief vant* ghene den Marquis 

Ambrosius Spinola in Pals-Graven Landt wtgerecht heeft. 4* Ant- 
werpen^ 1620. 

Brieff raeckende den Marquis Spi- 

nola. 4<' 1620. 

De Rebus ab Ambrosio Spinola gestis 

in Palatinatu Epistola. 4^ Antcerpice, 1620. 

Verhael vande victorie van den Mar- 

quis Spinola met bet innemen der steden in Pialtz-Graven Lant. 4^ 
Antwerpen^ 1620. 

Verhael van het vertreck ende grooten 

tocht van den Marquis Spinola. 4^ Antwerpen^ 1620. 

Verhael van den Marquis Spinola. 4* 

Antwerpen^ 1620. 

- Verhael hoe den Marquis Spinola naer 

Franckfort ghetrocken is. 4*^ Antwerpen^ 1620. 


Spinola (aicbrosio), Marquis de. Cort verhael hoe dat den Marquis 
Spinola met den Legher in Pfaltz •Graven Landt ghetrocken is. 4* 
Antwerpetiy 1620. 

— Verhael vande Victorie vanden Mar- 
quis Spinola, hoe dat hy twee steden inPfaltz-Graven Lant in ghenomeo 
heeft. 4^ AfUnferpeu, 1620. 

Tijdinghe wt Legher van den Marquis 

Spinola. 4^ Antwerperiy 1620. 

Spinoza (benedictus de). Opera. Iterum edenda curavit, prsefationes, 
vitam auctoris, nee non notitias, quae ad historiam scriptorum pertinent, 
addidit Henr. Eherh. Gottloh Paulus ; 2 Vol. 8<^ Jence, 1802, d. 

Sports. The Book of Sports, as set forth by K. Charles the I. ; with 
remarks. 8<> Lond. 1633. 

Sports for Childhood. 8° Lond. 1834. « 

Sportsman. The Sportsman ; Vol. i. 4*^X011^.1833,4. « 

Sprague (william). Sermon in Behalf of the Polish Exiles. 8® Albany^ 
1834. Presented hy the Rev, Thomas HartweU Home, 

Sprat (tho.), Bp, of Rochester, Relation of the Contrivance of Stephen 
Blackhead and Robert Young, against the Lives of several Persons ; 
in 2 Parts. 4^ Lond. 1692. 

A Visitation Discourse. 8" Duhl. 


Sprenoel (kurt). Histoire de la Medecine. Traduite par A. J. L. 
Jourdan, et revue par £. F. M. BosquiUon ; 7 Tom. 8** Par. 1815. 

Spreti (camillo). Compendio istorico delF Arte di comporre i Musajci, 
con la descrizione de' Musajci antichi, che trovansi nelle Basiliche di 
Ravenna, e con due brevi ragionamenti, Tuno su la Ravennate Pigneta, 
Faltro su la Repubblica delle Api. 4" Ravenna^ 1804. 

Spreul (thomas). a Series of practical Mathematical Exercises. 12® 
Paisley, 1832. « 

Spurzheim (o.). a View of the Philosophical Principles of Phrenology. 
8» Lond. 

Squaret (c. w.). a Collection of the general Rules for regulating the 
Practice of the Superior Courts, promulgated Trinity Term 1831, and 
intermediately down to Trinity Vacation 1833. 12** Land. 1833. « 

SauiER (jOHN orier). Tract on the Duty of Prayer. 12^ Lond. 1833. « 

Squire (edmund). Exercises for Greek Verse. 12® Lond. 1833. « 

A Key to Exercises in Greek Verse. 12* Lond. 

1833. « 

Staalkopff (jacobus), Prces. Benedictus de Spinoza, Atheismi convic- 
tus. Resp. Christian. Bened. Lucius. 4P Vitemb, 1705. 


Staalkopff (jacobus), Prces. Dc Spinozismo post Spinozam. Resp. 
Burchard. Grammannus. 4** GryphUw. 1708. 

Christ! Passionalia veteris Testam. 4* 

Fismar. 1724. 

Stadtholder. Consideraticn ende Redenen daer by de Nootsaeckelijck- 
heyt van de Stadthouderlijcke Regeringe in desen Staet ende Repub- 
lique wordt aengewesen. 4° Gravenhage, 1677. 

Staeckenbroeck ( — ). Poincten ende Articulen gheaccordeert aen die 
vande Stadt van Limbourgh van wegen den Prince van Oraengeen. 
Dutch, Fr. 4° Gravenhaghe, 1632. 

Stafford (john j.). The Pretender ; or, the rose of Alvey. A petite 
comedy. 12^ Land. ♦ 

My Uncle Toby. A drama. 12*^ Lond. « 

The Frenchman in London ; or, where's my daugh- 
ter? A burletta. 12^ Lond. « 

'■ Love's Frailties ; or, Passion and Repentance. A 

domestic drama. 12^ Lond. ♦ 

Stalman (henry). The Acts relating to real Property, passed 2 and S 
and 3 and 4 William IV. ; with notes and index. 12® Lond. 185S. « 

Stampa (oaspara). Rime. 8° Fen. 1554. 

Stancovich (pietro). Dello Anfiteatro di Pola. 8° Fenez. 1822. 

Standard. The national Standard of Literature, Science, Music> Thea- 
tricals, and the Fine Arts for 1834. 4<^ Lond. 1834. « 

Stanford (jane kinderley). The Stoic ; or, memoirs of Eurysthenes 
the Athenian. 8* Lond. 1834. « 

Stanhope (charles). Earl Stanhope. A Short Answer to his Observa- 
tions on Mr. Pitt's Plan for the Reduction of the National Debt. 8* 
Lond. 1786. 

Stanley (jacob). A Letter to Robert Gray, Bishop of Bristol^ designed 
to be the Travelling Companion to his Lordship's ** Dialogue between 
a Churchman and a Methodist." 12^^ Lond. 1834. m 

Stanley (willlam). Placcaet van proscriptie teghen Willem Stanley 
ende Roeland Yorck ende verbodt teghen de Calumniateurs der En- 
ghelscher Natie. 4^^ Del/, 1587. 

Stapleton (thomas). Opera; 4 Tom. Lut. Par. 1620. 

Starke (f. o.). Aristotelis de Intelligentia sive Mente Sententia ezpo- 
sita. 4" Neo-Ruppini^ 1833. 

Starkie (thomas). a Practical Treatise on the Law of Evidence, and 
Digest of Proofs, in Civil and Criminal Proceedings. With altera- 
tions; 2 Vol. S^Lond.lS33. m 

Statb-prodiqal. The State-Prodigal his return. 4*^ [about 1688.] 


Statutes. Commentaries on the New Statutes effecting alterations in 
the Law ; Vol. ii, Pt. i. 8*^ Lond, « 

NovaStatuta. [Ab anno i. Ed. III. ad annum xxii. Ed. IV.] 

fol. [Lit. Goth. Machlinia, circ. 1483? Cum notulis MSS.] Pre- 
sented by C, P. Cooper, Esq, 

[Nova Statuta ab anno i. Ed. III. ad annum xii. Henrici 

VII.] fol. Lond. Richard Pynson, [Lit. Goth.] Presented by C. P. 
Cooper, Esq, 

The greate Abbrydgement of all the Statutes of Englande 

untyll the xxx. yere of Henry VIII. 4° Lond. R. Redman, [about 1540.] 
[Lit. Goth.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

The Abregement of the Statutes made in the xxxi. yere of 

Henry VIII. S** Land; R. Redman. [Lit. Goth.] Presented by C. P. 
Cooper, Esq. 

[Another Copy ; wanting Title, Prologue and Table. With a 

MS. note by Thomas Warton.] Presented by C. P* Cooper, Esq. 

The Abregement of the Statutes of Anno xxxi. Henrici 

VIII. 8^ Lond. E Hz. Redman. [Lit Goth.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, 

Statuta in Parliamento apud Westmonasterium in. die No- 

vembris anno regni Henrici VIII. xxi. tento. fol. /. Rastell. [Lit. 
Goth.] Presented by C P. Cooper, Esq. 

fol. [Lit. Goth.] Pre- 

sented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

XVI. die Januarii anno regni Henrici VIII. xxii. fol. 

T. Berthelet. [Lit. Goth.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

anno xxii. fol. T. Berthelet. [Lit. Goth.] Pre- 

sented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

xxiii. fol. Lond. T. Berthelet. [Lit. Goth.] 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

XXIV. fol. Lond. T. Berthelet. [Lit. Goth.] 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

XXV. fol. Zone?. T. Berthelet. [Lit. Goth.] 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

XXVI. fol. T. Berthelet. [Lit. Goth.] Pre- 

sented by C P. Cooper, Esq. 

XXVII. fol. T. Berthelet. [Lit Goth.] Pre- 

sented by C. P. Cooper, £sq. 

XXVIII. fol. T. Berthelet. [Lit. Goth.] Pre-- 

sented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

z z 


Statutes. A Table to al the Statutes made from the beginning of the 
Raigne of Edwarde VI. unto this present xii. Yeare of Elizabeth, 
fol. Richard TotteL [Lit Goth.] Presented by C. P. Cooper^ Esq. 

Abbreviamentum Statutorum. 8° R» PynsoHt 1 499. [Lit. Goth.] 

Presented by C P. Cooper^ Esq. 

8° Lond. R. Pynson, 1521. 

[Lit. Goth.] Presented by C, P. Cooper^ Esq. 

Parvus Codex qui Antiqua Statuta vocatur. 12* R. Pynson^ 

1508. [Lit. Goth.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

[An Abridgement of the Statutes.] 8** Lond. J. RasUU, 1527. 

[Lit. Goth.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

Le Breggement de tous les estatuts correctes et amendes par 

Guillame Owein. 8° R. Pynson, 1528. [Lit. Goth. Containing only 
" Newe addicions of the last Parliament. An. xv. H. VIII."] Pre- 
tented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

The greate Abbrydgement of all the Statutes of England untyl 

the XXXIII. yere of Henry VIII. 8° Lond. W. Myddylton, 1542. [Lit. 
Goth.] Presented by C, P. Cooper, Esq. 

The great Boke of Statutes conteyning all the Statutes made 

in the Parlyamentes from the i. Yere of Edwarde III. to the xxxiiii. 
Yere of Henry VIII. M, Lond, Meddelton and Berthelet, 1542. [Lit. 
Goth.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

The Statutes made and established from the time of Henry 

III. unto the i. Yere of Henry VIII. fol. Lond. Berthelet, 1543. 
[Lit. Goth. With MS. Title.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

. fol. Lond. 

Henry fVykes, 1564. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

Vol. II. contcyninge those Statutes which have been made in 

the tyme of Henry VIII. fol. Lond. Berthelet, 1543. [Lit. Goth.] 
Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

The second Volume^ conteininge those Statutes which have 

been made in the reigne of Henry VIII. with a Table, fol. Lond. 
Thomas Mar she, 1575. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

Anno xxxrv. et v. Henrici VIII. fol. Lond. T. Barthelet, 

1543-7. [Lit. Goth.] Presented by C.P. Cooper, Esq. 

— XXXV. fol. Lond. T. Berthelet, 1544. [Lit. Goth'.] 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

XXXVII. fol. Lond. T. Berthelet, 1546. [Lit. Goth.] 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

I. Edovardi VI. fol. Lond. R. Grafton, 1548. [Lit. 

Goth.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq, 


Statutes. Anno ii. et iii. Edovardi VI. fol. Lond. R, Grafton^ 1549. 
[Lit. Goth.] Presented by C. P. Cooper^ Esq, 

III. et IV. fol. Land. /J. Grafton, 1549. [Lit. Goth.] 

Presented hy C. P, Cooper^ Esq. 

V. et vi. fol. Lond. R. Grafton^ 1552. [Lit. Goth.] 

Presented hy C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

[The last four in different editions, also in folio ; bearing tlie 

name of R. Graflon> and with the same dates, excepting the second, 
which is 1552.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

Anno YU. fol. Lond. R. Grafton, 1553. [Lit. Goth.] Pre- 

sented by C P. Cooper, Esq. 

Marisei. fol. Lond. J. Cawood, 1554. Mensc Maio. 

[Lit. Goth.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

fol. Lond. J. Cawood, 1554. [Lit. Goth.] 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

I. et II. Philippi et Marie, fol. Lond. J. Cawood, 1555. 

[Lit Goth.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

II. et III. fol. Lond. J. Cawood, 1555. [Lit. Goth.] 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

IV. et V. fol. Lond. J. Cawood, 1555. [1558.] [Lit. 

Goth.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

[The last five in different editions, also in folio ; bear- 

ing the name of J. Cawood, and, excepting Uie last, with the same dates.] 
Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq, 

I. Reginse Elizabcthse. fol. Lond. Jitgge S^ Cawood, 

1559. [Lit. Goth.] Two Copies. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

V. fol. Lond. Jugge ^ Cawood, 1563. [Lit. Goth.] 

Two Copies. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

VIII. fol. Lond. R. Jugge, 1566. [Lit. Goth.] Pre- 

sented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

XIII. fol. Lond. Jugge 8^ Cawood, 1571. [Lit. Goth.] 

Presented by C, P. Cooper, Esq. 

xiiii. fol. Lond. \R. Jugge,"] 1572. [Lit. Goth.] 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

xviii. fol. Lond. R. Jugge, 1575. [Lit. Goth.] Pre- 

sented by C, P. Cooper, Esq. 

XXIII. fol. Lond. C. Barker, 15SI. [Lit. Goth.] Pre- 

sented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

XXVII. fol. Lond. C. Barker, 1585. [Lit. Goth.] 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

XXIX. fol. Lond. C. Barker, 1587. [Lit. Gotli.] 

Presented by C, P. Cooper, Esq, 

7. •/. 2 


Statutes. Anno xxxi. Reginae Elizabethae. fol. Lond, C. Barker, 
1589. [Lit Goth.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

XXXV. fol. Lond, C. Barker, 1593. [Lit. Goth.] 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

XXXIX. foL Lond. C. Barker, [Lit, Goth.] Pre^ 

sented by C, P. Cooper, Esq. 

XLiii. fo\. Lond. R. Barker, \60\. [Lit. Goth.] Pre^ 

sented by C. P. Cooper, Esq, 

The whole Volume of Statutes at large, which at anie Time 

have been extant in Print, since Magna Charta, un'till xiii. Eliz. 4^ 
Lond, printed for Christopher Barker, 1587. Presented by C. P. 
Cooper, Esq. 

Anno I. Jacobi L fol. Lond, 1604. Presented by C. P. 

Cooper, Esq. 

III. fol. Lond. 1606. Presented by C, P. Cooper, 




IV. fol. Lond, 1607. Presented by C. P. Cooper, 
VII. fol. Lond. 1610. Presented by C, P. Cooper, 


[Other Copies of the last four.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, 

A Kalender, or table, comprehending the effect of all the 

Statutes, from Magna Charta to iii. Jac. L With an abridgment of 
all the Statutes, fol. Lond, 1606. Presented by C. P. Cooper, 

The Laws and Acts of the first Parliament of Charles the 

Second, holden at Edinburgh Jan. 1, 1661. Collected by Sir Archi- 
bald Primerose. fol. Edinb, 1661. Presented by C, P. Cooper, 

Anno XIII. Car. IL fol. Lond, 1662. [With MS. notes.] 

Presented by C. P, Cooper^ Esq, 

- XIII, XIV. fol. Lond, 1662. Presented by C. P. 

Cooper, Esq, 

XXIX. fol. Lond, 1677. [Imperfect.] Presented by 

C, P, Cooper, Esq, 

XXIX. et XXX. fol. Lond. 1679. Presented by C. 

P. Cooper, Esq, 

XXX. fol. Lo7id, 1678. Presented by C. P. Cooper, 


. XXXI. fol. Lond. 1679. Presented bi/ C. P, Cooper, 



Statutes. Anno i. Jacobi II. fol. Lond, 1685. [With MS. notes.] 
Presented by C, P. Cooper, Esq, 

[May 19.] fol. Lond. 1686. [With a 

MS. note.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq, 

I. Gul. et Mar. [Feb. 21-Aug. 20.] fol. Lond. 

1688, 9. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

— {Aug. 20-Jan. 27.] (oL Lond. 1689. 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

II. [April 14-May 23]. fol. 1690. Presented by 

C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

[Nov. 5 -Jan. 10.] fol. Lond. 1690. Presented 

by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

III. [et IV.] fol. Lond. 1691. [With MS. notes.] 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

TV. [et v.] fol. Lond. 1692. [With MS. notes.] 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

V. [et VI.] fol. Lond. 1693. [With MS. notes.] 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

VI. [et vn.] fol. Lond. 1694. Presented by C. P. 

Cooper, Esq. 

VI. [et VII.] fol. Land. • 1694. [With MS. notes.] 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

XIII. Gul. III. [et anno i. Annse.] (oLLond. 1701. 

Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

IX. Annse. fol. Lond. 1710. Presented by C. P. 

Cooper, Esq. 

• X. fol. Lond. 1711. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

XII. fol. Lond. 1713. Presented by C. P. Cooper ^ 


The Statutes at large from ann. vn. to ann. xiv. of Geo. II. ; 

Vol. VII. [Being a continuation of Hawkins's Statutes.] fol. Lond. 
1742. [With MS. notes.] Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

The principal Statutes and Rules of Court for Reform of the 

Administration of Justice at Common Law, from July 23, 1830, to 
Hilary Term, 1834. 12<' Lond. 1834. « 

Steam Carriaoes. A concise History of Steam Carriages on common 
Turnpike Roads. 8® Lond. 1834. • 

Report from the Select Committee on Steam Car- 
riages ; with the minutes of evidence, and an appendix. 8® Brnmng" 
ham, 1834. • « 

Steane (edward). The Ministry of Reconciliation. A discourse. 12® 
Lond. 1834. ♦ 


Stebbing (henry). MisceUaneous Observations ; or, remarks upon 
some passages in the Bishop of Bangor's answer to '* the Representa- 
tion." 8« Lond. 1718. 

The true Meaning and Consequences of a Position 

of the Bishop of Bangor, concerning Sincerity, asserted. 8® Lomd. 

■ A Letter to Mr. Foster, on Heresy. 8® LofuL 


A second Letter to Mr. Foster on the Subject of 

Heresy. 4" Lond. 1735. 

A Fast Sermon. 8° Lond. 1756. 

— ^— — ^— The Church and its Adversaries. A sermon. 8® 

Lond. 1834. m 

Stecke (diederick). .Apologia voor Diederick Stecke. 4® [Deventer^'] 

Steele (james). The Philosophy of the Evidences of Christianity. 8® 
Ed^nh. 1834. m 

Steele (richard). A Remedy for wandering Thoughts in the Worship 
of God. U^ Land. 1834. « 

Steele (rob.). Remarks on Mr. Robert Steele's Report to the Chamber 
of Commerce of Greenock, on the Bill for the Measurement of Tonnage. 
8® Zone/. 1834. • 

Steffan (juan). Gramadca Inglesa, y Castellana. 4^ Valencia^ 1784. 

Steffe (john). Five Letters. 8" Lond. 1757. 

Steggall (john). a Manual for Students who are preparing for Ex- 
amination at Apothecaries' Hall. 12" Lond. 1834. « 

Steinbrenner (wiluelm ludwig). Bemerkungen auf einer Reise durch 
einige teutsche, Schweizer- und franzosische Provinzen in Briefen an 
einen Freund; 3 Theil. 8<> Gottingen, 1791, «. Presented by the 
Commissioners of the Public Records. 

Stellato (andr.). Ad frequentem, ac tritam in Fidei Controversiis 
Interrogationem : Ubi scriptum est? Catholicorum vera, Acatho- 
licorum falsa responsio. 8" Vienna ^ Austriir, 1752. , 

Stenoelius (carolus). Corona lucida ex illustribus Vita, Doctrina, 
Sanctitate Monachis Ord. S. Benedicti descripta. 8** [/^^» VindeU 

Stennett (samuel). Works. With some account of his life and writings 
by William Jones ; 3 Vol. 8° Lond. 1824. 

Stephani (christianus), ProBs. Diatribe philologico - apologetica de 
Magistris CoUectionum adversus Christophori Eckmanni uberiorem 
declarationem. Resp, J. G. Halpitius. 4^ VUemh. 1729. 


Stephen (oeoroe). A Letter to the Proprietors and Occupiers of Land 
in the Parish of Bledlow, in Buckinghamshire, on their System of 
giving Bread-money in aid of Wages. 8^ Lond, 18dd« « 

Stephen (h. j.). Summary of the Criminal Law. 8® Land. 1834. « 

Stephens (edward). Some modest Reflections upon his Book, enti- 
tulcd, ^' A plain Relation of the late Action at Sea, between the En- 
glish, Dutch, and French Fleets." 4<» Lond. 1691. 

Stephens (geo.). A Funeral Sermon on Elizabeth, Lady Onslow. 8® 
Lond. 1731. 

Stephens (geo.). The practical Irrigator and Drainer. 8® Edinh. and 
Lond. 1834. « 

Stephens (william). The personality and divinity of the Holy Ghost 
prov'd. A sermon. 8° Ojc/I 1717. 

Stephenson (j. a.). The Sword unsheathed ; the polity of the Church 
of England, the polity enforced by St. Paul, Romans xiii. 1-8. 8® 
Lond. 1834. « 

The Sword accuminated. 8® Lond. 1834. « 

Stephenson (maonus). Skemtileg Vina-Gledi i frodlegum Samrsdum 
og Liodmaelum leidd a lios ; 1 Bind. 8° Leird, 1797. 

Minnisverd Tidindi fra N^-ari 1795 til ny&n 

1804; 3 Bind. 8<> Leirdy 1796-1808. 

Stevens (Mrs. — ). The progressive Experience of the Heart, under 
the discipline of the Holy Ghost. 12^ Lond. 1832. « 

Stevens (john harvet), Capt. Some Description of the Method used in 
pointing Guns at Sea. 8® Lond. 1834. « 

Stevenson (oeoroe). A Treatise on the Offices of Christ 8^ Edtnh. 
1834. « 

Stevenson (john). Cataract ; a familiar description of its nature, S3rmp- 
toms, and ordinary modes of treatment, particularly with reference to 
the operation performed by the author at the ^* Royal Infirmary for 
Cataract." 1£® Lond. 1834. • 

Stevenson (thomas). Memorials of the late Rev. Thomas Stevenson. 
12° Lond. 1833. « 

Stewart ( — ), Earl of Traquair. A Letter to the E — 1 of T— q — ^r. 8*^ 

Stewart ( — ), Mrs. Colonel, Don Quixote ; or, the knight of De La 
Mancha, a comic opera. 8® Lond, 1834. « 

Stewart (Archibald). Account of his Behaviour and Conduct. 8® 
Lond. 1748. 

Stewart (dugald). Elements of the Philosophy of the Human Mind ; 
Vol. II. 4« Edinb. 1814. 


Stewart (james). The Practice of Conveyancing. Corrected and en- 
larged ; Vol. I. 8° lond. 1832. m 

The Practice of Conveyancing; with respect to 

deeds, wills, and abstracts of title, as altered by the recent acts. 
Being an appendix to the Practice of Conveyancing. 8** Lond. 1834. m 

Stewart (tuomas). Napoleon's dying Soliloquy, and other poems. 12® 
Zon^. 1834. « 

Stick NEY (saraii). Pictures of Private Life. Second series. 8® LofuL 
1834. « 

Stier (Rudolf). Neu geordnetes Lehrgebaude der hebraischen Sprache. 
Nach den Grundgesetzen der Spr^chentwickelung als durchgangige 
Hinweisung auf eine allgemeine Sprachlehre ; Theil i. u. Die Laut-und 
Wortlehre. 8" Leipzig, 1833. 

Stirling (james). Extract of the Process of Treason, at the Instance of 
Sir James Steuart, her Majesties Advocate ; against James Stirling of 
Keir, and others. 4^ Lond. l709. 

Stocker (c. w.). Conversation on the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper : 
between a minister of the Church of England and some of his pa- 
rishioners. l^^Zomf. 1834. « 

Stories from Italian Writers, with a literal Translation and Notes. 12^ 
Lond. 1830. • 

from German Writers, with a literal Translation and Notes. 12* 

Lond. 1832. • 

Story (joseph). Commentaries on the Conflict of Laws, foreign and 
domestic, in regard to Contracts, Rights, and Remedies, and especially 
in regard to Marriages, Divorces, Wills, Successions, and Judgments. 
4^ Boston, U.S., 1834. . 

Story-Teller. The Story-Teller ; Vol. II. 4" Loni. 1833. « 

Stow (t. Q.). Memoirs of Rowland Taylor, LL.D. 129 Lond, \S$3. m 

Strange (robert). An Inquiry into the Rise and Establishment of the 
Royal Society of Arts. 8° Lond. 1775. 

Strakger. The Stranger Chiefrain. A tale; 2 Vol. 8^ Zom^. 1834. • 

Stratenus (petrus). Venus Zeelanda seu opuscula poetica. C. Boyus 
collegit et edidit 8° Brenue, 1 704. 

Streeten (r. j. n.). An Address to the Council of the Worcestershire 
Natural History Society, delivered at their first Anniversary Meeting. 
S^ Worcester, 1834. « 

Strickland (aones). Demetrius : a tale of modem Greece : in three 
cantos. With other poems. 12^ Lond. 1833. « 

Strickland (george.) An Alarm on the Rights of the Poor, and the 
Property of the Rich^ in Danger, from a supposed Law Reform. 8® 
Lond. 1833. « 


Strickland (jane), Ellen Cleveland ; or, the young Samaritan. A tale 
of the pestilence. 12° Lond. 4^ 

Stronck (car. wilh.). Observationes criticae in Homeri Hymnum in 
Cererera. S"* Medioburgi, 1819. 

Strutt (jacob oeoroe). Sylva Britannica ; or, portraits of forest trees, 
distinguished for their antiquity, magnitude, or beauty. 8® Lond, 

Struvius (burc. gotth.). Thesaurus varise eruditionis ex scriptoribus 
potissimum Seculi xvi. et xvii. collectus. Accessit Dissertatio de 
Jure Bibliothecarum. 4° «/en^, 1710. 

Stuart (james). Refutation of Aspersions on ** Stuart's Three Years in 
North America." 8° Land. 1834. « 

Stuart (rob.). A Dictionary of Architecture ; 3 Vol. 8° Lond. 

Stud-Book. The general Stud-Book ; 2 Vol. 8° Lond. 1820-2. 

Studio. Lo Studio; No. i-iii. S^ Lond. IS3S. « 

Stuers (f. v. a. ds). Mcmoires sur la Guerre de Tile de Java de 1825 a 
1830. 4^ Leyde, ISS3. 

Atlas, fol. 

Stuss (joak. henr.). Programma de Joannis Staupitii Mentis in Reli- 
gionem Evangelicam. 4° 1732. 

SuARD (j. B. A.). Melanges de Litterature. Edition revue et corrigee ; 
Tom. i-iii. 8^ Par. 1806. 

IV, V. [2 Tom.] 8« Par. 

an XIII. [1804.] 

SuAREZ DE Zatas (juan). luforme hecho al Real Consejo de las Indias 
el dia 1 4 de Diciembre de 1 735 en defensa del Dean, y Cabildo de la 
Santa Iglesia Cathedral de la Ciudad de Mexico ; en el pleyto con la 
Sagrada Religion de la Compania de Jesus, fol. 

Discurso, y alegacion jnridica por el Dean, 

y Cabildo de la santa Iglesia Cathedral Metropolitana de la Ciudad 
de Mexico ; en el Pleyto con la sagrada Religion de la Compafiia dc 
Jesus. Sobre la liquidacion dc los diezmos propios de las casas, y 
colegios de dicha Religion, sitos dentro de los limites de aquel Arzo- 
bispado. fol. Madr. 1735. 

Manifiesto de la nulidad con que han proce- 

dido los Juezes Hacedores de la Santa Iglesia Cathedral de Mexico. 
En el Pleyto contra los Jesuitas. En que se satisface al Discurso de 
Don Juan Suarez de Sayas en 26 de Octubre de 1735. fol. 

Subject. The free-born Subject ; or, the Englishman's birthright ; as- 
serted. [By Sir Roger Lestrange?] 4® Lond. 1679. 

Submission. An Enquiry into the Measures of Submission to the 
Supream Authority. 4^ 

3 A 



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tione. 8^ Par. apud CoUnceum, 1535. 

■ Octavius Cfiesar Augustus. 8" Colon. [Cam 
notis MSS.] 

Sugar. The Alarm-Bell : or, considerations on the present dangerous 
state of the sugar colonies. ^4° LontL 1749. 

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Purchasers of Estates; [2 Vol.] S^ Land. 1834. m 

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delse i Alrnindelighed. 4^ Kiobenhaon^ 1769. 

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men, 1781, 2. 

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4''Lond. 1691. 

■ Perpetual Supplies for the State ; by annuities and reversions. 
S^'Lond. 1760. 

Surgeons. Descriptive and illustrated Catalogue of the Physiological 
Series of Comparative Anatomy contained in the Museum of the Royal 
College of Surgeons in London ; Vol. i, ii. 4® Lond. 1833, 4. Pre^ 
sented by the Royal College of Surgeons. 

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rum Christianorum Precibus. 8° Lugd, Bat. 1833. 

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Swan (josepu). A Demonstration of the Nerves of the Human Body ; 
Pt. IV. fol. Lond. « 

■ A new Method of making Anatomical Preparations ; 
particularly those relating to the nervous system. Enlarged. 8^ Lond. 
1833. ♦ 

A Treatise on Diseases and Injuries of the Nerves. En- 

larged. 8^ Lond. 1834. m 


SwBARiNO. The Immorality of prophane Swearing demonstrated ; in a 
new method* 8^ LomiL 

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Reflexions sur la langue Suedoise. 8® Stockholm, 1781. 

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in beginning and carrying on the present War. 8* Lond, 171^. 

SwiMiiiNO* Twelve Maxims on Swimming. 16® Lond. 1838. ♦ 

SwiTHiN (jAMEs). The Orthography of the Passage from Cape Boliano, 
through the Streights of Sapy. 4*" [Lond. 1762.]. [With MS. notes by 
A. Dalrjrmple.J 

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Symons (j. c). a few Thoughts on Volition and Agency. 8* Lond. 
1883. « 

Sympathy. An Offering of Sympathy to Parents bereaved of their 
Children, and to others under Affliction. 12° Lond. 18S2. ♦ 

Synod of Dort. Naemregister van alle de Ghecommitteerde opt Na- 
tionael Synode van Dordrecht int Jaer 1618. 4° Antwerpcn, 1619. 

'- Cort verhael van die Principaelste puncten die tot Dort 

in die Synode ghetrackteert worden. 4° Antwerpen, 1619. 

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tions on the Warre, the Pestilence, and the Burning of London. 8° 
Lond. 1667. 

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notes, translated ; 3 Vol. 1 2° Lond. ♦ 

. The Life of Agricola, with a Literal Translation and 

Notes. 12° Lond. 1829. ♦ 

The Germany, and Agricola. Lai. Engl, with Notes 

by D. Spillan, A.M. 12» Dubl. 1833. ♦ 

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Tackers. a Letter from a Member of Parliament giving a short Ac- 
count of the Proceedings of the Tackers. 4® Lond. 

3 a2 


Tackers. Tom Tell-Truth's Letter to a Dissenter, in vindication of the 
L — s against the Tackers. 4° [1705.] 

Tafel (t. l. f.). De CoUectionibus quibusdam Juris Grscorum Cano- 
nici Tubingensibus Not! tia Liter aria. 4^ Tubingce, 1827. Presented by 
C, P, Cooper^ Esq. 

De Theodosio Melitino, inedito Historise Byzantinae 

Scriptore ex codice Tubingensi Notitia Literaria. 4® Tubtnga^ 18S8. 
Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

Annae Comnense Supplementa historiam ecclesiasu- 

cam Graecorum sseculi xi et xii spectantia. Accediint Acta Synodi 
Constantinopolitanse in Soterichi Panteugoqi Dogmata de Christi cru- 
cifixi Sacrificio habitsB. 4*^ TubingaSy 1832. Presented by C. P. Cooper^ 

Tafuri (michele). Catalogo delle edizioni, e traduzioni messe a stampa 
delle opere di Gio. Gioviano Pontano. 8" Nap. 1827. 

Tao, Rao, and Bob-Tail! being portraits of sixteen notorious person-^ 

ages, chiefly about Cromwell* s time. 4® Lond. 1800. 
Tailer (john). a Fast Sermon. 8° Lond. 1756. 

Tailfer (pat.), Anderson (uuoh), Douolas (da.), etc. A Narrative of 
the Colony of Georgia in America. 8° Charles- Town, and Lond. 

Talavera. Observations sur les Journaux Anglais, au sujet de la 
bataille de Talavera et de ses suites. Fr. Esp. 4^ 

Talbot (richard), Earl of TyrconneL A Vindication of the present 
Government of Ireland, imder Richard, Earl of Tyrconnel. 4^ Land. 

Tales. Seldom comes a better : or^ a tale of a lady and her servants. 8* 
Lond. 1710. 

. Tales of distant Lands. 1 2^ Lond. 1 834. ♦ 

.-. Tales for Infant Minds. By a Mother. 12^ Lond. 1884. « 

— » — Popular Tales and Legends of the Irish Peasantry. 12® DubL 
1834. « 

Talia (— ). Principj di Estetica; 2 Vol. 8" Ven. 1827, 8. 

Tallant (anne). The Practice Book ; containing lessons in dictating. 
12° Lond. 1834. • 

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Par. 1834. 

. — ' His Life ; Vol. i, ii. 8° Lond. 1834. « 

Talmud, mn^ mana Birchoth Jehud. fol. Francofurti ad Moenum, 

Talon ( — ). De Fransche Advocaet Talon^ in sijn gehouden Pleydoy 
tegens den Pans Innocentius de XI wederleyt. 4° 1688. 

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Chanowsky. 12" [1658.] 


Tapfsr (anton.). Philosophia Moralis systematica. 8® Frihurgi Helvet. 


Tarreoa ( — )f El Canonigo. La famosa Comedia de la Sangre Leal de 
los Montaneses de Navarra. 4°. 

Tarver (j. c). Familiar and conversational French Exercises. 12^ 
Land. 1834. « 

Tassis (jouan baptista de). Translaet van sekeren Spaenschen Brief 
iude Middelandtsche Zee geintercipieert. 4^ Gravenhage, 1596. 

Tasso (torquato). Ra Gerusalemme Deliver^ traduta da diversi in 
Lengua Zeneize. 4® Zena. 

■ Tradotdone della Gierusalemme Liberata in lingua 

Bolognese popolare, di 6io. Francesco Negri, fol. [Imperf.] 

Tate (w.), /tin. A complete System of Commercial Arithmetic. 12* 
Lond. 1834. « 

Tatham (edward). a second Letter to the Rt. Hon. William Pitt, on 
a National Bank. 8° Lond. 1797. 

Tatischeff (j. de). Dictionnaire complet Franfois et Russe ; ft Tom. 8® 
St. Petersbourg, 1798. 

Tatler. The St James's Tatler. 8^ Lond. 1 734. 

Taverner (RICHARD.) The Garden of Wysdome. 16* Lond. Wyllyam 
Copland. [Lit. Goth.] 

Taxation. Thoughts on Taxation. By a Commissioner of Taxes. 
[Francis Newbery, Esq.] 8* Newark, 1799. 

Taxes. Some Considerations upon Taxes, and upon the Debts of the 
Nation. 4** EUm. 

An Essay on the inequality of our present Taxes, particularly 

the Land-tax ; and on the means to raise, by an equal, easy taxation, 
the necessary supplies within the year. 8^ Lond. 1746. 

Tatler (c. b.). The Child of the Church of England. 19^ Lond. 
1834. « 

Social Evils and their Remedy ; No. i-v. 8* Lond. 1 834. « 

Tayler (j. j.). The Principle of Protestantism incompatible with the 
application of a religious Test A discourse. 8° Lond. 1834. « 

Taylor (francis). Grapes from Canaan : or, the believer's taste of 
future glory : expressed in a short divine poem. 8° Lond. 1658. * 

Taylor (henry). The Apology of Benjamin Ben Mordecai to his 
Friends^ for embracing Christianity. With alterations; % Vol. 8^ 
Lond. 1784. 

Taylor (henry). Philip Van Artevelde. A dramatic romance. In 
two parts. 8® Lond. 1834. « 

Taylor (john), Jun. Observations on the Cure of William Taylor, a 
blind Boy. 8<> Zom^. 1753. 


Taylor (jobk). Plan of Leamington Spa : taken by Measra. Taylor and 

Hopton. Lond, 1834. • 

TATLoa (sarar). a short Account of Sarah Taylor, of Springfield^ neair 
Chelmsford. 12^ Lond. IS32. ♦ 

Taylor (w. c). The History of Mohammedanism and its Secta; dep- 
rived chiefly from oriental sources. 8^ Lond, 1834.' ♦ 

Tea Trade. The Tea Trade. A report of the proceedings at the 
East India House, on the commencement of the March Sale* 8^ 
Lond. [1834.] ♦ 

Teacher. The Teacher's Gift to his Pupils. 12*" Londy 1833. 

Teelinck (maximiliaen). Vrymoedige Aenspraeck aen den Prince 
van Oraengien. 4° Middelhurghy 1650. 

— Bedenkingen op de vrymoedige Aenapraek 

aenden Prince van Oranje gestelt door Maximiliaen Teelinck. 4^ 
FUssingen, 1650. 

Onderrichtinge van Maximiliaen Teelinck 

aengaende de vrytnoedige aensprake aen de Prince van Oraengien. 
4« MiddeUmrgh, 1650. 

Teellimck (willem). Philopatris, ofte Christelijck bericht hoemen 
Staets saecken soude moghen gheluckelick uyfvoeren. 4® Middel^ 
hurgh, 1608. 

Tell-Tale. The Tell-Tale ; No. VII. 8* Zoiwi. 1734. 

Tellez (oabriel). £1 Burlador de Sevilla, y Combidado de Piedra. 
Comedia del Maestro Tirso de Molina. 4^ Sevilla. 

Temple {Sir william). Aenmerckingen over de Vereenigde Neder- 
landen, uit het Engels overgeset 4^ AfMierdam^ 1673. 

Tenison (edw.). Copies of some Letters occasioned by the Demand for 
Dilapidiations in the See of Canterbury ; Pt. i. 4® 1716. 

Tennant (charles). The State of Man. A Poem ; in four books. 

12° Zonrf. 1834. ♦ 

Terentius. The Metres of Terence, briefly explained. 8® DnhL 
18^8. ♦ 

Terreros y Pando (esteban de). Diccionario Castellano con las voces 
de ciencias y artes y sus corrispondientes en las tres lenguas Francesa, 
Latina eltaliana ; Tom. i~iii. 4° Madr. 1786. 

Terrot (c. h.). Pastoral Letters to the younger Members of an Episco- 
pal Congregation. \9,^ Edinb. 1834. « 

Terry (adrian r.). Travels in the Equatorial Regions of South Ame- 
rica, in 1822. 12^ Hartford^ 1834. 

Test. An Enquiry into the Reasons for abrogating the Test imposed 
on all Members of Parliament. Offered by Sa. Oxon. 4^ 

Reasons against the repealing the Acts of Parliament concerning 
the Test. 4» 1687. 


Test. Advice to Freeholden in relation to the penal Laws and Testa* 
4° Lond. 1687. 

Three Letters tending to demonstrate how the Security of this 
Nation against Persecution for Religion, lys in the Abolition of the 
present penal Laws and Tests. 4^ Land. 1688. 

— Plain-Dealing concerning the penal Laws and Tests. In a dia- 
logue. 4° Lond. 1688. 

A Letter from a Country Gentleman, shewing the Frailty of all 

State Oaths and Tests. 4^ Lond. 1702. 

— A Letter concerning the Sacramental Test 4° Lond, 1 709. 

— Letter against the Sacramental Test: by C. H. 4® Lond. 1709. 

— Reasons for the Repeal of the Sacramental Test ; No. ii. 8® 

Dubl. 1 783. 

Testament, ATtfip. Gr. AngL £x editione Stephani 8^. 1550. 12^ 
Cambr. 1834. « 

. Canones Evangeliorum, sive Concordia quatuor Evan- 

gelistanim edita a Zacharia Crisopolita. fol. 1473. [Lit. Goth.] 

EngL, with a Commentary by the Rev. C. Girdlestone, 

M.A. ; Pt. III. 4^ Oxf. « 

Translated out of the Latin Vulgate, first published 

by the English College of Rhcims, anno 1582. With tlie original 
preface and annotations. To which are added an introductory essay, 
and an index. 8® New-Yorky 1834. 

Explanatory and practical Comments ; being a series 

of short lectures upon the New Testament; Vol. u. 8** DubL 
1834. « 

The four Gospels exhibited in one continued Narra^ 

tive ; with notes. By the Rev. C. Currey, B. A. 4* Lond. « 

A Harmony of the four Gospels, in the English 

authorized Version ; arranged according to Greswell's Harmonia 
Evangelica. 8° Land. 1833. « 

Specimen of a proposed accurate Translation of the 

four Gospels. 8^' Lond. 1834. « 

A paraphrastic Translation of St Paul's Epistle to 

the Romans, by Laicus. 12® Lond. 1834. « 

Croat. 4» Tubingce, 1563. 

Negro-English. Translated by the Missionaries of 

the Unitas Fratrum. 8<' Lond. 1829. 

Teu (juan thomas). Una Carta que escribio en las nuevas poblaciones 
de Sierra Horena, un amigo a otro de Sevilla, dandole noticias de su 
estado, y progresos. fol. Madr. 1768. 


Thames. Frostiana ; or a history of the river Thames in a frozen state. 

l^Lond. 1814. 

Theatre. Theatrical Disquisitions; or a review of the late riot at 
Drury-Lane Theatre. By a lady. 8® Lond, 1768. 

Thelwall (a. s.). a scriptural Refutation of Mr. Irving's Heresy. 
U^Lond.lSSi. « 

Theobald (william). The Poor Law Amendment Act ; with a com- 
mentary on the powers of the commissioners, and a general intro- 
ductory view. 12° Lond. 1834. m 

Theocritus. Theocriti, Bionis et Moschi Carmina. Cum Commen- 
tariis integris L. C. Valckenarii, R. F. P. Brunckii^ J. Toupii ; 2 Vol. 
8^ Berol. I SIO. 

Theodoritus, Episcopus Cyrensis. Dialogi tres contra quasdam Hsreses. 
4^ RomaSi 1547. [Cum notis MSS. Is. Casauboni.] 

Theodorus Antiochenus. Quae supersunt omnia. Edidit A. F. V. a 
Wegnern; Vol. i. 8« J5ero/.-1834.. 

Theophylactus, Bulgaria: Archiepiscopus, Explicationes in Acta Apos- 
tolorum. His accesserunt Orationes quinque Gregorii Nysseni, Am- 
philochii Iconii^ Joannis Chrysostomi, Cyrilli, et Timothei Hieroso- 
solymorum Presbyteri. Gr, LaL Laurentio Sifano Interprete. fbl. 
Colon. 1568. 

Thi^bault (paul). Journal des Operations militaires du Siege et da 
blocus de G^nes. 8° Par. an ix.-l 801 . 

Thiebaut de Berneaud (arsenne). Voyage to the Isle of Elba ; with 
notices of the other islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea. Translated by 
William Jerdan. 8« Lond. 1814. 

Thieme (carolus Augustus). Pro Puritate Symmachi Dispucatio. 4® 
Lips. 1755. 

Thierry ( — ). Memoirs of Henry Masers de Latude. Translated by- 
John William Calcraft. 8" Duhl. 1834. « 

Thierry (auoustin). Histoire de la Conquete de TAngleterre par les 
Normands; 4 Tom. 8° Par. 1830. 

Atlas. 4* Par. 1880. 

Thiers (a.). Histoire de la Revolution Fran9aise; 10 Tom. 8^ Par. 

Things divine and supernatural conceived by analogy with Thingrg 
natural and human. [By Peter Browne^ Bishop of Cork.] 8^ Lond. 

Thirl wall (connop). A Letter to Thomas Turton, D.D., on the Ad- 
mission of Dissenters to academical Degrees. 8^ Camb. 1834. ♦ 

^HOLUCK (a.). Exposition of Christ's Sermon on the Mount, according 
to the Gospel of Matthew. Translated by the Rev. Robert Mensies ; 
Vol. I. 8« Edinb. 1834. « 


Tholuck (a.). Exposition of St. Paul's Epistle to the Romans : with 
extracts from the exegetical works of the Fathers and Reformers. 
Translated hy the Rev. Robert Menzies ; Vol. i. 8° Edinb. 1833. ♦ 

Thomas (john ii.). Lays of a Minor Poet. 8*^ Lond, 1834. « 

Thomas (j. w.). Geiriadur Cymreig a S^isonig. 12^ Caernarfon^ 
1834. « 

Thomas (w. h.). The surgical and descriptive Anatomy of the Bones, 
Ligaments, and Joints. 12° Land, 1834. « 

Thompson (john), Lord Haverskam, Speech in the House of Peers, 
Nov. 15, 1705. 4" Lond. 

■ Speech in the House of Peers, 

Feb. 15, ]70f 4<» Lond. 1707. 

TuoMS (w. J.). Lays and Legends ; No. i-vi. 8" Lond. 1834. • 

Thomsen (c. n. t. h.). Systematis Leibnitiani, in philosophia maxime, 
Expositio quacdam, ratione imprimis habita qusestionis, num alia 
esoterica^ alia exoterica habuerit vir ille dogmata. Adjectas sunt 
Theses ab eodem defensse. 4° Slesvic, 1832. 

Thomson (a. todd). Some Observations on the Preparation and medi- 
cinal Employment of the loduret and Hydriodate of Iron. 8° Lond. 
1834. « 

Thomson (thomas). The Case of the Right Hon. Thomas Winnington, 
Esq. 8*' Lond. 1746. 

Thoorn. Verhaal van 't schrikkelyk Treurspel onlangs uytgevoert 
tot Thoorn door het overleg en aanstooken der Jesuiten. 4*^ Amster'^ 
dam, 1725. 

Thornton, ( — ). A Summary of the History of the East India Com- 
pany, from the grant of their first Charter, by Queen Elizabeth, to 
the present period. 8® Lond. 1833. « 

Thornton (henry). Family Prayers. 8^ Zon J. 1834. « 

Thorp (thomas). On obsolete Rules. A sermon. 8® Camhr. 1834. ♦ 

■ The Profitableness of the Christian Ministry. A ser- 

mon. 8° Camhr. 1834. ♦ 

On religious Education. A sermon. 8® Cambr. 

1834. « 
A Sermon on Easter Day. 8® Camhr. 1834. 

Thorpe (benj.). Analecta Anglo-Saxonica. A selection, in prose and 
verse, from Anglo-Saxon Authors; with a glossary. 8** Lond. 
1834. ♦ 

Thorwaldsen (albert). Sammlung von Umrissen nach Thorwald- 
sen's Werken. fol. StxUtgart, 1 834. 

Thoughts. Miscellaneous Thoughts on the present Posture of our 
foreign and domestic Affairs. 8® Lond. 1742. 

3 B 


Threefold Cord ; or, a precept, promise, and prayer, firom the Holy 
Scriptures, for every day in the year. 32® Lond. • 

Three Nights in a Lifetime, and Inishairlach : domestic tales. 8* 
Edinh Lond. 1832. ♦ 

Thuctdides. De Bello Peloponnesiaco Lihri octo. Recensuit, argu- 
mentis et adnotatione perpetua illustravit, indices et tabulas chrono- 
logicas adjecit, atque de vita auctoris pra&fatus est Franciscus Goeller ; 
2 Vol. 8" Ztp^i^, 1826. 

Thuillerye ( — de la). Propositie gcdaan ter vergaderinge van de 
Staten Generael der Vereenighde Nederlanden. 4" Gravenhaghe^ 1646. 

Antwoordt van de Staten Generael der Ve- 
reenighde Nederlanden, op de propositie gedaen door den Ambassa- 
deur de la Thuillerye. 4« 1646. 

Ticozzi (stefano). Dizionario dei Pittori ; 2 Vol. 8® Milan, 1818. 

Tidd (WILLI am). The Practice of the Superior Courts of Law, in per- 
sonal Actions and Ejectment, &c., so far as it is altered by the late 
Statutes. 8° Lond. 1833. « 

Tierney (m. a.). The History and Antiquities of the Castle and Town 
of Arundel. 4® Zotm?. 1 834. ♦ 

TiGERSTROM (frid. guil. de). Dc Judicibus apud Romanos. Tractatio 
Historic©- Juridica. 8® Berol. 1826. 

TiLLOTSON (john), Abf. of Canterbury. Sermon, exposant la fin du 
V. 15. du 3 eh. de la 1. aux Cor. Traduit par Jean de Kerhuel. 8® 
Lond. 1673. 

A twofold Vindication of the 

Archbishop of Canterbury, and of the Author of the History of Re- 
ligion. 8<>Zo/uf. 1696. ♦ 

— — A Sermon on Matt. vii. 12. 

8« Lond. 1709. 

■ — - Maxims and Discourses taken 

from his Works. 8<> Lond. 1719. 

Time. The Mirror of Time, from the creation to the present hour ; 2 
Vol. 8°Z(mrf. 1834. « 

TiMPSON (thomas). The Negroes* Juhilee : a memorial of negro eman- 
cipation, August 1, 1834. 16^ Lond. 1834. • 

■ Female Biography of the New Testament. 12* 

Land. 1834. ♦ 

Tiraboschi (girolamo). Storia della Letteratura Italiana; 16 Vol. 
8» Milano, 1822-6. 

TissiER (bertrand). Bibliotheca Patrum Cisterciensium ; 8 Tom. fbl. 
BonofontCf 1660-9. 

.m~ ■ ' Veterum Patrum et antiquorum Scriptorum Cia- 

terciensium Opera historica. fol. Par, 1669. 


Tobacco* An Appeal to the Landholders concerning the reasonableness 
and benefit of an Excise upon Tobacco and Wine. 8® Lmd, 1733. 

ToBLfi Reditus ad Patriam. Actio Sacra. 8® 1780. 

Todd (oeoroz). Castellum Huttonicum. Some account of SherifT- 
Hutton Castle. 8<* Yorhy 1 824. 

Todd (h. j.). A Vindication of Thomas Cranmer, Archbishop of Can- 
terbury. 12* Zonrf. 1826. 

ToLAND (john). An Answer to his Reasons for addressing his Majesty 
to invite into England the Electress Dowager, and the Electoral 
Prince of Hanover. 4** Lond. 1 702. 

Modesty mistaken : or, a letter to Mr. Toland, upon 

his declining to appear in the ensuing Parliament. 4* Lond. 1702. 

Toledo ( — ), Arzohispo de. [Carta al Clero Frances], fol. Madr. 

Toledo. Lettres ecrites a Tolede, et adressees a Madrid sur les opera- 
tions militaires qui ont eu lieu dans les environs de ces deux villes 
depuis le 21 Juillet jusq'au 14 Aout de 1809. 4<>. 

Toleration. The Vanity of all pretences for Tolleration. 4" Lond. 

Toller (thos. morthcote). Short Discourses for the Use of Families. 
IZ"" Lond.USS. « 

Tolomei (cLAUDio). Lcttcrc ; 2 Tom. 12" Nap. 1829. 

ToRFiEUs (thorm.). TorfsBRna. Sive T. Torfsei notse posteriores in 
seriem regum Danise, Epistolac Latinae, et Index in seriem Regum 
DanifiB. 4" //fl/n. 1777. 

Tories. Tales of the Tories. %^ Lond. \7\Z. 

A Letter to the Tories. By J. H. 8® Lond. 1747. 

ToRRENs (Rp). On Wages and Combination. 8^ Lond. 1834. « 

ToRRiANo (nathanael). A Sermou previous to the Fast. 12® Lewes, 

A Fast Sermon. 12" Lewes, 1756. 

ToRRUBiA (JOSEPH). ExamcD canonico-legal de la libertad religiosa de 
las Provincias de la Serafica Decaliez de Espana, y de las de S. Diego 
de Mexico, y San Gregorio de Philipinas, para el manejo de sus 
negocios en esta Corte : Insubsistencia y Repugnancia canonica de la 
Procura General de Corte : Memorial Juridico que . exponen en 
nombre de las Provincias, Fr. Joseph Torrubia, y Fr. Bernardo de la 
Trinidad. Y Satisfaccion Legal a los motivos representados por Fr. 
Bernardo de Santa Maria. foL 

■ Oracion panegyrico-funebre en las exequias de 

el siervo de Dios Fr, Luis de S. Joseph. 4*^ Madr. 1737. 

3 b3 


ToRTELLius (jOANNEs). Commentariorum Grammaticorum de ortho- 
graphia dictionum e Graecis tractarum opus. fol. Ven. per Hermanum 
Lichtenstein, 1484. 

ToTTiE (THOMAS WILLIAM). A Statement of the Trust and recent Ad- 
ministration of Lady Hewley*s Charities^ as now in proof in the Suit 
of the Attorney-General, v. Shore, Esq., and others. With an appen- 
dix. S"" Lond. 1854:. ♦ 

Toulon. A Letter from a Minister of State at Turin, relating to the 
expedition into Provence, and siege of Toulon. Done from a French 
copy. 4** Lond. 1707. 

TouREAR. Arte de Tourear. 4". 

Arte de ser toureado. 4* 1752. 

TouRos. Cometa de Fogo, ou Finomeno terreste, no infeliz sucoesso, 
com que se queimou, e reduzio a cinzas o artificiozo Carro de fogo, 
na tarde quatro de Setembro^ e segunda do Combate de Touros. 4^. 

Exposi9am verdadeira da situa^am da Pra^a do Terreiro do 

Pa^o, e dos primeiros tres dias de Touros. 4^. 

Nova, e curiosa Rela^am anti- primeira das memoraveis Festas 

de Touros, escrita por Thomas Frango irmam gemeo de Thomas 
Pinto. 4° Catalumna, 

Nova Rela^am do sumptuoso Aparato, com que o Supremo 

Senado pertende celebrar o primeiro dia da segunda celebridade de 
Touros. 4". 

Nova Rela^am de toda a festividade do primeiro dia de Touros. 

4® Catalumna. 

Nova Rela9ao do que ha de constar toda a Festividade de 

Touros que se ha de celebrar em 28 de Agosto de prezente anno. 
4^ Lisboa. 

Nova Rela^am das pe9as, e moveis, que se empenharao para 

hirem ver os Touros. 4** Calahorra, 

Rela9ao verdadeira, em que se da conta de todo o sucedido na 

segunda tarde de Touros ; com huma Carta de Pezames, que mandou 
Neptuno do Rocio, a seu amigo Apolo do Tereiro do Pa90. 4^ 

Rela9am verdadeira de todas as Perdas, Roubos, e achados que 

ouve, e se fizerao nos primeiros tres dias de Touros, desde 28 de 
Agosto, ate 1 1 de Setembro. 4**. 

Rela9am de toda a festa de Touros celebrado pelo Supremo 

Senado, em o dia 18 do mez de Setembro de 1752. 4^ Lisb. 1752. 

Tours. A Tour through the South of England, Wales, and part of 
Ireland, in 1791. 8° Lond. 1793. 

Notes of three Tours in Ireland, in 1824 and 1826. By J. G. 

129, [Not published.] 

Towers (samuel). A Thanksgiving Sermon. 8^ Lond, 1723. 


TowoooD (matthew). Remarks on the profane and absurd Use of the 
monosyllable Damn. 8^ Lond. 1746. 

Town-Talk ; No. v. 4® Land, I7\l. 

Trabcztnski ( — ), Abhe, Grammaire de la Langue Polonaise. 8^ 
Varsov. 1778. 

Tracts. The Scotch Cheap Repository Tracts. 8° Edinb, 1815. 

Cheap Repository Tracts ; entertaining, moral, and religious. 

12» Lond. 1827. 

Shorter Tracts. 12® Land. 1827. 

for Sunday Readings. 12* 

Lond. 1827. 

Tractatus varii Latini a Crevier, Brotier, Auger aliisque conscripti, et 
ad rem cum criticam, tum antiquariam, pertinentes. 8® Lond, 1788. 

Trade. A Dissertation on the Question : In what manner do Trade and 
Civil Liberty support each other ? [By W. Weston, B.D. ?] 4® Lond. 

Another Dissertation on the mutual Support of Trade and 

Civil Liberty. [By- Benjamin Newton, M.A.] 4® Lond, 1756. 

The Case of going to war for the sake of Trade considered in 

a new light. S^ Lond, 1763. 

An Appeal to Manufacturers, on the present state of Trade, 

&c 8® Birmingham^ 1795. 

Trades' Unions. Character, Object, and Effects of Trades' Unions. 8* 
Lond, 1834.* « 

Tragedy. The Countess of Essex. A tragedy. 8® Lond, 1834. « 

Orfred; a tragedy^ in five acts. 12^ Canterbury, 1834, « 

Traoi-Comedt. Spirit of Peers and People. A national tragi-comedy. 
12* Lond. 1834. « 

Transubstantiation. Thfe Summ of a Conference on Feb. 21, 1686, 
between Dr. Clagett, and Father Gooden, about the point of Transub- 
stantiation. 8° Lond. 1689. 

Trapp (joseph). A Sermon on John xviii. 36. 8* Lond, 1717. 

High-Church Doctrine prov'd to be Popish ; or, re- 
flections on Mr. Trapp*s Sermon^ entitled '* Tl\e real nature of the 
Church or Kingdom of Christ." 8« Lond. 1717. 

Reality without Existence ; or his Sermon, called " The 

real nature of the Church and Kingdom of Christ," proved to be unna- 
tural. S^ Lond, 1717. 

— ^— — Lectures on Poetry ; translated, with additional notes. 

12« Lond. 1742. 
Travels. Voyagie naer Afirica, Tunis en Algiers in*t jaer 1625. 4^. 


Tra^velb. Second Travels of an Irish Gentleman in search of a Religion ; 

2 Vol. S^ Dubl. 1833. « 

Treaties. Sommier verhael van de wreede handelinghe der Calvinisten 

teghen de Remonstranten buy ten Rotterdam opden 20 October, 1619. 

4» 1619. 
■ Tractaet nopende de Navigatie ende Commercie van de Zee 

tusschen den Koninck. van Hispangien ende de Vereenighde Provm- 

tien, besloten den 17 Decembris 1650. 4^ Gravenhaghe^ 1651. 

Een Praetje over Tafel, behelsende Consideratien over den 

Vrede-Handel, nu tusschen de Remonstranten en de Waterlandsche- 
Doopsgesinden tot Rotterdam voorgevallen. 4® Amsterdam^ 1671. 


Tractaet van Assistentie en mutuele Defentie op den 22 Sep- 

tember 1672 geslooten tusschen den Roomsche Keyser, den Koningh 
van Denemarcken enz. 4° 1672. 

— '- Tractaat van Commercie, Navigatie en Marine geslooten tot 

Utrecht den 11 April 1713, tusschen Vrankryk en der Vereenigde 
Nederlanden. 4° Anuterdam, 1713. 

Tractaet van Barriere tusschen sijne Keyserlijcke Majesteyt 

Karel VI., sijne Majesteyt van Groot-Brittannien en de Staten Generael 
gemaeckt te Antwerpen. 4° GravenhagCf 171S. 

Free Thoughts on the late Treaty of Alliance concluded at 

Worms. By a Member of Parliament. 8® Lond, 1744. 

— • Articulo IX. del Tratado de Limites de 1750, que se cita en 

el Articulo xii. del Tratado Preliminar de 1777. 4". 

— * Tratado Preliminar sobre los limites de los Paises pertene- 

cientes en America Meridional a las Coronas de Espaiia y Portugal, 
ajustado y concluido entre el Rey N. S. y la Reina Fidelisima> y ratifi- 
cado a n. de Octubre de 1777. 4» Madr. 1777. 

Tratado de Amistad, Garantia y Comercio^ ajustado y con- 

cluido entre el Rey N. S. y la Reina Fidelisima, y ratificado por Sa 
Magestad en el Pardo a 24 de Marzo de 1778. 4« Madr, 1778. 

Treatise. A short Treatise on these heads, -viz. Of the Sins of Sodom, 
of Pride in Apparel and Contempt of God in his Judgments, &c. &c. 
By a learned Bishop in Ireland. 12^ Lond. 1689. 

Trebuchet (adolphe). Jurisprudence de la Medecine^ de la Chirurgie, 
et de la Pharmacie en France. 8* Par. 1834. 

Tredway (thomas j.). Statistics of the United States of America. 12* 

Lond. [1834.] ♦ 

Tree of Life ; No. i. 12« Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Treppbt (r.). Conversations concerning Children. I f^ Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Trefprt (richarD;) Jun. The Infidel's own Book : a statement of some 
of the absurdities resulting from the rejection of Christianity. 12® 
Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Trenchard (john). The History of standing Annies in England. 8^ 
Lond. 1739. 


Trxkchxn. Tijdinghe hoe dat de Cosagghen d*ween door Hos^lierijen 
ende Moravien geslagen* zijn ende de atadt Trenchin in genomen 
hebben. AP Antwerpen, 1620. 

Trenor (k.). The Ck)lonial Parof Exchange* foLZoiut 1834. s. sh. « 

Tr^sor. Le nouveau Tresor ; or, English students' companion. By M. 
E*** S*»*»*. 12» Land. 1835. « 

Trials. The Trials of the Smugglers, and the other Prisoners, at the 
East-Grinsted Assizes, March 1748-9. 4^ Lond. 1749. 

■ The Trials of William Jackson, William Carter, Benjamin 
Tapner, John Cobby, John Hammond, Rich. Mills, sen., and Rich. 
Mills^ jun., for the murder of William GaUy and Daniel Chater. With 
an appendix. 4^ Lond, 1749. 

Tribbechoyius (joannes), Frees. Dissertatio historica de Vita et Scriptis 
Clementis Alexandrini. Resp. Fridericus Tribbechovius. 4^ Hal. 1706. 

Tricalet (pierre Joseph). Les Motifs de Credibility ; 2 Tom. 12^ 
Par. 1763. 

Triennial Bill. A Letter to a Friend in Suffolk, occasioned by a 
report of repealing the Triennial Act. 8* Lond. 1716. 

A second Letter. 8« Land. 1716. 

■ A Letter to a Country Grentleman, shewing the incon- 
veniences which attend the last part of the Act for Triennial Parlia- 
ments. 8^ Land. 1716. 

' An Epistle to a Whig Member of Parliament, con- 

cerning the Triennial-Bill. By a Clergyman. 8° Lond. 1716. 

■ The Alteration in the Triennial Act considered. 8* 

Lond. 1716. 

The Innkeepers Opinion of the Triennial Act. 8^ 

Lond. 1716. 

___ An humble Petition from the October-Club to a 

certain eminent M ^r of the H. of C ■ s concerning the Triennial 

BiU. 4» Lond. 1716. 

Trinity. Directions to Archbishops and Bishops, for the preserving of 
Unity in the Church, and the purity of the Christian Faith, concerning 
the Holy Trinity. 4« Land. 1714. 

Trithemius (joannes). Opera pia et spiritualia; ab lo.Busaeo edita. foL 
Mogunt. 1604. 

Trocedorfius (valentinus). Method] Doctrinse Catecheticae, m schola 
Goltbergensi propositse. Adjects sunt sententiae Rosarii. Opera 
Laurentii Ludovici. 16^ Witeb. 1565. 

Trollope (Frances). Belgium and Western Germany in 1833 ; 2 Vol. 
12^ Lond. 1834. « 

Trollope (william). A History of the royal foundation of Christ's 
Hospital. 40 Land. 1834. « 


Tromp (marten h arpertz.). t'Samens-praeck over de dadeny gelegen- 
theden ende afkompste van Marten Harpersz. Tromp. 4^ Hollandt, 

Famaes Tromp, wtblasende de Victoric 

die God ons heefl verleent onder 't kloeck en wijs beleyt van Marten 
Herperssz. Tromp. '4^^ Dordrecht, 1639. 

Een Praatje van den ouden en nieuwen 

Admiraal zynde een verantwoordinge van Marten Harpertzoon Tromp 
tegen va]sche beschuldigingen. 4^ Amsterdam, 1653. 

Trottus (albertus). De vero et perfecto Clerico. 4* Ferraret^ per 
Severinum Ferrarxensem, 1475. 

Troubadours. Le Parnasse Occitanien, ou choix de poesies original< 
des Troubadours, tirees des manuscrits nationaux. [Par M. de Roche- 
gude.] 8^ Toulouse, 1819. 

Essai d*un glossaire Occitanien, pour servir a rintelli- 

gence des poesies des Troubadours. [Par M. de Rocbegude.] 8* 
Toulouse, 1819. 

Truman (joseph). A Discourse of natural and moral Impotency. With 
a biograpbical introduction by Henry Rogers. 8° Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Truth. A Mirrour of Truth. 4« Land. 1688. 

Tucker (john). Sermons; 2 Vol. 12® Zoncf. 1834. ^ 

Tudor (henrt). Narrative of a Tour in Nortb America : with an ex- 
cursion to the island of Cuba ; % Vol. If^ Land. 1834. « 

TuiNMAN (cAROLus). Dc Nedcrduitschc Spreekworden ; 2 Deel. 4* 
Middelhurg, 1720-7. 

— Fakkel der Nederduitsche Taale. 4* Leyden, 


Vervolg. 4^ Middelbitrg, 17 SI. 

TuLDENus (diodorus). Commcntarius in Digesta sive Pandectas ; 2 Tom. 
fol. Lovan. 1702. 

De Causis corruptorum Judiciorum et Remediis 

Libri IV. fol. Lovan. 1702. 

De Civili Regimine Libri octo. fol. Lovan, 1 702. 

De Jurisprudentia Extemporali Libri tres. fol. 

Lovan, 1702. 

Lovan. 1702. 

De Principiis Jurisprudentiae Libri quatuor. fol. 

In IV. libros Institutionum Juris Civilis Commen- 

tarius. fol. Lovan, 1702. 

Initiamenta Jurisprudential tredecim. Adjecta 

est laudatio funebris Stephani Weymsii. fol. Lovan, 1702. 


TuLDENUs (oioDORUs). Commentarius ad Codicem Justinianeuni. foL 
Lovan. 1712. 

TuLLiNs (christian BR.). Nockur Kvaede a Islendsku snuen af J. Th. 
8® Hrappsey, 1774. 

Turkey. Narrative of a Tour through some parts of the Turkish 
Empire. [By — Fuller.] 8" Lond. 1 829. 

TuRMBULL (Alexander). An Examination of the remarkable medicinal 
Effects resulting from the external Application of Veratria. 8* Lond, 
1834. « 

An Investigation into the remarkable medi- 
cinal Effects resulting from the external Application of Veratria. With 
an appendix. S^ Lond. 1834:* # 

Turnbull (richard). An Exposition upon the xv. Psalme divided into 
foure sermons. 8*^ Lond, John fVindet, 1591. 

Turnbull (robert j.). A Visit to the Philadelphia Prison. 8° Lond. re- 
printed^ 1797. 

Turner (edward). Elements of Chemistry. 8° Lond. 1 834. » 

Turner (joun). An Essay on Ecclesiastical Authority. 8^ Lond, 1717. 

Turner (joun). A Manual of Instruction in vocal Music, chiefly with a 
view to psalmody. With an historical introduction. 8® Lond. 1833. « 

Turner (samuel h.). The Claims of the Hebrew Language and Litera- 
ture, in three lectures. 8" Andover, U. 5., 1831. 

Turnip Fly. Report of the Committee of the Doncaster Agricultural 
Association on the Turnip Fly, and the means of its prevention. 8** 
Lond. 1834. « 

TuRPiNus (joii.), 'Archiepisc. Rcmensis. History of Charles the Great 
and Orlando, translated. With the Spanish ballads relating to the 
twelve peers of France, mentioned in Don Quixote, and English 
metrical versions. By Thomas Rodd ; 2 Vol. 8^ Lond. 1812. 

TuRRi (RAPHAEL de). Pro DD. Marchione Paulo Hieronymo, et Comite 
Angelo Pallavicinis. Super Gravaminibus eis illatis per R. Fiscum 
Regni Siciliae. Allegationes Juris, et Facti. fol. 

TuasELLiNus (horatius). Vita S. Francisci Xaverii. 12^ Col. Agripp. 

TuRTON (thomas). The Text of the English Bible considered with re- 
ference to a Report of a Sub-Committee of Dissenting Ministers. 8® 
Cambr. 1833. « 

TusoN (e. w.). The Anatomy and Surgery of the inguinal and femoral 
Hernia illustrated by plates, fol. Lond. 1834. « 

TuTHiLL {Sir G. L.). Vindiciae Medics; or, a defence of the College of 
Physicians. 8^^ Lond. 1834. « 

TuTTi Frutti ; 2 Vol. 12'* Lond. 1834. « 



Two Old Men's Tales, the Deformed, and the Admiral's Daughter ; 
2 Vol. 12* Land. 1834. « 

Tye (Christopher). The Actes of the Apostles, translated into English 
metre, with notes to eche Chapter, to synge and also to play upon the 
lute. 8« Lond. Wyllyam Seres. [1553.] [Lit. Goth.] 

Tters (thomas). a hiographical Sketch of Dr. Johnson. 8^ 

Political Conferences between several great Men, in 

the last and present century. 8** Lond. 1781. 

An historical Rhapsody on Mr. Pope. 8*^ Lon^ 1782. 

Tyler (j. e.). Oaths; their origin, nature, and history. 8^ Lond. 
1834. ♦ 

Ttmms (samuel). The Family Topographer ; a compendious account of 
the ancient and present state of the counties of England ; Vol. ivi 8* 
Lmd. 1834. ♦ 

Tyrwhitt (r. p.). Reports of Cases argued and determined in the 
Courts of Exchequer and Exchequer Chamber ; Vol. ii. From Mi- 
chaelmas Term, 2 Will. IV. 1831, to Trinity Term, 2 Will. IV. 1832 ; 
inclusive ; Vol. in. From Michaelmas Term, 2 Will. IV. 1832, 
to Trinity Term, 3 Will. IV. 1 833, inclusive. 8*» Lond. 1 833, 4. « 

Tyson (michael). An Account of an illuminated Manuscript in the 
Library of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. 4® Camhr. 1770. 

Tytler (p. f.). History of Scotland ; Vol. v. 8" Edinh. 1834. « , 

Vaccination. A Plain Account of Vaccination ; by A. B. C. 12* 
Lond. 1833. « 

Valdefuentes ( — ), Duque de. In forme hecho por el Duque Marques 
de Valde-Fucntes, sobre el sucesso entre algunos Seiiores^ y Soldados 
de la Guarda de su Magestad, en 7 de Julio de 68. fol. 

Valdivia (luys de). Arte y Gramatica general de la Lengua que corre 
en todo el Reyno de Chile, con un Vocabulario, y Confessonario. 8* 
Lima, 1606. 

Valdivielso (JOSEPH de). Doze Actos Sacramentales, y dos Comedias 
divinas. 4" Toledo, 1622. 

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scia; Poema in ottava rima in lingua Napoletana. 12^ Nap. 1688. 

Valeriano (d.). Etrusco Museo Chiusino ; Fasc. xvii, xviii. 4" Fir. 

Vallisoletum. Statu ta Regii Collegio-Seminarii Anglorum Vallisoleti 
sub invocatione Sancti Albani erecti. 8° Matrit'i, 1770. 

Valmaer (jacob). Copien vande vonnissen binnen der stadt Leyden 
gewezen, op den 26 Octobris 1587. 4® Leyden. 

Veronschuldinghe van Jacob Valmar, Cosmo de Pes- 

carengis ende Nicolas de Maulde te Leyden openbaerlyck onthalst. 4® 
Utrecht, 1587. 


Valor Ecclesiast)cus temp. Henr. VIII. auctoritate regia institutus ; 
Vol. VI. Appendix et Indices, fol. Lond. 1834. Presented by tite 
Commissioners of t fie Public Records. 

Valtelline. Het Manifest ofl oorsaecken van t' ghene lestmael bestaen 
is van de Valtellinoisen. Overghesedt wt deltaliaenscheSprake. 4° 1620. 

Redenen waerom die Inwoonders van Valtellina hebben de 

Wapenen aengenomen teghen die Calvinische Grisons. 4^ 1620. 

Van EGAS (alexio). Tractado de Orthographia y accentos en las tres 
lenguas principales. 4^ Toledo, 1531. 

Las Differencias de libros que ay en el universo. 

4« Madr. 1569. 

Van Mildert (william), Bp. of Durham* An Assize Sermon. 4® 
Durham, 1834. « 

Vansommer (james). Tables exhibiting the Fluctuations in three per 
cent, consols, from 1789 to 1833 ; with the amounts, and rate of interest 
of all the loans contracted since 1788. 4" Lond, 1834. « ^ 

Varley (william). Observations on colouring and sketching from 
Nature. S"" Lond. \b30. 

Varro (m. TERENTius). De LinguR Latina Librorum quae supersunt, 
emendata et annotata a Carolo Odofredo Muellero. 8^ Lipsice, 1 833. 

Vasconcellcs (jacobus men^tius). Vita Gondisalvi Pinarii, Episcopi 
Visensis. Aliquot praeterea opuscula. fol. Ebora, 1591. 

Vascongadas. Coleccion de Ccdulas, Cartas- Patentes, Provisiones, 
Reales Ordenes y otros Documentos concernientes a las provincias 
Vascongadas ; 5 Tom. 4<> Madr. 1829, 30. 

Vater (j. s.). Grammaire abregce de la Langue Polonoise. 8° Halle, 

Vatic AN A. Locorum ex Jure Romano Antejustiniano ab incerto scrip- 
tore collectorum Fragmenta quae dicuntur Vaticana. Edidit Angelus 
Maius; recognovit Augustus Bethman-Hollweg. Accesserunt Indices 
et Cod. MS. Vaticani Specimen. 12" Bonnce, 1833. 

Vattel (EMMERICH de). The Law of Nations. From the French. 
Edited by Joseph Chitty, Esq. 8" Lond. 1834. « 

Vaublanc ( — ), Comte de. Memoires sur la Revolution de France, et 
Recherches sur les Causes qui ont amene la Revolution en 1789 et 
celles qui Tout suivie; 4 Tom. 8" Par. 1833. 

Vaucher (j.). a Guide to Marine Insurances. 8^ Lond. 1834. » 

Vauguan (robert). On the Study of general History, an intro- 
ductory Lecture. 8® Lond. 1834. » 

• The Causes of the Corruption of Christianity. 

[Congregational Lecture. Second Series.] 8** Lond. 1834. » 

Vaughan (thomas). Euphrates, or, The Waters of the East. By 
Eugenius Philalethes. 8^ Land. 1655. [With MS. notes.] 

3 c Ji 


Vauohan (thomas). a Fast Sermon. 8* Coventry, 1744. 
Vauohak (william), KtU. The Church Militant. 8* Lend. 1 640. 

Vaux (Roberts). Letter on the Penitentiary System of PennsjlFanui, 
addressed to William Roscoe, Esq. 8^ Pkilad. 1827. Presented by 
the Rev. Thonuu Hartwell Home. 

. Reply to two Letters of William Roscoe, Esq., on die 

Penitentiary System of Pennsylvania. 8* Philad. 18S7. Presented hy 
the Rev. Thomas Hartwell Home. 

Vauzelles (j. b. de). Histoire de la Vie et des ouvrages de Francois 
Bacon, Baron de Verulam et Vicomte de Saint- Alban, suivie de 
quelques-uns de ses ecrits, traduits pour la premiere fois ; 2 Tom. 8* 
Paris, 1833. 

Vazquez (qabriel). Commentariorum ac Disputationum in primam 
secundae S. Thomas ; 2 Tom. fol. Ingoldst. 1604-6. 

Uberti (fazio degli). n Dittamondo ridotto a baona leiione coUe cor- 
rezioni pubblicate da Vincenzo Monti nella Proposta e con pia altre. 

8<^ Milano, 1826. 

Vedova (giuseppe). Biografia degli Scrittori Padovani ; Vol. i. Fascic 
i-iii. 8* Padova, 1832. 

Vedriaki (lodovico). Vita del glorioso S. Geminiano Vescovo, e Pto- 
tettore di Modona; raccolta da diversi autori. 4i^ Modona, 1663. 

Vega (garcillasso dela). Histoire des Incas Rois du Perou ; 3 Tom. 
8^ Par. 1830. 

' Histoire des Guerres Civiles des Espagnols 

dans les Indes. [Traduite par Gerard-Kuiper.] 4 Tom. 8^ Par. 1830. 

Vega Carpio (lope felix de). El Casamiento en la Muerte, y Hechos 
de Bernardo del Carpio. Comedia famosa. 4" Sevilla. 

-^— ^ El Perro del Hortelano. Comedia* 4*, 

■ ' El nuevo Oriente del Sol, y mas dichoao 

Portal. Auto al Nacimiento de Christo nuestro Salvador. 4**. 

Auto al Nacimiento del Hijo de Dios, 

intitulado : Las Prisiones de Adan. 4^. 

- Comedia famosa. Contra Valor no ay 

Desdicha. 4° Barcelona. 

Comedia famosa. David Persegiiido, 

V Montes de Gelboe. 4^ Barcelona. 

4« Madr. 


Comedia famosa. El Pleyto por la 

Honra. 4' ValladoUd. 

- Comedia famosa. La Creacton del 

Mundo, y primer Culpa del Hombre. 4^ Salamanca. 


Veoa Caepio (lope fblix de). Coinedia famosa. Las Donzellas de 
Simancas. 4® ValladoUd, 

Comedia fainosa. La Fianza aatisfecha* 

4® Barcelona. 

Coinedia famosa. La Fuerza Jjaatiinosa* 

4<> Sevilla. 

40 X792. 

Comedia famosa. Los Milagros de el 

Desprecio. De un Ingenio de la Corte. 4° Valladolid. 


— Comedia fieunosa. San Diego de Alcala. 

40 Valladolid. 

' Comedia famoaa. Servir con mala 

Estrella. 4® Madr. 

Comedia en tres Actos. Antes que te 

cases^ mira lo que haces ; y Examen de Maridos. 4^ 

— — — — ^-— — Comedia famosa. Los Tellos de Me- 

neses ; % Partes. 4^ Madr. 

— 4P Valencia^ 


La Boba para los otros, y Discreta para 

si. Comedia famosa. 4° Madr. 

^ 4PMadr. 


4« Madr. 

4^ Zaragoza, 

mosa. 4^. 

La Boba Discreta. Comedia fiunosa. 

La Dama Melindrosa. Comedia fiunosa. 

Las Bizarrias de Belisa. Comedia fa- 

Comedia famosa. Dineros son Calidad. 

4"^ Madr. 17 51. 

■ Comedia famosa. Las Mocedades de 

Bernardo del Carpio. 4° Madr. 1755. 

■ Comedia famosa. El Animal de Un- 

gria. 4<> Valencia, 1764. 

■ — Comedia famosa. La Esclava de su 

Galan. 4<> Valencia, 1765. 

Comedia famosa. £1 Milagro por los 

Zelos, y D. Alvaro de Luna. 4^ Barcelona, 1770. 


Vega Carpio (lope felix de). Comedia famosa. El Excmplo mayor 

de la Desdicha, y Capitan Belisario. 4^ Barcelona^ 1771. 
40 Madr. 


4* Valencia, 1772. 

Comedia famosa. La Hermoia Fea. 
Comedia famosa. La Niiia de Plata. 

4" Valencia, 1781. 


■7 Comedia. El mejor Alcalde el Rey. 4* 

■ La Buscona, 6 el Anzuelo de Feniaa. 

Comedia refundida por Don Candtdo Maria Trigueros. 4^ Madr. 

— Comedia en tres actos. Por la Puente, 

Juana. 4® Madr. 1803. 

La Moza de Cantaro. Comedia en cinco 

actos. 4° Valencia, 1803. 

La Mclindrosa, 6 los Esclavos supuestos. 

Refundida por Don Candido Maria Trigueros. 4^ Madr. 1803. 

■ — • La Mayor Victoria. Comedia. 4^ Madr, 


. El Premio del bien hablar. Comedia. 

4« Madr. 1 804. 

Comedia. El Desprecio Agradecldo. 

En tres actos. 4" Madr. 1 804. 

Vela (joseph). Oracion Panegyrica a la Soledad gloriosa de Maria 
nuestra Reyna. 4P Madr. 1 753. 

Velez de Guevara (juan.). Amor vcncido de Amor. Comedia. De 
Don Juan Velez de Guevara, Don Juan de Zavaleta, y D. Antonio de 
Huerta. 4® Barcelona, 

No hay contra el amor poder. Comedia. 4* 


Velez de Guevara (luis). Comedia famosa. Virtudes vencen Senales. 


— • El Luzero de Castilla, y Luna de Aragon. 

Comedia famosa. 4^. 

Los tres Portentos de Dios. Comedia. 4* 


Este&nia. Comedia. 4^ Madrid, 1745. 

Los Zelos hasta los cielos, y desdichada 


Velez de Quevara (luis). Reynar despues de Morir. Comedia famosa. 

■ — Tambien la Afrenta es Veneno. Comedia 

famosa. La primera Jornada de Luis Velez de Guevara. La segunda 
dc D. Antonio Coello. La tercera de D. Francisco de Roxas. 4". 

Velmonte (luis de). Afanador el de Utrera. Comedia. 4*^ Sevilla. 

Veltius (samuel). Geestelicke Prognosticatie over het jaer 1633. 4*^ 
Ley den f 1633. 

Vi^NATORius (thomas). Axiomata quaedam Rerum Christianarum. 8° 
Noremherg. 1526. 

Yeneqas (f. X.). Vindicacion de los agravios infundados, injustos y 
groseros con que el Capitan General D. Gregorio de la Cuesta ha in- 
tentado manchar la reputacion del Teniente General y Virei de Nueva- 
Espana D. Francisco Xavier Venegas, en su Manifesto impreso en 
Palma de Mallorca en 181 1. fol. Cadiz, [1811.] 

Venlo. Articulen by den Prince van Orangien geaccordeert aende 
Inwoonderen der Stadt Venlo. 4** 1632. 

Venn (henry). The Life and a Selection from the Letters of the Rev. 
Henry Venn, M.A. The memoir of his life by the Rev. John Venn, 
M.A. Edited by the Rev. Henry Venn, B.D. 8» Lond. 1834. « 

Venne (a. vande). Geluck-wenschinge aen Jacob Cats. 4** Gravenhage, 

Ventouillac (l. t.). Livre de Classe. 8" Londr. 1834. » 

Venturoli (giuseppe). Elementi di Meccanica e dldraulica ; 2 Vol. 
8° AfiTano, 1817, 8. 

Venzky (georgius). Causam rationis contra morosos quosdam adver- 
sarios agit, simulque Christian. Gothofr. Derlingio gratulatur. 4*^ 
HelmsU 1745. 

Verini (giovambattista). Elementa Litterarum. 4'' Fior. 

Verheulen (gerret). Voyagie naar Oostindien van 1668 tot 1674. 
4t^ Amsterdam, 1677. 

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illustrate; 2 Tom. 4® Perugia, 1804, 5. 

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stampato; dalla Libreria Boccardi. 8® Torin, 1794. 

Vernulsus (nic). Tragoediae decem. 8** Zroran. 1631. 

Veron (john). A Dictionary in Latine and English, corrected and en- 
larged by R. W. [Ralph Waddington.] 4^ Lond,, Henry Middelton, 

Verpoortenn (albertus meno), Frees. De Martino Bucero Disputatio* 
Resp. Thomas Hoffinann. xiv. Cal. Mart. 4° Vitemh. 1698. 

vn. Cal. Mart. 4« Vttemh. 1698. 


Vestrooothica Lingua. Dialectus Vestrogothicay ad illustrationem 
aliquam Linguae Suecanae, veteris et hodierase, dissertatione philologica 
et vocabulorum Vestrogothicorum indice explanata. 8® Stockholm* 

Veterinarian. The Veterinarian for 1833. 8^ Lond. m 

Vetsie (daniel). Of the Greek Prepositive Article, its nature and 
uses; a grammatical dissertation. 8*^ Oxf. 1810. 

Vice. Reasons for the passing of the Bill for the more effectual sup- 
pressing of Vice and Immorality, offered to Parliament. 4® Lond. 

Vico (giahbatista di). Delia antichissima Sapienza degF Italian! tratta 
da* Latini parlari. Opera dalla Latina nell' Italiana favella recata. 
S^'Milano, 1816. 

ViGERus (franciscus). Dc praccipuis Graecae Dictionis Idiotismis Liber. 
Cum animadversionibus H. Hoogeveeni, J. C. Zeunii et G. Hermanai 
hie illic recognitis. 8° Lipsue, 1834. 

ViLAiNs. Des XXIII Manidres de Vilains. (xui* si^cle.) [Publie par 
Francisque Michel.] 8« Par, 1833. 

Village Annals ; Pt. I. The School. IS'* Zonrf. 1833. « 

ViLLAizAN (geronimo de). Ofcnder con las Finezas. Comedia famosa* 


— — Mas valiera callarlo que dezirlo. Comedia 

Sufrir mas por querer mas. Comedia fa- 

mosa. 4®. 

Ville (philippe). Guide des Strangers dans la ViUe d'Anvers, 12* 
AnverSf 1834. 

Villegas (francisco). La Eneas de la Virgen, y el primer Rey de Na- 
varra. Comedia famosa, de D. Francisco Villegas, y D. Pedro Fran- 
cisco Lunini. 4® Sevilla. 

Villegas (juan de). £1 Padre de su Enemigo. Comedia famosa. 

La Mentirosa Verdad. Comedia famosa. 4*. 

Las Galas k la Vejdz. Comedia famosa. 4*. 

Los Hermanos mas Amantes. Comedia famosa. 


Vincent (george giles). The Law of the human Judgment ; and the 
rule of direction from thence derived, of rights. 8® Lond. 1833. m 

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ViNciGUERRA (antonio). Opera nova. 8" Ven. 1527. 

ViNDicLS contra Tyrannos : a Treatfse written in Latin and French by 
Junius Brutus, and translated into English. 4® Lond, 1689. 

famosa. 4^. 


ViNOSALVo (oALFRiDus de). Ars Poetica. Edita a Polycarpo Leyser. 
8° Helmstad. 1724. 

ViRGiLius (p.), Maro, Parsing Lessons to the first Book of the £neid. 
IS^" Zand. 1828. « 

The first Book of the ^neid ; with a literal 

translation and notes. 12° Land, 1832. « 

ViRGiLLE. Les faictz marveilleux de Virgillc. 8® Par., Guillaume 
Nyverdy Revnvp, Par. 1831. 

ViRLOYs (cHARLEs FRANCOIS ROLAND le). . Dictionuaire d'Architecture ; 
3 Tom. Af^ Par. 1770,1. 

Virtue. Virtue's Triumph at the suppression of Vice. Being a dis- 
course occasioned hy his Majesty's Proclamation. 4° Land. 1688. 

ViscoNTi (ennio quirino). Opere varie Italiane e Francesi raccolte, e 
pubhlicate per cura di Giovanni Labus ; 4 Vol. 8° Milano^ 1827-31. 

II Musco Worslejano, pubblicato per cura 

del Dott'. Giov. Labus ; Fasc. iv-vi. 8® Milano^ 1833, 4. 

Visit. A Visit to the Banks of Jordan. 12° Lond. 1834. « 

Visitor. The Children's Weekly Visitor', 3 Vol. 12° Lond. 1833. « 

The Cottager's Monthly Visitor for 1833. 12° Lmd. « 

The Weekly Visitor, for 1833. 8° Lond, 1833. « 

ViTRiNGA (cAMPEGius), FHitis, Ptoss. De Festo Tabernaculorum, Dis- 
sertatio theological. Resp. Steph. G. Komaromi. 4* Franeq. 1720. 

■ II. Resp. Wigboldus Muil- 

man. 4° Franeq. 1 721 . 

Hi. Resp. Henr. ab Haem- 

stede. Af^ Franeq. 1721. 

Dissertationis primae, de genuine 

titulo Epistolse D. Pauli, quae vulgo inscribitur ad Ephesios, Pars i. 
Resp. C. E. Hesius. 4° Franeq. 1722. 

, Pars II. Resp. C. T. Petri. 

4i^ Franeq. 1722. 

Dissertatio anticritica de Natura 

Peccati. Pars i. /?esp. J. H. Janssonius. 4° Fran^^r. 1722. 

Pars II. Sect. i. Resp. J. L. 

Stubenrauch. A:^ Franeq. 1722. 

— ^— ^— Sect. II. Resp. A. 

W. Eisenberg. 4° Franeq. 1 722. 

Dissertation qua inquiritur : quod- 

nam.proprie sit subjectum quaesiti illius, quod disputat Paulus 
Apostolus in Epistolis ad Romanos, et Galatas datis ? Resp. Broerius 
Brower. 4° Franeq. 1722. 

3 D 


ViTENZio (piETRo). Gemme antiche per la piu parte inedite. 4^ Roma^ 

ViYEs (lo. LUDOVicus). Opera; ^ Tom. fol. Basileee^ 1555. 

Ulate (michael de). Vita Catalaunse Virginis Marise de Cervelloiiy 
vulgo Socos^ tribus libris cantata. S^ Matriti, 1712. 

Ulenbergius (casparus). Historia de vita, moribus, rebus gestis, studiis 
ac denique morte prsedicantium Lutheranorum, M. Lutheri, P. Me- 
lanchthonis, M. Flacii Illyrici, G. Majoris, et A. Osiandri. 8^ CoL 
Agripp. 16£2. 

Vlieland (j. n.). French Chit-Chat ; or, recreations in French con- 
versation. 12** Norwich, 1884-. • 

Ulm. Accoordt ende Conditien ghesloten int overgheven der stadt Ulm. 
4P Antwerperiy 1620. 

Tijdinghe wt Ulm. 4® Antwerpen, 1620. 

Ulrici (Hermann). Charakteristik der antiken Historiographie. 8^ 
Berlin, 1888. 

Umbreit (f. o. c). De veteris Testament! Prophetis, clarissimiA an- 
tiquissimi temporis oratoribus. 4® Heidelb. 1882. ' 

Unitarian Christianity demonstrated to be the Religion taught by -Christ 
and his Apostles. 8^ Lond, Dublin. m 

United Provinces. The general Exercise ordered by the Prince of 
Orange, to be observed of the Infantry in the service of the States 
General of the United Provinces. 4® Land, 1689. 

•— ; The Answer of the States-General of the United 

Provinces^ to the memorial delivered by Count d*Avaux, ambassador 
of the most Christian King. 4® Lond, 1701. 

University Loyalty. 8** Zowrf. 1710. 

VocABOLARio Universale della Lingua Italiana ; No. xv-xx. 4® Napoii^ 

Cimbrico-Italiano. 8" Padova, 1763. 

Vocabulary of the English, Bugis, and Malay Languages, containing 
about 2000 Words. 8® Singapore, 1838. 

VoGELius (c. H.). Dissertatio inauguralis historica de Marcello> Ancyree 
Episcopo. 4** Gotting. 1757. 

Voisin (auo.). Guide des Voyageurs dans la Ville de Gand. 12® Gand^ 

VoLKELius (joannes). Rcspousio ad vanam Refutationem dissolutionis 
Nodi Gordii a Martino Smiglecio nexi. 4° Racov, 1618. 

Volkman (d. j.). Hedendaagsche Historic van, en Reis-Boek door 
Italien ; 4 Deel. 8<» Amst. 1779. 

VoLKMANN (j. J.). Neueste Reisen durch England ; 4 Tom. 8® Leipx. 




VoLLANDUs (CHRIST. ouiL.), PrcBs. De Elogio Chrysostomi Dissertatio. 
Resp, Geo. Andr. Beyreisius. 4*^ Fitemb. 1711. 

■ De optimis Operum Chrysostomi 

Editionibus Dissertatio. Resp, Joan. Guntherus Scheldt. 4° Vitemb. 

VoLPATO (giovanni). Pnncipj del Disegno tratti dalle piu eccellenti 
Statue anticbe, gia pubblicati da Giovanni Volpato e Rafiaelle Morghen, 
di nuovo incisi sotto la direzione di Teodoro Matteini e Galgano Ci- 
priani, per cura di Giuseppe Vallardi. fol. Milano^ 1831. 

Voluntary System ; Pt. i-iii. By a Churchman. 12® Land, 
1834. « 

Vossius (gerardds Johannes). Aristarchus sive de Arte Grammatica 
Libri septem. Edidit Carolus Foertscb ; Pars i. 4® Halts Sax, 

Vox PopuLi; or^ the people's claim to their Parliaments sitting. 4° 
Lond. 1681. 

Fax Populi : or, a discovery of a cheat put upon the 

people of England, by Elephant Smith, and his author of Vox Populi. 
4oZon<f. 1681. 

Upham (thomas c). a philosophical and practical Treatise on the Will. 
8° Portland, U, 5., 1834. 

Ure (Andrew). The Philosophy of Manufactures. \2^ Lond, 1835. « 

Uri (joh.). Pharus Artis Grammaticse Hebrfieae. 8° Oxon, 1784. 

Usher (w. r.). Cottage Life and Rural Scenery : a poem : with a few 
minor pieces. 12° Lond, « 

UsiMBARDi (piETRo), Vescovo-d'Arezzo, Constitutioni et Ordini, per lo 
buon governo, ed osservanza de' Monasterij della sua Citta, e Diocesi. 
4® Sienay 1 603. 

Usteri. (paul). Kleine gesammelte Schriflen. 8® AaraUy 1832. 

Usury. A Letter to a Friend concerning Usury. By R. C. 12^ Lond. 

Utrecht. Missive ghemaeckt op den naem van Schoudt, Burgermee- 
steren, Schepenen, ende Raeden der Stadt Utrecht, aen de Staten van 
Hollandt. 4*» Utrecht, 1587. 

Verhandelinghe vande Unie tusschen die Landen hier nae 

benoempt binnen die Stadt Utrecht ghesloten den 29 Januarii, 1579. 
4® Gravenhaghe, 1607. 

4« 1650. 

Deductie van de Staten van Utrecht : behelsende een Verhaal 

van den intocht van de Fransche Macht. 4° 1673. 

U WINS (david). a Treatise on those Disorders of the Brain and nervous 
System, which are usually considered and called Mental. 8® Lond, 
1833. « 

3 d2 


Uz (j. p.). Werke ; 3 Theil. W Wien, 1790. 

Waciiler (ludwio). Handbuch der Geschichte der Litteratur ; 4 
Theil. 8« Leipzig, 1833. 

Wachtendonck (joann. van). Vita, Passio et Miracula S. Rumoldi, 
Archiepiscopi Dublinensis. 4* Mechlin, 1638. 

Waddingus (luc as). Scriptores Ordinis Minorum. fol. Romce^ 1 806. 

Wade (edward). A Proposal for improving and adorning the Island of 
Great Britain. 4° Lond, 1755. 

Wagner (c. f. c). Chronicon Parium. Gr, LaU Edidit atque anno- 
tationibus illustravit Car. Franc. Chr. Wagner. Pars posterior. 4* 
Marburgij 1833. 

Wainhouse (richard). An Answer to a Popish Pamphlet, entituled, 
"A Vindication of the Old Church of England." 8^* Newcastle upon 
Tifne, 1731. 

Wakefield (daniel). An Essay upon political (Economy. 8® LoruL 

Wakley (thomas). The Lancet, 1834. 8^ Land. « 

Walcheren. Andere Remonstrantie door de E. Classis van Walcheren 
in den jare 1714 rakende de Hattemistise Libertinisterie. 4° Middel^ 
burg, 1714. 

Walchner (fr. august.). Handbuch der Geognosie. 8" Carlsruhe^ 

Walker (Alexander). Physiognomy founded on Physiology, and applied 
to various countries, professions, And individuals. 12" Lond. 1834. m 

-— ' The Nervous System, anatomical and physiolo- 
gical. Being the first volume of an original System of Physiology. 
8^ Lond, 1834. « 

Walker (donald). British manly Exercises. 12^ Lond, ISS4* m 

Walker (g.). National Liveries, fol. Lond, m 

Walker (john). The Principles of Ophthalmic Surgery. 8^ Lond. 
1834. • 

Walker (joseph). A pocket Memorial for the musical Tyro. Lond. 

[A Card.] « 

Walker (richard). The Flora of Oxfordshire, and its contiguous 
Counties. 8° Oxf. 1833. « 

Walker (robert). The Truth of Christianity proved from Prophecies. 
\2^ Lo7id, n34. m 

Walker (samuel). Two Fast Sermons. S^ Land, 1756, 

Wallachia. Verhael hoe dat den Prince Gratiaen overghelevert heeft 
de Wallachy ende Moldavia aen den Coninck van Polen. 4® Ant^ 
fverpen, 1612. 


Waller (edmond). Workes. 8* Lond. 1645. [With a MS. note by 
James Bindley.] 

W^ALLER (wM.). An Essay on the Value of the Mines, late of Sir Carbery 
Price. 8«Lomf. 1702. 

Wallin (benjamin). Several Discourses occasioned by the late Earth- 
quakes and the Apprehensions of a French War. S^ Lond, 1756. 

Walpole (robert), Earl of Orford. His Speech at his Election at Lynn- 
Regis, Norfolk, Aug. 31, 1713. 4^ 

■ ■ ■ An Epistle to him, occasioned by a 

Pamphlet, entituPd, " The Defection considered," &c. 4» Lond. 1718. 
Presented by Archdeacon Coxe, 

His Life. 8° Lond. 1731. 

The Conduct of the late Adminis- 

tration, with regard to Foreign Affairs, from 1722 to 1742, wherein 
that of the Earl of Orford is particularly vindicated. 8® Lond, 1742. 

Walsteyn ( — ), Hertoch van Friedlandt. Accoort so hy met sijne onder 
bevelhebberen gbeaccordeert ende vereenicht is. 4** Gravenhage^ 1634. 

Walther (a. f.), Prass. Dissertatio inauguralis de Scarificatione Oc- 
cipitis plurium capitis morborum auxilio. Resp, P. L. Hannekenius. 
4° Zip*. 1741. 

Waltherus (c. t.). Observationes Grammaticae, quibus Linguae Tamu- 
1 jcae Idioma vulgare illustratur. 8^ Trangambar, 1 739. 

Waltrin (f. c. l.). Ad Ludovicum Hectorem de Villars, Franciae 
Parem, Ode. 4°. 

Wambolt ( — ), Freiherr von, Katalog den grossen Freiherrlich Wara- 
bolt*schen Miinzkabinets in Heidelberg ; 2 Band. 4° Heidelberg, 1833. 

Wandesforde (Christopher), Viscount Castlecomer. A Book of In- 
structions to his Son and Heir George Wandesforde, Esq. [With 
Memoirs of him by Thomas Comber, LL.D.] 2 Vol. 12* Lond, 
1777, 8. 

War. Observations on the probable consequences of the War with Spain. 
8® Lond, 

Cort Verhael vanden Oorloghe in Duyts-landt. 4® Antwerpen. 

Verhael vant innemen der steden in Duytslant. 4^ AntwerpeUf 


Verhael van Duytslandt, raeckende den Oorloch aldaer. 4^ 

Antwerpen, 1620, 

Warachtigh Verhael van *t geene tusschen de Brandenburghsche 

ende de Sweetsche Armee is gepasseert tot Ratenauw, Bernewitz, 
Nauwen, ende by Fehrbellin. 4® Gravenhage^ 1675. 

Short Reflections upon the present state of Affairs in England : 

more especially with relation to the taxes and contributions necessary 
for carrying on the present war. 4^ Lond. 1691. 


War. Justice the best support to Government ; or, an account of some 

transactions during the late war. 4^ L(md, 1697. 

. Reasons against a War with France. 4® ZoiiJ. 1701. 

Proposals for carrying on an effectual War in America, against 

the' French and Spaniards. 4° Lond, 1703. 

Reasons prov*d to be unreasonable : or, an answer to the reasons 

against the war with France. 4" Lond, 170^. 

Considerations on the present German War. 4® Lond. 1761. 

War with France ! or, who pays the reckoning ? 8® LondL 

Comments on the proposed War with France, on the state of 

Parties, and on the new Act respecting Aliens. 8° Lond. 179S. 

Warburton (henry), a Letter to him on the Grievances affecting the 

medical Profession. By a Junior Practitioner. 8® Lond, 1834. « 
Wardlaw (ralpu). Discourses on the Sabbath. 12** Glasg,'\M2. « 
— — . Christian Ethics. 8" Lond. 1 884. « 

Ware (henry). An Address to the Cambridge Temperance Society. 
12« Lond. 1832. « 

Warfuse ( — \ Grave van. Remonstrantie aen Hare Hoogheyt de Infante 
aengaende de rechtveerdighe oorsaecken ende redenen van syn vertreck 
uyt de Stadt Brussel. 4° Luyck^ 1632. 

Warinoton (r.). a Series of chemical Tables. 8® Lond. 1 833. • 

Warner (ferd.). A Scheme of a Fund for the better maintenance of 
the Widows and Children of the Clergy. 8° Lond. 1752. 

Warner (william). Albions England; the third time corrected and 
augmented. 4^ Lond., Thomas Orwin, 1592. [Lit. Goth.] 

Warnkoenio (l. a.). Recherches sur la Legislation Beige au moyen-age. 
8® Gand, 1834. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

Warren (henry). Hints upon Tints. S^ Lond. IS33. m 

Warren (j. h.). Specimen Academicum, de ^schyli Septem contra 
Thebas et Euripidis Phocnissis. 8° Groningcp, 1832. 

Warren (samuel). Sermons on various subjects. 12^ Lond. 1833. • 
Warton (joseph). An Ode to Evening. Engl. Lat. 4® Lond. 1749. 
Wastel (simon). a true Christians daily Delight : being the summe of 

every chapter of the Old and New Testament, set downe alphabetically 

in English verse. 16° Lond. 1623. 

Waterland (daniel). The doctrinal Use of the Christian Sacraments 
considered ; in a charge. 8° Lond. 1736. 

Waters (b. p.). An Assize Sermon. 4* Birmingh. 1799. Presented 
by Mrs. Waters. 

Sermons on various subjects. 8° Birmingh. 1800. Pre' 

sented by Mrs. Waters. 



Waterworth (j.). An Examination of the Evidence adduced by Mr. 
Keary, against the authenticity or validity of certain passages from 
the Fathers^ contained in the ** Faith of Catholics, on certain points of 
controversy, compiled by Rev. Jos. Berington and Rev. John Kirk,'* 
8<^ Lond. 1 834. « 

Watkins ( — ). A Catalogue of Optical^ Mathematical, Philosophical, 
and Chemical Instruments, sold by Watkins and Hill. 12° Lond, 

1832. « 

Watson (charles). Hints on Christian Experience. 12® Edinb. 

1833. « 

Watson (georoe). The Doctrine of the ever-blessed Trinity proved in 
a Discourse on the eighteenth Chapter of Genesis. 8® Lond, 1756. 

Watson (john). A Letter to the Clergy of the Moravians, concerning 
a book of hymns us*d in their congregations. 8^ Lond. 1756. 

Watson (rich.), Bp. of Llandaff. An Ap<^ogy for the Bible ; abridged 
by the Rev. Francis Wrangham. 8° 1820. 

Watson (richard). Works. With the life of the author by Thomas 
Jackson ; 3 Vol. 8° Lond, 1834. « 

An Exposition of the Gospels of St. Matthew and 

St. Mark, and of some other detached parts of Scripture. 8® Lond, 
1833. « 

Watt (robert). Bibliotheca Britannica ; 4 Vol. 4^ Edinb, 1824. 

Watts (isaac). An Essay on Civil Power in things sacred. 8® Lond, 

— — — A Poem sacred to his Memory. 8° Lond, [1749.] 

The inward Witness of Christianity ; abridged from his 

three sermons on that subject ; by the Rev. Francis Wrangham. 8^ 

Watts (richard). The Young Man's Looking-Glass. Or, a summary 
discourse between the Ant and the Grasshopper. Whereto is annexed, 
Bacchus Banner displayd. Together with certaine Characters, Epi- 
grams, and other Poems. 8^ Lond, 1641. 

Weatherhead (g. HUME). A pedestrian Tour through France and 
Italy. 8^Zo7t(f. 1834. « 

Weaver (w. a.). Register .of the Officers and Agents, civil, military, 
and naval, in the service of the United States, Sept. 30^, 1833. 8^ 
Philadelphia, 1834. 

Webb (james). The Farmer's Guide. 12« Elgin, 1834. « 

Webb's List of the Members of the House of Commons, for 1833. 12* 

Weber (georgius). De Gythco et Lacedaemoniorum Rebus navalibus. 
8° Heidelb. 1833. 


Webster (thohas). The Sacramental Week. 16^ Land. IS33, • 

Suggestions and Conclusions on Church Reform. 

8"" Land. 1 834. • 

Webster (w.). A Fast Sermon. 8* Land. 1756, 

Weever (john). Ancient Funerall Monuments within the United Mo- 
narchic of Great Britaine, Ireland, and the Hands adjacent fol. LamL 
1631. [With MS. Notes.] 

Weigel (karl). Neugriechisches Teutsch-ltalianisches Worterbuch. 
. 8° Leipz. 1 796. 

Teutsch-Neugriechisches Worterbuch. 8* Leipz. 


Weight (george). A Sermon on the Death of the Rev. Rowland Hill, 
A.M., with an account of his last illness and death. 8^ Land* 

1833. • 

Weir (a.). The young Student's Preceptor. 12* Edinh. 1834. « 

Weiske (c. a.). Considerations historiques et diplomatiques sur les 
Ambassades des Romains comparees aux modernes. 8® Zwickau^ 1 834. 

Weiss (car. eduard). Corpus Juris Ecclesiastici Catholicorum hodiemi 
quod per Germaniam obtinet Academicum. 8® GUs<k, 1838. 

Weiz (friedricu august). Das gelehrte Sachsen, oder Verseichniss 
der iq Sachsen und incorporirten Landern jetztlebenden Schriftstellem. 
S^ Leipzig, 1780. 

Wellesley (arthur), Duke of Wellington. Some Observations on his 
General Orders in Portugal, Spain, and France, from 1809 to 1814. 
S^L(md.lS34. « 

■ His Dispatches during his 

Campaigns, compiled by Lieut Colonel Gurwood ; Vol. i, ii. 8^ Land. 

1834, m 

Wells (john). A new and complete System of Short Hand. 12*^ Land. 
1834. • 

Wells (samuel). The History of the Drainage of the great Level of 
the Fens, called Bedford Level ; with the constitution and laws of the 
Bedford Level Corporation ; [2 Vol.] 8" Land: 1830-28. 

' The Revenue and the Expenditure of the United 

Kingdom. S^Lond.lS34. Presented by the Author. 

Wellwood (Sir h. momcreiff). A brief Account of the Constitution of 
the Established Church of Scotland. Edited by Sir James Wellwood 
Moncreifi; Bart. S^" Edinb. 1833. « 

Welsh (david). Sermons on practical subjects. 8^ Edinb. 1834. m 

Wentworth (c. w.). Earl Fitzwilliam. A Letter to him on the Com 
Laws, by J. R. T. 8° Land, 1834. « 


Werenberoius (h. J.). Jugum Jeremiae ex Prophetise ejus Cap. xxtu. 
et xxviii. expensum. 4" Lips. 1713. 


Werlaufp (e. c). Historiske Eflerretninger om det store kongelige 
Bibliothek i Kjobenhavn. 8^ Kjobenh, 1825. Presented by the Comnus^ 
sioners of the Public Records, 

Wesselingius (petrus). Epistola ad H. Venemam de Aquilae in Scriptis 
Philonis Jud. Fragmcntis et Platonis Epistola XIIL, &c. 8^ Traj. ad 
Rhen, 1748. 

West (richard). The Court of Conscience or Dick Whippers Sessions. 
Af" Land. G. Eldy \QQ7 . 

Westcote (joiin). An Account of John Westcote, late Porter to the 
Earl of Harrington. 8*^ Lond. 

Westenrieder (laur. de). Glossarium Germanico-Latinum Vocum ob- 
soletarum primi et medii fievi, inprimis Bavaricarum ; Tom. i. fol. 
Monach, 1816. 

Westminster. A Collection of Pieces, in prose and verse, written and 
published during the Westminster Election. 8^ Land, 1749. 

History of the Westminster Election. 4° Lond. 1784. 

Westminster Abbey. Comments of a Chorus Singer, at the Musical 
Festival, in Westminster Abbey. 1834. By Solomon Sackbut 4® 
Lond. ^ 

Westoby (a.). Helps to Repentance ; six lectures. 12^ Zone/. 1834. « 

Weston (edward). A Letter to the Bishop of London. With the 
Country Gentleman's advice to his neighbours. 8' Lond, 1756. 

Wetenhall (edward)^ Bp. of Kilmore. A plain Discourse proving the 
Divine Authority of the Holy Scriptures. 8^ Lond. 1688. 

Wetherell (^yir cHARLEs). Substance of his Speech before the Lords of 

the Privy Council, on incorporating the London University. 8° Lond. 

1 834. « 

Whalley (peter), a Vindication of the Evidences and Authenticity of 

the Gospels, from the objections of the late Lord Bolingbroke, in his 

Letters on the Study of History. 8** Lond. 1753. 

Wharton (oeorge). Select and choice Poems collected out of his 
Labours. 8* Zoiuf. 1661. 

Wharton (john). Whartons Dreame. Conteyninge an invective 
agaynst certaine abhominable caterpillers as userers, extorcioners, 
leasmongers and such others. 4^^ Lond. lohn Charlewod^ 1578. [Lit. 

Wharton (thomas), Marquis of Wharton. The Character of his Ex. 
T. E. of W. L. L. of I . 8« Lond. 1711. 

Whately (richard), Abp. of Dublin. Speech on a Bill for the removal 
of certain Disabilities from his Majesty's subjects of the Jewish per- 
suasion. Also, a Petition to the House of Lords from the clergy of 
Kildare, relative to Church Reform, with observations made on pre- 
senting it. 8" Lond. 1833. « 



Whatelt (richard), Abp. of Dublin. Remarks on Transportadon, in m 
second Letter to Earl Grey. S^ L(md.lS34i. « 

Whetstone (oeorge). Metrical Life of George Grascoigne, the Poet. 
4« Bristol, 1815. 

Whewell (willtam). Remarks on some parts of Mr. Thirlwall's Letter 
on the Admission of Dissenters to academical Degrees. 8® Candnr^ 
1834. « 

Additional Remarks. 8* Cambr. 1834, m- 

Whiffin (richard). Job, a dramatic poem. 8^ Lond^ 1834. • 

Whig. The glorious Life and Actions of St. Wbigg. 8^ LoruL 1709. 

A Caveat against the Whiggs. 8^ Lond, 1714. 

Pt. u-iv. 8* Land. 1712. 

The old Whig; No. i, ii. 4» Lond. 1719. 

The Character of an Independent Whig. 8* Lond. 1720. 

. The Creed of an Independent Whig. 8« Lond. 1720. 

— ^— Considerations upon the approaching Peace ; and upon the im- 
portance of Gibraltar to the British Empire, being the second part of 
the Independent Whig. 8^ Lond. 1720. 

A Letter to die Whigs. Occasioned by the Letter to the Tories. 

8<» Lond. 1748. 

A second and third Letter to the Whigs. 8® Lond. 1748. 

Whishaw (francis). General Plan of that part of the City of Londoo 
which was destroyed by the great -Fire of 1666, shewing also* the 
present state thereof, fol. Lond. [Chart] Presented by the Author. 

■ General Plan And Elevation of the projected Via- 

duct from the North End of Fetter Lane to the Old Bailey, shewing 
also, the proposed improvement of Farringdon Market Lond. [Chart.] 
Presented by the Author. 

Map of the whole Manor and Parish of Hendon in 

the County of Middlesex. Lond. Presented by the Author. 

Pt. I. Book of Reference to the Map. 

4® Lond. 1 828. Presented by the Author. 

Report of two proposed Lines of Railway, between 

Perran Porth and Truro, in the County of Cornwall. By Francis 
Whishaw and Richard Thomas, d^^ Lond. 1831. Presented by Mr. 
Francis Whishaw, 

Report of the proposed Line of Railway, from 

Perran Porth to Truro, by Perran Alms*-House. By Messrs. 
Whishaw and Thomas. 8^* Truro, 1831. Presented by Mr. Francis 



Whiston (william). Letter of Thanks to the Bishop of London, for his 
late Letter to his Clergy against the use of the new forms of Doxology, 
&c. S^ Land. 1719. 

A Defense of the Bishop of London ; in answer to 

Mr. Whiston's Letter of Thanks to his Lordship. With a vindication 
of Dr. Sacheverell's endeavour to turn Mr. Whiston out of the Church. 
8« Lond. 1719. 

His Account of the exact Time when miraculous 

Gifls ceas*d in the Church. Taken out of his " Authentick Records." 
With Observations upon Dr. Middleton*8 Free Inquiry into that 
matter. S^ Lond. 1749. 

Whitaker (john). The History of Manchester ; 2 Vol. 4° Lond. 
1775. [With MS. notes by Joseph Ritson.] Bequeathed hy Francis 
Douce, Esq. 

■ The ancient History of Cornwall, historically sur- 
veyed ; 2 Vol 4? Lond. 1804. [With MS. notes by Joseph Ritson.] 
Bequeathed by Francis Douce, Esq. 

White (huoh). Twenty Sermons. 8^ Dubl. 1834. « 

White (jahes). Church and School ; a dialogue in verse. 8^ Lond, 
1824. « 

White (john meadows). Remarks on the Poor Law Amendment Act, 
as it affects Unions, or Parishes, under the government of Guardians^ 
or select Vestries. 8^ Lond. 1834. « 

White (joseph blanco). The Law of anti-religious Libel reconsidered. 
S'^Dubl. 1834. « 

White (teistram). The Martyrdome of Saint George of Cappadocia. 
4» Lond. 1614. 

Whitefield (george). a Letter «to him, occasion*d by his pretended 
Answer to the first part of the Observations on the conduct of the 
Methodists. By a Gentleman of Pembroke College, Oxon. 8* 

A short Address to Persons of all Denominations, 

occasioned by the Alarm of an intended Invasion. 8** Lond. 1756. 

Whftehe AD (c). Lives and Exploits of English Highwaymen, Pirates, 
and Robbers; 2 Vol. 8"Zon(f. 1834. « 

WiiiTROwE (jane). Widow. Her humble Address to King William. 4* 

' Humble Thanksgiving for the King's safe 

return. 4° Lond. 1694. 

Whittemore (thomas). Notes and Illustrations of the Parables of the 
New Testament. 8^ Boston, U.S., 1834. 

Whittle (p.). Marina ; or, an account of Southport, Lytham, and 
Blackpool. 8<^ Preston, 1831. 



Whylet (g. e.). a Sermon, for the Societies for Promoting Christian 
Knowledge, and for the Propagation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts. 
S^ Land. 1834. m 

Whtte (Alexander). The Duty of Prayer illustrated and recommended. 
With Forms of Prayer. 12° Edinb. 1834. « 

Widow of the Wood. S^ Lond. 1755. 

Wiedmann (c r. w.). Aussereuropaische zweifliigelige Insekten. Als 
Fortsetzung des Meigenschen Werkes ; 2 Theil. 8® Hamm^ 1 828-30. 

WiEK. Beschrijvinghe vant belegh ende verraedt van de stadt Weenen 
in Oosten-rijck. 4° Antwerpen, 1619. 

Nieuwe Tijdinghe wt Weenen. 4" Antwerpen^ 1620. 

•^— Tijdinghe wt Weenen. 4* Antwerpen^ 1620. 

■■■ Tijdinghe wt Weenen ende Praghe. 4* Antwerpen^ 1620. 

' Verhael hoe de Ambassadeurs van Spagnien, Vranck-rijck ende 

Italien ghearriveert zijn tot Weenen. 4® ArUwerpen, 1620. 

Verhael van Weenen. 4° Antwerpen^ 1620. 

Verhael van t'ghene nu tot Weenen ende Praghe ghepasseert is. 

4^ Antwerpen, 1620. 

Verhael van t'gene nu tot Weenen ghepasseert is. 4^ Antmerpen^ 


WiOGERS (juLius). De Cornelii Nepotis Alcibiade Qusesdones critics 
et historicae. 8^ Lipsice, 1 833. 

Wight (robeet). Contributions to the Botany of India. 8® LotuL 
1834. m 

Wight (robert) and Arnott (g. a. walker). Prodromus Florae Penin- 
sulas Indiae Orientalis : containing abridged descriptions of the plants 
found in the peninsula of British India; Vol. i. 8^ Lond. 1834. m 

WiKSTROM (joH. EM.). Conspectus Litteraturse Botanicae in Suecia ab 
antiquissimis temporibus usque ad finem anni 1831. Notis bibliogra- 
. phicis et biographicis auctorum adjectis. 8" HolmuB^ 1831. 

WiLBERFORCE (samuel). A Visitation Sermon. '8^ Lond. 1833. # 

WiLBERFORCE ( WILLI am). A practical View of the prevailing religious 
System of professed Christians. With a memoir by the Rev. Thomas 
Price. 12° Lond. 1834. » 

Family Prayers ; edited by his son Robert 

Isaac Wilberforce, M.A. 8° Lond. 1834. • 

WiLCKE (w. F.). Gescliichte des Tempelherrenordens ; 2 Band. 8* 
Leipz. 1826, 7. 

WiLcocKE (s. H.). A Dictionary of the English and Dutch Languages. 
IZ"" Lond. 1811. 

WiLcocKS (t.). Flora Poetica; or, Poetry on Flowers; selected and 
arranged. 12® Zonc^. 1834. « 


WiLDVOOELius (cHRisTiAMUs). Commentatio juridica de jure gemello- 
rum. 4P Jerue, 1741. 

WiLKEN (friedrich). Geschichte der Bildung, Beraubung und Vernich- 
tung der alten heidelbergischen Buchersammlungen. 12^ Heidelbergt 
1817. Presented by the Camndssioners of the Public Records. 

Wilkes (john). A Letter to Earl Temple : upon the probable motives 
and consequences of his conduct with regard to Mr. Wilkes. 4^ Lond. 

A Letter to a noble Member of the Club in Albemarle 

Street, from John Wilkes^ Esq., at Paris. 4? Lond, 1764. 

Wilkinson (j. g.). Materia Hieroglyphica. Containing the Egyptian 
Pantheon, and the succession of the Pharaohs ; from the earliest 
times, to the conquest of Alexander, and other hieroglyphical subjects. 
With Notes. 4® MaU. 1828. 

Pt, II. Summary View of the early 

History of Egypt. Deduced from a comparison of ancient authors 
with the existing monuments of the Egyptians. 4^ MaU. 1828. 

Appendix. 4^ 

Wilkinson (joseph). The Architectural Remains of the ancient Town 
and Borough of Thetford, in the counties of Norfolk and Suffolk. 4® 
Lond. 1822. 

Wilks (matthew). Select Remains. Edited by the Rev. T. Sharp. 
WLond.lS34. , « 

WiLLENBERG (s. F.), Pr^ps, Disscrtatio solennis de divina ad officia 
civitatis secularia vocatione. Resp. C. G. Groddeck. 4^ 1734. 

WiLLETT (mark). The Stranger in Monmouthshire, and South Wales. 
12® Chepstow, 

WiLLLAM I., King of England. J9istoire de Guillaume le Conquerant. 
Par M. rAbbe P[revost.] 2 Tom. 8<» Par. 1742. 

William L, Prince of Orange. Sendbrief in forme van Supplicatie aen 
den Coninck van Spaengien teghen des Hertoghen van Alba tyrannic 
ende ghewelt. 4<^ Delft, 1574. 

Tractaet ghesloten tusschen den Prince 

van Orangien ende den Corounel Mondragon op het overleveren 
vande Steden van Middelburch ende Armuyden. 4° Delft, 1574. 

Advis end^ Andtwoorde des Prince van 

Oraenge ende der Staten van Hollantende Zeelant op sekere Artijculen 
besloten in den Naeme des Conincx tusschen de Landen van herwaerdts 
over ende Don Johan van Oostenrijck, overgheset wt den Fransoysche. 
4« Dordrecht, 1577. 

Listen vande generale middelen ghere- 

solveert by den Prince van Orangnien. 4^^ Antwerpen, 1578. 

Apologie teghen den Ban ghepubliceert 

by den Coningh van Spaegnien. 4® Leyden, 1581. 


William I., Prince of Orange. Apologie tegh'en den Ban ghepabliceert 

by den Coningh van Spaegnien. 4® Leyden, 1607* 
— - — ■ Cort verhael vande Moort ghedaen aen 

den persoone yanden Prince van Orangien. 4fi 1584. 

Principis Auraici Guilielmi Nassovii cae- 

dis, et supplicii, quo Baltasar Gerardi, alias Serach, affectus est, nar* 
ratio. 4» 1584. 

De verantwoordinghe des Princen van 

Orangien teghen de valsche leughenen daermede 2ijn wedersprekers 
hem soecken t'onrechte te beschuldighen. 4** Amsterdam^ 1610. 

William II., Prince of Orange. Wee-klaghe over de Doodt van Willem 

II. door P. V. T. M. 4» Vryburgh. 
4« Vryburgh, 1650. 

— ^— — — ^— Af-schrift van eenen Brieff over het af- 

sterven van Wilhelm Prince van Oranjen. 4® Gravenhage, 1650. 
Notificatie vande Staten G^nerael over 

het aff-sterven van den Prince van Oranjen. 4® Gravenhage^ 1650. 
Lauweren-Krans voor Wilhehn Prince 

van Oranjen door C. G. 4° 1650. 

Amsterdams Buer-Praetje over de doot 

van Syn Hoogheydt. 4® Amsterdam, 1650. 
Rouw-Klacht over de Doodt van Prins 

Wilhelm van Orangien door A. P. van H. fol. Delf 1650. 

William III., King of England, De Declaratie van Willem Henrik 
Prince van Oraengien, wegens de redenen die hem bewegen, om in de 
Wapenen te komen nae Engeland ; uyt het Engelsch vertaald. 4^ 

Extract uyt een Brief, in wdcke be- 

weert wort de Wettelijckheyt der ondernemingen van den Prince van 
Orangien. 4<* Keulen^ 1688. 

Declaratien behelsende de redenen die 

hem bewegen met de Wapenen nae Engelant over te gaen. Uyt het 
Engels vertaelt. 4P Gravenhage^ 1688. 
[Another Edition.] 

Advice to the King's Subjects upon 

the Invasion of the Prince of Orange. 4® Lond, 1688. 

Considerations humbly offered for 

taking the Oath of Allegiance to King William and Queen Mary. 4* 

Lond. 1689. 

A Vindication of those who have 

taken the new Oath of Allegiance to King William and Queen Mary. 
4^ Lond. 1689. 

A Discourse, shewing that it is our 

duty to swear obedience to King William, notwithstanding the oath of 
allegiance taken to the late King. 4° Lond. 1689. 


William III., King of England, A friendly Conference concerning 
the new Oath of Allegiance to K. William and Q. Mary. 4® Lond, 

His Majesties Speech to Parliainenty 

No. 25, 1690. fol. Lond. 1690. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

Their present Majesties Government 

proved to be thoroughly settled. 4® Lond. 1691. 

Pertinent Verhael van de Intrede van 

Koningh William III. in 's Gravenhage. 4** Gravenhage, 1691. 

His Majesties Speech to Parliament, 

Dec. 31, 1691. fol. Lond. 1691. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

Reflections upon the late Conspiracy 

to murther his Majesty in Flanders : and for which Monsieur Grand- 
vall was executed. 4*^ Lond. 1692. 

Een Acte van 't Parlement gevende 

aen den Koninck een millioen ponden Sterlings, om genegotieert te 
worden op Lijfrenten. 4^ Amsterdam, 1693. 

His Majesties Speech to Parliament, 

March 23, 169^. fol. Lond. 169J. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

The Address of the Lord Mayor, 

Aldermen, and Commons of London, to his Majesty, Jan. 1, 1694. 
fol. Lond. 1 694. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

The Address of Parliament to his 

Majesty, March 7, 1694. And his Majesties Answer, fol. Lond. 
1694. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

His Majesties Speech to Parliament, 

Nov. 12, 1694. fol. Lond. 1694. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

The Address of Parliament to his 

Majesty, Dec. 31, 1694. And his Majesties Answer, fol. Lond* 
1694. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

' — His Majesties Speech to Parliament, 

May 3, 1695. fol. Lond. 1695. Presented by C. P. Cooper, Esq. 

His exorbitant grants exarain'd and 

question*d. 4® Lond. 1703. 

William V., Duke of Bavaria. Mausoleum virtutis et honoris Piis Mani- 
bus Guilielmi V. Boiariae Ducis erectum. 8*^ Monach. 1626. 

William Frederick, Stadtholder of Friesland. Verhael van de onge- 
luckige Quetzure : mitsgaders het overlyden en lactate woorden van 
Priijs Willem Fredrick. 4^ [1664.] 

Williams (charles). Facts and Fables. 12** Lond. 1833. « 

Praise and Blame. 12^ Lond. ISS4. « 

The Treasures of the Earth. 1 2° Lond. 1 834. « 


Williams (h. w.). The Peculiarities of the Gospel, an evidence of its 
divine authority. An Essay. 12" Zom^. 1834. m 

Williams (j.). A Thanksgiving Sermon. 8° LaruL 1759. 

Williams (t. w.). An accurate Abstract o£ the public genera] Statutes 
passed in 3^ and 4^ Gulielm. IV. With notes and comments. Continued 
by Christopher Bell, Esq. Svo. Land, 1834. m 

Williams (william). Divine Poems and Meditations. 8'Zofidl 1677* 
Willis (arthur). An elementary Hebrew Grammar. 8® Lmd. 1 834. # 

Willis (michael). A Discourse on national Establishments of Christ- 
ianity. \^ Gla$g. \%3S. m 

WiLLMOTT (r. a.). Lives of sacred Poets. 8° Lond. 1834. # 

WiLLOT (henricus). AthensB Orthodoxorum Sodalidi Franciscani. 8' 
Leodii, 1598. 

Will Watch. From the Auto-biography of a British Officer; S Vol. 

12^ ZonJ. 1834. « 

Wilson (daniel), B'p, of Calcutta. The divine Authority and perpe- 
tual Obligation of the Lord's Day, asserted in seven Sermons. 12' 
L(md. 1832. « 

Wilson (ii. b.). A History of the Parish of St. Laurence Pountney, 
London. 4« Lond. 1831. 

Wilson (james). Entomologia Edinensis. By James Wilson and the 
Rev. James Duncan. Coleoptera. 8° Edinh. and Lond, 1834.. # 

Wilson (john). Scripture Proofs and Illustrations of Unitarianism* 8* 
Lond, 1833. « 

Wilson (john). A Dissertation on the reasonableness of Christianity. 
80 Edtnh. 1834. « 

Wilson (j. m.). The Enthusiast, a metrical Tale, with other pieces. 8* 
Edinh. 1834. # 

Winckelmann (g.). Opere; Tom. XI. 8** Prato, 1832. 

Tavole ; Disp. xxvni. fol. PraUn 

Storia delle Arti del Disegno presso gli anti^i' 

tradotta dal Tedesco da Carlo Fea ; 3 Tom. 4° Roma^ 1783, 4. 

Monumens incdits dc I'antiquite. Traduits de Tlta* 

lien par A. F. Desodoards ; 3 Tom. 4" Par. 1808, 9. 

WiNDHEiM (c. £. a). Brevcs Vindiciae Pomponatii contra Bayliuni; 4<* 
Erlang. 1750. 

WiNDisciiMANNus (f. h. h.). Sancara sive de Theologumenis Vedknti- 
corum. 8° Bounce, 1833. 

Windsor. A Letter to the Society of the Dilettanti, on the works in 
progress at Windsor. By Mela Britannicus. 8^ Lond. 1827. 

WiNGMAN (tiiomas). Divarication of tlie New Testament into Doc- 
trine, History; Pt. i. The four Gospels. 8^ Lond. 1834. « 


Winks (j. v.). The British School Book, for reading and recitation. 1^^ 
Leicester t [1834.] # 

WiNNiNOTON (francis). An Apology for the Conduct of a late celebrated 
second-rate Minister. 8® Lond, [1746.] 

A free Comment on the late Mr. W — g — nV 

Apoibgy for his Conduct. 8° Lqnd, 1748. 

The Patriot analized ; or, a view of the criti- 

cism on ** An Apology for the Conduct of a late second-rate Minister," 
&c. 8»Zonrf. 1748. 

WiNSTANLE Y (hamlet). [Engravings of Pictures in the Earl of Derby's 
collection at Knowsley.] fol. [1728.] 

Winter (richard). The importance and necessity of his Majesty's De- 
claration of War with France considered. A Sermon. S** Lond. 17 56. 

Wit (cornelis de). Sententie tegens Cornelis en Jan de Wit. 4* Gra' 
venkage, 167S. 

Withers (john). Truth tryd : or, Mr. Agate's pretended plain- truth 
proved an untruth ; Pt. ii. 8° Exon^ 1 709. 

The Whigs vindicated. 8» Lond. 1 716. 

Remarks on Dr. Walker's late Preface to his Attempt, 

&c. 8« Lond. 1717. 

WiTSEN (nicolaas). Noord cn Oost Tartarycn ; 2 Deek fol. i^tiu/. 1785, 

WoDROw (robert). Collections upon the Lives of the Reformers and 
most eminent Ministers of the Church of Scotland ; Vol. i. [2 Pts.] 
4* Glasg. 1834. Presented by the Council of the Maitland Club. 

WoBLER (p.). Grundriss der Chemie. Unorganische Chemie. 8° Berlin, 

WoLcoT (john). Works ; 5 Vol. 8« Lond. 1812. 

Wolf (f. a.). Vorlesungen iiber die Altertliumswissenschaft, herausge- 
geben von J. D. Giirtler ; Band, i-iii. S^ Leipz. 1831, 2. 

WoLFARTHus (f. P.). Controversia de mundo optimo, origine et permis- 
sione mali. 4° Jeme, 1 742. 

Wolff (c. o. f.]. Nova Disquisitio dicti difficillimi Esaise liii. v. 9. 4* 
Lips. 1742. 

Wolff (joseph.) His Journal for the year 1831. 8° Lond. 1832. * 

Wolfflin (christophorus). Lapsus Adami exercitationibus Academicis 
reprass^ntatus. 4° Tubingce, 1669. 

WoLFius (o. c). Quantum intersit reipublicss Juris Canonici studium. 
4« Lips. 1 740. 

Wolfram (luowig frieorich). Vollstandiges Lehrbuch der gesammten 
Baukunst; Band i. Lehre von den BaustofTen. Abtheil. i. Von 
den naturlichen Bausteinen. 4^ Stuttgart ^ Wien^ 1833. 



WoL^ooEK ct Neuiiaus (fridericus), Baro d. Dissertatio juridico-poli- 
tica de Connubiis Infantum inter illustres maxime frequentatis. 4^ 
Vitemb, et Lipsitse, 1735. 

Women. A learned Dissertation upon old Women, male and female, 
spiritual and temporal, in all ages. 8^ LoncL 1720. 

Wood (samuel). A Grammar of Elocution. 12^ Lond. 1833. Pre^ 
sented by the Author. 

Wood (william). Some Reasons shewing the Necessity the People of 
Ireland are under, for continuing to refuse Mr. Wood*s coinage. 8* 
DubL 1724. 

WooDARD (david). The Narrative of Captain David Woodard and four 
Seamen, who lost their ship while in a boat at sea, and surrendered 
themselves up to the Malays in the island of Celebes. S^ Lond. 1805. 
Presented by W. Vaughan, Esq. 

Wooddesson (richard). Lectures on the Law of England. With notes 
and additions, by W. R. Williams, D.C.L. ; 3 Vol. 12<» Lond. 1834. « 

WooDFALL (will.). Practical Treatise on the Law of Landlord and 
Tenant. Remodelled and enlarged, by S. B. Harrison. 8® Lond. 
1834. « 

WooDROw (o.). The Biographical Cabinet. 8° Zone?. 1 834. « 

Wool. A Proposal for regulating and advancing the Woollen Manu- 
facture. 8^ 1698. 

WooLSTON (thomas). A fiflh Discourse on the Miracles of our Saviour. 
8° Lond. 1 728. 

Worcester (noah). Last Thoughts, on important subjects, in 8 Parts. 
1. Man's Liability to sin. 2. Supplemental Illustrations. 3. Man's 
Capacity to obey. 8*^ Cambridge, U.S.^ 1833. 

Word. A Word to purpose: or, a Parthian dart. 4^1659. [Second 

A Word to Sinners, and a word to saints. 8° Lond. 1672. 

A Word to the Wise : in a letter to a City-Clergyman. 8* 

Lond. 1711. 

Wordsworth (c. f. p.). The Rules of Court, from the passing of the 
Uniformity of Process Act to the present time, with notes and forms, 
and an appendix. 12^ Lond. 1S3^. 

A Digest of all the Election Reports, to the 

present time. With an Index. 8° Lond. 1834. m 

Wordsworth (christopher). On the Admission of Dissenters to graduate 
in the University of Cambridge. 8° Cambr. 1834. « 

Working Classes. Moral Instruction addressed to the Working Classes ; 
Pti. 12^ Lond, 1834. ^ 

World. The World's Contempt. S\ [Title-page wanting.] 


World of Fashion ; Vol. XI. 4° Zo9i(f. 1834. 

WoRLiDos (j.). A Treatise of Cider. With a discourse on bees. 8° 
Lond. 1678. 

WoRTHiMGTOM (h.). Two Letters, adapted to the present critical con- 
juncture. 8® Lond. 1758. 

WoRTLET {Lady e. stuart). London at Night ; and other poems. 8° 
Land. 1834. « 

Wright (m. von). Svenska Foglar efler Naturen och pa Sten ritade af 
M. och W. Von Wright. 18 Haft. obi. fol. Stockh. 1828. 

Wright (thomas). A short Address to the Public on the Monopoly of 
small Farms. 8° Lond, 1795. 

Wright (w.). The present State of Aural Surgery. 12^ Lond. 1834. ♦ 

Writer. The Writer and Student's Assistant ; or, a compendious Dic- 
tionary. 16^ Lond. « 

Wroe (john). The Word of God, to guide Israel to eternal Life, ex- 
plained to John Wroe. 4° Wakefield, 1834. « 

Wacherer (m. f.). Dissertatio philologica de B. Lutheri Versione Bib- 
liorum Germanica omnium optima recentioribus potissimum versioni- 
bus vernaculis opposita. 4® Vitemh. 1737. 

Xenophon Atheniensu, The first Book of the Memorabilia, with a 
literal translation and notes ; Pt. i. 12^ Lond. 1828. # 

' Comroentarii. Cum annotationibus edidit G. A. 

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3 F 2 


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Helvetique ; 12 Tom. 4» Par. 1784-6. 


One of the Meteoric Stones which fell at Benares, in the East Indies, 

Dec. 19, 1798. Presented by the late William Marsden, Esq. 
A PIECE of crystallized Native Iron, from an unknown locality. Pre^ 

sented by Henry Heulandj Esq. 
A SPECIMEN of Native Steel, from Auvergne. 
A RICH specimen of arborescent Native Silver, under a glass shade, 

from Kongsberg, in Norway. Presented by Henry Heulandj Esq. 
Five large and rich specimens of Silver Ore, from the Mina Grande, in 

the Cerro de Pasco, Peru. Presented by Sehor Don Manuel de Ujura 

y Sanchez, 
Native Silver, in transparent Carbonate of Lead, from Guanaxuato, 

The same, in Pistacite, from Kongsberg, Norway. 
The same, in a crystal of Sulphate of Lime, from Santa Rosa mine, 

NrviFORM Native Silver, with Carbonate of Lead, on Copper Glance, 

from Semenofsky mine, Kolywan, Siberia. 
The same, on red Oxide of Copper, from Barnaul, Siberia. 
Native Silver, in Arsenical Cobalt, from St Felix, Chili. 
FiLioREE-sHAPED Amalgam, on Cinnabar, with Lithomarge, from Stahl- 

berg. Palatinate. 
Foliated Native Gold, on Quartz, firom Zell, Zillerthal, Tyrol. 
Dendritic Native Gold, on Quartz, from Caite, BrasiL 
Native Gold, in variegated Copper Ore, from Olonetz, Russia Proper. 
The same, on Iron Glance, from Congo Soco, BrasiL 
The same, in ferruginous Quartz, mixed with Chlorite, from Congo 

Soco, Brasil. 
The same, disseminated in Quartz, from Eula, Bohemia. 
The same, firom La Gardette, Dauphine. 
The same, with acicular triple Sulphuret of Bismuth, firom Beresof mine, 

Native Tellurium, minutely crystallized, from Offenbanya, Transyl- 
Native Antimony, on Quartz, in Homstone, from Carlsfiord, near 

Sahla, Sweden. 
Seleniuret of Lead, from Tilkerode, Hartz. 
Cobaltiferous Seleniuret of Lead, from Clausthal, Hartz. 
Mercuriferous Seleniuret of Lead, from Tilckerode, Hartz. 


A CRYSTALLIZED Diamond, being a macle of a peculiar fomiy from 
Brasil. Presented by the Right Hon, Sir Edward Thornton, 

A LAMINA (weighing 4| karat) of a large Diamond, from Brasil. 

A LARGE specimen of iridescent Anthracite, from the United States. 
Presented by Ingram, Esq., of New York, 

Group of bronze-coloured Sulphuret of Iron, with lenticular Carbonate 
of Iron, from Traversella, Piedmont. 

A siNOLE crystal (var. quadriepointee) of Iron Pyrites, from Broszo, 

White Iron Pyrites, in modified obtuse octahedrons, with crystallised 
Carbonate of Lime, &c., from Brownly Hill, near Alston, Cumber- 

A GROUP of hemitrope Copper Pyrites, on Quartz, from Cornwall. 

A CRYSTAL of pseudomorphous Galena, from Freiberg, Saxony. 

A CRYSTAL of Galena, on Prehnite, with Koupholite and Amianthoide, 
from Bourg d' Oisans, Dauphine. 

Crystallized Galena, (var. triforme,) with Carbonate of Iron, and Rock 
Crystals, from Claustha], Hartz. 

Slaggy cupro-ferriferous Sulphuret of Silver, from Sombrerete, Mexico* 

Sulphuret of Antimony, with Blende and Salite, from Sala, Sweden. 

Amorphous cupriferous Sulphuret of Antimony, from Baigory, France. 

AcicuLARLY diverging Grey Antimony, with milk-white crystaUized Sal- 
phate of Baryta, from Schemnitz, Hungary. 

Transparent Light-red Silver Ore, on Native Arsenic, from Joachims- 
thai, Bohemia. 

Dendritic Dark-red Silver Ore, from the mine Abendrothe^ Andreasberg, 

Tetrahedral Grey Copper Ore, tarnished, on Carbonate of Iron, from 
Moschel-Landsberg, Palatinate. 

Crystallized Arsenical Iron, from the Old Elizabeth mine, Freiberg. 

Another variety of Arsenical Iron, locality unknown. 

Argentiferous Arsenical Iron, from the Stockwerk, Freiberg, Saxony. 

A SPECIMEN of brown spongy Wad, (earthy Hydrous Oxide of Manga- 
nese,) from the Ural Mountains, Siberia. 

Dendritic Wad, from Ilmenau, Thuringia. 

Vacillary earth. Hydroxide of Manganese, from Siegen. 

Another variety of the same, from Schurde, Thuringia. 

Laminar Iron Glance, with green Talc, from Minas Geraes, Brasil. 

Another variety of the same, from the same locality. 

A GROUP of lenticularly crystaUized Iron Glance, on a quartzy rock 
stone, from Dauphine. 

Metastatic pseudomorphous Oxide of Iron, from Sundwig, West- 

Another variety of the same, from the same place. 

Dodecahedral Magnetic Iron Ore, from Ivikaet, Greenland. 


Striated dodecahedral Magnetic Iron Ore, from Traversella, Pied- 

Octahedral Magnetic Iron, in Micaceous Iron Glance, from Minaa 
Geraes, BrasiL 

Brown Hematite, (Hydrous Oxide of Iron,) from Antonio Pereira, 

Dodecahedral Oxide of Copper, coated by Blue Carbonate of Copper, 
with Fibrous Malachite, from Chessy. 

Black Earthy Cobalt, firom Salfeld, Thuringia. 

Oxide of Tin, in a chloride rock, from Pitkeranda, Finland. 

Hemitrope Oxide of Tin, with Phosphate of Lime, and white Topazes, 
from Ehrenfriedersdorf, Saxony. 

The same, with Fluor Spar and Rock Crystal, from Schlackenwalde, 

The same, with white Topazes and Rock Crystal, from Ehrenfrieders- 
dorf^ Saxony. 

A SMALL piece of Wood Tin, from Mexico. 

Red Corundum, with Amphibole, from Salem, East Indies. 

A slender, graver-shaped Rock Crystal, from Dauphine. 

A GROUP of Amethyst crystals^ on a portion of a geode of Calcedony, 
from Bombay. 

A GROUP of brown Rock Crystals, traversed by slender crystals of Topaz, 
from Odonchelong, Siberia. 

White Siliceous Sand, from Sydney, (and a salt-cellar ; of glass, made 
from the same by Messrs. Pellatt and Green) ; with two varieties of 
white Sandstone, from the same country. Presented by Samuel King^ 

Fetid Quartz, (k odeur des truffes,) from Monte Viale, Vicenza. 

A SINGLE crystal of Haytorite, from Haytor, Devonshire. 

Small specimen of Noble Opal, in its matrix, from Czchervenitza, 

A LARGE specimen of crystallized Serpentine, from Snarum, Norway. 

Undulated Serpentine, in Limestone, from Sahla, Sweden. 

Crystallized Steatite, from Middlefield, Massachusetts, N. America. 

Crystallized and botryoidal Steatite, from Gopfersgriin, Voigtland. 

A SPECIMEN of Kefiekillitc, from Perm, Siberia. 

A CRYSTAL of Zircon, in Basalt, firom Laach on the Rhine. 

Crystallized Stilbite, on Gneiss, from Kniebeis, near Gastein, Tyrol. 

Glassy botryoidal Stilbite, from the Seiser Alpe, Tyrol. 

Transparent glassy Analcime, from Catania, Sicily. 

Flesh-coloured trapezoidal Analcime, covered with minute crystals of 
Quartz, from Montzoni, Tyrol. 

Brewsterite, on a group of Rock Crystal^ from St. Christophe^ Dau- 
Pearly broad-foliated Okenite, from Tupaursak, North Greenland. 

3 o 


Two hemitrope crystals of Feldspar, from Elba and from Daveno* 
Amorphous green Feldspar, coloured by oxide of Chrome, from Aosta, 

Adularia, with Pericline, and some Sphene, from St, Gothard. 
Red Labrador itc, from Helsingfors, Finland. 
Variety of Albite, (called Zuckerstein,) with globular Carbonate of 

Iron, from Schellgaden, Tyrol. 
Crystallized Andalusite, from the Lisenz Alp, Tyrol. 
NuTTALiTE, from Bolton, Massachusetts. 
Rose-coloured Latrobite, with green granular Phosphate of Lime, from 

Akudlek, North Greenland. 
Hexagonal Mica, with Serpentine, partly indeterminably crystalluEed, 

from Snarum, Norway. 
Silvery Talc, with Iron Glance, on Quartz, from Minas Geraes, Brasfl. 
Crystallized leek-green Talc, from St, Gothard. 
Silvery undulated Talc Slate, with Iron Glance, and granular Topaz, 

from Minas Geraes, Brasil. 
Reddish-yellow acicular Amphibole, from Kariset, South Greenland. 
AsBEST, witli fibres aggregated into striated groups, from Rolzberg, 

Granular I docrase, resembling Colophonite, in laminar Limestone, from 

Arendahl, Norway. 
Crystallized Diopside, from Ala, Piedmont. 
OiL-OREEN transparent Idocrase, from the same place. 
An insulated crystal of Epidote, from Chamounix, Switzerland. 
Black Augite, crystallized, in Dolerite, from the Kayserstuhl, Suabia. 
Babingtonite, with glassy Apophyllite, and crystallized Carbonate of 

Lime, from Arendahl, Norway. 
Bucklandite, in Trachite, from Laach on the Rhine. 
Crystallized Somervillite, from Vesuvius. 
Common Garnet, embedded in Albite, &c., from Brodbo, Sweden. 
Granular light-red Garnets^ in Werner's Weiss-stein, from Ameraglik, 

South Greenland. 
Crystallized Helvine, from Bruder Lorenz mine, Schwaraenberg, 

Several fragments of crystallized Emerald, &c., from Egypt Presented 

by J. G, Wilkinson^ Esq. 
A CRYSTAL of Beryl, traversed by a cylindrical crystal of black Tour- 
maline, from Miask, Siberia. 
Prismatic six-sided crystal of Beryl, the central part filled up by 

Albite, with splintery Pyrope, from Chesterfield^ N. America. 
Crystal of the same, embedded in Carbonate of Iron, from Odonche- 

long, Siberia. 
Two crystals of the same, on a group of Topazes variously modified, 

from Odonchelong, Siberia. 


A GREEN transparent crystal of Tourmaline, with perfect summit, from 

Minas Geraes, Brasil. 
Columnar black Tourmaline, in Quartz, from the Pyrenees. 
The same, from Johan-Georgenstadt, Saxony. 
Bacillary Rubellite, with Quartz, from Elba. 
Lepidolite with Rubellite, and Rubellite with Meerschaum, both from 

Perm, Siberia. 
A YELLOW Topaz, embedded in a Rock Crystal, coated by Hydrous 

Oxide of Iron, from the Capitania of Olinda, Brasil. 
A HEMiTROFic ycUow Topaz crystal, from Olinda^ Brasil. 
A CRYSTAL of Pyrophysalite, on Albite, from Finbo, Sweden. 
Bacillary Pycnite, from Brodbroe mine, Fossum, Norway. 
Pycnite, with Molybdena, from Numcdahl, Norway. 
Cylindrical Titanite, of high lustre, from Minas Geraes. 
A LARGE crystal of the same, with Asparagus-stone and Anthophyllite, 

from Snarum, Norway. 
Anatase, on a group of Rock Crystals, from Cocais, Brasil. 
NioRiNE, on Feldspar, in Hornblende Slate, from the Lisenz Alp, Tyrol. 
TiTANiFERous Irou Glance, crystallized, from Friedricksvarn, Norway. 
Massive Gabbronite, with titaniferous Iron Glance^ from Nodebroc 

mine, Norway. 
Brookite, in a piece of Rock Crystal, polished, from Snowden, South 

A specimen of massive and crystallized Wolfram, from Odonchelong, 

Fascicular radiated Carbonate of Baryta, from Kleopinsky, Nerchinsky, 

A oRour of crystallized Arragonite, (var. Tapotome,) from Framont, 

Red divcrging-radiated Arragonite, in cells of a basaltic rock, from Au- 

Acute rhomboidal Carbonate of Lime, with black Rock Crystals, &c., 

from HcssekuUa, Sweden. 
Tw^o crystallized varieties of the same, in bituminous Limestone^ from 

Frankenberg, Hessia. 
Marl, with traces of imperfect crystallization, from Limburg. 
Apple-green botryoidal Carbonate of Zinc, from Moldawa, Bannat. 
Another variety of the same, from the same place. 
Apple-green cupriferous Carbonate of Zinc, from Chessy, near Lyons. 
Crystallized Carbonate of Le id, the crystals traversing transparent 

Sulphate of Lime, from Nertschinsky, Siberia. 
Trihexahedral variety of the same, from Kleopinsky, Nerchinsky, 

Blue Carbonate of Copper, in large crystals, partly coated by fibrout 

Malachite, from Chessy, France. 



MnscoiD Phosphate of Lead, orange and green, from Leadhills, Scot- 
Asparagus Stone, (Phosphate of Lime,) in green Talc, from the Greiner, 

Pulverulent Phosphate of Iron, in Marl, from Schwarzach, near Ro- 
senheim, Bavaria. 
Massive Phosphate of Manganese, from Bodenmais, Bavaria. 
A large specimen of Werner's Blauspath, from Krieglach, Stiria. 
Uranite, in large greenish-yellow primitive crystals, on Quartz, from 

Johanngeorgenstadt, Saxony. 
A SPECIMEN of Anhydrous Sulphate of Soda, and two varieties of the 

Guano, from Peru. Presented by Capeland Hutchison, Esq. 
Flesh-coloured crystallized Sulphate of Baryta, with Carbonate of Lime, 

and very minute crystals of Copper Pyrites, from Gersdorf, Saxony. 
The same, rose-coloured and yellow^ from la Garde tte, Dauphine. 
The same, opaque, snow-white, crystallized (var. cretee), with Native 

Sulphur, from Girgenti, Sicily. 
The same (var. binae modifiee), sprinkled with Cinnabar, from Mo- 

schcllandsberg. Palatinate. 
The same (var. Tadditive), from Clausthal, Hartz. 
A single crystal of the same (var. la triplante), from Puy de Chate^ 

A specimen of stalactitic Sulphate of Baryta, polished, from Derbyshire. 

Presented by Miss Lousada, 
Crystallized Sulphate of Strontia, on Carbonate of Lime, from Her- 

rengrund, Hungary. 
Pseudomorphous Sulphate of Strontia, from Amberg, Bavaria. 
The same, from Monte Viale, Vicentino. 
Sulphate of Lime, a single crystal (var. equivalente), from La Ca- 

tolica, Sicily. . 
The same (var. prominule), from Schemnitz, Hungary. 
Crystallized Sulphate of Lead, from Badenweiler, Suabia. 
The same, in undescribed crystals^ in Galena, from Grenada, Spain. 
The same, crystallized, on green Fluor Spar, sprinkled with minute 

crystals of Quartz, &c., from Badenweiler, Suabia. 
Variety of the same, from Grenada^ Spain. 
The «ame, with crystallized Native Sulphur, from Alon, Haute Vienne, 

Pitticite, from Stadt Hollen, Freiberg, Saxony. 
BoTRYOGENE, from Fahlun, Sweden. 
A SPECIMEN of Brochantite, from Siberia. 
Copper Ore, related to the preceding, on grey Copper, with botryoidal 

Malachite, from Soukadoiska mine, Werchoturia, Siberia. 
Massivk Cryolite, with Carbonate of Iron, from Ivikaet, South Green- 


Yttrocerite, with Albite and Quartz, from Brodbo, Sweden. 

Crystallized (enneahedral) Fluor Spar, from Waldshut, between Bale 
and Schafhausen. 

Fetid Fluate of Lime, from Ivikaet, South Greenland. 

A LARGE mass of Subsulphate of Alumina (Websterite), from near 
Brighton. Presented by Gideon Mantell^ Esq, 

Various Secondary Fossils, chiefly from Purbeck. Presented by Walter 
Calverley Trevelyan^ Esq, 

Eleven Casts of Bones, and a Cast of a Palate, the former from spe- 
cimens found at Muswell Hill, near Highgate. Presented by N, T, 
Wetherellf Esq. 

Casts of some Bones of Felis Spelasa, and Gulo Spelseus, from the Cave 
of Gailenreuth ; of Rhinoceros Teeth, from Kiihloch ; and of Deino- 
therium, and Tapirus Priscus, from Eppelsheim. Presented by Viscount 
Cole^ and Sir Philip Grey Egerton, Bart, 

A SPECIMEN of Fossil Wood, from Van Diemen*s Land. 

Proof Impressions of part of the Plates of the Fossil Flora. Presented 
by Dr, Lindley, 

Specimens of Simia chenensis^ Megaderma spasma^ Mus giganteusy and a 

Bat, from Madras. Presented by Dr. B, G. Babington, 
A Skeleton of an Elephant, from India. Presented by Sir Jasper 

Nicolls and General Hardwicke, 
Specimens of Mus Alexandrinus, Lepus jEgyptiacus, the horns of Ovis 

TragelaphuSf and some other Mammalia, from Egypt Presented by 

John Wilkinson, Esq. 
A Specimen of the Canada Rat. Presented by John Richardson, M.D. 
Two Squirrels, from North America. Presented by H. R. H. the Duke of 

Sussex, K.G. 

Specimen of Brown Pelican, Pelecanus fuscus; Great White Heron, 
Ardea occidentalism {Audubon); Frigate Bird, Tachypetes aquila; 
Louisiana Heron, Ardea Ludoviciana ; Purple Heron, (young,) Ardea 
rufescens; Peal*s Egret, Ardea Pealii; White Heron, Ardea lucia; 
Yellow- crowned Heron, Ardea violacea; White-headed Pigeon, 
Columba leucocephala ; Fish Crow, Corvus ossifragus {Wtls.); Boat- 
tailed Grakle, Quiscalus major; Red Tanager, Tanagra rubra; Purple 
Finch, Fringilla purpurea; Ground Dove, Columba passerina; Pine 
Creeper, Sylvia pintM ; White-crowned Bunting, Fringilla leucoce^ 
phala; Indigo Bird, Fringilla cyanea; Baltimore Oriole, Oriolus BaU 
timore ; Cedar Bird, Bombycilla CaroUnensis ; Black Tern, Sterna 
stolida, from North America. Presented by His Royal Highness the 
Duke of Sussex, K.G. 

Four Species of Humming Birds, from South America. Presented by 
J. Inskvpp, Esq, 


A Collection, consisting of thirty-two Birds, from Madras. Presented 
hy J. B, Babingtofit M.D. 

Specimen of Channel-bill, Scythrops Novas HoUamdug, Presented by 
Allan Cunningham, Esq, 

Specimen of Broad-billed Tody, Todus nasutus. Presented 6y General 

Fine Specimen of the Common Peacock, Pavo cristaius. Mounted and 
presented by T. Dowler, M,D. 

Specimen of the Bearded Vulture, Fultur barhatus, Falco hUospilus^ &c. 
Presented by John Russel Reeves, Jun., Esq. 

A Group of Edible Bird Nests from Ceylon. Collected by S. Horton, 
Esq. Presented by the Right Hon. Edward Lord Stanley, 

A general Collection of Birds from Egypt. Presented by John Wit- 
kinson. Esq, 

Specimens of American Turkey, Meleagris Oallopavo; Spotted Grous, 
Tetrao Canadensis; Willow Grous, Tetrao saliceti; Migratory Pigeon, 
Columba migratoria; Turkey Buzzard, Cathartes aura; Carrion Crow, 
Catfiartes atrata; Lanius septentrionalis ; Yellow-bellied Woodpecker, 
Picus varius; Pileated Woodpecker, Picus pileatus; White Ibis, Ibis 
alba; Pigeon Hawk, Falco columbarius; Falco velox; Noddy Tern, 
Sterna stolida; Black Tern, Sterna nigra; Blue Heron, Ardea ccerulea/ 
Ardea minor; Charadrius semipalmatus ; Wilson's Plover, Charadrtas 
fVilsonif Charadrius melodius; Velvet Duck, Anas Jusca; Teal, 
Anas Crecca; Black Duck, Anas perspicillata ; Spirit Duck, Anas 
albeola; American Wigeon, Anas Americana; Fulica Americana; 
Rallus elegans; Clapper Rail, Rallus crepitans; Virginian Rail, Rallus 
Ktrginianus ; Limosa palustris; ^squimsLUx Curlew, Numenius borealis ; 
Numenius lougirostris ; Snowy Heron, Ardea candidissima ; Green 
Heron, Ardea vircsccns ; Great Heron, Ardea Herodias ; Hooping 
Crane, Grus Americana; Rusty Grakle, Icterus ferrugineus; Turdus 
Wilsoni; Turdus Ludovicianus ; Song Finchj Fringilla melodia; Grass 
Finch. Fringilla graminea; Sea-side Finch, Fringilla maritima; Sa- 
vannah Finch, Fringilla Savannarum; Yellow-throated Fly-catcher, 
Vircojlavifrons; White-poll Warbler, Sylvia varia; Kentucky Warbler, 
Sylvia formosa; Black-poll Warbler, Sylvia striata; Cocrulean Warbler, 
Sylvia ccerulea; Bay-breasted Warbler, Sylvia castanea ; Palm Warbler, 
Sylvia palmarum; Pine-creeping Warbler, Sylvia pinus; White-eyed 
Fly-catcher, l^ireo Noveboracensis ; Mexican Finch, Fringilla pinus; 
Least Nuthatch, Sitta pusilla ; Great Carolina Warbler, Troglodytes 
Americanus; Nuttall's Warbler, Troglodytes Nuttallii; Icterus agri- 

Specimens of Jackal Falcon, Falco jackal; Short-tailed Eagle, Fcdco 
ecaudatus; Martial Eagle, Falco bellicosus; Occipital Eagle, Falco 
occipitalis, &c. 

Specimen of the Barr-winged Dove of Edwards. Presented by George 
Leachf Esq, 


Sixty-six Specimens of Reptiles, preserved in Spirits, received in ex- 
change from the Museum of the Army Medical Board at Chatham. 

Several Specimens of Snakes ; and a Specimen of Pseudopus DurvilUif 
(Cuvier,) from Dalmatia: all in Spirits. Presented by John Richard' 
son J M,D. 

A Specimen of Lophius Vespertilio. Presented by Mr, Walker. 

Some Specimens of New Holland Shells, and a Specimen of Retepora, 
from Swan River. Presented by Mr, John Turner. 

A Specimen of Aphrodita Aculeata, Presented by John W. Lubbock^ 

A Specimen of Cyproea Friendii, Gray (C, Scoitii Brod.,) from Swan 
River. Presented by Capt. Mangles^ R,N, 

A Specimen of a Cyathiform Sponge, from Cork Harbour. Presented 
by Miss Elliot, 

Specimens of Four Hundred species of Plants of Egjrpt. Eighty-four 
of which arc new to the Herbarium, and of these, Eighteen species 
arc unpublished. Collected and presented by John Gardner Wilkin' 
son, Esq, 

Two Specimens of Exotic Insects, and twenty-nine specimens of British 

Insects. Presented by Francis Walker^ Esq, 
Two Specimens of Mononychus Pseudaeori. Presented by J, C, Dale, Esq, 
Three hundred and forty-three Specimens of Minute Insects, of the 

Family Cynipsidas, described by him in the Entomological Magazine, 

and presented by Francis Walker, Esq, 
Six Specimens of Insects from Odessa. Presented by T. Dowler, M,D, 
Specimen of Lamia Crucifera of Fabricius, from Ceylon. Presented by 

Dr. Bland. 



Collection of Eotptian Antiquities, presented bt 

J. G. Wilkinson, Esq. 

Stone with sketches of the gods Ammon-re, and Thoth. 

Portion of a granite monument, with the figure of Khem. 

Three figures of Osiris, in bronze. 

Figure of Osiris, in wood. 

Figure of Osiris, in barley and wax. 

Isis^ and Horus the younger, in stone. 

HoRus Harpocrates, of the Ptolemaic era, in marble. 

Three emblems of the souls of divinities, in wood. 

Lion, emblem of Horus, in glazed terracotta. 

Harper, and Phallus, in glazed terracotta. 

Part of a jackall standard, in wood. 

Fragment of a sacred monument, in marble. 

Small statue, in serpentine. 

Two heads of statues, in limestone. 

Bearded head, of the Roman epoch, in marble. 

Arm of a statue, in bronze. 

Sacred vase, of black granite. 

Sacred vase, of alabaster. 

Vase, of bronze gilt, and probably belonging to a censer. 

Altar of libations, in limestone. 

Pair of sandals, of palm leaves. 

Small bottle, with traces of an unguent, in alabaster. 

Small vase, perhaps used for the same purpose, of glazed terracotta. 

Vase for holding antimony, of alabaster. 

Vase used for the same purpose, of serpentine. 

Similar vase, of glazed terracotta. 

Ctlindrical case, for the same use, of wood. 

Nest of three vases, for preparing liquid perfumes. 

Leg of a table, of wood. 

Iron key, of a Christian epoch prior to a.d. 6d0. 

Sixteen oval and globular vases, a jug, and two bottles, of terracotta, 

used for domestic purposes. 
Vase, of bronze. 

Small china bottle, with a Chinese inscription. 
Six cups, and two fragments of cups, in terracotta. 


Two cups or bowls, of wood, and one of bronze. 

Fragment of a porphyry patera. 

Large vase, of terracotta, with four small bandies. 

Very large vase, of bronze, with two handles. 

Mouth of a large stone vase. 

Fragments of vases, of pottery of the Roman epoch. 

Various fragments of pottery. 

Eight lamps, of terracotta. 

Five stands or pillows for the head, of wood. 

Circular cake of bread, and various fragments. 

Half of a circular cake of agweh or conserve of dates, and fragments. 

Head of a javelin. 

Upper part of a harp of seventeen strings. 

Sickle with a serrated blade. 

Fragment of the blade of a sickle. 

Wooden hook, suspended at both ends by a rope of palm leaves, belong- 
ing to an ancient well. 

Spindle, and hank of thread. 

Cloth, with a small blue pattern on a light brown ground. 

Rope, of palm leaves. 

Box. prior to the Arab invasion. 

Handle of a flabellum. 

Palette of a scribe^ with cartouches of Rameses the great, two of which 
are formed by ursei ; with this are seven of the kash or reeds used 
for vrriting ; in wood. 

Palette of a scribe, for red paint, in sycamore wood* 

Slab, with nine small vases for holding colours, of glazed terracotta. 

Slab for grinding colours, the well surrounded with a cartouche ; with 
it is a muller. 

Stone with a hieratic inscription. 

Two pieces of stone with enchorial inscriptions. 

Piece of stone with a Coptic inscription. 

Fragments of pottery with enchorial inscriptions. 

Very small fragments of pottery with enchorial inscriptions. 

Capital of a column, with flowers of the lotus. 

Fourteen fragments of painting in fresco, parts of ornaments, hiero* 

glyphics, &c., from the tomb discovered by Belzoni, at Thebes. 
Cramp of wood, from the temple of Berenice. 
Cramp of lead, from the temple of Berenice. 

Piece of iron. 
Pieces of stucco. 
Piece of mortar. 

Two pieces of the ceiling of a tomb, of mud, painted. 
PncB of stucco, with sketches of hieroglyphics, from the tomb dis- 
covered by Beboni at Thebes. 

S H 


Mud brick, with the name of Thothmes III. 

Similar brick, with the praenoraen of Rameses the great 

Four fragments of mud bricks. 

Reed from between the bricks of the wall of Sais. 

Mould, with the figure of a bird, in limestone. 

Mouth-piece for a pipe, of jade. 

Awl, similar to those represented in the tombs at Thebes. 

Pyramid of baked clay. 

Four dolls, of wood. 

Top, prior to the Arab invasion. 

Mummy of a cat. 

Part of the mummy of a dog, unrolled. 

Mummy of a cat, unrolled. 

Six mummies of the ibis, in their bandages. 

Mummy of an ibis, unrolled. 

Mummy of a sparrow-hawk. 
Bones of various animal mummies. 

Wrappers of the same. 

Three small fragments of a wooden sarcophagus. 
Fragment of a sarcophagus, arm and wing of a divinity. 
Sepulchral wrappers, of painted cloth. 
f'oRTioN of the cartonage of a mummy. 
Hypocsphalus, of linen. 

Fragment of the garland of the dead, from a Greek mummy. 
Sepulchral sandals for adults, of leather. 
Two sepulchral sandals for children, of leather. 

Set of sepulchral vases, in a white calcareous stone, with their re- 
spective covers, formed of the heads of a man, cynocephalus, jackal, 
and hawk. 
Set of sepulchral vases, similar to the above, but smaller. 
Two vases of a set, in wood, with the human and hawk's head. 
Three vases of a set, one without a cover, the other two each with a 

human head, of pottery. 
Sepulchral vase, oval, without a cover or inscription, of pottery. 
Sepulchral vase, surmounted by a human head, of pottery. 
Linen bag of sawdust. 
Small cylindrical basket, of palm leaves, and linen bag containing the 

sawdust used for absorbing the moisture of the entrails. 
Ibis pot, of baked brick, from Saggara. 
Four human heads, covers for sepulchral vases, of pottery. 
Sepulchral figure of Menephthah I., in wood, from the tomb discovered 

by Belzoni, at Thebes. 
Sepulchral figure of a sacred scribe, in glazed pottery. 
S^^ULCHRAL figures of a priest, priestesses, and functionaries attached to 
temples, in wood. 


Sepulchral figure of a priestess, in painted pottery. 

Similar figure of a private individual, in serpentine. 

Eight sepulchral figures, of glased pottery. 

Four sepulchral figures, of wood. 

Head of a large sepulchral figure, in serpentine. 

Small sarcophagus, of wood, containing a sepulchral figure of the same 

Extremely rude and small sarcophagus, of clay, containing a rudely 
sculptured figure, in wood, covered with a hieratic inscription. 

Top of a pyramid, with figures in bas-relief and inscriptions, in lime- 

Four sepulchral stales or tablets, in wood. 

Two sepulchral steles, in white calcareous stone. 

Fragment of a tablet or st^le, in limestone. 

SrsE sepulchral cones, and fragments of the same, in baked brick. 

Tessera, of pentagonal shape, with two horizontal lines of enchorial 

Tessera, rectangular, with five lines of Coptic on each side. 

Fourteen unburnt bricks, with hieroglyphic inscriptions. Presented by 

Lord Prudhoe. 
Marble statue of Venus. Presented by his Majesty King fVilUam the 

Small bronze group of Hercules and Cupid, found in gravel at Bres- 

singham, near Diss, Norfolk. Presented by William Chapman Old- 

ham^ Esq* 
Bronze figure of Hercules, found at Bavay. Presented by C, W. A, 

Drummond Hay, Esq. 
Votive torso of a young man, the size of life, in terracotta. Presented 

by ■ Coesvelt, Esq. 
Marble bust of an infant Presented by the Rev. Henry Crowe. 
Square bronze weight, with the head of Minerva, in relievo. Presented 

by J. Y. Akerman^ Esq. 
Six models in clay, of the Cromlechs at Mafra, Truethy, Plas Newydd, 

Duffin, Lanyon, and Chun. Presented by Richard Tongue, Esq. 
Four British stone implements, found in Norfolk. Presented by Goddard 

Johnson^ Esq. 
British cinerary urn, containing burnt bones. Presented by Richard 

Lloydy Esq, 
Long British canoe, found at North Stoke, in Sussex. Presented by the 

Earl of Egremont. 
Styca of Wlf here, archbishop of York. Presented by Sir Henry Ellis, 


Sn 2 



Presented by George 
Marshaii^ Etq. Btr- 

Pbnnt of William I. brihtpiiib on lin : no inner cirde. PreaemUd by 

J. D. Cuff, Esq. 
Half-oroat of Edward VI., struck at Canterbury. Presented by Sammei 

Farrow, Esq.^ Diss, Norfolk. 
Shiluno of William III. t, 1696. 
Half-crowv of George III. 1817-1818. 
Shilling of George III. 1 820. 
Half-crown of George IV. 1823: garnished 

Half-crown of George IV. 1823: plain shield, 

with the collar of the garter. 
Sixpences of George IV. 1 826. 1 828. 1 829. 
Gold Copley medal, presented by the Royal Society to Mr. John Bel- 
cher, 1737. Presented by the representatives of Mr, John Belcher. 
Two silver, and one pewter token, struck by Mr. TilL Presented by 

Mr. TM. 
Silver penny of Henry IV. King of Castile. Presented by J. D. Cnff, 

H ALf -franc of Belgium, silver. 1834. 1 Presented by Sir Henry 

Double centime of Belgium, copper. 1834. S EUis, KM, 
Penny of Henry, Archbishop of Cahibray. 1 Presented by Robert 
Penny of Arnold, Coimt of Loos. J Brcmm^ Esq. 

A Spanish dollar. 1703. 1 

A Persian pice. > Presented by Charles Crawley ^ Esq, 

A Madras rupee. ) 

Six silver coins, portions of the Arcot rupee. Presented by Richard 

Penn^ Esq. 
Seven lithographic drawings of Egyptian Anti-"^ 

quities. I Presented by John 

Lithographic drawing of a Roman medallion of j Lee, D.C.L. 

Commodus ; rev. Britannia. J 

Large Collection of Egyptian Antiquities. 

Figure of Djom, or Khons, in bronze. 

Four figures of the same divinity, in glazed terracotta. 

Three figures of Ammon-re, in bronze. 

Two figures of Ammon Chnouphis, in glazed terracotta. 

Four figures of Phthah, in bronze. 

Twenty figures of the same divinity, in glazed terracotta. 

Four figures of Merephthah, or Bubastis, in glazed terracotta. 

Figure of Khons Pooh, in bronze. 

Five figures of the same, in glazed terracotta. 

Three figures of Nophre Atmou, in bronze. 

Omb of the same, in glazed terracotta. 


PscuuAB figure of Athor, in bronze. 

Figure of Athor, in terracotta. 

Two figures of Re, or Phre, in glazed terracotta. 

FoRTT-piVE figures of Meui, in glazed terracotta. 

Thirtt-bioht figures of the second Thoth, in glazed terracotta. 

Fifty-one figures of Omt, in glazed terracotta. 

Thirty-three figures of Osiris, in bronze. 

Four figures of Osiris, in glazed terracotta. 

Head of Osiris, in limestone. 

Figure of Isis, in bronze. 

Figure of Isis, in lapis-lazuli. 

Eight figures of the same, in glazed terracotta. 

Four figures of Isis suckling the younger Horus, in bronze. 

Thirteen smaller similar figures, in glazed terracotta. 

Three figures of Nephthys, in glazed terracotta. 

Nine figures of Horus Har-si-esi, in glazed terracotta. 

Eight figures of Horus Harpocrates, in bronze. 

Three figures of Horus between Isis and Nephthys, in glazed terracotta. 

Six figures of Bubastis, in glazed terracotta. 

Figure of Bubastis, in wood. 

Figure of Anubis, in bronze. 

Thirty-two figures of the same, in glazed terracotta. 

Figure of Typhon, in wood. 

Two of the same, in glazed terracotta. 

Two tablets of glazed terracotta, with Typhonic figures. 

Twenty-eight figures of Amset, Hapee, Sioumautf, and Kebsnauf, the 

four genii of the Amend, in glazed terracotta. 
Uncertain divinities, in terracotta. 
Head of Serapis^ of the Greek period, in bronze. 
Venus, in bronze. 
Head of a Bacchante, in bronze. 
Two nymphs, in bronze. 

Small Naos, with a divinity and symbols, in glazed terracotta. 
Fragment of an Androsphinx, in glazed terracotta. 
Ur£Us, in glazed terracotta* 
Three Uraei, in bronze. 
Ur£US, in wood. 

Seven hawks, symbolic of divinities, in wood. 
Three hawks, in glazed terracotta. 
Hawk of Horus, in bronze. 
Horse, in bronze. 

The fish Lepidotus, in terracotta, painted. 
Two jackals, emblems of Anubis, in wood. 
Jackal^ in terracotta. 
SiSTRUM, in bronze. 


Three Sistra, in glazed terracotta. 

Hawk with a human face, and disc on the head, (emblem of a divine 

soul,) in painted wood. 
Two hawks with human faces, (emblems of human souls,) in glazed 

Ram, (emblem of Ammon,) in glazed terracotta. 
Shrew-house, (emblem of Buto,) in bronze. 
Two hedgehogs, (emblems of Khops,) in glazed terracotta. 
Bull, in glazed terracotta. 
Cow, (emblem of Athor,) in glazed terracotta. 
Crocodile, (emblem of Seb,) in steatite. 
Crocodile, (emblem of Seb,) in glazed terracotta. 
Goose, (emblem of Seb,) in bronze. 
Lion, (emblem of Horus,) in bronze. 
Three lions, (emblems of Horus,) in glazed terracotta. 
Two cats, (emblems of Bubastis,) in bronze. 
Cat, (emblem of Bubastis,) in wood. 
Six cats, in glazed terracotta. 
Cynocephalus seated, (emblem of Thoth, or the equinoxes,) a small 

statue, of red sandstone. 
Three cynocephali, in glazed terracotta. 
Four hares, (emblems of Osiris,) in glazed terracotta. 
Six swine, (emblems of Thaoueris,) in glazed terracotta. 
Two snakes, in glazed terracotta. 
Two small figures, in glazed terracotta. 
Thirty-nine scarabsei, with names or symbols of divinities, in glazed 

Nineteen scarabaei of terracotta, enamelled ; of various shapes, with regal, 

symbolic, and phonetic names. 
Two double statues, male and female, in limestone, seated. 
Upper portion of a statue, in limestone. 

Lower portion of a kneeling figure, in white marble, holding a tablet. 
Torso of a statue, of the Greek era, of white marble. 
Statue, in basalt, of a kneeling figure. 
Statue, the head and hands only developed, with an inscribed tablet : 

limestone, coloured. 
Four fragments of tablets, with, mutilated inscriptions in Greek. 
Trunk of a tree, with a portion of a figure in it ; in marble. 
Nubian female, kneeling, and grinding the d'hourra ; in stone. 
Upper part of a female, in a peculiar head-dress : in terracotta. 
Portion of a frieze, with three male figures, mummied, with the hands 

crossed on the breast, and an inscription ; in stone. 
Seventeen fragments of small statues, consisting of the head and 

shoulders, or head only ; in marble, basalt, and porphyry. * 
Two bronze feet, from statues. 


Altar of bronze, with an inscription. 

Vase of libations, of a remarkable shape, with a spout, made of terra- 
cotta and painted ; in it was found a necklace of the seeds of a tree, 
and an emblem of stability. 

Head, and end of a koucoupha sceptre. 

Three sacred vases, of bronze, with figures of deities, men, or animals, 
in relievo. 

Two small sacred vases, of a different shape, in basalt and alabaster. 

Instrument, probably used for sacred purposes. 

Handle, formed by the head of a goat. 

Knife, of sofl stone, with an inscription. 

Knife, for circumcision, made of iron. ' 

Piece of cloth. 

Apron of leather, with a pocket. 

Pair of sandals, of white leather. 

Pair of sandals, of wood. 

Three sandals, of the leaves of the papyrus. 

Sandal, neatly platted, of the palm tree. 

Five mirrors, of bronze. 

Seven combs, of wood. 

Stone vase, for paint, consisting of four cylindrical cases to hold anti- 
mony, with styles for placing it on the eyebrows or eyelid. 

Vase, for a similar use, in terracotta. 

Single cylinder, with a lotus capital, for the same purpose, in glass. 

Six paint vases, with quadruple, double, or single cylinders, in wood. 

Two cases, of papyrus, for the same purpose. 

Small alabaster paint vase, containing antimony, with a cover. 

Vase, of enamelled terracotta, with a flat cover. 

Vase, of variegated glass, in the shape of a small bottle. 

Vase, of terracotta, with a spout. 

Two pins, of bronze. 

Seven ear-rings, and fragments of the same, in gold. 

Silver ear-ring. 

Six ear-rings, in bronze. 

Twenty-three beads, pendants, and various oman)ent8 belonging to 
ear-rings or necklaces, in gold. 

Necklace of gold beads. 

Four necklaces, of variously shaped beads of jasper, amethyst, and cor- 

Necklace, of the seeds of a tree. 

Fifty-two necklaces, of variously shaped beads of glazed terracotta. 

Two portions of collars, of cylindrical beads, in blue glazed terracotta. 

Forty-two rings, jasper and cornelian. 

Fourteen rings, in ivory. 

Bronze ring. 


Ring, of wood. 

Thirty rings^ of glazed terracotta. 

Six bracelets, or fragments, in bronze and iron. 

Various beads, of jasper, cornelian, amethyst, fluor spar, &c. 

Globular and cylindrical beads, of glass or glazed terracotta. 

Twenty-eight symbolic eyes, in hematite, cornelian, basalt, and 

Ninety-four symbolic eyes, in glazed terracotta or glass. 

Nine emblems of stability, in jasper, cornelian, &c. 

Thirty-three similar emblems, in glazed terracotta or glass. 

Twelve symbols of life, in jasper. 

Ten symbols of life, in glazed terracotta. 

Crown of Egypt, in jasper. 

Twenty-one crowns of Upper or Lower Egypt, in glazed terracotta. 

Seventeen various objects, in jasper, cornelian, &c. ; among them a 
fish, lion^ small divinity, and piece of meteoric iron. 

Lotus sceptre, in green feldspar, and inscription. 

Fifteen similar sceptres, smaller, in hematite, feldspar, and glazed terra- 

Thirty-eight little vases, in jasper, cornelian, &c. 

Two similar, in glazed terracotta. 

Five small tablets, in feldspar. 

Six discs and pedestals, [latrunculi ?] in lapis-lazuli. 

Seven legs of animals, in cornelian. 

Two victims, in jasper. 

Ten scarabaei, completely carved, in cornelian, jasper, hematite, and 

Seventy-one similar scarabsei, of granite, basalt, and glazed terracotta. 

Three scarabaei, of amethyst, belonging to necklaces. 

Sixty-six scarabsei, of glazed terracotta ; most of them with figures or 
hieroglyphics on the base. 

Various objects, in glazed terracotta, belonging to necklaces^ ear-rings, 
or other parts of dress. 

Inner wings of scarabaei, belonging to necklaces, in glazed terracotta. 

Sixty-eight scarabaei^ standing upon oval clypei, or the upper portions 
of scarabaei, with perforations to attach them to the attire, in glazed ter- 

Ten studs, in limestone, glazed terracotta^ or glass. 

Five pectoral plates, or fragments ; some with mosaic work. 

Two circular tables, of oriental alabaster. 

Two large basons, of alabaster and basalt. 

Two smaller basons, of alabaster. 

Three basons, of blue enamel. 

Enamelled bowl, with an inscription, in which is the name of Rameses 
the Great. 


FoRTT-SEVEN vases, with or without handles, made of terracotta ; some 

Large vase, of oriental alabaster. 
Three vases, some with lids of oriental alabaster. 
Vase, of lead, and cover. 
Three vases, of bronze. 
Three vases, of basalt. 
Spoon, of alabaster. 
Three double vases, of terracotta. 
Eleven long-necked bottles, of green glass. 
Eleven lamps, in terracotta. 
Lamp, in bronze. 

Six wooden stands, or pillows, for the head. 
Large vase, of terracotta, used for domestic purposes, covered with an 

enchorial inscription. 
Similar vase, without an inscription. 
Eleven baskets, made of the leaves of the palm tree, and their covers ; 

various sizes. 
Box, of wood, unpainted. 
Box, of the leaves of the papyrus. 
Box, of ivory, veneered, with figures painted ; of the Greek or Roman 

Twelve boxes and vases of wood, used for domestic purposes, and 

fragments of the same. 
Various objects, in wood ; some belonging to seats and furniture. 
Hand and arms, in wood. 
Two iron keys. 
Fruit of the Doum palm. 
Various sorts of fruit. 

Bread, twelve pieces. 
OuM Arabic. 
Bitumen, four pieces. 

Portion of an arrow, and two arrow-heads, in bronze* 
Three javelin-heads, in bronze. 
Scabbard of a sword, of wood, gilded. 
Pickaxe, of wood. 

Two mallets, for stonemasons, of wood. 
Head of an axe, in bronze. 
Instrument for smoothing plaster, of wood 

3 I 


Hackls for dressing flax, of wood. 

Two staves, with inscriptions. 

Two staves, without inscriptions. 

Seven spindles, of wood. 

Five skeins of thread. 

Roll of fine linen. 

Two rolls of prepared leather. 

Roll of fibres of wood, platted. 

Two palettes of a scribe, in terracotta ; with ten vases on a stand. 

Palette, of the same material ; with four globular vases on a stand, 

deep blue colour. 
Palette, of alabaster, with an inscription in hieroglyphics. 
Two plain palettes in wood. 
Bronze inkstand, with a chain and case for a reed, having nibs like a 

modem pen. 
Vase, of bronze gilt, containing twelve balls of ultra-marine. 
Eight leaves of the papyrus. 

Knife, with a pale agate handle, probably used by scribes. 
Knife, with a handle of hematite, blade corroded. 
Two bronze blades of knives. 

Six fragments of wood, with hieratic and enchorial inscriptions. 
Twenty fragments of pottery, with enchorial and Coptic inscriptions. 
Two stone fragments, with Coptic inscriptions. 
Five pieces of stone, with hieratic inscriptions. 
Nine seals and signet rings, gems, or scarabaei, set in gold, electrum, or 

Fifty-six coins, chiefly large brass, of the Ptolemaic and Roman era. 
FiYB dolls. 
Two palm-leaf balls. 
Leather ball. 
Four porcelain balls. 
Nine wooden ninepins, or latrunculi. 
Latrunculus, of glazed terracotta. 
Latrunculus, of jade. 
Ivory die. 

Two stone moulds of the ibis Bennd. 
Bronze needles. 
Three bronze bells. 
Bronze tweezer. 
Iron tweezer. 
Seven bronze nails. 
Two bronze styli. 
Bronze rivet. 
Small bronze hinge. 
Wooden lintel of a door, painted with hieroglyphics. 


Fraguekt of a bronze door-hinge. 

SizTEBN various objects in bronze. 
Two bronze hooks. 
Bronze ferule. 

Pedestal for a small figure, in bronze and wood ; on the upper part a 
jackal seated. 

Six human mummies, with cases. 

Two cat mummies. 

Theeb ibis mummies. 

Snake mummy. 

White marble sarcophagus, with an inscription in hierogl3rphics. 

Rectangular sarcophagus, with painted and linear hieroglyphic in- 
scription, of wood. 

Rectangular sarcophagus, with painted hieroglyphic and hieratic in- 
scription, of wood. 

^MALL rectangular sarcophagus, with an exterior inscription, of wood. 

Cover of a rectangular sarcophagus. 

Female face, finely carved, with enamelled eyes. 

Two red ears of wood. 

Four frontlets of linen, coloured or gilded, with hieroglyphics. 

Fragments of the exterior envelope of mummies, consisting of linen 
covered with plaster, painted and gilded, containing inscriptions, 
figures of divinities, and their emblems. 

Cover of the feet, from the exterior envelope of mummies, of linen co- 
vered with plaster, and painted. 

Painting in fresco, upon thin pieces of cedar, representing the greater 
portion of the face of a female, of the Roman era. 

Eyelid of bronze, and eye of enamel with bronze eyelid. 

Five gilded ornaments, in wood. 

Sepulchral scarabaei, in basalt, porphyry, and limestone, with inscrip- 

TwENTT-six similar scarabsei, without inscriptions. 

Four sepulchral amulets, representing stands or pillows for the head, in 

Similar amulet ; plough in glass. 

Six sepulchral amulets ; masonic levels in hematite. 

Four sepulchral amulets ; feathers or plumes in basalt or porphyry. 

Ten sepulchral amulets ; two fingers, in basalt, supposed to be used as 

Funeral amulet ; vase in basalt ; eye, and pupils of eyes, in enamel 
and glass. 

Two sepulchral figures, in alabaster. 

Eight sepulchral figures, of calcareous stone. 

Sepulchral figure, in basalt. 

Three sepulchral figures in wood ; large size. 

3 I 2 


Twenty sepulchral figures, in wood ; smaller size. 

Seventy-five sepulchral figures, in glased terracotta and porcelain, 

generally with inscriptions. 
Sixteen similar figures, without inscriptions, and of smaller size. 
Small coffers, of wood, painted blue> with figures or inscriptions, 

which have contained sepulchral figures, when deposited in the 

Thirteen sepulchral vases, in alabaster, calcareous stone, or terracotta, 

with covers of the head of a man, cynocephalus, jackal, and hawk, 

representing the four genii of Amenti. 
Two covers of sepulchral vases ; human heads, in alabaster. 
Thirteen similar covers, in terracotta. 
Three similar covers^ in wood. 
Cover of a sepulchral vase; human head, in stone. 
Similar cover; head of a cynocephalus, in alabaster. 
Two covers of sepulchral vases ; heads of jackals, in stone. 
Fifty-four sepulchral tablets, of white calcareous stone, containing 

figures of deities, offerings, and deceased individuals, in bas-relief and 

coloured, some with hieroglyphical inscriptions only. 
Five sepulchral tablets, of wood, with painted figures of divinities and 

deceased individuals, with inscriptions. 
Very small sepulchral tablet, of wood. 
Ten sepulchral cones, of baked clay, with hieroglyphics on the base, 

commemorative of deceased individuals. 

Egyptian mirror, in bronze. 

Nine Persepolitan cylinders, with engraved figures and inscriptions. 

Seven Persepolitan rings ; Apollo, Minerva, and Persian figures. 

Three antique rings, cornelian set in silver ; Persian heads. 

Seven rings, cornelian set in silver ; hyaenas, gazelles, griffins. 

Five antique rings, amethyst and cornelian set in silver ; ornamental 

Five signets, of white and red cornelian and agate ; Persian figures, and 

Two signets, of cornelian ; Persian heads. 
Five signets, of cornelian ; hysenas. 

Five signets, of cornelian; cows, gazelles, scorpion, and griffin. 
Three pyramidical amulets ; Persian heads and figures. 
Ten conical amulets, of cornelian and marble ; cows, birds, flowers, and 

ornamental devices. 
Ring, amethyst set in silver ; cross and glory. 
Five rings, cornelian set in silver; cufic inscriptions, of two lines 



Ring, cornelian, set in silver ; single line of cufic, and star. 

Two signets, of cornelian ; double lines of cufic. 

Signet, with silver setting ; single line of cufic. 

Amulet of black stone, square, with cufic inscription, and three lines 

of cufic on the reverse. 
Large cylindrical Roman vase, of bronze; found in Fenchurch 

Several fragments of red Roman pottery; found in Fenchurch 

Sixteen bronze hatchets. 
Seventy basalt, five porphyry, one flint, five granite, and twelve slate 

Seven bronze spear-heads. 

One hundred and twenty-two rough flint spear-heads. 
EiGHTT-NiNE roughly formed flint arrow-heads. 
NiNBTT-sEC barbed flint arrow-heads. 
Five bronze styles. 
British stone hammer. 

Two gold amulets ; found in the bogs in Ireland. 
Silver coin of Barce ; head of Jupiter Ammon, rev. Silphium. 
Silver coin of Amastris. 
Silver coin of Alsesa. 
Brass coin of Thyatira, Elagabalus; a medallion. 

Brass coin of Byblus; Commodus, rev. Isis Pharia. 

Eight brass coins of Byblus ; Nero, Trajan, Elagabalus. 

FrvE brass coins of Sidon ; Julia Paula, Julia Maesa, Alexander Se- 

Seven brass coins of Tripolis ; Nero, Trajan, Julia Domna, Cara- 

Denarius of Trajan. 

Second brass coin of Vespasian. 

Fifteen cufic coins. 

Brass British coin. [Cunobeb'n ?] 

Three pennies of Ofia ; moneyers, alred, bdilvald, ealmvnd. 

Penny of Beomwulf, king of Mercia. 

Thirteen pennies of Harold I. 

Penny of Harthacnut. 

One hundred and sixteen pennies of Edward the Confessor. 

Penny of Edward the Confessor, iocitel on bofb. 

Nine half-groats, eleven pennies, and nine hardis of Edward the 
Black Prince. 

Unique penny of Henry VIII. red. cviq. q* sv. est. 

FrvE-GUiNEA piece of Charles II. 

Crown of William and Mary, 1692. 

Sixpence of WiUiam III., y. 1697. 


Two-ouiNBA piece of George II. 

Shilling of George II. 

Two patterns for sovereigns of George III. 1816-17. 

Pattern for a crown of George III. 1817. 

Crowns of George III. 1819, anno lx. — 1820, anno lx. 

Small gold medal of the Prince Regent; rev. royal arms, aupporten, 

Shilling of George IV. rev. ahield in a garter. 
Maundt Money. 

Coins, George IV. and William IV. 
Antique jetton. A vessel on the obverse and reverse. 


Thomas Sutton, Esq., after Van Hove, by J. Rowney. 
Sir Isaac Newton, after J. Vanderbank, by Romney. 
Three Impressions from Stones found at Aleppo. Madeley, lithog. 
An Impression from part of a Brick found at Babtlon. Madeley, 

The above presented by Dr. John Lee. 

The Rev. Josiah Pratt, after E. U. Eddis. 
James Ward, Esq., R.A., after James Ward. 
Mr. Samuel Woodward. 
John, Earl of Eldon, after James Sayer. 
John Rickman, Esq., after S. Lane. 
Mr. Joseph Wright, painter. 
L. W. DiLLWTN, Esq., M.P., after E. U. Eddis. 
R. K. Greyille, LL.D., after D. M^ Nee. 
John, first Lord Wodehouse, after — Homsby. 
Peter, Lord King, after E. U. Eddis. 
Joseph Sabine, Esq., after £. Rigby. 

Richard, Archbishop of Dublin, from a Phrenological Bust, by R. 

The above drawn on Stone by Miss H. Turner, and presented 

by Dawson Turner, Esq, 

Fac-simile of the Hand-writing of Dr. Johnson, drawn on Stone by 
I. M. Johnson. 

Presented by Dawson Turner , Esq, 

An Impression of the Engraved Plate of the Statue of Sir Joseph 
Banks. F. Chantry, sculptor ; H. Corbould, del. ; S. Cousins, 

Presented by the Committee, 

482 PRINTS. 

Richard Penn, Esq., alter £. U. Eddis ; M. Oauci, lithog. 

Presented by Richard Penn^ Esq. 

Charles Rivinoton, Esq., after Jos. Slater, by F. C* Lewis. 

Presented by John Holmes^ Esq. 

JoHK Holmes, Esq., F.S.A., after H. B. Love ; W. Sharp, lithog. 
Presented by John Holmes^ Esq., of East Retford. 

John Ireland, Esq., after T. R. Smith, by T. Mills. 

Presented by the Engraver. 

St. Peter's, Westminster, by Dan. King. 

Presented by Edward Church, Esq, 

The Marrl&ge Feast, after Paul Veronese, by Nich. Cochin* 

Presented by F. Pickering, Esq. 

The following PORTRAITS and other PRINTS 
AFTER Sir Joshua Reynolds. 

Sir John Aubrey. By Jones. 

J. Baretti. Proof before letters. 

John, Duke of Bedford. 

Count Beloioso* By Smith. Proof. 

Elizabeth, Countess of Berkeley. By M'Ardell. 

Miss Boothby. By Park. Proof. 

Lord Bridport. 

Duchess of Buccleuoh and Daughter. By Watson. 

Sir Willl&m Chambers. By Green. 

Lady Elizabeth Comfton. By Green. Proof. 

Miss Crewe and Brother. By M'Ardell. Proof before letters. 

Lady Dawson. By M'Ardell. Proof before letters. 

Duchess of Devonshire. By Green. 

Lady G. Fitzpatrick. By Smith. 

Dr. Goldsmith. By Marchi. 

Lady Hamilton, as Bacchante. By Smith. 

Mrs. Hartley, as Bacchante. By Nutter. 

Lady Selina Hastings. By Spooner. 

PRINTS. 433 

Dr. Johnson, blind. By T. Watson. 

Ladt C. Johnston. By Corbutt. 

Sir William Jones. By Cochran. Proof. 

Marquis of Lansdown. 

Antony Malone. By T. R. Smith. 

Mr. Malone. By Knight. 

The Marlborough Family. By Turner. Private plate. 

The Hon. Miss Monckton. By Jacobi. 

Mrs. Musters, W. L. By Smith. 

Do. Do. AS Hebe. By Hodges. Proof. 

The Hon. Mrs. Parker. By Watson. 

Marquis of Rockingham. By Fisher. 

Lady Spenser and Daughter. By Watson. 

Mr. Stanhope. By Park. Proof. 

Lady Strafford. By M'Ardell. 

Marquis of Tavistock. By Watson. 

Marchioness of Do. By Fisher. 

Countess of Waldeorave and Daughter. By Houston. 

Prince of Wales. By Hodges. 

H. Woodward. By Watson. 

Sir W. W. Wynne. By Reynolds. Proof. 

Boy with Cabbage-net. 

Girl and Muff ; or. Miss Palmer. 

Shepherd Boy. By Spilsbury. Proof. 

Strawberry Girl. 

Sylvia. By Jones. Proof 

The Bird. 

The small Set of the Passion of Christ. First impressions, before 
the letter-press at the back. By Albert Durer. Forty-three pieces. 

Death destroying a Young Man : a Female flying in dismay, chiaro- 
scuro of three blocks. Portraits of Emperors of Germany, &c. By 
Hans Burgmair. Seven pieces. 

Adam and Eve ; the Holy Family in chiaro-scuro ; the Temptation of 
St Anthony ; St. Christopher, in two states, &c. Wood engravings. 
By Lucas Cranach. Seven pieces. 

St. Jerome, St. George, and various other Saints ; Marcus Curtius 
leaping into the Gulph ; the Judgment of Paris, &c. By Lucas Cra- 
nach. Ten pieces. 

The Conversion of Saul ; the Three Fates ; the Sorceress, in chiaro- 
scuro ; Horses, &c. By Hans Baldung Grun. Ten pieces. 

3 K 

434 PRINTS. 


Dalilaii cutting off the Hair of Sampson. 

David praying (an etching) ; Solomon adoring the Idol^ and a copy ; and 

Esther before Ahasuerus. Four pieces. 
The Passion of our Lord, in circles, with ornaments. The complete 

set. Nine pieces. 
Christ crowned with Thorns ; the Ecce Homo, &c. Four pieces. 
Jesus Christ presented to the People ; large plate with several 

The Virgin and Child ; Ditto, with Angels, and two copies ; the Holy 

Family, &c. Six pieces. 
The Twelve Apostles, small whole length figures. Twelve pieces. 
St. Luke, St. Peter, and St. Paul seated, in a landscape and copy, and 

the Conversion of Saul. Four pieces. 
St. ^Sebastian, St. Antony, and the Temptation of St. Antony. Four 

St. Dominic, St. Francis, and St. George. Three pieces. 
The Monk Sergius killed by Mahomet. 
The seven cardinal Virtues. Seven pieces. 
Venus and Cupid in the Clouds; The Ensign; Warriors in a Wood, 

&c. Six pieces. 
A Man with a bunch of Grapes ; The Boy with a Horn ; The Mu- 
sicians, &c. Five pieces. 
A subject, representing three figures, two Females and a Man ; one of 

the former carries a casket on her head, the other turns her face to 

salute the man who stands behind her. 
Head of a Warrior; and various Ornaments, Coats of arms, &c. 

Eight pieces. 
The Arms of the City of Letden, in five circles ; Children praying, 

in circles ; Two scrolls, &c. Seven pieces. 
A Family surprised by Death ; and the Virgin and Child. Etching. 

Two pieces. 


Maximilian Titan, after Rigaud. By Drevet. Proof and letters. 


Denis Thierry. By Duflos. 

Gaspar Thaumas. By Van Scuppen. Before the Latin inscription. 

Jacques Jubceuf. By Morin. 

Francois Michel le Tellier. By Edelinck. 

Jean Vanin. By Edelinck. 

VoNDEL. By Matham. 

Various Literary Characters. 

PRINTS. 435 

The Crucifixion. By J. U. Pilgrinistad. 

Death's Head. By the same. 

Pyramus and Thisbe. By the same. 

Orpheus. By the same. 

Set of four emblematical subjects, in which is introduced the unicorn. 

By Jean Duvet. 
Two other prints of the same set undescribed, by Bartsch ; one repre- 
senting the seizure of the Unicorn, the other his being conveyed in 

triumphal procession to a city. 
Judith with i^e Head of Holofernes, and The Saviour standing, by 

the Master of the Caduceus. 
The guardian Angel; Woman and Child, the copy; Man bearing a 

Cradle, and copy ; The Satyr. By the same. 
Mars and Venus. 
The Holy Family ; and a subject, emblematical of a Centaur pursued 

by two Cockatrices. By the same. 
Christ on the Mount, praying ; and Christ presented to the People. 

By Le Maitre a TEcrevisse. 
The Virgin, with the infant Jesus crowned by two Angels; and two 

others of the Virgin and Child. By the same. 
A curious undescribed copy of the Last Judgement. By the same. 
The Virgin and Child near a Fountain. By M. Zagel. 
The Sons of a deceased King determining the right of succession, by 

shooting at the body of their father. By the same. 
St. Sebastian, St. Christopher, and the Decollation of St. Catherine. By 

the same. i 

Socrates and Xantippe ; and. The Cavalier on horseback, with a Lady 

behind him. By the same. 
The Virgin and Child. By the Master of the Anchor. 
A Female, supporting with one hand an escutcheon, on which are letters 

A. N., &c. By the same. 
Set of Scriptural subjects, small, &c. By S. de Lausne. 
Various mythological subjects. By the same. 

The twelve Months; Set of small figures in niches, &c. By the same. 
The larger set of the Months. By the same. 

The Sacrifice of Abraham ; The Marriage-feast at Cana. By the same. 
The Holy Family, with the infant Christ treading on a Serpent. By 

the same. 
The Holy Family, and the Virgin and Child, &c. By Coypel. 
Various Etchings of the French school. 
The five Saints ; a female saint in the centre. 
Adam and Eve, with their infants, Cain and Abel. 
The Old Woman and the four Lovers. 

The Virgin and infant Saviour, attended by St. Sebastian, &c. 
Two female figures, probably Tragedy and Comedy. 

436 • PRINTS. 

The Adoration of the Maoi. By Robetta. 


A Landscape, with two Bulls in the distance. 

The Young Shepherd, and a copy by A. Vcneziano. 

St. George and the Dragon. By B. Montagna. 

The Satyr piping, with a Woman and infant Satyr. By the same. 

A RrvER Goddess, with a winged Boy. 

Hercules carrying the Bull, &c. By T. A. da Brescia. 

The Nativity. By N. de Modena. 

A small Print of two winged Boys supporting a Standard. By the same. 

A whole-length figure of a Man. By the same. 

The Descent from the Cross. By A. Mantegna. 

The Triumphs of Julius Casar. By the same. 

A Female, sitting near a pedestal. By M. Fogolino. 

Another Print. By the same. 

A figure of a Young Woman, nearly naked. 

A small whole-length figure of a Female. 

Two Men ; one of them standing with his legs crossed, and leaning on 

his left elbow. 
St. Katharine of Sienna. 
Three Duplicates of the same. 
Abraham's Sacrifice. 

Two lar^e Folios, and a Roll, containing Impressions, and Pieces of 
Impressions, from monumental Brass Plates. 

Bequeathed by the late Franch Douce, Esq, 


A Folio, containing the Works of Albert Durer. Four hundred and 

twenty- seven pieces. 
A Folio, containing the Triumphal Arch of the Emperor Maximilian, 

and Triumphal Chariot of the Emperor Charles the Fifth. 

Bequeathed by the late Joseph NollekenSj R,A., to Francis Douce, Esq,, 
/or his life^ and tlicn to tlie British Museum. 





Aprd, Stonor Ireneo .... 17 
AKERMAy, J. Y., Esq. .... 419 
Alder, D., Esq. . . . 120, 165, 269 

AvoNTMOUS 56, 217, 308 

Babinoton, Dr. B. O 413 

Babinoton, J. B., M.D. ... 414 
Banks, Sir Joseph, Committee 
OF Subscribers to the Sta- 
tue OF 431 

Barret, M. Jules 311 

Belcher, Representatives of 

Mr. John 420 

Bell, Alexander, Esq. ... 39 
Berlin, Rotal Academy of 

Sciences of 15 

Beshiktask, Rev. Dr. Alexan- 
der 27 

Bland, Dr. 415 

Bond, Thomas, Esq. 8 

Brown, Robert, Esq 420 

bureaud, riofrey, m., a.m. . 60 
Burnett, O. T., Esq. .... 61 
Cambridge, Philosophical So- 
ciety OP 341 

Chesney, F. R., Esq 77 

Church, Edward, Esq. .... 432 
CoEsvELT, W. G., Esq. .... 419 
Cole, Lord Viscount .... 413 
Coleridge, William Hart, Bp. 

OF Barbadoes 84 

Commons, Hon. the House of, 

90, 268, 295 
Cooper, Charles Purton, Esq., 1, 2, 
23, 29, 43, 69, 70, 71, 72, 75, 76, 78, 93, 
JOl, 110, 130, 142, 143, 146, 150, 153, 
J54, 160, 166, 196, 203, 215, 2J6, 224, 
267, 302, 305, 306, 310, 328, 329, 337, 
342, 353, 3d7> 364, 390, 399. 


Cooper, T. H., Esq. 93 

Crawley, Charles, Esq. • . . 420 
Crompton, Rev. Thomas . 3, 4, 54 

Crowe, Rev. Henry 419 

Cuff, J. D., Esq. 420 

Cunningham, Allan, Esq. . . 414 

Dale, J. C, Esq. 415 

Douce, Francis, Esq. . . 395, 436 

DowLER, T., M.D 414, 415 

Du Hamel, M 322 

DuNANT, M. D 50,121 

EoERTON, Sir Philip Obey, 

Bart 413 

Eoremont, Right Hon. the 

Earl of 419 

Elliott, Miss 415 

Ellis, Sir Henry, K.H., 

29, 48, 57, 137, 419, 420 
Farrow, Samuel, Esq. .... 420 

FoRSTER, Mrs 3 

French, Daniel, Esq 143 

Oalriati, Oennaro 145 

Oalli, M. C 145 

Olover, William, Esq. . . .151 
OoocH, Richard, Esq. .... 152 
Oottingen, Royal Society of, 

129, 154 
Oreenough, O. B., Esq. . . . 156 
Oriffin-Stone8Treet,Rev.O.S. 158 

OUERRY, M., A.M 201 

OuRNEY, Hudson, Esq. . . . 257 
Hammer, M. Joseph Von . . 133 
Hancock, John, Esq. .... 163 
Hardwicke, Major-Oen. . 413, 414 
Hay, C. W. A. Drummond, Esq. 419 
Heuland, Henry, Esq. . . . 407 
HoARE, Sir Richard Colt, Bart. 51 
Holmes, John, Esq 432 




Holmes, Johk, Esq., East Ret- 
ford 432 

Holmes, Mrs. H 253 

HoRNE, Rev. Thomas H artwell, 

31, 77, 230, 337, 342, 351, 380 

Howard, , Esq. . . .179 

HowsHip, JoHir, Esq. .... 180 
Hutchison, Copeland, Esq. . 412 

Ingram, , Esq 408 

Inskipp, J., Esq 413 

Johnson, Ooddard, Esq. . . . 419 
JoPLiNo, JosEP.H, Esq. .... 192 

JouBiN, M 193 

Ireland, His Excellency the 
Lord Lieutenant of . . 25, 214 


Kino, Samuel, Esq. 409 


Lawrence, Sir James .... 204 
Leach, George, Esq. .... 414 
Lee, John, D.C.L. . . . 420,431 

Le Harivel, M. F 205 

Letden, Curators of the Uni- 
versity of ...... . 180 

LiNDLEY, Dr 413 

Lloyd, Richard, Esq. .... 419 

LoNGE, Rev. John 3 

Lords, Right Hon. the House 

OF 215 

LousADA, Miss 412 

Lubbock, John W., Esq. . . . 415 

LuccocK, J. D., Esq. 1 

Mac Gregor, Sir James ... 71 
Maitland Club, Council of 

the 401 

Mangles, Capt., R.N 415 

Mantell, Gideon, Esq. . . . 413 
Marsden, William, Esq. . . 2, 407 
Marshall, George, Esq. . . 420 

Martin, John, Esq 226 

Meli, M. Domentco .... 2.H2 
Michel, M. Francisque . 257, 259 

Miller, T., Esq 235 

Mills, T., Esq 432 

Mimpriss, Mr. R 235 

Monmerque, M 55, 68 

NicoLLS, Sir Jasper .... 413 
Nollekens, Joseph, Esq. . . . 436 
Oldham, William Chapman, 

Esq 4iy 

Pahavev, M. C. H. de . . . . 266 
Paxton, J. !>., Esq 270 

Penn, Richard, Esq. . . 420, 438 
Pettigrew, T. J., Esq. . . . 2fJ6 

Pickering, F., Esq, 432 

Platt, T. Pell, Esq. . . 283, 284 
portales, gorgier compte de, 

Porter, Jacob, Esq. 44, 131, 201, 341 

Price, T. E., Esq. 299 

Prudhoe, Right Hon. Lord . 419 
Records, Commissioners on 
THE public, 3, 93, 122, 125, 129, 
161, 181, 204, 205, 207, 226, 238, 244, 
264, 265, 276, 300, 317, 358, 379, 393, 
Reeves,JohnRusse&,Jun.,E8q. 414 
RiCARDi /if Carlo, Francesco, 

Esq. 312 

Richardson, John, M.D. . 413, 415 
Sandon, Lord Viscount . . . 202 
Scott, Sir Walter, Bart. . . 330 
Sharp, Sir Cuthbert . . 201, 334 
Smith, Mr. John, Ygst. . . .151 
Smyth, William Henry, Eso. . 340 
Society of Antiquaries . . 311 

, Committee of the 

Royal Humane 342 

Prayer-Book and Ho- 
mily 212,257 

Royal 342 

OF Abts 342 

Trinitarian Bible . 343 

Zoological, of Lon- 
don 343 

Stamp Office, Commissioners 

OF THE 254, 255, 256 

Stanley, Right Hon. E., Lord, 414 
State, Right Hon. Secretary 
OF, for the Home Depart- 
ment 268 


Affairs 59 

Steven, Moses, Esq. .... 329 
Surgeons, Royal College of, 362 
Sussex, H. R. H. the Duke of, 413 
Taylor, W. R. Sarsfield, Esq. 37 
Thornton, Right Hon. Sir Ed- 
ward 408 

Till, Mr 420 

Todd, Archdeacon 223 

Tongue, Richard, Esq. . . .419 
Trevelyan, M'alter Calver- 
LEY, Esq. 13, 413 


INDEX. 439 


Turner, Dawson, Esq. . . . 431 Waters, Mrs 390 

Turner, Mr. John 415 Wells, Samuel, Esq 392 

Vaughan, W., Esq 402 Wetherell, N. T., Esq. . . . 413 

Veoezzi, M. Giovanni . . . 330 Wbisuaw, Francis, Esq. . 76, 394 

Ujura y Sancuez, Senor don Wilkinson, J. O., Esq. . 10, 11, 12, 

Manuel DE 407 410,413,414,415,416—419 

Walker, Francis, Esq. . . . 415 Willement, Thomas, Esq. . . 27 

War, the Right Hon. the Secre- Wood, Samuel, Esq 402 


G. Woodfallt Printer) ADgd CottTt» SkliUMr StxtM, London. 


ilillilHIIIill ( 

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